why does instagram say we limit how often

We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagramhey guys it's lucas and in this video,i'll

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Updated on Feb 06,2023

We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram

hey guys it's lucas and in this video,i'll be discussing instagram's error,message that says we limit how often you,can do certain things on instagram,i will explain why this error may occur,what you can do to prevent this error,from happening and some steps to take if,you do encounter this error,here are some reasons why this error may,occur,instagram wants to prevent spam,if you are doing things in masks like,commenting liking posts following or,following people at bulk then instagram,might catch you pretending your account,as a bot,and in order to prevent that they limit,the uses per user,and the second thing is your account has,a low trust score,the algorithm of instagram is designed,in such a way that performing any action,heavily leads to an action block of the,account,action block reduces your engagement on,the app which is considered spam,here things to keep in mind to prevent,this error from occurring,instagram has several action limitations,per day these include,a follow limit of 150 to 200 per day,following and unfollowing are considered,the same,there is also a like limit of 1 000,posts per day but some accounts might be,banned after 800 likes,and there is a comment limit of 180 to,200 per day,for a complete guide to instagram,limitations and rules please check the,link in the description,now if you are experiencing this error,there are limited things that you can do,and they are not always guaranteed to,work fast or without trial and error on,your part,these include,logging off waiting a few hours and,logging back in,sometimes though for most people waiting,24 to 48 hours will be suffice,there have been cases of people having,to wait an entire week before instagram,remove that error from their account,now to log out from your account you,just go to your profile,hit the hamburger option,hit settings,and then scroll down hit log out,and if you want to remember your,information which i probably recommend i,would go ahead and click that,and you will be logged off,if the problem is not so much you're,doing but a glitch in the system on,instagram's part here's what you can do,sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling,can work as well,to do this,you go to your settings,hit apps,in this page you can go ahead and hit,see all apps,and then just scroll down to find,instagram,when you're in here you can just go,ahead and hit uninstall,and then hit,ok reinstall just go back to the play,store,type in instagram,and hit install,you can also clear the cache as well as,the data of the app to do this you,simply go to settings,go to apps,see all apps and then scroll down until,you find instagram,and then go to storage and cache,hit clear cache,and clear storage,and then hit ok,you can also contact instagram support,their support system is not the most,consistent in response time however so,keep that in mind,to do this,you simply go to your profile,hit the hamburger option,hit,settings,tap help,and then hit report a problem,and this is where you can briefly,explain what happened and what's not,working and instagram will get back to,you as soon as possible,i hope this video was helpful if you,guys have any questions or concerns let,us know in the comments below,and as always don't forget to like and,subscribe

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We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram (2022)

We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things On Instagram (2022)

hi everyone welcome back to our Channel,I'm Bingo from Health Tech in this guide,video I'm about to Simply show you what,you can do if Instagram says we limit,how often you can do things on Instagram,but before we get started with this,video if you are new to our Channel make,sure to leave a like and hit that,subscribe button and without any further,Ado let us get started with today's,video,so what can you do if Instagram says,will it matter how often you can do,certain things on Instagram so in this,card video we're about to Simply discuss,why you have been facing such errors,first of all make sure to Simply update,the Instagram app to the latest version,if you haven't updated already you could,head over to your app store in the,search box type in Instagram and if you,see an update button there go ahead and,actually simply update the app to the,latest version once you've actually,updated it I'm going to open Instagram,and let's say that whenever you try to,like or follow or comment on somebody's,post something else,Instagram automatically gives you the,message which says will limit how often,you can do certain things on Instagram,so first of all before trying to fix it,you have to understand why this happens,in the first place the first reason,Instagram does this is because they,notice likely a spammy or a bots-like,behavior from your Instagram account,maybe you followed too much maybe you,liked too many posts maybe you commented,on too many profile and maybe you also,actually unfollowed many people you,simply typed in spam comments you're,posting too much videos or photos you're,posting too many stories and there are,actually limitations to how these things,can work on Instagram for example you,can only actually like up to 800 to 1000,posts a day and if Instagram notices,some kind of spammy behavior then it is,most likely that they will actually,limit certain things on Instagram for,you and in order to actually help fix,this issue Instagram usually makes you,wait between 24 hours to two to three,days and sometimes a week so you have to,make sure to Simply follow that,procedure because that is the best thing,you can do and that is very it's a very,limited thing that you can do to,yourself to help you get your account,fully unlocked and still after all of,those problems and let's say you haven't,done anything like that what you can do,is actually simply report a problem in,order to report a problem what you have,to do is from the bottom right tap on,the profile button which you see once,you tap on the profile icon on the top,right hand side you have to Simply tap,on the three lines icon as you tap on,the tree lines icon right here at the,bottom you'll find another option which,says settings so go ahead and simply tap,on the settings option as you tap on,settings here you'll find an option,which says help halfway down the bottom,of the screen so tap on the help option,and then simply tap on report a problem,at the top of the screen and then tap on,reported problem again and then go ahead,and take a screenshot of the error ask,Instagram that you haven't actually,carried all of these steps and still,you've been facing the error and then,simply tap on the submit button on the,top right hand side of the screen and,hopefully with this would have fixed,issue Instagram is usually going to get,back to you but that is the best thing,you can do because most likely it is not,your devices or the applications for 8,through the Instagram app itself to from,there it is from Instagram community and,from their site itself so you don't have,to worry about that,and we hope this video gave you some,insights and knowledge about the,limitations of Instagram and what you,can do if Instagram says how often you,can do things on Instagram we hope this,video was also really helpful and if it,did help you make sure to leave a like,And subscribe to the channel if you have,any more questions queries or doubts,simply make sure to also leave them down,in the comment section thank you very,much for watching and see you soon in,our next video

