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Who Created Instagram? The Story of Kevin Systrom and Mike KriegerInstagram was founded in the year

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

Who Created Instagram? The Story of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger

Instagram was founded in the year 2010,by Kevin sestron and Mike Krieger and,was later acquired by Facebook now known,as meta platforms originally released,for iOS in October of 2010 Instagram,instantly blew up in popularity having 1,million registered users in only two,months 10 million in one year and 1,billion by June 2018. Kevin and Mike,began developing the app in San,Francisco initially as bourbon but then,realized it was too similar to,Foursquare which led them to refocus its,function to photo sharing renaming it to,Instagram which means instant camera or,Telegram,on March 5 2010 Kevin closed a 500 000,seed funding round with Baseline,Ventures and Android scene Horowitz,which propelled the project into,completion allowing Mike to pose the,first ever Instagram post at South Beach,Harbor Pier 38 four months later,in this video we will look into the,history of Instagram and how Kevin,Systrom and Mike Krieger created the,next generation of social media,platforms,welcome to lifehack Academy,on this channel we study the habits and,routines of successful people,world-class performers and athletes,hoping to make better versions of,ourselves each day,before we get into it make sure to give,this video a thumbs up subscribe to this,Channel and click on the notification,Bell icon,Mike Krieger born March 4 1986 is a,brazilian-american entrepreneur and,software engineer who moved to,California in 2004 to study at Stanford,University where he met Kevin Systrom,Kevin born December 30 1983 is also an,American commuter programmer and,entrepreneur who officially became,Instagram's first CEO with Mike working,in the company as CTO Kevin came up with,the idea of creating bourbon while on a,vacation in Mexico with his girlfriend,who was unwilling to post her photos,because they didn't look good enough,taking pictures from the iPhone 4 camera,system thought that the solution to this,was to use filters to hide the,qualitative inferiority of photos,leading him to develop the x-pro 2,filter which is still being used on,Instagram today bourbon was designed by,Mike and Kevin as an HTML5 check-in,service that allowed users to check into,locations make plans in the future earn,points for hanging out with friends post,pictures and much more,after recalling their studies at the,Mayfield fellows program The Duo,realized that bourbon contained too many,features and was becoming more,complicated than ever before which was,what the users didn't want they decided,to get rid of a lot of features and trim,it down specifically to photo sharing,with the use of filters leading to its,rebranding as Instagram,a month after officially launching,Instagram it instantly exploded growing,up to 1 million users after a year and,10 million users in two years,as of April 2012 Instagram was being,downloaded more than one million times,in less than one day which caught the,attention of the giant social media,company Facebook,bought for over 1 billion dollars in,cash and stock Facebook acquired,Instagram on September 6 2012 just,before the company scheduled initial,public offering or IPO,Mark Zuckerberg told the users that,Facebook is committed to building and,growing Instagram independently allowing,system to continue to lead Instagram at,the same time granting him unlimited,resources from a juggernaut partnership,with Facebook,in an interview Kevin stated that,Instagram will be the future of sharing,and communication in today's social,media world,during the early days most of the,engineering and user experience were,developed by Krieger recalling that when,Instagram went down at 3 30 in the,morning he had to stressfully revive the,site in a completely drunken state,Instagram today has over 1 billion users,and contributes over 20 billion dollars,to meta platform's annual revenue a,crazy changed when it was bought by,Facebook for 1 billion dollars with only,13 employees,in 2014 Kevin Systrom was listed in the,Forbes 30 under 30 list under social and,mobile category and has an estimated net,worth of 1.3 billion dollars as of 2022.,Instagram has been able to help,businesses through the promotion of,commercial products and services and has,given birth to an entire new generation,of celebrities and influencers,so this was how Kevin and Mike modified,the next generation of social media,through bourbon are now called Instagram,hopefully you like this video and found,value in its content,don't forget to subscribe to my channel,turn the notifications on and I'll see,you on the next video

