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How Instagram Vanishing mode works and how to use Vanishing mode on Direct message on Instagramhello

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How Instagram Vanishing mode works and how to use Vanishing mode on Direct message on Instagram

hello guys,welcome to today's video i'm trust,stanley and this is ts tech talks video,today i want to show you how to enable,um vanishing mode,on instagram so what if vanishing mode,does is very similar to the,um secret message on facebook messenger,because,um you've already linked your account,with messenger so more of the features,on messenger is going to be coming to,your instagram account,now um let's go ahead and open our,instagram let me show you is a very,quick video,now click on your instagram so already,um i'm going to open my instagram on,this other app,and then right on this app i'm going to,show you how to activate that,so once you notice um the person's,profile you want to chat with and turn,on,vanishing mode go ahead and click on,that but a quick,um review guys before you do this make,sure you already activated,make sure you're already um enabled you,can this is that i,it's showing a messenger icon right here,on my messenger,area or my direct messenger area that is,because i've linked it together with,your um,with my um facebook messenger so if,you're making use of this up make sure,you link,your facebook messenger with your,instagram so that it works properly,if not this video is not going to work,for you,so go ahead and open the person's,contacts that,you want to make private so all you need,to do,in to activate the vanishing mode is,just to,swipe up you can notice there is option,so once you swipe up,it displays this option and says um,um scene message will disappear when you,close the chart,so this actually um there are more,explanations you can see right here,um it says um the message um the message,disappears after they've seen,after they are seen does after the,person must have seen it,and then also when they close the chat,and also,if you swipe up to the chat mode it's,going to this,um it's going to activate and then if,you swipe down or you just turn on,or you just tap the turn off button it's,going to swipe down,it's going to turn off and then,diminishing mode is actually shared for,the boot users so once you turn on,vanishing mode,it's also enabled for the other user so,whatever message or whatever,conversation we are having right now,they are all going to display disappear,this is what i mean,so um there are some messages right now,because i'm not very good at typing,different things,at the same time so um these are the,messages right now,i have some couple of message right now,now i activated the vanishing mode on my,main,phone so i'm going to turn it off from,the other phone,by clicking on turn off now it's been,turned off for both phone,so you can notice i'm now on normal chat,but this messages were sent from,vanishing mode and if i scroll,up this one will not send from vanishing,mode and it's still active,and if you notice right here this one is,no longer active,the one i turn off vanishing mode for so,in order to,clear all this out i have to close the,browser,how to close the instagram so when i,open it the second time,i'm no longer going to be seeing those,messages,you can see it's no longer there so if i,turn it back,on again and then try to type,so after typing the messages um it,displays,so immediately i turn it off it will go,off but if i didn't turn it off if i,probably close my instagram and then,open it again it is no longer going to,display,for a particular account that is because,they've already seen the message that i,sent,so let me show you,now you can see,the message is no longer displaying but,it's still,um showing that it's done vanishing mode,so all i need to do is to turn this off,and then they will no longer see,so if you send any message when the,person is offline,okay let me turn it off again show you,guys quick things,you see i just turn it off close it up,then reopen it,it shouldn't be there anymore,then some minutes,okay there you go it's no longer there,now i want to do,another um testing i'm going to close it,up say i'm offline,and then turn on vanishing mode even,though,the other account is offline and then,see,so i just typed this message while on,vanishing mode so i'm going to go ahead,and turn off vanishing mode,you can notice the message is no longer,there and then i'm going to,go ahead and close the instagram and,then open,in the instagram again and then try to,see if,um it displays the message is no longer,here,now i'm going to check if the other,person can see the message,even though i can no longer see them,you can see the message is displayed,here so,i i can say um reply to that message,and then it will display on normal,message,so if i if i eventually close the app,and reopen it again it will no longer be,there,there you go so it's as easy as that,um that's just how to make use of your,facebook,um facebook instagram vanishing mode,instagram vanishing mode,and if you guys um are having any,challenges in this let me know,and again this might not work for you if,you don't have the latest updates so,make sure you update your app,before you conti

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What is Instagram Vanish Mode & How To Use In Your Brand

