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How To Use Instagram! (Complete Beginners Guide) (2022)welcome back everyone i'll go and show,you th

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Use Instagram! (Complete Beginners Guide) (2022)

welcome back everyone i'll go and show,you the basic process of how to use,instagram the my favorite application in,2022 now this is a complete beginner's,guide for the most part i will be going,over some pretty you know maybe not,intense things but some basic things,here and there the first thing you want,is to make sure you have the instagram,app downloaded so to do this what you,want to do is you want to make your way,over to your app store like this you,want to type in search and all you want,to do is go and type in instagram now,hopefully you know how to do this by now,if you know how to use the app store and,all you have to do is download this,application ios android pretty much all,oss you have access to however you can,also access it via the website now you,will have to make a profile that is very,very easy to do once you get a little,pop-up you'll just go enter your you,know create an account or sign in if,you've never created an account before,like i haven't this is my basic account,i do have my main account but this is,like a side account all you have to do,is create an account it's a bunch of,personal information so pretty much make,your way through it it's very easy it's,nothing complicated as long as you have,an email or phone number you should be,able to sign up now at this point once,you're signed in you will come into this,panel and this is a very stock this is a,brand new account i unfollowed everybody,so this is pretty much the layout now,this is how this instagram application,goes the main,way the main way you navigate through,this whole entire ui are with these,buttons down here so this is your home,tab pretty much anything that anyone,that you follow posts will come onto,your home tab here and you will see a,pro and you will see a bunch of things,populate now we'll go ahead and follow,some people in a second but within the,home tab you have your story tabs right,here you can access your direct messages,here and pretty much here you'll see,everybody that you can follow now the,search tab is how you can go ahead and,search for people so you can go ahead,and search for not only you know,trending sounds but you can also search,for people usernames,businesses you know business accounts,all these other things you can go and,search for it in the search tab now the,middle page is how you can actually go,ahead and post photos or even post,stories if you want to so let's say you,want to go ahead and i'll get into a,little bit more detail in a second but,just get familiar with the layout on the,bottom right corner you can click a post,story or live as well which again we'll,get into in a second let's go and click,the x button for now,and this hard section here is basically,people who are trying to follow you or,people you know like your photos or,liked your stories or whatever the case,is you can go and see all those things,here now since nobody's like my photos,for anything nothing's gonna come up,here but sometimes you may see people,that you can you know follow as well as,some suggestions and the most write,profile icon here is basically your own,profile so you will see your profile,here your profile photo stories posts,highlights anything videos instagram,reels all that information will be,posted right here so to give you some,perspective on what a complete profile,will look like let's go and go back here,let's look at pewdiepie's you know,profile for example you can see he has a,bunch of stuff here and all he's doing,is posting the stories and instagram,does the rest now let's say you like,pewdiepie and you want to follow him,well all you have to do is go and click,that follow button and you are now,following pewdiepie you can also see,some suggestions down here for some,other people to follow in this case,let's go ahead and search for a username,so let's go and click the search button,down here let's go and click the search,bar up here let's go and type in my,other username that's actually my actual,instagram so you can type in my username,here and when you do that you will see,my username right there as well some,people try to copy me whatever all you,have to do is go and click on my,username here and you can follow me if,you want to this is just an example and,i will appreciate if you follow me and,all you have to do here is that once,again you can see not only the profile,icon you can see their description here,you can see how many followers they have,following and all this other stuff too,now you can also scroll down and you can,also check out all the photos that they,have so you can see all these photos,that i've posted throughout my life and,you know just i've been in a while but,you can go and scroll through here and,you can see all these photos and,everything like that now once you're,done following somebody well how do i go,back out well instead of completely,swiping out and clicking the back button,all you have to do is go and click the,search button right there and it'll take,you

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How to Use Instagram - Beginner's Guide

