what does the orange corner on instagram mean

Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby - Ramen & OJi got some needs i need the money like i,need to breathe i need

Joyner Lucas

Updated on Feb 06,2023

Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby - Ramen & OJ

i got some needs i need the money like i,need to breathe i need some honest and i,need to scheme i need a w,by any means got it i mean tell that,little that i'm out of here,enough is enough and i think i'm,allergic to suckers you keep,making me sneeze,bloody no making them bleed you try to,run,thinking if they know me you gonna turn,me back into the old me you gonna turn,me back into a savage,out of this you couldn't imagine,leveled up and then bought me a mansion,i could never go back to a has been i,can never go back to the order,know it bet you're walking to work on,to get to the top of the world my ,went crazy walking in this corner and,seeing someone this girl, all that spinning block that's a,little boy we catching we rocking,this world,i let everybody having fun with me never,had a woman since she done with me i was,working now,on the company i keep,on the brick for the auto putting things,on the plane like i'm rolling proud to,say that i finally changed up why the, they keep bringing my name up cause,i'm popping i can never go back to the,whole day,no way better walking to work on a cold,day better thinking my issue my soul,mate,i'm prayed up sudden vision ain't,nothing could phase us once you cross me,and nothing could save you,pull that thing out of sleep it's,dangerous,so,you

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Funny Red Cards

Funny Red Cards

mario i cannot change it,i cannot make a change i don't have a,striker on the bench,don't touch anybody,play only with the ball,when we lose the ball no reaction if,somebody provocates you no reaction if,the referee makes a mistake no reaction,married please challenge a yellow card,for mario balotelli who sees red,he was sent off for the italian,under-21s in the summer of the european,championship minute 46 nowhere red card,penalty this time,what an amazing couple of minutes we've,had,howard webb is and it's the end for,ronaldo,it's the second yellow he's off,i think spalletti on balance will be,pretty pleased with the results and jose,mourinho i think will be very pleased,with the rover performance,done,saying the same clearly master,interpreting is sarcasm,wilson was offside oh the keeper must,have handled that,this could be a red carpet but it's,gotta be,it's an absolute aberration,what was he thinking lucas fredecki the,second half would change the game,marcelo was booked and then by mistake,turning around knocked the card out of,the referee's hand who dismissed the,player,very harsh decision by the referee,gibbs is now being sent off but i do,believe it was oxalate what has he done,there,oxlade-chamberlain is staying on the,pitch,and kieran gibbs is gone,off,well that is absolutely astonishing,foreign,yes,a fairytale journey for northern ireland,it just keeps getting better and better,and surely that's a red card,gotta be it,has to be for,the midfielder,it was sarah mcmahon,just,for jose mourinho,roma,uh,i've never seen anything like that,in my entire life,uh,is,foreign,oh yeah

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Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 1 | FREE FIGHT | UFC 279

