why wont instagram let me follow anyone

FIX Instagram Not Letting You Follow Anyone!welcome back everyone you may be in a,weird situation wh

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Updated on Feb 06,2023

FIX Instagram Not Letting You Follow Anyone!

welcome back everyone you may be in a,weird situation where for some reason,you can't follow anybody on,instagram now this can happen for a,multitude of different reasons,the very first thing i want to tell you,though is that probably what's going on,is that maybe you just made your account,pretty recently or you within the last,couple of weeks,and you maybe you haven't really been,active maybe you haven't posted that,much or anything you haven't really been,on instagram too,often and so instagram may still,consider your account a new account,now what this means is that basically if,you just created an account,instagram may view you as somebody who,may be a bot,now that may be crazy to say but there,are a ton of bad accounts on instagram,if you ever go on somebody's famous,profile,you go to their comments and all that,stuff you'll see a bunch of random,accounts that say oh go follow me go,follow me go follow me or go follow this,person,basically those are just a bunch of bots,and instagram does their best to kind of,avoid that kind of comment and spamming,and follow spamming going on,so if you just went ahead and followed,like one person you'll probably be okay,but if you followed up 50 people in a,row and hundreds and hundreds of people,in a row,instagram may stop you from following,other people because they may assume you,to be a bot,now if your account has been around for,a while and you've been on it for years,and you've posted just like i have and,you follow people every so often,and then it randomly stops you from,following people then that's a totally,different situation but if you just,created an account,then instagram may view your account as,actually a bot and they may not allow,you to follow people for a certain,amount of time,and then eventually after that time,limit you can go ahead and start,following people in that case i would,probably tell you to slow down the,following ratio,and just kind of chill out for a little,bit and then start following people,after now if your account has been,around for a while and you're just now,getting a notification saying you're,following too many people,again you may be in a spot where you're,following hundreds of people in a row,if you're not doing that then it may,actually be a network issue and you may,not even realize it,so you want to make sure you have a good,internet connection i say this in every,single video because it's probably the,number one reason why people are not,able to follow,each other so you want to go over to,your instagram browser go to the app,store go into anything that requires an,internet connection,and make sure you're able to load up,these pages if you're not able to load,up these pages just like how it's,loading here,then you probably have a network,connection now if it eventually gets,into it and you're able to scroll,through,then you probably have a good internet,connection you want to scroll through,you go on youtube go to tic toc go on,whatever to see if you can actually go,and load up things,if you are then you know it's not an,internet connection if you aren't,then obviously you want to go ahead and,connect to a reliable network,connected data connect to wi-fi whatever,you need to do those are going to be,your best bets in order to you know,make sure you have a good internet,connection now once that's out of the,way,you want to go back into instagram and,see if you're able to follow people,if you're still not able to follow,anyone at this point what i would,recommend you to do,is go back to your app store you want to,go into your instagram app so you just,want to search up instagram,so you can just click search you can,click up here and you want to find,instagram into your apps so,if you're on android you want to search,for it if you're on iphone the same,exact thing,and you want to make sure it's up to,date on one of the most recent versions,as you can see i have an update for it,as you can see it's update here,same thing on the google play store all,you want to do is just update your app,now this should take like two seconds to,do it's not going to take too long,and after that you want to go back into,instagram and most,probably this should fix the issues if,this still didn't fix it then obviously,you probably have to restart your phone,i would recommend deleting instagram and,going back into it,that may be the best way to do it but,those are basically the main ways on how,to fix,instagram if you're actually not able to,go and follow anybody so that's pretty,much it if you guys have any other,questions or anything,let me know in the comment section below,hit the like button on me so much but,definitely hit the subscribe button,every single subscriber that we get,really does count so me so much if you,guys could hit that,also check out the other links down in,the description as well my twitter my,instagram my other channel,more importantly everything also every,single one of you guys hopefully i'll,catch you guys in the nex

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How To FIX Instagram Not Letting You Follow Anyone! (2021)