What is Instagram Vanish Mode & How To Use In Your Brand

hello and welcome to this video today,where i'm going to be telling you how,you can be utilizing,instagram's vanish mode to better,leverage your business,or instagram company page,so i'm really going to focus today on,how you can use,and leverage this fantastic new feature,of instagram,called vanish mode and use it for your,instagram company or business platform,so i want to make sure that you are,leveraging,all of instagram's latest features to,really be ahead of the curve here,now vanish mode has a lot of fun,qualities that we're definitely going to,be utilizing on our personal accounts,but i want you to think about how you,can use this,to better serve your company as well so,i'm going to give you a couple of ideas,to get the ball rolling for you and to,have you start to think about this,as an opportunity for you and your brand,so the first thing i want to go through,is what exactly,is instagram's vanish mode so as they,say here,in this fantastic blog post it says,sometimes a message is just,spontaneous something you want to say in,the moment without worrying about it,sticking around,and that's exactly what they have,created here is a,sort of a snapchat-esque way of chatting,where something is only alive in the,chat,as long as somebody has hasn't seen it,so if you see it,one time everything will disappear and,it is not there to be seen,ever again,it says here that how it works is simple,that messages just disappear after they,have been seen,and you leave the chat so that is,something that is,already getting my brain ticking over,around how you can use this for you and,your brand and the first thing that,comes to mind for me,is by asking for and engaging with,people who follow you already,and looking for that extra boost of,engagement,from them on your posts or your stories,or something like that,you could set up a situation where,you're asking somebody to,comment a certain word or have some sort,of competition where,the first 10 people to reply on your,instagram post with a certain,keyword or a password if you like will,win,a prize or a discount or a promotion or,whatever it is that suits you and your,brand,so that encourages people to firstly,receive this super secret message,that will only be visible to them one,time,so they'll want to be paying attention,and then they can take that information,and go and put it onto a post boosting,engagement for you and your brand,but also creating a little bit of,rivalry and a little bit of,live competition here on your post so,that is the first way i feel like you,could be super creative with your brand,is by asking to boost your engagement on,your posts with some sort of incentive,in mind that's only visible to them,one time so how do you turn,on instagram's vanish mode it says here,all you have to do is swipe up on your,mobile device,in an existing chat thread and you're,automatically,in vanish mode you'll get these super,cute emojis giving the little,face telling you you're in a secret mode,and as soon as you,swipe back up again you'll be booted out,of instagram vanish mode,and back into your regular chat you can,send anything you like,through vanish mode you could send memes,gifs stickers reactions,pictures texts anything you like and,they will only be visible,one time so another thing that you can,utilize,on this platform is by giving some sort,of limited time,coupon code to someone who already,engages with your page,keep in mind you can only use instagram,vanish mode with somebody who,already is connected with you in your,page it has to be an existing,chat thread for safety so if you are,already engaged with someone maybe your,most valuable customers,maybe someone who asks a lot of,questions and you want to give them some,sort of reward for being one of your,favorite followers,you can give them a limited time coupon,and,tell them that that is theirs to use,only one time and only for a limited,time that means this code will only be,there for a few,minutes they'll see it one time and they,won't be able to share it around,and you'll be able to reward your most,loyal customers with a one-time,secret vanish mode code i wanted to,touch on the safety of this as well,because,safety is a huge issue when we're,talking about things that may or may not,be there permanently,and if somebody tries to take a,screenshot to re-share something that,you have sent,you will be notified you can always,block and report,somebody in a conversation if you ever,feel unsafe so i really want you to,think about how you can be more creative,and make sure you're using all of,instagram's features,that are at your disposal for you and,your brand this can really,leverage your business page and make,sure that you are,on the cutting edge and on the forefront,of all of these brand new features from,instagram,so i hope this video was super helpful,for you and i hope that you're starting,to think about,how you and your brand can leverage,vanish mode,uh on your own personal page over there,so,if it wa

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Instagram Vanish Mode 閲後消失模式(偷情功能)介紹|對不起,我也不知道自己在講什麽 (中文CC字幕)

Instagram Vanish Mode 閲後消失模式(偷情功能)介紹|對不起,我也不知道自己在講什麽 (中文CC字幕)

