why do some instagram posts not show likes

How to Hide Likes on Instagramso the massive massive update from,instagram that they've been testing


Updated on Feb 08,2023

How to Hide Likes on Instagram

so the massive massive update from,instagram that they've been testing,since 2019 is finally here,the option to hide view and light counts,and i mean the option because,they're not just making this across all,profiles,mandatory they're giving you the option,to turn off likes and views,on your own post or on your entire,account,so i'm going to make this quick video to,show you exactly how to activate it,because based on a lot of user feedback,they did not,make this the default on instagram,they're giving you the choice,which i think is really really huge and,really really great,that they chose to do it this way and i,got this update exactly,five minutes ago so if you don't have it,yet update your instagram and then,you'll have to wait these take a few,days to get to everyone,let me show you how to do it on a post,click on a post,and here if you press the three dots on,a post right here,you could then hide like and view counts,on that specific post but you can do,this account wide,also so let me go ahead and hide this on,this post,and look what happened it just basically,got rid of the like and view counts,but i could still click here to see that,so i could still see that on top,but it will be hidden it will just kind,of look like this when someone views,this post,let me show you how to do this account,wide let me go back here,and let's go to settings press the three,lines right here and then go to the,settings tab,and here let's go ahead and go to,privacy,and under privacy if you go to posts,you will see a new option as long as you,have the update it says hide like,and view counts let's go ahead and turn,this on,let me just show you what it means you,won't see the total number of likes and,views on post from other accounts,you can hide like counts on your own,post when you create them,by going to the advanced settings and,turning on hide like and view count so,i'll show you this in a second,but now let me go back to the home page,and as you scroll down there is no like,count here it's gonna show you just,couple people,but i can click and see the view and,light count this way,okay so it is hidden on the home page,but it's not completely hidden meaning i,could still access it if i really wanted,to,but if i scroll down i won't see that,number over here now,and let me go ahead and press the plus,sign to create a post,and i'll just choose the post option,here on this page,and let's say i want to just post this,image here let me press next,and next and here on this page if i go,to the advanced setting,down here advanced setting click that,you could see right here when you make a,post,you could actually turn this on so it,will hide,like and view count on this post so you,have to do this when you actually post,to make sure this is activated so a big,big update,but they chose to make this an option,rather than,forcing you and making this the default,on instagram so i think that would be,useful,but let me know in the comment section,what you think of it and i'm also,running a discount on my course for,growing on instagram and monetizing your,instagram profile so i'll put that in,the link below too if you haven't check,that out,there's a free 35 minute training as,well included in that link so i hope you,found that useful,and please give this video a thumbs up,and share it with other people that you,know that use instagram,and i'll see you next time

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Why is Instagram hiding your likes?

Why is Instagram hiding your likes?

