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Instagram Guides: The Complete Tutorial- Instagram guys are one of the newest features,and an amazin

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Updated on Feb 07,2023

Instagram Guides: The Complete Tutorial

- Instagram guys are one of the newest features,and an amazing way to add even more value to your profile.,In this video I'm going to be showing you,how to create your first guide,and how to make sure they're strategic for your brand.,And be sure to stick around 'til the end,while I'll be sharing how to,get your videos into your guide.,(bird chirping) (grass rustling),(relaxing music),Have you ever been on someone's Instagram page,,and you know they have the answers to your question,,or they have content around it,,but you just can't find it.,That's where guides come in handy,for organizing your most frequently asked questions,and your best content into one place,for people to easily find.,Just like highlights are made,for storing your best Instagram stories content,,guides are the perfect place,for organizing your best products, locations, or posts.,Let's first cover what are Instagram guides?,And they're essentially a collection,,a folder of your content or products or places,that can be stored under a little tab on your profile.,So they live on your profile,but they also can be shared via DMs or to your stories.,And you also can discover product guides,on the shopping tab.,Instagram guys were initially created,for wellness brands to create mental health resources,but now it's available to all account types.,One of the benefits of utilizing guides,is people can find the answers,to their frequently asked questions,,or they're looking for content,related to certain topics or categories.,They can easily find it on that tab in your profile,which really makes your content more evergreen,,and it doesn't get lost in your grid.,Now let's break down,,"What are the three main types of guides you can create?",And you have to choose just one.,You can't mix and mingle them.,So places are utilizing the location tag,or feature inside Instagram.,As you see in this example, this is a travel blogger,that's sharing small businesses local to her space.,So this is really great for businesses,that are location dependent or for travel brands.,Product guides are specifically for linking,to shoppable products that are within Instagram shopping.,So you can actually discover new guides,when you use this product feature.,And the last type is posts.,So this is taking existing feed posts on your Instagram,or posts that you have saved from other accounts.,It's important to understand,that whether you're doing places, products, or posts,,all of these can include your own content,or someone else's posts.,Post guides are probably going to be the one,that you utilize the most.,Because you can use them for a few different ways.,You can use them for educating and giving really quick tips,,you can also use it for sharing user-generated content,from your customers or clients,,or you can use them to tell a story,by sharing multiple posts in a row in your guides.,So I want to give you three ideas,on how your business can utilize guides.,And let's just give concrete examples.,If you're a store, a restaurant,,or a service provider that serves a specific location,you can utilize the places feature,for kind of making a guide on,where you can go for your shoot,,where else to visit when they go to your location,,or where you can host your event.,If you have a physical product,there's two ways that you can utilize guides.,One is by actually tagging your products,in a product guide so people can easily shop what they want.,And this is a really great opportunity,to kind of make a gifting guide,,not only for holidays but if people,are just getting introduced to your brand.,Another option, if you have a product,,is by organizing all of your user generated content.,So go and save all of your customer's photos,and organize those into a guide.,If you have a product you want to use guides,to show people how to use your product.,So if you're selling clothing this is great for a look book.,Or if you sell cookware,you can use it for demonstrating recipes.,As for service providers,,this is your opportunity to position yourself as an expert.,If you're creating tutorials on your feed,this is a great opportunity to organize,all of those in a how to guide,,so people can binge all of your tutorials.,And don't forget to break down your services,so if you have posts related to what you offer,,your different packages and customer testimonials,,add those to a guide.,Now I'm going to show you how to create your first guide.,So you're going to tap the Create a New Post button,and you're going to see the guides icon.,Then you're going to choose which type,of guide you want to create.,In this example, we're going to create a post guide.,So when you go to create your post guide,you're going to see the option to access your saved posts,or your own posts.,So just tap to select all of the posts,you want to include in this guide.,Then you're going to tap next,and you're going to have the options,to create the title and the cover for your guide.,While you can't upload your own cover

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NEW INSTAGRAM FEATURE GUIDES | What are Instagram Guides & How To Use Them? In depth tutorial