How To FIX Instagram Not Letting You Follow Anyone! (2021)

welcome back everyone you may be,experiencing some issues with your,instagram account where for some reason,you're not able to actually go ahead and,follow people,now this can happen for a couple of,different reasons but typically it's,either,action block or an instagram update,issue and ultimately i'll also show you,how you can go ahead and contact,instagram themselves,now the very first thing i would,recommend doing if you want to make sure,you guys follow the boy i post so much,on instagram i started posting a lot on,tick tock too,but i really appreciate if you guys,could go ahead and follow me out there,and the very first thing you want to do,is make sure you're not posting a bunch,of crazy stuff on tick tock,and you don't have an action blog so,what this basically means,is that instagram assumes that you're a,bot of some sort,so basically if you just created your,account or you just created account like,two days ago,and you're just like following a bunch,of people and you're posting a bunch of,stuff and you're doing a bunch of crazy,stuff,well instagram may actually block you,from doing that because they may assume,that you're a bot,now you may actually be a human being,but it does happen all the time it's,happened to me a ton,so in order to actually fix this all you,have to do is make sure you just kind of,have to like let your account,rest make the action box go away just by,you know not not posting not following,people,and eventually you'll be able to follow,people again it's probably just going to,take a couple days,but typically that's what happens that's,how you go ahead and,fix this specific issue if it's you're,in a certain position,if you're following a bunch of people,and doing a bunch of stuff that,instagram may deem is like,bot like activity then this is exactly,how to fix,it it's just letting your account rest,and then kind of going from there,now if for some reason you're confused,about the specific layout and everything,what i would recommend doing is kind of,going through instagram support page,now i don't even know now you can google,exactly how to do it but what i,typically do is go to my website g,phones dot co,i hit the three dots i hit support and,then i click on the instagram icon right,here and it takes me straight into the,customer page or whatever their thing is,here just makes it so much easier and,all you have to do here is either,contact instagram through this page if,you're able to,or just go ahead and read through their,specific you know guidelines,and make sure you're not you know going,against their guidelines in any way,because if you are,then you want to make sure you're not,doing that so read their guidelines here,and pretty much move on from now that's,pretty much,the main way to fix it is just to,relieve and just wait for the action,block to go away,and read their community guidelines now,for some reason that isn't the issue,the second way i would recommend going,ahead and fixing this specific thing,is actually going ahead and updating,your specific,instagram app you will not believe how,many times this actually takes,and just how easy it is to pretty much,fix it so what you want to do,is go into your app store whether it's,google play store or whatever and what,you want to do is,just go ahead and search up instagram,just like so and at this point you just,want to go ahead and update your,instagram to the most,recent version at this point it's gonna,take like two seconds for it to update,i'll go and update for you,you will not believe how easy it is and,how most of the time it's this specific,problem,that ends up actually being the problem,if you're on a super outdated version of,instagram,it's not going to function properly so,you just want to make sure you're up to,date and this will probably end up,fixing the issue for you,now this doesn't fix it as you know,either what i would recommend doing,is actually going ahead and deleting,instagram from your phone,and reinstalling it that's the other,option i would tell you,but ultimately if you're still watching,this video and none of it and none of,these things have fixed it,you're probably in a situation where,instagram is down,so this means that instagram servers are,just not functioning properly,and all you can do is just wait for,instagram to fix their servers,this happens way more than you would,think and it's very annoying but there's,nothing we can do about it,all we can do is just wait for instagram,to fix their servers and then we'll be,able to get our account back so if it's,a widespread issue,going on twitter and searching how many,people are actually typing in you know,instagram is down,and kind of going from there if,instagram made a statement go on their,instagram support page and go from there,but those are pretty much their main,ways to go ahead and fix instagram not,allowing you to follow anybody,so if you guys have any other questions,or anything like that let me know in the,comment section as well,hit

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Fix instagram try again later we restrict certain activity to protect our community problem

Fix instagram try again later we restrict certain activity to protect our community problem

Hello guys,and welcome back to my youtube channel,"Teconz".,So today i get the following one error notification,while i try to like the one instagram post,And it shows,Try Again Later,We restrict certain activity to protect our community.,So how to fix this issue?,So before going to our tutorial,first of all,why this error occurs?,So my point of view,this is not a error,which means that,this is a type of warning message,send from instagram team.,So for example,if you try to like or comment the multiple post at a time,they will block your instagram account for few days,so during this time period,you won't able to like or comment the any instagram post.,And the one and only way to fix this problem is,just request to deactivate your instagram profile.,So how to do that processes?,If you get this error message,first of all take a screenshot,And then goto your profile section,so here you can press that horizontal three lines icon,And then goto "Settings",so here you can click to access,"Help" section.,And they ask for the help category,so you can select,Report a problem,And one more time they ask for the problem category,so again you can select,Report a problem,now you can briefly explain about your issue,but friend's,almost you can type this same thing,so once you type your problem,And then upload that warning message screenshot file,And finally click to submit this request.,Once you submit your request,and then one time logout your profile.,And also clear this instagram app data's,once you clear this instagram data's,And one more time try to login your instagram profile.,So i hope,now this time,that warning message doesn't appear in your profile section.,So if may be again it shows that same warning message,you can wait for a few days,for the reply message from instagram team.,Because,sometime this instagram team will verify your account details,as well as your problem category.,So you can wait for a few days,so anyway,if this trick works,just leave a one like,so otherwise,just put your valuable comments.,For more tech,videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel,"Teconz",and thanks for watching...

