why isn't instagram working

Watch This If Your Instagram Isn't Loading! (Fix Instagram Loading Issues)so you may be in a positio

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Watch This If Your Instagram Isn't Loading! (Fix Instagram Loading Issues)

so you may be in a position where for,some reason your instagram feed is just,now loading up,now this can happen for 30 000 different,reasons but,most probably it's a network issue or it,may even be a instagram down issue,so i made this video like 50 000 times,first of all follow your boy you already,know there's the name there's the,account everything and what tends to,happen more times than not,is basically the back end of instagram,just isn't functioning properly and,there's an issue with instagram,and it's not really with your phone so,you can't really do anything you can't,restart your phone you can't do anything,you're just going to have to wait until,instagram fixes the issue now a,tremendous way to determine if it's,actually an instagram issue because,chances are probably is,but just in case you aren't sure you can,check the comments in this video and,sort by newest and if a ton of people at,like one time if there's like a bunch of,comments,and they're like only like seconds away,or set minutes ago then most probably,instagram is down for a majority of,people if they're,the last comment was like three days ago,or a week ago or a month ago,then most probably instagram is still up,and it's probably just a you issue or if,nobody watches this video you can always,go on twitter,and it's almost every single time,instagram is down it is trending on,twitter,so if you see instagram down or,instagram not up or whatever,then basically just wait until instagram,fixes it and,luckily it only takes like a couple,minutes i've never seen it down for more,than like 30,like 30 minutes to an hour so you can,just go on tick tock or snap channel so,it'll probably work so that's the very,first thing i'd recommend doing is,checking those out,now if instagram seems to still be up,for a lot of other people,and there's no comments that it's not,training on twitter nobody's talking,about it,then what you can do is pretty much make,sure you have a good reliable internet,connection if it still says couldn't,refresh couldn't refresh,basically going to your internet browser,loading up some web pages you can go to, you can go wherever,just load up some web pages if you're,able to load them up and they're you,know,loading up pretty fast then it may not,even be a network issue,and you can move on to the third thing,but if you're able to load up everything,if you're able to load up you know web,pages and,videos and snapchats and stuff like that,and still functioning properly then it,may not be,a network issue which is great you're,almost there,if you also know that instagram is not,fully down and you know that it's not a,network issue,then the third and probably final thing,i would recommend doing well there's a,fourth thing too but the third thing i,would recommend doing,is going into your app store and seeing,if instagram needs an update,so what you can do as you can see the,presidential debates tonight which is so,funny,is go into your app library right here,and you will usually see,instagram down here you can scroll,through and most the time you will see,an instagram app,so what you want to do is you want to,click on instagram or search up,instagram or whatever,and you want to click update so as you,can see i haven't updated instagram in a,while so i'll go ahead and click update,and you basically want to go through and,just wait until it's fully installed,and then you want to go to the back to,the app log in and whatever you need to,do,and most of the time at this point,instagram should be fixed and you can,click,you can click open it'll go and open the,app go through do whatever you need to,and like i said most probably the app,should be loaded,and it should be loading up your feed,just in case it isn't the final thing i,would recommend doing is restarting your,device,powering down just fully holding down,power off turn it back on whether you,have an android ios it doesn't matter,and then go back into instagram and see,if it's fully working at this point if,i'm being honest,it is probably working but just in case,it isn't you can always go on instagram,or your safari browser and pretty much,load it from there,so that's really pretty much it those,are a couple ways to go about fixing it,if you guys have any other questions or,anything,let me know in the comment section below,hit the like button on me so much but,definitely hit that subscribe button,every single subscriber that we get,really discount so me so much if you,guys can hit that,also check out the other links down in,the description as well my twitter my,instagram my main channel,more importantly everything else i love,every single one of you guys hopefully,i'll catch you guys,in the next video peace out till then,you

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If Your Instagram Isn't Growing, DO THIS!

