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How to Use Instagram Stories - Complete Beginner's Guideeveryone in today's histogram video,we're go


Updated on Feb 06,2023

How to Use Instagram Stories - Complete Beginner's Guide

everyone in today's histogram video,we're gonna look at instagrams story on,the homepage of Instagram that's the,part that's on top of your page so if,you're not sure about using Instagram,story maybe you've never used it before,or you just don't know your way around,it creating your own post or even,viewing other people's posts this is the,right video for you and this is part of,a four-part how to use Instagram so the,previous one was the regular Instagram,feed and we walk through how to create a,profile and creating your first post and,the next two are gonna be direct,messages and IG TV so I broke up,Instagram into four different parts that,way it's easier to consume these in,shorter videos so just a little bit,about story Instagram story rolled out,in August of 2016 and he basically was a,few years after the regular Instagram,came out as an additional feature to,Instagram and what the difference is is,Instagram story basically lets you,create post and view posts for just 24,hours after 24 hours they disappear,unlike your Instagram feed where things,are there permanently unless you decide,to archive or delete them Instagram,story just makes things vanish every 24,hours and they sort of borrowed this,from snapchat snapchat did have this,option before August of 2016 but it's,rapidly grown in the last few years and,it's become much more bigger than,snapchat and he's even the bigger part,of Instagram itself so as a regular,person if you're just checking it out,it's a great way to see your friends and,see what they're up to in a regular,basis but as an Instagram influencer and,someone trying to grow their followers,and even monitize instagram it's even,bigger I'm not gonna focus on actually,monetizing growing your followers on,Instagram in this video but in the,description below there is a link to a,training for that so check that out if,that's what you want to do this is more,for beginners trying to learn how to use,Instagram story okay let's jump into the,phone so I could show you Instagram,story and if I just quickly talk about,the different things in there I have,well over a hundred videos on Instagram,and Instagram story on this channel so,if you search for anything that I just,kind of touch up on quickly you'll,probably find an entire,on this channel so make sure you,subscribe and check those up but let's,jump into the phone and use Instagram,story so I'm on a home page right here,on a brand new profile to show you how,to use this completely from scratch they,don't jump in in different profiles to,show you some more advanced options so,as you can see this is the home page,this is my profile this is the profile I,created for how to use Instagram for,beginners video so I'm gonna use the,same one again to do Instagram story,let's go back to the home page and as,you could see before I show you how to,create your own story the story tab is,basically on top so if you're following,people and those people create their,story it shows up right on top so you,could see Disney here this is their feet,post this bamboo post is their feet post,but their story post is on top here as,well and same thing Marvel again looks,like they have one right here and you,could basically scroll left and right to,see all the different people that you're,following and their story if they have,it so let's click on one I'll just click,Marvel studio you just click on it right,here and as you could see right on top,there are those little dashes so each,one represents one post inside of story,looks like since I've never used it,before it's actually showing me a,tutorial as you can see if you press and,hold it will pause a story to move,forward you just tap the screen I'll,jump to the next one to go back you tap,the left edge of the screen and to move,between stories you basically swipe left,and right meaning between stories from,different pages and different people,you're following not just their story so,let me just have to keep watching so,again if I tap and hold it's gonna pause,so that's what I just did if I just tap,I could tap quickly you see it's just,jumping to each story and if I tap on,the left side of the screen it's gonna,move backwards so again tapping anywhere,on the middle or right side moves,forward tapping on the left side moves,backward pressing and holding pauses and,if I just swipe right here you see it,just changed it to a whole different,page right here and it looks like Disney,has just one post here that's why,there's one big bar and then as soon as,that's done it's gonna go to the next,page so now I jump to the Nike page and,at any time you could press X to,out but if you refresh this page you no,longer could see that story so you see,Disney has now disappeared so if I,wanted to see Disney story again it,won't be up on the story section but if,I could go to their profile on their,profile I could click that and see the,exact same post again and this was five,hours ago so they basically still have,19 hours for a total o

