Inside TikTok HQ with Ava Kolker on The Lowdown

welcome to another episode of the,lowdown today is going to be an exciting,episode because we are here at Tick Tock,headquarters I cannot wait to go inside,and most importantly we're going to sit,down with an amazing Creator Ava Caulker,and chat with her so make sure to stay,tuned here on the lowdown,so we have Ava culker here at Tick Tock,headquarters Ava thank you for joining,us if you don't know her she's an,actress she's a singer she's an,influencer she does it all let's get to,know you,so tell us a little bit how you got,started in the industry I started acting,when I was four years old and I started,being an influencer just about two years,ago when I started my Tick Tock account,during quarantine,funny bubbles,you were in the industry already how are,you part of Both Worlds you know acting,and singing I always bring that into my,content whenever I can and like,incorporate that and then on set that's,an opportunity for Content I'm always,curious what are like your top,Essentials that you bring with you when,you're traveling my Chargers I bring for,all my tech my phone my computer my link,buds I definitely like always in my link,buds for the plane or I make content how,do you use them to create content when I,want to make tick tocks or content not,at my house it's very unpredictable what,the atmosphere will be like and then I,just can't hear the audio on my phone,and then I can't make tick tocks so,whenever I leave the house I always put,my link buds in my purse and they're,just super easy to use too like I just,pop them in whenever I want to listen to,music whenever I'm bored and like take,care of my boredom Eva it's been so,great chatting with you and getting to,learn all about your process and I,actually think we're going to take a,look at some of your content on the TV,so right here we have the Sony Bravia XR,x90k and we have the tick tock app,installed and we're going to take a look,at some of your stuff and by the way if,you haven't followed the Sony,electronics Tech Talk account I think I,do it yeah it's awesome all right so,let's go and take a look at that this,was uh four years ago,I was very little and that was the day I,got to do my wand ID so I could say like,hi I'm Ava culker and that was like such,a dream come true for me,feel my face,way all right so this is from condo we,all met at condo yes that was pretty,cool it was my first day there and like,I met Sydney and then I met Terry and,like a bunch of other people and I was,like oh my gosh everybody's really,really sweet here and it ended up just,being the best time ever and there was a,big group of tick talkers and singers,singers it was amazing do you ever,upload any original sounds to tick tock,I do yeah so either when I'm talking,like in this video it's an original,sound or when I upload sneak peeks of my,new music then that'll be an original,sound oh yeah like this one,this is an unreleased version of my new,song called all to myself which is,coming November 4th so this is like a,little sneak peek and that's an original,sound so anybody could use it and then,when the song releases it'll actually,like upload as a song to tick tock so,since we are here at Tick Tock I feel,like it's only right that we make a tick,tock,so great,well thank you so much Eva for joining,us in this episode of the lowdown it was,really fun hanging out and also doing,some tick tocks and be sure you guys,check out the tick tocks that we filmed,they're going to be live on Sony,electronics so you don't want to miss,them and also you have to follow Ava on,all her social channels she is amazing,so make sure to go follow her there you,can follow us on our social channels as,well as the Sony electronics YouTube,channel and we'll see you on the next,episode here on the lowdown bye bye

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Ava Kolker Best Tiktok Compilation | 2022 | Ava Kolker | New Tiktok Videos |TikTok USA |TikTok Video

Ava Kolker Best Tiktok Compilation | 2022 | Ava Kolker | New Tiktok Videos |TikTok USA |TikTok Video

