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What Happened To Instagram's Founders?9 years ago, when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, ma

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

What Happened To Instagram's Founders?

9 years ago, when Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, many industry leaders were,skeptical about the decision.,Facebook themselves had just become profitable a few years before that, and they hadn’t,even gone public yet.,So, it didn’t seem very reasonable to spend $1 billion on a photo-sharing app that had,only been around for 1.5 years with a total of 13 employees.,With time, however, Facebook’s decision to acquire Instagram has proven to be a brilliant,business decision as Instagram is estimated to be worth a whopping $100 billion today.,Given that Facebook didn’t create Instagram though, what happened to Instagram’s founders,and why did they leave Facebook in 2018?,Well, starting off with Mike Krieger, Mike was born on March 4, 1986, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.,We don’t really know much about his early life, but it does seem like Mike excelled,in school as he would be admitted into Stanford in 2004.,At Stanford, Mike majored in symbolic systems and he would later meet Kevin Systrom, the,other founder of Instagram, during a fellowship.,When the two eventually started working on Instagram, Mike mainly managed the technical,side of Instagram.,He would fix outages, make sure there was enough server capacity, and so on and so forth.,One time, Mike says that when he woke up in the morning, he saw an email saying that Instagram,had gone down.,He instantly opened up the app to see what was going on, when he noticed that Instagram,was running perfectly fine.,Mike asked Kevin and some early employees if they had fixed the issues, but none of,them had.,Confused, Mike decided to look at the terminal to see who had made the last edit, and it,turns out that Mike had actually woken up at 3:30 AM, fixed the outage, and gone back,to sleep.,Clearly, Instagram’s operations weren’t perfect, but this would all change when Facebook,bought Instagram in late 2012.,Owning 10% of the company, Mike made a total of $100 million from the acquisition.,Assuming that Mike’s payout was proportional to the overall acquisition, Mike received,$30 million in cash and $70 million in Facebook stock.,Facebook decided to keep Instagram a separately run business, so Mike and Kevin maintained,relative autonomy.,But the financial, technological, and human resources they received from Facebook were,invaluable.,After the acquisition, Mike became the CTO of Instagram where he scaled the engineering,team from just 6 general developers to 300 specialized engineers.,One of the first projects that the team worked on after the acquisition was launching a web,browser version of Instagram.,This was one of the first times that a mobile app was translated into a website.,Usually, it was the other way around.,Anyway, later in April of 2015, Mike partnered with a charity organization called GiveWell,,where he donated $750,000.,In 2016, Mike worked on redesigning the app to better match modern UI and design.,And in 2018, Mike worked on launching IGTV.,At this point, it seemed like things were going great.,Mike had a lot of autonomy within Instagram, the app’s user base was growing exponentially,,and Instagram was transitioning from an up-and-coming startup to an established social media player.,Yet, just a couple of months after the launch of IGTV in September of 2018, Mike and Kevin,announced that they would be leaving Instagram and Facebook.,But before we get into that, let’s take a look at Kevin’s side of the story up until,this point.,Kevin Systrom was born on December 30, 1983, in Holliston Massachusetts.,As a kid, Kevin often played a video game called Doom 2 which fueled an interest in,programming.,Kevin would also end up attending Stanford for his bachelor’s, but Kevin majored in,management science and engineering.,While at Stanford, Kevin was selected to take part in the Mayfield Fellows Program which,not only allowed him to meet Mike but also score an internship at Odeo.,If you’re not familiar with Odeo, these are actually the guys who would go on to create,Twitter.,Anyway, Kevin didn’t jump straight into Instagram, or Burbn as it was originally called,,right after college.,In 2006, Kevin actually joined Google as an associate product marketing manager.,At Google, Kevin worked on Google calendar, Gmail, Docs, and Sheets.,A few years into his venture at Google, a couple of his coworkers left the company to,create their own company called Nextstop.,Nextstop was a social travel recommendation site, and Kevin would follow his coworkers,and join the startup.,Kevin didn’t work at Nextstop for too long, but his experience with the startup was essential,in the creation of Instagram.,Fun fact, Nextstop was acquired by Facebook as well in 2010.,After his stint at Nextstop, Kevin would go around silicon valley and pitch his idea for,Burbn to a plethora of venture capitalists.,Andreessen Horowitz and Baseline Ventures would agree to invest $500,000 into the idea,and this allowed Kevin and Mike to get Burbn off the ground.,Initially, Burbn was actually a check-in a

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Elon Musk: "DELETE Your Social Media NOW!" - Here's Why!