if you use Instagram you may have,noticed a change this week the social,media platform is conducting a test here,in Canada hiding the number of likes on,photos and videos so only the owner or,the poster of the account will be able,to see how many likes a post has,received now Instagram CEO Adam Masari,explained the reasoning behind the,change saying we don't want Instagram to,feel like a competition we want to make,it a less pressurized environment ok so,is this Canadian experiment good or bad,for users of Instagram joining us to,answer that question are three Instagram,users and social media experts from,Toronto is BuzzFeed social media editor,alameen abdel mahmoud hello to you right,and from Los Angeles is Ramona Pringle,hello Ramona hi and she's the director,of the transmedia Zone at Ryerson,University and joining us from Vancouver,technology expert Graham Williams thank,you to all three of you for being here,with us thanks alright okay so el-amin,I'm going to start with you I want to,start also first with us all listening,to a clip from the Instagram CEO earlier,this week let's quickly take a listen,and then I want you to weigh in,I want people to worry a little bit less,about how many likes they're getting on,Instagram it's been a bit more time,connecting with the people that they,care about okay I mean are they really,going to spend more time connecting with,the people they care about no I think I,think that ship has kind of sailed a,little bit you know mr. Koh has been,around since 2011 it is the most popular,platform of social media that there is,out there and it's in large part due to,this sort of comparing yourself in your,life to other people's lives it's kind,of a part of the Instagram culture at,this point and so I'm afraid that,introducing this this sort of experiment,where you're not going to see the likes,on other people's photos it's not gonna,make you compare yourself to other,people's lives a little bit less I don't,think so anyway I think all that will,happen is we'll find different ways of,finding validation for the feeling that,you're just like not enough because that,is what Instagram is ultimately built to,do so Ramona I wanted to ask you too,in terms of not being able to see that,other people have liked the photo but as,the user you can see how many,you have so they're not removing the,likes from you just from the other,people who see it so will that not still,have an impact on how you yourself feel,if it is in fact the case that you seek,validation by how many likes you have,you know I absolutely anecdotally you,hear stories about people who especially,young people who rush and see how many,likes there are on something that if,there aren't enough likes they might,even take it down it is this very,immediate form of gratification or lack,of response when that happens to be the,case so the fact that you're still,seeing how you sort of measure up,because it's you know because we have,this reality that we're comparing it to,where you used to know how many likes,things would have gotten before it feels,like it's very much just a superficial,it's the gloss it's the outside of what,people can see but as a user you'll,still see you'll still get that kind of,gratification of who's liking your post,it's maybe a little bit deep harder to,dig into you have to go through a few,more layers and the other interesting,thing or piece of this that I think is,worth noting is that the algorithms are,still counting those clicks and likes,and views as well right so the analytics,will still be available for those people,who of course have made a livelihood off,of their posts and how popular their,posts are now grandma I wanted to ask,you because is it something that maybe,the social media platform had to do or,felt compelled to do because for example,there was a recent report from UK's,Royal Society for public health that was,talking about youth mental health there,are some positives they say when it,comes to feeling more connected but also,linking it to things like anxiety,depression loneliness and poor sleep,quality but Ella means point is it too,late now to put the genie back in the,bottle to sort of address these issues,Graham I don't think it is too late to,address these issues at this point but I,do think what's happening is that,Facebook by way of Instagram is,essentially conducting a psychological,experimentation on its users this is,really all about the dopamine response,that people have when they're using,Instagram you you get that like you get,that interaction you start to feel that,connection with the content that you,created now by removing the outward,appearance of those numbers they made it,a little bit more palatable to people to,again just have that content stay there,and you want to see as many people,taking things down,think it will remove some of the,competitiveness there but I do think,that this is actually a means to an end,they are refining their process here,what they have noted is

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Why are we all so desperate for instagram likes? | Addicted to... Likes - BBC

Why are we all so desperate for instagram likes? | Addicted to... Likes - BBC

my name is Diana I'm a journalist author,and TV presenter like the rest of us I'm,part of the online generation and I've,seen a massive change in my lifetime one,moment social media wasn't even a thing,and then all of a sudden it's become,everything we live in an age where tech,companies employ psychologists to make,these apps even more addictive,Rebecca Meacham knows a lot about this,her job is running the social media,channels for Glasgow Caledonian,University how do you use social media,for your personal use I mostly use it,for just posting fools,update my friends and family on what I'm,doing say you do poster for a selfie of,yourself or doesn't even have to be a,self even a photo that someone else took,yeah and you don't get a lot of,interaction likes and comments does that,bug you like honestly come honestly I,think it bugs all over yeah I think deep,down everyone if they don't get a lot of,likes on your fall you think why,if someone's purple one one of my best,friends and they've asked me have you,not like before I'll say why do you need,me to like and your friend I'm telling,you right now you're a good that's a,nice for but I just I did not feel the,urge to DoubleTap like is that a problem,now just like the rest of us I have to,admit I do get a certain kick when I,post something on social media and it,gets a good number of likes however to,be quite honest I'm not so sure how,healthy it is to be transfixed by these,numbers,Kumba daughter runs two very successful,online businesses but she's got strict,rules in place to make sure her online,world doesn't take over her real life,world social media it's like a,double-edged sword you can really it can,take over your life if you let it it's,easy to be adapted to likes I see so,many people that are like the post on,Instagram and they'll be checking,checking checking but I try to avoid,them at all costs the tap for kind of if,you don't feel like you're constantly,checking your phone after you post is to,really just put your phone away and,focus on another task now on I'll be,much more aware of the time I spend,checking out my social media sites,although to be honest some habits are,hard to break,I'm going to share my research with,Rebecca and Rosalind but I'm gonna put,it out there and say that we're all a,little bit addicted to our social media,whether it's for work purposes or for,our own personal pleasure like you run,three Instagram accounts that's a lot of,interacting with your social media,it definitely has not my eyes to how,often I can check my phone and how much,I am on social media I think I can,honestly say I'm probably one addicted,than I am just consider them at times I,pack up my phone for Nori's and when you,think of addiction you don't necessarily,think addiction to social media is so,much of a dangerous thing like addiction,to alcohol or drugs you don't think of,it as the same thing,yeah but unless you have someone who's,really young who has low self-esteem or,is going through maybe a really,difficult time with their mental health,I think that's when likes really come,into the equation and they matter a lot,yeah let's face it likes a notifications,are here for good it's controlling our,dependence on them that's the next big,challenge social media acts are cleverly,designed to draw us in and get us hooked,and we need to be aware of that we need,to take control of technology before it,takes control of us

