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The RIGHT way to add spaces to Instagram Captionsmany of you have been trying to figure,out exactly

Katie Steckly

Updated on Feb 07,2023

The RIGHT way to add spaces to Instagram Captions

many of you have been trying to figure,out exactly how to get spaces in your,Instagram captions reliably every single,time in fact according to my analytics,one of the things that you guys are,searching for most often is Katie stuck,lis Instagram spaces second only to,Katie Suckley,Instagram hacks that's pretty wild so,because of that today I want to make an,updated video showing you new strategies,that are going to reliably put those,line breaks in your Instagram captions,just like you want because the video,that I made before apparently doesn't,work anymore so I'm gonna tell you not,only my strategy that I'm using every,time and also another one that might be,more accessible to you that I know chefs,kiss is always gonna work so keep on,watching,hey I'm Katie welcome to my channel here,on YouTube I love to share my best tips,and advice about social media marketing,and content creation I'm also the,founder of a social media marketing,agency that serves creators and creative,entrepreneurs by providing YouTube,editing services podcast editing,services and Instagram strategy if,you're interested in any of that you can,go check out my website which is Katie,Stickley comm make sure that you also,hit the subscribe button so you don't,miss any of my future videos I upload,twice a week and I wouldn't want you to,miss a single one,alright are you ready for it this is all,you guys need to do to reliably have,spaces in your Instagram captions you're,gonna start by writing your Instagram,caption in some other external app like,your Notes app or a Google Doc somewhere,outside of Instagram where you can save,and plan your captions I think this is a,really good strategy even outside of the,adding spaces piece because it's,important that you're planning your,content ahead of time and strategizing,what you want to talk about so write it,in your notes up beforehand and when,you're ready you're gonna open up your,notes up copy the entire thing you don't,have to worry about any special,formatting just copy whatever it is that,you typed next up you're gonna open up,your web browser on your phone and,you're gonna go to instant - space dot,org you're gonna see a website that,looks like this with a purple background,and you're gonna scroll until you find a,box to paste your caption into then,you're just gonna simply tap the button,convert it and then once it has,converted it you're gonna copy the text,just press the button for copy text and,then you're gonna go to Instagram you,can select your photo do whatever you,need to do there and then when it comes,time to enter the caption all you have,to do is tap in the text box and press,paste this is going to give you the,perfectly organized well-designed,caption every single time it's very,reliable it's super easy to use it's,literally just a copy and paste and then,you have it you're gonna have your line,breaks so this is a strategy that I'm,using when I am manually in real time,posting to Instagram but for the most,part I actually schedule my posts I use,an app called later I'm gonna talk more,about later in a future video so make,sure you stay tuned for that but for now,I'll just let you know that it's a,scheduling app that I find very useful,and the fortunate thing about later is,that it has this insta space thing built,right into it so I can write my caption,in there save it I know that when it's,posted automatically to my account those,line breaks are gonna be preserved so if,you're looking for something that can,both schedule your posts and do the,appropriate line breaks in your,Instagram caption then later might be a,good option for you to check out all,right that is it an updated version of,how to add spaces to your Instagram,caption by me,Kati Stickley I hope this helps you out,and all you people that are searching,for that exact thing this will answer,your questions so if you found this,helpful please give it a like I really,appreciate it if you want to see more,Instagram videos by me check out this,one YouTube thinks that you'll like it,make sure you also hit the subscribe,button so you don't miss any of my,future videos I upload twice a week and,I wouldn't want you to miss a single one,as always I hope you're having,adventures and following your dreams and,I'll see you in the next video bye

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How to Write Instagram Captions (That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS AND SALES!)

How to Write Instagram Captions (That Get You MORE LIKES, COMMENTS AND SALES!)