NEW INSTAGRAM FEATURE GUIDES | What are Instagram Guides & How To Use Them? In depth tutorial

if you are wondering what the heck are,instagram guides,should i even be making these guides how,can i get access to this feature if my,account doesn't already have it,we're going over all of that and more in,this video what's up everyone it's,modern millie welcome or welcome back to,my channel where i post videos every,wednesday teaching you the latest,strategies and trends on social media,so give a little love tap on that,subscribe button to stay up to date on,all the latest tips and tricks that i,have for you,first i want to say a huge thank you to,this video's shout outs i wouldn't be,here if it wasn't for all of you,so if you want to get a shout out in one,of my future videos screenshot yourself,watching this video and tag me on,instagram stories,or leave a comment below and subscribe,to my channel as always timestamps will,be in the comments down below because i,know how valuable your time is and,you already know why you're here so,let's get into it if you've been living,on another planet or under a rock,and you're not aware instagram has,released their biggest update,yet we thought the big change was going,to be instagram reels but boy,were we wrong if you're looking for a,rails tutorial make sure to check out my,youtube video in the card above anyway,so the design of the instagram app has,completely changed along with many new,functionalities that,we were not prepared for the newest,feature that i'm going to be going over,today is instagram,guides instagram guides has been slowly,rolling out and being tested on certain,accounts before,it went global if you do not have access,to this feature yet,stick around because i'll be showing you,a trick for how you can get it on your,account,what are instagram guides this is a new,tool that allows anyone to share their,favorite products,places or posts in the most beautiful,editorialized way on,instagram this basically means that,users now have the ability to create a,long-form,text content in a dedicated tab on,instagram think of them almost like,blog posts they give off very uh,pinteresty vibes if you will,instagram's goal with instagram guides,was to make it easier for users to find,curate and share certain products places,and posts they also want their users to,stay on their platform longer so by,creating a blog,like content option instead of having,their users direct their followers to,their website or blog,they can now direct their followers to a,guide overall making the instagram app,more successful,before i jump into the visual tutorial,using a screen recording on my phone i,want to know what you guys think about,the instagram update what do you guys,think about it where do you think,instagram is going to take this,in the future so now to create any sort,of new piece of content,the quickest way to do that is using the,plus button in the top,right almost middle of your iphone this,plus icon right here but as you can see,there's nowhere to do a guide so you,have to go to your profile,then press the plus button and then you,have more options for creating content,there so from your profile,top right hand corner plus sign you,could then in the bottom you see,guides so that is what you would select,for those of you who are thinking,i don't have instagram guides on my,account i don't have that option,what do i do um what you can do,is go to an account that has an,instagram guide already on it,as you're watching or by the time you're,watching this video i will have guides,on my,instagram so you can go to mine and use,this hack there you're gonna go to an,account that already has instagram,guides,and the guides tab is the little,newspaper click on that,and at the when you open,one of their guides scroll to the very,bottom and you'll see this option that,says create guide,by clicking this option or by clicking,this button you will then be able to,have or you'll force,almost this feature onto your account so,that is how you can create,a guide if you don't have that option,already,we are just going to do it the good old,classic guideway,and the three options that they present,to you are places products and,posts when you are creating a guide you,can think of it more like,a list of recommendations so when you,click,places you can choose a place and then,you're able to select,photos that have tagged this location,and create a guide,based off of those photos you could also,go to your saved photos or your own,posts,to create a place guide for products,you can search through different brands,products,i believe it starts with brands that,you're already following but you could,search for a specific brand,and then select products that they have,listed right now i'm really loving um,iris and bose,skincare line so i can make like my,skincare routine guide and,select all of the face products that i,use,for my skincare routine and create a,guide solely on that alone,and then posts and then you could create,a guide like i said with all of your,posts,now what i suggest doing if

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How to Post Guides on Instagram (Guide Feature on Instagram)

