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Vlad and Nikita kids play with balloonsHung,hihihi hihihi,hahaha smile,Lego wae ih ih lang lang,lalu

Vlad and Niki

Updated on Jan 10,2023

Vlad and Nikita kids play with balloons

Hung,hihihi hihihi,hahaha smile,Lego wae ih ih lang lang,lalu,ini,hah,dddddd,oke,Hah,Wow Jeep,suku,work kabar Hai Caca,max44,lineup,rendah,hihihi hehehe,hahaha,oke mungkin away cop,ah bye bye,ngomong,bajunya,lusuh Gowa,fakturnya,ngadu,pintunya,Indonesia,banget,Hei dia,hah potong-potong,Hai,Hah cukup,oke,hahaha,uhuy uhuy,Hai,homekit monyet,benteng contoh tes,oh no,wow wow

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Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian Take Lie Detector Tests | Vanity Fair

Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian Take Lie Detector Tests | Vanity Fair

Chloe Courtney we've brought you here,today to take a lie detector test one of,you will be hooked up to the machine,while the other will ask the questions,then you'll switch who wants to be in,the hot seat first Chloe oh Chloe,holy crap you threw me under the buzz in,two seconds Chloe,yep,everything's so freaked out I haven't,even done anything yet I was asking you,a few the murder committed a crime yeah,I would rather you ask me that I don't,even know what you're about to ask me oh,my God freaking out,okay,is your name Chloe Alexandra Kardashian,are you the youngest Kardashian sister,yes don't you love that,um,are you ready to take this lie detector,test no,is that accurate,yes,like an electric chair let's start with,something easy oh my God Kim once,stormed into Robert's apartment oh to,hit up hit me Kim stormed in with her,purse saying don't be effing rude did,that actually hurt well she missed me,with the purse she then took her she,then punched skinny knuckle hands and,she definitely hit me and it did hurt,because she,was up above it had power and she is a,very bony hand,what would you do if that happened today,I would punch her back so hard I would,did you not attempt no because I also,know I'm so much stronger than you guys,but now I'm like don't be rude,yourself,is that true Sam,she's being truthful okay,do you regret anything leading up to,that moment and are you glad it exists,it was definitely a time in pop culture,so I'm happy about it yeah,did you have a good time at my wedding,in Portofino I did did you like my,wedding dress,it was fine,Sam,in conclusive oh my gosh inconclusive I,mean it was beautiful,for sure I just would have loved to seen,you in that at the after party and then,something prior,do you think I changed my sense of style,when I started dating Travis yes,I hate the word dating I guess when I,started being with Travis,okay,um do you like my style better now,I don't think so I don't know it's not,bad or good okay,that's not a real answer I liked your,style before and I like your style now,but I do think this is a phase and,you'll go back too,where your heart is,when Kim and I brawled on our show,Keeping Up with the Kardashians did you,ever consider calling the police no,did you consider jumping in,I did,but I also,what was I gonna do if like I'm damned,if I do I'm damned if I don't,do you talk ever about what I post,on my Instagram I'm sure,that is true okay,um which posts trigger you,oh I don't know not like one category of,posts okay I just can't handle when you,guys do these,push posts and you guys literally look,like I'm gonna show you which one really,bothered me and it looked like a girl,was like sharding stop I gotta show you,but that's not my Instagram but you,repost it it's your brand I'm like the,sharding girl like I don't need to see,that that one really bothered me,is there a family chat without me,actually no,is that true Sam,she's being truthful okay are you ever,gonna let true sleep over at my house,probably not okay and is that because we,have too much fun no like still what is,the reason then I don't think we have,enough time on this show for what the,reason is okay okay,um why do you hate sleepovers I don't,hate sleepovers would you like them more,if you had a let me sleep gummy I'd like,a lot of things if I had gummies,involved,was that true she's being truthful,amazing,do you consider yourself a good sister I,do you and Kim went to our place Miami,and didn't invite me did you two have,fun,we did have fun,but it was like a we thought we were,going to have way more fun but that,wasn't anyone's fault wouldn't it been,more fun if I was there yes,it would have been more fun if you were,there,is she telling the truth she's being,truthful well Chloe Alexandra Kardashian,did you lie at any point during this lie,detector test and we didn't catch you,no,is there anything else you'd like me to,ask you to clear up anything you'd like,to clear up any rumors any oh what are,you sleeping with Tristan no I have not,I'm really not Sam yes that's true Bravo,I would die if it said I was switch a,rail I have nothing to hide Chloe,we'll see about that is your heart,racing,I'm getting anxious again I just about,this,okay now you're strapped in Sam's gonna,calibrate the lie detector machine I'm,going to ask you some questions,is your name Kourtney Kardashian Barker,it is were you born on April 18th,I was oh my gosh that I was waiting for,the year oh I didn't want to do you,dirty I am proud of my ear oh it up,every year I gain wisdom and okay this,is not a documentary it's a lie detector,episode,um are you nervous,I mean not really but like you've just,changed your tune like that they're,singing like a canary yeah no more like,I think,a little okay,Sam do you think we're good to go,okay good,are you a liar,no,are you a part of the Illuminati,yes no I'm not does that come up as a,lie when I said yes,yes that's true oh see that means I'm,not she's because you said are you part,of the Il