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View Instagram Stories anonymously in 2022 [3 Proven Way] 🤫🤯

View Instagram Stories anonymously in 2022 [3 Proven Way] 🤫🤯

okay i know why are you here to watch,this video,you want to know ways to view instagram,stories without knowing them right,then let me show you three different,ways to do that,hello everyone i am nikhil from,igeeksblog and in this video i'll share,a three working ways to see,instagram stories anonymously there are,so many reasons why you want to view,someone's stories,maybe he or she is your boyfriend or,girlfriend and you want to stalk him or,her,i don't want to judge you but i am here,to share a couple of tricks and tools,that will actually help you to view,instagram stories without knowing them,but before i start sharing with you guys,let me clarify one thing,this instagram hacks only works with a,public account,let's take a look at the very first way,let me open instagram and take a look at,stories,right here i want to view stories from,igeeksblog without,my team knowing that i viewed stories,how can i do that,it's really simple i just need to view,a story from a previous or a next,account of igeeksblog,like this one skip through to the end of,the stories and,on the last one immediately touch on the,left side of the screen,you will notice a time bar is stopped,moving,now without releasing your touch gently,move your finger from,left to right side of the stories you,can see,it looks like a big cube make sure not,to release a finger,and not to switch to that person's,stories,you will need to hold it and move back,to the stories to the account you hold,for,now once you view and switch back to the,stories close the story tab and you will,notice a ring around the igeeks blog,profile picture,this means we viewed the stories but it,is like an,unseen stories that worked right and,it's a little bit tricky too,but that cube view stories yeah i named,it cube view trick,only works with the photos type of,stories and what about the stories that,have videos,it won't play it and we cannot view that,actual stories,right here we want justice and we have,the right to know,the easiest way to view instagram,stories without knowing them,so the easiest way is to view that story,straight away,don't think too much of popping your,head in the list of story viewers,you can stop that too just view the,story and once you are done,head over to that profile tap on the,three doors from the top right corner,and from this menu just block that,profile and don't think too much,block that profile for the next 24 hours,just because,stories are live from the next 24 hours,it has been published and they cannot,see your face in the list of people who,viewed that story,that was an easy method but i'm again,not that good because,we need to block that profile and what,if we forgot to unblock them,we need a method that is easier than,this too and make sure to view stories,anonymously,i guess i know that method this method,not only help you,to view story but you can also download,stories directly to your iphone's camera,roll,and that is with the third party website,,open safari and just head over to,,type the account name to whom stories,you would like to see,verify that you are human and why every,time,and almost all the website wants me to,verify that i am a human,why once you verify that you are a human,and not a robot,you can view stories from that account,along with that you can save individual,stories as a photo,or a video directly to your iphone's,camera roll,that was the easiest way and hold down,for a one more,bonus way and that is subscribing to my,youtube channel,how subscribing to igeeksblog will help,see the formula is very simple,i have just shared ways that are working,right now and in future,they may have change or new ways will be,introduced,and that time i'll create another video,and will upload it to my channel,so not just subscribing but getting,notified by just pressing the bell icon,will help you to know more hacks like,this and stay updated,about everything apple don't wait and,take the action,now if you have done that then allow me,to say goodbye i am nikhil signing off,thanks for watching stay safe stay,connected

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(2022) How To Download ANY Instagram Video to iPhone - Stories, IGTV, Reels...

(2022) How To Download ANY Instagram Video to iPhone - Stories, IGTV, Reels...

