why is instagram not working

Watch This If Your Instagram Isn't Loading! (Fix Instagram Loading Issues)so you may be in a positio

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Watch This If Your Instagram Isn't Loading! (Fix Instagram Loading Issues)

so you may be in a position where for,some reason your instagram feed is just,now loading up,now this can happen for 30 000 different,reasons but,most probably it's a network issue or it,may even be a instagram down issue,so i made this video like 50 000 times,first of all follow your boy you already,know there's the name there's the,account everything and what tends to,happen more times than not,is basically the back end of instagram,just isn't functioning properly and,there's an issue with instagram,and it's not really with your phone so,you can't really do anything you can't,restart your phone you can't do anything,you're just going to have to wait until,instagram fixes the issue now a,tremendous way to determine if it's,actually an instagram issue because,chances are probably is,but just in case you aren't sure you can,check the comments in this video and,sort by newest and if a ton of people at,like one time if there's like a bunch of,comments,and they're like only like seconds away,or set minutes ago then most probably,instagram is down for a majority of,people if they're,the last comment was like three days ago,or a week ago or a month ago,then most probably instagram is still up,and it's probably just a you issue or if,nobody watches this video you can always,go on twitter,and it's almost every single time,instagram is down it is trending on,twitter,so if you see instagram down or,instagram not up or whatever,then basically just wait until instagram,fixes it and,luckily it only takes like a couple,minutes i've never seen it down for more,than like 30,like 30 minutes to an hour so you can,just go on tick tock or snap channel so,it'll probably work so that's the very,first thing i'd recommend doing is,checking those out,now if instagram seems to still be up,for a lot of other people,and there's no comments that it's not,training on twitter nobody's talking,about it,then what you can do is pretty much make,sure you have a good reliable internet,connection if it still says couldn't,refresh couldn't refresh,basically going to your internet browser,loading up some web pages you can go to, you can go wherever,just load up some web pages if you're,able to load them up and they're you,know,loading up pretty fast then it may not,even be a network issue,and you can move on to the third thing,but if you're able to load up everything,if you're able to load up you know web,pages and,videos and snapchats and stuff like that,and still functioning properly then it,may not be,a network issue which is great you're,almost there,if you also know that instagram is not,fully down and you know that it's not a,network issue,then the third and probably final thing,i would recommend doing well there's a,fourth thing too but the third thing i,would recommend doing,is going into your app store and seeing,if instagram needs an update,so what you can do as you can see the,presidential debates tonight which is so,funny,is go into your app library right here,and you will usually see,instagram down here you can scroll,through and most the time you will see,an instagram app,so what you want to do is you want to,click on instagram or search up,instagram or whatever,and you want to click update so as you,can see i haven't updated instagram in a,while so i'll go ahead and click update,and you basically want to go through and,just wait until it's fully installed,and then you want to go to the back to,the app log in and whatever you need to,do,and most of the time at this point,instagram should be fixed and you can,click,you can click open it'll go and open the,app go through do whatever you need to,and like i said most probably the app,should be loaded,and it should be loading up your feed,just in case it isn't the final thing i,would recommend doing is restarting your,device,powering down just fully holding down,power off turn it back on whether you,have an android ios it doesn't matter,and then go back into instagram and see,if it's fully working at this point if,i'm being honest,it is probably working but just in case,it isn't you can always go on instagram,or your safari browser and pretty much,load it from there,so that's really pretty much it those,are a couple ways to go about fixing it,if you guys have any other questions or,anything,let me know in the comment section below,hit the like button on me so much but,definitely hit that subscribe button,every single subscriber that we get,really discount so me so much if you,guys can hit that,also check out the other links down in,the description as well my twitter my,instagram my main channel,more importantly everything else i love,every single one of you guys hopefully,i'll catch you guys,in the next video peace out till then,you

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NEW! How to Fix Instagram Notes Feature Not Showing 2023 (FINAL)