so much,i've been going through something,1855 days i'm with rj but i call him,wing cause he's a shot pick up the,ladder put it in the gun make the knife,is,oh,i promise you,you know how i like it when you loving,on me barbecue,bacon,but i promise you this,what,i am so excited because i just got the,brand new sony link buds s and they're,so awesome because i can wear them all,day because they're so tiny and my,favorite feature is that they can switch,automatically from noise cancelling mode,to being able to hear the outside world,right now i can't hear you since i'm in,a loud place camping mode is on,now that i'm in a quiet place noise,cancelling mode is off and i can hear,you perfectly,these are so cool you gotta get a pair,hey guys let's prank our dad with a,bunch of balloons and up shots,we got the bunch of balloons let's fill,them up,the bunch of balloons are super easy to,fill up you just twist them on any hose,or sink turn them on and then you've got,perfect water balloons now time for the,extra the extra is so much fun and also,super easy to fill you just put in any,water and open up the back and boom it's,full,girl,i just looked in two of you have already,used this filter it literally dropped,like 15 minutes ago so that's awesome uh,yeah new hey guys help me pack for,vacation i'm going to rhode island this,summer to see my cousins and all this,clothes is from princess paulie and make,sure to use my code ava xo for money off,let's do it,this challenge is impossible the goal is,to draw six x's on this board but you,cannot win tic tac tic,let's get this thing,i'm done with the conversation now sit,back down i'm sad,don't pull up at 6am to cuddle with me,you know how i like it when you loving,on me,they try to steal my swing,but it's a,burglary tastes like buttercream,you're filling up

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Emily Dobson Vs Ava Kolker TikTok Dance Compilation

Emily Dobson Vs Ava Kolker TikTok Dance Compilation

E aí,a tomar água de Cauã tá mandando você,corta com fome acredito iPhone playback,espelho e,E aí,E aí,a piscina ao bater free Fire,o tempo era ainda acabou manequim olha,com Vital para a uma base operar o seu,presente então tem como é que é,Oi Ângela sim mas o homem sincero baixo,no Brasil tem h o iTunes ou apenas torre,bicho e o que surpreendi fui bater herói,o cheque realmente causar parando,Minecraft Play Bauru,o canal errado é não é não não é não não,deu então daqui para frente calça quando,eu não não é

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what's up guys it's currently like six,in the morning and I decided really last,second that I'm going to Vegas and I,want more to go with me but he doesn't,want to go so I'm gonna flip this coin,if it lands on heads he's gonna go with,me the thing is is that this coin has,heads on both sides so it's going to go,through regardless but let's see Hills,Hills heads,gotta leave town got another appointment,this is cold so after showing Mo snow,for the first time back to Vegas back to,Vegas man,Vegas baby yes sir so after Mom and I,got to Vegas we met up with our model,friend sister there's one thing I knew I,had to do I was to take Sicily shopping,because she's a country boy all right so,since Sicily has turned into a small,town girl but she's like still a,supermodel I'm gonna go make her look,like a small town girl so let's go okay,let's go,thank you,they're too short your girl's too tall,dancer,you blended with the door,so after we finished up shopping we,decided to head to the one place we knew,that would be a good time Dick's Last,Resort don't worry she'll be on the way,to Dick's in Las Vegas,your titty,all right,I don't know Zara Zara sponsoring all,right h m white fox,Madden no more,whoa,this is Bradley or Radley and then,Cameron fun all right but I'll see you,guys at Dick's,we're here G are you ready we're here,both everybody hey they ain't ready for,the roaster hey bro you better get your, toasted,first time,yeah you want to say hi I'm already on,Tick Tock okay,your handwriting is so bad you shut up,no one's talking to you,oh,thank you,that's crazy,the reason you never have any lotion,that's crazy,oh my God that's crazy,you better suck it up,so are you guys good anything else,all right so Moe and I are now in BFE,and it's like two in the morning but I,had fun in Vegas hope you guys enjoyed,what it was like to live it's 24 hours,like the supermodel that's per usual,take the path was taken by others chase,your dreams now I'll see you guys next,time so peace