how's it going everybody you're watching,then about tech and today i'm going to,teach you how you can save any video,from instagram directly to your iphone,and when i say any video i do mean,absolutely any video that's here on,instagram so for example you can go,ahead and download this video that's,just a normal post as you can see posted,on the feed but you can also save,reels you can save ig tvs and you can,even save stories and highlights so as i,said you can save any video that's on,any instagram account directly to your,iphone and the coolest thing is this,process is 100 free it's updated to 2022,and to ios 15. so without further ado,let's begin and the first thing you need,to do is actually download this app,which is called repost and as you can,imagine it's super easy to download,repost all you got to do is go ahead,open up the app store tap on search,tap on the search bar and then look for,repost,so tap on search,and since there are actually quite a lot,of different apps with the same name i,do recommend you that go ahead and click,on the link in the description i'll,leave a link in the description a direct,link to the correct repost app all right,which is this one let's scroll down a,bit,keep scrolling and then that's the one,repost for instagram with the the the,purple arrows as you can see but as i,said direct link in the description so,then you just go ahead open it up and,then you just get it you just get the,app as i said the app is free since i,already have it i can already show you,so now that we all have repost all you,gotta do is open up instagram,and then look for the video that you,want to save to your iphone so let's say,you want to save,this video from the post that first one,that we saw this one all you got to do,is tap on the three dots at the top,right hand corner,and then copy link all right copy link,and then as you can see link copy to,clipboard and then you're going to open,repost and it'll do its thing,automatically let it load and as you can,see it automatically load the video,right here you tap on the video you tap,on the share button at the top right,hand corner,let it export scroll down a bit and then,there you have it save video tap on save,video,and then it's already done it's already,on your photos as you guys can see,there you have it and of course it has,audio it's a perfect video with audio,i'm not gonna play the audio too much,because of copyright issues with youtube,as you know but there you have it video,with audio and you can keep doing this,process for all of the other,formats on instagram,so as i said before this will work as,well on reels this will work on ig tvs,so let me get this long video over three,minutes i'm gonna tap on the three dots,right here at the bottom sometimes the,three dots change position so just look,for the three dots and then i'm gonna,copy link once again it's gonna copy to,the clipboard same story and then,open up repost,come back to the first page it'll load,automatically once again and then as you,can see there you have the post you tap,on the post and you do the exact same,thing,share button,and then it's super fast,you just scroll down save video,and then it'll be right here on your,photos right there again with audio,perfect quality absolutely amazing and,as you can imagine you can keep doing,for all of the other video formats you,can do it for your stories for your,story highlights,absolutely works perfectly for any,format tap on the three dots,uh copy highlight link,in this in this case because that's a,highlight so copy highlight link and,then you do the exact same process of,opening up repost and then saving it uh,the three dots on the stories and story,highlights will be right there at the,top all right so,that's it guys that's literally it the,best and the most awesome way to save,any video from instagram directly to,your iphone so that's it and i'll see,you on the next video as usual,bye bye

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Final Cut Pro X to Instagram Story: Next Level Instagram Stories!

Final Cut Pro X to Instagram Story: Next Level Instagram Stories!