Elon Musk: "DELETE Your Social Media NOW!" - Here's Why!

but one of the issues with social media,it's been pointed out by many people is,that,i think maybe particularly instagram um,people look like they have a much better,life,than,they really do right so by design yeah,people are posting pictures of when,they're really happy,they're modifying those pictures to be,better looking,um even if they're not modifying the,pictures they're at least selecting the,pictures for the best lighting the best,angle,um so,people basically seem,uh they're way better looking than they,basically really are right um,and they're,way happier seeming than they really are,so if you look at everyone on instagram,you might think man,they're all these happy beautiful people,and,i'm not that good looking and i'm not,happy so i'ma suck,you know and that's gonna,make feel sad,so when in fact,those people you think are super happy,actually not that happy some of them are,really depressed they're very sad,some of the happiest seeming people,actually some of the saddest people in,reality um,and and and nobody looks good all the,time doesn't matter who you are,uh so i think i think things like that,can make people quite sad,just by comparison because you sort of,you people,people generally think of themselves,relative to,to others it's it's a we are constantly,re-re-baselining our expectations,and you can see this say if you watch,some show like naked and afraid or,you know if you just go and try living,in the woods by yourself for a while and,you're like,the learned civilization is quite great,it has a lot it's a lot of it's people,want to come back civilization pretty,fast on naked and afraid,i i'm not normally an advocate of,regulation and oversight i mean i think,once you generally you're on the side of,minimizing those things,but this is a case where you have a very,serious danger to the public and,therefore there needs to be a public,body that,has insight and then oversight on to,confirm that everyone is,developing ai safely,like this is extremely important i think,danger of ai is much greater than the,the danger of nuclear warheads by,unlocked and nobody would suggest that,we allow,anyone to just build nuclear warheads if,they want,that would be insane and mark my words,ai is far more dangerous than nukes,far so why do we have no regulatory,oversight this is insane i'm not really,all that worried about the short-term,stuff the things that are um,like narrow ai is not a species level,risk,it will result in dislocation uh in lost,jobs and,you know that,sort of better weaponry and that kind of,thing but it is not a fundamental,species level risk uh whereas uh digital,super intelligence is so,it's really all about laying the,groundwork to make sure that if if,humanity collectively decides that,creating digital super intelligence is,the right move,then,we should do so very very carefully,very very carefully,this is the most important thing that we,could possibly do

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Instagram Founders On Success Of Their App: ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ | TODAY

Instagram Founders On Success Of Their App: ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ | TODAY