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Crap! You Liked An Old Instagram Post!

Crap! You Liked An Old Instagram Post!

trap look at this hang on I'm trying to,solve this Rubik's Cube hmm oh yeah,that'll do it,great what's up oh she looks nice how do,you know her we've only got like one,mutual friends so I probably only know,her in passing if I'm being completely,honest it is super creepy that I'm on,her Instagram I'm also like five years,deep yeah maybe you should be careful,dude I know like my life would be over,if I accidentally like one of her,pictures kitchen be like ,I'm like it I'm like you know if I like,it that I like it that's like the,scariest thing I could do yes we do,here's I uh I know a guy I think I know,a guy oh man hello hello this,is the coyote yes why I'm called those,friends Grande accidentally left a photo,of a girl that he only met like once it,doesn't even follow we're at the IAC,building that's 30 minutes away I'll be,there in 29,there's a lot of traffic I'm David,coyote I solve problems may I come in,okay it must be trap which makes you,grant understand that time is a factor,here is that correct this girl sees the,photo your life is over yeah you got a,like on a gram on a cellular phone Nancy,it should show and me the phone,is that necessary it is completely,necessary we need people to believe that,your phone was stolen and that some,Joyride error was just having fun on,your Instagram I'm also gonna have to,post an embarrassing photo of you no I'm,not doing that,France what are you doing it's an,invasion of privacy well you have two,choices you can do what I say and do it,quickly or you can figure it out on your,own that's of luck gentlemen,now wait wait wait just stop I need you,here for a truly believable story we,need a truly embarrassing photo and I,think I just found,I got into cosplay for a while now,change out of those clothes they're,filled with shame do I also yeah okay in,time for the last step right along,Facebook post about how someone stole,your phone this will make it all make,sense the key here is to come up real,pathetic and sad pretty close I would,change looked away for a split second to,drop the full pizza on my crotch but,then you're good okay,posting Wow I'm already getting a lot of,sympathy posts how you are I'm so sorry,grant who would do this really grant a,full pizza get your life in order it's,working our amazing coyote I really owe,you one coyote see you around boys I,think it does during the day he's not,doing this puts grease in his hair oh,yeah I think that would take a lot of,time hey can you imagine if I just did,it again right now,I had Zach from CollegeHumor thanks for,watching you can click here to subscribe,or you can click over here for something,else but you can also click here if you,want to feed me clicks I like them

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Top 7 Instagram Settings You Should Change Right Now

