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Instagram's BIG CRASH. What We Know So Far...big Instagram crash has happened my,friends in fact dep


Updated on Jan 25,2023

Instagram's BIG CRASH. What We Know So Far...

big Instagram crash has happened my,friends in fact depending on when you,watch this it's still happening millions,of users have reported either losing a,crazy amount of followers people getting,locked out of their account and lots of,people also got a notification that,their account got banned wow all of that,happened within the past five to six,hours some were able to reinstate their,accounts already but there's still a lot,of issues Instagram's own account which,is the biggest Instagram account there,is lost about one and a half million,followers in the past few hours Ronaldo,Cristiano Ronaldo which I believe is the,second biggest one lost three million so,something saw and at this point we don't,really know what's going on but let's,just quickly take a look at the info,that we have right now and let me tell,you some let me just put it that way,Insider information if you will know in,the industry I don't know any Insider,Insider things but I know the industry,having worked there for the past years,whatever let's start with the good thing,yeah first of all it seems like it's,unintentional right some sort of of,mistake on Instagram's and and because,of that most accounts that are affected,right now will get reinstated the issues,will most likely be gone for 99 of you,guys out there not talking about the,Bots our old friend Missouri by the way,the head of Instagram has just said that,they're working on it without any,further clarification and their official,Instagram Communications team also,issued a very brief statement about,what's actually going on yeah somebody's,getting fired today now in my opinion,there's some multiple things that could,be the culprit coming sort of from,inside the industry first of all it's,almost November which are usually,historically means they are getting,ready for the purge meaning uh they're,doing their yearly bot follower of,Cleanup in my agency we've always had,issues with this,um yeah back when we're still doing sort,of more the gray hat approach quite a,lot of issues with that once we actually,lost all of our clients because of this,yearly Purge in November and I used to,call this I said the instapocalypse that,was something was a very valuable lesson,for me we started diversifying the,agency side of things mostly switching,to Consulting with big Brands and stuff,like this I can make a video if you guys,are interested but if we take a look at,this thing every year they sort of,update their filters on who will get,deleted whose bot follower what's the,threshold are there more filters and,stuff like this might be that this time,preparing for the annual perch somebody,messed something up considering lots of,people actually got a message that they,were banned for going against their,Community guidelines so it could be this,the interesting thing is though that um,and I don't have the data yet but it,could be that the accounts that actually,got affected have a low trust score,already right now and they're sort of,hovering right on the edge I don't,really think so but you never know um a,lot of accounts also got this message,something I've sort of leaked about a,year ago already I guess or something,like this but basically Instagram trying,to counter Bots even more and suspicious,activity even more by having people have,a selfie or selfie verify their profile,with some code this whole thing might,have been a hiccup trying to roll this,thing out in the near future we don't,really know now another indicator that,it's really kind of something to do with,their spam detection uh filters,misfiring if you will is that it seems,like right now the data that I have,mostly iPhone users are affected talking,about getting their account disabled let,me know in the comments if that is the,case for you are you affected right now,did you lose followers or did your,account get even banned and if so what,kind of message did you get and do you,have an iPhone would be really,interesting right now obviously we can,only speculate but I really just wanted,to get this video right now ASAP maybe,calm you guys down a little bit my inbox,has been exploding I was just in a car,driving two hours but yeah don't worry,about it they're actively working on it,even though they don't really tell us,what's going on might be they don't,really know what's going on right now,the only thing you can do is sit back,anyway and sort of watch the world burn,I kinda love it to be honest once I know,more about this obviously I'll let you,guys know and in the meantime why don't,you use this a time off if you will,effectively by learning how to come back,and start crushing it on Instagram in,this video I actually show you five,different accounts and what they did to,get to 10 000 followers pretty fast if,you ask me so

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Slow Down/She Won't Stay Long- Mac Ayres (Instagram Live Sessions)