if ever you've posted a photograph to,Instagram to show your friends where you,are what you're doing or maybe what,you're having for lunch,you can thank Kevin Systrom and Mike,Krieger theirs is a familiar startup,success story from Apple to Google and,now Instagram to smart guys get together,with an idea and not much else,and end up changing the world it was,only six and a half years ago that Kevin,and Mike launched Instagram last week,the platform crossed 700 million active,monthly users so how did they do it and,where do they go from here I got,together with the Instagram guys for a,Sunday sit down Instagram was a startup,idea whose beauty was in its simplicity,take a single photograph of where you,are or what you're doing share it in,real time with the people in your life,and give them an easy button to push to,show they like it that simple idea is,now a global community so let's talk,about 700 million monthly users you guys,set out to do this six and a half years,ago could you ever have dreamed being,where you are today back then no I think,we started you know knowing that we,wanted to bring this out to the world,but this is kind of beyond our wildest,dreams when we were getting started back,then I remember looking at Mike and,being like I think we're on to something,meanwhile he's stressing out trying to,keep the server's up and he's like maybe,thirty-three-year-old Kevin Systrom and,31 year old Mike Krieger met while,studying at Stanford University Kevin,already had worked at a company called,OTO which later would become Twitter he,shared a desk with current Twitter CEO,Jack Dorsey Mike had come to Stanford,from his native Brazil,you remember Mike meeting Kevin at,Stanford I do I specifically remember,talking to Kevin about oh do I was like,oh you intern you know the company that,became Twitter and we talked about it we,barely knew each other in college but it,was only when I had left my job at a,small startup and I was like I want to,start something independently I met Mike,in a coffee shop and he was working on,he was hacking on a project and I was,like cool he's hacking on a project he,seems really smart while he still was in,college Kevin turned down an offer from,a young entrepreneur to work at a,company he was building the entrepreneur,was Mark Zuckerberg the company was,Facebook and I remember meeting one of,my mentors and I was like hey like,should I do this Facebook thing and I,remember the person saying it's a fad in,2010 four years after graduating,Stanford system and Krieger got together,to start their own company what was it,like on day one when it was you two guys,in the coffee shop where did you start,on that ground floor we started in a,small co-working space called Dogpatch,labs but it was basically on a pier in,San Francisco didn't have heat so late,nights I remember looking over and,Mike's got on this giant parka with like,the fur around the thing and you can see,his breath as he's coding um it it was,it was rough their first idea a company,called Bourbon didn't work out but they,took what they learned from the,experience and in the fall of 2010,launched Instagram in less than three,months 1 million people had joined the,open network we basically stripped away,everything and said all right if we want,to just make this particular experience,of taking a photo sharing it being,really proud of it and excited to share,and making that really quick how do we,make that incredible and as you sat,there at your laptop so you're watching,this thing explode at some point did it,feel like,ah this is getting away from us we're,not ready for this much success this,quickly we're sitting there watching us,cross a million it was like you know,999966 Instagram oh my god that person,is using and we dreamed up first one was,Snoop Dogg snoop Dogg yeah the first is,he really like joined early and just you,know I think early enough that matters,right like Snoop makes it cool he gives,his stamp of approval and people flow in,behind him well you've got a team of you,know whatever eight or nine at the time,and Snoop Dogg joins and then you get a,message that snoops people want to come,over to the office like snoops people,wanna I don't I don't have people you,have people this still happens right so,in the past year I went to the Vatican,and helped onboard the Pope and you just,realize like these people who are so,influential in the world are using our,product to get their message out in the,world ah and that's really special,that's gotta be a moment when the Pope,signs up for Instagram you help him get,on yeah whatever paths were gonna be,your holiness,right and all he had to do is touch the,signup button and it's just like I,really hope this works,Mark Zuckerberg took notice of what was,happening at Instagram he called Kevin,with a second chance to come to Facebook,less than two years into its life,Instagram was sold to Facebook in April,of 2012 for 1 billion dollars how did,those conversations initiate what

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Why Instagram Reels Is Struggling to Compete Against TikTok | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

Why Instagram Reels Is Struggling to Compete Against TikTok | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

this is your Tech news briefing for,Tuesday September 13th I'm Zoe Thomas,for The Wall Street Journal,in recent months Instagram has gotten,criticism from some users including,celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim,Kardashian for trying to copy tick,tock's video Centric style in July CEO,Adam osari told users in a video posted,to Instagram that the platform had heard,their concerns but that video was an,important part of its future I need to,be honest I do believe that more and,more of Instagram is going to become,video over time we see this even if we,change nothing we see this even if you,just look at chronological feed if you,look at what people share on Instagram,that's shifting more and more to videos,over time if you look at what people,like and consume and view on Instagram,that's also shifting more and more to,video over time even when we stop,changing anything so we're gonna have to,lean into that shift but to do that,Instagram and its parent company meta,need to get more people using its short,form video feature Instagram reels,and according to a document reviewed by,The Wall Street Journal that summarizes,meta's internal research on reels that's,not going as well as the company would,like here to discuss what we found and,why Instagram is so focused on this,pivot is wsj Tech reporter Megan,bobrowski,Hi Megan thanks for joining me thanks,for having me Zoe start us off with a,bit of background I mean how popular are,reels now and how does it compare to,kind of the the usage time that we see,for tick tock yeah Instagram reels the,company says that they've been growing,you know in popularity but according to,an internal document that was published,in August the reels are watch time is,nowhere close to the hours that are,being spent on Tick Tock so on Instagram,the document says that users are,spending about 17 million hours a day,watching reels and so on ticks Hawk,users are spending almost 200 million,hours a day on Tick Tock so that's more,than 10 times the amount of time users,are spending on Tick Tock versus on,Instagram reels I mean that's a,significant difference what is meta,Instagram's parents say about that so,they say that the data about the viewing,hours is outdated and not Global in,scope but they also declined to give new,numbers or updated numbers can you tell,us a little bit about how we know this,information and how we know about,Instagram's plan for dealing with reels,and trying to make it more popular,yeah so there's this document that was,published internally in August called,The Creator real State of the Union and,it said that Real's engagement over the,past four weeks had actually been,falling by about 13 and it also said,that most reals users have no engagement,whatsoever what are creators saying,about their experience using it or maybe,choosing I guess not to use it yeah so,younger creators for sure you know take,talk is their platform this is where,they post and so some users will repost,their tick tocks to Instagram but,Instagram does not like when users do,that they want users to be creating,original content for Instagram and so,what they'll do is they'll downrank,reposted content which means that less,people are going to see it so for the,story I interviewed a Creator who does,really well in Tick Tock and so he,posted,the same video across Tick Tock,Instagram reels YouTube shorts and,Snapchat Spotlight and it got millions,of views on every single platform except,for Instagram reels and so this I think,is an example of you know not posting,original content is Instagram saying,it's going to make it so you don't get,as many views but at the same time this,Creator was saying you know no one's,going to make original content for,Instagram it's a lot of time it's a lot,of effort and you know when you're not,already seeing the payoffs of it sort of,what's the point but at the same time,there's some creators who have been able,to slightly tweak their content or to,emphasize certain parts of it and that,does seem to get them results on the,different platforms so what is Instagram,trying to do to convince some of these,creators to post more original content,to their platform so Instagram announced,last year that it was going to be,opening this one billion dollar fund to,pay creators and it's it's bigger than,you know tick tocks which is supposed to,tick tock's fun is going to pay out one,billion dollars over the next three,years but in terms of what the internal,documents Show Instagram reels so far,has paid out 120 million dollars and the,company says that you know this number,is dated this isn't cracked and it also,doesn't factor in payments to Facebook,creators as some listeners probably know,meta has been struggling with,advertising Revenue over the last year,or so how much of a push is this move,into short form videos to get more,advertising how is that impacting this,decision so meta's ad business is still,comparatively doing well I mean they do,generate more Revenue per user tha