How to Post Guides on Instagram (Guide Feature on Instagram)

today let's learn how to post guides on,instagram okay so first of all let's,head on to our instagram application,right now and of course i want you guys,to log in into your account so that we,may start the tutorial right away okay,so head on over to instagram and of,course choose the account that you wish,to use in this case i'd like to use this,account um to create our instagram,guides okay so how do you actually,create a post guide on instagram okay so,first of all all you need to do is to,well by default you should be located,over here on your feed page and what you,should do first is to click on your,profile icon over here in the lower,right corner of the screen and then i,want you guys to click over here on the,top right corner just right um beside,the settings icon which is represented,right here,with the plus icon so click on the plus,icon and head on over to the very bottom,here we have the option to actually,create a guide,and of course since we do want to create,a post guide let's click posts,specifically,and okay over here we have our posts and,actually you could actually choose,specific posts in this case we could,choose our own post click on next,and then we could add a guide or a,specific title to this guide and of,course,the next step that you need to do is to,add specific steps,to you know basically start the guide,out,so you could also add a title let's say,this is how to web you could also change,the cover photo if you'd like to you,could also choose from the guide if,you'd like,you could also over here you could also,add what this guide is about it's,optional though so you could also leave,that as it is and over here you could,also add the title to this specific,photo and of course um in the instance,that you do want to create a guide you,would have a lot of photos in that,specific guide and basically this is a,guide on instagram since,this is on instagram you could actually,change,specific caption captions on the photo,so that when the person who sees the,guide and basically,um swipes on to the next photo they,would see that there are different um,descriptions on each photo and basically,it's going to guide them onto doing what,you intend them to do,and of course once you're happy with,adding titles let's say this is step,one,and you're happy with that,um you could also add some posts if,you'd like to,and basically add more,let's add like some random text over,here just to fill these in,change the cover photo over here into,three lines you could also remove the,guides or reorder posts you could also,add some saved posts if you'd like you,could also add more of your post from,your specific posts and of course once,you're happy with that all you need to,do is to click on next and of course it,has had a title so let's let's actually,add a text all right so you also have to,have at least two items in your guide so,of course since i had since i have only,one item in my guide right now um all,you need to do next is to add another,item so basically you need to have at,least two posts or one posts with,one or rather two or more photos okay,guys that is how you create a guide on,instagram just click on next and then,you're gonna post that and you're gonna,be all set okay,thank you guys for watching this video,i'll see you guys in the next one and,again this has been how to

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10 Ideas and Tips for INSTAGRAM GUIDES

10 Ideas and Tips for INSTAGRAM GUIDES

hey it's johnny keeley here and in my,last video,we talked all about instagram guides,what they are,and what you can do with them in this,video we are going to go through a whole,load of ideas,and inspiration to get you thinking,about creating instagram guides,and what they can do for you because i,think instagram guides are going to be,amazing for the instagram platform,so as i said i'm johnny keeley and this,channel is all about photography,creativity social media and all the,things around it so if that's you,make sure you hit the subscribe button,okay so very quickly on instagram guides,this is a new feature,they are not very discoverable not many,people are using them but when,they do and when they are discoverable i,think this is going to have,a huge impact on the platform and it's,going to really change the way content,is consumed on instagram,so this video is intended to inspire you,and get you thinking about what,instagram guides you can apply to your,niche to get the most out of instagram,the first idea for an instagram guide,we're going to talk about is a travel,guide or a,um a journey guide for a photography,trip or something like that the example,i'm going to put on the screen now this,is,lloyd evans he's a fellow photographer,he's amazing so make sure you go check,him out i'll leave a link to his,profile but you can see that he has put,together a travel guide for the nc 500,which is the north coast,uh journey around scotland this is quite,a well-traveled journey,lots of people go on this and he's put,together his posts from his journey that,he did this summer,and it's a really really nice way of,showing all those different spots,and you can see that this is going to be,really valuable to somebody who is going,to go,on the nc 500 so again,whether or not these are going to become,really discoverable and you're going to,be able to search them out we don't know,but i would imagine instagram will start,to do a really good job,of putting these guides in front of,people so if you're a travel,instagrammer or a photographer or,something like that putting together a,travel guide,could actually make your account really,discoverable based around the particular,places that you go,now the next idea and this is a really,simple one this is something that,everyone could have a go at,just share your top five posts or your,top 10 posts,from your own account really simple you,could probably go into a bit of detail,about,what made you take that picture or what,the post is about,because you have that extra bit of text,but you know it doesn't have to be just,your top five posts you could put,my top liked posts in november because,remember a lot of your new followers,won't have seen your old post so it's a,really good way of bringing your best,work,right back to the surface again so,everyone can enjoy it especially all,your new followers,another really simple idea and this is,going to be good for artists,illustrators things like that you could,do a collection of your work so remember,that you've probably posted lots of,different stuff,to your feed over the time but you've,probably got some that actually sit,together in the right collection so for,example you might have,typography or you might have a,particular style of illustration or a,particular location,where your painting paintings are from,and then you can give a little bit of,extra context,into the artwork and i think it'd be,really nice for your followers to be,able to get a bit of extra insight so,for example,how was it done how did you put it,together or even just why did you put it,together,the next idea this would be great for,again,travelers travel instagrammers hikers,wild,campers is what to pack for example you,could put together a list of all the,different items that you recommend to,take on that journey so,you could have 20 items essential for,travel or,you know what do i take on a wild camp,so one thing to bear in mind is that you,have to consider whether you're going to,be using products,or your own posts you could use saved,posts as well if you don't have all of,the content,but the point i'm going to make in this,video is that you need to maybe think,ahead so,if you're going to start making these,guides probably start posting the type,of content you want to use in your guide,a bit further down the line so that's,for example that's what i feel and i've,started to be mindful about,the type of content that i'm going to,share now because i'll probably want to,make a guide out of it in a month or two,as far as i'm aware you can't just use,an image it has to be a post,so you have to have posted it in the,past and you don't really want your feed,to just become,your next guide you know if i'm going to,do a post about,you know 10 things here i don't want to,just post all those to my grid,you have to think ahead and start,thinking about the kinds of things,you're going to post,so in the example that we're using where,you could put together a packing list,for