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Try Again Later Instagram Fix

Try Again Later Instagram Fix

hey guys ricotta here welcome to another,blog tech tips and of course in today's,tutorial guys i'll be showing you to fix,the error on instagram where you're,seeing this particular message,or a similar message and as you can see,here it will say try again later,and it may read something like this with,slight variations we restrict certain,activity to protect our community,based on your use this action will be,unavailable for you until and gives you,a particular date the date doesn't,really matter it will,adjust according to the time in which,you get the error tell us if you think,we made a mistake and it,has the option to tell us okay all right,and of course,it's just a general error um here's,another variation of it where it says,basically the same thing except that the,time has been removed,now of course there are two variations,to this error it might give you a time,or it might not give you a time and this,is by design,as of course what's happening here is,that whenever you get this error,with instagram it's basically caused,by you whenever you get this error it's,basically caused by,you and of course if you have taken,certain actions,it will translate into the error these,actions,vary from one if you use any form of,automation or,third-party software on your account to,automate,either to grow your following or inflate,your following,or even just to manage everyday tasks,such as posting,this might be seen as bad light behavior,two,if you do stuff like post the same,comment repeatedly,three if you do other stuff such as um,going ahead and going around and liking,too much of a particular,type of picture or song but basically,the,reason why you have been flogged by the,anti-spam system of instagram is because,it thinks you are a,bot all right now of course the system,is,put in place to make sure that the um,the instagram system is used fairly so,it's to make sure that nobody abuses the,system,and of course the day you sign up for,instagram you did agree to their terms,of service,and they are only new accountable all,right so while they do,want you to use instagram they also want,to make sure that you're using it in a,way that's fair to everybody else,thus the system thinks you are some form,of um but,uh you have doing something unfair and,as a result they have temporarily banned,their account,now um a ban can last anywhere from one,day,all the way to like a week or even,longer in some,rare cases now of course they not want,to figure out a system so they vary the,error,if you have seen a date it's best to,wait until the end of that period,before um trying to proceed now this,error is also known as action blocked,um it usually appears whenever you're,trying to do a particular um,action such as like comment um,anything at all interacting with your,instagram um,profile now um the thing is guys,i'm gonna show you to get rid of this,party,all right so i'm on my profile here so,as i was saying guys um if you're,getting that particular error,on your um instagram and you want to,know what to do,let's start with the basics so i've just,explained what you can do,sorry i've just explained why we get the,error i've also explained,under certain conditions um as to,how you have ended up in this situation,so let's move on to actions you can,actually,take first of all to fix the issue if,you're using any third-party software,that may be whether you download it,online or you download it from the play,store or wherever you get it from,please stop using that software acid,software um,i would suggest that you close out the,actions within that software,so the third party software that you're,using to gain followers or whatever,and you're gonna close it down or stop,its action you're gonna close it down,totally and stop using said software,uh if you can de-associated your account,even better so it doesn't have control,of your account,likewise on instagram you can go ahead,and change your password,in that way the software will not have,action or if you can revoke its access,go ahead and do that on your instagram,in terms of changing your password a,quick way to do that would be to go into,your settings um i think it should be,under security,and then notice you have um password,here,and there you can re-enter your password,and change that up,doing that should block most um software,all right so once you have done that,make sure that you close all the,software so the software doesn't have,control of your account,um next if you have a real live facebook,account,um it would be a good idea to link both,remember that instagram owns both,um facebook and instagram it will help,to prove that you're not really a bot in,that you,are a real life person that you have a,active facebook account,that most likely has a good reputation,so it will free up your accounts let's,go ahead guys,go into um settings go into um,account and from within account uh also,this works on both android as well as um,iphone so go into linked accounts and,then once you