How to Use Instagram - Beginner's Guide

hey everyone if you're new to instagram,or you just don't feel like you're,getting the most out of the app you've,found the right video in this video i'm,going to show you exactly how to get,started with instagram and everything,you need to know about the app now in,the past two years i've made over a,hundred instagram videos so just about,everything you could think of that you,could do on instagram i have a video,about that on this channel and on, so if you want to learn,something about a specific task on,instagram check out anything go ahead,and search for it and you'll probably,find one of my videos but this is going,to be a big picture overview of,instagram and this is more for regular,people so if you want to be a creator,and get more followers on instagram or,even make money on instagram that's a,different video and i'll have a link in,the description to that if that's what,you're looking to do and also make sure,you're watching the latest version of,this video instagram's always changing,their app in the last five years they,had many variations of the app so every,year i'm going to update this video so,make sure you're watching the latest one,let's jump into the phone let's create,an instagram account from scratch and,i'll use one of my bigger accounts to,show you exactly how to move around and,use all the benefits that instagram can,give you on the social media platform so,inside of the app store of just about,any phone you have this is available for,iphones for android phones and for,window phones look for the instagram app,and then go ahead and download it,instagram is a social media platform for,sharing photos and videos and it was,actually created in 2010 and in 2012,facebook purchased it so currently it's,owned by facebook they bought it for a,billion dollars just couple years after,it was created you do have to be 12,years old to use the app and they do,have well over a hundred million users,at the time of this recording i'm gonna,go ahead and press open now that i have,the app downloaded here and when you get,to the app for the first time as you,could see i use this professionally so i,have a bunch of different business,channels but let's say you just want to,create a regular account just press sign,up on this page you obviously won't have,all these accounts press sign up it will,take you to this page so this is the,first page you're going to see it could,use facebook to sign in or you could,sign up with phone or email i'm gonna do,sign up with phone or email again it is,owned by facebook so a lot of these,options are gonna be related to facebook,as you could see so let's go ahead and,sign up with phone or email here,on this page you could type in your,phone number or your email address,and then on this page it says add your,name so your friends could find you so,if you want your friends to find you use,your real name here if you want to be,more anonymous and you don't want to,link it to your facebook or anything,like that or if you want it for your,business go ahead and type that name,here pretty simple process i'm gonna go,ahead and press next and then go ahead,and create your password here again make,sure you remember this password because,you will need it again to log in if you,do log out and just like that you've,created your instagram account so it,will let you change your username here,and you could do this basically every,once a while you could change your,username so you're not married to this,username and then it's going to say do,you want to connect to facebook to find,your friends so if you do already use,facebook go ahead and do that if you,don't go ahead and skip i'm going to,skip it for now then it's going to ask,for access to your contact again i'm,going to skip that and then it's going,to ask you to add a profile picture i,recommend you do this here but we could,do this anytime so i'm going to skip,just to get you started here then it's,gonna suggest some people to follow here,so basically when you follow people it's,gonna show you everything they post and,i'll show you that in a second but let's,go ahead and look here let's follow nike,here and nat geo just so we have a,couple of things to look at maybe the,rock but you could see we could,obviously find people that we want to,follow this is the suggestions i'm going,to press next and then if you want,notifications you could turn that on i'm,going to skip that as well,so now i'm gonna show you the overview,of the app in the last few years,instagram has rolled out a few options,and the app is basically i think of it,as four different apps you got your,instagram feed instagram story instagram,direct messages and instagram tv and,i'll show you a quick overview of each,one but i have a separate video about,every single one of those right now,let's worry about the instagram feed,which was the original way of instagram,for the first five years or so and right,here on the app i'm on the home page so,on the homepage i co

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What is Instagram & How Does It Work? | Instagram Guide Part 1

