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Instagram LEAKS The BEST Time To Post on Instagram in November 2022 (not what you think)if you've be

Robert Benjamin

Updated on Jan 10,2023

Instagram LEAKS The BEST Time To Post on Instagram in November 2022 (not what you think)

if you've been noticing a decrease in,the amount of views and the amount of,followers that you've been getting on,Instagram recently it's probably because,the best time to be posting on Instagram,has recently changed and if you haven't,adapted to this it's going to lead to,getting a decrease in the amount of,views that you're getting where so many,of you are currently struggling with so,by the end of this video you're going to,know exactly what the best time to post,on Instagram is right now and I'm going,to be throwing in a few other tips like,features and some new topics that you,could be talking about on Instagram to,increase the amount of views that you're,getting because ultimately I want to,help you grow on Instagram in fact I,just helped this Creator gain 10 000,followers this Creator getting 20 000 in,this Creator game 30 000 followers and,that all started with them changing the,time that they were actually posting,which is what you're going to learn in,this video but before we could dive into,that I need you to smash that subscribe,button if you want to real quick or on,Instagram Tick Tock or YouTube I,literally upload a video about how to,grow on these platforms every single day,and you are not going to want to miss my,next video the first best time to be,posting is from 10 a.m to 11 30 a.m you,heard that right from 10 AM to 11 30 but,there are two other best times that you,need to be posting but before we could,dive into all that I need to make sure,that you're not making so many mistakes,that I see so many creators make and one,of them is being uploading content on,the wrong topic or using the wrong,length in their content if you didn't,understand this one of the biggest,factors that goes into the Instagram,algorithm in addition to what time you,post it what hashtags you choose what,tags you use and things along the lines,of that are also going to be the actual,topic on which you create your content,in fact I've seen this be the biggest,difference between people getting views,and people not getting views especially,if you're a small account on Instagram,right now that's exactly why I let daily,content ideas sponsor today's video if,you go to the link in the pin comment,below you could get signed up for just,one dollar and then it's ten dollars a,week essentially what this is It's a,personalized newsletter if you go on,there and tell them that you make,fishing content or fashion content or,crypto content or car content it doesn't,matter what your Niche is doesn't matter,what kind of content you create then,you're going to begin receiving the,trends for Instagram or Tick Tock in,YouTube if you want to receive them,there for that Niche and what this is,going to do it's going to tell you what,length your content should be what,topics you should be talking about it's,going to introduce you to new formats,and new ideas that will make you a,better content creator best of all it's,only one dollar to get signed up today,and then like I said ten dollars a week,go to the link in the pin comment below,to get signed up right now if you do not,get in on this you might be missing out,on the next post it's going to cause,your account to go viral the second best,time for you to be posting is from 4 to,6 p.m you heard that right from 4 to 6,p.m so there are two best times to post,so far from 10 a.m to 11 30 a.m and then,from 4 to 6 p.m now I need to make sure,that you are also not making the mistake,that I see so many creators make when it,comes to the posting frequency what,they're actually uploading content about,and a few other things so when it comes,to your posting frequency right now on,Instagram I would not post more than,four times a day if you're currently,posting once a day try posting twice a,day try posting three times a day I bet,you're gonna see an increase in the,amount of followers that you're getting,and the amount of views that you're,getting and I need to break this to you,guys so many of you will upload one,video a day because you see that it gets,50 000 views but you won't upload two,videos a day that each get thirty,thousand views you're making a huge,mistake in fact you're missing out on,getting 20 more views which could equate,to 20 more followers 24 more sales just,because you're being lazy you need to be,putting out more content the reason that,you need to is because you're able to,relate to more people let me give you a,perfect example if I were gonna try to,sell you this adapter right here where I,put an SD card if I made one video about,it I might only relate to one person but,if I made three or four videos I could,then relate to multiple people this is,why the creators that upload the most,content get the most followers get the,most engagement especially on Instagram,I'm not saying that's true across all,platforms but other platforms are,different for example if you post on,YouTube it might be a little bit more,beneficial to post less but put out,higher quality content Instagram does