NEW! How to Fix Instagram Notes Feature Not Showing 2023 (FINAL)

hello lovely people welcome back to Alpha media  UG and in this video I'll show you other updated  ,methods on how to fix Instagram notes feature  not showing or how to enable Instagram notes  ,feature in case you don't have it yet now a lot  of videos have been made on this issue and some  ,have worked and others haven't so I'm bringing new  updates that probably haven't been talked about  ,and I hope they work for you and before I proceed  in case you don't understand my accent very well  ,or some words aren't clear you can enable captions  so that you can see subtitles you can do so by  ,turning on CC on your YouTube so the other biggest  issue that I've seen people complain is that the  ,notes feature works on some of their accounts  but the main accounts don't have the feature so  ,I will have this also fixed in this very a video  so I'll be taking you through about five Solutions  ,on how you can resolve this so without wasting  time solution number one so for those who have  ,other accounts having the feature and the main  account doesn't have what you do is you switch  ,your accounts you can try multiple times I tried  this and it worked so you go to the account that  ,doesn't have the feature you switch to other  accounts that have the feature then you keep  ,switching them like that after switching on to the  one that has the feature still you switch to the  ,one that that doesn't have you can try about three  times and after multiple trials at the end you'll  ,realize that you will have the feature enabled  so as you can see automatically this can work  ,so that is for those who have the feature on  other counts but the main account doesn't have  ,so that is the first solution now the other  second solution is for those who switched  ,their accounts to professional accounts  so you have to switch it back to personal  ,so that is to say if you switched your  account to business or Creator you switch  ,it back to personal account so you click on  your profile icon at the bottom right corner  ,and then you click on the three dash menu  at the top right corner and then you select  ,settings so it's under settings that's when  you will be able to select the account option  ,so that you go ahead and switch it to  personal so click settings then select account  ,then you scroll down to the bottom then  switch account type switch to personal account  ,so then you switch it to personal account then  after doing that you close the Instagram app so  ,you first close it from the home screen and then  you open it again afresh so having switched it off  ,you reopen Instagram afresh and then this time the  feature will have been enabled as you can see here  ,that is solution number two then the other  third solution and I hope this also works  ,is for you to turn on activity status so in  case you disabled you make sure that you turn  ,it on so to do so you click on your profile  icon which is at the bottom right corner  ,then you click on the three dash  menu at the top right corner  ,then you select settings so  then under settings you select privacy  ,then you scroll down and then select  activity status so you enable activity status  ,and after doing so you can you can close  the app and then reopen or you can just  ,immediately after turning it on when you  go and check you will find that you'll have  ,this option enabled so that is solution  number three so now solution number four  ,is for you to log out and then login back to your  account so tap on your profile icon at the bottom  ,right corner select the three dash menu at the  top right corner and then you select settings  ,so under settings you scroll  down log out from your username,so then after logging out you  can then log back in afresh,so you log in and then this time  the feature will have been enabled,so as you can see after logging in back afresh  that feature will be there so then the fifth  ,solution and this one I'll put the cards here is  for it to change the location because Instagram  ,notes feature is available in some locations and  other locations don't have so you can check this  ,video up or at the end screen and the other  thing you can do is to leave the beta program  ,so to do so you open your Play Store  app search for Instagram   ,and if it requires an update you can update I  didn't want to talk about this because already  ,many people knew about it but the major  Point here is you tap on the Instagram logo  ,then you scroll down to the option of beta  so you leave the beta program and then you  ,uninstall and reinstall your Instagram app  again afresh so that is another method that has  ,worked for some people so thanks for watching you  can check this other video on how to change your  ,location and also how to turn off Instagram  notes and don't forget to subscribe and also  ,turn on the notification Bell so that I  will keep updating more videos

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How To Fix Missing Instagram Notes