What is Instagram & How Does It Work? | Instagram Guide Part 1

do you have photos or videos that you,want to share with your friends and,family want to keep up to date with all,your favorite celebrities politicians,and athletes if this interests you,you're in luck,Instagram is an app that allows you to,do these things and more I'm Jessica,from tech boomers comm in this video,I'll be telling you all about what,Instagram is and how it works so let's,get started so what exactly is Instagram,Instagram is a mobile application that,allows you to take edit and share photos,and videos your friends and family can,follow you on Instagram to see your,picture and video posts you can also,follow your friends and family as well,as celebrities and athletes to keep up,with their posts you can choose to have,your post be public for anyone to see or,make your account private so you can,pick and choose who is allowed to see,your posts so how does Instagram work,when you start using Instagram the first,thing you'll want to do is find people,to follow whenever someone you follow,posts a new picture or video it'll show,up in your Instagram timeline you can,search for specific people to follow or,browse through instagrams discover page,for suggestions to access discover go to,your profile then click this button in,the top left corner,here you'll find a list of people,Instagram suggests for you to follow if,you see a page you're interested in,following click follow beside their name,to follow them,if you have a picture or video you want,to share with your friends family and,followers you can upload it to Instagram,and post it you can edit it and add a,filter to give it a more unique look,when you're done editing tap next now,you can add a caption to your post and,if you want you can share the post on,your other social media accounts like,Facebook or Twitter,when you're ready tap share to post it,another thing you can do on Instagram is,use hashtags to categorize your own,posts or find the type of posts you're,looking for a hashtag is a word or,phrase perceived by the pound sign that,you can add to the caption of your posts,for example let's say you were posting a,picture of a sunset in the caption of,your post you could add the hashtag,sunset,if you wanted to see other sunset,pictures go to the search tab type in,hashtag sunset and you'll find thousands,of other sunset posts,if you don't want anyone and everyone to,be able to see your posts you can make,your account private to do so go to your,profile then click the gear button to,access your settings,scroll down until you see private,account,then slide the switch over to enable,account privacy once the switch changes,colors your account is now private,if you'd like to learn more about,Instagram and how to use it check out,our free Instagram course on tech,boomers calm,thanks for watching if you found this,video helpful we'd love it if you'd,click the thumbs up button below check,out Tec boomers comm for over a hundred,free courses on all of today's most,popular websites and apps,you

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How to use Instagram Step by Step tutorial in Bangla | instagram kivabe use kore | Techno Prabir

How to use Instagram Step by Step tutorial in Bangla | instagram kivabe use kore | Techno Prabir

abone ol,abone olunuz,ne Instagram Instagram etain fırın,serbest sosyal medya platform İlhan,ağabey portoroz sor büyüdü Yuvarlan,video sellotape albüm Instagram'ı mod,ettiğin horner yakamın hayvan Sunal,yakamın biznesa kaldı yeter mi işte,başlayıp anladık da kabuk Instagram,Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram,ve,o şekerlemeleri daha kay projesi,Anneciğim hadi açın senin de,Ne o sesin haber ve program sy bu üretim,şarkıları indirmez kurgu hem zekiyiz,Hadi sen davet et,bu Kurtar beni bu ne hem Ece plasmaksan,iflas ediyor beni ya,Ben bunu önemli ettiği muhtemel video,tarifleri Doktor internet yakında,gittiğim huylarım Carrefour'da fotoğraf,video Play All,Evet şimdi vardır sevgili kullanarak,onun için eğer bahsettiğiniz hizmet ile,ilgili detaylı bilgi ve,bu düzenleme için muhtemelen mi insanın,için buna tamam internet Facebook video,ara,Bu bayramda haber okuma yazma okuma,yazma programını Gurbet gurbet dandik,mesaj at,abone ol,en iyi bayramlar sevdiğin soksun hesabı,takvimi var muameleyi kopay letgo bu,sopayla scor puanı ihanetinde davet,edince de takip grubu A,mm dili bu renkli ipler bizi uğratması,bir de Ortam için Abla bu ne,son dakika ara bu liselere artist,müzisyen Abla bu ne,Ama bu sefer kadınlar hem de gelecek,olup posterwall c c c c c c c,bunları Instagram'da paylaştığı haberi,Polo hacınınoğlu

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What's their Tech Stack? | Frameworks used by Instagram Uber, Youtube, Netflix...

