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Instagram Founders On Success Of Their App: ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ | TODAYif ever you've posted


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Instagram Founders On Success Of Their App: ‘Beyond Our Wildest Dreams’ | TODAY

if ever you've posted a photograph to,Instagram to show your friends where you,are what you're doing or maybe what,you're having for lunch,you can thank Kevin Systrom and Mike,Krieger theirs is a familiar startup,success story from Apple to Google and,now Instagram to smart guys get together,with an idea and not much else,and end up changing the world it was,only six and a half years ago that Kevin,and Mike launched Instagram last week,the platform crossed 700 million active,monthly users so how did they do it and,where do they go from here I got,together with the Instagram guys for a,Sunday sit down Instagram was a startup,idea whose beauty was in its simplicity,take a single photograph of where you,are or what you're doing share it in,real time with the people in your life,and give them an easy button to push to,show they like it that simple idea is,now a global community so let's talk,about 700 million monthly users you guys,set out to do this six and a half years,ago could you ever have dreamed being,where you are today back then no I think,we started you know knowing that we,wanted to bring this out to the world,but this is kind of beyond our wildest,dreams when we were getting started back,then I remember looking at Mike and,being like I think we're on to something,meanwhile he's stressing out trying to,keep the server's up and he's like maybe,thirty-three-year-old Kevin Systrom and,31 year old Mike Krieger met while,studying at Stanford University Kevin,already had worked at a company called,OTO which later would become Twitter he,shared a desk with current Twitter CEO,Jack Dorsey Mike had come to Stanford,from his native Brazil,you remember Mike meeting Kevin at,Stanford I do I specifically remember,talking to Kevin about oh do I was like,oh you intern you know the company that,became Twitter and we talked about it we,barely knew each other in college but it,was only when I had left my job at a,small startup and I was like I want to,start something independently I met Mike,in a coffee shop and he was working on,he was hacking on a project and I was,like cool he's hacking on a project he,seems really smart while he still was in,college Kevin turned down an offer from,a young entrepreneur to work at a,company he was building the entrepreneur,was Mark Zuckerberg the company was,Facebook and I remember meeting one of,my mentors and I was like hey like,should I do this Facebook thing and I,remember the person saying it's a fad in,2010 four years after graduating,Stanford system and Krieger got together,to start their own company what was it,like on day one when it was you two guys,in the coffee shop where did you start,on that ground floor we started in a,small co-working space called Dogpatch,labs but it was basically on a pier in,San Francisco didn't have heat so late,nights I remember looking over and,Mike's got on this giant parka with like,the fur around the thing and you can see,his breath as he's coding um it it was,it was rough their first idea a company,called Bourbon didn't work out but they,took what they learned from the,experience and in the fall of 2010,launched Instagram in less than three,months 1 million people had joined the,open network we basically stripped away,everything and said all right if we want,to just make this particular experience,of taking a photo sharing it being,really proud of it and excited to share,and making that really quick how do we,make that incredible and as you sat,there at your laptop so you're watching,this thing explode at some point did it,feel like,ah this is getting away from us we're,not ready for this much success this,quickly we're sitting there watching us,cross a million it was like you know,999966 Instagram oh my god that person,is using and we dreamed up first one was,Snoop Dogg snoop Dogg yeah the first is,he really like joined early and just you,know I think early enough that matters,right like Snoop makes it cool he gives,his stamp of approval and people flow in,behind him well you've got a team of you,know whatever eight or nine at the time,and Snoop Dogg joins and then you get a,message that snoops people want to come,over to the office like snoops people,wanna I don't I don't have people you,have people this still happens right so,in the past year I went to the Vatican,and helped onboard the Pope and you just,realize like these people who are so,influential in the world are using our,product to get their message out in the,world ah and that's really special,that's gotta be a moment when the Pope,signs up for Instagram you help him get,on yeah whatever paths were gonna be,your holiness,right and all he had to do is touch the,signup button and it's just like I,really hope this works,Mark Zuckerberg took notice of what was,happening at Instagram he called Kevin,with a second chance to come to Facebook,less than two years into its life,Instagram was sold to Facebook in April,of 2012 for 1 billion dollars how did,those conversations initiate what

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THIS is how Instagram will change in 2023 | + LEAKED FEATURES AND UPDATES!