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How THIS instagram story kills your phone.

How THIS instagram story kills your phone.

so apparently if you click on this guy's,instagram story your phone stops working,but that's obviously not true oh,oh shh this has been the reaction of,tens of thousands of people over the,last week,after their smartphone crashed because,of an instagram story,and the internet is going crazy about it,there are articles news stories,people have made guides on how to get,around it and twitter is full of people,who have either just fallen victim to it,people who don't believe it and are,about to fall victim to it or people,planning out long-term strategies to get,victims to fall for it,but some friends and i decided to make,this our life's mission and,we figured out what who how and why,and we've kind of managed to recreate it,here is the top level summary,there is an account called pg talal he,has two main instagram stories on his,page and if you click them,you will have a wildly different,experience depending on what kind of,device you're on,on android phones you'll see a plain,purple screen with confetti,and you'll hear this song called your,love which at this stage is now,permanently burned into my brain,and also you'll notice that weirdly,unlike other instagram stories for some,reason on these,you can't pause them by holding your,finger down on them it's almost like,this person is taking control over your,phone,but then if you click the same instagram,story on an iphone,oh there you will see a grey screen with,what looks like arabic text,and your phone will become completely,unresponsive i had,so many questions like how can an,instagram story have this much power,why does it look like two different,things depending on what phone you're,using and,what is he trying to do here this,doesn't feel like just harmless fun,is he hacking people is he stealing,people's details is he trying to take,down instagram,we had to find out now you might,remember the video i made about that,wallpaper that crashed people's phones,if they applied it,and in that video i came to the,conclusion that it was an accident,someone had taken a photo and,accidentally edited it in a way that,causes phones to die,but is it just me or does this one feel,like it's on purpose,i mean look at his profile this talal,guy isn't trying to hide these stories,if anything he's proudly inviting people,to click them,he's posted updates about how many views,the stories have gotten like it's some,sort of trophy,he's created new crashes since those two,original ones which i'll get to,plus if anyone can pull something like,this off it's a full stack developer,which this guy's claiming to be aka,someone who can build both the front end,and the back end of a piece of software,aka someone who knows what they're doing,i'm not criticizing i mean he's created,this thing,people are fascinated by it it makes,total sense for him to try and grow from,it,he's actually become one of the fastest,growing new accounts on instagram,with his one and only main feed post,hitting two million views before,he deleted it but the point is this,crash,ain't no accident so to try and figure,out what on earth was going on here,i had to look at all the information,available there was not a lot,talal has no profile picture most of the,text is in arabic,the one post he did have was a weird,compilation of monika from friends,also with an arabic caption and the only,personal things i could find about him,were his personal account which is,private,and his tick tock account which is,literally just him focusing back and,forth on the letter,n like i said not a lot to work with but,i thought okay,the one thing that i can do right off,the bat is to use google lens,to translate all of this arabic text,turns out the caption on his post just,redirects people to his personal account,and the captions on the stories that are,crashing phones just translate to nice,thing i passed,and bittersweet thing which wasn't quite,as enlightening as i'd hoped,but then i had an idea i thought the,next best thing if i can't find any data,was to create the data so with a heavy,heart i took out one phone after the,next,installed instagram on them visited,these stories and monitored in both,horror and fascination,what was happening to each it felt like,sending my babies off to torture,but i did learn something interesting,the general consensus online has been,if you have an iphone steer clear but if,you have an android,you're good that's not true because yes,if i view this story on a super modern,samsung galaxy s21 ultra,with 16 gigs of ram and the latest,version of android it is fine,if i try to view it on that doesn't have,instagram stories,get that but if i try viewing it on a,mid-range nokia phone from a few years,ago,it's definitely struggling with,something not the only thing nokia's,been struggling with recently,and if i then just try it on a really,cheap old android phone,it will crash and it will crash badly,when i tried it it wouldn't even open,the instagram story and from the moment,i clicked it,the phone cou