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How to Fix We Limit How Often Instagram Problem | Try Again later Instagram Problem Solved 2022

How to Fix We Limit How Often Instagram Problem | Try Again later Instagram Problem Solved 2022

what I really liked about glowfox was,that it was streamlined and super simple,and easy to use super intuitive you know,to understand and operate so I really,loved it for that for those reasons I,asked about an app I thought it'd be,very important for us to have our own,branded app,um that was that lived on its own right,that wasn't like connected to a network,of a bunch of other competitors that now,we're also marketing other Studios we,wanted the experience for clients to be,easy and you know friction free for the,most part

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Fix Facebook Error We Limit How Often You Can Post or Comment Problem Solved

Fix Facebook Error We Limit How Often You Can Post or Comment Problem Solved

how to fix facebook we limit how often,you can post comment problem,hello friends welcome back to autofix,youtube channel so guys today in this,video i'm going to show you,how you can fix facebook,error okay as you can see on my screen,it's saying you can't use this feature,right now we limit how often you can,pause comment or do our,things in a given amount of time to help,protect the community from,spam you can try again later okay so,the first thing here we have to know,about is we have to know about the,error okay why we are facing this error,and the solutions okay solutions uh i'll,tell you later on but first,we'll cover up the reason okay why,we are facing this problem okay what we,have done on facebook,and why facebook is giving us this error,so to know everything and to solve this,problem,you must watch this video okay and guys,before proceeding further make sure to,subscribe our youtube channel,and press the bell icon to get all the,latest update,so let's begin the tutorial,so guys what you have to know,here is okay the main points so it,simply,uh occurred because of spamming,okay just for example okay just take it,an example,if you are posting uh too much okay,if you are posting too much on facebook,then,you will face this problem or if you are,commenting uh,if you are commenting too much on,facebook okay then you might,face this problem so whenever we close,the limit,okay whenever we cross the limit of,facebook guidelines,facebook is going to give you some bend,okay,just for example you have uh done so,many comments in facebook or you have,bought,post so many things okay which is,inappropriate,and guys facebook will think that you,are trying to,do spam on facebook okay so it's,simply mentioning here you can see spam,work okay the facebook,team uh give this error okay just to,protect,your account from spamming sometimes,uh whenever our account gets,or whenever our friends gets our,facebook account,okay anyhow then sometimes,it happens okay like that so if,they keep on posting they keep on doing,things,on your facebook account okay without,your permissions,so just take it an example if someone,has,access your account okay without your,permission,and if that person is uh just,doing okay many things on facebook,posting,commenting okay or,messaging so facebook will think that,uh you are trying to spam or devoting,that,your facebook account has been hacked,okay and they will,give you this error and after getting,this error,you cannot post you cannot comment,okay you can post or you can comment but,in limit,okay but in limit you can't uh,so guys to fix this problem you have to,report it to the facebook team,okay so you have to uh report it to the,facebook team so,how we have to report is go to your,account okay log in your account,click on the tree lines and then guys,you will have,the option to report it so i'll just,show you the report option and you can,simply report it from there,so now go to uh your option this option,three lines okay go to tree lines,and then you have to scroll down and,after that you will see uh this option,help and support so you have to go to,heaven support and after that tap on,record a problem,and after that guys click on continue,to report a problem okay so here you,have the option,to report,so uh just wait and now you have to,select,post option or comment option so just,search it,okay so guys i didn't see any options,okay here so what you have to do is,go to photos okay,go to photos or you can go to news feed,okay uh here we have new feed,okay so now you have to describe your,problem okay what problem you're facing,so you just tell everything to facebook,team okay whatever happened,with you or whether the account is with,you or whether,your account has been accessed by,someone or whether your account has been,hacked,okay so just describe your problem here,and send it to facebook team and tell,them to solve,your problem okay and even you have to,tell them that,to review your account and solve your,problem as soon as possible,so you just have to report it to the,facebook team okay and make sure to use,the updated version of facebook and even,you can,try in chrome browser go to chrome,browser,and enable desktop version and use the,facebook index of,version and you can simply check it from,there okay,so this is how you have to solve the,issue so guys i hope this,video will definitely helps you to fix,in the problem if you get any kind of,problem you can simply,comment us thanks for watching

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46 iPhone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now [2023]

46 iPhone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now [2023]