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This company owns the world (and it's our fault) - BlackRock

This company owns the world (and it's our fault) - BlackRock

- ماذا لو أخبرتك أن هناك شركة,قوية جدًا على هذا الكوكب اليوم ،,بحيث تؤثر على كل جانب من جوانب حياتنا تقريبًا؟,شركة غنية جدًا ، بحيث تمتلك أصولًا أكثر,من الناتج المحلي الإجمالي لكل دولة في العالم ،,باستثناء دولتين.,شركة تعد أكبر مستثمر منفرد,في تدمير غابات كوكبنا,وأكبر مساهم مالي,في صناعة الوقود الأحفوري.,وماذا لو أخبرتك أيضًا أنه من المحتمل جدًا,أنك مسؤول عن تمويل هذه الشركة,والسماح لها بالقيام بما تفعله؟,وحتى لو حاولت بأقصى جهدك ،,فسيكون من المستحيل تقريبًا أن,تتوقف عن منحهم المال.,الحقيقة المخيفة هي أن هذه الشركة موجودة,ومن المرجح أنك لم تسمع اسمها من قبل.,الشركة بلاك روك.,أقسم هذا الفيديو إلى جزأين ،,المشكلة والحل.,قد يكون هذا هو أهم مقطع فيديو,قمت بإنشائه على هذه القناة ، لأنه يمنحك نظرة ثاقبة حول,كيفية عمل ملكية الكوكب,ومن قد يكون هو الذي يتحكم,في كل شيء تقريبًا في حياتنا بأكملها.,وهذا على الأرجح ، أنت تساهم في هذه الفوضى بأكملها من,خلال تمويل هذا العرض بأكمله.,هناك الكثير لنتحدث عنه في هذا الفيديو ،,لذا سأطلب منك فقط الضغط على زر الإعجاب,ودعنا ندخل إليه.,الجزء الأول ، المشكلة.,حسنًا ، لنتحدث عن بلاك روك,وبعض المشاكل العملاقة المرتبطة,بهذه الشركة الهائلة.,أولاً وقبل كل شيء ، تعد BlackRock أكبر,شركة لإدارة الأصول على هذا الكوكب.,لديهم أسهم وملكية شركات وممتلكات,وأطنان من الأشياء الأخرى.,بالطبع ، بهدف رئيسي هو تحقيق الربح,لأنفسهم ولمساهميهم.,وهم يمتلكون جزءًا من كل شيء تقريبًا.,وعندما أقول كل شيء ، فأنا أعني كل شيء حقًا.,اسمحوا لي أن أشرح كيف.,الأسماء التي تظهر على الشاشة هي,أكبر سبعة بنوك في أمريكا,وبطريقة أو بأخرى ،,إذا كنت أمريكيًا تحصل على قروض ، أو تقوم بأعمالك المصرفية ،,أو لديك استثمارات ، أو لديك صندوق تقاعد ،,فمن المحتمل أنك متصل بأحد هذه البنوك.,لكن من يملك هذه البنوك؟,حسنًا ، بطريقة أو بأخرى تعمل BlackRock.,بلاك روك هي إما أكبر المساهمين في جميع هذه البنوك السبعة,أو أحد أكبر المساهمين فيها.,كلهم.,لذا ، إذا كنت جزءًا من النظام المصرفي الأمريكي العام ،,فمن المحتمل أنه ليس لديك حقًا خيار,التعامل مع BlackRock أم لا,وأنت تثق,به للاحتفاظ ببعض أموالك.,قد تعتقد أن لديك خيارًا مع الخدمات المصرفية ،,لكنه حقًا وهم الاختيار.,ولكن إذا كنت لا تعيش في أمريكا ،,فلا تعتقد أنك آمن ،,لأنه من المحتمل أنك,في متناول شركة بلاك روك أيضًا.,على سبيل المثال ، تمتلك BlackRock أسهمًا,في أكبر أربعة بنوك أسترالية,وهي أكبر مساهم منفرد,في جميع هذه البنوك.,في ألمانيا ،,يمتلكون جزءًا من دويتشه بنك ، كومرتس بنك ،,بالإضافة إلى أنهم يمتلكون جزءًا كبيرًا من النظام البريدي الألماني.,في المملكة المتحدة ، هم أكبر مساهم في بنك Lloyds,وفي جميع أنحاء أوروبا ، لا يوجد بلد تقريبًا,لا تمتلك BlackRock