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Most Followed Instagram AccountsMost Followed Instagram Accounts,In this video, we have compared 50

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Most Followed Instagram Accounts,In this video, we have compared 50 Instagram accounts,with the highest number of followers.,In addition to the number of followers, we have also shown,the profession or field of activity of each, and their nationalities.,The number of followers of some of these accounts,change very quickly, and some of them may have changed,quite a little now that you are watching this video.,For example, because of the World Cup,,the number of followers of footballers on this list, such as,Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo, may suddenly increase.,Among these 50 accounts, 27 belong to women and 15 to men.,Also, 8 accounts belong to companies, brands, sports clubs, etc.,Kylie Jenner, the television personality, model and,businesswoman, has the highest number of followers,among women in Instagram with 372 million followers.,Also, among men, with 501 followers,,the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo has,the highest number of followers on Instagram,,which is the second rank in this comparison.,Which of these Instagram accounts have you followed?,Who do you think deserves more or less followers?,Tell us your opinions in the comments and don’t forget to like and subscribe.

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Top 10 Most Followed Person On Instagram 2021 (In The World)

Top 10 Most Followed Person On Instagram 2021 (In The World)

and what's everyone in this video i'm,going to tell you top 10 most followed,person on instagram in the world,if you want to know about that then,watch this video till end so my name is,manish and you're watching manishwa,youtube channel so without wasting any,time let's get started,you

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Which Of My Instagram Followers, Has The Most Followers?

Which Of My Instagram Followers, Has The Most Followers?

Which of my instagram followers has the most instagram followers,Oh god, the last time we did this video we fed the youtube community for many many months,But i'm not gonna lie to you getting this list is a lot more of a fun for instagram than it is for twitter,Which is why no one's done this video yet. A computer has been running for days and days to generate this list,Basically, I thought a fun game that we could do is take a look at our top 50 most followed instagram followers,but a fun game that we could also do as well as that is scroll back really far on everybody's,Profile to find really embarrassing photos of themselves and then we will share them to our 1.3 million subscribers, by the way,Please do subscribe and follow us on instagram. That'd be nice,All right starting at number 54 because I think he'd be sad if he wasn't included,It's minnie mouse many of you don't know is the fella that helped us get the diamond play button,All right, looking at his last instagram pictures. They're all just pictures of me, you know fair enough,You got to get the likes somehow, but now we're going to scroll,Really far back. Let's get some good ones. Let's get to the good stuff. Oh, no,Oh, that's a nice watermelon. Mini. We can go way further. We haven't even gotten started,All right. We're at 2016,Caption for this one is this is my confused face,And then there's an upside down smiley face and then you know that that's really nice that man,You know what? We've not gone far enough. We've got to keep this going. Jesus christ. These are all 2016,Minnie, you used to post way too much. There. He is. We're done tdm. Nicely done,Oh jesus christ 5th of december 4th of december 2nd december 1st of december. I don't even care,Let's just move on the next person our actual 50th. Most followed instagram follower. It's donnie borb's. Very nice,And oh, that's all of donnie's instagram pictures. They were really nice,Thanks for the content danny, by the way,Make sure to watch this video,To the end so that we can find out which of my instagram followers has the most followers,Who do you think it is? What I will say is they've got over 1 million followers at number 49. We've got markiplier,Dot memes. Wow. These markiplier. Memes are epic. No one my fish when it's dinner time,Hey, I think we should go feed our fish and find out how accurate this is,We've got a fella called jamie rain at 46 and he looks hard as nails to be fair to him. Oh, he's got music,Let's listen to it. How do I use instagram?,It's not it's music but i'm having fun,Anyway hear me mate, you know, what doesn't shock me that you had a nice time in kavos. Thank you for following me,Please don't hurt me bailey x nelson with 50 000 followers is our 45th most followed follower,I recognize bailey from our buying the cheapest cameos on cameo video. Oh my god. There he is. There he is. This is him,Really? Let's go for it, you know jack no joke could ever be as funny as you,Okay, that actually sounds a bit harsh I apologize,No need for that bailey no i'm getting a follow back. See you later,Tommy in it with 85 000 followers which by the way is way more than me. Please follow me on instagram guys,I'd really appreciate it. These are number 43. Let's take a look at his recent pictures. Oh, look at bloody wilbert,Why's he have to be drinking from his coffee cup and staring off into the sky?,Trying to look all deep and meaningful just smile for the bloody picture wilbur like lovely little tommy there,Look at his lovely little smiley face sort yourself out man wilbur i'm sick of it,Anyway, we need to continue our game and scroll back on tommy. Although he's only about nine, isn't he?,So he's not gonna have a massive list,Yeah,His first post from april,2019 which I assume was when he was old enough to make an instagram account dabbing on the rocks,That is epic that tommy. Nicely done. Oh my god. This is unreal our number 34,It's farming man, and I post pictures of tractors. This must be because i'm named after a massive ferguson tractor,Basically, my dad really likes tractors so my middle name massey, it's named after that big fella right there,Choose your favorite case or new holland comment your answer case. I,Only follow 600 people. I wonder why i'm one of them,Do you think they maybe used a robot to auto follow me because I have massey in my name,Well, I hope they like my pictures of unicorns. Anyway, all right spyfee is number 33 on our list,So let's continue our game of stalking back through their instagram to try and find lots of old pictures. That's it,What is god's sake so much for summer in england? Could it not rain forwards you? All right spy feet,I hope you're feeling it. All right level sims is number 32. So let's get scrolling back and see what we can find,Oh, we've got all the way to where she's got brown air when your hair won't cooperate,You're telling me steph and all that feeling girl. Yes, right guy rocky is at number 29,Me before and after learning you hit not