Top 7 Instagram Settings You Should Change Right Now

hey everyone in today's instagram video,i want to show you the top seven,settings on the instagram app that you,should change right now,and if you're new here i post easy to,follow instagram videos,every single week on this channel so,make sure you subscribe so you don't,miss the next video,let's jump into the instagram app and,the very first thing you want to do,is turn on two-factor authentication,let me show you how go to your profile,page on instagram,press the three lines here and go to,settings,and here we want to click on security,and right here you see two factor,authentication click that,and you want to turn on one of these,options the most common way,people get hacked on instagram is by,people,guessing your password but if you turn,this on,for example if you turn on text message,every time you log into instagram from a,device that instagram doesn't recognize,it will send you a text message to,verify you could also use,authentication app which is what,instagram recommends so go ahead and try,authentication app or the text message,option here,but two-factor authentication if there's,anything you take away from this video,is make sure that is turned on next one,is also,in the same page and is also related to,security,but if you ever gave instagram any,permission,from other apps you should check and,turn off the apps that you don't,recognize,it's right here on the same page the,same page we turn on two factor,authentication,there's something called apps and,websites click that and then look under,active,click active and if you see apps and,websites here,that have permission to access your,instagram and you don't remember giving,them permission,turn them off right now remove them,right now or even if you do remember,and you don't think it's giving you any,good value,you should act deactivate them right now,too,so make sure you do that next now this,is for people that,don't have a private account if you have,a private account on instagram this is,not relevant to you,but if you're trying to grow your page,on instagram,you should change your account type let,me show you how,jump into your instagram profile press,the three lines here and go to settings,one more time,and on this page you want to go to,account and on the bottom of the account,page,if yours is set to personal it makes it,a little more difficult to grow,and attract followers to your page so,what you want to do here,is change it to creator accounts or you,might also see,business accounts those two are kind of,the same,as far as the access that you get in,different settings on instagram for,example,if i go back here and if i go back one,more time,under my settings i have something,called insights,that's showing me analytics of how many,people are,interacting with my post when they are,interacting with my post,and gives you a lot more insights into,what's going on with my profile page,it's very very hard without those,numbers to get more followers on,instagram,so for anybody wanting to grow their,instagram page i recommend they change,their instagram account type,to one of the two that has the analytics,built in you also get access to a bunch,of other things that are covered in,different videos,if you want to learn all about growing,on instagram i do have a 30 minute free,training,i'll link that in the description below,let's go to the next one,if you see accounts that post things you,don't want to,see but maybe they're related to you and,you don't want to block them you don't,want to know,that you're doing anything against their,profile what you could do is restrict,them,let me show you how go to their profile,page,press the three dots on top and instead,of blocking them,there's an option to restrict them and,restrict them basically limits,on one and react interactions between,you and that account,so they won't know that you blocked them,they could still see your accounts,but you won't keep seeing their post or,their stories,so you can go ahead and restrict that,account here right there if you ever,change your mind just press the three,dots on their profile page again,and you can unrestrict them this is not,a permanent thing,but it's a great way just to get some of,the things,that are bothering you on instagram off,instagram without really,subjecting anyone to being blocked this,one is about your notifications,i recommend you turn off notifications,to,live videos for some reason instagram,tends to show you every time someone,goes live on instagram,and they notify you this is on by,default but,if you go to your profile and press the,three dots here,go to settings and then go to,notifications,you have a lot of options here but one,of them is you see live and ig tv,if you go to that section you could,actually turn,off notification to live videos see,mines turn on,so if i go off it's going to be off now,every time someone goes live,i won't get notified on my instagram,profile especially on one that i have 60,000 plus followers i get notified all,the

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Instagram now lets users hide likes on posts l GMA