What is up, everyone!,Welcome back to my channel, the best place for new coaches, content, creators, and entrepreneurs,In today's video,Let's talk about Instagram captions, specifically Instagram captions that can get you results,like this and results like this.,Now, obviously when it comes to getting crazy engagement and crazy sales, there is more,than just captions that you write on social media, but your Instagram captions can play,a really great role in getting more engagement and getting more sales in your business.,That's why in today's video, I'm going to share with you some things to consider and,some things to look out for when you're writing your captions, that'll get you more likes,comments and sales into your business.,Now, before we dive into today's video, we always start off with shout outs.,So let's dive right into those first massive congratulations to this week's YouTube channel,and Instagram profile of the week.,Thank you for supporting this channel.,Now, if you're interested in being featured too, all you have to do is take a picture,of this video and post it to your Instagram stories.,Just don't forget to tag me, or you can leave a comment in today's video.,Anyways, guys, let's get right back into the video.,All right, welcome back.,Now, when it comes to writing, engaging captions, that'll get you more likes comments and potentially,sales.,The first thing that you want to do is take a step back and actually understand who your,audience is.,Know your audience really well inside and out.,And this may take some time, may take some trial and error, and it may take some conversations,with your followers.,But what you need to know is when you're creating content, when you're writing captions, really,understand who you're trying to speak to.,For instance, in my business, I know that the audience that follows me is typically,someone who's just starting out in their business.,If they even have a business they're really in those early stages, they don't like working,at a corporate job and they're starting to slowly realize that and they want to start,a business online.,And they also want to tap into social media.,And specifically they're interested in Instagram and YouTube.,And because I know all of these things, I'm not going to write captions that cater to,more of an advanced audience.,I'm not going to write captions that don't speak to social media and talk about brick,and molder solutions.,I don't do that.,And that's all because I know my audience inside and out.,And how did I get to this level?,Well, obviously it takes a lot of surveying.,And what I recommend is periodically hop on your Instagram stories and actually ask what,your audience wants to know from you, what their goals are when it comes to X, when it,comes to their fitness, when it comes to their business, when it comes to their career, whatever,industry you're in, really ask your audience, these crucial questions, what are their struggles?,What are their pain points?,These are things that you really want to know because it helps you with your content creation.,It helps with your caption writing.,And what I recommend actually is to create an ideal audience or ideal client profile.,Like you're seeing right here on my screen.,I personally refer to this a lot is this is where I paint the picture of who my ideal,audience is.,And I always refer back to it.,If I ever feel like I might be forgetting what my audience truly wants from me.,So I highly recommend just creating a separate Google doc and just writing the following,things who is my ideal client or audience, what are their pain points?,What are their goals?,And what's stopping them from hitting those goals.,What are their interests?,What do they want?,Right?,And again, it takes a lot of research in order for you to build this out.,But what's important is that you get started today when it comes to collecting the necessary,data on your audience.,Now, moving on to the second component that you need to consider when you're writing Instagram,caption specifically, when you want people to actually read your captions is to make,sure that you have an engaging hook.,And what you want to know is the first 125 characters matters a lot after 125 characters,on Instagram, it'll actually cut it off and the person will have to click more.,And so your goal is to make sure you get as many people clicking more so that they'll,read the entire piece of content, because if they don't, what was the point of you posting,it?,That's why you want to make sure that the first 125 characters is something that will,really be attention grabbing.,And some examples that I have for you is maybe it could be a polarizing statement.,For example, maybe for me, I'll write a caption.,And the first line is say, why everyone else's content sucks.,You might want to click that because it's a little bit polarizing, or you might want,to kick it off by asking a question, a question that, you know, your audience has, that they,

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How To Write Engaging Instagram Captions (6 Copywriting Tips & Examples)

How To Write Engaging Instagram Captions (6 Copywriting Tips & Examples)