THIS is how Instagram will change in 2023 | + LEAKED FEATURES AND UPDATES!

I've got a challenge for you I want you,to think back to Instagram exactly one,year ago and I want you to think about,all of the ways in which it's changed,because the app has gone through so many,changes as of late and my predictions,are that it's going to continue to,experience a lot of changes through the,duration of 2023 so I thought I'd kick,off this year happy New Year by the way,with my Trend predictions for Instagram,and this video will also include a sneak,peek at some of the features that,they're testing as well that I think are,going to be released later on this year,before we get started though if you,enjoy content like this please hit the,Subscribe button I'm trying to get to,that 100K and I upload content every,single week that I'm sure I'm just sure,you're gonna love you're gonna love it,okay so my first prediction is that,Instagram are going to lean more heavily,into authenticity now I would love to,take credit and just say that I've I've,looked into the future and guess that,this is going to happen but that would,be a lie because Instagram have actually,been testing two new features which are,very much telling me Point Blank that,they are moving into the authenticity,space now let me just start off by,explaining what I mean there has been a,broad shift towards authenticity on,social media and it's been going on for,like a year or so now and what I'm,referring to when it comes to,authenticity on social media is like the,more unedited less aesthetic content,that's a bit raw that's captured with a,shaky hand that's just very like real,right and something what really proves,this social shift has been happening has,been the popularity of a new social,media app called be real now if you're,not familiar with what be real is it's,essentially an application which sends,notifications to its users and when you,receive the notification you should take,a photo of what you're seeing and of,yourself so you use both cameras and you,share it with the people who follow you,as a way to give an insight into what,you're actually doing at any given time,so the idea is that you don't have an,opportunity to create this perfect life,you just have to capture what you're,doing when you get the notes education,hence the name be real and hence the,fact that it's playing into this idea of,authenticity now the reason why I think,Instagram are going to make new changes,so that it can keep up with this like,social shift is because they are,currently testing two features so,they've not been released yet but two,features which really support this,Theory the first is called Glimpse,um I've actually spoken about a similar,feature to this on Instagram in one of,my previous videos and it's quite,literally be real Glimpse is be real on,Instagram on your stories so the idea is,that you get a notification sharing what,you're seeing and what you look like and,you share it to your stories right so,they'll be categorized as a glimpse,story so as I mentioned Instagram kind,of started testing something similar to,this recently it was called IG candid as,far as I'm aware this is a version of,that but it's on your stories instead,also they are testing a new feature,called roll call now roll call is,essentially a feature for group Chats on,Instagram where you can send out a roll,call and everyone in the a group chat,has to send a photo or a video of what,they're doing within like five minutes,so again it's leaning into this idea of,Instagram encouraging its users to share,real authentic content of what they're,doing at any given time of the day so I,definitely think they're going to be,releasing more features like that,throughout 2023. my second Trend,prediction is that Instagram will be,making moves to give creators more power,what I'm referring to here is,specifically updates that Instagram are,going to implement hopefully that will,allow us creators to have more control,over who sees our content and the reason,why I think that this is going to happen,is because this has been one of the,biggest complaints for Instagram in,recent years is that a lot of the,creators including myself will notice,that maybe our content isn't being,shared to our Right audience or maybe,it's not being shared at all people are,getting quite frustrated with the app,and with the introduction of more recent,social media sites like tiktok for,example which actually allow creators to,reach quite a lot of people seemingly it,easier than they can on Instagram it,basically likes a bit of a fire under,Instagram's ass and it makes them think,okay we've got to do something about,this what can we do which will help our,creators feel like they're more in,control over how many people get to see,their content now the feature that,they've released which supports this,trend prediction is their topics feature,now topics will basically allow us,creators to identify what our content is,about which should hopefully mean that,we have more control as to who is going,to see our conten

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Ig Model Challenges Man And Instantly Regrets It.