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 1 | FREE FIGHT | UFC 279

all right gentlemen we've been over the,rules protect yourself at all times,follow my instructions touch gloves if,you wish let's do this,not a chance,not a chance,nate diaz,conor mcgregor fight schedule for five,five minute rounds,here we go,southpaw against southpaw,well connor will switch back and forth,left and right and there is one thing,we also should consider and that is the,wrestling of nate diaz which is very,underrated his submission game,is very very highly respected,connor's movement was so brilliant,spinning a miss,made clinch where's the clinch,nate diaz has only been stopped twice in,his career,submitted years ago by hermes franca,head kicked and finished by josh,thompson that's it,and this is his 30th pro fight 22nd in,the ufc,nice jab by nate and a good left hand,over the top by connor,connor the aggressor here early,one year eight months good left hand by,connor younger than big brother nick,nathan diaz biggest fight of his life,seems with conor every fight becomes the,biggest of his life,connor's looking looking for that left,hand over the top nate's moving away and,popping that jab,looking for those uppercuts as well good,move man,by stockton zone,we'll be talking as much as throwing,both men will probably throw kicks,without having to worry too much,especially diaz,with his great submission skills,especially from his back,good right hand landed by diaz,a little short check hook,mcgregor obviously trying to close the,distance here again he winds up with,that big uppercut,and there's a hard leg kick by connor,and a good little check hook by nate,connor using different kicks already joe,this place is awesome,misha tate,just won the belt and now how about,these guys well one thing that nate has,to be considering,is the weight on his front leg he likes,to stay heavy on that front leg and if,conor keeps kicking it it could be an,issue conor keeps going,to that uppercut,the left side,keep an eye out,if nate's going to get hit by it or if,he's going to counter it effectively,but he's looking for it a ton here early,there you go right there,trying to get nate leaning in joe,couple good right hands in by nate diaz,good head movement by mcgregor,off the arms that time,some blood on the right side of the face,of nate diaz but both he and his brother,joe they've got so much scar tissue they,tend to bleed especially from that,eyebrow area very easily,and it's already bothering them,couple good jabs there by nate,good left hand just missed,crowd loving it justifiable so another,good left hand by connor,that one glanded clean,nate trying to become the aggressor here,final minute of the first,connor again,sweeping with that,lead uppercut,takes him down,he'll pull guard joe,and he is,30 seconds,connor trying to throw down some ground,and pound,or just get out of harm's way,nate up against the fence spins good,movement by nate here,round one in the books,there's a nice left hand by connor,and there's another one,and there's another one and that was the,one that really cut him yeah 15 straight,wins,for conor mcgregor,17 of 19 wins,by knockout,round two,keep an eye on the cut the right eye of,diaz,creative striking once again by mcgregor,hunter does a nice job covering distance,quickly joe,guards in and out very well,he said he didn't come here to take part,said he came here to take over we didn't,know it was going to be at multiple,weight classes,conor good left like advancing,pretty much the whole fight,john cavanaugh was telling him to show,him the left hand he leans away from it,and land the right uppercut,fatigue should not be a factor for,either fighter,nate training for the triathlon joe,mentioned good left hand by connor,connor pouring it on here there's that,uppercut,partner weighing in at 168.,just missed that's the one cavanaugh was,talking about,clinched by nate,good defense by connor,a lot of blood coming out of that right,eye,seconds,into round two,connor's busting nade up,which in the diaz world means absolutely,nothing,but he will fight,until he can't fight any longer,excellent exchanges here,spectacular good stylistic match-up,the stockton slap coming soon,strong jab by nate,good head movement,clinch,joe this is what the world was hoping,for nice uppercut there by connor two of,the greatest stand in the octagon,and trade,nate diaz is making up some ground here,in the second round big difference here,is the only time,that's another connection,diaz,the couple of big punches,that landed on mcgregor's chin,now connor is it less than 100,oh my goodness combination,nice knee to the body by nate as well,nate diaz,taking it to mcgregor here,nate right in front of his corner,good shots landed by nate,jake shields richard perez and company,again diaz connects,connor comes back,he caught him again with the right hook,and another left,and again with the combination,and connor look out look out,one minute on the clock,diaz gets the boat,my goodness now he's got the best,that's it he's got the chocolate

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53 Times SpongeBob Got WAY Too Real 👁👄👁