If Your Instagram Isn't Growing, DO THIS!

are you one of those people war just,does not one work it does not want to,seem to work out with the whole,Instagram you don't seem to grow the,advice that you get whether it's from me,or from some other people who have a lot,of other great content by the way it,just does not seem to work for you are,you one of those people if yes if you're,like Nina who followed every advice that,I ever gave four years and her reach has,never been worse it seems like for her,specifically the things have gotten,worse since she started to watch my,stuff anyway if you're one of those,people I'm gonna tell you my thoughts,about why you don't grow on Instagram,why nothing works for you and what you,can actually do to to become instafamous,coming up,Wacka back dominators my name's Dominic,if he knew here and I just follow me,here and subscribe to YouTube,we talk about social media marketing,about building your personal brand about,monetizing your Instagram and just stuff,like this we talk about the Instagram,algorithm quite a lot also we do some,life reviews of your channels of your,Instagram accounts mainly here on,YouTube life but anyway the most common,thing that I see when people tell me I,don't know I'm doing everything right,but it just doesn't want to work with me,does it work here because sometimes you,guys say the camera shaking is the,camera shaking so I forgot what I wanted,to say but basically the most common,thing that I see with people that say oh,I do everything right but it just,doesn't seem to work am I doomed what's,going on the algorithm is against me the,most common thing my friends is that you,don't even see it yourself that you're,doing everything wrong and really this,is a actually the most common thing so,my advice for everybody that watches,this video right now is approach your,whole Instagram strategy from an outside,view you know be critical you really,take a look whip out your phone take a,look at your Instagram profile and,really think if you were somewhere else,if you were not yourself if you were not,biased if this profile that you're,looking at right now maybe some LSD,helps who knows not that I want to,condone these kinds of things but yeah,I've read some studies if this was,somebody else would you really think,it's that great would you really think,it's perfect and there's nothing you can,do sometimes for example I get a lot of,DMS and sometimes you know I can't,promise but sometimes I not only reply,but sometimes I check out their profile,if they say could you take a look over,my profile and usually if they even do,the right thing they're just barely,scratching the surface yeah a lot of,people just half-assing stuff with their,Instagram rope so it's the things that,they hear you know here on this channel,or on other channels you know for,example they don't use hashtags the,right way they just always use our takes,the same hash ax it's kind of it seems,like they're just copying hashtags it's,super you know obvious hashtags that,probably don't work and you know mostly,most common thing is actually that,they're caught that just does not look,professional you know just it does no it,usually does not look like something,that people actually,want to consume you know and don't,forget that my friends this is actually,one thing that makes or breaks your,whole social media strategy wherever,whatever platform it is there's actually,the station between a creator and a,consumer there has to be a clear line,between that you know what are you are,you greater are you consumer and how,does your profile appear to other people,who come to you do they instantly know,first of all what you're about what's up,also do they instantly know whether you,actually a professional creator doesn't,matter how many followers you have or,not you know and you know this is why I,kind of love our Instagram life reviews,here because whenever we we pull out a,profile all the people in the comments,section all the people in the chat box,that watch they tell us do they tell you,if you get reviewed what's their first,impression and a lot of the times you,can actually see it if you watch the,RiRi watch's free replace or something,that people actually don't know whether,you're actually professional or not or,whether you're actually creator it's,kind of harder on Instagram I give you,that then on YouTube for example because,on YouTube this whole distinction is a,lot clearer because let's just say,somebody gives you a comment comments,down on your video on YouTube you click,on their profile you see their YouTube,profile and instantly you recognize,whether this is a lurker a consumer or a,create or how it just looks a lot more,professional and this gets me actually,right into a point number two is that,you simply did not grind enough my,friends and you know I hate to break it,to you but it's actually a lot more work,than you might think and sometimes if,you guys DM me or if you guys tag me on,Instagram and sometimes I take a look at,yourself

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Instagram ISN'T dead. How YOU can grow the RIGHT WAY in 2023