Ig Model Challenges Man And Instantly Regrets It.

foreign,ly challenge but five pounds on each,side SpongeBob's teddy bears way more,than that now but in all seriousness it,doesn't matter where you start as long,as you're getting in the gym I'm doing a,survey for my class I was just wondering,if I could ask you like three questions,is it okay if I follow up with you in a,couple days sure what's your number 801,out of in and out Olive Garden or Red,Lobster which one would you pick in and,out you know okay if I said in and out,was free on Friday night would you go,definitely okay perfect it's a date then,I'll call you on Friday,33. that's perfect,he must play for the Wizards,boy you looking just a little bit too,hard yeah that brother's starving look a,man gonna be a man just cause you're,fooled on me you can't look at the menu,but he ain't even being respectful you,can look at the menu but he's staring at,the food as it goes by,one two,how much money does a guy need to make,to be with you oh money doesn't matter,I'll help us build an Empire oh it don't,matter so as long as y'all vibing yeah,as long as we're vibing I can teach,someone how to make money okay so he's,broke but y'all got a great Vibe you,still I'll teach them how to make money,so you you must got a brand like that,what the heck what do you do uh only,fans,so do you like collab with people yeah,they had us the first half I'm not gonna,lie first I'm thinking this is a pretty,normal girl she'd be a great girlfriend,she was up by 20 and then she blew the,lead in the fourth quarter and how,exactly is she gonna teach a man how to,make money what you gonna do teach them,how to sell feet pictures because,generally speaking a person that's gonna,sacrifice their future doing only fans,isn't going to be the same type of,person that's going to be thinking about,diversifying a portfolio black men don't,change,I'm in a relationship,we must stay focused Brothers we must,stay focused in 2023 if you got you a,girl that's loyal and reciprocates value,you better keep her because at least you,know if she's a woman nowadays you don't,even know if a woman is a woman trust me,ain't nothing out there but pronouns and,Instagram addicts tell me differently,I'm thinking spoke and people at me,I gotta show the camera,W self-control Charlemagne is a married,man and black men don't cheat hey uh are,you interested in me,I'm interested because I like talent and,I know you box oh oh this is good and,because at the moment I'm studying dance,science which kind of coincides with,sports science I feel like I have like a,deeper understanding between like like,what you do so you can dance,number one you're honest with me right,yeah you're here because you're,interested in me 100 sure you wouldn't,lie to me 100 I'm a bad guy yeah Hannah,are you shaking I'm not no come,here hold my hands you know what I'm so,confident that it's you just you know,what to do right here,the winner of this video is,Renee Renee are you here for money or,for love you're here for money take the,cash,I'm here for money,you said Tom Brady's new girlfriend,Jason moved on quick 26 year old,Slovenian model Veronica reject we all,know he went to a pretty bad divorce,with giselle's reported she was cheating,on him with her personal trainer for,over a year now he's kind of rebounded,he'd talk he's gone for the DiCaprio he,had gone for someone in their 20s very,good looking definitely an upgrade you,could see his play kind of slipping off,at the start of the year the last few,weeks he's been picking back up could be,the new girlfriend if you had to say,who's winning this breakup giselle's,personal trainer or you know younger,Slovenian model Tom Brady's got the W,here people were trying to defend her,saying she wasn't cheating on Tom Brady,you don't go from a 13-year relationship,to a new boyfriend two weeks after,divorce unless there's some Shenanigans,I'm sure when they were hanging out,after all those private Jiu Jitsu,lessons they were just baking cookies,foreign,Ibrahimovic like all-time confidence,human being comes to LA and he takes it,article out in the LA times and he goes,uh La you're welcome it's a lot of time,is here or stuff like that whole page,artifier he gets sent a Jersey from,LeBron James yeah signs it sends it back,I don't know who he is but that man has,some big kahunas he probably has to put,him in a wheelbarrow I bet you when he,runs he starts laughing because the,grass is tickling his balls but when he,logs into a website they have to agree,to his terms and conditions okay,yo is she special needs all of them I I,you know they all want to take you on,tonight because they exist,all right humble yourself will you take,me a date tomorrow I didn't understand,what he said so I looked it up and numka,means never in Spanish uh but there's a,time when you snuck into the room to see,what the I sneaked into the room snuck,isn't a word Conan and you went to,Harvard and you should know that,oh I'm sorry wait there's a,I keep a dictionary down here and I just

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How To Fix Missing Instagram Notes