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1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

1-10K Followers on Instagram in 7 Days (Step By Step Guide)

in this video i'm going to be giving you,this six step blueprint to be able to,gain 10 000 followers on instagram by,the end of the week in fact i just,helped this creator do it this creator,do it this creator do it this creator do,it and this creator do it and all of,them were no different than you they're,small creators they didn't have any idea,what they were doing on instagram they,didn't know how many times to post what,time to post what hashtags use even what,kind of content decreed which are all,the things that i'm going to be sharing,with you in this video but i will warn,you if you skip just one part of this,video it's going to be the reason that,you don't gain that many followers on,instagram and it's going to be the,reason that ultimately you failed to,grow on instagram during the easiest,time ever to grow on instagram now,before i get into that i need you to,smash that subscribe button if you want,to grow quicker on instagram tic tac or,youtube i literally upload a video about,how to go on these platforms every,single day in addition to that i created,a free instagram growth course you can,get the link in the pin comment below,it's going to share with you things that,won't be covered in this video like how,to turn your views and followers and so,much more so please make sure you get,into it it is 100 free what are you,waiting for now step number one you need,to make sure that you're actually,putting out the right content on,instagram cannot emphasize this enough,the only two pieces of content you,should be putting out are reels and,stories if you're not putting out reels,then you're not going to be growing on,instagram it's that simple the days of,just posting photos posting igtv posting,regular videos or just posting every,once in a while on instagram and,expecting to grow those days are over if,you look at the account of anybody,that's a small creator on instagram that,is growing right now they've posted a,ton of reels and that is why they've,been successful and you need to do the,same exact thing you need to understand,something instagram is focused on,competing with tick tock tick tock has,short form content which means that,short form content is what is working on,instagram right now in fact videos 5 to,11 seconds long are going viral on,instagram more than anything else and a,lot of you guys are making 60 second,videos 40 second videos and you're,making a huge mistake start making,shorter firm content on instagram reels,as long as that's what's working within,your niche which if you're watching this,video i'm pretty sure that's what's,working within your niche unless there's,something totally drastically different,that's going on in your niche in which,case you should hop on that and do that,but for the rest of you 5 to 11 second,videos are the way to go ideally they,want to be videos that are looping for,example this video right here is a loop,got over 10 000 views on this video and,luis was able to gain a ton of followers,from this video and you can do the same,exact thing within your content the way,that you actually loop your content is,by putting a really short clip and,making sure that they go to the,description to read what's in the,description that is what's going to,allow you to loop that is what's going,to get you over 100 watch time and,ultimately that's what's going to get,you more exposure on instagram because,all instagram cares about is keeping,people on the app and the easiest way,for them to know if you're keeping,people on the app is the watch time that,you're getting in your posts and they're,able to quantify that now with reels,they weren't able to do that with,pictures they weren't able to do that,with regular videos igtv because they,just weren't that advanced and tick-tock,really came out of nowhere and said hey,we're going to take the best things from,youtube and put them in a short form app,that's why tick-tock was so successful,now instagram is catching up but you,need to make sure that you're actually,adapting to the new ways of posting on,instagram so step number one making sure,that you're posting the right content,step number two making sure that your,content's the right length now we need,to make sure that you're actually making,your content about topics that are,working within your niche the easiest,way to find this is to go into the top,hashtags in your niche look at the small,creators in there that are blowing up,getting 50 000 views 100 000 views a,million views see what they did in their,videos either repost those videos or,recreate those videos and if those work,you need to make sure that you're,doubling down this is a huge mistake,that so many people are doing on,instagram in fact people do this all,over through everything in life,something works and they don't continue,to do it instead something works then,they do something totally different the,next time do not do that that is the,number one mistake that is holding you,back on instagram right now if