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How to Use Instagram Guides - New Instagram Update

How to Use Instagram Guides - New Instagram Update

hey everyone instagram has yet another,huge update this week,and that's the ability for anyone to,create,instagram guides and once you create an,instagram guide,it adds a new section on your profile,page on instagram,so if you've never heard of guides,before they've been around on instagram,but very limited to who could create it,but starting today just about everybody,on instagram,should start getting this access to,instagram guides now,update your app wait a few days if you,don't have it as you're watching this,video,basically what guides are they're a long,form way to share,content on instagram so for example,instead of creating one post and sharing,that post,a guide lets you put multiple different,posts,in the same guide so it's a longer form,way of sharing content,you could also do this with things that,you sell so instead of sharing one item,in the shop that you sell,you can make a product guide showing,multiple different items in,one guide let's jump in here to the,instagram app so i could show you,exactly how to create guides,and i think it will become more clear,what they are exactly and i'm also,putting a link in the description to a,free 30-minute training that i have,for people that want to get more,followers on instagram monetize,instagram or use instagram for their,business,i laid it out in that training in just,30 minutes you're gonna take a lot,of information from that and it's,completely free link in the description,below,in the instagram app here go to your,profile page here,and as you can see here i have a little,guide section but you wouldn't have one,if you haven't created it so you can't,create a new guide from here but you,could press the plus sign on top,and as long as this is available for,your app,you should see a guide on the bottom now,you have,multiple different things you could do,on the creation page including guide,let me click guide here and there are,three different types of guides,there are places products and posts i'm,going to show you all three,places is going to give you access to,search different places,and then choose different posts to share,in your guide so for example,i'm going to just choose chicago this is,just based on where i am at that's my,location,but you could search any place you want,any business you want,that has a location on instagram select,that location after you search it,and i could select a couple of different,images here for chicago,to put a travel guide together for,example so i could just scroll down find,a couple images i want to share,and after i select a few here i could,press next i selected three in my case,and you could see this is the guide it,says new guide on top and you could see,this first image is the cover image you,could actually put a title here,after the title it says change cover if,you select this,you could put an image from the post,that you have on your page,as the cover of that guide you could go,to the saved section,and these are the saved posts that you,have on instagram,and you could do from guide those are,just the three different ones i selected,so i can make one of these the cover,this one's fine,i could say what this guide is about i,could type out more details about it if,i want,that one's optional right now and you,could see it says number one this is the,first one i chose,and if i scroll over you could see the,other ones i chose and i could put more,details here,so that's a simple travel guide using,the places i could press next on top,here,and i could go ahead and share this,guide or i could press preview,to see what other people are going to,see when they look at that guide,so let me go ahead and press share,because i want to show you where this,appears,now if this is the first guide you've,created you'll see a new section on your,profile,usually next to ig tv and this is the,guide section and these are the couple,of different ones i've created,now once you create the first one you,could always press the plus sign in this,section to create the other ones,so now let's create a second one the,product guide comes in really really,handy because,instagram's trying to push instagram,shopping so let me show you how this,works,you could search for your own store or,someone else's store so i'll just choose,nike here i'll search for that,and let's go ahead and just choose nike,running right here and i could choose,different products here so i'll choose a,shoe here,i'll choose this color and i could,select a couple of images from that,and you could see now on the bottom i'm,on the product page i could pull,images from my own posts to here or i,could go from the shop and it shows me,the nike shop,where i could select other images here,and pull them to my shop and press,next now you can see it just created,that for me and i could scroll over to,all the images,and all the different videos that i,pulled for this instagram guide,same thing again you could go ahead and,change the cover photo here,from your posts from the actual