How do you write scroll-stopping Instagram captions?,In this video, I'm going to share six copywriting tips,with real life examples that you can use,to skyrocket your engagement. And be sure to watch to the,end for my quick list of favorite social media tools.,(upbeat music),Hey guys, what's up?,It's Alex.,If this is your first time on my channel,,welcome! I am so glad you're here.,Make sure to hit subscribe below,so you don't miss any more of my videos,and ring that bell to be notified,when my next tutorial goes live.,Next week, I'll be talking all about,eight profitable income streams,for copywriters and online entrepreneurs.,And if you're already part of the crew here on YouTube,,welcome back!,Give me a thumbs up below to let me know you're here.,Now, I am super excited about this week's video,,because it is one that a lot of you,have been asking me to do for a while now,,how to write killer social media captions.,Now I'll admit, it took me some time to release this video,because I'll be honest, I am a big believer,in only teaching things on the internet,that you've actually done,and have real results and evidence to back it up.,I don't typically write social media captions for my clients,as I tend to stick to those higher level,key conversion pieces,like sales pages, webinars, and websites.,But if you follow us over on Instagram at Copy Posse,,then you might've noticed,that we've been seriously killing it,on the content over the last few months.,Huge shout out to my amazing social media team.,We've been experimenting like crazy in our posts and stories,with different designs, formats, and techniques,to grow and engage our audience...,And we've been growing like crazy.,In fact, we have more than doubled our following,in the last three months alone,and just this week we finally hit the 10K mark.,So instead of doing a standard,"How To Write Instagram Posts" tutorial,and show you what everybody else is doing,,I'm going to share our own best performing posts,and proven strategies that we've used,to boost our following and engagement dramatically.,Now, first things first, like all types of copy,,Instagram captions need to follow the ABCs of copywriting.,So first they need to get attention with a great graphic,and a compelling headline.,Second, they need to provide a benefit or some sort of value,in the form of education, entertainment, or inspiration.,And lastly, they need a strong close.,They need to give people one clear and concise,call-to-action.,Copy that?,All right, let's go.,Here are six tips for writing killer Instagram captions,along with real life examples from the Copy Posse.,Tip number one,,to get more likes, share a relatable story.,So, my most liked post of all time is this one.,It is a known fact that actual photos of people,do typically get more likes,,especially for a personality based brand like mine.,So, yes, while this photo did help me grab attention,,I opened the caption,with a very strong and relatable question.,What if my client doesn't like my copy?,This speaks to one of the biggest insecurities,that copywriters have,no matter how long they've been doing this.,Trust me on that and it's a question that I get a lot.,In fact, this post was inspired,by one of my Copy Posse Launch Pad students,,who was feeling a little bit derailed,after a client sent back her work,with a bunch of slashes, edits, and comments.,So I shared our quick exchange with my Instagram community,because let's face it,,it was real, it was authentic, and it was 100% relatable.,I knew other people would benefit from hearing,that even experienced copywriters like myself,and my high-level coaching students have doubts sometimes.,And yes, we often have to deal with,less-than-glowing client feedback.,So rather than trying to pull content out of thin air,,as much as you can, share real stories,and be as specific as possible.,Remember, the more specific the story,,the more relatable your copy.,Lastly, don't be afraid to create polarity,,take a strong stand for something you believe in,,or own up to your own imperfections.,Nothing engages people more than a story that validates,their own concerns, doubts, and fears,,or speaks to a shared cause, mission, or belief.,All right, tip number two, to get more saves,,share your favorite tips and tools.,So my three most saved posts of all time,all share one thing in common.,They are short educational lists,of my top copywriting tools, courses, and books.,So these types of quick top five or top 10 lists,provide insider tips and invaluable shortcuts,on a topic that is highly relevant to your followers.,And there's just something about lists,that we as humans just absolutely love, right?,It's actually scientifically proven,that we love lists because they're simple,and they provide easy frameworks,for us to process information quickly,in an otherwise oversaturated,and overwhelming information age.,So now you'll see in the caption,that on top of a compelling headline,and a detailed list tha

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How To Write Instagram Captions With AI / Instagram Caption Generator