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The TwoSun TS229 - A Gunslinger in Ti & CF! #EDC #jellyjerrydesign #ts229

The TwoSun TS229 - A Gunslinger in Ti & CF! #EDC #jellyjerrydesign #ts229

Wel, hallo ape! Welkom terug! Raai wat het ons vandag? Dis nog 'n TwoSun.,Hierdie een is eintlik moeilik om te lees, want hulle het dit in die vollediger daar bo geplaas. Nog,twee seuns van broer Ian. Weereens dankie, my vriend. Dankie vir hierdie ervarings.,Dit is 'n Jelly Jerry-ontwerp in 14c28n. Dit het Jelly Jerry se maker se merk,daar bo in die ander kant van die voller. So, koolstofvesel, baie titanium, het daardie,mikro-maalwerk reg rondom die rande gekry. Net, ek bedoel, dit is soort van die vol,sak toertjies wat twee sonne saamgevoeg het in hierdie een. Koolstofvesel bedek dit, uh ... ja.,Ek bedoel hulle staan ​​op waar hulle veronderstel is om op te staan ​​en spoel absoluut om die rande.,Geen gapings nie. Ek sien geen groot leemtes of so iets in enige daarvan nie.,Lekker glad. Voel wonderlik. Titaan rugspasieerder. Titaan hardeware.,O ja, dit is 'n voorste flipper.,Nie moeilik om voor om te draai nie. Dit het 'n goeie hak op hierdie mes,,so as dit breek... Wanneer dit breek, is dit geneig om skoon te breek en jy kry 'n lekker vaste stof oop. So,daardie voller is omdraaibaar, ten minste van die agterkant af.,Dit draai wel. Ek moet baie afwaartse druk op hierdie een plaas om dit,met my duim om te draai. So, as ek 'n duimflip gaan doen, ek gewoonlik...ha!,Maar ja, dit is die volle sak truuks! Hoe voller,,hoe die maal op hierdie ding is net ongelooflik. Ek bedoel,,hierdie een was 'n bietjie oordrewe vir my toe ek dit die eerste keer oopgemaak het. Die estetiese soort het my 'n,tree teruggeneem en ek was soos; Ek weet nie van hierdie een nie. Sodra ek hierdie een uitgehaal het en myself,dit laat dra en 'n bietjie daarmee mors, het dit op my gegroei. Dit het baie op my gegroei!,Die enigste ding wat ek regtig nie hieraan hou nie, en jy gaan my hoor sê dit,is een van my minste gunsteling-dinge wat mesontwerpers doen: mid-greep rante. Raak van hulle ontslae.,Dit sou die eerste ding wees wat ek aan hierdie mes verander het. Ek sou inkom en dit afmaal.,Dit maak nie sin nie. As jy 'n voorkop het, help dit niks om vas te hou nie. Al wat dit doen is om in,die pad te staan, want dit sit reg in die middel van my mollige ringvinger en voel net nie goed nie.,As ek terugbeweeg en vingers uitsprei, moet ek my pinkie hier op die rug sit,,wat dit werk. Net nie so gemaklik soos dit kan wees nie. Haal dit net uit. STOP!!!,So, anders as dit, net belaglik skerp soos,,en hierdie lyk soos fabriekskante op die meeste hiervan. So