53 Times SpongeBob Got WAY Too Real 👁👄👁

Your eyes are a little odd too.,Looks like your whole face could use some work.,There we go. See? Lookin’ normal already.,My mouth! It’s on TV.,This is disgusting.,You get the sponge treatment. Oh Hans.,What am I gonna do? What’s that? Someone’s coming!,They’re getting closer. I just gotta act natural.,Well, that's real nice.,- Sharks. - Pa.,- Sharks. - Pa.,- Sharks. - Pa.,- Sharks. - Pa.,Make it last.,Thanks, Mr. Krabs.,Okay.,Here I go!,Hey, this isn't so bad.,Cannon ball!,Hey, I lost my trunks.,Come and get it.,You’re all gonna like this…,Hey Doc, I got the suds too.,Oh, yes, Dr. Patrick, we have a special treatment for you.,Hey. Wait. Ouch! Ooh that hurts.,Why it’s as plain as the nose on my...,face.,He’s my beautiful pit stink.,It’s gone. The gloves are off now.,It’s booger time.,I need my glasses.,Hmm.,If my friend, SpongeBob, doesn’t get his free lunch…,Things are gonna get crazy!,The single scoop strawberry cone with a chocolate dip.,Just look at that concentration!,Ooh! A little shaky on that entry, but just look at that form!,Take that, yellow boy!,Will you turn into a jar of mayonnaise so I can get myself?,Sure, buddy. Patricka mayonnaisika.,It’s all ashore that’s going ashore, Mr. Squidward!,Land ho!,Hmm.,What is that smell?,Mr. Krabs! How long have you been in there?,I think I'm done.,Would you mind rubbing a little butter on me?,Mr. Krabs, no!,Well, where’s your magic now?,Uh… where am I?,Okay. Let’s do it.,One, two, three… yahoo!,This… is… so… coral!,Oh! Ah! Dylan, help!,- Hi Pearl. - Hey girl.,Hi ya!,Oh, I get it. She’s Sandy.,That’s her name and she’s also covered in yes.,Whoa!,Yes.,- Squidward! - Well, I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.,Squidward! Squidward! Squidward! Squid--,What?,Ha ha.,No!,Don’t be intimidated, Squidward. Try to imagine him in his underwear.,Oh no, he’s hot!,Eee.,Oh, this place is a nightmare!,I can’t belive I've forgotten how to tie my own shoes.,They’ve been tied for as long as I can remember.,Three, two, one. Well, tan my fur. They made it. Better go congratulate 'em.,SpongeBob? Patrick?,Hmm? Where’d those critters get to?,♪ That's a rodeo! ♪,♪ Tractor pulls and big ol' bulls ♪,♪ Line dancin', horses prancin' ♪,♪ Barrel racin', bareback ridin' ♪,♪ Bronco bustin', aluminum siding ♪,♪ That's a rodeo! ♪,Ahoy, Sandy!,Hop! Ow!,Gaw darn it. You city slickers made me lose the rodeo.,Why are ya here anyways?,To help save you from this rodeo thing!,I don’t need to be saved!,Watch out!,That o’l bullfrog’s got a flea on it’s flanks and he’s coming right at ya!,- Did we save Sandy? - No, Patrick. We didn’t.,- Did we make any money? - Meow.,I’m gettin’ to the point where I could eat just about anything!,Mmm. Sponge kabob.,Now, can you please sit with your hands folded for a while, SpongeBob?,Roger that! Folding hands.,Now, get ready for lunar module se…,What do you think, Sandy?,Just don't touch anything while we separate.,Okay.,♪ I miss those wide open skies ♪,♪ I miss my 20 acres, Barbecues and pecan pies, oh why? ♪,Maybe.,Maybe it’s her fur.,Yeah!,Well, I don’t know nothing about Alaska, but lookie here.,Back in Texas, I wrangled bulls and I wrangled worms.,Uh, Medieval Sandy, you don’t look so good.,Of course it was just Sandy.,And Neptune knows what goes on inside a squirrel's head.,I just press this button and… whoa!,Sorry! I haven't worked out all the kinks yet!,Larry, my man, you are looking good enough to eat.,Mmm mm. Oh, yeah, baby.,Wow!,I always wanted to be an officer of the law.,Check it out! I’m the fuzz.,Oh, thank goodnes, you’re okay!,No! Stay away! I’m a monster!,A monster!,Patrick, you gotta come over to Krabs’ place!,Someone’s trying to break in!,Squarepants.,SpongeBob Squarepants.,No, you're Patrick!,Please hurry.,There we go.,Uh huh. Perfect temperature. Time to eat, my little snailypoos.,Uh, I don’t want to disappoint you, SpongeBob.,But you won’t see any progress, lifting those.,Oh, really?,That is... if you want arms like these.,They can't be making a movie about us.,But they are. And they’re using actors.,My leg!,My leg.,My leg!,Is it any wonder he’s so popular?,Just imagine if I were a lifeguard.,That would be so cool.