أسهمًا ،,في مؤسسة مالية أو بنك واحد على الأقل.,وحتى هنا في أيسلندا القديمة الصغيرة ،,من عمليات الحفر التي قمنا بها ،,يبدو أن كل بنك في أيسلندا,يقوم ببعض الأعمال التجارية مع BlackRock,أو يستثمر أموال شركته في صناديق BlackRock.,هذا هو العمل المصرفي ، ولكن هناك العديد من الطرق الأخرى,التي تجد أموالك طريقها إلى BlackRock أيضًا.,هناك احتمالات ، إذا سبق لك القيام بأي عمل من قبل ،,فلديك صندوق تقاعد.,يمكن تسمية صناديق التقاعد 401 ، أو التقاعد,أو مجرد صندوق معاشات ،,حسب المكان الذي تعيش فيه في العالم.,عندما تضع أموالك في صناديق التقاعد ، فإن,صندوقك يضعها في استثمارات,لمساعدتها على النمو من أجل التقاعد.,لكن من المحتمل ألا يكون لديك رأي في,الاتجاه الذي ستذهب إليه هذه الأموال بالفعل.,لكن هذا لا يهم حقًا على أي حال ،,لأنهم جميعًا يستثمرون بشكل أساسي مع BlackRock.,في العالم المتقدم ، هناك فرصة كبيرة جدًا,جدًا أن يتم استثمار,أموالك في صندوق التقاعد الخاص بك مع BlackRock,أو في صندوق متصل بـ BlackRock بطريقة ما.,لذا ، فإن أموالك تجد طريقها إلى هناك أيضًا.,وماذا عن التأمين؟,حسنًا ، العديد من أكبر شركات التأمين ،,مثل AIG أو Allianz ، إما مملوكة جزئيًا,أو تستثمر بأموال BlackRock.,وفي أمريكا ، تمتلك شركات التأمين,استثماراتها مع BlackRock,أكثر من أي شركة أخرى.,لذلك ، لا يهم حقًا,أين تضع أموالك على أي حال ،,لأنه بطريقة ما ، فإن تشكيل أو تشكيل,أموالك تجد طريقها إلى BlackRock.,في أماكن مثل أمريكا ، تم الإبلاغ عن,أن BlackRock وصناديق التقاعد تدفع ما يصل إلى 50٪ أعلى,من السعر المطلوب لمنازل الأسرة الواحدة ،,في محاولة لشراء أكبر قدر ممكن من سوق العقارات,.,وهذا بدوره يؤدي إلى ارتفاع أسعار العقارات بشكل كبير,ويقلل من فرص,شراء تلك المنازل للأشخاص العاديين مثلك ومثلك.,تود وسائل الإعلام مثل Vox أن تصدق,أن مشاكل سوق الإسكان,والسبب الذي يجعل الشخص العادي لا يستطيع شراء منزل,لا علاقة له بحقيقة أن بنوك وول ستريت,مثل Goldman Sachs و BlackRock ،,تغرق السوق بالمال.,لكن ما لم يخبروك به في هذا المقال هو أن,Vox تمت رعايته بالفعل ، لفترة طويلة جدًا ، من,قبل بنك وول ستريت ، جولدمان ساكس.,علاوة على ذلك ، تمتلك BlackRock بالفعل جزءًا من Vox من,خلال امتلاك أسهم في الشركة الأم لـ Vox ، والتي,تسمى Comcast.,إذن ، بمن يمكنك أن تثق؟,لكنها تصبح أكثر جنونًا من هذا.,لتظهر لك حقًا مدى وصول BlackRock ،,فأنت لا تنظر مباشرةً إلى ما يمتلكونه ،,بل تنظر أيضًا إلى ما يمتلكونه من خلال الارتباط.,تمتلك BlackRock حصة في العديد من الشركات,الاستثمارية والبنوك الاستثمارية حول العالم.,لنأخذ Goldman Sachs ، على سبيل المثال ،,الذي ذكرته للتو.,تم اعتبار هذا البنك الاستثماري ،,جزئيًا على الأقل ،,مسؤولاً عن الأزمة المالية لعام 2008.,تعد BlackRock واحدة من أكبر المساهمين,في Goldman Sachs ،,مما يعني أن لديهم حقوق تصويت مهمة للغاية,فيما يتعلق بالمكان الذي يستثمر فيه Goldman Sachs أمواله.,وهذا يعني بالامتداد أن BlackRock تم