Hello 大家好,我是阿Sam,歡迎收看這一集的有森度,最近Instagram有一個新功能,它叫作,Vanish,這個Vanish的功能,主要來講是有兩個點罷了,第一個點就是你跟你朋友的,聊天記錄不會被人家發現,在你們聊天的時候就會自動消失掉,第二個是當你的朋友,想要截圖或者熒幕錄影,你們的聊天記錄的時候,那邊會顯示出來,他在做那一個行爲,而我本人叫這個功能,是叫做偷情功能的,因爲它真的很適合偷情用,爲了看下這個偷情功能,是不是真的那麽安全,可不可以保護到我們的隱私,我對它做了一些實驗,所以接下來我會跟大家分享一下,這個偷情功能的,基本用法,還有它一些漏洞,這個實驗我是用了兩部手機來做的,一部就是這個Samsung的Note10+,另外一個是,比較差的機,就是Huawei的Nova3i,我是用安卓系統的,iOS的應該是沒有多大差別的,如果蘋果的用戶覺得有什麽分別的話,可以留言給我知道,怎樣開啓偷情模式,非常的簡單,我們現在看到的兩個畫面是,Instagram一般上的聊天室,是白色的,因爲它是白色的聊天室,所以我這邊叫它白色的房間,白房,只要你在白房向上拉,你就會進入一個黑黑的房間,我叫它黑房,那邊就是偷情功能的主要空間,偷情功能的第一個要點就是同步,只要有一個人進入了黑房,另外一個人也會自動的進入黑房,然後當兩個人都在黑房裏面的時候,有一個人退出黑房,另外一個人也會自動退出,它就是那麽的同步,這個時候我就想到一個問題,如果今天我不在聊天室裏面,我不在白房,我在別的應用或者別的頁面,這樣那個人開了黑房,我會怎麽樣呢,所以我做了一個實驗,現在有一個人他在別的頁面,之後一個人就開了黑房,當這個人他進入那個聊天室的時候,他就會自動進入黑房,之後我就發現,就算我不在白房裏面,只要有一個人他開了黑房,我回去我的白房的時候,我的白房就會自動變成黑房,我把這個操作叫作强行開房,强行開房的黑房有什麽不一樣,我們來看看,被强行開房的我們是可以,看回在白房的聊天記錄,而自願開房的人是看不到的,他的黑房裏面就是什麽都沒有,兩個人在黑房裏面聊到很開心,其中一個就退出了,基於我剛剛説的同步的關係,另外一個人也會被逼退出黑房,我把這個操作叫作强行退房,强行退房的人和主動退房的人,他們的白房也是有分別的,强行退房的人是可以看回,在黑房裏面的聊天記錄,而主動退房的人是看不到的,之後我就做了幾個實驗,我就發現了一個點,只要我不是主動方,我永遠都是被迫開房,跟被迫退房的那個人,我黑房的聊天記錄,永遠都會出現在畫面上面,無論是白房還是黑房,直到你成爲主動開房,或者主動退房的人,你黑房裏面的聊天記錄就會不見,可能你們會覺得我發神經,不懂我在說什麽,爲什麽可以說到那麽複雜,但是它就是這麽一回事,我簡單點來講就是,只要你今天不主動不開房不退房,不要理他 正常跟他聊天,你黑房的聊天記錄永遠都會在,當然前提是你不要退出這個聊天室,既然它有强行開房和强行退房,這個現象的話,我就想到了另外一種情況,我今天在白房打字打到一半,他突然間給我强行開房進入了黑房,這樣我發出去的訊息,它是在白房還是在黑房呢,我就做了一個實驗,實驗結果告訴我的是,你發送出去的訊息,是屬於黑房還是白房,是看你發送出去時你所在的房間,而不是輸入時你所在的房間,舉個很簡單理解的例子就是説,我們兩個一起在黑房裏面聊天,我輸入的句子還沒有結束,你就退出了黑房,所以我們一起到了白房,當我發送這個句子的時候,它就是白房的内容,是不會消失的,所以就是說今天我們要發送訊息的時候,我們要看清楚自己是在白房還是在黑房,接下來要講的是,很多人很有興趣的,截圖和熒幕錄影的事情,首先我們要知道我們在白房裏面截圖,或者熒幕錄影是不會有人知道的,我們要做什麽都可以,但是相反 