Slow Down/She Won't Stay Long- Mac Ayres (Instagram Live Sessions)

i'm,on my second guess,or maybe,to know that i'm getting through,i don't have much,to come and get close to you,tell,is,no no yeah,what do i have to do,tell me what you wanna do,tell me what you wanna do,ready to go again,i think that i already know,no no no no,so,shout out to everybody that's been,listening since uh back in the,soundcloud days,hmm,i don't need another saving grace,i don't need another piece and please,tell me baby just show me if i,know something baby i'm just falling,in love she,won't stay long,she won't stay long,she won't stay long,but i've been waiting for the longest,but i've been waiting for the longest,so i'm actually thinking about bringing,this song back and i wrote a second,verse,and i'd love to sing it for you guys,right now,maybe we can make a great escape,but tell me is it too soon,it's better to be hurt and then and be,broken don't you come tell me baby just,shut,me if you know something baby,she won't stay,thank you back there

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Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

hey has your instagram account just been,hacked like mine was and you're having a,horrible time trying to get back into it,you don't know where to go what to do,maybe uh you're clicking those buttons,in the emails from instagram that say,secure your account but those aren't,working either well stick around for,this video because i'm going to show you,step by step how i have helped 20 plus,of my friends get their account back,after it was hacked,everybody i just wanted to say thank you,for coming and watch this video i,personally know like how frustrating,this whole situation can be how you just,want help and you can't get it,and to think that instagram uh,a billion dollar company,doesn't have customer service,is like mind-blowing but the bakery,around the corner does i don't know,i run a marketing agency so i have,direct line of communication with,facebook business for help with stuff,like this and they're just not able to,help i've received i've had phone calls,with facebook they say you got to go,through our internal team i see in some,of the emails and some of the steps that,i get from instagram or in the instagram,help center is you know uh maybe you,could send us a selfie video to prove,you own the account every time i would,ask facebook how do i submit a selfie,video they literally said we don't know,after trial and error and hitting many,different options on instagram we,figured it out we got it and we're gonna,show you how you can recover your,account by taking a selfie video with,the instagram app verify you own the,account and you can get it back now the,negative is,my account is still hacked but i'll tell,you why you see i'm a photographer i,travel all over my instagram feed has no,photos of this face,on the instagram account you can go,check it here jared quackenbush i'll put,it there it's still hacked not me if you,get a message it's from kelvin,from nigeria but i don't have any photos,on my instagram feed because i'm a drone,photographer my full feed is landscapes,but if you're like most instagram users,you have a photo of yourself on your,feed in the last couple months,and that is what's gonna help you do,this so enough talking let's kind of,jump into it and even if you're a,photographer like me and you don't have,a photo of yourself try this anyways i,did get one email from instagram,saying that they approved the video but,then there were some errors,i'm still doing it to this day so wish,me luck but let's jump right in i'm,doing this on an iphone it's kind of,similar on an android but let's kind of,walk you through it here we go you want,to go to add a new account,then that you want to click add a new,account and go to login to existing,account,and we are just going to jump right in,and type our username so i'm going to,walk you through this what i do for mine,jared quack bush,now this is my account that's still,hacked but i'm going to click forgot,password,now,you see where it says trouble logging in,enter your username or email and we'll,send you a link to get your account back,the problem is the link goes to the,email of the hacker not mine so we are,going to not click the next button which,is ridiculous because when you look at,this it makes you think oh let's click,the big blue button that says next no i,want you to click underneath that that,says need more help let's go,now you're going to see two accounts pop,up or your account pop up for me i have,my business account which is my personal,brand account jared quackenbush the one,i run it all through and then i have a a,private one that i've used just pictures,of my kids and food so you're going to,select the account,then,here's the crazy thing,the two phone numbers there are mine,but the email is there is the hacker not,mine but i'm going to send myself a,security code which you probably have,already done this before but don't worry,this is good news so we want to send,ourselves a security code,then we're going to type that in,boom confirm,now,this is where we get to the selfie video,next it wants you to enter your security,code which the hacker set up two-step,authentication so i can't so we are,going to go down to the bottom and click,try another way,now you're met with three options use,backup code,get support visit help center,we're going to click get support,a new page of options now i'm going to,click,my account was hacked,now i'm also going to click do you have,photos of yourself on your account yes,or no now i do have photos of myself in,my account but it's not until back in,like,the beginning of 2020 end of 2019 i have,photos of this face i just think the,the ai isn't going back that far which,really stinks or if they if the ai was,able to go to tagged photos,if you would see a ton of tacked photos,of me but,just not on my main feed so let's click,yes i have photos of myself on my,account,next,pause let's go back if you do hit no i,don't have photos of myself on this,account and then click next,it takes you all the way back a

