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My Problem with Instagram and Why I Don't Use Tiktokhello thanks for joining me today uh in this  yo

Evan Edinger

Updated on Jan 10,2023

My Problem with Instagram and Why I Don't Use Tiktok

hello thanks for joining me today uh in this  youtube video that you found me in this layer  ,or rather a random airbnb i've bounced around  to again uh today i just wanted to have  ,a little sit-down chat i'm not making the hashtag  content all right i've not pre-packaged a nice  ,little thing up to be like here you go click that  tasty and you're like british american reddit man  ,what is this what is this instagram tiktok what  yeah i just wanna have a little like chat about  ,some things i've been thinking about for quite  a long time but i haven't found the way to put  ,it into words i've been on social media uh since  i've been a teen if you're younger than me that  ,i'm assuming it's been you know more than just  that i feel like like i was one of those people  ,that in middle school i prided myself being  the two percent that wasn't on my space i  ,was like i don't need social media and now  look it's me it's my job kind of to an extent  ,i do kind of understand now like the premise  that uh usually the generations above us are  ,a bit more stubborn to change you know when  computers came out generations above us for  ,the most part we're like oh i don't like this  i don't want to know how to use a computer  ,you do it for me use the fox fire you know  what i'm talking about and you know i feel  ,like when you're young you're very much in  a mindset of well i'm not gonna be like that  ,but here i am getting mildly older and i've come  to the realization that i choose my battles now  ,instead of having to always be everything  everywhere i don't want to be anymore and today  ,the topic of conversation specifically let's start  off is instagram now i've been posting instagrams  ,for a very long time since the app basically  started and a lot of people when they come up  ,with complaints against it they'll say things like  oh well it used to be all about photography and  ,now it's not and i disagree because it wasn't  ever about photography as much as it was just  ,about posting photos of your life you know it was  about that word i hate lifestyle what does it mean  ,but you know it was just about posting whatever  things you wanted like me thinking this was an  ,acceptable dinner one of my first ever instagrams  you know i didn't know how to cook and i was  ,really proud of this disgusting looking spaghetti  and cold sauce but as the years progressed and  ,instagram was bought by a evil company facebook  slash meta they really just made so many decisions  ,slowly but surely and in some points very quickly  that were the expense of us the consumer and us  ,the creator for profits obviously for watch time  obviously and it's one of those things where  ,it happens and everyone puts up a stink like oh  why have you removed the chronological feed i want  ,to see the people i've followed and instagram  goes shut up we just want to make more money  ,and not pay out anyone that's you know bringing  people to the platform and it's been like this for  ,a long time and the way that it's mostly been is  you have to play the game and when i first started  ,you know i've worked in a lot of different  social media fields it's not like i'm just  ,a creator you know posting things online i used  to work in an influencer marketing agency i used  ,to work in marketing for a specific app climbing  that corporate ladder i even also worked for an ad  ,operations thing i'd put facebook ads on everybody  for different agencies and optimizing using my  ,maths degree i said maths that's how you know i'm  serious but i i've seen it from all sides and i  ,know how to play the game and win but at this  stage i just don't want to and i want to know  ,if there's anyone else that kind of feels me on  this one like with instagram i understand that  ,you know when they stole snapchat's ip i was upset  because i was like that shouldn't be legal right  ,but you know at this point we're all using it  we're all using instagram stories we've accepted  ,that and then when tick tock started being a thing  instagram was like okay we'll just try and do that  ,and it's losing more and more of what i thought  instagram was and as i refuse to play that game  ,to post more video content i just want to post  photos if you don't follow me on instagram that's  ,not understandable i just post photography that  i'm really proud of and as i watch my engagement  ,nose dive further and further and further on the  platform i ask myself why i'm doing what i'm doing  ,especially if i know the easy solution and it's  just kind of because i don't want to at the end  ,of the day i don't want to and i had this epiphany  the other day because i watch a guy on youtube his  ,name's james hoffman he's the coffee guy i love  his videos he's a great guy and i was like i  ,wonder what he's like on instagram you know and i  was like i want to see what he's up to over there  ,just because i assume i can get to know a bit  more about him instead it's just more content  ,t