Instagram ISN'T dead. How YOU can grow the RIGHT WAY in 2023

if you're looking at growing your,Instagram account personal or business,you might want to give this video a,watch and the tail end of last year I,had some pretty decent growth at time,and everyone is saying Instagram is dead,and I do believe it's because I've done,a set of things consistently they're not,things I looked up they're just things I,figured out this kind of works so that,is what I'm sharing with you today and,if you follow these guidelines I do,truly believe you will have some good,growth as well treat reels like stories,what do I mean by that well instead of,posting an Instagram story about,something turn that into a real,literally that's it that is something,I've been preaching for the longest time,that is how I approach a lot of the,reels that I end up making and it's very,raw it's organic and people like that,it's the easiest way you can go about,making content your mind has been in,this place of oh I'm gonna post a story,or a couple of stories about whatever it,is I'm doing whatever it is I'm at or,showing right now make that a real it's,that easy don't overthink and think,every single reel has to be this,produced overly edited piece of content,it does not the best part about short,form content compared to long-form,content is how quickly and how easily,you can make it and if it doesn't do,well oh well post another one it doesn't,take long to make whereas like a YouTube,or longer form video you could spend,hours and hours of work in it you post,it it doesn't do well you get really,down on yourself then you don't want to,do another one short form you can,literally post something in a matter of,I don't know I've been out shooting,before and people like you're gonna post,that already yes I am I'm in the moment,I'm filming it it's going live straight,away and those are often the ones that,do the best that could be a thought you,have that could be an opinion you have,about something it could be a new piece,of gear here it is a point to it I show,it and people like that it's a behind,the scenes look at inside of my mind if,you can apply that same logic to things,anything whatever it is that you do this,is applicable to every single Niche,doesn't matter if you're interested in,it someone else's consistency it is very,important to be consistent with your,posting you hear everyone say that it's,not a Sprint it is a marathon and that,very much applies to this but no one,ever explains exactly what that means,I'd say the biggest reason that you want,to be consistent is that it forms a,habit for you to create content if you,can make this a part of your day,consistently it becomes a lot easier to,do if it's something you randomly think,about on a Tuesday oh I've got to create,this it just becomes a chore it's not,something you're consistently doing and,it becomes a lot harder now there's,nothing to prove this on paper but it is,my firm opinion that Instagram wants,people that are serious about the,platform they don't want people that are,posting one reel that,is going to go out once a week and then,that's it they want consistency,basically when it comes down to it,YouTube Tick Tock Instagram all they,want you to do is be on the platform for,longer and if you're someone that can,help them do this they're going to,promote you being consistent also allows,you to get good at using the platform,the tools that it has and finding your,voice getting comfortable on camera and,once you've done this for a while you,slowly start to figure out what's,working and what's not working you might,post five different reels one of them,does really well well once you've been,doing it a while you realize maybe I,should double down on that kind of,content make it sustainable what do I,mean by that well,can you do this long term can you do,this every single day or at least three,times a week without burning out without,taking time away from something that you,should be doing that's actually making,you money can you do that if the answer,to that question is no I think you need,to reevaluate what it is that you're,you're doing the way that you're making,that content because long term you're,not going to be able to do it you're,going to stop doing it and then at that,point what was the point in the,beginning make it sustainable right from,the beginning you'll find it a lot,easier to do better long term because,it's a marathon not a Sprint and that's,what I said earlier about treating reals,like stories is one of the best ways you,can get started to make this sustainable,think how much time it takes you to make,a story and post that story under five,minutes very likely when you spend all,this time curating content producing,content editing it then posting it,worrying about all the hashtags and,everything like that,this he just becomes a lot how much can,you create sustainably sometimes I'll do,two reels a day sometimes it'll be one,sometimes I'll post five times a week,sometimes it's three times a week as,long as I'm doing minimum

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How To Fix Common Instagram Problems!

How To Fix Common Instagram Problems!

