why aren't my tagged photos showing on instagram

How To Hide / Unhide Tagged Photos on Instagram Profile (2022)instagram is one of the most popular,p

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Updated on Feb 07,2023

How To Hide / Unhide Tagged Photos on Instagram Profile (2022)

instagram is one of the most popular,photo or video sharing social media,platforms used by millions of people,across the globe interestingly similar,to photo tagging on facebook instagram,also allows its users to tag photos when,you are tagged in a photo on instagram,the app sends you a notification tagged,images are added to a photos of you tab,on your profile page tagged pictures on,instagram are pretty boring to scroll,through however if you want you can hide,tagged instagram photos so that they,don't show up on your profile and the,best part is you can do it without,anyone really noticing here are the,step-by-step instructions you can follow,to hide tagged photos or videos from,your instagram profile,do,you,you

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Fix Instagram Not Showing Missing All Photos in Gallery Problem Solved

Fix Instagram Not Showing Missing All Photos in Gallery Problem Solved

how to fix Instagram not showing and,missing all photos in gallery problem,hello friends welcome back to how to fix,80 youtube channel so guys if in your,Instagram okay if all the photos are,missing and not showing your gallery,then how you can fix this problem today,in this video I am going to tell you the,solution and after that guys your,problem will be definitely fixed ok so,just watch this video to fix your,problem and you have to watch this video,till the end ok so don't skip it and,just watch it and after the one after,watching this video you can simply fix,your Instagram problem ok all the,missing and photos problem in your,Instagram so guys before proceeding,forum make sure to subscribe our YouTube,channel and press the bell icon to get,all the latest update ok so now let's,start a video without wasting any more,time so the first thing what you have to,do okay if in your Instagram gallery if,the photos are not showing and missing,problem then guys go to your place draw,okay go to your place true and update,your Instagram so update your Instagram,okay so you have to update it to get the,latest features to fix your bugs,problems and then guys go to setting and,now you have to scroll down here okay,you'll get this kind of interface scroll,down until you find the app so go to,apps and then guys you have to select,the manage apps okay,manage apps or you may find here install,apps and then guys you have to search,your folder Instagram okay scroll it,down and find out the Instagram and then,you have to force the wait and after the,false Bob just clear all the data from,your Instagram okay so after clearing,all the data's go to a permission and,guys you have to enable all the,permissions out here okay so after,enabling all the permissions you have to,restart your mobile now go to your,Instagram and then check it your problem,will be definitely fix by this simple,solution okay so just open up your,Instagram and check it on your gallery,all the photos will be now appeared okay,so this is how you can fix the problem,and guys if we by any chance okay if by,any chance is a pro if the problem still,resists then guys how you can fix the,problem so for dead,just go to your profile and then select,three lines and then go to setting' and,now you have to go here help option okay,so where is the help option here it is,so now tap to report a problem and then,you have to tap on again they put a,problem and now we have to report it,okay so what problem you're facing that,your problem is photos and mis photos,missing in gallery problems so just you,have to describe the problem here and,end you can give the screenshot as well,and then submit it okay so after,submitting your problem will be received,by the Instagram team and they will,review your okay they will review your,problem and then they will fix your,problem within 24 hours okay so this is,how you can report it and then your,problem will be definitely fixed so just,follow this process to fix your problem,I hope this video will be definitely,helpful for you thanks for watching

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Organizing and Tagging Photos with the MyHeritage Mobile App