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Top 7 Instagram Settings You Should Change Right Now

Top 7 Instagram Settings You Should Change Right Now

hey everyone in today's instagram video,i want to show you the top seven,settings on the instagram app that you,should change right now,and if you're new here i post easy to,follow instagram videos,every single week on this channel so,make sure you subscribe so you don't,miss the next video,let's jump into the instagram app and,the very first thing you want to do,is turn on two-factor authentication,let me show you how go to your profile,page on instagram,press the three lines here and go to,settings,and here we want to click on security,and right here you see two factor,authentication click that,and you want to turn on one of these,options the most common way,people get hacked on instagram is by,people,guessing your password but if you turn,this on,for example if you turn on text message,every time you log into instagram from a,device that instagram doesn't recognize,it will send you a text message to,verify you could also use,authentication app which is what,instagram recommends so go ahead and try,authentication app or the text message,option here,but two-factor authentication if there's,anything you take away from this video,is make sure that is turned on next one,is also,in the same page and is also related to,security,but if you ever gave instagram any,permission,from other apps you should check and,turn off the apps that you don't,recognize,it's right here on the same page the,same page we turn on two factor,authentication,there's something called apps and,websites click that and then look under,active,click active and if you see apps and,websites here,that have permission to access your,instagram and you don't remember giving,them permission,turn them off right now remove them,right now or even if you do remember,and you don't think it's giving you any,good value,you should act deactivate them right now,too,so make sure you do that next now this,is for people that,don't have a private account if you have,a private account on instagram this is,not relevant to you,but if you're trying to grow your page,on instagram,you should change your account type let,me show you how,jump into your instagram profile press,the three lines here and go to settings,one more time,and on this page you want to go to,account and on the bottom of the account,page,if yours is set to personal it makes it,a little more difficult to grow,and attract followers to your page so,what you want to do here,is change it to creator accounts or you,might also see,business accounts those two are kind of,the same,as far as the access that you get in,different settings on instagram for,example,if i go back here and if i go back one,more time,under my settings i have something,called insights,that's showing me analytics of how many,people are,interacting with my post when they are,interacting with my post,and gives you a lot more insights into,what's going on with my profile page,it's very very hard without those,numbers to get more followers on,instagram,so for anybody wanting to grow their,instagram page i recommend they change,their instagram account type,to one of the two that has the analytics,built in you also get access to a bunch,of other things that are covered in,different videos,if you want to learn all about growing,on instagram i do have a 30 minute free,training,i'll link that in the description below,let's go to the next one,if you see accounts that post things you,don't want to,see but maybe they're related to you and,you don't want to block them you don't,want to know,that you're doing anything against their,profile what you could do is restrict,them,let me show you how go to their profile,page,press the three dots on top and instead,of blocking them,there's an option to restrict them and,restrict them basically limits,on one and react interactions between,you and that account,so they won't know that you blocked them,they could still see your accounts,but you won't keep seeing their post or,their stories,so you can go ahead and restrict that,account here right there if you ever,change your mind just press the three,dots on their profile page again,and you can unrestrict them this is not,a permanent thing,but it's a great way just to get some of,the things,that are bothering you on instagram off,instagram without really,subjecting anyone to being blocked this,one is about your notifications,i recommend you turn off notifications,to,live videos for some reason instagram,tends to show you every time someone,goes live on instagram,and they notify you this is on by,default but,if you go to your profile and press the,three dots here,go to settings and then go to,notifications,you have a lot of options here but one,of them is you see live and ig tv,if you go to that section you could,actually turn,off notification to live videos see,mines turn on,so if i go off it's going to be off now,every time someone goes live,i won't get notified on my instagram,profile especially on one that i have 60,000 plus followers i get notified all,the

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Instagram Shadowban 2022 (FIX THIS PROBLEM)