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Instagram LEAKS The NEW BEST Time To Post on Instagram in 2023 👀 (not what you think)

Instagram LEAKS The NEW BEST Time To Post on Instagram in 2023 👀 (not what you think)

if you've been seeing a decrease in the,amount of views that you're getting and,the amount of followers that you're,getting on instagram right now it's,probably because you're posting at the,wrong time the best time to post on,instagram has recently changed and if,you don't update the time that you're,posting less people are going to see,your content which means you're not,going to be getting as many views you're,not going to get as many followers and,you're not going to be able to take,advantage of the organic reach that,we're seeing right now on instagram,during quite frankly the easiest time,ever to grow on instagram you heard that,right it is easier to grow on instagram,right now than it was a year ago two,years ago three years ago five years ago,right now is the best time to grow on,instagram instagram is fully monetizable,you can get paid literally just for,uploading reels and as long as you're,posting at the right time and doing a,few other things right that i share with,you in this video you're gonna start to,see a massive increase in both the,amount of views and the amount of,followers that you're getting on,instagram right now in fact i just,helped this creator gain 50 000,followers in just 30 days this creator,50 000 followers in just 30 days and,this creator over 100 000 followers in,just 30 days and the same exact thing,can happen to you once you start,implementing these best times to post,the first best time to be posting right,now is from 10 a.m to noon you heard,that right from 10 a.m to noon now i do,want to warn you you need to make sure,that you're posting at the general best,times to be posting but then there are,also best times to post specifically for,your account depending on how many,followers you have so we're going to go,through all of those and also the last,time that i share with you is going to,be the time that makes the most posts on,instagram go viral it makes the most,posts go viral if they're reels makes,the most posts get a lot of views if,they're on the explore page this is the,time that is going to allow you to get,the most amount of views on instagram,that being said before we dive into that,i need you to smash the subscribe button,if you want to grow quicker on instagram,tiktok or youtube i literally upload a,video about how to go on these platforms,every single day in addition to that i,created a free instagram growth course,that'll share with you things like the,best hashtags use and how the algorithm,actually works or how to turn your views,into followers on instagram you can get,at the link in the pin comment below if,that sounds interesting to you then,please get into that course it is 100,free it's free right now go to the link,in the pinned comment below to get into,it before i can share with you the other,two best times to be posting on,instagram i need to make sure that,you're not making the mistakes that i,see so many creators make on instagram,first and foremost loading up reels,posting way too much quite frankly just,posting way too much on their story or,posting way too much on their feed you,need to be waiting on your feed at least,an hour in between each post you do not,want to post and then post again in 30,minutes or post again in 15 minutes you,could do this on your story with one,caveat that i'm going to share with you,in just a second but on your feed you do,not want to do this it makes people,ineligible to actually be able to see,your content which means your reach is,going to decrease i see a lot of people,doing this stop making this mistake in,fact you should only be posting one to,four times a day on instagram right now,see a lot of people posting way more i,see a lot of people posting way less,both of you are wrong you should be,putting out one to four piece of content,on instagram right now ideally you,should be putting out three to four,piece of content even two pieces of,content but this is something that,you're gonna have to test on an account,by account basis there are some niches,that can handle that much content being,put out and there are some niches that,can handle that much content being put,out for example this creator right here,post a few times a day and was able to,gain over 100 000 followers on instagram,and this creator posts a several times a,day and was able to gain over 700 000,followers on instagram and build a,multi-million dollar business whether or,not you're able to do that is going to,come down to the actual niche that,you're in and you're not going to know,whether or not you could do that unless,you're actually testing now this brings,me to the second best time to be posting,on instagram right now which was from 4,to 6 p.m as a reminder the last time,that i'm going to share with you is by,far the best it makes the most posts go,viral so you need to make sure that you,stick around for that but before we get,into that the general best time to post,to make your posts go viral we need to,actually look at the best time to po

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BEST TIME TO POST ON INSTAGRAM | Is there an optimal time to post Reels vs Photos?