How To Write Instagram Captions With AI / Instagram Caption Generator

hey guys in this video i'm going to show,you how to use an artificial,intelligence to help automate creating,instagram caption,so that you can spend more time growing,your brand and less time writing so if,you're new to this channel my name is,michael and welcome to my youtube,channel,in this channel i do share with users,tips on how to make money online tools,to help automate this process and,self-development so if you do like,contents like this do make sure to,subscribe to this channel have that post,notification bell turn on and do not,forget to smash on that like button the,tools or web applications used in this,video are free to use and in this video,we're going to use copy ai neural flash,and simplified they do offer a free and,basic plan and to get information about,their pricing and plan you can come to,the session here where it says pricing,so you're going to see that you do have,access to a free account on copy i you,also do have if access to a free,account using your flash and simplified,so they all do offer other plans that,offers you more features or unlimited,access to using any of the writing tools,so in this video we're going to be using,this free account to help us generate,instagram,captions for our instagram post so to do,this what you want to do is create an,account and after you have created an,account your dashboard is going to look,something like mine across any of this,application so to use copy ai to help,you generate content what you want to do,is come to this section and click on,social media tools once you are here you,want to scroll to this section where it,says instagram caption click on,instagram caption,and here you're going to have to type to,your project so let's just assume i want,to title my content about a particular,product or something you're going to,have to fill the information about the,product or the client or what your,campaign is about in this section for,example if i wanted to caption about a,summer cocktail drink or what i feel,about summer i can just write a what i,want in this section here so cocktail in,soma is what i'm going to be writing a,caption about so click on project or,create a project and then this section,here is asking you what is your post,about so i'm going to put in what my,post is about which is cocktail in,summer you can select the tone you want,in this section here so luxury friendly,relaxed professional board adventure,witty or persuasive and you can also,specify with a call to action here so,that can also help you generate a call,to action if you want people to perform,a particular function on your post or to,carry out something so in this section,here you want to click on create copy,and then it's going to help you generate,several copies so a refreshing cocktail,in summer soma is a perfect time for a,cocktail party summer is all about,cocktails so summer is the season for a,fresh school dining and planning your,next getaway like this cocktail that are,perfect for picnic and lazy days at the,beach so you can,select any of the contents which it has,generated for you or which you feel,comfortable to use for your instagram,caption for example you can copy them,and then you can bring them here and,paste them to make some changes so this,is one ai that's going to help you,generate content for your instagram,caption you can also generate hashtags,using this ai so what you want to do is,come to the section and click on hashtag,generator and then click create copy and,it's going to help you generate several,hashtags that you can use for your,instagram caption so here you go and,then the next area we're going to be,talking about is neural flash neuroflash,what you want to do is come to this,section where it says ai writer and,click on that and then why this is going,on because it does take a little bit of,time you want to come to simplified if,you want to use simplified so click on,generate copy and then this section,where it says 50 plus templates start,with a template you want to come to this,section here and click on explore so,once you click on explore you want to,come to this section here where it says,social media click on social media and,then you're going to have this,option here which is photocaption and,then you want to come here and click on,photo captions so in this section here,is asking you what your post is about so,i'm going to paste into anything which i,want our caption to be about and i want,to come to this section here and click,on generate so while this is going on,i'm going to come back to new flash and,i'm going to click on new document this,section here where it says put a,description come here and scroll to,social,media so,once you're in social media the first,option you're going to have is instagram,capture and click on instagram caption,and then on the picture you can see so,you want to make cocktail,and in this section here i'm going to,tell it what my post is about so i'm,going to click on create and when we,come back

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7 Instagram Captions for Photographers

7 Instagram Captions for Photographers

Em hãy vở cơm bạc trong máy chè Nội để,xíu you Thank you so much sữa chua Mei,enjoy the file You Proud Portable and,Drive Princess dress with our Mission is,to serve with you have seen ADM Gold,Instagram and I would end process,consists of War from and hundreds of,things I have to many memories of twenty,one of Japan the handsome people for you,want to Damage is not sure what Shayk,siêu thị nên treatment and IELTS this,video Is For You Again user IDS where,you think he is America Vietsub I show,you What is the person We have you were,kept telling you need This is the smurfs,toprasil and were you can test Drive and,exhange your dragon Instagram passage,Mentos khu outras enemas Su Shop,áo khoác sen quá chua hoặc màu đen kiểu,What matters most interesting link is in,my heart is a Portal that made out of,copies that I know that and appeared,after all Your Heart You're getting her,parents and diseases and cũ ra ngoài,know that never stop because When Your,dress is going to see you again again,see your body of the Earth stood still,She First of all want to have special of,Wall Street English English for windows,and listen while that and University,foreign tourists and write the top 5,miss you is all about what you cannot,see I know We have you feel you English,part will write about their partners,commands spacing Wedding dress is the,straight Mochi tvreport mergers and,acquisitions and not in their eyes and I,think that is invalid,ứng dụng em trái đất hoa kỳ người bảo,Dậy you canxi môi trường Arena Messi,talk about what I cannot see What's in,store in Building of City msd story,about the People tree and we felt about,and There were you are today and shop,des gonna make you kept small with,Ginger talking about the words in the,purple instead you some Beautiful father,of course you can Just You and me more,and ecology and this is useful for when,to learning math test weather and Pearl,approval of what you have paramecia I,wanna make you got some elements that,the file is in our Perfect for your,contacts you spell card when you just,Don't Know What To kep sinemet dầu out,setting of him and customize the,suspicion that you marry you,Em in Christmas baby you please open,Space World I'm Candace bushnell packet,Of contacts You Could you just work will,inspire you would sail the side I wanna,talk about you are mentioned you can,sleep is personal message and Wallpapers,of Common wealth And Take Your Heart bao,nhiêu vợ is very useful and establish,ukas sustainably pascual perelman,watch-repair apparel if you think about,love and zekrom Pokemon drink Epson and,Justice 2 official couple is the Sunset,viewtiful make up Lady aluin still,growing of Orient are engaged supported,with cover when you were concerned quay,show One example that make me you could,cause I'm using the carousel featured on,Instagram Lipice moon and make you for,watching,I hope rồi là tên email us for use with,the performance while also known Is The,Monkey Zing Speed up your messages in,your mistakes in siêu tốc Kill yourself,with some file with the keyboard or use,the wettest minki webgame number five,Zombies free to Surf person person per,tao như ta yêu cô gái others as gentle,as We have turned on or Use this service,We Raise your hand on the minister for,your support the perfect to Mỹ Chi đã,bảo tôi view and kill the Master Chef,down just walk on my entrance fees and,every Word Word doc the story of How i,met my heart and as well and Taught Me,and forests and just wanna wake me,tomorrow people who use are not needed,Ơ sao đấy mẹ tục gặp sự các loại I Just,The Way the guests in my all is in you,time and reports that everything that,because she gave birth pictures and,three people We work with Common in to,my fridge and other specialists and,finally in the shade captivate Y Hur USS,kearsarge on Papa ni you have good,position on something for you i fell,down before for test their way It is,your Sense of tissue Fantastic result,was When jit connections with your,audience with special love you tell me,about something more music for the mind,and work and top interviews with,Monsters Tara World the Race to under,the weight Of Your status for her you,for reading more stuff that you have,enough Asia Vina health Center will come,for me over on enter,36 auris a Helmet heo the guys are,dependent schiltknecht máy cày II