Instagram Shadowban 2022 (FIX THIS PROBLEM)

introducing grammarly a digital writing,assistant that you can install,easily on your browser extension phone,or ipad with two simple clicks and it,works seamlessly across all your,commonly used platforms such as google,docs or gmail the free version will,provide you with basic grammar and,spelling suggestions,but upgrading to the premium will,provide you with much more in-depth,writing feedback grammarly has also been,a massive time saver for my school,projects and replying to emails helping,me tremendously for my reports,checking for plagiarism as well as,making me sound more professional my,very own writing assistant,grammarly would automatically analyze my,text and suggest to me how i could make,my writing clearer,making my lengthy and often repetitive,sentences more coherent and effective,at times i can spend an entire day,working due to writer's block this is,why,grammarly premium has been a total game,changer for me if you have yet to try,out grammarly trust me and give it a,shot

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Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account {New Update 2022}

Temporarily Deactivate Instagram Account {New Update 2022}

hey guys ricardo here and welcome to,another blog tech tips in today's,tutorial guys i'll be showing you how to,temporarily disable your instagram,account of course this will apply to,both android as well as ios devices the,procedure is the same as the app as the,same interface,of course it's updated tutorial as,things have changed from the last time,but of course the procedure is really,similar to the previous tutorial that i,did however many users might find that a,change in the interface,might throw them off so they are not,sure as to how to disable their account,fully and of course the,um instagram interface does tell you you,need a computer but you can actually be,done from,the,phone without using a browser if you,know to manipulate the user interface so,let's get straight into the guide,all right guys now the first thing i do,is locate instagram so go ahead and,launch,once you do you should be on your,instagram feed,similar to scene here next you're gonna,go over to your profile which is the,profile icon in the bottom um right,and of course once you're here guys you,should be on your profile,um once you're on your profile as seen,here guys go ahead and hit the three,lines upper right so go ahead and tap,once you do you should be in,here go ahead and go to um settings now,once you're in settings um similarly go,to help which is shown by the,this icon here so go ahead and tap help,once here and help go to help center,and of course once you're in help center,you should see the interface as senior,which is the updated interface so you're,going to go ahead guys and what you're,going to do,is go ahead and search,now search is going to help you,to find,any information on paid so hit the,search icon,once you're in search go ahead and hit,and search for delete account so type in,delete account,um of course i know we want to,deactivate but in order to find the,deactivate option,we do need to go into the delete option,all right i know this says how to delete,my instagram account top,and of course as you see here it's gonna,say here temporary disable your account,now of course um you're seeing the,option here if you're going to,temporarily disable your account i'm,just going to show you,um most people click this one but it's,not it i'm not showing it it does tell,you here from your computer it does give,you some information here as well which,is not what you want so we're going to,go back,let me go back so remember we were at,help center,and of course,we're at temporarily disable your,account,as shown here so let's search delete,your account,let's go back to where we were,all right so that's showing you um so we,were here what audition our account so,just know we went into this option we do,not want to go there,as most people tend to click on that one,we're going to go all the way down,and down here it says request the,permanent deletion of your account now,we're going to skip the first option and,click on this one that says delete your,account,all right there we go so you notice now,instead of telling you it cannot be,deleted we do now get the option,um of course to from here so now of,course,you see it says here delete your account,however if you check out here guys it,says if you want to break from instagram,you can also temporarily disable your,account instead of deleting your,um,delete your profile will appear on,instagram while you're away so again,guys check it out why do you want to,delete your account but we're not going,to show that we're going to go to,temporarily which is the option here so,we go ahead and eat temporarily,and even despite the fact that it says,that we should not if we had chosen the,first option that we should not be able,to delete from the app itself it does,have the option so yes it did it says,here temporarily save your account,and it gives me the usual says hi,my username which will be your username,you can disable your account instead of,deleting it this means that your account,will be hidden until you reactivate it,by looking,sorry by logging back in,so of course um if you change your mind,later on all you gotta do is log back in,to reactivate you can only save your,account once a week meaning,if you um change your mind,you need to at least um,to disable you'll have to do it um once,every week at least and it's going to,give you some options is why are you,disabling your account,of course,try to find a relative option,um,for example,i could say privacy concern or i could,say something else if i want to be vague,continue please re-enter your password,so you're going to type in your password,which you should know,so once you enter your password,um of course you can give you an option,to see if you forget your password you,should know your password,so of course once you do all of that,and you're um satisfied go ahead and hit,temporarily disable account so by,hitting temporarily disable account,what should happen is that you should be,able to receive your account once the,password i