ek dink nie broer Ian,het hierdie op 'n slypstelsel of iets vasgemaak nie. Ek dink hulle is... Man, so glad.,So glad. So net glaserig en amper hidroulies. Rotsvas. Niks beweeg daar nie, net...,Dis nie lig nie. Ek gaan raai hierdie ding is seker meer as vier onse. Miskien,vyf. Trouens, kom ons vind uit want hierdie een is glad nie lig nie. Dus, 139,2 gram,of amper vyf onse. Ja so, 4,91 onse. Nie lig nie. So as jy iemand is wat 'n freak oor,gewig is, gaan hierdie een waarskynlik nie vir jou wees nie, selfs al hou jy van die estetiese. As jy nie,van die estetiese hou nie, dan kyk jy waarskynlik in elk geval nie meer nie. Maar, as hierdie soort...,Dit voel vir my soos 'n gunslinger-estetika. Die manier waarop die handvatsel afkom en hoe die clip,hier uitwys, wys ook na onder, dit gee jou 'n bietjie van daardie voorwaartse soort van ...,Die aksie van hierdie mes voel asof dit veronderstel is om in hierdie rigting te gaan, en nie hierdie rigting nie.,Dit is basies stewig eerder as slyp, dink ek, waarheen ek gaan.,So, as dit die eerste TwoSun was wat ek ooit was... Goeie heer, die vingerafdrukke...hulle dryf my pap!,As dit die eerste TwoSun was wat ek ooit teëgekom het, wat sou ek dink? Ek sou dink,dat hulle 'n paar wildegat-ontwerpers gehad het wat wonderlike dinge gedoen het, en dan voer TwoSun hulle,uit in hierdie wonderlike materiale met belaglike goeie vakmanskap. Dit is wat ek dink.,Dit is werklik wat ek dink van al hierdie TwoSuns wat ek,die afgelope maand plus die voordeel gehad het om na te kyk. Weereens dankie dat ek dit so lank kon hou, broer Ian.,Om deur die agterstand te kom, moes ek deurkom voordat ek by hierdie uitkom, en om dan by hierdie te kom,,het my 'n bietjie langer geneem as wat ek gedink het dit was. En toe, om siek daarbinne te wees, het nie gehelp nie.,So, ons het ongeveer drie en vyf agtstes van die lemlengte tot op hierdie punt op die handvatselskale,,en ongeveer drie en 'n kwart daarvan is snykant. Geslote lengte gaan iewers,in die omgewing van vier en driekwart duim wees. Miskien 'n bietjie meer uit tot op daardie punt.,En die grypbare area... Wil jy teruggaan hierheen of wil ons hierheen opkom? Kom ons kyk.,Ja, dis nie... Kom ons gaan net terug hierheen. Ek dink hierdie een is eintlik,net reg opgestel. Dit is 'n massiewe voorkop om skerp te maak, en as jy regtig moet,, spring daarheen. So ons gaan nog iewers omtrent vier en 'n half duim,se grypbare area hê terwyl jy dit tot op hierdie punt omvou.,Wat is, soos ek gesê het, as ek my vingers uitsprei, is dit in elk geval soort van

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EP#54: Top Ten Features On The Panasonic Toughbook CF-53!**