hey guys the uninformed y'all video,productions here and in this video I'm,gonna be showing you how to export a,Final Cut Pro 10 project as an Instagram,story let's get started alright guys so,here we are on Final Cut Pro 10 the,first thing we're going to want to do is,have a project that we want to use and,turn into a story now in this case I,have a fashion film that I recently shot,and this will serve as a good example,for this tutorial so the first thing,we're gonna or what we're going to want,to do next here is create a new project,under the existing events that we have,here so we're going to right click and,select a new project,because this is going to be our,Instagram story here let's call it,spring/summer 1900 cat's bail and then,what we're gonna do is actually change,the format under the video tab so,instead of 1080p we're gonna select,custom and from here we can manually,change the resolution now to fit the,aspect ratio of an Instagram story or,that of a mobile device we want of,course a very tall yet narrow frame so,we're gonna actually swap these two,figures around so instead of it being,1920 by 1080 we're gonna do 1080 by 1920,of course we're going to want to make,sure that our frame rate stays,consistent with that of the original,project which in my case is 60 frames,per second the rest of the settings can,remain the same let's go back to our,original project here and let's bring in,our footage so what we're going to do is,press command a to select all of our,footage then we'll press command C to,copy,we'll go back to our Instagram story,project that we just created and we're,gonna go ahead and paste this in alright,so let's go ahead and press shift-z to,expand the project here and let's close,our events tab alright so already as you,can see we have a good-looking aspect,ratio this looks much more like a phone,display versus of course the normal,sixteen by nine ratio but the footage,does not fully fill this now Final Cut,does this so that you can still see all,of your remaining clips but what we want,to do is actually zoom in to to fully,expand and maximize the screen space,here so before we do that though it is,important to note that an Instagram,story must be 15 seconds or under so,we're gonna have to select a 15-second,segment from this video that we want to,use so,let's go ahead and remove the audio for,this and we're gonna remove the first,couple clips and let's say I want to,start my story here and I can end it,okay so I can end it perfectly just,about there as you can see this is just,below 15 seconds so it's a good place to,end this story here so I'm gonna remove,the rest now I'm gonna actually keep,these titles because I want to include,these in my stories so I'm gonna take,these elements separately here and drag,them to the start of the video and,remove this last this last clip here so,as you can see we've now shortened the,project to just below 15 seconds which,is the perfect time required for a story,all right so before we work on these on,these titles here which I'm currently,just gonna hide I'm just gonna select,them all and press V to bring them out,of frame,just to focus on the footage here,because as you can see we have to of,course make some changes so the first,thing we're going to do is select this,clip here and then we're going to go,back into our inspector tab and then,under the movies tab or a video tab we,go down to the scale option and then,we're gonna type in 320 percent now this,percentage does vary depending slightly,on your footage the original aspect,ratio and resolution of course but also,whether you have letterboxing on your,footage now in my case I don't and B and,this being in 1080p file originally,three hundred and twenty percent works,perfectly for this because as you can,see this now fills the entire frame,we're gonna go ahead and actually do,this to the rest of our clips too so,we'll go ahead and select them one by,one while holding shift that way they're,all selected and once they're all,selected here we go back into the same,menu and type in three hundred and,twenty percent and as you can see there,we go all of our footage now properly,fills this screen but of course a lot of,our footage is cut off in this clip here,is a good example the framing definitely,has to be altered now of course you have,to really do this clip by clip but I'm,going to just show you one for example,which is this first clip here so let's,say we want to move her face slightly to,the right of course we don't want the,model's face cut off by the edge of the,frame here so what we're going to do is,select the clip under the same menu we,will go ahead and now shift it along the,x axis so we can simply press and hold,and then move up and down so moving it,up will move your frame to the right and,down we'll move it to the left so let's,take a look here if I just quit,we skimmed through this alright this,already looks much better what I'm gonna,do now is remove the rest of the clips,as well

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How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

How to Add Instagram Story Highlights

everyone in today's instagram video i,want to show you how to add,story highlights instagram story,highlights,on your instagram profile page now you,could do this with,any profile you could be a business,profile a personal profile,but it's definitely recommended because,instagram stories disappear,after 24 hours but with story highlights,you could just,keep them on your profile for as long as,you want,so let me show you how to do it right,now inside of the instagram app,and if it's your first time here i make,easy to follow instagram videos and,social media videos on this channel,every single day so make sure you,subscribe so you don't miss the next,video,now inside of the instagram app go to,your profile page,on the bottom here and this only works,on the instagram app you can't do this,on the website,and what you want to do here is either,you'll see a,plus sign right here that says new,that's one place to do it but some,profiles won't have that,the other option is on the top of the,page as long as you have the latest,instagram update you have a plus sign,right there on top you can press that,and press,story highlight now what this does is it,pulls up,all the stories that you've archived on,instagram,if you've never made an instagram story,post you won't see anything here,so let me go ahead and press cancel just,to show you you could go ahead and press,the plus sign,create a instagram story take a picture,and then you could go ahead and share,this to your story,so once you do that you'll have an,instagram story to post so if you don't,have an instagram story that you posted,just like i showed you you won't have,anything to highlight that's just,keeping the older instagram stories up,so again let's go ahead and press the,plus sign go to story highlight,and here you could see all my stories,that i've posted on instagram here and i,can make,turn any of them into the highlight so,even the one i just posted you see that,right there,just from today's date so for example if,i wanted to show behind the scenes of,what i'm filming,i could go ahead and select one you got,the check mark or two or three,and then i could press next on top and,then three different,images or posts are gonna show up in,that one highlight,and i could give it a title and you're,limited on the character so i'm gonna,call this behind the scenes bts then you,could edit your highlight,cover so this is what people are going,to see so you could,choose a different image to be your,highlight cover,or you could upload your own so if,you've seen on other profiles,icons that match and the instagram story,highlight looks really nice and clean,that's how they did it they uploaded,their own in the next video i'll show,you how to create your own,so watch that video after this one if,you want to do that,i'll press down here that's going to be,my story highlight i already gave it a,title i'm going to press add and you,could,see now it added it over here i could,make as many of these highlights and add,as many pictures as i want inside of,each one,and if i change my mind i could click,any one of them here,and then press the more option on the,bottom and then press,edit highlight and i could go back to,the stories tab,here and choose more to add to it so i,don't have to always create a new,highlight,i could add to the existing highlights,too so as you could see on my profile,i've done this four different times now,where i created profiles with multiple,stories in each one,and they show up over here anytime i,could go back and edit the highlight,cover too,so in the next video when i make them,i'm gonna go ahead and go,and put matching covers on all four so,it looks a lot cleaner,on my instagram profile page and it's,that easy to create,instagram highlights on your instagram,profile i hope you found this useful,please give it a thumbs up,and i'll see you next time