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if you watch my last video you know that,one of my goals was to be consistent,and the only way for me to be consistent,on a platform like instagram is to,do things in bulk i'm sure you clicked,on this video because of the title,so i'm gonna show you how i created a,year's worth of content,in one day let's go what is up guys,welcome back to another video like i,said in my last video,my first goal was to be consistent and i,knew that i wanted to create something,called,word of the week for instagram and i,knew that i wanted it to play on my,story,so let's go ahead and jump into,photoshop,alright so now that we're in photoshop,we're going to go ahead and,create a new document and we want our,document size to be,1080 by 1920 and the resolution we want,to be,300,so stylistically for me i already have,an,idea of what i want to create,so i just started searching through,google for white textures,and it led me to this website that had a,bunch of different white textures,and i just scrolled through until i,found one that i liked,and as you see it was originally a,landscape,i had to turn it vertically to make it,look the way that i wanted it to look,but,i saw the potential from the beginning,so i just went with it,all right so i took it back to photoshop,placed it,turned it around and got it in the,position,where i liked it and then this is where,the fun begins,i use a bunch of different brushes,inside of photoshop you can download,these brushes,from places like brush easy or just do a,google search for,photoshop brushes so the brushes,emulate torn paper so i use one of those,and just start it you know erasing areas,of the paper,that i didn't want and you'll see me,playing around with,different brushes because they'd have,because they have different edges,whatever they just have different shapes,and,ridges,so i just erase and erase until you know,i get a shape that,i'm kind of happy with but you'll see,the further we go in the video i end up,changing it a little bit more but,all right so i got it to a nice little,window that i like so now i'm going into,some of my photos that i took,when i was in la a couple years ago to,pace behind it because like i said this,is weekly content,and there's going to be an image change,from week to week so yeah this is just,to help me visualize like how it's,coming,so far and as you'll see once again i'm,also going to change that photo,yeah so i feel like this photo was a,little bit better for,i guess the flow of the design,and now that i have that in there i,decided to,make the top a little bit higher so i'm,back in there with,one of those brushes one of those paper,brushes,and i'm just going to erase away some of,that edge,like that all right so now it's time to,add some,text and coming into it i had no idea,what fonts i should use so,i'm just going to fast forward through a,lot of this but you'll see that i'm just,playing with,different fonts and different colors,until,you know i decide it's not good enough,it's just not good enough so i had to,remind myself what my,you know what my brand really is so,you'll see me go inside of my,folder and it kind of just tells me the,fonts that i should be using the colors,that i should be using,and it kind of puts me back into oh okay,this is my identity and this is how it,needs to feel,so from there now that i got it i can go,ahead and continue with the design,now i don't know why i do this,but sometimes i can't design like,like a a text design inside of photoshop,so,i decided to open illustrator and for,some reason when i'm inside of,illustrator,creativity flows a different way even,though the tools are pretty much the,same,so i went ahead and,selected my first font,and that font is this one this is a part,of my,branding package it's one of the fonts,that is in my branding package and as,soon as i saw it,an idea sparked and i was like huh all,right,put it together and then we have that,so i drag it over to photoshop,and as you see the word has changed a,bunch,i actually ended up writing 52 words for,each week of,each week of the year so that it can be,you know bulk content but i still have,to go in there and change,the photo so it's still a little bit of,work,required but if you don't want to change,the photo you can always just,keep the same photo,all right so honestly right here we're,at a point where i feel like,it's good enough to post but,being myself i have to be extra,so i decided to do a google search for,tape uh i just felt like tape would add,to the vintage feel,of the design and when i,pasted it on there i decided to,change the color of the tape,resize it and boom,you have a year's worth of content all,you got to do is,change the word on the tape,you

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How to see when Instagram &Facebook was created | 2022 update