Organizing and Tagging Photos with the MyHeritage Mobile App

hello and welcome to the myheritage,webinar series I'm Miriam Pierre Louis,your host broadcasting to you live from,Eastern Massachusetts,today we have URI gonen who is with us,live in Toronto Ontario Canada for his,class organizing and tagging photos with,the myheritage mobile app thanks to URI,and thanks to nearly 900 of you for,registering for today's live webinar so,wherever and whenever you are glad to,have you with us,and now to introduce our speaker,uriganen,URI has been working at my Heritage,since 2005. he was the original,developer behind the family tree Builder,he is senior vice president of product,management at myheritage he has been,involved with pedigree map pedigree view,tree consistency Checker and,Integrations with family search before,joining my Heritage URI worked in other,software startups in Israel the United,States and Canada,please put your virtual hands together,and let's give uruganen a nice warm,webinar welcome Urie how are you welcome,to the webinar,I'm doing well thank you so much for the,introduction and let's move on okay so,as Marian mentioned I'm worried I I've,been working my Heritage for a long time,I gave quite a lot of webinars already,um with Jeff and now for the first time,with Marianne today I'm going to talk,about,um organizing and especially tagging,your photos,with the myheritage mobile app,foreign,specifically I'm going to talk about a,new feature that we just launched called,the photo tagger,which is available at this point on our,mobile app both for Android and now,starting also on iPhone and soon also on,the website,for use in the next month or so it'll be,available there too,so let's begin,uh a brief overview of what is the photo,tagger it's a new free feature that,allows you to tag multiple photos of the,same person in One Go,so now if you have a lot of photos on my,Heritage of your family and we obviously,encourage you to do so it'll now be,really a quick and easy and fun process,to tag them meaning,specifying who is in the photos and,where in the photos and that will enrich,your family tree immensely,it lets you efficiently organize your,family photos and saves you the time,that would otherwise take you to do this,manually by going into each photo,individually,we're adding this as another tool in my,Heritage that allows you to make your,family history more enjoyable,so download the new myheritage mobile,app or if you already have it upgrade it,to the latest version and enjoy,prototagger as I mentioned if you're an,Android User this has been available for,a few weeks now we're starting now,rolling out to the iPhone users if,you're if you have an iPhone and in the,next several weeks also it will be,available on the website as well,um why should you bother tagging your,photos so you can see here a family tree,without photos tagged and one with and,see the difference,um tagging lets you easily locate,individuals by their face,and it makes your family tree and your,experience on my Heritage a lot more,enjoyable and a lot more,personal,so building a family tree,uploading photos of these people and,then tagging them makes life and,research a lot more enjoyable for,genealogy,so we're going to show you the photo,taggering SEC but just kind of behind,the scene what does the photo tagger do,what's the magic behind this new feature,so,phototagger it uses facial recognition,technology in order to First identify,faces in your family photos,um and then it's it will scan your,photos that you have uploaded to my,Heritage and then groups,those faces that it identifies together,into groups of similar faces that it,believes to be of the same person,uh and then it will also give you,suggestions of who those faces are based,on previous photos that you have already,tagged either manually or through the,photo toggle itself,um we found that it does a very good job,at identifying faces of the same person,throughout their life,childhood and adulthood different camera,angles frontal and from the side and,different appearances that they might,have wearing a hat different facial hair,and so on it does a very good job in,identifying that this is indeed the same,person,it creates these suggestions and then it,gives it to you in order to confirm,because it's never 100 perfect it never,actually tags those photos for you it,rather gives you suggestions that you,can then accept,or modify if you think you did some,mistakes here and there,so let's begin uh the process of,actually working on the myheritage app,and going to photo tagger and tagging,and confirming,the suggestions that it made,so here I am in the in this case the,Android mobile app but it's pretty much,the same,on the iOS,uh minor changes of the application,based on the different platforms,so when I open the myheritage app there,is the home screen which has different,sections of the app and photos is the,one you want to go to,a note about whether or not the feature,will be available to you so if you have,a very small tree of no more

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Instagram Photos Not Showing