BEST TIME TO POST ON INSTAGRAM | Is there an optimal time to post Reels vs Photos?

when is the best time to post on,instagram is it different for reals,versus static images in this video you,will learn how instagram has answered,this question what social experiments,have pointed to and what experts have to,say,what's up everyone it's millie welcome,back to my channel where i post videos,every wednesday teaching you the latest,strategies and trends on social media to,help you grow your brand so give a,little love tap on that subscribe button,stay up to date on all the latest tips,and tricks i have for you first i want,to say a huge thank you to this video,shout outs i literally wouldn't be here,if it wasn't for all of you so if you,want to shout out on one of my feature,videos be sure to screenshot yourself,watching this video and tag me over on,instagram stories or leave a comment,below and subscribe to my channel and of,course thank you to this video's sponsor,cathcut if you're looking for a good,video editing app to edit your reels or,your tick tock videos the one that i've,been using the most this year is called,cap cut now whether or not this video,was being sponsored by capcut i would,still be recommending them to you for,your video editing needs when i was,first introduced to capcut i was mind,blown because i feel like every video,editing app you either have to pay to,access the features or they have,watermarks on their videos when you save,them so far capcut is the only video,editing app i've found where all of the,features are available to you without,having to pay plus it's available on,both android and iphone so i tend to,lean towards this app a little bit more,compared to all the others because i,feel it is the most universally,accessible for all of us watching this,video capca is a free all-in-one video,editing app that is really easy to use,that anyone can really create an,incredible video if you're interested in,trying them out for the next time you,edit a real or a tic toc video i'll go,ahead and leave a link in the,description down below i'll include a,link to the tutorial that i made for,that app right here as always timestamps,will be in the comments down below,because i value your time and you,already know why you're here so let's,get into it,if you want to keep this video short and,sweet let's go over what instagram says,when it comes to the best time to post,adam asari was asked this on his stories,during a weekly q a is there an optimal,time to post and this is what he said,there is no one optimal time to post but,i do think it's usually good early in,the day for most of your followers and,if you go to your insights you can,actually see what type of day you have,the most followers and i'd like,personally to post before that peak,starts to grow there are three important,things to note with adam asari's advice,one know where your target audience is,located for example i'm based in san,diego but most of my audience here on,instagram is actually based in new york,so if i wanted to pop up in their feeds,first thing in the morning posting 9 a.m,night time might be too late for them,because that's 12 p.m their time so,maybe a better time for me to post would,be six to seven am the second thing he,notes is post before peak times if,you're using instagram's insights as a,guide you want to post right before that,peak goes up taking a look at my,insights on instagram we see that they,look like this which basically confirms,what i was just saying about the best,time for me to post might be 6am my time,which is 9am over in new york and then,throughout the day the rest of my,followers in the us they'll wake up and,they'll continue to build engagement,with my post the third thing to note is,that there is no perfect time there is,no perfect time it does not exist i hope,that this is the one takeaway you all,get with this video if you're doing,research because you're trying to figure,out what the best time to post is and,this research and this perfection,mindset you have of needing to know what,the exact time to post is is actually,stopping you from posting you need to,stop doing research allow yourself to,have posts that will flop simply just,because and give yourself permission to,learn as you go you don't need to be,perfect here nobody is expecting you to,be perfect we just want you to show up,exactly as you are everyone's optimal,post time is going to look different,depending on where you're located and,who your target audience is and there's,so many factors that go into figuring,out what that optimal post time is for,you and the best way to figure that out,is by you testing it out,now that we've talked about what,instagram said let's take a look at some,social experiments and what this data,from these experiments have looked like,first let's take a look at reels and,when the best time to post reels would,be the influencer marketing hub posted,an article that i'll link down below,which analyzed over 100 000 short form,video content posts and their engagement,rates globally on ins