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Why Facebook Has Been Failing

Why Facebook Has Been Failing

facebook stock price has fallen by over,50,in only seven months what's going on,well let's begin by looking at the day,on which this price decline began the,second of february 2022 when the parent,company of facebook and instagram lost,230 billion dollars of value in less,than 24 hours just to give you an idea,about how much money 230 billion dollars,is the total gdp of new zealand being,the value of every single product or,service produced by the entire country,for the whole year was only 210 billion,which is less than what facebook lost in,a day so what went wrong on this fateful,day in february when meta set the record,for the highest one-day value decline in,stock market history to put it simply,this was the day on which facebook,revealed to the public that both their,site usage and revenue has been,declining shown on screen is a graph,displaying the amount of daily active,facebook users over the last 10 years,for every quarter besides the first,three months of the pandemic growth in,the facebook user base was almost,strangely consistent however if we take,a look at late 2021 for the first time,in the website's history user growth,flattened off substantially when looking,at the graph for monthly facebook users,as opposed to daily facebook users the,data is similar only 0.1 growth from,october to january 0.8 from january to,april and then even a decline of 0.07,percent from april to july surprisingly,or perhaps unsurprisingly instagram,follows a similar trend to facebook,nothing but growth from 2015 until 2021,at which point stagnation hits why well,the first reason behind facebook and,instagram's user growth stagnation is,somewhat of an impressive problem,they're battling with human population,limits and have run out of new countries,to expand into of the 8 billion people,on earth 3 billion log into facebook at,least once a month leaving 5 billion,people that don't use the service,regularly of these 5 billion remaining,1.7 billion living countries such as,china iran and russia where facebook and,instagram have been banned by the,government leaving only 3.3 billion who,aren't using the service according to an,article written by the new york times,another 3 billion do not use the,internet at home or on their phones and,in some of the world's most populated,countries including pakistan bangladesh,and nigeria a majority of people are not,online if you then factor in another 15,of the global population who are under,the age of 10 making them too young to,use social media at all then pile on the,hordes of people who have made a,deliberate effort to boycott social,media altogether facebook and,instagram's problem becomes obvious,they're running out of humans in an,article written by time titled inside,facebook's plan to wire the world it,explains how zuckerberg is working to,literally provide the entire third world,with the internet because it's now the,only way that meta can reach new people,connecting the entire world wouldn't,actually literally be possible unless,everybody in the world were on the,internet so zuckerberg has decided to,make sure everybody is this sounds like,the kind of thing you say you're gonna,do but never actually do but zuckerberg,is doing it he is in chandori today on a,campaign to make sure that actually,literally every single human being on,earth has an internet connection we,really want to get the next billion,people online and if we can play a role,then that's something that i personally,care a lot about is it selfish for,zuckerberg to connect the entire world,to the internet just so he can get more,people onto facebook and instagram or is,it a win-win situation for everyone,that's an ethical conundrum for you to,consider however this might not even be,the main problem as meta isn't only,running out of new people to introduce,the services to but those who are,currently active on the services are,departing in droves somewhat hilariously,facebook has lost 1 or 30 million of its,users to that pesky little thing known,as death and with 12.1 percent of,facebook's user base being over the age,of 55 this number will inevitably,increase as time progresses yet facebook,should probably be less worried about,the boomers and a little more concerned,about the zoomers as facebook's biggest,loss in user count stems from the,younger generation back in 2018 facebook,demographics began to follow a very,interesting trend there was an increase,in users from the older generation,little change from those in their middle,age and a pretty substantial loss in,users from those under the age of 25.,one year later in 2019 another piece of,data was published supporting a similar,trend only to a more severe degree there,was a slight increase from the oldies,barely any change for the middle age,crowd and again a massive 17 decline in,only two years for those using facebook,under the age of 34. after seeing this,data it's no surprise that facebook has,also earned the title of a social,media's retirement home it's