EP#54: Top Ten Features On The Panasonic Toughbook CF-53!**

Hi this is Bob from Bob Johnson's computer  stuff and if you're looking for an online  ,Toughbook community that gives tips tricks and  support hit the subscribe and that bell button  ,so we can notify you of all our  newest upcoming videos. Today  ,I'll be going through my top 10 favorite features  of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-53. So stay tuned.  ,Well thanks for sticking around guys, uh today i'm  going to talk to you about my 10 favorite features  ,of the panasonic toughbook CF-53 and i think #  10 would have to be how easy it is to upgrade  ,this unit. There's the memory door your wi-fi and  wwan door, one screw, boom open, put the memory  ,in and you're good to go or pop in your your gobi  5000 card or your wi-fi card. The hard drive pops  ,right out with one little switch it'll pop up  and you can put another hard drive in there so  ,easy to upgrade. #9 feature that i like about  this laptop is the hinges this has got a nice  ,14 inch screen and feel those hinges i mean there  is good tension in these hinges so if you're in  ,a vehicle going in stop and go this thing's not  going to flop around on you and it really gives  ,you a nice resistance to get it closed. #8, the  battery life on the panasonic toughbook CF-53  ,is supposed to be eight hours and i was using  it brand new battery doing casual surfing  ,at my desk not really doing anything serious  with the screen always on, yeah i got the whole  ,day out of it and so a brand new battery,  in the past now it has to be an oem battery  ,made by panasonic but you will get good battery  life out of this. # 7 is how cool this thing runs.  ,There's no heat build up anywhere on the unit  you can leave it on all day long and it's as cool  ,as a cucumber when you come back to work on it  that's what i like a nice cool running laptop. #6  ,is the display is a nice bright touch screen  display well this unit has touch screen some  ,of these units come with no touch but their  touch screen unit is bright which is important  ,when you have need daylight readability. #5  in my list is an improved track pad why do i  ,say an improved track pad because the pre, the  predecessor to the CF-53 like the 52 or the 51  ,the track pad was not as responsive as the CF-53  so they've definitely improved how well the  ,trackpad works on this semi-rugged toughbook.  Another one, #4 in my list is again the screen  ,and the resolution of 1366 by 768 get a nice  view in a semi-rugged. i would almost say this  ,is one step below not even one step it's almost a  fully rugged if they had, you know, built better,doors on here and port covers. #3 on my list  is how it supports legacy stuff like the serial  ,port you know any any newer laptop that you  buy today typically isn't going to come with  ,the nine pin RS232 serial port the CF-53  kept it and so you'll have access to that  ,port if you are running legacy equipment like  programming radios or something of that nature.  ,#2 on my list covers are very dust and water  resistant so what do i mean by that well some  ,of these models these the port covers  on different models can be kind of sub,  ,uh i don't know how to put it  but the nice thing about these is  ,although they're not completely water resistant  they do keep the dust out really well and another  ,nice thing is whenever you close them they  click right in and then when you actually  ,have to push down to pull it out so that's why  i like these these uh port covers. But the #1  ,feature i like the best and you guys all know  i'm a keyboard kind of guy, is the keyboard,  ,it's got a nice responsive keyboard nice and  bouncy. In fact it's the same keyboard that your  ,CF-31 uses uh and in some cases your CF-30 with  a few alterations it also can handle the backlit  ,chiclet keyboard the same one that the CF-31  uses so i really like the keyboard on the CF-53.  ,Well that's about all i got on this today  i want to thank you guys for watching  ,if you have any questions or comments please  type them in below and i'll see you next week