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Instagram Changed.. The NEW Way to Get Followers FAST in 2023 (NEW ALGORITHM)

Instagram Changed.. The NEW Way to Get Followers FAST in 2023 (NEW ALGORITHM)

Instagram has been rapidly changing and,if you're not making the changes that,Instagram's requiring you to you're,going to get less views and you're going,to get less followers and I can guess,since you clicked on this video that,stuff has already happened to you or you,want to take advantage of Instagram,right now and grow because it is so easy,to grow right now that being said the,first change that you need to make sure,that you're adapting to any photo that,you upload to Instagram now needs to be,five by four it used to have to be,square now you want to make it five by,four because if you're not doing that,they're not going to push out your piece,of content because several different,factors but before we could dive into,those factors I need you to smash that,subscribe button if you want to grow,quicker on Instagram YouTube or Tick,Tock I literally upload a video about,how to grow on these platforms every,single day in addition to that I created,a free Instagram growth course you can,get it into at the link the pin comment,below it's going to share with you,things like the best time to post right,now and the best hashtags to use finally,here's my phone number please shoot me a,text message I want to help you grow,quicker on Instagram I'm really looking,forward to helping you grow so the,reason that you need to make sure that,your images are now 5x4 on Instagram,every single image that you upload is,because Instagram changed or videos to,be real so what does that mean it means,that they're longer so if your photo,isn't longer it's not going to take up,as much space you're not going to take,up as much real estate and as a result,Instagram isn't going to be pushing out,your content because it's not going to,get as much engagement they've shown,that 5x4 photos get more engagement than,Square photos which is exactly why,they're changing this which is exactly,why you need to get ahead of the curve,and make sure that you implement this,change but that's not the only thing you,also need to change the length of your,content and several other things that,we're going to get into in this video,but before we could do that I need to,address a few things because I've been,getting so many comments even people,signing up for the mentorship program,saying these and saying things so first,and foremost do not buy fake engagement,on Instagram it's one of the worst,things that you can do Instagram knows,that you're doing this and then they're,not going to push out your real organic,content they're not going to give you,real organic followers and then a lot of,people do that first thing they buy fake,followers they buy fake engagement they,buy fake likes which stop doing that,please you are actively ruining your,account by doing that and then the,second thing that they end up doing they,end up removing followers do not do this,never do this this is one of the worst,things that you could possibly do on,Instagram you don't know actually who's,a bot you don't know who's real you,don't know who's fake you might think,that you know but that is a complete,waste of time because it has been shown,it has been proven that if you remove,followers on Instagram you end up,basically Shadow Banning yourself on,Instagram you're not going to get as,much reach you're not going to get as,many followers because Instagram looks,at that as a red flag if magically all,these people started following you or,you might have blocked all these people,well then guess what Instagram isn't,going to be pushing out your content,because that race a red flag why would,they push out the content from somebody,who's losing a ton of followers or why,would they push out the content from,somebody that just blocked a ton of,people that's a red flag to Instagram so,please make sure that you're not making,that mistake the third mistake so many,creators are you doing right now is they,are not using tags in their posts to,know I am not talking about hashtags I'm,talking about the tag feature you need,to make sure that you're using three,tags need to make sure that they're,specific to whatever you're posting,about it's way too many creators are,either one not using tags at all or two,using tags that are relevant and it's,one the reasons that you're not getting,as many views or as many followers as,you should be because ultimately the,wrong audience ends up seeing your,content because you didn't choose the,right tags now the last piece before we,could get into more proactive things and,more positive things that you can,actually do to increase the amount of,followers the amount of views that,you're getting we need to cover,something no Instagram does not decrease,your reach Instagram does not decrease,your views once you enter the reels,bonus program that is not true I don't,know why people are saying that I don't,care if it might have lowered your views,a little bit that's not why your views,lowered your views lowered because you,stopped doing what was working on,Instagram an

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Outdated Instagram Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing In 2022 | Please stop doing these…