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Instagram New Update | How To Use Instagram Guides | Phil Pallen

Instagram New Update | How To Use Instagram Guides | Phil Pallen

instagram guides are brand new at least,at the time of recording this video,and the good news is this new feature is,available to,everyone in this video i'm going to show,you how to create an,instagram guide show you some good,examples and share my best tips for them,on this channel i talk a lot about,instagram personal branding,online marketing social media all kinds,of practical advice to look good online,if these are topics that interest you,i'd love to have you around here a,little more often consider subscribing,and hitting that bell to be notified,when i post next now let's talk all,about,instagram guides,today i'm in tulum and the question,comes from sophia who,asks phil how can i use the new,instagram,guides feature for my brand sophia great,question today i'm explaining guides how,they work the pros the cons,and i'll even show you some good,examples and share my best tips,now before we jump in if you need more,help with instagram i've got a solution,for that,instagram mastery is my online course,that takes you through this platform,very comprehensively every vertical of,instagram,i show you in detail how to use it and,optimize it if this is interesting to,you,i've included a promo code to get this,course for 50,off that's in the description my way of,saying thanks for hanging out with me,today,now let's talk all about guides what are,instagram guides in the words from,instagram itself guides are a way,to make more easily discoverable,recommendations tips and other content,from your favorite creators,public figures organizations and,publishers on,instagram here's a tweet from andrew,masari head of instagram,saying you asked for it now it's here,or happening we're expanding our guides,feature meaning that you can now curate,and share products places and posts you,love,no matter where you are what would i add,to that,i would say that it's essentially a blog,post but on,instagram a blog post that includes a,title an,image taken from a past instagram post,and some text,describing the content itself which,since it's on instagram,that content is posts posts by you,or it could be posts from others it,could be something you've posted,recently or it could be something,from ages ago that's the beauty of this,is the ability to organize content,and there are a lot of other exciting,features that i'm going to go through as,well where do you find them well i'm,going to show you,after a creator has made their first,guide a new icon will appear on their,profile,see if they're on my profile just tap,the middle icon to view their guides,which will be sorted by,recency as you can see i've only made,one so far because it just launched but,i have plans to create more,it's also likely that creators will,share their guides to their stories and,cross promote them after creating them,so you might,first see them there as well there are,pros and there are cons,to gods let's discuss that next,starting with the biggest pro you can,create,or i should say curate instagram content,in a brand new exciting way,we've never seen a built-in way to,repurpose great content created by,others i especially love the guides can,be made up,of your own content as well as content,from others,and i'll show you some examples shortly,content on instagram compared to other,social media platforms,generally has a shorter life span,challenging because creating on this,platform is often hard work,it takes a lot of time and resources for,many and it's a bit of a shame,that once you post and it's a few days,old the likelihood of someone seeing,that post,is small guides certainly aren't,perfect yet and there is one big con,that i want to mention before you get,too excited the biggest con,the only way for people to find these is,on your profile or if you share them to,your instagram story,unlike igtv or reels which you can,promote on your feed,and in turn on other people's feeds at,least upon launch of guides at the time,of recording this video,you can't promote them on feeds,hopefully,this will change now there's talk that,these will start,displaying on the explore page but i,haven't seen it yet,like we have with reels or instagram,lives how are people supposed to find,these great guides that you make well,they're only going to see them if they,click on your instagram profile and,click on the guides icon or if they see,it,promoted in your story see this is,hopefully something that will change,because for guys to be really useful,people need to find them and right now,they're very hidden,right if you're going to put a lot of,work into a guide you at least want,people to see it and the ability to,promote these,to your followers now let's talk about,some guides,examples interestingly enough guides was,only available to a handful of creators,at the beginning early 2020 and it was,focused on helping people create,guides for wellness things like mental,health for example,my first example is afsp,national which stands for american,foundation for suicide preventio