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captain sig fibrosis see I've got cystic,fibrosis hey guys what's up and welcome,back to another week of staying salty my,name is Ashley and I upload on,Wednesdays on this channel this week,we're talking about the impact that CF,has on our partners yeah on our partners,everyone else on this channel has dated,at least once in that last time so,you'll be able to hear about their story,I guess bring a different perspective I,have never had a boyfriend and there is,a specific reason why I've never had a,boyfriend um bringing my notes closer to,me and there is a specific reason why I,haven't had a boyfriend and I'll be,sharing that in this video um where do I,start,so of course we have had crushes exhaust,I think we all have had that I'm,whenever and have like a couple people,work they actually had mutual feelings,for each other but once they find out,what chef really involves and you're,like oh okay never mind,nice Tanya and I mean that's okay,because CF does have a huge impact,I'm the person that your anything there,are see my life with and even effects,with my family and my friends so I mean,I can even imagine what it would have on,my future partner and there are few,Jasmine oh yeah that's me a lot to take,and a lot to handle but,when it comes to dating I have a wall,and I have that wall for a reason,because a I'm a Christian and I want to,make sure that the person who I'm,interested in or dating is a Christian,this is because when you don't share,some beliefs it it's kind of hard in the,relationship and and that's the way I,see it and I would like to take someone,who is a Christian and that's my plain,number number one thing and secondly,what I used to do was I have to see if,this person can handle CF and one of my,best friends told me is that I shan't,judge Iran if they can handle CF or not,because she said you can't always handle,see ya because this so many upside down,isn't such a roller coaster then she,said to Learning Center for everyone,she's not don't let me love SIA here's,someone once he has his families for,learning we'll see ya,she says always you're always learning,and you can't just judge someone and say,I don't think they'll be able to handle,it you have to trust them and help them,learn and you have to teach them so,instead of the judging to see if they,can handle it I my number one thing,about what I find impressive about guys,it's just that respectful that's the,first thing that look for so if they,were sent full not only toward me or,their friends also towards their family,and not like a fake respect fall like,they're really respectful of their,family and they care for their family,because that shows that they value the,people that they have in their life and,so I look for that,and I look for someone who's not gonna,fail and because I've known a few I've,had a few friends in the past year and,they'll fail because they no longer,learn to handle anything that involves,CF we're just having trust in the,relationship but I don't know I think,another thing why haven't had a,boyfriend ever is because it's really,not on the forefront of my mind like I,have friends who are getting married,right now,I have friends their crushes who have,boyfriends or obsessed with guys and,then there's me who I mean every once a,while get a crush but I'm over it like a,few days later because I really really,don't focus on that I'm the kind of,person who just focuses on spending time,with the friends and just enjoying life,and focusing in school and like guys,also don't like fill up my brain like I,honestly don't and I'm glad I'm like,that because I'm not like boy crazy when,I was at the University then we meet,attending a non-smoking room the best,friends youth channels I have a type I,do have a type of persons like what look,wise I think everyone has a type but my,best friend knows my type and you liquid,us after did you see that guy you swap a,few what guy is that guy he's totally,your type and I go what guy - you didn't,know what well there's lots of people,walking around us,what were you looking at them like I was,looking at the psychology building,because that's what I'm in my home for,the next four years so I honestly don't,focus on guys,yeah I really don't so I think that's,another reason where I haven't had a,boyfriend is a moment boy-crazy was,which is fine because the right one will,come along,a lot of people don't like the right one,will come along when you're not even,ready for it or expecting it so I don't,know but I'm honestly 100% okay that I,do not have a boyfriend I mean if you've,been watching as past the early part of,the week and you're like I don't have a,boyfriend or girlfriend and you'll see,the rest in a week and you're like I,don't have a voice or their girlfriend,pads okay because I am 19 years old,never had a boyfriend and I'm okay with,that,and I'm doing fantastic but I know that,see s effects effects um have a huge,impact on your partner and that's why I,like I pray like the person who c