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audience what what are you doing sooner,the Christmas like patio it's,mesmerizing I know I've been out here,for is that a plate already that's,perfect loving planes happened it made,me talk different intros coffee light,nice so um oh you got some major smudge,basically I like wearing this hat cuz,makes my elf ears look gigantic and also,and those are in now like ever since,nerds happened and became popular and,people just love l feared people we have,music yeah oh that's my jam tickle,that's my damn pickle you didn't run,away that's the closest I've everyone,it's copyrighted is that Kaepernick yeah,Christmas music is over royalty free so,pickle is terrified of any close,encounters with me maybe it's the Santa,hats make some friendlier I know you boo,do ok so there's music but going on to,the house in preparation of called party,which is probably going to my parents,are going to get a crazy noise complaint,because I think there's going to be a,lot of people here potentially some of,which will be the police not the band we,can give instruments though he'll be,awesome mom so who you going yeah you,could do a new I suppose that rant video,today about passwords and I like it i,think i'm gonna be angry more often i,got a lot of stuff to rant about already,so this thing is driving me freakin,crazy would you stop stop it it's not my,head is not tetherball Pole anyways so,oh you angel someone I ran some more in,so Instagram I don't know what the,latest is on that but if you hear the,Instagram said they could sell you know,your photos that are posted or make,money off of them and it's a great idea,but there needs to be like Rep split or,something they're just website razzy me,or you can post a sponsor you post,pictures and you know put ads on and,they'll give you a split split I have no,idea what that even means like if you,get millions of because I have a bunch,of Instagram views like millions,what does that mean no how much money,could you possibly make up a freaking,picture I don't know be awesome to be,able to be a photographer though and,grow you know like a following like on,youtube and put ads on it that's just so,awesome so hopefully that will happen,instagram should definitely freaking,give reps but god my head itch is so,good ah anyways I don't know i'll look,into it more i haven't been reading with,blue Khudobin subscription and I think,everybody's you know obviously they're,really mad right now because no one gets,any money except for Instagram if they,do plan to do that but they're basically,saying that everyone that you know every,picture on Instagram they can start,selling ads against I think starting mid,January if you delete your account,before them you can opt out but I think,after then all your stuff is is owned by,them but then they came back and they,said that they're not they're going to,take it back instagram set that they're,cool so we're not you guys are mad about,that huh yeah we're not going to do that,anymore really good but anyways I just,wanted to show you this house of freaked,the music coming out of it it's,fantastic there's this rug some parents,house there's this rug with like that,looks like a tree log to tree log rug,it's amazing that's what every pie every,house is complete with one of the as a,bookshelf you know the secret passage,though that leads into freaking,ridiculous sound system it doesn't go,anywhere you can't even really fit in,there to hide from the inevitable police,that come from the noise complaint bless,your face if you sneeze video bless you,the winner of essays heelys is,annotating the bottom middle of video I,could have checked how many Healy's I,have left to give away i'm going to ask,them but hopefully infinite now the one,over yesterday's Healy's is entered in,the bottom middle of video through an,entrance of heelys post a comment about,Swahili music Instagram lights,photography or santa hat bolts piece op,but i do subscribe outdrove doc then,redness and whiteness learden