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Instagram Is Dying And They Know About It

Instagram Is Dying And They Know About It

this is the instagram algorithm,these are the people on the platform,consuming and creating content now the,algorithm works in a way that it takes a,look at what people want and people,enjoy and then it recommends it to them,the people creating however take a look,at what the algorithm wants and thus,begins the endless game of what i call,the algorithm chase then at this point,it's sort of a chicken and egg problem,nobody really knows what's going on,anymore unfortunately that's not the,only thing though because in addition to,that instagram especially as of lately,seems to just randomly take away or add,new features and completely change their,algorithms one day they tweak it and,regular posts blow up again and then,suddenly they change the whole ui and,the home feeds and uh you know mostly,just pissing off people actually causing,a mass confusion but what if i told you,that these tests and changes are in no,way random obviously and their primary,goal is not even to make the platform,better i believe they're actually an,endless trial to save the ship from,becoming irrelevant the only issue being,with the way the platform is set up with,the way the platform works i don't think,it actually can't be safe that maybe it,doesn't even need to be safe because,instagram as a platform is actually,something different than we and what,they thought they'd be let me explain,these are the biggest creators on take,talk and if we take a closer look almost,all of them have gained their notoriety,and fame from within the platform some,of them even started less than two years,ago going from zero to you know world,fame creating platform native content,similar thing with youtube actually we,got mr beast dude perfect and a bunch of,other creators being where they are,because they create platform native,content content that's immediately,identifiable to which platform it,actually belongs to now if we take a,look at instagram this list looks,slightly different the biggest creators,are mostly people gaining their fame,from outside of instagram okay they're,not native creators they're actually not,real creators of the platform same thing,with the most liked post comparing,instagram and tech talking it's very,interesting for me because while on take,talk it's mostly creators creating their,own content yeah lip syncing i guess,it's it's an art form right now so yeah,but on instagram if you take a look at,it the most liked posts are actually,posts of mainstream stars mostly and,another interesting thing as a side note,even though it's mainstream celebrities,getting the most engagement on instagram,if you count it and if you take a look,there's only two posts having more than,30 million likes on instagram while on,take talk the top 25 have more than 30,million likes yeah i didn't expect that,myself as well so let me just tell you,something that probably nobody has dared,to say and i just say it right now just,to get it over with instagram is not a,creator first platform creator focus,platform at least not anymore and this,is sort of where the confusion and sort,of the problem with instagram comes into,play if you think about it it does make,a lot of sense because it's the same,thing with the facebook and its original,vision connecting people and giving them,a platform that's all there is having a,big user base and just making sure the,distribution is there the infrastructure,if you will twitter too by the way very,hard to become an authority figure just,tweeting around obviously it's possible,i know what you guys are going to say in,the comments but the content creation,part is not the underlying idea behind,the platform and this is where i think,instagram is sort of going in the wrong,direction so just for the sake of this,argument let's take the social media,landscape and group platforms into,creative focus platforms and,distribution platforms like i said a,creator platform being a platform that's,there to actively push and incentivize,creators and original content which is a,very big thing in my opinion platform,native unique content and distribution,platforms on the other side mainly,giving the tools and the infrastructure,to express yourself in whatever way,making their user base and their their,framework their usp if you would a big,perfect example of that would be myspace,back in the days or facebook,obviously facebook still nobody's ever,become famous because of their facebook,content right now trying to group,instagram this whole picture the issue,with it is that as of right now they're,not only slacking off on the,distribution side of things you know,their algorithms just not working the,way that they should or that they're,supposed to be and then they're also,slacking off on the creator side of,things even though they're now actively,going after that with the monetization,program with the bonuses and stuff like,this but and that is the actual problems,my friends the lack of original and,unique and native content is what,proba

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Something Is VERY WRONG With Barbie's Instagram