What's their Tech Stack? | Frameworks used by Instagram Uber, Youtube, Netflix...

whenever i'm choosing a new framework i,always ask myself would a big tech,company use this will this scale,when my product hits a billion users is,this application,going to be able to handle that will it,have to be rewritten and i'll be the,shame cto,and i often hear as a python developer,people always say,oh python you know frameworks are too,slow i want to build something that's,going to be,usable when the application scales so,today,i wanted to talk about you know when,your application does scale,what do big companies do what frameworks,have they used,and how are these frameworks held up,when company hits 1 billion users,2 billion users you know what happens,then what changes need to be made,does code need to be rewritten and when,they do rewrite it,do they rewrite it in the same framework,that they started with,interesting questions that we will be,answering on today's video,let's get straight into the content that,you are here for and what frameworks,our favorite web applications use and,how these frameworks essentially handle,at scale uber has a really cool,blog the engineering blog is really good,if you just want to read about,technology in a company's technological,evolution,just for the fun of it i would recommend,that you read their blog it's really,well documented and,they write like they really are,passionate just about their text deck,and so yeah so now let's get into what,it's made up of,so uber has actually managed to break,down their application into,microservices to a point where they can,actually,healthily talk about it i know for a lot,of companies talking about breaking up,your monolith,is a bit of a sensitive topic but uber,is in a good place with the micro,services,so initially uber was built,just in tornado which is a python,framework everything was in tornado,however when they broke it up they did,decide to still keep the python parts,in python that doesn't make sense,when they broke it up they still decided,to keep some parts in python and then,the other parts that they felt that,could use a bit of a speed booster they,rewrote them in golang so the micro,services are kind of split up between,python and golang for their front end,uber has stuck to native apps,so they are using native apps as an,android for java for android and swift,for ios development for their web app,they are using react,they actually do make like packages for,react.js they make some pretty cool,stuff,for the reactor community which i,thought was kind of kind of lovely,they're making like open source,contributions for their database i found,it really interesting so uber,did start off on postgres however they,found that postgres was not keeping up,quite well with their stuff,so they switched over to my sequel and,now they're using my sequel and,cassandra,so for their data modeling and some of,the stuff where they need high,availability and high speed,they use cassandra but for stuff that,they can use for more structured queries,they're still now using mysql,and their cloud provider is of course,aws no one's leaving aws,anytime soon so yeah their stuff is,still deployed on aws,it's probably worth noting that a lot of,these companies are using aws,mainly because at the time that they,started aws was probably the only big,player,in the cloud industry and now moving on,to an application that,is verified to be a part of the two,billion users club is,what's up whatsoever probably has the,most interesting tech stack of the,applications that we'll be looking at,today,and i was personally quite fascinated by,it whatsapp hasn't disclosed if they've,moved to react native so as far as we,know all their apps,are native so they do use swift for the,ios application,and java for their android application,for their backend whatsapp uses,extra bird it's an xmp protocol,application server that's written in,erlang,so this product so extrovert is kind of,like ideal for,applications where you have a gazillion,users,sending each other instant messages,concurrently,and for their database whatsapp actually,does not store your information whatsapp,doesn't store your messages,all your messages are actually stored on,your phone so they're not storing it on,their,own like database so that's why it's,important for you to back up your own,messages because they don't have backups,of your messages,in a world where everyone has so much,too much,information about you it's just,reassuring that the platform i use the,most the platform i sure,share the most personal information in,is actually not storing my information,it's,a tad bit reassuring instagram stories,actually have 500 million users,per day actually made a video about,creating,instagram filters so you can check that,out they also announced that,they hit the one billion users club,which is incredibly amazing,but anyway today we're going to be,focusing on instagram's tech stack,instagram didn't start on react native,they did have native applications,however when react,launched they were one o

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NEW Way To Make Money On Instagram Using ChatGPT (2023)

NEW Way To Make Money On Instagram Using ChatGPT (2023)