How to see when Instagram &Facebook was created | 2022 update

hey guys welcome to another youtube,video today this is xero tech,um i want to know how to,check the age of any instagram and,facebook account so please if that's,what you want to know stick to the end,of the video and,i'm going to show you give you an extra,tip on how to bypass an error on,instagram as well so please stick to the,end of the video,so let's start with the instagram,account,first of all launch the app and,this is your account i'm checking the,age here z graphics,so please if you're new here please hit,the subscribe button because i make,amazing videos about tech and finance,please do so if you are not an existing,subscribers i really appreciate,so the first thing i'm going to do is,you can tap on these options here and,select the settings,then select security and,access data,so when it loads up you see the age of,the account,it was created on the you can see here,it was created on the september,26 2020 11 42 p.m,so you can know the age of any accounts,by following these same steps,it works on every account here now,that's all about knowing the age of any,instagram account now let's check the,age for facebook account,and i want to know how your facebook,account is because you float the same,step here,you open the facebook app and same,option here the menu and scroll down to,settings here,then select scroll down also scroll down,again and select,accessory information,so,jesus looks like,you have to scroll down to personal,information here,then you see when the facebook was,created this facebook account was,created on the 31st of,july 2015 as you can see clearly as,stated here,so you can actually know the age of any,account facebook or instagram with this,step,is as simple as that now the extra tip,of this video is you might be finding,some kind of error on your instagram,accounts like,please try again later you know do stuff,about for example when you like a photo,you like a photo like this let's say,like a random photo so you'll not see an,error pop up,like um please,try again later you're having your,issues like that so i have a video at,the top right corner of the screen here,to show you,how to bypass that issue also on,instagram this is the other so you can,tap on it and watch how it's done,so please like the video and subscribe,i'll see you on my next video peace,you

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How I Created My Most Popoluar Art Post On Instagram | Normal Speed Digital Painting Process

How I Created My Most Popoluar Art Post On Instagram | Normal Speed Digital Painting Process

don't listen to,take your time,yeah you might not be at your best but,it's fine I don't mind,me,to here,because,well it's what you prefer hellbound,help you fight,and let you know,you will give,please don't take this throw away I'm on,your side,- the worst,I just had to say,my best friend,your smile still,- here,because,that's what you prefer,and let you know that,sup just hold on a minute this part is,nearly finished Julie,first our so count to ten take a deep,breath this is the only way you'll ever,find out,you will get there someday they,the Sun on your face there's a parecer,Broadway,you,you said it was the last time but you,keep coming back to tell me sorry to,take back all the things you said just,to hurt me and lucious Michael but I'm,stubborn,my cold I keep on making the same,mistake I always let you back in when I,begin to get myself together again,you are back once more like everything's,the same time to build my walls up be,your taking them down it's tearing me,apart I can't pretend now I have to get,over you again you said it was the last,time you keep coming back to show me,sorry you have changed now but it's the,same old story,I'm stubborn,I keep on making,Oh,you back,we can get myself together again you lie,back once more like,the same,taking down,I have to get over you again,I have to get over again,to get over you,I keep on making the same mistake I,always let you back in when I begin to,get myself together again you lie back,once more like everything's the same I,try to piss my walls up beyond taking,and,staring,I can't pretend I have to get over you,again,to get over you,you

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How To See When Instagram Account Was Created In 2023

How To See When Instagram Account Was Created In 2023

how to see when your Instagram account,is created all your friends Instagram,account is created if you're new on this,channel don't forget to give me a thumbs,up then subscribe to my YouTube channel,and turn on your post notification so in,case I do post a new video because any,stuff like this you will get notified so,the first thing I'm going to show you,I'm going to show you is how to see your,friends,account when your security,over here,come to the profile icon over here,the three lines at the top Edge,you're going to need them talk about,about this account as you can see this,person is joined December 2021 that is,that is last year so sorry about that so,you can see this place is new,in your someone on Instagram you can,just go but then I have to basically,check when you join your Instagram all,you have to do is go to your profile,then type into the three lines at the,top page if you are Instagram profile,then type it to your activity,download the information,as you can see all you have to do is put,your email then record the names I once,you're done with the request download,you're going to receive a message on,your emails with that you can get all,your information about your account when,you created your account and your stuff,so this is basically how you can check,when you created your account on,Instagram and how to check your friends,don't forget to give this video a thumbs,up then subscribe to my YouTube channel,see you in our next video,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign

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Someone Created Fake Instagram Account On My Name | Instagram Fake Account - English