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7 Reg CF Marketing Tips

7 Reg CF Marketing Tips

hey salvador bregman here welcome back,to the crowdfunding demystified youtube,channel on this channel to talk about,everything kickstarter indiegogo equity,cropping etc and today we're actually,talking about regulation crowdfunding,basically how you can market your,regulation crowdfunding campaign now,regulation crowdfunding is exploding my,friends starting out with 74 million in,2018 and growing to 1.1 billion in 2021,in terms of total funding this is insane,as reported by crowdfunding capital,advisors crowdfund insider etc this,thing is growing a lot of this growth is,because the cap was recently raised up,to 5 million so you can now raise,upwards of 5 million in funding when i,actually first got started industry it,started out with 1 million 70 000 and to,be honest like it took forever for the,jobs act to actually be enacted for,these things to happen but when it comes,to this at least in 2021 the major,players the major dominating players,with these actual categories when it,comes to the platforms were we funder,start engine seed invest and of course,republic and those are the guys i talk,about on this channel all the time i'm,gonna try to share teachings with you so,we are on point when it comes to the,crowdfunding and demystified youtube,channel so again those platforms were,contributing for about eighty percent of,the funding volume and also a really,interesting stat so when it comes to,kickstarter in indiegogo we've all,talked about the success rates when it,comes to those platforms and one of the,reasons why i spend so much time,documenting these processes when it,comes to equity crowdfunding it's at a,whopping,68.4,success rate at the time i'm recording,this when it comes to offerings that,were successful and that were closed,within eight months the other quick stat,i want to share with you before we get,into today's video is that more than,540 000 investors participate in more,than 1,500 offerings which is more than 2019,and 2020 combined and this is obviously,in 2021. so what do you want to kind of,take over this is massive this is,growing this is huge and right now,you're going to share and you're going,to learn exactly how to market your reg,cf campaign and it's coming up right,after this,so like i said i got started in the,industry in 2012 and i was doing,initially a logistic regression for my,mini econ thesis on kickstarter that's,because i couldn't find enough data out,there when it came to equity,crowdfunding which was so frustrating,and so annoying and at that time the,jobs act had just been passed in 2012 at,the same time it really hadn't been,enacted until 2015 and even took a,longer and longer for us to get a really,good set of regulations going and also,shout out to all the people in the,industry who have helped make that,happen so now this sucker is like full,throttle it is exploding and one cool,stat is that in 2021 total financing,actually exceeded all investments from,2016 through 2020. so how the heck can,you get involved if you currently have a,campaign or you're going to be running,one i'm going to run through a couple of,key tips that you need to follow if you,want to make sure that you can maximize,how much you raise when it comes to gcf,smash your goal out there on whatever,platform you're doing and we're getting,into it let's go with number one number,one is that the sizzle sells the steak,now that's kind of like an old school,sales term but really what it means is,that when it comes to a restaurant right,it's not really the steak that gets you,most excited about eating it it's that,anticipation that just created with the,sizzle and hearing that and smelling it,it creates so much eagerness and desire,right and what you're even in like the,design district in miami walking by,these different places if you're just,like a wafter really nice smell and it's,like oh this this smells really fancy or,really great i want to go in there and,see what kind of products that this,store is selling so the sizzle sells the,stick and when it comes to a reg cf,campaign the sizzle is the form of your,pitch deck your campaign page and of,course your campaign video so these are,the first things that's going to give,people with that immediate impression of,what your company is about what you're,offering this solution is this even,worth their time right so when it comes,to the campaign page this has to be,professionally done i'm talking about,graphics i'm talking about copywriting,really thinking about the layout right,how do you want to introduce people to,this problem the opportunity talking,about the industry stats talking about,where you are how you're growing who are,the key people involved and really,thinking that through and not only just,like you know the layering of those,steps but also graphically how are you,going to demonstrate those different key,elements definitely something that you,want to spend a lot of attention on also,when it comes to the video now one of,the cool things i'll b

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FREE MMA Fight | Abdoul Abdouraguimov vs Carl Booth | BRAVE CF 38