welcome back everyone i'll go ahead and,show you exactly how to,basically fix a lot of some common,problems that you may,have on your instagram accounts now i,typically do these videos on my second,channel but i figured i might as well,compile a lot of the most common issues,and put them into one video so this is,that one video,now i will tell you a lot of the times,you can go ahead and fix,most of these issues just by just by,updating your instagram app through the,app store with the google play store or,you know the app store and i'll get into,those in a second but i will leave,timestamps in the description,of exactly which specific issue you may,have and basically how to fix those so,the very first thing that i see a ton of,people run into,are basically action blocks now what,action blocks are,is if you go ahead and go through scroll,through your instagram account and,you're basically you know liking a bunch,of things and all these things,and you're dming and following a bunch,of people and you randomly get a pop-up,that says you know something like,you are not allowed to follow this,person anymore you're not allowed to do,this,you typically run into those problems,when you actually go and try to follow a,bunch of people at one time,so if you go and try to like a bunch of,people's photos basically,if you do a lot of spam type of you know,actions,then instagram may actually assume that,your specific account,is a bot account especially if it's a,brand new account,and instagram may ban you or may even,stop you from doing things and this is,what they call action blocks,so a way to fix this and really the only,way to fix this,is to temporarily stop following people,stop liking photos stop spam liking as,you can see,i liked a bunch of my own photos but,instagram doesn't assume i'm a bot,because you know i've been posting a,while i've you know had,basically non-bot activity for a very,long time but if i was posting,30 photos in one day and following a,thousand people and liking a bunch of,random stuff and,leaving 300 comments each second then,instagram is going to assume that i'm a,bot,and they're going to ban your account so,that's the first thing i would recommend,doing,the second thing obviously is logging,out of instagram and logging back in,typically those type of situations can,be fixed just by you know,not posting not following not doing,anything for a little bit and letting,your account rest,and then eventually coming back but if,that still doesn't work then logging out,instagram or deleting instagram coming,back into it,will probably end up fixing that issue,now if that doesn't end up working or if,that,ends up being a bigger issue than you,may even realize then obviously i,recommend you know contacting instagram,now the second thing that typically,people have problems with is basically,reactivating a deleted instagram account,this is what i'm gonna tell you,if you just deleted your instagram,account then luckily you'll probably be,able to access it,typically instagram allows you to have a,couple of days i think even like a,couple of weeks or within a month,to actually reactivate your account so,if you just want to reactivate and go,back into your instagram account,all you have to do is just download the,instagram app or go onto your computer,and just log into instagram and that's,really all you have to do,you don't have to go and contact them,you don't have to do anything crazy as,long as,i think in less than a month you can go,ahead and just log into instagram as,usual and restore your account back to,normal,now let's say it's been over a month,let's say it's been three years or,something you know,and you want to get back into it well at,that point you'll probably have to,contact instagram support,and i'll try to leave links in the,description to each thing i'm talking,about so you can just go and you know,get through that link and go on here but,that's probably what i would recommend,doing is to go ahead contact instagram,but typically you can go ahead and just,you know log back into instagram as you,normally would,the same username and password and that,should end up fixing the issues right,there,now let's go ahead and say that's not an,issue when you're done with that,the next issue that typically people,tend to have more times than not,is instagram photos not loading so as,you can see photos are loading for me,perfectly fine,now sometimes there are times where,instagram photos,just aren't loading and it seems like,it's just a you problem,but a great way to actually see if it's,just a you problem or if it's everyone,being affected,is to actually just search up instagram,on you know,google or search up instagram on twitter,or something and if you see a bunch of,people talking at one time saying oh,instagram is down instagram is down,or depending on how popular this video,is you can just even go to the comments,in this video sorted by new,and you should be able to see maybe a,lot of people commentin

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instagram not opening iphone | instagram crash problem ios | instgram not opening iphone xr |

instagram not opening iphone | instagram crash problem ios | instgram not opening iphone xr |

guys welcome to your own channel I hope,you are well so guys right now in the,iPhone Instagram application is not,working I mean guys whenever you will,try to open this application it's,showing like crash problem and maybe,guys it will not working in your iPhone,especially guys in the iPhone x XR and,these devices is not working like a,Instagram application is not working,because right now I am also using iPhone,x in this device car so guys my,Instagram application is getting crash,problem and it is not working anymore so,I will show you that how you can fix,this issue if you are facing this type,of issue in your any iPhone basically,guys this problem is uh mostly uh,showing in the iPhone x and XR and above,devices okay so before starting this,video guys I would like to say one thing,that as you all know that on this,channel I am uploading iPhones the,latest videos please guys you have to,make sure you subscribe the channel and,you will get all solutions iPhone,related Solutions on this channel,absolutely guys and you have to press,the Bell icon so that whenever I will,upload any video you will get all,notifications of videos okay now I will,tell you that how you can fix this issue,if you are also facing this type of,issue in your Instagram application and,in the iPhone x XR and the model device,so let's start so first of all guys in,order to fix this issue you have to just,go to the,settings application after that guys you,have to scroll down and at last guys you,will see,Safari you have to guys scroll down and,add nice you will see clear history and,website data and Safari browser yes guys,you have to do this actually guys,sometime guys our cookies and sometime,guys our,and sometime guys if you will if you,have not login your Instagram ID on the,uh Safari browser then guys it will not,working so guys you can do this just,First Step this one and still guys if,your problem is not fixed and if you,have to uh already updated your,Instagram application in the app store,then guys you have to do last step,whatever I will now tell you actually,guys you can also connect a DNS,application to your iPhone so that guys,your application will be start working,your iPhones now I will tell you which,DNS you have to connect your iPhone and,it is officially guys available on the,Apple Store you can directly download,that DNS and you have to just guys once,time connect that DNS to your iPhone,after guys you will see your Instagram,application will be start successfully,running yes guys now I will tell you,from where you have to download that,guys in order to fix this issue in your,iPhone simply you have to open the,Safari browser and also you can open the,Chrome browser in your iPhone in the,search bar simply you have to type, yes guys and on this website,I have given the link of that DNS and,you have to type Okay after,guys you will see this is the search bar,of Google Now in this guy search bar you,have to type yes guys this,is a website easy tips remember guys the,spelling of tips easy tips t double IPS,I have already mentioned the spelling of,easy tips website on the screen and then,guys you have to search okay and after,guys you will see on the top you have to,tap on here and on this,website I have given that that Dennis,link you have to open that DNS from,there from his its websites okay and you,have to scroll down and at last guys you,will see the search bar of this website,simply tap on here and you have to type,solve yes guys you have to type only,solve and now click on the search bar,don't you guys it's official guys very,safe okay tap on here search bar and you,will see top solve problem and solve,problem in games apps 2020 2023 so,simply you have to tap on here,after guys I will tap on here,and remember guys the spelling of easy,tips t double okay don't type,wrong match spelling okay and now you,have to scroll down and you will see,guys,at last,it will be show like please wait you,have to wait five seconds then guys,click on click here,and after guys scroll down and you will,see guys at last you will get that link,of that DNS and you have to guys click,on here please wait and after completing,these seconds you have to click on this,button and after guys your application,will be download from your Apple Store,and when you will it when it will,successfully installed from Apple Store,you have to open that application and,you have to connect to any server then,guys you have to open the Instagram,application it will be successfully,fixed in your any iPhone so this is the,guys process right now working I have,also applied and you can fix this issue,problem and remember guys the spelling,of easy tips t double so go go,and fix this issue thanks for watching,guys