How To Fix Missing Instagram Notes

let's fix Instagram notes if they're,missing now Instagram has a new feature,called notes where you can leave sort of,little messages or status updates in the,messages of Instagram and they're called,notes I'll show you how to get those,working if they're not appearing but,first I'll show you where they are let's,hop into Instagram,and we will just tap on the messages at,the top right,you can see at the very top I have these,little bubbles that indicate notes you,know Rob Swift has one I can add one if,other people had noticed they'd pop up,here but if it's missing or not working,I'm going to show you a couple different,options you have to get those working,the very first thing is we'll hop out of,here and just go to the App Store,so this is a new feature that they're,just rolling out so the easiest way is,just to hit search at the bottom right,and we'll search for Instagram,so tap on Instagram here and right next,to Instagram if it says update just tap,that little update button so that you,can get a new version of Instagram with,the notes that have been rolled out so,that's the easiest way is just to hit,the update sometimes that doesn't work,for everybody though and I'll walk you,through some other steps so once you've,updated that go back and check but let's,open up the Instagram app here and we'll,go back and we'll tap on our profile,icon at the bottom right,and then we'll tap on the three lines at,the top right,we'll tap on settings at the very top,here,and then we will tap on account towards,the bottom,now if we scroll all the way down to the,bottom you can see switch to,professional account I found that,switching to a professional account and,back a lot of times fixes any kind of,bugs or features that you haven't,necessarily received yet in the,Instagram app so we're going to tap,switch to professional,continue continue continue,these don't matter because you're going,to switch right back to a personal,account if you want you can leave it as,a professional account if you wanted to,but we're just going to keep going and,hit continue now I'll hit the little X,at the top right here,I have a professional account now and I,can hit the home button at the bottom,left and then messages you can see of,course I still have those messages now,what this does is you can see the,primary and the general so having a,professional account kind of upgrades,your messaging system within the,Instagram app so you might want to keep,it around or if you want to just do the,same steps you know tap on your profile,at the bottom right the three lines,top right settings,account,and then we'll tap on switch account,type and then back to a personal account,and switch to a personal account,now this will revert you back to a,personal account but by doing so it's,kind of reset a lot of the messages and,should get those notes back up and,running let's go back to the home screen,here and to the messages at the top,right,now that you're in here those notes,should be appearing if they still don't,appear you can always try to delete the,app and then reinstall it but sometimes,this is just a feature that they need to,roll out on all of their servers so you,might need to wait if all of those,didn't work you might just need to wait,a little bit longer until Instagram tags,your phone or your account to roll out,that feature hope this helps thanks for,your time today and I'll see you on the,next one

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Windows 10 Instagram App Is Not Working FIX [Tutorial]

Windows 10 Instagram App Is Not Working FIX [Tutorial]

hello everyone how are you doing,this is mdtech here with another quick,tutorial in today's its rom and show you,guys had a hopefully resolve if the,Windows 10 Instagram app or pretty much,any app in general is not working,properly,so this should hopefully be a pretty,straightforward tutorial and without,further ado let's go ahead and jump,right into it so first thing you want to,do is open up the Start menu just left,going to start by at one time type in,troubleshoot one the best manager should,come back with troubleshoot settings so,you want to let go and troubleshoot,settings and you can go a little further,and actually just type in troubleshoot,settings into the Start menu search it,will narrow down your best match list,and on the right side underneath finally,fix other prompts or all the way down,the bottom where it says when there's,Store apps left click on then,troubleshoot problems they may prevent,Windows Store apps from working properly,so left click on run the troubleshooter,you,and it might give you some suggestions,here so just follow along whatever the,prompts are,and it might ask you to restart your PC,so let's just click on next and see what,the final report shows,okay there you go guys so you can see,that it was able to repair the Service,registration however we do need to sign,it with our Microsoft account so just,fall along would ever suggest you,probably should restart a computer once,this is done if you sign back into,Windows after restarting and you're,still having an issue nothing you try to,open up the Start menu type in WS reset,if that has if heroes on my screen and,investments trickle back with WS reach,that you want to right click on that and,left click online as administrator wants,to give it a moment here but this is,going to basically reset the Windows,Store so again just give it a moment to,run,I should reset the Microsoft Store and,once the store is opening back up again,that means it has run successfully so,just give it some time and there you go,so Microsoft Store is reopened,so we're suggest restoring a computer,nonetheless and hopefully that should,have been able to address your problem,so as always thank you guys for watching,this brief tutorial I do hope I was able,to help you out and I do look forward to,catching you all in the next tutorial,goodbye