Outdated Instagram Tips You SHOULD NOT Be Doing In 2022 | Please stop doing these…

so at this point i hope that we all know,that buying bots doing follow for follow,like for like are all outdated tips my,biggest pet peeve is clicking on videos,like this and the outdated tip is an,outdated tip and so this video i'm gonna,actually share some real outdated tips,this year that majority of people don't,know about that's actually stunting,their instagram growth so let's dive,into it now the first outdated tip is,the fact that you can get away with just,posting one to twice a week in order to,grow on instagram now this might have,worked maybe back in 2019 or even 2020,but it certainly doesn't work today,doing the bare minimum on instagram is,not actually going to fuel growth and if,you want to take your growth seriously,on instagram you're gonna have to,increase the amount of times that you,post per week maybe even up to two five,times a week monday to friday once a day,at minimum now i know this isn't the,answer that a lot of people are wanting,to hear because people don't want to,post more but this is just the social,media landscape right now specifically,on instagram now of course posting once,or twice a week is better than posting,none however we have time and time again,through looking at data and through,actually observing all the accounts that,were able to grow fast the pattern was,that they increased their post frequency,so if you are someone who is still only,posting once a week or even twice a week,i highly recommend that you maybe,increase that frequency of output that,you're currently doing now at this point,in the video you might already be upset,at me for even recommending to increase,your post frequency but just because you,increase your post frequency doesn't,mean that you are guaranteed to grow,especially if you are utilizing the,wrong features that complement today's,algorithm that's why my next outdated,tip is you should stop creating single,feed posts specifically quote posts like,this the reason why is because in,today's algorithm we are favoring,instagram reels and if you're going to,be creating a single feed post meaning,it's not a carousel it's just one single,slide you are better off turning that,into an instagram reel like this in,order to maximize your reach reach more,non-followers and fuel growth in,addition to this let's say you're a,photographer or you are someone who just,wants to share a single photo of,yourself instead of posting a single,feed post i highly recommend converting,that into an instagram reel even if it's,not a video and it's a single photo the,fact that the format is an instagram,reel is going to be able to maximize,your reach not only this as a bonus tip,you can even layer on trending music on,top you could mute it if you'd like or,you could allow that music to play by,adding that audio it's also going to,maximize your reach as well so again,even if you want to share photos just,simply turn that into an instagram reel,and you're going to be able to double,your reach another example where i've,done this is i actually did a recent,photo shoot where i had tons of pictures,that i wanted to post now back then,maybe in 2019 2020 or even 2021 i would,have put that into an instagram carousel,so that people can swipe through but,instead i leverage the reels template,feature pick the template and then i,added all the pictures and it,automatically converted that into an,instagram reel it literally took 10,seconds to create and i was able to get,way more reach than if i had put that in,a carousel post and so the biggest,outdated tip here is if you have a,single photo a single quote post a,single anything instead of turning that,into a single feed post really consider,converting that into an instagram reel,to maximize your reach incorporating an,instagram real strategy to your entire,content plan in addition to increasing,the amount of posts that you might doing,per week is absolutely going to help you,maximize your results and so if you are,someone who is still doing these,outdated tips i highly recommend making,some changes and i guarantee you're,going to see maximum results now moving,on to the next outdated tip that most of,you guys are still doing and that is,writing long captions especially for,your instagram reels now if your,strategy is to grow your account you're,going to want to incorporate instagram,reels so that you can reach your,non-followers,but if that's your strategy then most of,your non-followers are likely finding,your instagram reels through the reels,explore feed and when someone is,watching your instagram reels through,this feed they're not going to see your,caption in full versus if it was already,on their home feed and so most people,are not going to be reading this long,caption and you are essentially wasting,your time by doing this now specifically,where i think it's not worth your time,or energy to write these long captions,is if your reals is self-explanatory,what do i mean by self-explanatory it,means reels like this where maybe y

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Instagram LEAKS The BEST Time To Post on Instagram (not what you think)