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a perfect Stone,and just like that with the blink of an,eye the Christmas is gone I hope you,guys had a great celebration and hope,you guys are rested well,foreign,there are some things that I started to,implement in the Christmas decor to make,things more simple and one of them is to,decorate the window I save some space,with that I can change the run and it's,not much that I have to store during the,year it looks festive from the inside,and from the outside,away again,I believe it's been a year,another great addition to the decor is,to putting some branches on some tension,rod it's very easy to clean and it warms,up the space with this Greenery but,there's not much that I have to store,it's only the curtain rod which I can,put back in the window but the benches,I'm going to just compose them,the snowflakes that I drew on the window,is very easy to clean I used some,vinegar with some water,I'll be home for you,I'll be home for you,look at all the Christmas lights,on this window I removed all the,branches inside of my phone which wasn't,smart but the following one I'm going to,take off I took them outside and it was,a much less mess of the words,another way where I treated a little bit,the decor I have some Decor that kind of,a brush style one like this basket I can,put some Greenery in there for the,holidays but rest of the the year I like,to put the mittens in there and hats and,other random things that are in the,entryway and also these little houses I,keep them out during the year and for,Christmas I just dressed them up with a,little bit of a red and green color,foreign,I shared a tutorial in my last video how,I make these garlands and I just love,them so much because I can make many,versions of them it needs just a very,little space to store them during the,year and as much as I love the Christmas,decor in the window it's also nice to,take them down because that means we're,going to get more Daylight coming,through the window,foreign,in these boxes these are from Ikea I,bought them a long time ago so I'm not,sure if they have this section one but I,really love them because I can just,separate the itbd items,this table cloth have seen many dinners,so that needs to be washed as well,foreign,chickens they are very addictive once we,start to play with that it's hard to,stop and we love this so much but it's,kind of like a Nerf bullet they are,everywhere but it's over that it's,really fun,please,after taking down all the Christmas,decorations I like to add back some,Greenery just to warm it up a little and,I'll also I'm going to add some curtain,as well to soften up the space,before I continue with the Christmas,decor to take them done I have to do a,reset in the kitchen and I just wanted,to add this to you guys if you have a,dishwasher and you have a smaller space,on the upper rack you can just push on,both sides this button and that will,give you extra space to put taller,dishes in there,foreign,eries up there but they are really dry,they've been up for almost two months,and I will get more Daylight through the,window that way,since I'm already up there I'm dusting a,little bit and cleaning the window,I've got this fun hand soap from my,friend for Christmas and I'm about to,try it out and it smells really good,and this is the most time consuming part,of taking down the Christmas decoration,when I'm taking down the tree,and the most tedious part was is to,taking down the ornaments because the,tree was so dry it basically it's just,like an octopus it was kind of dried,around the ornaments and the way it was,put it up so it was very difficult to,take them down,take the tree,come on,foreign,oh,my goodness,we are treasuring the last days of the,holiday break and we had some fun at the,mountains and we're still eating some,comforting food,what's on my procrastination list it's a,lunch bag that I need to fix it's been a,while that is like that so I can't,really procrastinate it anymore because,tomorrow the school that starts so my,other son has to have this fixed,I don't know,after taking down the Christmas decor it,looks a little bit bare so I'm already,putting up some Valentine style,decoration just to add some color and,fun to it and these are Christmas,ornaments and just keeping them out a,little bad and I'm trying to find a,place where we don't hit our head in,there so I'm going to move it around and,just trying to figure out where it would,be the best,allowed a day helps my productivity it,definitely helps me to make sure I,finish up the forwarding and the whole,process of the laundry making like,putting away their clothes if it would,be more probably I would,um just not run away but,probably I wouldn't finish it so that,helps me that it's in a smaller chunk,oh,foreign,is over it doesn't mean we can cozy up,in our home or we can't make it even,more warming and Charming so I have this,project on my mind for a while it's very,easy to make,so at first I just tried to take out the,orange but I find it easier

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How To Draw Cartoon Candy Corn

How To Draw Cartoon Candy Corn

hey austin we're going to draw candy,today,candy corn cool,all right dude you got your marker yay,all right we hope you're going to follow,along with us we're going to draw our,candy corn with a face,it's gonna be awesome you ready to start,yeah,we're gonna use orange and yellow to,color our candy corn at the end let's,put that off to the side we're gonna use,our markers first,and the first step is we're gonna draw,an a with a round at the top a rounded,corner so you don't want it to be a,point okay,a candy corn is a triangle shape can you,remember triangle yeah all right so,we're gonna draw the a shape first we're,gonna go up,and then see how there's no point at the,top and it will come down like that see,it's round so,we'll start there go up,and down like an a shape it's kind of,like an upside down u an upside down u,or an upside down v,good and then,ooh that's a big one i like it all right,okay you ready to draw the bottom we're,going to connect the bottom with a round,on this side and around on this side,see how the corners are rounded,okay let's connect and we'll leave the,corners round,yes and then round in perfect,all right now that's the the shape of,our candy corn what shape is it again,triangle a triangle let's draw the eyes,next we're going to draw a circle in,this corner,so draw a circle down here,and then we'll draw a circle on this,corner,and we can make those the same size,or or different,and then we're going to draw little,circles inside each eye we're going to,draw a circle,in the top right,and then we'll draw a smaller one in the,bottom left,do you have room,oh barely good and then let's do the,same thing on this side,circle on the top,circle on the bottom and then let's,color in our eyes but we're going to,leave these little circles white,good job austin you colored your eyes,now what should we draw his spine his,smile okay we'll draw a little smile,in between his eyes,oh i like it it's a little one okay now,let's put our markers off to the side,and we're going to use our orange,colored pencil now if you don't want to,use colored pencils you could use,crayons or markers,anything else right yes okay let's draw,the stripes on our candy corn we're,going to draw a line up here up at the,top and i'm going to draw it curved so,we drop right here all the way over to,the other side,good and then let's draw one right above,his eyes,so we're going to draw another one right,here,so we draw it down here,to there,yeah,now we're gonna color in his stripe,right in the middle let's color orange,and we'll fast forward,nice you did a great job coloring your,orange stripe let's switch to our yellow,and we're going to color the bottoms,whoops,we're gonna color the bottom stripe,around his eyes you ready to fast,forward again yeah let's do it right now,awesome good job man you finished,coloring your candy corn was that nice,and fun yeah and nice and simple yay we,hope you had a lot of fun drawing and,coloring your candy corns this is a fun,activity for young artists how old are,you five five yeah you did a great job,and we'll see you later our friends,goodbye,should we have a candy corn eating,contest on your mark get set go