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ariana grande hot sexy pictures lifestyle biography

ariana grande hot sexy pictures lifestyle biography

welcome to amazing life one two channel,guides today you watching Ariana Grande,American singer lifestyle biography and,beautiful photos I hope you enjoy this,video like share subscribe Channel thank,you for watching video biography Ariana,Grande Butera born June 26 1993 is an,American singer songwriter and actress,her four octave vocal range has received,critical Acclaim and her personal life,has been the subject of widespread media,attention she has received numerous,accolades throughout her career,including two Grammy Awards One Brit,award one Bambi award two Billboard,Music Awards three American Music Awards,nine MTV Video Music Awards and 30,Guinness World Records Ariana Grande at,the 2020 Grammy Awards born Ariana,Grande Butera June 26 1993 age 29 Boca,Raton Florida U.S occupation,singer-songwriter actress years active,2008 present agent scooter bronworks,discography songs recorded videography,performances spouse Dalton Gomez M,2021 related Frankie Grande half-brother,Awards full list Musical characters Pop,R B instruments vocals labels Republic,Grande's singing voice Grande performing,that is a woman at the 2018 MTV Video,Music Awards website Rihanna,Grande began her music career at age 15,in the 2008 Broadway musical 13. she,Rose to fame for playing Cat Valentine,in the Nickelodeon television series,Victorious,2010-2013 and Sam and Cat 2013 minus,2014.,Grande signed with Republic records in,2011 after label Executives viewed,YouTube videos of her covering songs,her 1950s doo-wop influenced pop an r b,debut album too Yours Truly 2013 topped,the U.S billboard 200 while its lead,single the way reached the top 10 of the,U.S billboard HOV 100. Grande's voice,and whistle register on the album Drew,immediate comparisons to Mariah Carey,she continued to explore pop and r b in,her second and third Studio albums my,everything 2014 and dangerous Woman,2016. My Everything experimented with,EDM and achieved Global success with its,singles problem break free and bang bang,while dangerous woman became her first,of four consecutive number one albums in,the UK personal struggles influenced her,trap infused fourth and fifth Studio,albums sweetener 2018 and thank you next,2019 both of which were critical and,Commercial successes,swedener won the Grammy award for best,pop vocal album and thank you next broke,the record for the largest screaming,week for a pop album and was nominated,for album of the year the singles thank,you next seven rings and break off with,your girlfriend I'm bored Nate Ronde the,first solo artist to hold the top three,spots on the Hot 100 simultaneously and,the first woman to succeed herself at,the top of a UK singles chart her 2020,collaborations stuck with you with,Justin Bieber and rain on me with Lady,Gaga helped her break the record for,most number one debuts on the Hot 100,the latter winning the Grammy award for,best pop Duo group performance,Grande's r b focused sixth studio album,Physicians 2020 and its title track,debuted at number one in the UK and U.S,in 2021 she had her sixth U.S number one,single after featuring on the remix of,the weekends save your tears often,regarded as a pop icon and Triple Threat,Entertainer Ronde is one of the world's,best-selling music artists she has sold,more than 85 million records globally in,all of her Studio albums have been,certified platinum or higher among her,Billboard Chart records she is the first,artist and only woman to have five,number one debuts to chart free number,one debuts in one calendar year to debut,the lead singles from each of her Studio,albums in the top 10 and to have their,first five number one singles debut at,top spot,Grande is the most streamed female,artist of all time and the most streamed,female artist on Spotify 2010's decade,and apple music the most followed female,artist on Spotify and the most,subscribed female artist on YouTube she,has been included on time's annual list,of the 100 most influential people in,the world 2016 and 2019 and the Forbes,celebrity 100,2019-2020 Grande was named woman of the,year 2018 the greatest pop star of 2019,and the most successful female artist to,debut in the 2010s by billboard,furthermore Rolling Stone placed her in,their updated list of 200 greatest,singers of all time 2023 3. aside from,her music career she has worked with,many charitable organizations and,advocates for animal rights mental,health and gender racial and LGBT,equality,Grande has a large following on social,media she became the most followed woman,on Instagram in 2019 and has over 300,million followers as of 2022 she has,also ventured into the cosmetics and,fashion Industries her fragrance line,which was released in 2015 exceeded one,billion dollars in sales as of 2022,early life Ariana Grande Butera was born,on June 26 1993 in Boca Raton Florida,4-5,she is the daughter of Joan Grande the,brooklyn-born CEO of Hose McCann,Communications a manufacturer of,communications and safety equipment,owned by the Grande fa

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