Something Is VERY WRONG With Barbie's Instagram

foreign,and as you can tell by the title of,today's video today I'm going to be,talking about the very creepy thing that,happened with Barbie's Instagram now I,have done so many videos on Barbie I,feel like my channel might as well be a,Barbie channel really at this point but,it's just one of the creepiest and,coolest things to research because we,all had Barbies as kids it's so,nostalgic so buckle your seatbelts,before I get started though I just want,to give you another reminder this is the,new August background it is sea,creatures floating through the sky and,the stars to me they kind of look like,really detailed constellations but when,Ty saw this background he was like those,are not constellations they're just sea,creatures so I think it's whatever you,interpret it as but to win this backdrop,all you have to do is be subscribed to,this channel so my Justin Bieber Channel,turn on a notification Bell and then,head over to my Instagram it is Jesse V,give it to follow and send me a DM,telling me what your constellation would,look like if you could create one in the,sky would it look like a butterfly a,dolphin maybe one of your favorite movie,characters I don't know it could be,anything that you want but send me that,DM and that's all you have to do to be,entered to win also just a reminder I do,have a meet and greet in Ontario Canada,tomorrow Saturday August 6th so if,you're in the Ontario area or somewhere,nearby I would love love love to meet,you come and see the awesome new store,and I will put all the information for,the meet and greet Down Below in the,description it has my meet and greet,times it has the stores address it has,everything that you need to know down,below and also don't forget that we have,the new back to school mystery boxes out,right now they are Yana themed so all of,the proceeds from these boxes will go,directly into our amazing Yana program,stopping bullying and isolation in,schools in this pack you get a locker,poster you get a tote bag both of which,I designed myself you get a pair of,mystery socks you get a miss mystery ice,cream bath bomb and inside the ice cream,there's a mystery toy as well so like,double mystery mystery Inception there's,also a Yana tattoo a Yana bracelet all,kinds of really awesome stuff and it,goes towards a great cause we have a,very limited quantity this time so if,you would like one I've also linked it,down below all right now that all the,announcements are over let's get into,Barbie's Instagram so Barbie officially,joined Instagram back in 2014 and since,then she has amassed over 2 million,followers now I was doing some creeping,on her profile and she pretty much posts,every day or so she's an active Queen,she posts her outfit she promotes her,animated show she posts photos with her,friends and family she posts photos,driving in her car she even makes these,Instagram reels that are honestly a,little bit unsettling because she does,it in like stop motion so clearly they,use the actual Barbie doll and like,slowly move her arms and feet so she has,these jerky movements that look really,creepy but that could just be me it just,looks a little bit unnatural not that,Barbie is natural anyway I don't know,why I said that well I discovered,something very creepy that was happening,with her account back in 2018. I had a,few subscribers DM me about this glitch,that was happening on her profile and it,was appearing pretty much every single,time that she would post a photo and the,only people that would notice were the,ones who had her notifications turned on,what would happen is you would get this,notification on your phone that Barbie,had just posted a new picture and when,you go and check it would be this awful,photo of a destroyed Barbie whether the,hair was burned off or she was covered,in mud or she was missing an arm or her,skin was like covered in blue Sharpie,people who saw these posts said it was,really unsettling and uncalled for and,shocking and the weird thing was they,would only stay up on her account for,about 30 seconds at most sometimes even,quicker it would come down and yeah it,would just be taken down before anyone,could comment on it before they could,like it before they could share it it,was like this brief flash of the,destroyed Barbie it was like in the,blink of an eye you would see it if you,got to her account fast enough after,getting that notification then right,after the account would post a normal,photo of Barbie rollerblading or just,something and it would stay up on the,account so yeah that glitch would happen,whenever she was making a new post for,30 seconds I even got this message in my,DMs from this girl that said at three in,the morning a notification on her phone,woke her up and told her that Barbie had,posted a photo and when she looked at it,it was a photo of a Kelly doll,completely destroyed on the pavement as,if she was run over by a car and of,course she was shocked and she went to,share it with a friend but it was,suddenly t