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Cinematic Vertical Video with your Phone - Instagram Stories, TikTok etc

Cinematic Vertical Video with your Phone - Instagram Stories, TikTok etc

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can shoot some amazingly smooth,vertical video shots with your iphone or,other smartphone,whether you're shooting for instagram,stories or tick tock or snapchat,these tips will help you make shots that,really stand out without using a gimbal,or any other extra gear so let's go,ahead and get started with the basics on,how to move,with your phone,so i'm going to show you my basic,technique here for how i keep my shot,smooth when i shoot with my iphone,the first thing to keep in mind is the,body mechanics,because the way your body moves is going,to determine how smooth the shot,actually is,so the way i grip my phone is like this,when i'm shooting vertically usually and,sometimes i'll stabilize it with my,other hand like this,or in some other way like this or this,and also,i try to position myself so that when i,move with my phone,i'm not moving backwards and i'm not,moving sideways,i try to be walking straight ahead even,if,i'm not pointing the phone straight,ahead that's part of what's going to,make this look cinematic,is the fact that the phone is facing one,way,and i'm moving another way i'll show you,what i mean,so first of all let's open up the camera,app stabilization works best,on the native camera app so that's what,we're using here first thing to do,is position my phone sort of how i want,it okay so that's basically my shot of,the waterfall there,and now i'm going to set my exposure,tapping on the brightest part of my shot,there we go ae af lock by tapping on the,brightest part of the shot,i engage the hdr of the camera in other,words it's going to sort of,equalize out all the rest of the,exposure as long as it knows,what it should set as the bright part of,the shot,so feet straight forward phone to the,side,facing my subject arm is sort of like,like this,at a 90 degree angle second arm is here,to stabilize in case i need it,and i'm just gonna sort of smoothly walk,forward as if i was using a gimbal,same kind of ninja walk three two one,rolling camera,and let's shoot a little 10 second shot,here we go,tiny baby steps,whenever i stop moving i slowly drift to,a stop with my body,imagine it's sort of like a hockey puck,or something slowly drifting,to a stop on the ice that's how smooth,you want the end of your shot to be,when you're shooting with a phone you do,want to take into consideration the,lighting just like you would with any,photography or cinematography,so in this case i'm trying to shoot into,the backlight here,i want the sun to be behind the subject,i'm pointing the phone toward the sun,as much as possible and that's because,the iphone,has built-in hdr so it has really high,dynamic range,built in and it can handle this kind of,light just fine,and i find backlight on the phone to be,much more beautiful,than front light as you see here,all the leaves here are just bouncing,the light back at the camera which makes,it look very flat,whereas when i shoot into the backlight,you get the translucency,the light is shining through the leaves,instead so i'll go ahead,and try a quick little walking shot,going down this path here,you can make your shots look more,dynamic if the phone is moving through,an object in the foreground so i'm,angling up so you see the sun in the,shot,i'm just gonna push in and take a few,very careful steps forward,when i do close-up shots with my iphone,i lock my focus,and my exposure on the subject just like,that,because that keeps the background out of,focus even if the subject is not in the,frame,so see if i move the lantern out of the,frame,then i move it back in the frame it,doesn't shift,the focus to the background if i didn't,do that watch what happens when the,lantern goes out of the frame,then the camera focuses on the,background not cool,if you happen to have a waterproof phone,like i do then you can use that in your,shot so what i'm going to do here,is i'm going to turn my phone upside,down so that the camera is at the bottom,instead of at the top,upside down and i'm going to just do,sort of a crane move,so i'm going to hold it like this and,i'm going to drop it,slowly and then all the way,into the water,if you're looking for a little variety,in your shots you can do a tilt up from,your feet,as you walk that's an easy one to do,anywhere that you happen to be walking,around,so what i do is i just grip the phone,like this use my other hand to stabilize,and i point it down at my feet like this,and then use the wide angle lens this is,going to be the wide lens,and as i walk forward i just slowly,smoothly tilt up,using both hands to stabilize the phone,just going to demonstrate one more,technique here and this is adding a bit,of roll,to the shot so all i'm going to do is,hold the phone like this,two hands and roll it a bit as i walk,which will be a cool sort of corkscrew,effect,so those are a few quick tips for,shooting vertical video with your phone,hope you found them useful,if you enjoyed this please check out the,link in the