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HELLO JANUARY | new year reset, cleaning, grocery haul, food prep & house updates

HELLO JANUARY | new year reset, cleaning, grocery haul, food prep & house updates

good morning,good morning my loves I hope you're all,really well Happy New Year hello,2023 I feel like it's been the longest,time since we caught up,I've got an audience this morning,he keeps reaching up,to the camera you say Happy New Year,look at my bottom teeth,wow you want to show everyone your teeth,this is gonna be,this is gonna be impossible my camera,tripod is looking very appealing to Noah,right now obviously because I haven't,vlogged in about a month now actually,well about three weeks a month,Noah's like he's changed so much since,you guys last saw him and now he's at,this stage where he just wants,everything you want to come here come,here come on he wants everything that I,have he just constantly want everything,don't you you're desperate to get that,tripod absolutely desperate a room full,of toys and the one thing you want is,the one thing you can't have hey that's,always the way isn't it I feel like,he's got so many toys but the actual,things that he wants is remote controls,ow,boat Controls Mobile phones,um packets of wipes,of wires of any kind,um what else does he find very appealing,that is just the most dangerous things,the most like dangerous un child,friendly things he's like I want that I,want that in my hands right now,um I'm gonna continuously just get,whacked,with this giraffe oh no I'm scared they,give you a little playroom update it's a,mess this room is just one of those,rooms that's always going to be a mess,it's fun being,there I did start packing away the toys,each evening but now I've just realized,that it's completely pointless and their,best just being everywhere,um but yeah this is how the playroom's,pretty much looking we haven't done,anything to it yet we've just obviously,got Noah's um little playpen over here,which is really really useful like if I,need to pop into the kitchen or need to,pop to the toilet or just like do some,washing like this is really handy and he,loves being in here having his nursery,rhymes on with all of his favorite toys,then just got a ball pit which Santa got,you for Christmas didn't he,he's so close to crawling as well guys,this is his little oh,his little army crawl,he does get up on all fours and he like,rocks back and forth but he hasn't,properly crawled yet but he can sit up,as well like like I said he's changed so,much in the last month it's actually,crazy yeah we've got a little ball pit,over there got a little toy storage,thingy from Ikea I'm gonna get another,one of these to put by the side TV on,the wall for his nursery rhymes bounce,were over here we recently also got a,walker which we're trying to get him to,go in but he's not really too keen on,that yet and then Jamie's drum,which he loves having,a big old kick or loves hitting it so,yeah this room we've got loads of plans,for this room but for now,I feel like it's perfect how it is like,the thing Noah really needs at the,moment is just like loads of floor space,to be able to roll practice crawling,um and yeah at the moment this is kind,of how we're keeping it and then over,the next few months obviously as he,develops and learns to crawl learns to,walk it will become a little bit more of,a playroom and I've bought a beautiful,um like wall mural well it's like stick,on wallpaper for this wall and we're,going for a woodland theme in here I,think it's going to be so cute,um then I've got a little sofa I've got,loads of bits so yeah I'm excited to,share the plans for this room with you I,really want to make it just like a fun,cozy space or I've also got a teepee for,this corner as well which will wait till,he's a little bit older and we can read,books in there and it can just be like a,really cozy quiet time space,but yeah this is,currently how the playroom's looking,gonna see if I can get oh look he's,doing it I was gonna say get Noah to do,his army crawl but of course the camera,is over here so here he comes look how,quick he is,you're so quick,wow go on then you can have it for a,minute as a little reward for such good,crawling hey oh oh lovely,hey guys it's me I'm back anyway my,loves I am that's just pigs you can hear,in the background farmyard animals are,just they're they're constant things you,know what's actually really funny Noah's,got a book this one here,a noisy Farm book,oh it's got a little spinner attached to,it and I was in the kitchen the other,day and all I could hear in the distance,was this,and because obviously if we have a farm,out the back of our house,I thought oh they must have roosters and,it was going on and on and on for such a,long time I was thinking I,don't think they do it this much,then I came in here and realized it was,Noah with his rooster book and I was,disappointed to say the least,um but yeah I'm gonna get Noah's,breakfast,I gonna get myself sorted and I'm very,much looking forward to spending the day,with you guys,as always I'm out of breath what is,wrong with me,amount of breath from bending down and,picking up a farm book it's not it's not,grea