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the end of instagram

the end of instagram

i'm not even sure instagram knows what,they're doing themselves my account was,growing hundreds of followers a day but,then it just hard stopped straight down,to the bottom now i lose followers every,single day,how much of instagram when you open the,app now and start scrolling how much of,it is content from people you've,actually chosen to follow because for me,it feels like it's it's less than 30 now,i'm just seeing stuff that instagram,wants me to see or what instagram thinks,i might like this once platform which,was very community driven filled with,people that you were interested in,people that you are friends with things,that you've chosen to see is now,none of that it's just turned into this,not so creative depths of the internet,doom scroll until you just remember,again that i don't think i like this app,very much,when i first started instagram when i,first got instagram i used it as a means,to do the 365 challenge i forever wanted,to take a photo every day for 365 days,that challenge is still great i still,highly recommend it if you're into,photography if you're getting into it,you're new intermediate advanced i think,it's a great practice to take a photo,every day and have somewhere to post it,oh man it's a lot of work you forgot,about it you're you're in bed it's 11,o'clock and you go oh i didn't take a,photo today i've got i've got 30 minutes,left can be hard now when i was doing,that uh i started on a blog with a b i,had a blog and i would go out on photo,shoots and come back and organize my,photos into little cool layouts and,there's no apps for that i think what's,that app unfold unfold,unfold i would do unfold in photoshop,for my blog i think squarespace actually,owns unfold now more on squarespace,later i would go through all my photos i,would create like a little,vignette of the day of the experience of,whatever shoot i was doing and that was,the only way i could share my work was,posting it on my blog or on my website,etc and it was hard to get noticed so,when instagram rolled around and you,could start sharing photos on this,platform where your friends could see,them it was easier than making a blog,post every single time also if you,scroll down if you go to my instagram,account and you scroll to the bottom,the very bottom you'll notice,i feel like i'm scrolling through the,glory days of instagram right now,i didn't realize i posted this much,yes okay so the first photo that is on,my instagram account right now is of my,dog,january 14 2012 and number 14 growing up,so that's how i was doing 365 i would,number the photo then the next one is,number 25 approach to alcatraz then it,jumps to 116 the loop these are very,creative captions and then it pretty,much stops there and and i deleted all,the rest probably because i didn't like,them and then i started trying and i was,able to for the first time complete the,365,challenge and that really got me,involved with the app that really got my,friends involved my family involved and,that's what made it feel like community,when i started posting more photos up,through my entire career like i joined,instagram in 2011. so i've been using,this app for,around 11 years now if you think about,that that is wild i went for a tour of,facebook back in 2012 and i saw,instagram hq which was just a small,subsection of a larger part of facebook,that were just a few desks they had an,ikea cabinet with a bunch of vintage,cameras in it that was the instagram,wall it was very very small my office,right now is bigger this temporary space,is bigger than instagram was when i,toured it 11 years ago a lot has,happened since then now i understand it,grows into something probably no one,expected it to it gets bought by other,companies and then things start to,change people have different ideas of,where it should go different,shareholders different investors have,different ideas of where it should go,different people take over all of these,ideas are melting into what now has,become what we know instagram to be,ultimately i feel like instagram is,theirs to do what they want with and i,think these changes were inevitable and,that might not mean photography that,might not mean having as much of a,community impact or aspect to this,platform that it used to so i'm not mad,at instagram i don't think like how dare,you ruin this app it's not my app i just,downloaded it signed up and used it a,lot if we log the amount of hours we've,probably spent on instagram i could,probably be such a better photographer,if i had spent that time honing my craft,maybe this is just a reason to,reset go back to community driven,platforms that make you feel inclusive,that will push you to be more creative,where you can make new friends and meet,new people that aren't bots spam,accounts fake no algorithms there's no,machine or ai or group of people,deciding what you get to see or what is,relevant or what you should like,instagram want to promote reels right,now because that's where the trend is,going ev

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Everything Wrong With Instagram