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Instagram Not Working on iPhone? How to Fix! (2022)

Instagram Not Working on iPhone? How to Fix! (2022)

is your instagram not working on iphone,such as instagram keeps crashing not,opening getting stuck at times etc etc,especially after the new ios 15 update,this problem can happen due to software,issues server down lack of internet,storage problem outdated apps and so on,in this video we will show you some easy,ways to fix instagram not working on,iphone,for this video we are using an iphone 12,pro max,but these methods will also work for any,iphone running on ios 15 or later,if your instagram app was open for a,long time along with too many apps in,the background,your instagram app or some other apps,could crash and create problems with,instagram you can force close the,instagram app along with all the apps in,the background,give your iphone a forced restart,open the instagram app again,it can fix the issue,if your iphone does not have proper,storage it can cause app crash problem,of instagram,so make sure your iphone has at least,one gigabyte of free storage space for,smooth running,if your instagram app is not opening,going blank or not loading,it can happen due to lack of internet,connection or if the instagram server is,down,so first make sure your iphone is,connected to a strong internet,connection you can turn on the airplane,mode wait a bit then turn it off to,refresh your network,if you have proper internet connection,check if the instagram server is working,all right or not,open a browser,go to google,search for instagram server status,click on the first link,if the graph is fluctuating a lot it,could be causing the problem in that,case you have to wait a bit to fix the,issue,make sure your instagram app is up to,date if it is not it can cause the issue,go to app store,search for instagram,if there is an update updated,this problem can happen due to a lot of,cache and cookies stored in the app so,you can clear the app cache to fix the,problem,open settings,general,tap iphone storage,select instagram,tap offload app again tap offload app,now reinstall the app,and the cache and cookies will be,cleared,also update your iphone as the problem,mostly happens due to software issues,and pending ios update can sometimes,cause various software problems,if you're using any sort of vpn,sometimes it can cause the problem with,instagram app,so make sure to turn it off,if nothing else works you can delete the,instagram app then reinstall it it,should fix the problem,that's it for now if you have any query,about instagram let us know in the,comment below and always stay with our,channel thank you

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instagram not opening iphone | instagram crash problem ios | instgram not opening iphone xr |

instagram not opening iphone | instagram crash problem ios | instgram not opening iphone xr |