Instagram LEAKS The BEST Time To Post on Instagram (not what you think)

in this video we're going to be covering,the best time to post on instagram to,get more views and more followers,because i've literally seen the time,that you post on instagram be the,difference between you getting thousands,of views tens of thousands of views and,even a million views recently i helped,tuvok12 getting over 120 000 followers,on instagram i helped devon rodriguez,art gain over 2.9 million followers on,instagram and i hope joel magician gain,over 500 000 followers on instagram and,i want to share with you the times that,they are actually posting because,they're going to make a huge difference,in how many views you get on your,stories or how many views you get on,your reels or even how many likes you're,getting on your posts right now because,i can guarantee that 99 of you guys are,making the same mistakes that every,other creator is making right now when,it comes to the best time to post on,instagram and this is absolutely killing,the amount of reset you're getting in,fact i'm going to guess that the far,majority of you guys right now literally,just post randomly on instagram you,don't know the best time to post you,don't know when your competitors are,posting you don't even know when your,followers are going to be online and,these are all huge mistakes that i see,so many creators make and honestly this,is going to be step number one if you,want to grow on instagram maybe you just,want to sell more products and already,have a good amount of instagram,followers you need to make sure that,you're posting at the right time for,starters the first best time to post is,going to be from 10 30 a.m to noon you,guys should be putting out a lot of,posts during this time because it is one,of the best times for you guys to be,posting on instagram they're essentially,going to be three times you need to be,posting on instagram and this first one,is going to be one of the best ones but,the last one that i'm going to share,with you is going to be the ultimate,best one so please make sure you stick,around for that so many creators make,the mistake of actually assuming that,the best time to post on instagram is,unique to their specific account and,that could not be further from the truth,instagram is not like youtube it's not,like tick tock where there is a unique,time for you to post for your specific,account in fact instagram is totally,different because you should be posting,at the three general best times to post,and then you should be looking at three,other factors to determine when you,should be posting on instagram the first,is going to be when your competitors are,posting if you guys don't have a list of,your competitors that you're competing,against on instagram you are making a,huge mistake this list should contain,two things first the times that they're,actually posting it and then secondly,what their actual post is because if you,want to beat your competitors on,instagram you need to make sure that,your stories are more engaging your,regular posts are more entertaining more,shareable and that your reels are way,better than theirs whether you're,posting in the food niche the fitness,niche the motivation is it doesn't,matter what kind of niche you're and you,could just be posting memes you need to,make sure that your posts are better,than your competitors pose because,instagram does not have a ton of organic,reach it doesn't have as much organic,reach as youtube or as tick tock but it,doesn't mean that it's impossible to,grow in fact you have a better chance of,growing on instagram right now than you,have in the past couple of years if,you're making better posts in your,competitor you're posting at the right,time using the right hashtags and doing,everything else right if you've seen my,channel before you know how passionate i,am about helping people grow on tiktok,and now i'm bringing that to instagram,honestly because i do feel that there is,an opportunity more of an opportunity,than there has been since i started,posting on youtube which is now almost,three years ago to grow on instagram i,would not be posting if i didn't think,it was realistic for you guys to gain,100 000 or even a million followers on,instagram if you're posting the right,content at the right time you're using,the right hashtags and you're putting,out quality content and the next video,that i drop here on youtube about,instagram is going to be the best,hashtag strategies you guys need to be,implementing into your regular posts,into your real so please make sure you,smash that subscribe button so you do,not miss that episode in addition i,answer every single question that i get,at dm on instagram and every single,comment that i get on my youtube videos,so please leave a comment below if you,have any questions about anything i say,the second best time that you guys need,to be posting at is going to be from 4,30 p.m to 5 30 p.m and if i haven't,mentioned it yet you guys want to post,at these times for your audience when,your audience

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WHEN TO POST ON INSTAGRAM | Best time to post Instagram | Organic Instagram growth tips