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How to write Instagram captions that will get you comments

How to write Instagram captions that will get you comments

do you want to generate more likes and,comments for your Instagram photos,simply by writing amazing captions keep,on watching I'm gonna share with you my,five tips for writing engaging captions,for Instagram hey my name is Katie,Stephanie I'm here on my channel to talk,all things YouTube Instagram filmmaking,and freelance thank you so much for,watching make sure you hit the subscribe,button if you don't want to miss my,future videos I upload three new videos,a week,captions are such an important part of,Instagram it honestly surprises me how,many people are still sleeping on this,Instagram is so much more than pretty,pictures I think actually captions are a,great opportunity for so many creators,to add extra value and people are not,even seeing it here's the thing I am NOT,the most amazing photographer on the,planet and chances are maybe you aren't,either it's very very hard to stand out,on Instagram with photos alone,especially if you are the one taking,them and not the one in them so instead,of trying to compete on the plain of,just how amazing can your photos be,think about trying to add value with,your captions is this something that I,think is a lot more accessible for most,people and depending on the niche that,you're in you might actually be able to,add more value to people through writing,than just through images ever since I,started implementing these five,strategies I'm about to share my,engagement has grown a ton for reference,now I have about 3.6 k followers and I,get anywhere from like a hundred to 200,comments on an image and somewhere,between 300 to 700 likes which is an,engagement rate that I am very happy,with most importantly I get to have,really awesome conversations in the,comments of my photos because people are,inspired to give me feedback on whatever,I've said in the caption so if you're,looking for that kind of interaction and,engagement keep on watching here are the,five steps to writing a killer Instagram,caption step 1 come up with a topic this,could be something that you've been,thinking about for a while normally this,is like an idea or a conversation that's,just been on my heart lately that I want,to share with people but depending on,your niche it could also be a how-to,maybe it's something that's been,the news lately maybe it's a destination,or a restaurant that you want to share,whatever it is come up with a topic that,you're gonna write about you just want,to make sure that your caption actually,has a purpose and a focus so this is,really bringing out my English major but,you maybe want to come up with a thesis,for your caption at least have an idea,of what the reason behind it is number,two write a headline now I know that,Instagram captions don't technically,have a headline but if you're scrolling,through you will notice that any caption,over like two or three lines long it's,gonna have a little seam or button well,you want to focus on writing first is,the part that is going to show up before,see more now I know it might sound kind,of counterintuitive to write your,headline before you write the body of,your caption but the reason why I do,this is because I want to make sure that,any caption I write is gonna have a,super engaging and captivating hook at,the beginning because if it's not there,unfortunately people just aren't gonna,read the rest so you can spend all this,time writing a beautiful long story in,your caption but if the first three,lines aren't interesting enough to get,people to click see more no one's ever,gonna read it so once I have a topic in,mind I try to think about captivating or,interesting ways that I can hook people,into what I want to talk about for,instance at my most recent post I wrote,there are so many dishonest people,online and I'm trying hard every day not,to become one of them I think that's,pretty interesting right people read,that and they're like hmm dishonest,people how is she gonna become one of,them you know it prompts the reader to,ask some questions and makes them want,to keep on reading another example would,be I wanted to seem like I've got my, together but honestly I'm,overwhelmed as heck these days again,maybe aunt Ising maybe you want to know,more about that these are all examples,of hook lines to really like bring,people in to the rest of your captions,so some people might claim that this is,kind of like clickbait tea but I,honestly don't think that its clickbait,as long as you deliver on what you're,promising in your headline are the first,couple lines of your caption this is,just basic writing you don't I mean you,want the beginning of your thing to be,very interesting to prompt people to,keep on read anymore I would encourage,you to spend most of your time coming up,with,headlined because this is gonna be the,most important part of whether or not,people read the rest of your caption,once you've got that figured out it's,time for number three and that is,writing the body of your caption and,making sure to add lots of line bre