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Can’t follow people on Instagram fix -3 solutions

Can’t follow people on Instagram fix -3 solutions

guys the card here welcome to the block,tech tips so girls today's fix involves,Instagram and I'll be showing you how to,fix the issue or you cannot follow,people or follow anyone on Instagram,I'll describe the issue basically if you,try to follow someone instantly or a few,seconds after you'll notice it will go,instantly to unfollow and no matter what,you do you are unable to actually follow,anyone so if you're having this,particular issue I'm going to show you,to deal with the issue in today's,episode alright guys so first of all the,meters go to Instagram to show you what,you're going to actually do and guys,first of all one of the reasons why,people actually end up in this state,make sure that you're not must following,are doing anything spammy on your device,if you actually are so make sure you're,not doing anything spammy on your,account such as must following people or,does well like in a lot of stuff while,that would be considered or the system,would actually flag you as a bot meaning,they think you're actually a machine,right so that's some of the reasons why,so if you are doing anything like that I,advise that you actually stop as those,actions can actually results in you,actually being temporarily banned which,can result it's stuff such as your not,being able to follow people so without,warning let's look at things you can,actually try to actually fix your device,the first knowledge trackers is even a,launch on Instagram and once you launch,Instagram,all right so once you launch Instagram,guys what you're gonna do next is that,you're gonna actually go to your profile,setting once you're in your profile,setting you're gonna go into these,settings in the app all right once,you're in here guys,you can look at on the follow people and,here you're gonna eat on Facebook and,you're gonna link the Facebook or link,your Facebook account right so right,here you're gonna hit Facebook friends,alright and if you're not connected guys,what you're gonna do next is this kind,of connect your Facebook account to your,Instagram account right here now as you,can see guys I've already done this and,as you can see it's showing me that I,actually have suggestions here and what,I've done here is just a link of my,Facebook along with my Instagram right,if you have not it will when you tap on,this option it asks you for your,password for your Facebook and you can,actually go along and login and that's,because Instagram and Facebook is owned,by the same company so you should,actually link them up sometimes that can,actually trigger the system to actually,allow you to start following and like it,sir start following others again alright,so that's the first thing I wanted to do,guys,alright that didn't work for you the,next thing you're gonna try guys is,you're gonna go into settings again but,this time you're gonna go all the way,down what you gonna do guys right on,here you're gonna log out miracle so,you're gonna log all the way out alright,there you go I'm logged out so what,you're gonna do from here is that you're,gonna actually try and once you try,you're gonna actually log back in so you,can steam input your password again,and once you do that you should log back,in alright so as you can see you guys,I'm logged back in no the next thing I,actually do know once you're logged back,in is that you're gonna test and try to,follow someone if you are unable to,follow anyone again you're gonna do the,same thing again this is just a,modification of the first one you can,actually go back into your profile you,know go down again,alright never logged walk out or logo,I want to love all this time you're,gonna go what you're gonna do is you're,gonna uninstalled the up so does go,ahead and uninstall up you can actually,clear your cache if you have a cleanup,up on installed on your phone,and then of course you're gonna,reinstall up once your installed up,you're gonna come back again guys and go,log back in now when you log back in,guys are gonna try to follow anyone or,somebody that you were unable to follow,up before and of course if you did this,right you should be able to actually,follow anybody or follow anybody that,you're unable to follow up before so if,that feels the last it is that you're,gonna exit and what you're gonna do this,time is you're gonna go into your,browser one setting a browser guys,you're gonna go to you're gonna go to,Instagram,right,and from here what you're gonna do guys,is you're not gonna use the up so you're,gonna do is you're gonna log in using,the system here so you gonna log into,the mobile version not the hub and of,course from within the mobile version,you can use the two these two on your,desktop you're gonna actually try to,follow people using your browser so do,it within browser or on your desktop,here enough right and you should be able,to follow people again as normal,right you can actually exit up when you,are finish and then you can actually,start or exit the browser I should say,and then you

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Instagram Wont Let Me Follow Anyone: This Could Be Why...