我們在黑房裏面,只要做截圖或者熒幕錄影,我們都會被發現,它那邊會出現一個東西出來,顯示你在做這個行爲,在白房裏面截圖是不會被發現的,在黑房裏面截圖是會被發現的,這個時候我有一個大膽的想法,如果我是被强行退房的,那我黑房的聊天記錄就會出現在白房上面,那這個時候我在白房裏面截圖就可以了,所以講你還是太年輕了,這樣做還是會被發現的,今天截圖會被通知,不是因爲你在黑房還是白房截圖,而是看你截圖的内容,只要你截圖到黑房的内容,它都會通知對方,熒幕錄影也是一樣,當你在黑房裏面熒幕錄影,你也是會被發現的,但是我沒有試過,在强行退房過後用熒幕錄影,我不知道會怎樣,然後我發現到一個技巧,是可以熒幕錄影然後又不會被發現的,就是你在進入黑房之前,就開始熒幕錄影,之後你再進入黑房裏面聊天,這樣子就不會被發現到了,是很白癡啦 這個方法,接下來我們要講的就是,偷情功能裏面的一個現象,就是同步失效,首先這邊要跟大家講,這個同步功能就是當一邊開啓了黑房,另外一邊也會,自動進入黑房的這個東西,其實是很少見的,其實同步失效才是最正常的現象,我爲了拍這個影片,我是試了很多次才有同步的情況,所以一般上我在弄的時候,是同步失效的,首先同步失效我不知道是什麽原因,有可能是網綫不好,也有可能是聊天記錄太多,總之同步失效就代表著,你進入黑房和白房都是自由的,兩邊都是自由的,沒有人被强行退房,也沒有人被强行開房,所以同步失效就會變成一個在白房,一個在黑房的一個畫面,他們這個時候可以聊天沒有,是可以的,可是畫面會非常的好笑,就是兩個人好像,隔著一個房間在講話這樣子,這個時候問題來了,同步失效下的偷情功能,截圖和熒幕錄影會不會被發現呢,答案是,不會被發現的,我是試過很多很多次,只要你們是同步失效,你們怎樣截圖都好,它都不會再顯示你在做這個動作,無論你是在黑房還是白房,還是在哪裏都好,總之同步失效就等於,整個偷情功能失效啦,同步失效過後代表著,你怎樣截圖都不會被對方發現,但是一樣的,對方怎樣截圖 你都發現不到,所以同步失效不是一件好事,我是這樣覺得,接下來是最後一點,它可以把一個人的白房,永遠變成黑房的狀態,現在我把一個人的房間變成了黑房,然後我退出,然後他的聊天室介面那邊就會,有一個點點圈圈的標志,這就代表著 這個房間是黑房,當我進去的時候就會在黑房,只要我不退出這個黑房,這個房間永遠都會在黑房,至於那個人進入我們的聊天室的時候,他是在黑房還是白房,就要看他那時候的同步有沒有失效,好的 以上就是這個偷情功能的,大致上介紹還有它的一些漏洞,我是覺得這個功能非常的白癡,你講把一個人的聊天記錄刪掉,永遠沒有證據的話,我不知道意義在哪裏,他是不是鼓勵人家講,那些不負責任的話,雖然今天官方也是有講,如果今天你是要舉報一個人的話,被消失了的聊天記錄,是可以作爲根據的,在他們的數據庫裏面,是可以調回出來的,所以我就覺得這整個東西,是非常的多餘的,唯一一個我認同的就是,截圖和熒幕錄影,會被發現的這個功能,因爲這樣子才是可以做到,真正保護我們隱私的一個手法,可是今天這個功能,竟然在同步失效過後就沒有用了,這樣它不是很廢嗎,唯一一個大家看重的功能,竟然會失效,那這整個偷情功能,其實是跨了,我是這樣覺得,這個功能它剛出不久,可是也不新,看下官方在後續會不會,維修這些漏洞,讓它整個同步系統做到更好,變成任何時候只要有人截圖,就會被發現,我是希望它可以做到這一點,這樣可以保護自己也可以保護大家,好的 這一集的影片就到這邊結束,謝謝你的收看,不知道你對這個偷情功能,有什麽見解呢,歡迎你留言來跟我討論一下,我下次再見,掰掰