Instagram Photos Not Showing

hey guys it's lindsay and welcome back,to another video,today i'm going to be helping you with,the issue instagram photos not showing,so there could be multiple reasons as to,why your instagram,posts and photos are not showing up,it could be a connection issue not,allowing features to work,it could be a update issue where you,need to update your app to get rid of a,bug,it could be an instagram server issue,where instagram is down,or you may have been hacked and your,photos may have been deleted,now getting hacked is a stressful and,confusing situation where,most of the time people are unable to,recover their account,but if you've noticed that your photos,are missing and you think you may have,been hacked,reach out to instagram right away report,this problem,and see if they can help you recover,your account,now if you weren't hacked a few things,you can do,the first thing is check your internet,connection so we're gonna go to safari,and run a google speed test,once you're in safari just type google,speed test,and then once you're on this page just,click run speed test,so it looks like my internet is fairly,decent but if yours is not you're going,to want to turn,off your wi-fi and switch to lte so,swipe down from the upper right hand,corner of your screen,and turn off your wi-fi the reason we,switch to cellular data is because,sometimes cellular data is a much,stronger connection,than a weak wi-fi connection so,if turning off your wi-fi doesn't bring,back your posts,the next thing we're going to do is,check to see if there's a,server issue with instagram so,right up top in the search bar type,instagram,server,down,now the first option down detector,that's a great website to use i'm going,to go in there and it shows you the,current status of instagram so,right now currently it says there's no,problems at instagram,but it gives you basically a minute by,minute update of,what problems have been reported on,instagram and if there's any current,problems,so go to this website see if the,instagram servers are down,and if they are that is probably why,your photos aren't showing up,now if doing a google speed test and,checking instagram servers did not work,you'll want to make sure your app is,updated so let's go to the app store,once you're in the app store type,instagram up top,so to the right of instagram it'll,either say open or update if it says,open,your app is fully up to date if it says,update that means you are in need of an,update,and the reason it is so important to,update your app is because,it gets rid of any bugs or lags that the,last update may have had,and your photos not showing up may be a,bug,so go ahead and update your app now if,none of these things work what we're,going to do is report this problem to,instagram because again,your app or your account may have been,hacked so let's go ahead and open up,instagram,from here you're going to go to the,three lines in the upper right hand,corner,and you're going to click settings,from here you're going to go down to the,bottom of this page and click help,and then you're going to press report a,problem and i'm going to say,something isn't working and then you,just type in,photos not,showing and then press,send,so i hope one of these things helped you,out if they did,please like and subscribe to this,channel if you have any questions on,this tutorial please leave them,in the comment section below thank you,so much for watching,bye guys

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Instagram Shopping Errors & Solutions! Fix Shop & Facebook Commerce Manager for Product Tagging

Instagram Shopping Errors & Solutions! Fix Shop & Facebook Commerce Manager for Product Tagging