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9 INSTAGRAM CAPTION Ideas From Brands + Businesses

9 INSTAGRAM CAPTION Ideas From Brands + Businesses

That you can use as inspiration.,Is that a record?,I've never seen you do that before.,I'm a little rusty. My student Mirsheline recently said,,"I'm doing better with posting more often and having better looking posts.,But now I'm struggling with what to say under my posts!,Help!" Don't worry Mirsheline. I'm pretty sure we've all been there.,If you've ever struggled with what to say in a caption, (hello!),,you're in the right place because today I'm sharing nine caption examples from,businesses that will hopefully spark some ideas for you.,And stay tuned until the end where I'm going to share how you can get 300,Instagram caption templates for you to use for your business so that you,never have to start an Instagram caption from scratch again.,The tips and ideas I'm about to share have worked for my student, Kent,,who booked in a client from Instagram,,all because of the content that he shared. I'm Elise Darma,,and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers,,and creators like yourself.,Use Instagram to actually grow their business. And in today's video,,I'm sharing nine Instagram caption examples from businesses that you can use as,inspiration. Before we dive into the examples,,I just want to give you a heads up.,I have found three categories of Instagram captions divided by,inspiration, information and entertainment,,because if you haven't heard me say this before, that's how I define value.,That's how you give value through your caption, is by sharing inspiration,,information and entertainment.,So I've got you covered with all three categories. And,,even better news within each category, I have found three examples for you,,whether you are a coach based business,,a service based business or product based business. So with that, let's dive in.,The first caption category is inspiration.,Here's an example for coach. This caption was written by Rachel Rodgers,,and I'm going to put it up on the next slide. So be sure to pause this video,,if you want to read it in full.,What's great about this caption is the formatting.,It's written in a way that you as the reader can easily skim it.,It also highlights the transformation that you can get by working with Rachel,as a coach. It then finishes up with how she as a coach can help you get there.,Here's an example for a service provider. And again,,I'm going to pop it up on the screen. So be sure to hit pause,,to read the caption in full.,What's great about this caption by Chris is he's relating his treatment to your,real life. Whether you need his services today or not.,This is a great way to have your audience feel connected to you,,even if they don't need your services right this moment.,The next caption in the inspiration category is for a product based business.,So again, I'm going to share it, be sure to hit pause to read it.,Why this caption is great is because it tells us the story behind the bag.,So now all of a sudden this isn't just a reusable bag.,It's a piece of art and we feel connected to the story and the designer behind,it.,This kind of caption is great to start building momentum for something like a,product drop or a collection release.,Next I want to share with you three caption ideas in the information category.,So for services, products and coaches,,here are three great ways to share information with your audience.,Here's an example caption for you if you're a coach, and again,,I'm going to pop it up on the next screen. Hit pause to read it in full.,This caption by Kaya works because she uses storytelling to drive her point,home. By the end of the caption, not only have you learned something,,but you're also very clear on who her ideal client is.,The next example is for a service provider. Here it is.,Why this caption works is because they're walking you through step by step the,process of what happens when you purchase one of their packages.,So this erases any questions or doubts that a potential buyer might have,,plus the call to action at the end invites the reader to send a direct message,to the account in case they have any remaining questions.,So this is a great way to get clients booked in.,The next caption example is for a product based business.,So go ahead and check it out.,This caption by Dr. Jacqui works because she's describing her product and what's,inside in a way that's consistent with her brand.,She's not just sharing an ingredients list.,She also ends with an inviting call to action,,which again is consistent with her brand. The last category is entertainment.,Yes,,entertaining your readers through your captions is a way to share value on the,platform. So my first example is for you, if you are a coach.,This caption by Tarzan works because it's funny,,relatable and has a call to action.,The next caption example is for you if you're a service provider. Go ahead,,hit pause, and check it out.,This captioned by Ty the trainer works because it shows his credibility.,Everyone loves a challenge, whether they're participating in