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How to turn on VANISH Mode For Instagram? | Plus 4 Tips if Not Working!

How to turn on VANISH Mode For Instagram? | Plus 4 Tips if Not Working!

how to turn on vanish mode on instagram,on this video you guys are going to find,out welcome to social gd and with that,being said,let's dive in okay so firstly what is,vanish mode well vanish mode was a new,feature which was launched for facebook,messenger back in 2020 but now it's also,been rolled out across instagram and,basically this allows messages that you,send to disappear automatically very,similar to snapchat's disappearing,message feature now vanish mode is great,if security and privacy are very,important to you you don't want somebody,looking for your phone and potentially,see messages which you don't want them,to see now for whatever reason this,could be it's your privacy it's your,phone you should have control over this,and that is where vanish mode comes in,it also avoids that awkward situation,where you send a dm to somebody and then,they don't see it for a long period of,time then they reply a long time later,and it's just very awkward so it avoids,that and makes conversations a lot more,realistic now the reason facebook and,instagram are testing this feature out,is to really boost engagement on their,platforms because the more people that,are engaged with the platform the more,advertising dollars they can get in,terms of revenue right guys so here we,are inside instagram and what you now,need to do is go to your messages,section click on a dm and then dm maybe,a friend or just a random person to test,out this feature,and then now to turn on vanish mode what,you do is scroll up hold it,and you'll get an option to turn on,vanish mode and then you click that and,it really is as simple as that and now,your messages will disappear so really,that is the powerful feature of vanish,mode and exactly this is how you do it,which you can see right now in this,now to turn off vanish mode you simply,go and then you'll see a little label at,the top and you click that label after,you scroll up on the chat bar and then,you should be able to turn off vanish,mode and then go back to normal,messaging now the beautiful thing about,this vanish mode is if you send a,message to somebody and they screenshot,that message you'll get a message that,they've screenshoted it so really you,will be notified and that is very,similar to snapchat also very original,thinking by facebook again and mark,zuckerberg,now guys to set your expectations this,feature is not available on every device,right now so that's just something you,should be aware of meta platforms which,owns facebook and instagram is testing,this feature in certain regions on,certain devices and they're going to,measure engagement if they get positive,engagement from this new feature then my,thoughts are that they would roll it out,internationally but i am going to reveal,to you guys a couple of extra hacks you,can try to get this feature working,right guys so the first tip you can try,at finish mode isn't working is to,update instagram so go in to the app,store and click update,if it's still not working you can try,updating the messaging so we go to,settings the three bars at the top right,corner of your instagram click settings,and click,update messaging,if it's still not working or the update,messaging isn't working you can try this,with a vpn now this should be tip free,so search on the app store for a vpn,such as turbo vpn now there is a,paid version and a free trial version,and i'll show you what to do with that,but basically you select the app from,the app store,download the app i've already downloaded,it so it just says update for me but you,download this turbo vpn,open turbo vpn and basically what this,does is show your ip address as if,you're in in a different location,so once you've connected that so it'll,take a few minutes to connect but once,you're connected you should be able to,access different um applications as if,you're from a different country so it,gives you a lot of privacy and it's good,for security,now what you need to do is delete the,instagram app,and then you need to try it again with,this vpn installed so you uninstall the,instagram and try it again with the vpn,and then hopefully you should be able to,see update messaging,if you still don't see anything try,clearing your application,cache so go into your settings,scroll down to your apps,and what you'll find is each app has a,certain memory stored called a cache,it's a short term memory so what you,need to do is clear the cache for,instagram and you can see an example,there,right guys if you did find value in this,video and learn something feel free to,give this video a big thumbs up helps,out tremendously with the channel and if,you haven't joined the digital marketing,family yet feel free by hitting that,subscribe button and turning that,notification bell on for more digital,tips tricks and hacks to help grow your,brand and business with that being said,from the bottom of my heart i hope you,guys all have a tremendous day and i'll,see you guys in our next video keep,growing,you

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Cara Mengaktifkan dan Menonaktifkan Vanish Mode di Instagram