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10 Instagram Story Ideas - You Didn't Know Existed!!!

10 Instagram Story Ideas - You Didn't Know Existed!!!

guys it's time to spice up your,Instagram stories so here are 10,Instagram story ideas you probably,didn't know existed I also have a couple,free cool Instagram elements for you,guys to use so let's get into it this is,such a cool Instagram story idea I found,quite a couple weeks ago and I've been,dying to show you guys so if you head on,over to the gif section within Instagram,stories and type in collage and letters,and then search as you can see all these,different collage letters appear and,there's one for every single letter of,the alphabet of course but then from,there what you can obviously do is,select each letter to spell out whatever,it is you want to spell out for your,story so I'm just spelling out coffee,and then heading back to find some more,letters to spell out time at the bottom,and what I also like about these is,there are some lowercase and uppercase,letters to choose from so you really can,design a unique looking story and here's,just another example of another story I,did on the right hand side using these,nifty collage letters now this is a,brand new addition from Instagram and it,was very needed if you click on a straw,icon in the top right hand side you may,have seen a new arrow icon just like,this and what this new arrow brush does,is you guessed it it draws arrows out,for you so you literally just draw a,line and it ends up with an arrow at the,end every single time just as you see,here I don't know about you guys but I,used to be on the struggle bus when,trying to draw arrows in Instagram so,this new brush obviously makes life so,much easier and again here's just,another example of me using it if you,don't see this brush under your brush,pack then just make sure to update your,Instagram guys but other than that,definitely try this one out,okay now this one is quickly for my,iPhone users and I'm pretty sure,somewhere along the line we've all tried,to share a post to our Instagram stories,but what you may have always found is,the background is so boring well there,is a way to spice that up so if you hit,a visit to your photos application right,and you get a background that has a hole,cut off in the middle just like this,what you're gonna do is you're gonna,copy that photos then head on back to,the Instagram app and add it as a,sticker so you just click on that then,you upscale your image so that you can,see your posts through that hole and,then just tap and bam your post comes,through but now you have a really nice,background so I actually have a bunch of,these backgrounds with that little,cutout in the middle on my website for,you guys to download I have ten of these,in total for you guys and I'll show you,some more a little bit later on in this,video but definitely try this one out,now this one is a really nifty story,idea and make sure that none of your,photos ever go unused let's just say,you've got an image like this but you,didn't quite get the framing right or,something about it just isn't quite,right but you still want to put it to,use well what you can do is select a,color from the image and then make a,solid background just like this then,you're going to grab the erase tool and,erase a part of the picture that you,actually like and want to use then what,you're gonna do is select the draw icon,and once again select a color from an,image just so it all ties in quite,nicely and now draw around the circle,just as you see me doing here and by,doing this it just really cleans up,those edges where you raised and gives,it a really fun unique looking aspect,from there you can continue creating,your story so as you said and making my,way downtown always layer up those fonts,guys because it looks super snazzy and,then once I was done here is what it,looked like and to think I didn't really,have a great picture to start off with,and then here is just another example so,never let those pictures go to waste,now in the past I've shown something,similar to this story but not quite the,same and let me show you why so first,off you're gonna select the glow brush,and select a color from your image and,then I am drawing a zigzag over my,subject which is me in this case then go,ahead and select the erase brush and now,erase the line that overlaps your,subject it can be quite hard making sure,the edges are neat so a nice little,trick is using your phone's,magnification so in my case I just,tapped three times and it magnifies the,screen on an iPhone if you take three,fingers and double tap it also opens up,a magnification window and then you can,really get in there and just clean up,those lines nicely so that your story it,looks extra good so just continue,erasing those lines around your entire,subject I promise you it doesn't take,long at all and when you are done you,have this awesome looking story that,took you a couple seconds you're just a,couple other examples I did using the,same technique and remember the shape is,not limited to a zigzag you try a circle,or a triangle ooh now this is a re