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Leaked By Instagram: How To Fix An Engagement Drop (Shadowban)

Leaked By Instagram: How To Fix An Engagement Drop (Shadowban)

instagram ceo adam missouri just,answered the question,how do you break out of a bad engagement,right and get in front of more people,that follow you otherwise known as how,do you fix an engagement drop or,shadow ban so today we're going to go,over his answer as well,as some of the other information he has,given regarding,similar questions on the same topic i'll,also add in my own two cents and,experience from seven years,building brands and accounts on,instagram now if you enjoy this content,i post tips tricks and updates helping,you,build a profitable instagram following,so if you want to see more of that,subscribe to the channel and drop a like,on the video it is much appreciated,many of you in the comments have been,talking about engagement drops or,drops and reach or your accounts not,getting promoted as much anymore is,probably one of the most recurring,questions that i see pop up,in the comment section ever since the,introduction of the instagram algorithm,a few years ago,it seems like people's engagement goes,up goes down sometimes drops off a cliff,sometimes absolutely skyrockets leaving,many people,questioning why so recently when the ceo,of instagram ran a q a,on his instagram story on the topic ask,me anything about the algorithm,it was inevitable that someone would,bring this up looking for answers and,he delivered with a follower asking how,do you break out of a bad,engagement right and get in front of,more people that follow you,something that i'm sure we would all,love a bit more clarity on,so here's his answer again there's no,silver bullet here unfortunately but i,would,say try something new maybe surprise,people a little bit i actually just,posted this really long video on ranking,and it did way better than anything i'd,done in a year,and so that was new and i maybe i got a,little lucky so there's his answer,pretty much try new things and,experiment with your content,which is something that i have been,saying forever on this channel,you should always be going out there and,experimenting with new,formats of content new styles of editing,new topics that you're creating your,content about,not necessarily like major topics so if,you post lots of content about fitness,don't go start talking about football or,something completely off topic,but within your niche try different,things to see what more people are,interested in now adam even brought up,the idea that he recently posted,something about,a ranking and it was a long video about,ranking algorithms,and it actually got way better reach,than anything he has posted in the past,couple years,now he made a point of mentioning the,fact that it is a longer video,that was the differentiating factor i,believe is because he made content about,ranking which a lot more of his,audience are likely interested in,because everyone is trying to work out,how do you get more rich so by him,creating content around a topic,that his audience really wanted to see,he was able to get more reach,on his post now on top of this the fact,that it was a longer video that,probably had a higher watch time,total would have also played into the,algorithm as content that is consumed,for a longer period of time,is often seen as higher value because,people wouldn't,consume a video for many many minutes if,they weren't enjoying it so that's,another good indication to the algorithm,but i would say the main thing here is,he created it on a topic people are,interested in so if you're struggling,with engagement the best thing you can,take away from this answer,is slightly mix up what you're talking,about and try and really understand,who your audience is and what they want,to see a lot of adam's audience,is probably wanting to learn about,ranking so when he created content based,around ranking,he got a lot more engagement than usual,now more on this topic as someone,then asked him what can i do if my story,view,numbers are lower than usual so,essentially,the exact same question but for stories,rather,than feed content here's what he had to,say about that question maybe take a,break for a dare to,give people some space and then start,again and,try some new things see if maybe your,people your audience is interested in a,different,story or a different type of story that,you have to tell interesting again he's,pretty much given a very similar answer,in the idea of,test things out and try new things one,thing he mentioned that i think a lot of,people miss is the idea of sort of,letting it breathe and maybe just taking,a day or two off this is often,something that is promoted as a way to,remove a shadow band which,isn't necessarily a concrete solution,but people often say if you want to,remove a shadow band,don't post for 14 days that's one theory,he's saying if you want to increase your,story views give it a couple days,rest make your audience sort of want you,because at the end of the day,sometimes if you're posting all day,every day it's seen as like,people will expect that and then yo

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