Everything Wrong With Instagram

if you've ever had to explain a hashtag,to your grandmother you'll probably,understand the need for this episode as,far as social medias go Instagram is my,favorite to just open up and scroll,through but that doesn't mean it's,perfect let's go through some of the,apps more cinebulle features shall we so,the app started out as an html5 check-in,app kind of like Foursquare you know,what it was called bourbon like what you,end up drinking neat after yourself he,only gets 7 likes for a while Instagram,had a feature where your photos were,tagged on a map followers or anyone,depending on your privacy settings could,access that map assuming numbers CSI and,criminal minds have told me the truth,that means someone could triangulate,your houses location based off your,frequented coffee shops and just when we,realized how easy stalking could finally,be they got rid of the option and forced,us to go back to our old ways of,refreshing Foursquare over and over and,over again in December of 2012 Instagram,changed their Terms of Service which are,mandatory for use to say that Instagram,can use your name likeness photos and,stuff you do with anyone without having,to pay you in a strange turn of events,people actually read the Terms and,Conditions and they got pissed which,prompted Instagram CEO to remove that,clause from the terms and conditions',said for making people actually read the,terms and conditions a few years ago,Instagram noticed vine and was like oh,that's kind of what we do but but with,videos and then they were like oh hey,what if we do what we do but with videos,and thus vine ended an Instagram reign,supreme once more,initially videos were limited to 15,seconds but when they realized that,Instagram comedy needed at least 16,seconds to get across the really average,pandering jokes they upped it to 60,seconds I'm pretty sure they went with,60 so they could be expressly 10 times,better than fine that means we have,Instagram to thank for Jake and Logan,Paul rising in the YouTube ranks for all,we know they could have stuck to vine,and never tried reaching the gap from 6,seconds to unlimited upload time do you,know what you get when you try to bridge,the gap from 6 seconds to unlimited,upload time this I've wrestled in,I dressed up as an old person for the,day and went to a retirement home oh,yeah,when Instagram was done with vine it,turned its red eye towards snapchat and,thought hmm that's kind of like what we,do but with messaging and disappearing,images and no real feeds and a kind of,appealing ethereal nature and yeah well,it's not really like what we do but but,hey we can do it too,they implemented Instagram direct in,2013 allowing users to send images and,messages to each other and they,continued their snapchat takedown in,2016 when they added instagrams stories,allowing users to upload videos and,pictures that would disappear in 24,hours it's just completely 100% ripped,from snapchat but no one seems to mind,in April of 2017 they added insult to,injury by creating augmented reality,stickers for Instagram stories which is,nothing but a clone of the snapchat,augmented reality stickers actually how,were they getting away with this is so,lawsuit or anything when the CEO heard,comments that they had stolen snapchats,functionality his response was to point,out that Instagram had always been a,combination of other applications and,functionalities which is kind of like,getting caught stealing a candy bar from,a grocery store and saying well I took a,bag of chips last week and an intense,milk the week before so really who was,messing up here now,Instagram wasn't content to just kill,vine and steal stories no they wanted,more which is why they've created three,standalone apps that integrate into,their platform functionality three,standalone apps that no doubt replaced,other similar just as functional apps,Boult is an app that lets users click on,a friend's profile picture and send them,a message that disappears once they've,seen it hmm what other app does that,sound like I wonder hyperlapse is an app,that allows users to time-lapse videos,which is the reason you see the,time-lapse yoga workouts every time you,open the app resulting in depression,self-hate and low thinking now boomerang,is perhaps the most offensive of the,three it allows for users to create,one-second videos that go back and forth,in an infinite loop,it's like boring short vine and vine was,already boring short vine there's no,reason for it to exist and yet here we,are,boomeranging Instagram,has occasionally been the catalyst for,controversy if not the source in August,of 2017 the wife of the current Treasury,secretary posted a photo of herself,stepping off a government plane for a,government function wearing extremely,expensive clothing a photo that,contained a description detailing how,expensive her clothing was when a,commenter called her hashtag deplorable,for using taxpayer dollars on her,getaway she retorted by saying that she,paid way more in

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Everything Wrong With Instagram