Someone Created Fake Instagram Account On My Name | Instagram Fake Account - English

you know I met you in the dark it was a,Saturday night remember seeing you just,dancing in the middle of the crowd,what,Mr um,actually yesterday at uh fourth October,4th October after 2 40 p.m a guy created,a fake account using my name and photo,okay Instagram and then he followed all,the from all of my followers and then he,asked uh and he said,hey hi how are you where are you how are,you doing what are you doing and then he,asked you first and then he asked me hey,do you have GPR foreign,what I didn't ask you money,okay and then he sent this conversation,on this chat and then he sent me after,that I get shopping oh my God someone,greater than fake account using my name,very bad okay and then I got one more,call from one more friend he has a thing,like uh can you send in a GPA he said he,don't say anything I didn't ask that uh,that is not my account that is someone,created using my name and thing actually,after that I went to Instagram and see,the process and then uh one guy used my,name and my same exact profile what I,keep my Instagram he get that profile in,uh that fake account and then he,followed all off and follow us and then,I'm seeing that my friends as a,following their account oh my God so,soon,using my name and profile if anyone lost,money I am not responsible for that,thing,okay after that on Instagram live and,then I said if you want to lose money I,will share my GPS phone QR code in my uh,Instagram profile just go and pay to,that record and then get stabbed again,and I did the tour and then uh and after,that I get to uncar from my own of my,friend uh,like the same rule I have and then he uh,he asked the guy uh how much you have,how much balance you have in your,account and then my information said I,have 1500 something and then this,cameras you can say thousand rupees,immediately yeah immediately call my,friend uh and then he asked me uh did,you ask money why did why do you want,and then he said no that is,I said uh just try to collect some,information about that uh camera like,backup on details and said to that guy I,don't have a my up is not working uh,just give your uh,I got details and ifsc code I can able,to transfer money immediately okay the,scam immediately is in the Account,Details the IFC code we just contact the,bank,um the bank actually that is uh,Karnataka Bank we just immediately,called Karnataka Bank,customer service and then I spoke with,them and then get some some details,regarding the scammer,uh,foreign,company in uh online,um I got the phone number up ID and then,Bank bank details and then his name,hmm,and then I just filed a complaint I will,shall see,the,made yeah uh Bank Account Details phone,number and then,yeah this Instagram link uh the time I,release a complaint,everything okay and then uh we just said,that ifsc code now let me just get the,bank the bank location so,based around that we found out that the,guy uh from Jaipur Rajasthan,uh and then exactly from ganapathi Plaza,Mini Road and PB 84 Jaipur Pinker three,zero two double zero one,actually the guy don't know about me uh,before doing that thing he want to know,about who I am and then something right,okay after that this is not a big deal,for me I can able to easily track that,person who is that guy who from he uh,he's what he's doing and then,immediately I can able to,do something but listen,what if if I don't know anything about,this one my friend my friend uh got like,the same like this what he wanna do,okay if like if the thing like happened,to you just do one thing okay,immediately go to the government website,government certificate,official website and then go and file a,cyber crime case immediately as soon as,possible if you got like this do this,thing and then try to collect some,details about this camera okay uh don't,report uh faster okay I I said don't,report now just wait for some times okay,and then we try to collect the four,numbers up ID Bank details and then one,more thing we just uh we try to collect,uh other teachers and so before that my,friend made,foreign,situation I want money right now,um,blah blah blah don't believe anything,okay,if,possible just call and ask him if you,want money why did you wanna like that,only my friend said because uh,previously under a lot of awareness,video regarding this camps and all,everything okay uh due to some reason I,can't able to continue the awareness,video right now,yesterday night I uh some of my friends,make some awareness video of this thing,we don't know anything about this and,then we got one more scam also like,Instagram hacker uh someone posting,Bitcoins uh investigate investing,something blah blah blah I will make one,more video tomorrow and orange today,only okay,um yeah dude uh if if you if someone uh,says text you like this I want you money,immediately uh can you send as soon as,possible because my emergency some, emergency and that just uh get,a phone number try to contact the person,directly and then uh if you try if you,know that that's guys

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Maserati MC20 review. Can it compete with the latest V6 hybrid supercars from McLaren & Ferrari?