Cara Mengaktifkan dan Menonaktifkan Vanish Mode di Instagram

Hai senyum Terukir,Hai,assalamualaikum selamat datang di,channel,i-i-i-i adalah sebuah channel YouTube,yang memberikan informasi serta tutorial,seputar teknologi di era digital Jadi,bagi teman-teman yang ingin mengetahui,informasi serta tutorial seputar,teknologi di era digital subscribe,channel YouTube ini ya Nah Pada,kesempatan kali ini kita akan membahas,tentang cara mengaktifkan dan,menonaktifkan fitur baru di Instagram,yaitu,fitur,funniest mode,fitur funniest mode Ini sebenarnya sudah,ada sejak tahun 2020,dan memang fitur ini sangat berguna bagi,kita yang tidak ingin menyimpan,pesan-pesan di DM,yang mungkin kita anggap pesan itu,sepele dan ingin segera dihapus fitur,funniest mode ini mungkin sama dengan,fitur incognito di browser di browser Om,yaitu dimana ketika kita menjelajah,diproses tersebut saya tidak akan,meninggalkan jejak baik itu history,ataupun,of website yang kita kunjungi nah,divonis mode ini ketika kita mengirim,pesan kepada akun lain maka pesan,tersebut akan langsung terhapus kecuali,si penerima pesan tersebut belum membaca,pesan yang kita kirim maka pesan,tersebut belum dihapus jika si penerima,telah membaca pesan yang kita kirimkan,Kak,maka pesan tersebut akan otomatis,terhapus langkah pertama yang harus kita,lakukan adalah masuk dulu ke aplikasi,Instagram,selanjutnya klik icon DM yang ada di,bagian atas sebelah kanan,jika sudah cari nama akun yang ingin,kita ini pesan jika sudah masuk kedalam,ruangan obrolan DM selanjutnya kita,harus mengirim pesan terlebih dahulu,minimal satu pesan terjadi ketika,setelah itu,klik dan tahan pada area yang sudah saya,Tandai dibawah ini,dan langsung kita ucap keatas di ini nah,disini sudah ada keterangan Anda,mengaktifkan mode hilang pada hilang ini,adalah maksudnya adalah mode Vanish yang,kita activate di sini juga dijelaskan,bahwa pesan yang sudah dilihat akan,hilang saat anda menutup obrolan,nah jika kita sudah mengaktifkan mode,funniest ini maka pesan kita akan,langsung menghilang setelah dibaca oleh,sipenerima pesan Jika kita ingin,menonaktifkan,mode ini caranya sangat mudah klik dan,tahan pada area yang sudah sayatan,disini dan usapkan atas,maka mode Vanessa akan hilang dan,kembali ke mode seperti biasanya baik,teman-teman sekian tutorial kita pada,hari ini jangan lupa like comment dan,subscribe dengan YouTube ID dan selamat,mencoba,hai hai

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How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram | What is Vanish mode on Instagram

How to Use Vanish Mode on Instagram | What is Vanish mode on Instagram

hey everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel where i post,troubleshooting videos and useful,tutorials in today's video i'm gonna,show you how you can use vanish mode on,instagram,vanish mode on instagram lets you have a,temporary chat that is automatically,erased when the chat ends so if you want,to do a secret chat on instagram that no,one gets to know about please keep on,watching,so i'm gonna show you how to use vanish,mode on instagram and for that i'm gonna,use two of my instagram accounts so,that's the first one and now using this,one i'm gonna send a message to another,one in,vanish mode all right,so that's the account and now what i'm,gonna do is to turn on the vanish mode,you have to swipe up on a chat,so as you can see you turned on vanish,mode scene messages will disappear when,you close the chat so only the messages,that have been seen by the other person,involved in the chat,only then they will get disappear when,you close the chat all right,say i'm gonna press learn more so here,are some instructions about how vanish,mode works first of all it's written,that messages disappear after they have,been seen so if everyone in the chat has,seen a message only then it will,disappear when you close the chat,otherwise,it will be there until everyone involved,in a chat sees it alright see it then,you can see that swipe up in a chat to,switch modes so you just have to swipe,up to turn on the mode and to turn off,the vanish mode next is vanish mode is,shared so whenever you will turn on the,vanish mode it is turned on for everyone,else in the chat and the last one is,conversations can be reported so,disappearing messages can also be,included in a report even if they are no,longer visible all right so that doesn't,mean you can send any sort of message,like an offensive one using the vanish,mode they can be reported as well so,that's how vanish mode works so i'm,gonna go and send a message and i will,show you how actually it works,so that's the message i have just sent,and now i'm gonna turn off vanish mode,and i will show you what happens then,so as you can see i have turned off the,vanish mode but it is still showing me,that c1 disappearing message so i'm,gonna press that,and it's written hey the message that i,have just sent so it's written that,scene messages will disappear when you,close the chat so whenever it will get,seen by the other person it will get,removed from here all right now i'm,gonna go and switch back to another,account to which i have sent this,message,so that's the message i have sent using,the vanish mode so it's written that,sent in vanish mode scene messages will,disappear when you close the chat,and you can reply in vanish mode if you,want to reply you can press that and,just give the answer or if you don't,want to do that you can simply close,this chat hidden chat so you have to,press back,and then gonna go back again to the chat,so as you can see that message caught,disappeared after it was seen by you all,right,now i'm gonna go back to my first,account and i will show you if the,message is still there or not,so as you can see the message also got,disappeared from here so that's how,vanish mode works there is no proof of,those messages that you have exchanged,using the vanish mode all right,so i'm gonna turn it on again once and i,will show you how it works,for both the parties so i'm gonna send a,message again,so that's the message i have sent to,them now i'm,gonna go back and switch my account,so as you can see vanish more is on for,this account as well,as you can see here vanish mode scene,messages will disappear when you close,the chat you can learn more and at the,top you can read now your messages can,be seen for longer,messages sent in the last six hours can,be seen again,but older scene messages are hidden when,you close the chat,all right so those messages that you,have sent the last six hours they can be,seen over and over again,but you can't see older messages,when you close the chat all right,so that's how the vanish mode works now,if you want,you can turn it off anyone can turn it,off any user any participant in the chat,can turn off the,vanish mode so i'm gonna turn it off,right here,so that's how you can turn it off or you,can simply swipe up,so that was everything about how you can,use vanish mode on instagram so yeah,that was all for this video for any,doubts or queries you can reach out to,the comment section below also don't,forget to subscribe to my channel for,more informative and useful videos with,that i will take the leave now we'll see,you the next time