Everything Wrong With Instagram

launched on october 6 2010 instagram is,a video photo and social media,networking site with over one billion,currently active users now being only,the fifth worst social media platform of,all time you would expect me to have,some positive things to say about,instagram however the past couple years,we have seen some pretty stupid,interface and my new changes i have all,conglomerated to form this just ugly,unpleasant app to use so today ladies,and gentlemen i am going to be doing the,unthinkable having an opinion on the,internet,now but seriously i will be listing off,the main complaints i have with the,instagram app and hopefully this video,gets you to agree with some of my points,but do please keep in mind the only,reason i'm making this video in the,first place is because i personally,think that instagram is the only main,social media platform that is currently,not at a lost cause but let's just say,that they need to start getting their, together before instagram becomes,instant dead,now the interface and layout has stayed,pretty consistent throughout its 10,years on the app store however as of,august 5th 2020 insta reels were added,which are short videos that normally use,popular songs and an annoying ass,text-to-speech voice from tick-tock life,has no meaning and we are all gonna die,long oh go to bed i make up a coffee for,your head i really want to be dead so,yeah after instagram became tick-tock,2.0 they decided to change around their,interface by adding reels in the center,of the home screen replacing what was,originally the post button instead the,post button was added in the top right,corner next to the dm and activity one,both of which i don't even use anyways,because i have no friends,yep actually thinking about it now,everything that instagram has been since,2010 has been restricted to this small,inc significant corner of the page which,leaves the rest to your account page the,real page and the shop page oh yeah i,almost forgot about the shop page i,don't know why or when they ever decided,to add a shop section to instagram but i,am telling you right now i have no,intentions on buying a shirt of burning,the dinosaur telling me to commit tax,fraud for 28,maybe if they were to lower to 15 i'd,buy it but that just makes me question,why is there even a shop section on,instagram to begin with i guess,instagram is trying to compete with,popular shop apps like ebay amazon and,craigslist but i wouldn't be surprised,if you had mistaken instagram and,craigslist as the same thing because of,all these nsfw bots,for those of you who don't know what i'm,referring to instagram has had a major,bot epidemic plaguing the site since,early 2019. and the reason i coined the,name nsfw bot is because that is the,best way i can describe these accounts,without getting this video age,restricted anyways these accounts are,mostly used for self benefits such as,following the ones that have purchased,them through a totally legit website as,well as spamming comments all across,different types of posts attempting to,get the user to click the link in their,bio the link normally found in the bio,of the user will either steal your,account username and password or just,download a ton of viruses to,whatever device you're using at the time,now thankfully it's pretty easy to tell,the difference between a real user and a,bot mostly because of the small amount,of followers they have and because of,the,interesting profile pictures but the,worst thing about these bots is that you,can't go on any comment section on,instagram without at least seeing a,hundred of them spamming the same random,ass emoji the reason you will see,hundreds if not thousands of the same,crying laughing emoji being spammed on a,single post is because most posts on the,explore page only show up if they,receive some sort of traction so many,people have bought bots that just spam a,single emoji over and over and over,again until they eventually get their,posts on the explore page which is just,a such a petty thing to do and this,brings me to begin talking about the,instagram explorer page,it sucks,no no surprise there it it,sucks i'm going to give you five seconds,to tell me what's wrong with this image,not only is this user torturing their,cat for a tick-tock reel and the,overused drake meme from 2018 is shown,but the same shitty ass meme appears,three times on the first page of the,explore tab i know that it sounds like a,pretty picky thing to do to complain,about posts repeating on the explore tab,and you can make the argument that,instagram's algorithm mostly shows posts,similar to the ones that you have seen,before and that would be a solid,argument however the account i've been,showing this explore page on is a new,account that i created two minutes ago,now sure this may just be a shitty,coincidence but what i think instagram,should do instead of recommending posts,similar to ones you've seen before is,show all different kinds of posts from,different types of su

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When Instagram Models Go Wrong