I'm Justified reveal a unique method,that will allow you guys to make money,on Instagram with the help of chat GPD,so let's get started now just to be,clear normally making money on Instagram,is kind of difficult it is pretty tricky,the only way I know of that you can make,money on that platform is by posting,short original Clips called Instagram,reels and then applying for the Rios,play bonus program but this is an,invite-only bonus program right so you,may never actually get invited let's,just put it this way if you're looking,for a side hustle this may not be the,best idea but we're not gonna do any of,that I'm not gonna ask you to show your,face in front of the camera create any,video content or any of that stuff and,as a matter of fact Chad GPD here will,do most of the hard work now I'm pretty,sure you know how to use this if you've,been watching my content we've used it,several times in the past you want to,connect to and then click on,this option that says try that will open,up the chat where you can start,interacting with the artificial,intelligence and this is a language,model meaning that you don't have to,send in any special instructions any,sort of commands you don't have to write,any code you can talk to it in a natural,manner as if you're talking to a real,person and you will answer your,questions not only that but it's got,some pretty cool capabilities it can,explain difficult Concepts in simple,terms it can write code for you and you,can even give you creative ideas however,it does have some limitations for,instance it doesn't have any knowledge,of current events because you cannot,browse the internet it does have a huge,database that it's working with but that,database is not up to date so if you ask,it what's the weather like it is not,gonna have an answer for that but now,guys in order to understand exactly what,we are after I want you to take a look,at this case study right here this is an,Instagram theme page that's been around,for quite some time it's got a massive,following and he's doing a great job,they are posting motivational content,and I'm pretty sure you're someone,familiar with this sort of content if,you're watching this video you might,have seen these posts all over Instagram,look at this one for instance eight ways,to unlock your potential as you can see,this post has multiple slides and it,does a pretty good job of providing you,with some valuable information this is,pretty good advice if you take a moment,to read it but the thing about it is,that for some reason people absolutely,love this content I mean this post alone,has over 18 000 likes which is pretty,significant and if I scroll down you're,gonna notice that some of these posts,are getting crazy engagement look at,this one you see people are engaging,with this content they are leaving,comments they are sending it over to,their friends and that's why the,Instagram algorithm keeps promoting,these posts so being fairly truthful I,think that setting up an Instagram theme,page especially in the motivation Niche,is one of the best ways to get a lot of,Engagement fast but in order to get to,this level you need to have a pretty,good content quality now how are you,possibly going to have so many different,ideas and post multiple times a day and,get these high quality posts done well,we're gonna take inspiration from other,pages and we're going to to do that in a,very elegant manner we are not just,going to rip other people off I'm not,simply going to download other people,posts and repost them as if they were my,own because that might actually get us,in trouble because of copyright related,issues now let's not get sidetracked,with that here's what I'm saying here,let you see that we wanted to repost,this piece of content right here we like,the message as you can see it performed,really well so I just want to kind of,rephrase it I want to give it a spin and,then post it on my own Instagram theme,page here's the easiest way to do it and,by the way this is for the lazy guys,watching this video what you want to do,is right click on the picture and click,on inspect once you do that it will,basically open the code behind this,webpage now you want to go to the,section right above it and open it up,and this is where you can actually get a,hold of the text without having to write,it yourself it may not seem that useful,right now but if we're talking about 10,different posts a day with multiple,different slides this is gonna save you,a lot of time this is just a cool trade,by the way now what I'm gonna do is,simply copy that text and reformat it so,that it looks good for now I'm simply,going to open a notepad document and,paste that in but now guys here's where,TR GPD comes into play it is going to,help us take this piece of text to a,whole new level it can do some amazing,things and I'm about to illustrate it,right now by the way higpit is,absolutely free of charge too I'm simply,gonna copy this text head back over to,CIA

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How to use instagram in telugu/complete details of instagram/create website creations

How to use instagram in telugu/complete details of instagram/create website creations

home screen,thank you so much for watching,you

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YouTube, Instagram among Gen Z's most-used social media platforms: Study