WHEN TO POST ON INSTAGRAM | Best time to post Instagram | Organic Instagram growth tips

hi everyone welcome back to my channel i,hope you're well in today's video i'm,going to be talking about the best time,to post on instagram now the best time,to post for you is going to depend on,you and your audience i'm going to give,you some tips and tricks to figure out,the best time for you to post for your,exact audience a bit later on in this,video but first i'm actually going to,tell you the best times to post like,universally okay and this is based on,loads of different articles that i've,read where different publications have,done loads of research based on a ton of,different instagram posts and they think,that they've come up with a list of the,best times for everyone to post okay so,i'm gonna give you the rough results of,what they've come up with i feel like,they might surprise you so according to,a few different articles the best time,for you to post is between 5am and 6am,and this is 5am and 6am like local time,right so this is 5am and 6am whatever,whichever timezone you're in okay which,to me seems a bit wild i don't know,about you when i first heard it i was,like what,between 5am and 6am that's absolutely,mental but then i actually thought to,myself well let's look at when i post so,i post between 3pm and 5pm i do that,because i know that's the best time for,me to post for my audience now that may,you may be thinking well that's,significantly later than 5am or 6am but,a lot of my audience aren't based in the,uk so they're not on my time zone a lot,of them are actually based in the us,right and fi between 3 p.m and 5 p.m in,the uk is the morning for the u.s and,the technique behind figuring out the,best time to post isn't just knowing,when your audience is online actually,knowing when the best time to post is,which is going to give your content an,opportunity to rank a bit higher which,means that when your audience come,online they're more likely to see your,post right so for me the best time for,me to do that is a few hours before when,my audience are online which actually,when you think about it it's about 6am,like it's around that time so actually,maybe these studies are onto something,and that really is universally the best,time for you to post now according to a,bunch of different articles the worst,time for you to post varies it's usually,around midday so like midday to 2pm but,then also on the weekends posting like,in the afternoon late afternoon evening,is just like a no-go which makes,complete sense because like if you are,posting at 8 p.m on a saturday like who,is that post for,who who do you want to see that post,like no one's gonna see it not your,audience anyway so genuinely that does,make more sense not to post at those,times now stuff like that varies so much,depending on the social platform that,you're on so for example me posting on,youtube at 1 pm on a sunday is a great,idea however me posting on instagram at,1pm on a sunday is a terrible idea so,please only take this to be relevant to,instagram rather than all other social,media platforms if you're wondering okay,how on earth am i going to stay on top,of posting between 5am and 6am in the,morning like what on earth how am i,going to do that well this is a perfect,segue for me to talk about the sponsor,of this video agorapulse so this is the,backend of agora post i wanted to show,you this bit in particular because it,has a bit of information about some of,the additional tools that it has so it,has a chrome extension which allows you,to publish content from any web page it,has an automated moderation workflow,well that sounds fancy doesn't it and,which basically allows you to get rid of,spam which is an absolute lifesaver,moderate um comments on your ads which,is so great if you do have some paid,activity and it's got an app and it has,keyboard shortcuts and stuff like that,so at the minute what we're in is my,messaging area so that's why some of,this might be a bit blurred out and,there is 99 plus messages there so if,you're waiting for me to get back to you,just hold on it's coming i'm getting,there i make i literally spend like an,hour every day responding to messages so,i will respond at some point you just,copy patient um but down here you can,see more of their features they have a,listening tool which basically allows,you to follow specific hashtags and you,know collate all the information and,different posts which people are sharing,about that hashtag which is great,publishing calendar which i'm going to,come on to a minute publishing lists,fans and followers which i love it's,just this bit which basically i'll click,on it basically it's going to show you,who your biggest fans are and basically,show you your advocates you know i love,that word if you're a regular viewer,it's going to show you who regularly,engages with your content it's got a,reporting element which obviously,everyone always loves here it's going to,show it looks like there's been a big,dip here but there hasn't it's just that,this is,not tracks my mo