When Instagram Models Go Wrong

Number 8 Kelly Kay Green ,On February the 2nd of 2020, Instagram model  Kelly Kay Green, known to her social media  ,following simply as Kelly Kay, stormed the field  during the Super Bowl, at the Hard Rock Stadium,  ,in Miami. Green, a Los Angeles resident, jumped  a northwest rail and got into a restricted area  ,during the game. According to Green’s account of  the incident, she’d “catapulted” herself over a  ,10-foot wall to reach the area. The 27-year-old’s  plan was to run onto the field and rip off her  ,dress to reveal the bikini underneath. Footage  from football fans seated close to the incident  ,showed Green being tackled by multiple security  members during her streaking attempt. As she  ,was being escorted away, Green lifted her dress  and mooned those in attendance. She would later  ,complain of being bruised up by security personnel  as well as of being kept in a cold holding cell,  ,underneath the stadium, for roughly eight hours.  Green also reported being interrogated by Homeland  ,Security and the FBI before being taken to  the Miami-Dade County Jail for processing.  ,She was charged with trespassing on property, a  misdemeanor for which there’s a maximum penalty  ,of 12 months in jail. After she was bonded out,  the model made multiple posts on Instagram about  ,the incident and even uploaded a photo of her  mugshot. The stunt had reportedly been set up by  ,Vitaly Uncensored, an adult website owned  by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, himself known for  ,participating in or putting together numerous  field invasions during sporting events. He’d  ,allegedly bought Green’s Super Bowl ticket in  exchange for her running on the field while  ,wearing a bikini that had his brand name on it. Number 7 Brissa Dominguez ,25-year-old Instagram model Brissa Dominguez  was arrested at a hotel in Clearwater, Florida,  ,in 2017, following an altercation with police  officers. On July the 5th the authorities were  ,called to the Edge Hotel, just after 4 am, to  deal with a disturbance. Dominguez had been  ,told by management that she was no longer welcome  on the premises but she, nevertheless, refused to  ,leave. Security had seen her going into another  guest’s room and alerted the authorities. There  ,was indication, according to the police report,  that Dominguez, who boasted over 70,000 followers,  ,was under the influence of alcohol at the time.  The police arrived to find that the model was  ,nude. Officer Richard Edmonds handed her a towel  to cover herself but she grabbed it and whipped  ,him in the face with it. She then kicked him as he  stood in front of her. Another member of the law  ,enforcement team approached Dominguez from behind  and attempted to make the arrest at which point he  ,was “mule kicked” by her. The model intentionally  kicked three officers while handcuffed and also  ,attempted to bite and spit on one of them.  She was eventually brought into custody for  ,trespassing after warning but also faced charges  of resisting an arrest with violence and battery  ,on a law enforcement officer. Number 6 Mary Molloy ,In 2018, fitness model Mary Molloy, from Brisbane,  Australia, was arrested in connection to an MDMA  ,drug operation led by her  former bodybuilder boyfriend,  ,Jason Atkins. The street-level enterprise ran  from 2016 to 2018, across the Queensland capital,  ,and, at the height of his power, Atkins was  making daily bank transactions of around  ,$200,000. The operation took a major hit in 2017,  after a stockpile of pills was seized by police  ,from one of Atkins’ stash houses. The 32-year-old  became concerned that he wouldn’t be able to  ,cover his debts and face repercussions. He thus  enlisted the help of Instagram-famous Molloy,  ,in her mid-20s at the time, who assisted him in  the enterprise and recovering the money he owed.  ,Detectives raided several properties operated  by Atkins and, three weeks after the couple had  ,broken up, they were both arrested. Molloy pleaded  guilty to multiple charges that included supplying  ,and trafficking of dangerous drugs for which  she was given a three-year suspended sentence,  ,in April of 2020. Atkins was imprisoned for seven  years and would be eligible for parole after two. ,Number 5 Yomna Fouad In 2017, Yomna Fouad,  ,a woman in her early 20s, was arrested outside of  a Miami Beach nightclub after being identified and  ,approached by one of her victims. 31-year-old  Alain Rene Galette confronted Fouad, with whom  ,he’d gone back to his residence in March. Galette,  a music industry professional, alleged that, after  ,he and Fouad had had intercourse, she drugged  him and made off with some of his luxury goods.  ,The items included clothing, jewelry and a Rolex  watch totaling over $32,000. Surveillance footage  ,from his building appeared to confirm his  version of events, as Fouad was captured  ,leaving with some of his belongings. When they  met, she’d told Galette that her name was Amina.  ,She’d changed her hair color and c

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everything wrong with instagram beauty gurus part 31 / IM BACK

everything wrong with instagram beauty gurus part 31 / IM BACK

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