2023 another year another crop of,settings we need to turn off and of,course we'll talk about some of the,classics that keep driving us crazy,let's dive in and start at the very top,open settings and tap on your name at,the top of the screen then tap name,phone numbers email,we're going to turn off the switches,next to announcements apps music TV and,more and the Apple news newsletter all,this has another name spam and there's,another setting buried in here tap back,number left hand corner of the screen,then tap media and purchases tap view,account sign in with your face ID,then turn off the switch next to,personalized recommendations and while,we're here let's tap on subscriptions at,the bottom of the screen,here's a list of the subscriptions on,your iPhone if there are subscriptions,you no longer need tap on them then tap,cancel subscription and when you do,don't worry you won't lose all the time,you've paid for already it just won't,Auto renew next time around let's tap,back to the main Apple ID page then tap,iCloud and tap on iCloud private relay,iCloud private relay is an iCloud plus,only feature that keeps your internet,browsing private but we found out that,it also has a way of breaking websites,eventually Apple added a disclaimer,which says without access to your IP,address some websites may require extra,steps to sign in or access content,rather than waiting for something to,break let's just turn that switch off,next let's tackle some of the most,annoying settings notifications let's,head back to the main page of settings,scroll down tap notifications and then,scroll down to see a list of your apps,and turn off notifications for apps that,no longer need them some apps can be,really annoying with the amount of,notifications that they send you and if,there's sending you notifications all,day long it's also going to drain your,battery so for example I actually,recently canceled my Tune In Radio,subscription but they're still sending,notifications every single day I don't,want those I'm just going to tap that,switch to the top of the screen I'm not,going to allow them to send me,notifications next up is setting we've,never talked about before don't show,previews we all know what it looks like,when your iPhone's on the table and a,notification pops up from someone you,know do you want the content of that,notification like the message from your,mom to show up for the whole world to,see would you rather just know that you,got a notification from your mom,I don't want the whole world to see,those messages let's tap back,notifications scroll to the top of the,screen or just tap anywhere at the top,to go right to the top of the page tap,on show previews and then choose when,unlocked or never I like when unlocked,because when I'm using my phone I want,to see what other people are saying to,me and usually people aren't also spying,on me let's tap when unlocked next up a,notification setting that was introduced,with iOS 16 tap back notifications upper,left hand corner of the screen tap on,screen sharing and turn off the switch,next to allow notifications why should,we care about this David when you're,sharing your screen you're probably,sharing it with other people and you,probably don't want them to see some of,your more personal messages that's a,good point and our next setting is the,car version of this one tap back to,notifications tap on announce,notifications tap on carplay and then,turn off the switch next to announce,messages our next settings can use up,all your cellular data if you leave them,on and even if you have an unlimited,data plan they're going to drain your,battery so stick around let's head back,to the main page of settings tap on,cellular and then scroll all the way,down,to iCloud drive and iCloud backup turn,both of those switches off but I like,iCloud drive and iCloud backup well you,can still use Wi-Fi next let's head back,to the top of the screen I'll just tap,the top of my screen and then we're,going to tap on cellular data options,tap on voice and data and select either,5G Auto or LTE stay away from 5G on,that's the dangerous one it's going to,burn through your battery life if you,don't have a good 5G connection around,your home like I don't have just choose,LTE because the LTE network is more,built out it's fast enough and you'll,save battery life I don't have any 5G,where I live so I'm going to select LTE,what's also interesting is that the more,people get off LTE and go to 5G the,faster LTE is going to become again,Levon 5G on on your iPhone so we can get,faster LTS there you go conspiracy next,let's head back upper left hand corner,of the screen and tap on data mode and,select either standard or low data mode,low data mode only if you are out of,cellular data for that month when a lot,more data on 5G is selected your iPhone,may actually prefer 5G over Wi-Fi that's,nuts you don't want that I'm going to,select standard we've talked about it,before but it is one of the biggest,batter

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How to solve 'we limit how often you can post..' Facebook error

How to solve 'we limit how often you can post..' Facebook error

how's it going everyone welcome back to,another video with just kidding,tv uh today i'm gonna show you how you,can solve the issue uh if you are unable,to send any message to your facebook,so you will find that some,kind of message we limit how often you,can pause comments and,do other things in a given amount of,time in order to help you and,blah blah blah so thinks it's very easy,so it's it's annoying sometimes,you will be unable to to use anything,to use like your facebook marketplace or,any,single thing like that so first of all,you have just to capture,the error,like save it in the newer computers,then you can go to the top menu of,facebook,click reports applaud,and now you can write down your problem,that you have something,wrong like you are unable to send any,message,scroll down message your chat write down,your problem that you are unable to send,any message,related to the facebook marketplace and,don't forget,to use your i mean,uploading this screenshot,sorry guys i have some problem to use,because my keyboards don't,it doesn't work so i'm sorry for that,so now you can you know just use the,screenshot,so send it to the concern team of course,after a several hour,it team of facebook they will work,to help you and then i'm sure they will,have some some assistance to assist you,and the box of course will be sold,so,you