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The BEST Time To Post on Instagram To Go Viral (ALGORITHM UPDATE 2022)

The BEST Time To Post on Instagram To Go Viral (ALGORITHM UPDATE 2022)

if you've ever wondered why your,instagram posts aren't getting the reach,and engagement that they used to or,maybe you're one of the chosen few that,the instagram algorithm smiles upon and,actually shows your stuff to your,followers,crazy idea right i mean instagram,actually showing your stuff to your,followers are you crazy are you ready,mine well even if you're one of the,lucky ones you're probably still seeing,an initial bump when you first publish a,post only to be followed by a rapid,decline with your content never being,seen again well if that sounds familiar,don't worry you're not alone and i've,got good news the reason your posts on,instagram aren't getting the reach and,engagement and followers that you want,is probably just because you're posting,at the wrong time yeah it really could,be that simple because here's the thing,the best time to post on instagram has,changed so today i'm going to show you,exactly when you need to be posting in,order to give your content the highest,likelihood of success i'm also going to,be sharing with you a few tools and,resources that make this whole instagram,marketing thing a whole lot faster and,easier more effective too and while this,video today is not sponsored it is,supported by those of you who have,signed up for the digital marketing,academy you can learn more by checking,the link in the description below this,video and thank you for your support so,with that said let me show you how it's,done starting with the best time that,you need to be posting on instagram,which is at 9 56 a.m on wednesday now,you might be wondering adam how did you,come up with such a specific time and,day i mean that's a little bit crazy,kind of weird i mean is all you do,nowadays study different social media,algorithms and how they work in order to,come up with the perfect marketing,strategy,no,but here's the thing this time 9 56 a.m,on wednesday is a great starting place,but it comes with a few warnings three,warnings to be specific first you should,know i'm not just completely pulling,this number out of my thin air so,there's a method behind the madness so,if you're trying to find the best time,to post definitely start here next as,fortunate as i am to have been doing,this whole marketing thing for over 10,years now and with great access to other,marketers and companies and software i'm,still always looking through the latest,reports and anything i can get my hands,on in order to double check and make,sure that the data that i'm seeing at,least makes sense with what the big,players in the space are saying for,example hootsuite later sprout social,and hubspot all regularly put out,reports on the best times to post on,social media sometimes they break this,down hour by hour sometimes day by day,and sometimes they even break it up by,different markets and businesses and,industries these are valuable reports to,have and to reference so i'll put a link,to a blog post down in the descriptions,below or you're welcome to take a,screenshot of this to save for future,reference,now aside from 9 56 am there are other,times that are generally agreed upon,including between 10 a.m and 12 p.m,between 3 p.m and 5 p.m and between 7,p.m and 10 p.m but what makes this all,work is the third and most important,warning of all and that is knowing that,the best time to post on instagram is,going to be hugely wildly almost,unbelievably specific to your business,to your market to your industry and to,your audience but i appreciate just how,completely useless the advice is to tell,you it depends so let me walk you,through exactly how to find out the best,time to post for your unique audience,right now everything i'm about to tell,you can be done by digging through your,instagram analytics but i like to use a,tool called metrocool that makes the,process that much easier i'll link that,up in the description below this video,too there's gonna be a lot of links down,there oh yeah so the key here is in,identifying when the bulk of your,followers are online and present and,active on instagram not you not your,family or your friends but the majority,of the people who follow you this is,important because when you post,something the first people that,instagram shows it to is generally your,followers then depending on their,reactions and engagement with your,content they'll make the automatic,algorithm-based decision to either show,it to more people or to bury it and,never let it see the light of day this,is why you want to make sure that when,you post something the people that you,actually want to see it are awake and,around and on their phones otherwise you,could post the most amazing,life-changing and awe-inspiring piece of,content the world has ever seen but if,nobody sees it or engages with it,instagram is going to think it was a,flop and they're going to do everything,in their power to avoid having anybody,else see this content so look at your,analytics and find the time zones that,your followers are actually i

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