what are some instagram shopping errors,that can come up when trying to enable,the instagram shopping feature and how,to fix them hi everyone i'm lydia from,incoming success and in today's video,i'm going to talk all about how to fix,instagram shopping errors and get your,feature approved be able to tag products,in your posts stories reels and more the,first error that you might get when,wanting to enable instagram product,tagging for your account is that product,is unavailable on the website this is an,error that can come up very often,especially when you've tried to change,your domain and if you don't know how to,properly change from one domain to,another without losing access to the,instagram shopping feature you can watch,this video right here it tells you,everything you need to know in case this,happens to you and you get this error in,your instagram account or your commerce,account here are a few things that you,need to check first things first you,need to check that your domain is,verified and that domain that you,verified is the one that you use to sell,your products on so people can go to,your website and check out your product,add them to cart and actually purchase,those products so you need to check that,that feature is available on your,website and that it works properly,because when facebook reviews your,website they need to see that everything,is working properly the next thing is,that your products are added correctly,in your catalog with the right link to,the product if you've used the pixel or,use shopify sometimes it can be errors,and the product link where people can,actually go and purchase that product is,not added correctly and instead it is,just your simple website link added for,each product of the catalog so you will,need to go and change that link manually,for every single product to go to the,specific product page for that product,with that can be purchased obviously,there are other things you need to check,before applying again for this feature,so make sure to watch this video right,here in which i tell you everything you,need to do before applying for another,review the second reason or the second,error that you can get for your,instagram shop and that made your,instagram account be disapproved is that,your instagram presence is not,established or you don't have,demonstrated trustworthiness as a brand,or instagram for that you will need to,grow your engagement your following be a,lot more active but what i think they,look at the most is the number of,followers and engagement on your account,so be active on the platform gain new,followers that are real followers don't,purchase followers don't do follow for,follow try and build an authentic brand,on instagram and in time you will be,able to get this feature don't hurry up,try and apply again without having these,requirements because it will not help,you in the end run so post daily on,instagram and try and grow your account,as well as the facebook page it is,really important right now to have a,bunch of likes on your facebook page i,suggest at least 250 likes and,engagement on there as well the fourth,reason is that domain is not verified or,the website belongs to a different,business and it cannot be verified there,are a bunch of errors that can come up,when you try to verify your domain in,facebook business manager and in this,video i share everything you need to do,in case you get one of those errors but,if you haven't verified your domain at,all because you don't know how to do it,you can see how in this video right here,if it tells you that your domain belongs,to a different business already it is,because you cannot enable instagram,product tagging anymore for websites,such as amazon ebay or anything else for,etsy it is a bit more complicated you,can watch this video in which i share,exactly how to get this feature for an,etsy shop but for some reason they let,you verify the domain but then they tell,you that it doesn't work so for those,errors my best advice is to contact,facebook support and tell them what are,the errors you're facing another error,that can come up even if your shop got,approved is that you cannot tag products,in your posts or your stories because,the products cannot be visible on your,instagram account so you go to your,commerce account it is all approved your,instagram shop it says it is approved in,the app but you can't see any of the,products there and the reason for that,is that the catalog is not connected,properly and you don't have the,permissions to manage that catalog so,for that you need to go to, to go to your,business manager go to data sources and,catalogs select the catalog that you've,added the products to and that belongs,to the commerce account that was,approved and then go to instagram,professional accounts or instagram,business profiles click under your name,and under your name you need to give,yourself the option of managing that,catalog so click on manage catalog a

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How to Add Highlights on Instagram Without Adding to Story (2022 Hack)

How to Add Highlights on Instagram Without Adding to Story (2022 Hack)

hello everybody and welcome to this,video where today i'm going to be,showing you how you can post,an instagram story highlight without,first having anyone see it,on your instagram story,so if you're not familiar with instagram,highlights,they are these circle things that pop up,right here on your profile,and these are basically a group of,archived stories that you have posted in,the past,that you can re-categorize and have them,permanently placed,on your instagram profile without them,being a 24-hour story anymore,in order to do that you can just press,this new button right here,and you'll see that it's going to go,through all of your stories that you've,ever posted in the past,and you can select a couple if you would,like and just,use those to create a story highlight,to sit on your profile but the real,question is,can you do this without first having,this sit,on your story for 24 hours there is,a workaround that i really want to show,you how to do it today,it is extremely tedious in the wrong,circumstances,but i would love to give you this,information so that you can choose,whether or not this is,right for you so let's cancel out of,this so that we can do this step by step,together so let's go ahead and make a,brand new instagram story uh we can do,that using the plus sign,up the top here or you can press your,profile button and just get a,picture of anything i'm just taking a,photo of my keyboard,now in order for me to put this on my,instagram story highlights,i'm going to need to have this in my,story for 24 hours,before it is put to the archive where i,can pull it through,into an instagram highlight but if i,don't want to put it on my story first,how do we do that,my first thought for a workaround was,adding,a close friends list that only included,maybe,one of your other accounts that only you,could see and having that post go up on,your private account,um so that only one of your accounts,could see that and then posting it to,your story archive from there,it did work but the only downside was,your close friends list,now just you and that one private,account that you've made are the only,people who will ever be able to see that,story highlight even once it's gone into,your highlights,so that was not an effective workaround,even though it was a good idea suggested,by somebody,initially let's first go into our,settings profile so the three lines on,the top right hand side,and then let's go into settings once,we're here we're going to press,privacy and then we can go down a little,bit,until we get down to story because we,want to be adjusting our story,settings now once you're here you can,adjust any of these settings at any time,but the workaround is going to be hiding,our story from other accounts so it's,this first option here it says hide your,story,from and for me this works pretty easily,because this is a tiny account,and i only have a minimal amount of,followers,the tricky part about this workaround is,that,you will have to individually select,every single person,on your list so that they can't see the,story,that you are going to be posting to save,it to your archive so,in this particular example this works,for me because this is a tiny account,but you might have an account that has,twenty thousand fifty thousand a hundred,thousand followers,and you do not wanna be sitting here,that is not a feasible ask,to be going through and selecting these,one at a time,but let's say you do only have a couple,hundred and you don't mind sitting,through them like this,once you're done press done and then,when you go back to your profile,add yourself a story i'm going to pull,in a picture here so i can show you,exactly how this works,and we can just write something on this,so that we know this is our example,i'm going to be really creative here and,just write example,there we go so we know that's our,example i'm gonna post it to my story,once this has been sitting here we can,go ahead and press,highlight and i can either add it to a,brand new story highlight which is what,i'm going to do now,our example,and then we can go and view that on our,profile,keep in mind if you do delete your story,before the 24 hours is up your highlight,will disappear as just shown,right then i deleted my instagram story,and the highlight disappeared,so now that that has been added to our,story we can go back into our settings,menu,our privacy and our story,and deselect the people we have hidden,our story from again,i only had 12 people here so it was nice,and speedy for me to do,this may or may not be a feasible option,for you,but if it is this is the workaround,nobody will have seen,this on my story the highlight will only,stick to your profile once your story,has been up,for 24 hours and disappeared been,moved into the archive and that is where,you can pull,it through the next day so it,is a workaround this is definitely not,ideal it would be great if instagram had,some sort of,um other feature for us to be able to,select multiple p