Maserati MC20 review. Can it compete with the latest V6 hybrid supercars from McLaren & Ferrari?

into a new Harry's Garage video and,today's car is really exciting it is a,Maserati mc20 I've been really Keen to,get this car in particularly after just,having that McLaren artura and obviously,the Ferrari 296 GTB and also my Lotus,Amira getting back from our trip so,these are the new generation of,mid-engine sports cars that have come on,the scene and this mc20 is a really,interesting take on the whole scenario,because it is conventionally powered,just no V6 twin turbo well not normal,coin a racy engine,but their decision at Maserati is,they're not going to build these hybrid,cars like the McLaren Arturo and the 296,GDP they're going to do a pure electric,version of this mc20 or a pure petrol,version like this one with a V6 twin,turbo engine with 630 metric horsepower,but this is also where it sits in the,market is interesting as well because I,would have thought of the less Tech they,would have a slightly lower price point,for this mc20 but no Maserati are,charging 190 580 pounds for this car,before extras,that compares Arturo's 187 000 and the,Ferrari 296 much more expensive 241 285,before extras this car as you see it,here though delivered with I think it's,got carbon seals Etc is,249,590 pounds is it worth that much let's,go and have a closer look first thing to,say about the Maserati it's a fabulous,looking car beautifully designed,absolutely Maserati and designed,in-house and built in-house in moderna,this is a hundred percent Italian car,they're very proudly stating the press,release on it and yeah good on them,actually building this within their,Factory at modern the Gran Turismo,production line has been taken out and,it's been replaced to build this looking,at this front though there's a lot of,carbon fiber and I think part of that 59,000 pounds worth of optional extras are,the two packages the exterior carbon,pack which includes size seals and all,this here you can also see how big the,radiator is really lent back in the,front,and that actually means you think,there's a bit of a boot going on in here,there isn't really I'll just flash up,what it looks like you can just about,get the entire repair kit in a toe kit,toolbar but there isn't a proper boot,there and then you come around it's got,these black I love this design of wheel,in gloss black unfortunately but there,we go and black calipers there was,another extra black roof I think is also,an option and then these carbon seals,huge seals now I've had this car in,December and the weather has been a bit,grottier I have it and if you just swing,around here this fires mud at this car,like I've never known a car do it if you,look down the Sill,you can see the tar trades any gr any,grot on the road fires instantly down,the side of this car,the other thing I've also noticed about,it it doesn't do speed bumps it's got,front lift on this as an option but,there's all sorts of Aero underneath and,they're in carbon fiber fins I'll drop,the shot of it in now and I don't,understand the cars that are doing this,because they do they have these sort of,blister speed bumps a rest of Europe I,don't know I've got them around here you,can't go anywhere near and it grounds,out quite a lot just in normal motoring,are they sacrificial these carbon fiber,strips underneath another thing it's got,dihedral doors lovely huge great door,opening up you can see the carbon,construction this car is fully carbon,constructed doors panels and the chassis,itself one thing to note though that is,a very wide opening and I've come,unstuck when I've I've parked up and,suddenly realized I can't get out,because I'm hitting the car beside me,about that angle and it's not enough of,a gap to get out so you need quite a lot,of space it's a proper Supercar this car,carbon interior as well again we'll look,at it in more detail when we get outside,come round to the back carbon here,diffuser coming out,twin pipes obviously not a lot of area,again no error going on here so there's,no like the 296 shoots up a little flap,here nothing here all fixed and a big,panel I'm going to open this up we'll,have a quick look at the engine,under here well there is the V6 sunk,right down in this car it's dry sumpt in,this sense so I'm not sure how close,it's related the quadrophobia but it's,twin plug they say it's got F1,technology and it does pump out a lot of,horsepower so three liter v6 and 630,horsepower as I said but also 730 Newton,Meters from this three liter hits that's,chunky if you think the 296 with,electrical assistance puts out 740,newton meters the the McLaren Arturo V6,well that is rated at 577 horsepower and,584 newton meters of torque without the,electrical assistance I couldn't get a,figure for the Ferrari without,electrical assistance but this matches,them just with the V6 it's a heavily,boosted engine there is your boot space,not as big as perhaps the Amira I think,this is 106 liters the mirror is 200 and,something I think,um so it's a bit restricted on luggage,compared to the others and t