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How to Fix Instagram Music isn't Available in Your Region|Instagram Music isn't Available in Region

How to Fix Instagram Music isn't Available in Your Region|Instagram Music isn't Available in Region

to my new video in this video i gonna,show you how you can,fix your problem that,on instagram then instagram music isn't,available,as you see i open insta after opening it,in this video here is a written,instagram music isn't available in your,region,if you are facing this problem,watch my video till end,we have to open play store,here we have to search instagram,as you see my instagram is up to date if,your instagram isn't,updated first of all update it,your problem will be solved,if your problem isn't solved yet open,instagram,after opening it,go on your profile,click on three line icon,open settings,here you see account open it,scroll down,here you see switch account type open it,here you have to switch your account,into the personal account switch it,free to personal account,after switch after switching your,account into personal account your,problem will be sort and your music is,available in all videos if your problem,is not solved,yet you have to again,open your profile,click on three line open plus icon on,your instagram to upload a story,click on story,here you have to add some picture,i am adding this picture,after adding some picture you have click,on three star icon,here you see there is no music icon in,this list,you have to take a screenshot of it,open your profile,click on three line icon,open settings,click on,help after that you have to click on,report a problem,here you have to click on gallery,here we have to,click on our screenshot we have taken,now you have to explain which problem,you are facing,i'm writing,click on submit after submitting it you,will receive your recovery password on,your email if my video is helpful please,subscribe my youtube channel thanks for,watching

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How to fix instagram music isn't available in your region | instagram music not working

How to fix instagram music isn't available in your region | instagram music not working

hello everyone and welcome to my youtube channel  in this video i will tell you how you can fix  ,instagram or music is not available in this region  for example if you want to fix an instagram error  ,which is as this music is not available in your  region for example if i go to an instagram story  ,if i click on story options on the  instagram and i want to upload and  ,upload an instagram story and click on gallery  and select a random photo from my instagram,story as you can see in the video if i scroll  up then here i will find the music option  ,many of the instagram users don't have that option  or if they select that music option then that then  ,they don't get the music in their region and error  occurs to solve this error you have to click on  ,three lines after that you have to click on  settings after that you have to click on account  ,and after that you can click on switch  to professional account if you switch to  ,professional account your error can be  solved by a simple method if you don't  ,this error get this error fixed then there are  also many methods which can solve this error after  ,you have switched to professional account and you  have not fixed this error then you have to go back  ,after going back you have to click on play  store and you have to update your instagram  ,so that any error related to your old instagram  can be automatically fixed by the latest version  ,of the instagram after you have updated  instagram you have to close the play store  ,and again open the instagram on your device  if you open instagram then hope you will  ,find this error fixed if is this not fixed then  you have to again check your instagram story  ,as you can see in the video if i select again the  same method and i get music option in my story but  ,if you don't get then there is another solution  which is as you have to click on three lines  ,after three lines you have to go to settings in  settings you have to click on report a problem  ,and which means you have to report this problem  to instagram team so that they can get you an  ,easy solution or fix for that problem you can  also attach screenshot of that problem you are  ,facing by using your gallery pictures after you  have taken the screenshot of the problems like  ,music is not available in your region  you can type your problem to instagram  ,team as high insta team after that you have to  click on enter button after that you can mention  ,your error and after clicking on submit you your  report will be submitted to instagram hope you  ,have liked this information kindly like this video  and subscribe our channel and press the bell icon