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$5000 Normal Engine vs $10 Million Formula 1 Engine

$5000 Normal Engine vs $10 Million Formula 1 Engine

Formula One engines are just incredible,let me explain this is a 1.6 liter,turbocharged engine from a Ford Fiesta,ST and it produces a maximum of 197,horsepower and this is a 1.6 liter,turbocharged engine from a Formula One,car and it produces over 1 000,horsepower but what makes them so,different well to start the F1 engine,costs 2 000 times more at around 10,million dollars so why exactly do they,cost so much before we get into the,crazy numbers of F1 let's get an idea of,what a normal engine is capable of we're,going to look at the four-cylinder 1.6,liter ecoboost engine from Ford which,you find in their Fiesta ST I've been,lucky enough to drive one of these,little cars on track before and they are,incredible fun ST means Sports,Technologies so not technically your,average engine but anyway yes it's the,same capacity and uses the same,fundamental process to produce power but,that's where the similarities end for,these engines this Ford engine is cheap,to produce at around only six thousand,dollars and is made to run for 200 000,miles without having to go under the,Bonnet too often it's fuel efficient,easy to service and should be ready to,start at the moment's notice but it's no,race car so what sort of power does this,absolute monster in the standard Ford,Fiesta ST have well it produces,197 horsepower revs to a maximum of 6000,RPM and weighs about 100 kilos and,that's pretty good for a little road car,engine now let's see what the F1 engine,can do as you can expect this is where,the numbers really take off like I,mentioned before an F1 engine produces,around a thousand horsepower it also,revs to a maximum of 15 000 RPM and,that's only because it's capped at that,level the engines of the 2000s would get,up to about 19 000 RPM and sound like,this,I do really miss that sound but anyway,back to the current crop of engines they,do weigh a little bit more than your,standard Road engine at 145 kilos but,that includes the electric motor the mg,UK and all the hybrid components these,numbers are obviously very impressive,but they aren't 2 000 times better than,what you would find in the Ford Fiesta,so why do they cost 2 000 times more,well before we get into the technical,details how did we arrive at that 10,million dollar number well it's reported,that to buy a three engine Supply from,the manufacturer like all the teams need,to apart from Red Bull Ferrari and,Mercedes it will cost them 16 million,dollars a year now I hear you saying,Scott you said they cost 10 million,dollars and that's 16 million dollars,for three and that really doesn't make,sense but it's because they're being,bought and not made it's believed that,the manufacturers spend more than 10,times that every year to research,develop review and produce the hundred,or so engines needed by all the teams,for every single season this is compared,to the hundreds of thousands of engines,that are produced for road cars every,single year and a fraction of the price,but what really makes these engines so,expensive to produce well first let's,look at the weight F1 engines are some,of the lightest out there despite the,massive demands put on them and you,would think that these lightweight,materials would be expensive but you,might be surprised F1 engines actually,use quite simple materials for the most,part the steel F1 engines used for the,crankshaft was also used in the Spitfire,engines during World War II so not,exactly modern and all but high tech,however that's because the dreaded FAA,banned loads of these cool materials,that they used to use but that's for,another video but it's the pressure that,these materials are constantly under,that makes them special demand that,these engines have to cope with are,enormous while a road car will rarely,rev above 4000 RPM Formula One engine,will tick over at 4000 RPM imagine,holding your car at 4 000 revs whilst,sat on your driveway it's not going to,go too well for you but for an F1 car,this is their idle State mention the,horsepower and the RPM that these,engines work at but it's in the smaller,details where the real big numbers come,when running an F1 engine converts 200,times for every blink of an eye which,works out to be just over 58 million,ignitions over its seven race lifespan,just one combustion error out of those,58 million could cause a terminal engine,failure and the mind-blowing stats don't,stop there at the time of combustion the,instantaneous gas temperature can reach,2 600 degrees Celsius which is half as,hot as the surface of the Sun and that,the same exact time the gas pressure,force is acting on the engine's six,Pistons is equivalent to the weight of,four elephants these extreme pressures,and the fact that they have to last for,seven races mean that these engines have,to be super reliable reliability doesn't,just mean not breaking it also means not,losing too much performance these,current engines will only lose about 10,horsepower throughout their lifespan and,that's thousands of kilometers at 10

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