YouTube, Instagram among Gen Z's most-used social media platforms: Study

foreign,consult was out with a survey looking,into gen Z some of their interests this,time particularly what they liked about,their media taste and also their habits,their favorite celebrities relationships,with Brands and more let's start with,one of the most surprising findings and,that's that Despicable Me franchise is,among the favorite here in gen z a third,of the genzir surveyed saw this in,theaters we know the importance of,social media when it comes to gen z a,big reason why so many genziers went and,saw this movie in particular in theaters,was because of a trending hashtag gentle,Minions that trend on Tick Tock got over,61 million views and for those of you,out there that don't know what it is I,did not know what it was full disclosure,before reading this survey but it was,when people would film themselves,dressed up in suits and sunglasses when,they went into the theater so that,playing a significant role into why so,many gen's ears went and saw this movie,and the fact that it did pretty well at,the box office yeah you know I was,looking at the look at the age range of,gen Z and I thought this is kind of a,young for them to be into minions but I,guess this gentle minions trend is what,they're really into uh one thing that,caught my eye was of course stuff like,YouTube coverage or YouTube kind of,usage uh you know we saw that YouTube ad,spending was down this is the Tad last,quarter and people were concerned about,that but I gotta say if gen Z is so,heavily involved with stuff like YouTube,to the point that it's blowing away,stuff like Tick Tock I think it's a,positive for Google right I mean it has,to be in my opinion,um I had to look up this minions bit too,so I can dress up in sunglasses and,enter basically go in what you're,wearing right now just throw up and,you're perfect that's what I wanted to,clarify because I am a Despicable Me fan,but I didn't realize there were these,super fans who had one up on me so I'm,just amazed opportunity I know I'm going,to be reborn as a gen Z is it too late,for that maybe you know well you can get,in you can do what the kids are doing,these days but Ross to your point you,two being a top destination here for,Jen's ears I was so shocked that it blew,away Instagram and more importantly Tick,Tock and Snapchat the fact that Snapchat,and Tick Tock were essentially the same,year just terms of the most used social,platforms it really speaks to the fact,that if Brands want to be successful at,least when it comes to gen Z they need,an online presence and they need to,really be capitalizing on that because,that's where a lot of gen's ears figure,out what's coming out in terms of the,media industry and why they are making,the decisions that they are making when,it comes to Burns can we put that back,up gen Z's most used social platforms,because I think when a lot of people,think YouTube they're not thinking,alphabet Google Google has a huge,Stranglehold in terms of YouTube that,has not even been fully monetized yet I,just think there's incredible,opportunities there oh I'm sorry,um you know one thing that I kind of,caught my eye was you know like the,piper Jeffrey Piper Sandler teen survey,Snapchat usually the top platform right,so I'm kind of surprised to see that,well Instagram not surprised but YouTube,and then Tick Tock actually blow that so,that's a little bit surprising to me but,I'm not sure I'm not shocked that you,know gen Z people are into short form,content short form video we see YouTube,doing that now pushing I mean I've seen,my YouTube feed pushing a lot of,short-term videos so I think that's,where the industry's headed and then why,not because these are these young users,you want to you want to kind of court,now so you have those kind of buying,habits or or consuming habits going,forward after that yeah that jumped out,to me something that I am totally on,board with they said Jen's ears most of,them wanted their TV episodes to be 45,minutes or less their movies to be,between two and two and a half hours to,me it makes a lot of sense they value,their time they don't want to be sitting,there for a long period of time you know,I've always struggled what about a good,night movies and that maybe is one of,the things that's kept me from the movie,theaters for so long so I am on board,with Gen Z when it comes to Shorter TV,episodes and shorter movies and I don't,know where the coffee breaks and,anything work related fits in there,um however I would say that,um in terms of my Gen X habits I'm,probably going to stick with some of the,longer form stuff here,all right guys well I want to come back,to that conversation later

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