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Why your business instagram page isn't GROWING & how to fix it

Why your business instagram page isn't GROWING & how to fix it

have a customer that sends you a picture,of let's just say you sell wigs you have,a customer that sends you a picture of,them in a wig,however it's a low quality picture so it,looks like it was taken with an android,looks like it was taking it with a,nintendo ds,show up to your business like your,renters do every day and you gotta make,that rent money,you gotta make that rent money every,single day,hey bosses it's me candice renee i am,back again with another video,before we do get into this video please,make sure to go smash that subscribe,button,and also make sure to give this video a,thumbs up so youtube knows that we can,live around,here in today's video i'm going to be,talking to you guys about why your,business instagram pages are not,growing why your business is stuck in,the mud why it is just stagnant why you,just,can't grow okay why you just can't bro,why,why is just not working like why you,feel like you're doing everything you're,running edge running promotions you,doing all this stuff but it ain't,growing,nobody following you may be getting the,traction but nobody's,converting because before you can,convert them they gotta follow you,then they gotta see you then they,convert into sales,but you can't even get them to follow,you first well we're gonna talk about,that in today's video as to why your,business instagram page is not growing,so if you want to know why your business,instagram page is just stuck,it ain't moving it ain't going nowhere,then just keep on watching because we,are about to fix it today,first thing that i want to talk to you,guys about is your content your content,it ain't working okay a lot of you,guys's content is just a bunch of,sales like when i go to your page all i,see is product product product,sale flyer sales flyer sale fire product,product product sale flyer sales flyer,buy this buy this buy this buy these you,cannot have that first of all,people are not attracted to people who,are extremely salesy okay,if you are extremely salty all i'm going,to feel like is that you just want my,money,and people don't want to feel like that,you just want to take their money and go,people want to feel connected to your,brand,you can connect to people is to have,engaging content so talk to your,audience a lot of y'all are not talking,to your audience a lot of y'all,are not having engaging content the way,you can engage with your audience you,can engage with your audience,through either instagram story or,instagram content so you can ask a,question,you could do a this on that you could do,a choose this,choose which one you can't live without,or something like that,talk to your audience what's your,favorite this how do y'all use that,what would y'all like to see next y'all,need to have engaging content same with,your stories,you need to have polls questions that,stuff you need to take advantage of,all of that stuff and you need to also,go live so that's kind of a part of,content too go,live and talk to your audience and show,your product okay,that is what you need to do a lot of,y'all just sell sales sales sell sell,y'all to salesy,also with content you'll also need to,have content teaching your audience,something,so if i see your product how,what is so amazing about your product,how do i use your product what do i do,with your product,you need to educate me educate me on how,to use your product educate me on,how to wear your product educate me on,how to install your product if you have,hair if you have lashes,educate me on how to take care of my,hairs how to take care of my lashes,how to take care of my clothes or if you,sell clothes teach me,show me how i can dress up your shirt,show me how i could dress up your,accessories,show me show me something a lot of y'all,don't,show your customers how they can use,your stuff okay,some y'all need to have something called,lifestyle content lifestyle content is,showing your content in real,time so showing people wearing your,content out don't just take a picture of,some lashes on the floor,or take a picture of some bundles on the,floor or you shaking some bundles okay i,understand you can shake the bundles,in your hand but how does it look in,somebody's head,how does it look with curls in it how,does it look straight and how does it,look with some crimp some color like,show,lifestyle show lifestyle it will make,your page,look more aesthetically pleasing if it's,more lifestyle pictures,okay instead of just bundles on the,floor it's going to look like a,vendor page is this a is this a vendor,i'm looking at is this a chinese vendor,i'm looking at,or is this the actual hair business you,don't want to look like the chinese,vendor,pages where they just have the hair on,the floor and the hair on the mannequins,trying to sell you something because,they trying to sell,you want to sell yes but you want to,sell without,selling teaching value because once you,teach value,and you talk to your audience and you,connect with your audience they will buy,from you

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