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Memes I found On Instagram #5

Memes I found On Instagram #5

foreign,have a good night,foreign,no it's not,what,oh gosh,Nice Shot dumbass,so I got it running it's running pretty,smooth,well the problem is,I don't think it's supposed to do that,is,told her my car was fast so she started,talking smack to a Hellcat at the,stoplight,no no no no no no no no no no no no no,no no no no no no no,foreign,foreign,wait it's all Earth,uh yeah you're an astronaut Gary how do,you not know this if you've been,training in school for this for 20 years,this 11 year old boy found a baby buried,in sand and you won't believe what,happened so this actually reminded me of,another video I'm about to show you guys,but if you laugh you're definitely gonna,go to hell,now,what an incredible game congratulations,to Iran I don't know how likely America,will take it but I'm pretty sure they,will not take it lightly at all,foreign,I'm,doing Maybe 90.,she put my Naval yellow hearts,her favorite color,that's 300K on my day ends do you,remember last night,so be careful with a heart cause it's,fragile,ladies if you're in the shower with a,man and,he wants to do something nice like wash,your back just say thank you,there's no need for all of this who are,you and how did you get in my house,hey all right look don't block me don't,block me but,is your name promote,Choice,Richard I just smashed your phone,sir if you have a complaint I suggest,you submit it to our email system I,would be happy to refer you to our,website you are done,fired,I'm not sure your face,well my name is Skyler white yo,my husband is Walter White yo,uh-huh he told me everything,has the girl ever talked to you no this,is Olivia,nice,all right what's your relationship like,with your father,I don't have one,there she go with that color,your mother's already running your,Harvard essay,foreign,foreign,in the morning about to be 7 10 it's 7,10 anyways I haven't slept,staring at my ceiling for some reason my, brain just chilling,remix,oh my God, Don't Kill My Vibe I can feel your,energy from two planets,ah,every single one of them,and not just the men,but the women,and the chip,that's how condom works,foreign,happier since I changed from coffee in,the morning to Orange my doctor,explained that it's the vitamin C and,natural sugars but I think it's the VOD,never be able to unheard this,it would be so awesome,it would be so cool,that's a big boy,dumbass,he,p-e-r-o-l huh that's a funny way to,spell water this will cool you off,George,I'm happy I'm feeling glad I Got,Sunshine in a Bag I'm useless Friday,night funkin or Black History Month,just answer the question,I heard you watch JoJo's Bizarre,Adventure,I mean what's really bizarre is the fact,you get no ,I mean I hear you love anime girls but,you can't talk to women,Effie dogs has a up birth chart,that's not just because he's a Gemini,he ate people,he was a prolific serial killer you're,just summing that up to Long Gemini,Vibes what can't be my size baby you,don't you go it is,foreign,get out of my sandwich,no,foreign,do you do,pick this up is it going to be Boston,we're gonna find out first I gotta,remove this one,thank you,this song from The Lego Movie they sing,that everything is awesome which,means that they think everything is,awesome as they said which is a little,strange to me because on September 11th,wife's father-in-law owns a Precision,parts manufacturing company he had a lot,of extra square footage in his Factory,yeah play any video games maybe,OverWatch League of Legends nope because,that's for low IQ peasants you look like,someone who would play League of Legends,you look like a gentian impact enjoyer,have you ever played that chocolate ice,cream was made with a tree that's in,your neighborhood you don't know where I,live you don't know if my neighborhood,has trees you don't know if I like ice,cream you don't know anything,it's the first time cutting my own hair,uh so I got y'all on a fan to pretty,much show you the full experience on how,I did it,so basically all I did was a taper fade,and uh I just looked up a YouTube video,on how to do it and there was this guy,he did like a step by step,take a spooky dookie,um thank you,sir do you have any extra food I don't,sorry oh you don't yeah I'm sorry man,here you go I'm well I'm good so you,don't you don't have any extra food,though whoa

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#108 QUIZ QUESTION: Which corporation owns Instagram?