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This Is Dove Cameron's Morning Routine | Waking Up With... | ELLE

This Is Dove Cameron's Morning Routine | Waking Up With... | ELLE

In my dreams,,I am a morning person,In reality,,I'm about a 4 p.m. kind of person,But my job doesn't allow me to do that, so I do everything possible to make,myself a morning person.,I like to sleep with all this natural light coming in so that when I take off of my silk mask,I have this like you know,just like you start your day and I feel like once I absorb the sun I'm like ready to interact with strangers,I love to sleep with a silk eye mask and these silk pillows and I started doing that because,Silk actually can't retain bacteria. And so it's really good for your skin,And it makes you look a little less tired in the morning, which I need help with because I'm always traveling,Usually in the morning,I spend about five minutes being lazy after I snooze for my first ten times and then,I will turn on some music and start my day with some intentional journaling,It's very geeky I actually write dear diary,But it's really important to me because I have been very vocal about this,but I actually deal with anxiety sometimes and this really helps me start my morning right, get my thoughts in order and,it helps me set the tone for the day,Time to stretch,So typically right now would also be when I work out but we have a bit of a shorter morning because I have a photoshoot today,so we're just going to do some simple stretching.,I like to keep my space really clean and clear,Kind of keep my my mind clear as well and I always like to face the sunlight whenever I stretch,And there's no method to it.,I absolutely, just go with what feels good that day because it's much less to me about a routine or about,Setting a goal and it's much more just about feeling good that day. I used to hate stretching,Now, it's the only way I can start my morning,So after I finished stretching, I always like to start my morning with loads of liquids before I have anything solid to eat,So I like to have lots of water,Lots of vitamins via some fresh pressed juice or some smoothies depending on how I'm feeling and then a little bit of caffeine,Not that much. I'm doing a lot better. No one judge me. I'm gonna get changed,Funny you know, even though it seems really out of routine hair and makeup is often a big part of my morning routine because,It's very rare that I get a day off. So usually when I'm working after I have my morning to myself,I go straight into hair makeup,And I often like to have a little bit of fruit as a snack just to keep my energy up,Dove is such a diva. She only lets me brush her hair of the toothbrush. Yeah,Sometimes it turns into like one of those like tiny little like floss picks,I wear this Kiehl's every day. It's my favorite thing in the world,It's like a lip balm and a lip gloss all in one,The only color I like to wear on my lips is typically red,so I either go no color or like really matte red, but for daytime,This is perfect.,I like to fill my brain with calm before I go into any kind of electronic interaction,But then while having my juice or my smoothie, I like to catch up on emails,Maybe make some work phone calls,respond to all my text,I got overnight and talked to my fans on Twitter or Instagram and just get the majority of the work done in the morning,So that the rest of the day whatever I'm doing that day,I can focus on that. Now we are on our way to work for the day, which is our photoshoot,Takes a lot to make it look like you didn't do anything at all,So we are just putting on the final touches,To get me ready for my photo shoot today with Livin' Cool,Who's this amazing photographer. I've been really excited to work with him,But I've actually never met him so you and I will be meeting him together in just a moment,This is part of my morning

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