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Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

hey has your instagram account just been,hacked like mine was and you're having a,horrible time trying to get back into it,you don't know where to go what to do,maybe uh you're clicking those buttons,in the emails from instagram that say,secure your account but those aren't,working either well stick around for,this video because i'm going to show you,step by step how i have helped 20 plus,of my friends get their account back,after it was hacked,everybody i just wanted to say thank you,for coming and watch this video i,personally know like how frustrating,this whole situation can be how you just,want help and you can't get it,and to think that instagram uh,a billion dollar company,doesn't have customer service,is like mind-blowing but the bakery,around the corner does i don't know,i run a marketing agency so i have,direct line of communication with,facebook business for help with stuff,like this and they're just not able to,help i've received i've had phone calls,with facebook they say you got to go,through our internal team i see in some,of the emails and some of the steps that,i get from instagram or in the instagram,help center is you know uh maybe you,could send us a selfie video to prove,you own the account every time i would,ask facebook how do i submit a selfie,video they literally said we don't know,after trial and error and hitting many,different options on instagram we,figured it out we got it and we're gonna,show you how you can recover your,account by taking a selfie video with,the instagram app verify you own the,account and you can get it back now the,negative is,my account is still hacked but i'll tell,you why you see i'm a photographer i,travel all over my instagram feed has no,photos of this face,on the instagram account you can go,check it here jared quackenbush i'll put,it there it's still hacked not me if you,get a message it's from kelvin,from nigeria but i don't have any photos,on my instagram feed because i'm a drone,photographer my full feed is landscapes,but if you're like most instagram users,you have a photo of yourself on your,feed in the last couple months,and that is what's gonna help you do,this so enough talking let's kind of,jump into it and even if you're a,photographer like me and you don't have,a photo of yourself try this anyways i,did get one email from instagram,saying that they approved the video but,then there were some errors,i'm still doing it to this day so wish,me luck but let's jump right in i'm,doing this on an iphone it's kind of,similar on an android but let's kind of,walk you through it here we go you want,to go to add a new account,then that you want to click add a new,account and go to login to existing,account,and we are just going to jump right in,and type our username so i'm going to,walk you through this what i do for mine,jared quack bush,now this is my account that's still,hacked but i'm going to click forgot,password,now,you see where it says trouble logging in,enter your username or email and we'll,send you a link to get your account back,the problem is the link goes to the,email of the hacker not mine so we are,going to not click the next button which,is ridiculous because when you look at,this it makes you think oh let's click,the big blue button that says next no i,want you to click underneath that that,says need more help let's go,now you're going to see two accounts pop,up or your account pop up for me i have,my business account which is my personal,brand account jared quackenbush the one,i run it all through and then i have a a,private one that i've used just pictures,of my kids and food so you're going to,select the account,then,here's the crazy thing,the two phone numbers there are mine,but the email is there is the hacker not,mine but i'm going to send myself a,security code which you probably have,already done this before but don't worry,this is good news so we want to send,ourselves a security code,then we're going to type that in,boom confirm,now,this is where we get to the selfie video,next it wants you to enter your security,code which the hacker set up two-step,authentication so i can't so we are,going to go down to the bottom and click,try another way,now you're met with three options use,backup code,get support visit help center,we're going to click get support,a new page of options now i'm going to,click,my account was hacked,now i'm also going to click do you have,photos of yourself on your account yes,or no now i do have photos of myself in,my account but it's not until back in,like,the beginning of 2020 end of 2019 i have,photos of this face i just think the,the ai isn't going back that far which,really stinks or if they if the ai was,able to go to tagged photos,if you would see a ton of tacked photos,of me but,just not on my main feed so let's click,yes i have photos of myself on my,account,next,pause let's go back if you do hit no i,don't have photos of myself on this,account and then click next,it takes you all the way back a