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How to Write a Good Caption for Your Next Instagram Post

How to Write a Good Caption for Your Next Instagram Post

hey guys it's Melissa and today we're,gonna chat about Instagram captions and,how to write a good caption and what,makes a caption really engaging and,really fun for people to read and,interact with and comment and like and,make them stop their scroll for even,just 30 seconds to stop and see what you,actually have to say so you can Google,how to write captions there's a ton of,tips and blog posts and articles out,there but tonight I didn't want to do,any of that I really just wanted to,speak from my own experience what is,work well for me and hopefully you guys,can learn from some of these I'll call,them best practices but really they're,just things that I don't work for me and,things that um when I sat down I really,had to think about like the things that,I do consistently and things that work,because they're not things where I just,say like I'm gonna do number 3 today,like I try and keep things very organic,very real very authentic and I know some,of those words are kind of catch phrases,here on social media but it's true I,want everything to be organic and real,and genuine so these are just things,that I try and keep in mind and I think,that you should also keep in mind and,maybe will help you as you try and write,captions that again people just want to,stop and read and one is here you have,to say because that's gonna create a lot,of trust with your audience and going to,help them get to know you better engage,with you more and it's just a,win-win-win all around so thing number,one we're gonna jump right in here but,thing number one I'll call it rule,number one is that this isn't even,related to the caption part but just,before we talk about anything caption,related I just had to say one thing,which is Oh Ashley thank you she said I,like how positive your captions are even,when I know things may be chaotic for,you,always find their good oh my gosh Thank,You Ashley um so before I talk about,anything caption related the one thing,that we have to get out of the way here,is that your picture has to be good,social media especially Instagram,well maybe not Twitter but especially,Instagram and that's what we're talking,about tonight is all about visuals and,pictures and even in stories it's about,visuals so before you try and spend all,your time and effort into writing a good,caption make sure that your pictures are,decent and by decent I mean that they're,clear the lighting is good and they're,nice to look at it doesn't have to be,perfect doesn't have to be the best,picture you're ever going to post in,your entire life,but before we get into talking about,captions make sure that you're posting a,picture that you actually like and that,looks pretty good and it's showing off,whatever it is that you're trying to,show off in a nice way so it looks clean,and crisp um it is just nice to look at,so that's just one thing I want to get,out of the way and if you're curious on,pictures how to take better pictures,anything like that I do have some blog,posts at the link in my bio about,photography and about what I use if,that's something that you're interested,in and you think that you'd like to work,on and improve on so now that we've,gotten that out of the way make sure,that your picture is you know sisa it,doesn't have to be the best picture,you've ever taken it doesn't have to be,the coolest thing that Internet has ever,seen but just make sure it's a nice,picture and then we're gonna go right,into best practices and then I'm going,to share some just kind of random tips,and answer some of the questions that,you guys had sent me in my stories,yesterday and then we can of course talk,about any other questions or anything,that you guys have so like I said in the,beginning of this this isn't like a,roundup of caption ideas or generic best,tips these are just things that I went,through my own Instagram feed and looked,at my own captions and was trying to,pull out things that I do consistently,that seem to work pretty well and kind,of,and peel back the curtain on what my,thought process is in my process and,when I sit down to write captions you,guys might know that I plan my Instagram,feed in advance so I use an app I use,the snug app but there's a million apps,out there that you can do this and I,plan what pictures will post in what,order so I know what my feed will look,like that's just for the visual visual,part though I don't plan anything for my,captions so I really do think that,there's value in writing your captions,in real-time or just in the moment that,you feel inspired so maybe if it's like,lunchtime and I'm thinking about,something and I had an idea and I want,to get off my chest I'll open up my,Notes app in my phone and I'll just jot,it down and it may be like very messy or,not even complete sentences but,sometimes I'll just jot something down,and then I can come back to that later,and kind of expand on that thought or,that idea and that might become a really,cool caption but for the most part I,like to post in

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