guys welcome to your own channel I hope,you are well so guys right now in the,iPhone Instagram application is not,working I mean guys whenever you will,try to open this application it's,showing like crash problem and maybe,guys it will not working in your iPhone,especially guys in the iPhone x XR and,these devices is not working like a,Instagram application is not working,because right now I am also using iPhone,x in this device car so guys my,Instagram application is getting crash,problem and it is not working anymore so,I will show you that how you can fix,this issue if you are facing this type,of issue in your any iPhone basically,guys this problem is uh mostly uh,showing in the iPhone x and XR and above,devices okay so before starting this,video guys I would like to say one thing,that as you all know that on this,channel I am uploading iPhones the,latest videos please guys you have to,make sure you subscribe the channel and,you will get all solutions iPhone,related Solutions on this channel,absolutely guys and you have to press,the Bell icon so that whenever I will,upload any video you will get all,notifications of videos okay now I will,tell you that how you can fix this issue,if you are also facing this type of,issue in your Instagram application and,in the iPhone x XR and the model device,so let's start so first of all guys in,order to fix this issue you have to just,go to the,settings application after that guys you,have to scroll down and at last guys you,will see,Safari you have to guys scroll down and,add nice you will see clear history and,website data and Safari browser yes guys,you have to do this actually guys,sometime guys our cookies and sometime,guys our,and sometime guys if you will if you,have not login your Instagram ID on the,uh Safari browser then guys it will not,working so guys you can do this just,First Step this one and still guys if,your problem is not fixed and if you,have to uh already updated your,Instagram application in the app store,then guys you have to do last step,whatever I will now tell you actually,guys you can also connect a DNS,application to your iPhone so that guys,your application will be start working,your iPhones now I will tell you which,DNS you have to connect your iPhone and,it is officially guys available on the,Apple Store you can directly download,that DNS and you have to just guys once,time connect that DNS to your iPhone,after guys you will see your Instagram,application will be start successfully,running yes guys now I will tell you,from where you have to download that,guys in order to fix this issue in your,iPhone simply you have to open the,Safari browser and also you can open the,Chrome browser in your iPhone in the,search bar simply you have to type, yes guys and on this website,I have given the link of that DNS and,you have to type Okay after,guys you will see this is the search bar,of Google Now in this guy search bar you,have to type yes guys this,is a website easy tips remember guys the,spelling of tips easy tips t double IPS,I have already mentioned the spelling of,easy tips website on the screen and then,guys you have to search okay and after,guys you will see on the top you have to,tap on here and on this,website I have given that that Dennis,link you have to open that DNS from,there from his its websites okay and you,have to scroll down and at last guys you,will see the search bar of this website,simply tap on here and you have to type,solve yes guys you have to type only,solve and now click on the search bar,don't you guys it's official guys very,safe okay tap on here search bar and you,will see top solve problem and solve,problem in games apps 2020 2023 so,simply you have to tap on here,after guys I will tap on here,and remember guys the spelling of easy,tips t double okay don't type,wrong match spelling okay and now you,have to scroll down and you will see,guys,at last,it will be show like please wait you,have to wait five seconds then guys,click on click here,and after guys scroll down and you will,see guys at last you will get that link,of that DNS and you have to guys click,on here please wait and after completing,these seconds you have to click on this,button and after guys your application,will be download from your Apple Store,and when you will it when it will,successfully installed from Apple Store,you have to open that application and,you have to connect to any server then,guys you have to open the Instagram,application it will be successfully,fixed in your any iPhone so this is the,guys process right now working I have,also applied and you can fix this issue,problem and remember guys the spelling,of easy tips t double so go go,and fix this issue thanks for watching,guys

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Fix Instagram Not Loading Pictures! (Couldn't Refresh Feed Error) (2020)

Fix Instagram Not Loading Pictures! (Couldn't Refresh Feed Error) (2020)