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Who Are My Most Famous Instagram Followers?

Who Are My Most Famous Instagram Followers?

which of my instagram followers,has the most followers or how much clout,do i have,my name is patrick cc make sure you're,hydrated while watching this video,kind of copied this video idea from jack,sucks at life one of the most original,youtubers out there so shout out to you,bro we're just going to take a look at,the top 30 so everyone that has,above 100 000 followers some honorable,mentions though we got asterisks,at 57k shout out to you my boy we got,bailey tattoo,who is phenomenal i mean look at this,this is just this is absolutely,ridiculous and she made something for me,one time so i use it as my twitter,picture we got shinigami we got cody,producer from internet money,cyrus shout out to you sad boy prolific,my boy,boobie ludavelli the king himself gucci,high waters,my dear friend lil aaron 808 rock out,now go stream that,gastly which is crazy to me because he's,an edm producer and i remember when he,was blowing up and i was in the edm,scene so that's just,weird little house phone my boy a toesie,best commentary youtuber out there and 6,45,ar dude salute bruh my boy okay let's,get into it top 30.,we got live mixtapes which is a pretty,crazy one because they have been,like a go-to place to find rappers,mixtapes for a long time so it's super,weird that they follow me now,if i'm remembering correctly that was,like one of the oldest or older places,to,find mixtapes so crazy that they follow,me i think this is my biggest flex right,here this easily could be my biggest,flex,aries yes and he only follows 66 people,my man is very particular with his,follow button and i,am one of those people honestly it's a,flex aries,i love you bro please drop music a lot,of people think that,we're like close friends and he is my,friend but i haven't talked to him in a,long time and,we need we need some music dog give us,something give us an instagram photo or,something,dude please you're killing us,next one we got maverick leonard if you,are a fan of tanner fox then you,probably know who,maverick is he is a scooter rider,unfortunately probably mostly known for,just being tanner fox's friend,this man is actually really really in,touch with like the underground music,scene,and he has really good taste he also has,a youtube channel where he works on,cars and he's just an all-around good,guy and maverick has supported me for a,long time,so i appreciate you we got dick around,dylan dude,again somebody who's very particular,with the follow button only follows 148,people,and this man is always doing some wild,we're gonna go to the movie theaters i'm,gonna try to fight people as best as i,can,i'm gonna try to spoil movies but i,don't know like what movies are actually,playing right now so i'm just gonna like,ask them what they're gonna go and see,which movie are you planning on seeing,midway have you seen the part in the,movie midway where the car just explodes,into a million pieces,i have not seen it oh really yeah so,we're like the main character dies you,haven't seen that part,seen it what movie are you planning on,seeing,oh have you seen it before oh so you,guys haven't seen the part where santa,doesn't come,what are you doing you guys haven't seen,that part,santa doesn't come through the chimney,and give bro the people who do this type,of have,the biggest balls ever i could never do,it but shout out to dylan that's funny,and i'm gonna need some merch bro,we got the king himself taz taylor,154 000 followers a man who has,supported me,for a while a man that i respect a man,who's absolutely killing it right now so,shout out to taz,appreciate all the love and support,that's my boy internet money ,got bobby burns from nashville my man's,aesthetic is,crazy right now i wouldn't be surprised,we saw him on the runway,is he an artist only fans linked below,looks like he is a model of some sort,could be a musical artist too,a lot of the a lot of the times people,do both but his aesthetic is crazy,oh recording artist living skeleton,i like it we got dj louis styles who is,a,dj in new york there's a couple of like,people in new york that have status that,follow me,that may not have like a ton of,followers that is pretty cool to me,because i'm from new jersey i don't live,there anymore,and i guess having any type of clout at,all,in new york city like such a flex in my,opinion so i don't think that i do,but maybe dj louis styles can uh get me,some clout,in new york but i notice he's been on,like his executive producing game he's,doing some,kind of like similar to what i want to,be doing he'll get like a hot artist and,team him up with another artist and,he'll be like the executive producer on,the track so,shout out to him for doing that that's,fine i love that next we got,joey trapp if you don't know about joey,trapp he is a,fire upcoming artist he's like on that,level where he's like,about to be sort of in the mainstream,spotlight but maybe needs like a couple,more hot records,but he's really fire and he's got a dope,style mad to rolly diam