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Instagram Guides - How to Create Instagram Guides (NEW)

Instagram Guides - How to Create Instagram Guides (NEW)

what's up guys alec here and in this,video i'm going to be talking about,instagram guides,okay so i know that not everyone has the,time to watch a 10 minute video so,here's the video summary so you can skip,ahead to a relevant part if you need to,with that being said with the extra time,and effort that i've put in to make this,video the best for you i would really,appreciate a like and a subscribe enjoy,the video,so instagram i've just released a new,feature which is instagram guides and i,say just released but they've been,testing it since may with a bunch of,different creators and now they've,released it to six countries including,the us,canada the uk and ireland and i think,guides are really cool now if you want,to skip straight to the part where i'm,talking about how to create a guide on,instagram,you can skip to this timestamp right,here but i do highly suggest you watch,the whole thing,and also if you can't seem to create a,guide i'm also going to share a quick,trick that i did to help me get access,to the feature because at first it,wasn't showing up for me so as we can,see on instagram's blog they've got this,post expanding guides on instagram which,was post just yesterday on november 17th,and as you can see they said they're,expanding guides now i'm guessing this,is like all new features on instagram it,will take them time to roll it out to,everyone but like i mentioned they,already released it in six major,english-speaking countries but i'm sure,that it's going to come to more and more,places just like every feature it takes,time to roll out it's very similar to,how rios was available first brazil,france and india and then it was later,on released to the rest of the world i,think guides are really cool because,it's basically,just creating a blog post from content,that you've already made or content that,you want to share again so it's just,another form of repurposing content and,the fact that instagram have adapted the,blog post format,makes me only imagine what they have,planned in the future and also they're,just about to introduce the,possibilities to search for keywords,within instagram and not,solely through hashtags meaning that for,example if someone's talking about,skateboarding in their post but they,don't use the hashtag skateboarding,it's still possible for you to find that,post through search and now the fact,that we have guides which are basically,blog posts all i'm thinking about is,that they're trying to become a,much better search engine and guides are,basically going to be the content that's,going to come up a lot in the search,results so for example if you're looking,for a short how-to it's very possible,that a creator on instagram has already,done that how to as a guide and then you,can then search for it straight from,the instagram app so i think guides have,a huge amount of potential it's also,making me wonder if they're planning on,pushing,a lot more to a desktop version of,instagram because guides,are really cool they look really good,and with that being said let me show you,how to create a guide so as we can see,here i'm on my phone right now and,if i go on to my main feed if i click,this little icon at the top,here at the bottom i can't actually,create a guide straight away and i was,like okay that's not appearing,and then if i go onto my actual page if,i tap this button here,as you can see at the bottom it says,guide but this didn't originally show up,for me,so first i'm going to start with the,trick of how to get access to guides if,you don't,so basically the way i managed to do it,is i was looking at other people's,guides because i was still interested,and i wanted to make a video about it,and as you can see when you go into a,profile that has guide you can actually,see that they have a guide tab which,looks like a little newspaper so if we,tap on this,their guides then show up so if i tap on,this guide as we can see we can kind of,browse this,blog post i love how the videos play,automatically and i just love the layout,i think this looks really clean,and if we scroll all the way down to the,bottom as you can see we have this,little button that says feeling inspired,create guide and this is how i got,access to the feature because it didn't,seem to show up for me,so what i did is i just tapped create,guide and then you have the different,types of guides you can choose,so if you don't have access to the,feature yet maybe try and go and look at,someone else's guide and see if you can,click the create guide button at the,bottom so now if i go back,onto my profile we're going to create a,guide so i click the plus sign,i'm going to create a new post as you,can see we have three different guide,options first of all there's a place we,can choose a place so this is like to,recommend a certain location a cafe bar,restaurant the eiffel tower whatever you,want if we tap on this,we then search we can find a place so,let's say paris,and there you go you can start talking,about paris