welcome back everyone you might be in a,situation where your Instagram keeps,saying you know can't refresh feed or,you're getting this little circular,circle whatever this is now most the,time this happens for two reasons one,you're having network issues or,Instagram is probably down and right now,that since we're all inside and you know,this whole situation is happening,Instagram has been publicly noticeably,down twice which is pretty insane,usually it's only nine down like once,every couple months but since we've been,in quarantine it's been happening like,twice which is pretty crazy and it's a,super easy fix so the first thing you,want to do is make sure you're connected,to a network and make sure your network,is working so whether you can see I am,connected to Wi-Fi but sometimes your,Wi-Fi may have issues so what you want,to do is you want to go into settings if,you're on iOS or if you're on Android go,into your settings to you want to go,into your Wi-Fi and you want to,successfully make sure you're able to,access the Internet so once you're,connected you want to go into Safari and,you just want a load of any website it,can be Apple it can be whatever and as,long as you can connect to a website,then you're set if you can not connect,to a website that doesn't mean you're,having Network issues what I would,recommend you to do is go into your,phone turn on airplane mode and turn it,back off and see if that does fix,anything if that doesn't fix anything,turn off your Wi-Fi and connect a,cellular or connect to a Wi-Fi if you're,on your cellular and see what happens,there if you're able to connect and,everything then you're good if not then,there probably means that there's a,problem with your phone itself and you,probably should get it fixed try,resetting your phone try turning it off,turn it back on and powering off Olien,going from there if that doesn't fix it,what you want to do is you want to go,into your app store and you want to see,if Instagram has an update so you want,to click your little circle thing up,there you want to scroll down and see if,Instagram has an update because that,could mean that Instagram you know maybe,you're on an updated version of,Instagram maybe there were some bugs,with it and as you can see I do not have,an update for Instagram so I guess,that's not necessarily going to be the,issue and the last thing to do is make,sure you Instagram just isn't,temporarily down for some reason and you,can do this if you go on Twitter and see,if Instagram is trending or whatever or,you can always go into search of,Instagram on here so far and see if,Instagram is down this way and most of,the time that should fix the issue so if,you go into your Instagram which I have,right here I don't think I am logged in,most of the time you should be able to,log in and everything and you should be,set so if that fix-it good for you,make sure you guys follow me there's my,answer,I can't there do not follow this account,followed this one right here this is my,main one if you guys run into any issues,or anything like that let me know in the,comment section below someone will help,you if I don't help you someone else,well but that's pretty much it if you,guys have any other questions or,anything leave it down in the comment,section below the like button on me so,much but definitely at the subscribe,button every single subscriber that we,get really discount so means so much we,ask it that also check out the other,links down in the description as well my,Twitter my Instagram my second channel,all those things going down below I'd,really appreciate if you guys could,check it out more important than,everything else I love every single one,of you guys hopefully I catch you guys,in the next video peace out alone

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FIX INSTAGRAM TRANSLATION NOT WORKING 2023 | How To Fix Translation Not Working On Instagram

FIX INSTAGRAM TRANSLATION NOT WORKING 2023 | How To Fix Translation Not Working On Instagram

hello everyone today i will show you how,to fix instagram translation not working,problem,before moving on to the video you can,support me by liking the video and,deliver this video to people who are,looking for this video like you let's,start our first solution is to clear,instagram's cache files to do this we go,to settings then click on apps then on,manage apps,we write instagram in the search bar,after doing this we enter storage then,we press clear data and we press clear,cache press ok to confirm this was our,first solution,now you can open instagram and check if,the problem is solved or not,if the problem is not solved we will,move on to our second solution,our second solution is to completely,delete instagram and reinstall it for,this we go to settings from here we will,enter manage apps again,we write instagram in the search bar,after doing this we enter storage we,press clear data and we press clear all,data press ok to confirm now we will,delete instagram,we deleted instagram we enter the play,store and download it again,we downloaded instagram now you can open,instagram and check if the problem is,solved or not,if the problem is not solved we will,move on to our third solution,our third solution is to change the,language settings of our device in,instagram,to do this we go to settings,then we enter additional settings,press languages and input,then click on languages,now what we have to do here is to choose,the language,we will choose this language as follows,for example if i want to translate an,english text into german the language i,have to choose here is german,here you have to choose the language you,want,i chose german as an example,we changed the language of our device,now we will change the language of,instagram,in fact after we change the language of,our device the language of our instagram,automatically changes,if it hasn't i'll show you how you can,change language from within instagram,after entering instagram we click on the,three horizontal lines in the upper,right,then we click on settings,then we enter the account,we enter language,from here we can change the language of,instagram this was our third solution,now you can check if the problem is,solved or not if the problem is not,solved we will move on to our fourth,solution,our fourth solution is to download the,old version of instagram to do this we,first delete the instagram on our device,i put the instagram old version link in,the description section you can go,directly to the download page from there,if you haven't downloaded apk before you,need to give install unknown apps,permission to your browser,if you don't give this permission you,may have problems here,we click on download,our file has been downloaded now we can,start the installation,the installation process is finished now,you can open instagram and check if the,problem is solved or not we have come to,the end of the video,i hope these solutions fixed your,problem if the video helped you don't,forget to like the video,you can also subscribe to my channel to,support me take care and see you in the,next video

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