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What is Vanish Mode and How to Send Disappearing Messages on Facebook Messenger & Instagram?

What is Vanish Mode and How to Send Disappearing Messages on Facebook Messenger & Instagram?

hi folks what's up this is rk from 360,reader,right now i'm going to show how you can,use venice mode in,instagram and facebook messenger on ios,and android device for those unfamiliar,venice mode is also known as ephemeral,mode,that allows users to send disappearing,messages,times when you want to have secret,conversations,or you just don't want prying eyes to,take a peek at,your secret conversations this venice,moon can have a role to,play so let's see how it works,first off make sure to subscribe our,youtube channel and hit,the bell icon so that you won't miss any,update from 360,switching to vanish mode is pretty,simple,and to do it all you have to do is just,swipe away,you can swipe up from a private chat on,messenger,and instagram to enter venice mode,similarly,you can swipe up again to go back to the,normal chat mode,it is worth noting that when you are in,venice mode,you don't miss out on features you,already have in the regular chat mode,that means you will still have access to,the ability to send text messages,images stickers and you guessed it,gifs that's exactly what makes venice,mode so exciting for the folks,who prefer to have the needed privacy,for their messages,there is nothing new about venice mode,as,snapchat has got a similar feature like,this for long,however unlike snapchat daw where the,default experience,is ephemeral facebook is pitching its,awareness mode,as an opt-in feature to give users even,more control,over the context of the conversation do,note,that facebook is aiming to enhance the,privacy of,users with vanish mode therefore it is,worth keeping in mind that,venice mode will notify the other person,if you capture a screenshot of chats,moreover the company encourages users to,report,the conversation if they feel unsafe,venice mode is now slowly rolling out on,messenger and instagram,therefore you can try out the feature by,updating,the app from google play store or app,store as a side note,instagram users will have to switch to,the new messenger experience,to access the feature facebook has,stated that,only people you are connected with can,use vanish mode in a chat,it also doesn't seem to apply to group,chats and will only work,in private one-on-one chat instagram,already has a feature which allows users,to send photos and videos that disappear,once they have been viewed and the,additional vanish mode for texts,makes its messaging functionality even,more similar to,that of snapchat the new ephemeral,messaging feature on instagram and,messenger differs from,the newly introduced disappearing,messages feature,in whatsapp while those messages can be,screen sorted,and are readable for 7 days when is mood,chest will disappear after they have,been viewed by the receiver,the sender will get a notification if,someone takes,a screenshot of the chat before it,vanishes,that's pretty much it that's how you can,use venice mode in instagram and,facebook messenger,now that you know how this pretty handy,feature works,make the most of it to chat with your,friends with the needed privacy,and i'll see you in the next video till,then,have a great time bye

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Nuevo Modo Vanish Facebook Messenger e Instagram 😮💥💬✅