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A Simple Trick To INCREASE Your Instagram Followers (Real People, No Bots)

A Simple Trick To INCREASE Your Instagram Followers (Real People, No Bots)

okay so let's keep this simple okay you,are looking for more followers right but,you want them to be real people people,who are interested in the type of thing,that your account is about so your niche,with this strategy there are kind of two,ways of doing this and they work,differently for different niches so make,sure you stick around for both now just,as we get into this i want you to think,of this a little bit like the instagram,equivalent of networking at an event or,something like that so for the first way,that we're going to do this i want you,to go to your instagram account and when,you go to the search bar at the top and,i want you to type in a hashtag that,relates to your niche pick a big one so,there are lots of posts okay so in this,example i'm going to use a hashtag that,relates to me to my account which is,about landscape photography so i'm going,to choose,landscape photography now the people who,are posting to this hashtag are exactly,the kind of person that would be,interested in my account now if you do,fitness choose a hashtag that's fitness,related it could be,fitness hashtag boxing hashtag crossfit,or if it's food related you know you,could do hashtag food but you could go,really specific into those ones but try,to keep the hashtag big that means lots,of people are posting to it,now if you look at the hashtag okay,these first ones that you see are the,top posts but we're gonna switch to the,recent tab these are the most recent,posts now all of these posts have been,posted in the last few minutes some of,them in the last few seconds which means,that these people are probably watching,their accounts right now they probably,have their phone in their hand,now this is important okay you could,just go down this list and spam like,everything but you would risk being,action blocked or shadow banned and in,my opinion that's just not the right,attitude if you were networking at an,event and therefore it's not the right,attitude for connecting with people on,instagram the right thing to do and the,way that i'm going to explain is to go,down the list and when something looks,good something that you actually like,go to the post and give it a like and,when you feel like you have an opinion,on one of these posts share it in a,comment and remember we're networking so,if the person has shared their name,publicly use it in your comment you know,speak to them like a human this will,likely prompt people to comment back and,they might check out your account and if,your account is followable then they,might just hit that follow button you,know not everybody will but some might,and over time if you keep doing this you,will start connecting with people and,you will already have built up a slight,relationship with this person because,they will remember you as the person who,commented on their post i'll talk more,about making your account followable to,increase the chances of someone hitting,the follow button in a second now,remember to be a human there is nothing,wrong with using strategies like this to,connect with lots of people that's what,these platforms are for but when you,start to act like a robot that's when,problems arise and that's when instagram,will you know ban you and that's when i,will think that you're not being a good,person now before we head on to the next,one i'm going to ask you very kindly to,hit that like button so in that hashtag,we were just looking at those are all of,the kind of mirror accounts the people,sharing content just like ours but how,do you find fans of the content that we,make if you think about it those were,all photographers but if we're looking,for someone who is interested in,something but doesn't actually create,that content how do we do that because,they haven't got posts so i want you to,go to the same kind of hashtags big ones,and go to the recent tab and now we're,looking for big accounts where feature,accounts are perfect for this okay so,pick something that is similar to what,you do if you see an image that looks,like the kind of thing that you do pick,that it'd be good if you could find one,that is quite recent now if you go to,that post and tap on the likes you will,see a list of people that are interested,in that post that is very similar,to your posts which means they might be,interested in your content and just like,before my opinion is that if you spam,follow and spam like all of these,accounts that is the wrong thing to do,and you risk being shadow band and you,risk being a bad person,but if you go down these accounts and,when you see something that you kind of,connect with or someone who you think is,interesting and you go and like a few of,their images and leave a comment maybe,not anything weird remember we don't,want to be weirdos and just start you,know going into people's accounts and,leaving random comments but we do want,to try and connect with people so when,you see that opportunity connect with,people and they will come over to your,account and if