Instagram Wont Let Me Follow Anyone: This Could Be Why...

whoa what's up everybody Kenneth Holland,from Kenneth Holland dot-com on a,Tuesday March 3rd a little Instagram,update first of all before I start if,you haven't followed me on my social,channels Facebook and YouTube and make,sure you go below and follow me if,you're an Instagram go to the like,button if you're watching this on,youtube hit the subscribe button and the,little Bell next to it and you'll be,notified of future videos and live,broadcasts I do a couple live broadcasts,a week so love to have you on board,now Instagram Instagram won't let me,follow anyone this has seems to have,been a problem late lately and it,affected me last week and I figured out,why it affected me and actually two,other people that I know that are,aggressive in building their Instagram,following so if you don't know Instagram,changes their their algorithm fairly,frequently really for two reasons to,improve the service and probably more,importantly to combat spam and combat,against nefarious uses which spam is one,of them so like I said last week I,noticed a change when I was doing my,following and unfollowing I do a process,of following and unfollowing which I'll,get to in a second and tell you why and,also tell you why you should or,shouldn't do it so all the sudden I,found I could no longer follow anyone I,was going in doing my following and it,wasn't working I thought okay so I,reinstalled the app same same problem,thought I had a band placed on me so I,kept playing with it and then I realized,something I kind of stumbled onto it I,started to be able to follow people if I,was following them slower so what I was,doing before was I'd go in and I'd find,them the people I wanted to follow,whether through,you know people following another,account or by a hashtag to the most,popular ways that you follow people and,in the past I would you know follow,really fast,doot-doot doot-doot and go through and,I'll tell you and I'll get to also in a,minute limits on following and,unfollowing and what I have found so,stay tuned for that I'll get to that in,a second so weather and then the two,other people I was talking to they were,playing with it too and what Instagram,apparently has done now there's what,they have done is they have put,something in place that doesn't allow,you to do rapid following which I can,understand that's a real easy way for,spammers to do whatever they need to do,but it makes things slower so a couple,of things I know this has been reported,in the past if you've read about this,before okay,it never affected me and the two other,people I was working with it had never,been a problem from them before and it,hit all of us last week so I don't know,for a fact but I'm pretty sure that,Instagram instituted an update so what,you need to do is follow slower and I,would say you probably have to wait,anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds for each,follow you do which if you do a lot of,following it makes the process quite a,bit longer but I don't think there's,anything that could be done now let me,get to following and unfollowing because,there's some people say that that's not,natural,you can't build an account that way so,let me address that really quick a,couple of things first off you can build,an account a good account doing that and,for most of the people on Instagram who,want to build a bigger account or grow,you just simply grow their account there,is no other way I will tell you why and,let me let me address Gary Vaynerchuk if,you don't know he who,social media bigwig most of you who are,watching us probably knows who he is and,he came up with a video that talked,about I'm gonna wrap this into the,following and unfollowing he came out,with a who's either a blog post or a,video I can't remember where you find,relevant hashtags to your market you go,in and find the top people and you place,a meaningful comment on everybody's post,and you could build hundreds of new,followers that way that way BS I've,tested it I've tested it in depth I know,other people have tested it it's fairly,uneffective unless you are already,popular to begin with which if you're,popular to begin with you get followers,naturally without having to do anything,such as Gary Vee which is great,I'm not criticizing that and I just,don't agree with Gary Vee on this,particular subject and I love Gary Vee I,watch him almost every day by the way so,I'm not I'm not criticizing him I'm just,criticizing this strategy for most,people now the following and I'm,following a lot of people like I said,don't agree with it it's spammy the way,I do it is I find relevant people that I,want to follow and I follow as many,people as I can in a day which I'll get,to in a second and then once my account,the number of people I follow has gotten,fairly large I then start to go and,unfollow people that haven't followed me,back now the reason I have to do this if,you don't know is Twitter limits how,many people you can personally follow,it's 7,500 people okay so you if you,want to grow y

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How to Solve You Can't Follow Account Right Now on instagram we limit how often you can Problem 2023

How to Solve You Can't Follow Account Right Now on instagram we limit how often you can Problem 2023


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Try Again Later Instagram Fix