How To Fix Missing Instagram Notes

let's fix Instagram notes if they're,missing now Instagram has a new feature,called notes where you can leave sort of,little messages or status updates in the,messages of Instagram and they're called,notes I'll show you how to get those,working if they're not appearing but,first I'll show you where they are let's,hop into Instagram,and we will just tap on the messages at,the top right,you can see at the very top I have these,little bubbles that indicate notes you,know Rob Swift has one I can add one if,other people had noticed they'd pop up,here but if it's missing or not working,I'm going to show you a couple different,options you have to get those working,the very first thing is we'll hop out of,here and just go to the App Store,so this is a new feature that they're,just rolling out so the easiest way is,just to hit search at the bottom right,and we'll search for Instagram,so tap on Instagram here and right next,to Instagram if it says update just tap,that little update button so that you,can get a new version of Instagram with,the notes that have been rolled out so,that's the easiest way is just to hit,the update sometimes that doesn't work,for everybody though and I'll walk you,through some other steps so once you've,updated that go back and check but let's,open up the Instagram app here and we'll,go back and we'll tap on our profile,icon at the bottom right,and then we'll tap on the three lines at,the top right,we'll tap on settings at the very top,here,and then we will tap on account towards,the bottom,now if we scroll all the way down to the,bottom you can see switch to,professional account I found that,switching to a professional account and,back a lot of times fixes any kind of,bugs or features that you haven't,necessarily received yet in the,Instagram app so we're going to tap,switch to professional,continue continue continue,these don't matter because you're going,to switch right back to a personal,account if you want you can leave it as,a professional account if you wanted to,but we're just going to keep going and,hit continue now I'll hit the little X,at the top right here,I have a professional account now and I,can hit the home button at the bottom,left and then messages you can see of,course I still have those messages now,what this does is you can see the,primary and the general so having a,professional account kind of upgrades,your messaging system within the,Instagram app so you might want to keep,it around or if you want to just do the,same steps you know tap on your profile,at the bottom right the three lines,top right settings,account,and then we'll tap on switch account,type and then back to a personal account,and switch to a personal account,now this will revert you back to a,personal account but by doing so it's,kind of reset a lot of the messages and,should get those notes back up and,running let's go back to the home screen,here and to the messages at the top,right,now that you're in here those notes,should be appearing if they still don't,appear you can always try to delete the,app and then reinstall it but sometimes,this is just a feature that they need to,roll out on all of their servers so you,might need to wait if all of those,didn't work you might just need to wait,a little bit longer until Instagram tags,your phone or your account to roll out,that feature hope this helps thanks for,your time today and I'll see you on the,next one

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When Women Get REJECTED & Men STOP Simping #13