#108 QUIZ QUESTION: Which corporation owns Instagram?

welcome everyone to the internet quiz,show I'm HK wager this is episode 8 of,the Internet quiz show what was the,average size of a new house in the US,and 2016 average size of a new house in,the United States in the year 2016,1,800 square feet 2200 square feet 2,600,square feet 3,200 square feet,suburbia here we come 2,600 square feet,of livable air-conditioned Obul heated,space 7% growth is a doubling every how,many years every 70 years every 10 years,every fourteen point two years every,seven years if you have 7% growth and it,compounds how long will it take whatever,you have to double how many years the,answer is 10 years 7% growth is a,doubling every 10 years 10% growth,blabbity blah question 3 in DNA adenine,guanine cytosine and thymine are known,as nucleic acid analogs quad and tarry,peptides plasmids nitrogenous bases,quadrant Airy peptides nitrogenous bases,which corporation owns Instagram mmm,News Corporation Facebook corporation,Google Corporation a Chinese investment,firm corporation the answer is Bookface,corporation a Chinese investment firm,that's the wrong answer,let's fix that Irish architect James,Hoban designed the White House designed,the spire in Dublin,the Louvre the New York State Capitol,what did James Hoban design James Hoban,designed the White House the White House,in DC the presidential home Voltaire's,name was Guy de Maupassant,I am Frenchie literate people I,apologize,Fred's wall Maria Rhett charles,baudelaire,albert hugo Voltaire's a name which was,it,Francoise Maria Rhett,question 7 who said sometimes a cigar is,just the cigar Allen Wheeless Sigmund,Freud Groucho Marx Rudyard Kipling who,said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,well people think it's Sigmund Freud but,it's technically Alan Willis Alan,Wheeless quoted for saying it but no one,can find where Freud said it if you're,interested look it up if not let's move,on,question 8 the number of different ways,you can arrange a deck of cards has more,possibilities than winning the Powerball,lottery the total number of grains of,sand on earth the total number of atoms,that make up the earth there are atoms,in the universe then there are atoms in,the universe I see poorly worded 52,factorial the total number of atoms that,make up the earth is smaller than the,possibilities of arranging a deck of,cards that means you've never shuffled a,deck of cards twice given equal,shuffling polyglot asst polygons ODIs,means a Greek painter fear of knots,having multiple pinky fingers many,people eating in Latin interesting a,Greek painter rapscallions Greeks,question 10 in German Proust means,principle leader goodbye for now cheers,in German Prost means principal leader,goodbye for now or cheers Cheers Prost,you don't know it's probably better,question 11 the closing of the American,mind was written by John Taylor Gatto,John Holt Grace Lewin or Alan bloom the,closing of the American mind check out,all those authors Alan bloom Alan bloom,question 12 which member of the animal,kingdom has the largest brain in,proportion to its size elephant a human,and ant or an octopus which member of,the animal kingdom has the largest brain,in proportion to its size pretty smart,the octopus,the answer is ant ant pound-for-pound,size for size what is a MacGuffin a,MacGuffin is it a plot device and Irish,snitch a fictional animal or a Scottish,sandwich MacGuffin MacGuffin potato,MacGuffin MacGuffin is a plot device in,storytelling question 14 which country,has the most tornadoes is it China is it,Rwanda is it Nigeria or is it the United,States most tornadoes,us of course tornado alley between the,Appalachians in the Rockies salience II,means the importance of an issue the,saltiness of a liquid the satisfaction,level of the public or the legality of a,government how salient is it how,important of an issue is it question 16,which country has the biggest forests in,the world is that the United States is,it Germany is it Russia or is it,rasul-allah a lot of effort in these,questions you'd think the answer is,Brazil but no Russia's a pretty damn big,place Russia question 17 what was the,name of the Wed loathe bear whoo Blackie,Ben cousin or Herod Blackie Ben cousin,our Hara down if you know who the Wed,lows are you know the name of the bear,and you know its name was Ben question,18 little head,boom boom operator do checks fax drops,the dynamite in the hole holds the,microphone NSA spy,boom boom operator holds the microphone,question 19 the highest attendance ever,recorded of a baseball game was in which,year 2014,1989 1983 1959 highest attendance ever,recorded of a baseball game was in 1959,question 20 a chef's hat is said to have,100 pleats to signify 100 percent effort,at taste and presentation 100 years of,cooking knowledge nothing or 100 ways to,cook an egg a true chef's hat has 100,pleats to signify 100 ways to cook an,egg go put that in your pan and cook it,boom alright question 21 fill in the,blank worth 19 points oh hello everyone,this is your daily dose of Int

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