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How To Get The Reply Option On Instagram

How To Get The Reply Option On Instagram

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to show you how to get the,reply option on instagram it's pretty,quick and easy so let's jump right in,if you're on instagram on the dms and,it's not giving you the option to reply,to a specific dm there are a couple of,different things that you need to do to,be able to get that functionality that,feature it's a fairly new feature on,instagram i'll walk you through those,steps now so i'll show you what i'm,talking about first if i open up,instagram here,and then just tap on my messages at the,top right,and then i'll just choose a random one,i'll just choose the top one,and if i tap and hold on one of the,other,people's messages i get all different,kinds of options i can,react,by using just like a random emoji i can,reply i can report i can tap more,and forward or copy,but if i wanted to reply i can hold long,hold on that and then hit reply and then,what this does is it replies to a,specific message that this person has,sent me however if you don't see that,option then you probably haven't updated,your messaging on instagram so let's get,out of here,and the first thing you'll want to do,is to open up the app store and update,instagram so let's get out of instagram,here,let's get into the app store,and just type in instagram,the reason is because it is a fairly new,feature and we want to make sure that we,have the latest instagram so if you type,in instagram it says update just tap on,the update button if it says open you,already have the latest version you can,just move forward from there,so we have the latest version we'll just,hop back into instagram here the next,thing that you want to do is tap on the,profile icon at the bottom right,and then the three lines at the top,right,this will bring up various options and,menus,if you if it says on here towards the,bottom update messaging,then tap update messaging that will give,you the latest functionality of,messaging it doesn't work to just update,the latest you know software app for,instagram you also have to tap the,button to update messaging so that it,links between facebook and it updates,all of your features so once you hit the,update messaging button then you'll have,the latest features you'll be able to,get back,into your dms,and then go to somebody's and then,you'll be able to tap and hold and you,can hit reply and reply to a specific,message then at that point the reply,option should be showing up if it's,still not showing up if you're still,having troubles then what i would do is,get back out of here,go to your profile icon again,hit the three lines at the top right,here,and then what we'll want to do is hit,settings you can see the very first,option is settings,and then,right above about you'll see help we'll,just want to get a little help,and then report a problem and then you,can go through the process of reporting,a problem you can hit ok,you can hit,here,oh you can shake your learn how to,report a problem,and then we'll go through the process of,reporting a problem and just say that,hey my reply option is not showing up,i've updated to the latest,app version i've also gone through and,accepted the latest messaging you know,features and everything but it's still,not working,so go through that process,submit a help request and hopefully,instagram will get back to you in the,next week or so and get it enabled hope,this helps let us know if you have any,questions in the comments below make,sure to subscribe

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