When Women Get REJECTED & Men STOP Simping #13

science,sometimes I gotta beat the ladies off,with a stick back woman back us head hey,don't touch what you can't afford so how,was your day going are you feeling,nervous are you feeling good yes do some,push-ups,yes wow,amazing do you feel less nervous I do,actually,hey my name is Carly what's your name,Carlos Carlos and Carly I love that and,I love your tattoos also appreciate it I,love your bubbles you're looking at that,you're waiting for that red light that's,correct yeah,oh my God,what kind of race was this it says I'll,call that non-existent rizz and weird,Riz whatever it was it didn't work on,him the man looked terrified,you like this you know you are not being,like this you know,oh you God didn't want to give me a ride,I got a ride home so you,you don't want to give me a ride home I,wasn't talking to you,shut the it says why the girls,always think you're talking to them it's,not that they think you're talking to,them because they want you to talk to,them the fact you're walking past on the,street not giving them attention,probably pissed him off but Brad don't,even react to girls like that just walk,past ignore him that'll piss him off,even more,thank you,what are you going out here with your,little Indian African movie I'm,both yep then why do you have an Egypt,flag behind your head because Egypt is,in Africa no it's not are you sure about,that where do you think Egypt is not in,Africa do you think only black people,live in Africa no then that's South,Africa are you dumb pardon me are,you dumb she's dumb what I don't ,know it I failed geography woman,sounds like you're gonna find that life,as well you donut a man can,repopulate an island of women can a,woman repopulate an Island full of men,yeah it would just take longer so don't,men create more life,gotcha if you think goes dramatic,you've obviously never seen a guy's,video game just lagged at least a video,game lagging isn't a completely made-up,reason to be mad that's not ridiculous,that's not ridiculous to say that I,think I wish on you think's your match,trying to be my match,oh okay you said what you said I said,she's pretty but I just have to,respectfully decline today you know all,right so does does anybody else think,that she is your their match anybody,else think she's their match going once,going twice nobody,no no,all right so number four I'm gonna have,to ask you to take a seat okay that's,great hey fair play to me denied,respectfully and I'd say made the right,decision as well because this girl got,caught out lying and exposed in the last,video that I did,it so why'd you ask for the Instagram,why'd you ask me the Instagram though,you didn't even ask for your Instagram a,few moments later did she or did she not,answered Instagram she did ask for this,at some point you got to be ,tired of not being number one,you have to be and you gotta ,play angry and I play Angry do you two,want to see each other I do sure I I,like the haircut do you like keeping it,short yeah I did this myself oh really,decided to just start cutting my own,hair I went on one date with like a,teacher,get the out of here,foreign,I'm the gentleman sitting next to your,daughter for the last four quarters I,just wanted to let you know that you,raised a real piece,what did he say first time I ever,shopped I was so nervous well let me,tell you it gets easier yeah,you just gotta go I mean I can't read,his mind but a guy don't look too,interested it looks like he just wants,to leave bro and it's a weird thing to,talk about the camera there as well,right,laughs,am I the only one that died,no that humbling time I sat next to a,guy my age and a flight and his friend,texting him from three rows back oh next,to you looks pretty decent which he,responded six out of ten,for whoever said that,you want fatness,was the thing to do count your ,days don't do nothing but,put to eat and cheat got a stomach,full of lies I just got done Dirty by,effect,s accusations these are not accusations,this is false accusations,um New Year's resolution yeah if I'm,being draw me to be honest though yeah,good boy I need to stop my ex,I'm telling you that's my new year,bro I need to stop it you're not getting,on next year 2023 we're gonna start with,good with good stuff only she don't,deserve she don't hey feathers whether,it's a new year or not stop going back,to your ex if you know she was bad for,you you know she was toxic she did you,no good I don't care how good it was,think it is not what it is preparing my,girlfriend for the movie,probably wake up for a second,you're a victim if God didn't want women,to be cooking he wouldn't have put milk,and eggs in their body if God did it oh,my God how can I take you serious when,everyone has access to you you don't,belong with me you don't belong with me,and that's the reality of you a kid that,can open many locks is called a master,key but a lock that can be over my many,keys is a shitty look does body count,matter no I heard it doesn't it doesn't,matter be

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Kevin Samuels - Don't Judge Me On My Looks Says Instagram Models!

Kevin Samuels - Don't Judge Me On My Looks Says Instagram Models!