Instagram now lets users hide likes on posts l GMA

we have our abc new exclusive right now,the head of instagram,adam massari is going to be joining us,live in a moment with a big announcement,some exciting major changes are coming,to the social media network,starting this morning but first becky,worley,has a look at some of the content,creators who helped instagram,test its new features,likes many users fixate on how many,little hearts,one post can get two instagram beta,testers explain the dilemma,i'm getting ready for swim practice,haven shepherd an accomplished,paralympic swimmer,and skyler baylor an lgbtq advocate and,trans athlete,i think that oftentimes looking at those,metrics can,can be triggering for a lot of people or,if not triggering it can be difficult,because,it's putting a number to everything in,our experience,sometimes instagram can feel like a,popularity contest,i think it can i really do and i think,that if we can focus then more on the,message that we're,provided by the posts right the content,of the post as opposed to checking the,likes,i think that can really shift that idea,of popularity contest,haven says she's a confident person but,even she sometimes finds herself getting,caught up in the numbers,i do get swept away with the whole,competitiveness and that's so exhausting,haven who started out on the platform as,a teen says making instagram posts less,comparative for adolescents,is a good idea for skyler who's been,compensated to make videos for instagram,he says like counts can be tough there's,numbers for literally everything these,days and we can get sort of obsessive,about that or,even worse attach our self-worth to that,for good morning america becky worley,oakland california,our thanks as always to becky and now,joining us adam masari he,is the head of instagram all right time,for the big announcement we've all been,waiting for adam let's hear it,today we're making it so that you can,hide likes on instagram and on facebook,if you want to it's important to us that,people feel really good about the time,that they spend in the app,and i believe that an important part of,that is giving people,tools to shape the experience into,what's best for them,and what becky was explaining in the,piece before we talk to you really,explains that well and so this new,option,is available right now here in the us,all over the world another two or three,days um,will you be able to hide your likes also,on facebook,as well yep absolutely,it's important that we do this as one,company and so you're going to be able,to hide likes both on instagram and on,facebook all right so there are two,settings here,how does it work adam,exactly there so there's two different,hide like settings one is,when you're browsing your feed so that,you can make it so that light counts,aren't there as you go through your feed,as you normally would when you open up,the app,the other is from the sharing side so,when you post something,on instagram you're going to be able to,say that you don't want to show light,counts to anybody,whether or not they have turned on any,other settings and you can do that even,retroactively so after you post,something,you can turn like counts off on that,post so what made you decide to change,how,likes work so this idea actually came,from the team,the idea was to try and depressurize,instagram a little bit,to allow people to focus more on the,people that they care about on being,inspired,and worry a little bit less about how,many likes they or other people were,getting,and what was alluded to a little bit in,becky worley's piece,how will the removal of likes on,instagram,impact influencers and brands do you,think,so i talked to a lot of creators about,this i get a lot of feedback from them,actually,every day about most of what we do and,in general,tends to fall into two camps the larger,more established creators,tended to be much more supportive and,even excited about the idea,but the newer ones the small creators,who are looking to experiment and grow,were much more worried that it would,make it more difficult for them to do,what they do,so in general it just was a very,polarizing change,people felt really strongly one way or,the other which is why we thought it,made the most sense to give people a,choice,and that's what you have done you have,given folks the choice so,are you going to hide the likes on your,own account,ooh great question uh yes i am but my,guess is i'm going to probably go back,and forth,it's not a one-way door it's something,that you can do and undo based on how,you're feeling and,i think i'll probably be in the camp of,people who uses it for a while,turns it off for a while and then comes,back changing your mind,back and forth i think a lot of folks go,to do that but you know what,you've given us the choice and we,appreciate that i'm sure many people,will do that and we appreciate you being,here,on good morning america have a great day,adam our best to all there,thanks so much for having me sure any,time,well hey there gma fan

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How to Hide Likes on Instagram For All Posts

How to Hide Likes on Instagram For All Posts

welcome to my youtube channel,today i'm going to teach you how to hide,likes on instagram for all of your posts,just as the title might suggest,you have a few options when it comes to,hiding your instagram likes including,being able to hide them for all posts,one post and individual posts after,you've posted them,let's focus on one specifically right,now though i'm going to show you how to,hide likes on instagram for all posts,i'm sharing my tutorial based on an,iphone but your screen might look a,little different if you're using newer,or older software or if you're using a,different operating system such as,android,anyway once you're on your profile look,for the hamburger menu which is the,three lined menu that you can see on the,top right hand side of my screen,this will open another menu where the,very first option is settings,select that one,next look for the option that says,privacy and select it,this is a really great screen to get to,know if you haven't already,it's your instagram privacy hub where,you can change all sorts of settings to,make yourself and your instagram account,more safe and secure,for right now however you're going to,want to look for the option that says,posts,once you select it you'll see at the,very top that it says hide like and view,counts,as you might have guessed that's the,feature you'll want to turn on to hide,all likes from all posts on your,instagram account,make note of what it says directly,underneath the switch as it is vital,information,you won't see the total number of likes,and views on posts from other accounts,you can hide like and view counts on,your own posts when you create them by,going to advanced settings and turning,on hide like and view counts on this,post,this is what the button will look like,when the feature is turned off,people will be able to see how many,likes and views your content has and,you'll be able to see how many likes and,views other people's content has,received,this is what the button will look like,when the feature is turned on,people won't be able to see how many,likes and views your content has and you,won't be able to see how many likes and,views other people's content has,received,and that's how simple it is to turn on,and off the like and view count for all,of your posts on instagram,what do you think about this feature,do you use it,have you turned your like and view count,off or do you prefer to leave it on,i'd love to know your thoughts on it so,make sure you leave your comments below,i hope you found this video useful today,but please let me know if you have any,questions or would like to suggest,another video tutorial,thank you for watching don't forget to,subscribe if you'd like to see more,social media marketing and content,creation tips and tricks,have a fabulous day,you