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Instagram Changed.. The NEW Way to Get Followers FAST in 2023 (NEW ALGORITHM)

Instagram Changed.. The NEW Way to Get Followers FAST in 2023 (NEW ALGORITHM)

Instagram has been rapidly changing and,if you're not making the changes that,Instagram's requiring you to you're,going to get less views and you're going,to get less followers and I can guess,since you clicked on this video that,stuff has already happened to you or you,want to take advantage of Instagram,right now and grow because it is so easy,to grow right now that being said the,first change that you need to make sure,that you're adapting to any photo that,you upload to Instagram now needs to be,five by four it used to have to be,square now you want to make it five by,four because if you're not doing that,they're not going to push out your piece,of content because several different,factors but before we could dive into,those factors I need you to smash that,subscribe button if you want to grow,quicker on Instagram YouTube or Tick,Tock I literally upload a video about,how to grow on these platforms every,single day in addition to that I created,a free Instagram growth course you can,get it into at the link the pin comment,below it's going to share with you,things like the best time to post right,now and the best hashtags to use finally,here's my phone number please shoot me a,text message I want to help you grow,quicker on Instagram I'm really looking,forward to helping you grow so the,reason that you need to make sure that,your images are now 5x4 on Instagram,every single image that you upload is,because Instagram changed or videos to,be real so what does that mean it means,that they're longer so if your photo,isn't longer it's not going to take up,as much space you're not going to take,up as much real estate and as a result,Instagram isn't going to be pushing out,your content because it's not going to,get as much engagement they've shown,that 5x4 photos get more engagement than,Square photos which is exactly why,they're changing this which is exactly,why you need to get ahead of the curve,and make sure that you implement this,change but that's not the only thing you,also need to change the length of your,content and several other things that,we're going to get into in this video,but before we could do that I need to,address a few things because I've been,getting so many comments even people,signing up for the mentorship program,saying these and saying things so first,and foremost do not buy fake engagement,on Instagram it's one of the worst,things that you can do Instagram knows,that you're doing this and then they're,not going to push out your real organic,content they're not going to give you,real organic followers and then a lot of,people do that first thing they buy fake,followers they buy fake engagement they,buy fake likes which stop doing that,please you are actively ruining your,account by doing that and then the,second thing that they end up doing they,end up removing followers do not do this,never do this this is one of the worst,things that you could possibly do on,Instagram you don't know actually who's,a bot you don't know who's real you,don't know who's fake you might think,that you know but that is a complete,waste of time because it has been shown,it has been proven that if you remove,followers on Instagram you end up,basically Shadow Banning yourself on,Instagram you're not going to get as,much reach you're not going to get as,many followers because Instagram looks,at that as a red flag if magically all,these people started following you or,you might have blocked all these people,well then guess what Instagram isn't,going to be pushing out your content,because that race a red flag why would,they push out the content from somebody,who's losing a ton of followers or why,would they push out the content from,somebody that just blocked a ton of,people that's a red flag to Instagram so,please make sure that you're not making,that mistake the third mistake so many,creators are you doing right now is they,are not using tags in their posts to,know I am not talking about hashtags I'm,talking about the tag feature you need,to make sure that you're using three,tags need to make sure that they're,specific to whatever you're posting,about it's way too many creators are,either one not using tags at all or two,using tags that are relevant and it's,one the reasons that you're not getting,as many views or as many followers as,you should be because ultimately the,wrong audience ends up seeing your,content because you didn't choose the,right tags now the last piece before we,could get into more proactive things and,more positive things that you can,actually do to increase the amount of,followers the amount of views that,you're getting we need to cover,something no Instagram does not decrease,your reach Instagram does not decrease,your views once you enter the reels,bonus program that is not true I don't,know why people are saying that I don't,care if it might have lowered your views,a little bit that's not why your views,lowered your views lowered because you,stopped doing what was working on,Instagram an