hello hey how are you I'm well and,yourself,good we're just watching your live,looking at some of your content,I heard about you but I don't really,know much about you my I just came to my,best friend's house and she was saying,she was looking at your videos and she,was offended by her content but I,haven't seen it so I don't know what is,supposedly so offensive about you the,truth,okay,but the truth is that the truth tends to,offend many women today,but you know what who's not offended,the eight black couples that have gotten,together in the last six months and the,three black women who've gotten engaged,in the last six months of knowing me and,and credit my groups and and credit my,groups and my information is the reason,why they're that way,so uh I don't know three black women are,getting married in one final,multi-million dollar attorney so,why is your friend pissed off again,no one's pissed off you just you just be,feeling like you're entitled,excuse me you felt entitled like yeah,you see this woman doesn't know me and,see see and then instead of saying you,know what I didn't know that and that's,a good thing,I appreciate that eight black couples,have gotten together and three black,families,that's good no no instead of saying that,instead of saying a good thing she wants,to be off camera,if you're gonna talk at least get on,camera don't don't be don't be like that,you're gonna have to smoke bring your,ass on camera,it's like in a little Pearl like in her,night clothes and stuff right the person,who lie that I'm on,I will talk to you because obviously you,seem to have a different energy yeah,man people don't come onto my show just,because I'm rude and just and why would,15 000 people show up nightly if I was,full of lying and just being rude,mean,that wouldn't even make any sense,so what do you think is our people's,issue about you,the truth,I think I think that I think that one of,the biggest issues over this last video,that happened with a Woman rated herself,being average and I agreed,let me ask you a question how old are,you,27 27.,is a man's value and how productive he,is,I feel like every,character so yeah no I said a man's,value isn't how productive he is,you know like it no no no no no no man I,asked you is okay,and a woman's value to a man men are,visual initially it is how you look,okay but my question is why do modern,women reject what women for thousands of,years have accepted,but expect men to still be the same way,you still expect men to provide right,right but I don't think this only to the,extent of physical appearance I feel,like if you compensate you can always,compensate in other ways like I've seen,and and we've all seen it to where maybe,it would be a very attractive guy with a,woman who is not conventionally as,attractive and he does value her and he,loves her and all right but okay how,about this,it,get a hundred of your male friends and,ask them what they want,that's the point I'm saying what men,would say I am saying what men would say,and the issue is women have no problem,saying I want a man who's six foot tall,six figures six pack I don't want no,scrubs ain't nothing going on,but then when a man says he just has a,standard too does all of a sudden issue,well I don't have to have somebody six,feet as long as you're two inches taller,than me I'm fine but exactly but but,you're five nine but hold on man hold on,but man it still is a standard it still,is a preference and men have theirs as,well see what we've told women how,preferences I'm not I'm not but,apparently not apparently not because,women can have their preferences,right now hold on hold on hold on hold,on,women have been putting they have been,memorializing what they want in movie,and songs for my entire life,when men just have the nerve to respond,when asked all of a sudden we're,entitled in toxic masculinity I don't,think that you guys,you got titled by wanting preferences,for I will say that okay I'm not,disputing that like everyone is entitled,to have their,whatever that you know that they want,but what I'm saying is that I don't it,seems like what you're saying and I'm,and correct me if I'm wrong is that a,woman's like her value in all,yes I never said absolutely no no see,that's another thing you won't have to,tell me where I'm telling you I'm not,telling you that's what well that's the,thing I I have never said that I have,never said that the woman Forefront of,the conversation is kind of okay okay,if you you asked me to tell you that,when I tell you you're talking over me,I'm not conversing because I'm only,you're the only one talking,man,have you watched one of my videos,a three hour video from front to back,background situation when he was ranking,that girl you're not paying attention,talk to him,I'm just watch one of my videos if you,watched a full video of mine from front,to back one one of my live streams I,just thought I just saw one,one um was it the whole I think,some girl we used to when you were,I gu

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We refuse to participate in the recession!! DM me “Mentor” on Instagram @therealbrianrose & Crush 23

We refuse to participate in the recession!! DM me “Mentor” on Instagram @therealbrianrose & Crush 23

hey heading home after an incredible,week first back of 2023 I was just on a,live call uh talking about our,investment club and talking about how,excited we are about Ai and a bunch of,the things that we're looking to put,funds towards for this year and I told,this group of people on Zoom that you,know you can choose one of two ways to,go for 2023. you can read the newspapers,and you can buy into the recession,narrative the inflation narrative the,crypto winter narrative the everything's,going to be ruined narrative and you can,go cry in a corner lick your wounds or,call Mommy,or you can go into this year and say,wait a second if I create so much value,if I create massive amounts of value,then it doesn't matter where the economy,is growing it doesn't matter the price,of Bitcoin it doesn't matter any of this,stuff because I'll be creating such,massive value that so many great things,are going to come my way and to be,honest that's the way I look at every,single year and every single thing I do,and that way,I always say I focus on what I can,control I can't control the price of,Bitcoin the price of Tesla what the FED,does,um recessions inflation any of that,stuff I can't control what I do and I,can control how big I think I can,control how much value I add to people,around me and to the world and if I go,up there and try to do like a 10x or,100x increase in value well then,something good is going to come back to,me now it could mean connections it,could mean energy it could mean tons of,money it could mean lots of different,things but something good is going to,happen and so I refuse to participate in,the recession I refuse to participate in,the winter and that's the mentality of,me my team and everyone inside my,Academy and so if you want 2023 to be,incredible to be around a bunch of,people that want to go out there and,crush it and expect you to crush it and,will not buy into your excuses and will,not buy into any narrative in the,mainstream that convinces you to play,small well then you found the right,group because that's what we're going to,do and literally on Monday we kick off,the call we shut this program down and,I'm going to take the small group of,people into life change and stuff I'll,be posting some of their wins on,Instagram and my stories and you can see,them maxing out their diets you'll see,their six packs you'll see their,um their jacked up businesses you'll see,them doing meditation you'll see them,doing all these amazing things and uh,just do me one favor,don't get jealous uh don't say I'm going,to do that next year because we know,you're not going to,um maybe stop following me it'd be the,best thing because these people are,going to drive you nuts because you'll,look at them and say wow there's,something special about them and matter,of fact you'll say I'm more qualified,than them to do these things and yet,they're the ones that pulled the trigger,and put in the work and decided to do it,so that's our plan obviously I hope you,can join us if you want to go follow me,on Instagram at the real Brian Rose DM,me the word Mentor or go to, forward slash life and,pull the damn trigger and join us it's,going to be a ton of fun it's going to,be a revolutionary game changing we have,a blueprint we've got an accountability,system we've got a community and you got,access to me you can ask me anything you,want every single week and we're going,to go forward and Crush 23. so hope,you're having a good one look forward to,seeing you on that call on Monday