Nuevo Modo Vanish Facebook Messenger e Instagram 😮💥💬✅

ah,hola amigos hoy vamos a hablar de la,nueva función de facebook chaco para,messenger y pronto para instagram,llamada vanish mode es una función,similar a snap todos sabemos que en,realidad es otra función copiada por,facebook desde snap chat facebook,anunció hoy que su nueva función es muy,similar a la que ya conocemos que es,para que los mensajes desaparezcan la,llamada vanish móvil en español la,llamado modo efímero un nombre que a,nadie creo que le vaya a gustar pero,ellos deciden esta nueva función empieza,llegando inicialmente en messenger y,luego va para llegar a instagram la,función está diseñada para,conversaciones más informales permite a,los usuarios configurar los chats para,que se eliminen automáticamente después,de que se ve el mensaje y se cierra el,chat en el modo vanish messenger en,instagram van a permitir que los,usuarios envíen mensajes de texto,como imágenes y mensajes de voz,pegatinas todo lo que ya conocemos a lo,que estamos acostumbrados y luego van a,desaparecer esos mensajes cuando la otra,persona los haya visto y abandone el,chat de inmediato todo se esfuma no,queda ninguna prueba de absolutamente,nada sin embargo a diferencia de,snapshot el modo vanish no es una,configuración predeterminada en cambio,los usuarios deben habilitar los desde,el chat existente deslizando hacia,arriba en la pantalla desde su,dispositivo móvil mientras ya están en,un chat normal en chat habitual de,messenger o de instagram tras el primer,lanzamiento va a aparecer una pantalla,que explica cómo funciona el panismo,también señala que los usuarios,recibirán una alerta si alguien toma una,captura de pantalla de la conversación,igual a como sucede en snap chat no es,casualidad es una fobia idea por motivos,de seguridad,facebook admite el bloqueo,los informes en este modo vanish esto,quiere decir que el si un usuario ve que,hay una conversación que se torna como,no muy agradable puede bloquear al otro,usuario o puede reportarlo y va a tener,una hora adicional facebook para revisar,el chat y ver si debe tomar medidas,frente al usuario que superó los límites,permitidos por las normas comunitarias,de facebook el modo anís también es una,experiencia opcional esto quiere decir,que se puede elegir si se desea ingresar,a un chat en modo vanish o del modo,tradicional y simplemente funciona,cuando hay personas que ya están,conectadas anteriormente en facebook o,en instagram en el momento que se lance,en esa red social en el modo banús la,pantalla se oscurece para indicar el,cambio del tipo de chat para indicar que,ya está en este modo de primero llamado,en español y de esa manera ya podemos,estar seguros todo lo que,envié a través desechar una vez que la,otra persona lo vean y salga del chat,desaparece para siempre para salir de,este modo años simplemente es necesario,tocar un botón que aparece en la parte,superior que dice desactivar el modo de,fin es muy sencillo los planes de,facebook con esta nueva función fueron,anunciados anteriormente en la revisión,de la experiencia de la mensajería que,se hizo en septiembre cuando se anunció,el cambio en el chat de instagram que,por cierto si no han visto el vídeo que,tenemos acerca de cómo es este cambio en,el chat y cómo controlarlo o tratar de,desactivar un poco de venir a ver este,vídeo luego de ver este esta,actualización del chat de instagram y la,actualización que se le implementó,amnesia también anteriormente logró que,los usuarios pudieran comunicarse entre,diferentes aplicaciones y ahora parte de,esta actualización es esta nueva función,que es,si queremos ser claros el vanish módulo,no está diseñado para este tipo de,usuarios que buscan asegurar la,conversación completa tener el historial,de todo lo que se envió en el chat sino,que es una conversación mucho más,informal aunque está cifrada de extremo,a extremo se active segura igual a las,conversaciones de whatsapp facebook,busca con esto ofrecer una opción,adicional en realidad traer tantos,usuarios como puedas de snap chat y esta,es la realidad pero pues es normal que,en este momento una red social empiece a,copiar a otra y a otra y la otra creo,que en este año lo hemos visto más que,nunca y que todos están tratando de,igualar funciones,recordemos que primero se copiaron las,historias de snap chat y ahora tenemos,historias por todas partes en facebook,luego vino youtube luego instagram y,acabamos de recibir los leads de twitter,entonces creo que todos están tratando,de tener uniformidad,para tener esta función de vanish mode,simplemente hay que tener actualizadas,las aplicaciones con esto basta la,función se está distribuyendo a nivel,mundial de una manera aleatoria sólo hay,algunos países que fueron seleccionados,como para una prueba inicial pero en,este momento ya se está distribuyendo la,actualización de manera aleatoria así,que tan pronto como podamos actualizamos,nuestras aplicaciones las tenemos,siempre en la última versión y así en,poco tiempo vamos a poder tener esta,nueva función,todas estas nuevas funci

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