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I created 2weeks of content in 4hrs * My instagram secrets *

I created 2weeks of content in 4hrs * My instagram secrets *

time for us to shoot,hello loves welcome back to my channel,if this is your first time my name is,dados,and on this channel i make beauty,fashion and lifestyle videos,so if this is your first or second time,on my channel and you're not subscribed,to my channel,please don't hesitate just hit subscribe,button right away i love to have you,guys a part of the family part of the,squad,also if you have subscribed to my,channel do not forget to hit the,notification,bell so that every time i post a video,you'll be updated in today's video i'm,going to be showing you guys how i,create,two weeks worth of content in four hours,for instagram listen guys i get asked,loads of questions how are you so,consistent on instagram how come,you post so much on instagram so on,instagram i post twice a day,to be honest i know it's kind of like a,lot but that's because i'm really trying,to build my community,and engagement on my page and sometimes,i can post like a picture of myself,other times i can put like a filler,or just something that i find,interesting like food or,anything that i really like at that,point in time if you want to learn how,to basically take your instagram to the,next level or,if you are a business woman or your you,know your business,is on instagram or on socials and you,want to build a community,well this is the video for you because,in this video i'm going to be showing,you guys,everything that i do in terms of from,planning my content to scheduling,to actually shooting my content so if,you want to see more,keep watching this video whatever,channel or platform you are,on algorithm works the same way almost,on every,platform and then to be consistent you,need to plan there's some times that i,wouldn't take pictures or create content,in about two or three weeks and that's,because i've already,created like both content that i'm just,rolling out on a day-to-day basis on my,socials so step one create a content,calendar,a content calendar just helps you to,plan and schedule your content for the,rest of the month so one of the things,that i,i hope to kind of like communicate on my,social media platforms,is i want people to see my three main,pillars which is beauty,fashion and lifestyle so at every point,in time let's say in a week,i want to make sure that you hit my page,and you can see,content from these three you know pillar,now step two,is create an inspiration board or a mood,board and this means that before i shoot,content i basically go into some of my,favorite,social platforms like pinterest guys,pinterest i love pinterest so much,so i go on pinterest and i basically,like type in whatever it is i'm trying,to create,one of the things that's really helped,me is that behind everything i search,for on pinterest i always add,aesthetic i'm trying to get inspiration,for skincare i would be like,minimal skincare aesthetic and anything,that comes out that i,like i feel like i can recreate or make,my own,i'll typically just save it from,pinterest things like outfits,or pose inspiration or how i want the,lighting to look like,step two is planning planning your,outfits your makeup,location so if you know there's an,indoor shoot you know what like,what part of your house are you shooting,if it's an outdoor shoot,where this location you want to shoot at,they itemize all the things that,make up this phenomenal amazing image,right at this point you also decide,are you going to shoot it yourself with,your tripod and your,remote or you're going to get a,photographer or you're going to ask a,friend,i've also started using a photographer,because i realized that it's just much,more easier for me to knock out a lot of,images especially because as a content,creator brands,send me stuff for ads and things like,that so i want to make sure that quality,is,that's reason why i started using a,photographer and it just works for me,i just want to focus on my makeup and,the outfit or the set,and unless you have to think about,photography and lighting i also suggest,that you send your mood board or,inspiration board to your photographer,or your friend just so that they get a,sense of what you're trying to achieve,now if you're also shooting in different,locations,i would suggest that pick locations that,are very close to each other so that you,are not,exhausted driving from one point to,another step four,is prep for the shoot anything that i,would use,in creating content i would just lay out,a nice before in my office,just so that when i wake up i can see my,outfit i know exactly what i'm trying to,do all my outfits that i'm wearing,or my props i like to do the morning off,after i've done my entire like morning,routine,i like to play music get myself in the,mood get myself in the zone while i'm,doing my makeup while i'm prepping my,skin,or doing whatever and so once my,photographer comes,i am ready to go so idris is here not,wearing a mask,not sure why oh my god i just called you,out on the insta wait,anyways yeah so we're about to start

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