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He’s Stopped Texting But Still Likes My Posts…WTF?! | Matthew Hussey

He’s Stopped Texting But Still Likes My Posts…WTF?! | Matthew Hussey

what does it mean,when someone you've been on a date with,had a lot of text exchanges with but,someone who ultimately,fizzled out,keeps interacting with your social media,maybe you notice that on each story you,post they're watching that story maybe,they're responding with emojis maybe,they're liking the pictures you post,and it's confusing why am i even on,their radar,if they've decided that they're not,interested does that mean that maybe,they are interested does it mean that,there's more to this story than i,realized maybe there's a reason it,fizzled that i don't know about but,they're still trying to engage me,because they like me maybe there's still,potential for it to go somewhere maybe i,should reach out to them given that they,keep engaging with the things i'm,posting what does it mean,we,especially when we like someone,have this innate urge to create story,out of what they do someone gives us a,morsel,of engagement or attention,and we want to construct a narrative out,of that that might fit with the idea,that they do in fact like us that they,do want our attention and that there may,still be some potential in this,situation and because we've created that,story,we now begin consciously or,unconsciously to invest in that story so,now you find yourself posting something,which is kind of for them you're posting,a picture of yourself looking sexy so,that,they'll comment on it or they'll engage,with that story it might elicit a,message that could lead somewhere but,all it does instead is keep resulting in,the same kind of attention you post a,story,and they respond with a flame emoji your,love life has been reduced to a flame,emoji what do you do in a situation like,this well firstly we have to start,becoming self-aware about,how a we're creating story in other,words there's no reason to believe that,this means anything,this is the lowest form,of attention someone could possibly,give you think of the way we scroll,through instagram and you just like,something yeah okay scroll like,scroll like when we take such minor,behavior as evidence for a much bigger,story,we have to suspect ourselves because we,may tell ourselves well he does like me,it's clear that he's just been really,busy or that it fizzled out for some,legitimate reason but he's trying to get,my attention again or there's some,reason that he's found it difficult to,reach out to me more directly but he,clearly still likes me because he's,doing this we have no more evidence for,that narrative than we do that every,sunday this man dresses up as the easter,bunny and goes around the neighborhood,delivering eggs to his best friends,we have to suspect the narrative we want,to be true now why would someone do it,if they're not interested why even,bother with that,well,someone can be attracted,to you,but,not in any way be moved to do anything,more about it maybe they're seeing lots,of people maybe they're just kind of,lazy and aren't actually interested in,investing in anything right now maybe,it's just super easy for them to like an,attractive photo of you,and just enjoy you from a distance,versus actually taking you on a date and,having to make anything of it which is,effort we almost don't need to worry,about why someone is doing that,what we need to do is see it for what it,is a level of,engagement,that shouldn't even,be interesting to us because our time,and our energy is worth so much more,than rewarding that level of investment,with our analysis and our attention and,you may say oh it doesn't take that much,time for me to,check if they've liked my post or to,send a quick like back on something,they've posted,but if you actually think about the,times when you're out with your friends,and you could be taking a risk or,speaking to somebody having a fun,conversation with a stranger and instead,you're looking down at your phone to,check if they've engaged with the latest,thing you've posted that does take up,time it does take up bandwidth it does,occupy our focus now the problem,with indulging this kind of attention is,that for you it becomes a form of micro,dosing,micro dosing in the relationship or,romantic context is when someone who,isn't meeting our needs we continue to,indulge because we're getting some kind,of hit,out of it it's not making us happy,but there is some comfort in knowing,that that person is still there that,something might happen so we keep giving,it our time and attention now you may be,wondering but,what if,me responding leads to him trying harder,what if when he watches my stories or,sends me some quick emoji me responding,leads to a conversation when you respond,to the absolute lowest form of,investment after you've had better,investment from a person all you're,doing is tacitly approving of that,behavior so when someone sees that they,sent a fire emoji in response to your,story,and you then sent a smiley face emoji,what they're learning is oh i can still,just send you this kind of attention and,and know that you're there you

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