FREE MMA Fight | Abdoul Abdouraguimov vs Carl Booth | BRAVE CF 38

great nation don't blink for this one,it's our main event of the evening,two main events in this cage only one,will leave Victorious,who will be one step closer to fighting,for the brave combat Federation World,Championship,so once again,I need to know who's ready for,action,sponsored by Abu Dhabi Sports Afton,paladet and Green Hill sanctioned by the,Swedish MMA Federation and president,Jasper Gunnison arcade child judges are,Anders Olson Tom Crawford and mans,Nielsen,Brave combat Federation presents three,five-minute rounds of professional mixed,martial arts in this catch weight bout,introducing first in the blue Corner,fighting out of Nottingham England he,stands at 183 centimeters he's he weighs,in at 76.8 kilograms with a pro record,of nine wins three losses and one no,contest Carl bomber,oh,across the cage his opponent stands in,the Red Corner he fights out of narx,France by way of Dagestan he stands at,178 centimeters tall and weighs in at,77.5 kilograms he has a pro record of 10,wins one loss and one no contest Abdul,the Conqueror,Carl booth at 31 years old I firmly,believe he is in the middle of his Peak,years right now absolutely I think his,last fight is a testament to that I mean,he completely demolished Haider Hassan,we've never seen Carl Booth look as good,as fluid as slick as he did him at about,early broken nose of Hassan and just,never let up constantly putting the,pressure on his opponent and it just,felt like something had clicked in and,they just put all the components,together and wow here we go me an event,I am buzzing like your cousin for this,fight cannot wait to see what kind of,action reveals itself in front of us,here enemies are such high level,Fighters I mean if you just look at the,credentials that we have I mean look at,the opponents that we've gotten past of,course we mentioned uh heider Hassan,who's a very very skilled fighter of a,Carl Booth got past he's also you know,gazimura gats yeah he's got a win over,uh TKO win over Dino bagatin I mean,just so skilled are both these Fighters,both these men are one on one with the,welterweight champion,so an emphatic Victory I think could,place either man front on Center for a,shot at the belt a big double leg from,Slam City population Carl Booth what a,takedown but again as I've said on,nauseam there's a misconception that,Carl Booth is just a striker he's not,here we will see the work he's been,putting in on his growing game yeah,absolutely I mean when he has such,strong and fluid striking of course,you've got to work on those on you know,your weaknesses and he he is becoming a,much more well-rounded and complete,fighter from every day and every time we,see him he proves about Inside the Cage,I like just how Calm cause looking there,but he gives up the half guard,you can see nice spread base that's,Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt 101 heavy,help spread the base very very smart,work from Abdul abdurimov,of course we mentioned Coral Booth's,credentials in his list of Victories I,mean look at Abdullah duragumob's resume,got wins over Rodrigo Caballero Viscardi,andrage and it is just third Pro fight,he defeated Gale dremod by second round,submission Gail your mod is one of the,best welterweights ever to come out of,France a true veteran of French MMA no,easy task in just your third Pro fight,but abdurag moved past that test with,flying colors yeah real proven finisher,seven wins by finish six in the first,round six by way of sub three rear naked,chokes two anacondas and an arm triangle,oh and he's got booth and crucifix now,both trying to block out get those hips,high and turn in and you're seeing the,athleticism of call Birth here by trying,to get out of this position not huge,fight ending strikes being landed oh,they are not with those elbows they're,nasty full amount now for Abdullah,and this is perhaps the most decisive,aggressive and nasty that we've seen,Abdullah,absolutely you can tell that he wants to,make oh but nicely done from Carl Booth,reverses ends up in an arm barbell but,gets out just in time nice work from,Carl but showing his athleticism showing,his knowledge of the ground game nigh,inside the clues guard of Abdullah,so I mentioned the third Pro fight of,abdullah's career not an easy task well,how about his first two fights they took,place in the same day both his first and,second Pro fights were on the same day,obviously he won both arm over bring,your left arm over Carl needs to be,careful of putting those hands on the,mat that's a that can be a trigger for,somebody who's particularly good at Jiu,Jitsu if the hands are on the mat yeah,yeah definitely,has that foot on the hip,head head arm triangle,Oh What A reversal from abdaragimov no,sitting in that scarf possession May,grab the inside of his own thigh just to,secure a little bit further but he can,land little pot shots from here and I,think he wants to get back to either,amount of a crucifix Yeah Carl Booth,with the butterfly hooks may get the,foot on the hip and pus

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