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How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

everyone in today's instagram video i,want to show you how to add,story highlights instagram story,highlights,on your instagram profile page now you,could do this with,any profile you could be a business,profile a personal profile,but it's definitely recommended because,instagram stories disappear,after 24 hours but with story highlights,you could just,keep them on your profile for as long as,you want,so let me show you how to do it right,now inside of the instagram app,and if it's your first time here i make,easy to follow instagram videos and,social media videos on this channel,every single day so make sure you,subscribe so you don't miss the next,video,now inside of the instagram app go to,your profile page,on the bottom here and this only works,on the instagram app you can't do this,on the website,and what you want to do here is either,you'll see a,plus sign right here that says new,that's one place to do it but some,profiles won't have that,the other option is on the top of the,page as long as you have the latest,instagram update you have a plus sign,right there on top you can press that,and press,story highlight now what this does is it,pulls up,all the stories that you've archived on,instagram,if you've never made an instagram story,post you won't see anything here,so let me go ahead and press cancel just,to show you you could go ahead and press,the plus sign,create a instagram story take a picture,and then you could go ahead and share,this to your story,so once you do that you'll have an,instagram story to post so if you don't,have an instagram story that you posted,just like i showed you you won't have,anything to highlight that's just,keeping the older instagram stories up,so again let's go ahead and press the,plus sign go to story highlight,and here you could see all my stories,that i've posted on instagram here and i,can make,turn any of them into the highlight so,even the one i just posted you see that,right there,just from today's date so for example if,i wanted to show behind the scenes of,what i'm filming,i could go ahead and select one you got,the check mark or two or three,and then i could press next on top and,then three different,images or posts are gonna show up in,that one highlight,and i could give it a title and you're,limited on the character so i'm gonna,call this behind the scenes bts then you,could edit your highlight,cover so this is what people are going,to see so you could,choose a different image to be your,highlight cover,or you could upload your own so if,you've seen on other profiles,icons that match and the instagram story,highlight looks really nice and clean,that's how they did it they uploaded,their own in the next video i'll show,you how to create your own,so watch that video after this one if,you want to do that,i'll press down here that's going to be,my story highlight i already gave it a,title i'm going to press add and you,could,see now it added it over here i could,make as many of these highlights and add,as many pictures as i want inside of,each one,and if i change my mind i could click,any one of them here,and then press the more option on the,bottom and then press,edit highlight and i could go back to,the stories tab,here and choose more to add to it so i,don't have to always create a new,highlight,i could add to the existing highlights,too so as you could see on my profile,i've done this four different times now,where i created profiles with multiple,stories in each one,and they show up over here anytime i,could go back and edit the highlight,cover too,so in the next video when i make them,i'm gonna go ahead and go,and put matching covers on all four so,it looks a lot cleaner,on my instagram profile page and it's,that easy to create,instagram highlights on your instagram,profile i hope you found this useful,please give it a thumbs up,and i'll see you next time

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