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What are Instagram Guides - New Instagram Update

What are Instagram Guides - New Instagram Update

hello and welcome to this video where,today i'm going to step you through,everything you need to know about,instagram guides,so what is instagram guides if you are,using the latest version of instagram,and your platform looks similar to this,then you may have noticed this guides,icon,that shows up when you try to make a,post,currently you can find it in the plus,icon at the top,right hand side and you'll see down the,bottom this new,menu called guide so earlier this year,instagram rolled out some,trial for the new feature called guides,which allows,creators to share tips resources and,other longer form content,in this dedicated tab so that they can,use it on their profile,let me show you sort of what i mean this,is a great way for you to put together,your own,guide or your own pamphlet or blog post,about your products about a place about,your own posts on instagram,and it sort of keeps it all together in,this really neat,way instagram guides really is a,new way of sharing longer form content,rather than just single posts and single,products here and there,so let me go into it in a little bit,more detail and as we look through these,together,it'll be more and more clearer to you,about how you can use an instagram guide,let's make one together so i can show,you exactly what it looks like from the,inside,and you can get those creative juices,flowing so that you can come up with,your own ideas about how best to use,instagram guides so like i said make,sure you update your instagram app,you may not have this platform looking,exactly like this right now,but just be patient this is coming to,everybody and all profiles very very,soon,so just wait a couple days and it should,look like this eventually,we're going to find guides by going into,the plus icon up the top right hand side,and then clicking guide it's going to,prompt you to think about what kind of,guide type you'd like to make,and you can see here that the options,are places,products and posts i'm going to go,through each of these specifically in,more detail,but just a rough overview is that you,can create sort of a pamphlet for a,location,you can create a slideshow or blog post,for your products,or you can put together a little album,of the things that you've posted in the,past,so let's have a look at places together,it's going to prompt you to choose a,place it's going to start with things,that are close to you,as you can see i am here in australia so,that is the first thing that popped up,for me,but you can also in the search feature,type in a location,and do it that way once you've chosen,your location you'll see all the posts,that have been put on instagram,that have this location tagged in them,so you're essentially,collecting other people's content and,making your own personalized guide,for this location so let's pick a few,and i'll show you what it looks like,on the other side,the limit is five photos or videos so,once you've selected the five things,that you want,go ahead and press next and it will,prompt you to create a title for your,guide,which you can name anything you want you,can also change your cover photo,based on your own posts or something,that you have saved in the past,or something that you are including in,the guide that you are creating,you can give it a brief description,and then it will prompt you to make a,comment about each,new post in the gallery or the guide,that you have created so you can feel,free to fill those out,and once you are finished you can go,ahead and press,next i do want to point out down the,bottom that you can add a place here,if there is somewhere specific that you,are referencing let's say you have a,favorite cafe,or favorite restaurant or favorite park,in this particular place,you can go ahead and tag that within,your guide,once you press next you can have a,little look about what it looks like,this will be our guide so far and it's,giving me a little preview right there,and then i can either save it as a draft,or press,share i'm going to press share because i,want to show you how we can,we can repost our guide and what it,looks like on our profile,so now that we have created a guide we,have the tab,in our profile already you can see when,i come across to the new guides option,with this little pamphlet icon we have,our brand new guide that we just created,together,really quickly so each particular page,now can start collecting their own,guides that have something to do with,the page themselves,you can do this with your products you,can do this with reviews or,anything that you want to add a new one,now that we have this tab,installed on our profile all you have to,do is press the plus button,you can go in and do a different one,perhaps a product,and we can go from there,let's choose a couple of our favorite,things here,great and the last one that we can add,is posts so,this page doesn't really have a lot of,posts in the past but let's say we want,to pick,two of our favorites you can go ahead,and press next,an

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