Try Again Later Instagram Fix

hey guys ricotta here welcome to another,blog tech tips and of course in today's,tutorial guys i'll be showing you to fix,the error on instagram where you're,seeing this particular message,or a similar message and as you can see,here it will say try again later,and it may read something like this with,slight variations we restrict certain,activity to protect our community,based on your use this action will be,unavailable for you until and gives you,a particular date the date doesn't,really matter it will,adjust according to the time in which,you get the error tell us if you think,we made a mistake and it,has the option to tell us okay all right,and of course,it's just a general error um here's,another variation of it where it says,basically the same thing except that the,time has been removed,now of course there are two variations,to this error it might give you a time,or it might not give you a time and this,is by design,as of course what's happening here is,that whenever you get this error,with instagram it's basically caused,by you whenever you get this error it's,basically caused by,you and of course if you have taken,certain actions,it will translate into the error these,actions,vary from one if you use any form of,automation or,third-party software on your account to,automate,either to grow your following or inflate,your following,or even just to manage everyday tasks,such as posting,this might be seen as bad light behavior,two,if you do stuff like post the same,comment repeatedly,three if you do other stuff such as um,going ahead and going around and liking,too much of a particular,type of picture or song but basically,the,reason why you have been flogged by the,anti-spam system of instagram is because,it thinks you are a,bot all right now of course the system,is,put in place to make sure that the um,the instagram system is used fairly so,it's to make sure that nobody abuses the,system,and of course the day you sign up for,instagram you did agree to their terms,of service,and they are only new accountable all,right so while they do,want you to use instagram they also want,to make sure that you're using it in a,way that's fair to everybody else,thus the system thinks you are some form,of um but,uh you have doing something unfair and,as a result they have temporarily banned,their account,now um a ban can last anywhere from one,day,all the way to like a week or even,longer in some,rare cases now of course they not want,to figure out a system so they vary the,error,if you have seen a date it's best to,wait until the end of that period,before um trying to proceed now this,error is also known as action blocked,um it usually appears whenever you're,trying to do a particular um,action such as like comment um,anything at all interacting with your,instagram um,profile now um the thing is guys,i'm gonna show you to get rid of this,party,all right so i'm on my profile here so,as i was saying guys um if you're,getting that particular error,on your um instagram and you want to,know what to do,let's start with the basics so i've just,explained what you can do,sorry i've just explained why we get the,error i've also explained,under certain conditions um as to,how you have ended up in this situation,so let's move on to actions you can,actually,take first of all to fix the issue if,you're using any third-party software,that may be whether you download it,online or you download it from the play,store or wherever you get it from,please stop using that software acid,software um,i would suggest that you close out the,actions within that software,so the third party software that you're,using to gain followers or whatever,and you're gonna close it down or stop,its action you're gonna close it down,totally and stop using said software,uh if you can de-associated your account,even better so it doesn't have control,of your account,likewise on instagram you can go ahead,and change your password,in that way the software will not have,action or if you can revoke its access,go ahead and do that on your instagram,in terms of changing your password a,quick way to do that would be to go into,your settings um i think it should be,under security,and then notice you have um password,here,and there you can re-enter your password,and change that up,doing that should block most um software,all right so once you have done that,make sure that you close all the,software so the software doesn't have,control of your account,um next if you have a real live facebook,account,um it would be a good idea to link both,remember that instagram owns both,um facebook and instagram it will help,to prove that you're not really a bot in,that you,are a real life person that you have a,active facebook account,that most likely has a good reputation,so it will free up your accounts let's,go ahead guys,go into um settings go into um,account and from within account uh also,this works on both android as well as um,iphone so go into linked accounts and,then once you

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Metro Boomin, The Weeknd - I don't wanna know (Creepin') (Lyrics)

Metro Boomin, The Weeknd - I don't wanna know (Creepin') (Lyrics)

foreign,if you're playing me keep it on the low,cause my heart can't take it anymore,and if you're creeping please don't let,it show,oh baby I Don't Wanna Know,I think about it when I hold you,thank you,we're looking in your eyes I can't,believe,and I don't need to know the truth,baby keep it to you to yourself,creeping please don't let it jump,oh baby I Don't Wanna Know,see all those things that you used to do,to me,wow wow,had me crashing out with cuffing like,the precinct how you go from housewife,to a sneaky Lane got you running around,in all type of dances and Roads they're,used to riding a rinky dink I'm the one,put you in Aliante fashionable model I,put you on the runway you was rocking,Coach bags got you Shanaynay side ,and Frisco I call it my baby I got a,girl but I still feel alone God if you,plan me that me my home ain't home,having nightmares are going through your,phone can't even record you got yeah my,zone,still playing me keep it on the love,cause my heart can't take it anymore,they feel creepy please don't let it,show,baby,anymore,oh baby I Don't Wanna Know,if you're creeping just don't let me,find out get a hotel never bring them to,the house

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