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Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

the first hashtag strategy that you need,to be implementing on Instagram right,now to go viral is one to two hashtags,now the reason that you want to use one,to two hashtags is because way too many,of you are putting way too many hashtags,you're putting 10 20 30 hashtags and it,actually ruins Instagram's ability to,see what audiences should be pushing,your content to you see the reason that,Instagram uses hashtags is to determine,who they should actually be pushing your,content to so if you use too little of,them AKA use none of them they have no,idea to push a content to and if you use,too many of them which I'm going to,share with you later on in this video,exactly how many you can use and it's,going to be the reason that it,completely dilutes Instagram's ability,to actually push out your content and,for a lot of you this is why you're not,getting views right now but in addition,to that there are two other practices,that you need to be implementing right,now which are going to be the best,hashtag strategies to be using in fact,the last hashtag strategy that I share,with you in this video is by far the,best one that you need to be using so,please make sure you stick around for it,but before we could dive into that I,need you to smash that subscribe button,if you want to go quicker on Instagram,Tick Tock or YouTube I literally upload,a video about how to grow on these,platforms every single day in addition,to that I created a free Instagram,growth course you can get at the link in,the pin comment below it's going to,share with you things like the best time,to be posting on Instagram right now,because that has also changed for 2023,and it could be a factor as to why,you're not getting views so please go to,the link in the pin comment below get,into it right now it is 100 free what,are you waiting for now before I can,tell you the other two hashtag,strategies so you need to make sure,you're implementing it I need to make,sure that you're actually choosing the,right hashtags because just using one or,two hashtags or the hashtag strategies I,share with you later it's not enough you,also need to make sure that you're,choosing the right hashtags for your,Niche because if you're not it's going,to be the reason that you're not getting,more followers or more views in fact,this Creator just implemented these,hashtag strategies gained over 10 000,followers in just a few weeks and this,Creator in over 70 000 followers in less,than 30 days and the same thing can,happen to you so when it comes to the,hashtags what you need to be doing is,focusing on the quality of the hashtags,that you're choosing you need to be,choosing hashtags that are actually,relevant to whatever you're posting,about and they need to have a lot of,reach behind them way too many creators,right now especially small creators are,listening to bad advice and essentially,what you're doing is creating your own,hashtag or trying to use small hashtags,in order to rank for it that's one of,the worst things that you could possibly,do what you need to be doing is going,after the big hashtags for two reasons,one they have the most audience behind,them so what does this mean it means,that Instagram knows that if you use,hashtag Fitness well then that's a huge,Fitness audience and that's your you're,trying to reach on top of that these,large hashtags a lot of people follow,them for example you might be following,the Cavapoo hashtag you might be,following hashtag Ferrari or whatever,the case is and essentially what's going,to end up happening is when creators use,that two things are going to happen one,The Reel is going to get pushed to that,audience or the second thing is that,those people that follow those hashtags,actually see posts from under those,hashtags on their feed and on their,explore page so what does this mean it,means that you're going to increase your,reach by actually using those larger,hashtags don't worry about ranking for,hashtags right now that is an Instagram,strategy that worked two or three years,ago it doesn't work anymore today so I,would not be focusing on it instead you,need to make sure you're using the,second hashtag strategy which is going,to be using five to six hashtags you,heard that right the first one one of,two hashtags the second five to six,hashtags and there's still one more that,is the best hashtag strategy if you want,to go viral right now especially as a,small account but before we could get,into that I need to make sure that you,are not making the mistakes that I see,so many creators making right now on,Instagram and part of that is not post,Instagram reels so many of you are still,not posting reels and you need to,understand something it is easier to,grow on Instagram right now than it ever,has been before you heard that right,easier now than it ever has been before,I know you have friends you have,competitors that blew up in 2022 there's,a bigger opportunity to blow up on,Instagram in 2023 because Instagram is,moving mor

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