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How to Export High Quality Instagram Stories in Premiere Pro (Vertical or Horizontal Video)

How to Export High Quality Instagram Stories in Premiere Pro (Vertical or Horizontal Video)

- Hey guys my name is Matt Johnson,and today I want to show you how to create,high quality, vertical videos for Instagram stories,using Adobe Premiere Pro.,And to save you time I've created a free set,of presets for Premiere Pro,that you can download down in the video description,,that are going to enable you to edit and export,your video at the precise resolution,that is required for Instagram stories.,Heck you can download those presets,and you don't even need to watch the rest of this video.,But I'd like you to watch,so stay tuned if you want to.,Welcome to Adobe Premiere Pro.,The first thing that we need to do,is we need to create a new sequence that matches,the exact resolution and frame-rate as an Instagram story.,So let's open up the new sequence dialogue box.,You can either press Ctrl in on PC,,or Cmd in on a Mac and that's gonna open up,the new sequence dialogue here.,The preset that you wanna choose is DSLR 1080p30,,and then go up to settings.,We need to talk about what resolution are Instagram stories.,If you upload an Instagram story,and then download the video file,,which I uploaded this story as a clip,that I filmed in 4K resolution at 24 frames per second,,you'll see that Instagram is playing your videos,at 30 frames per second,,with a resolution of 480x852,and at a bitrate of around three megabits per second.,Because Instagram's compression and resolution,for stories is so, generally awful,,in all of my testing I found that it is important,to get to your video frame rate, bitrate,,and resolution as close as possible to how it will look,whenever it is actually playing on Instagram.,So that way the app and site don't have to compress,your footage as much.,Yes that means that even if you shot your video,at a different frame rate like 24 or 60 frames per second,,I would still export it at 30 frames per second.,On Instagram, it's gonna convert your video,to this frame rate regardless so don't worry,,it should still look okay.,Next go down to frame size, and we're gonna change,the horizontal frame size to 480,and the vertical frame size to 852.,All of the rest of these settings can be left the same,and you can go down to click save preset.,We're gonna save our presets so that way,you do not need to go back through,and re-enter all this information,every single time that you do this.,Let's name this preset IG Stories Vertical,480x852 29.97fps.,Hit OK, you'll notice here under custom,that the preset has now been saved,and you can select it here under the custom folder,anytime that you need to re-create this sequence again.,Let's go down here to the sequence name,and we're gonna call this Instagram Story,,whatever you wanna call it, that sounds great.,Hit OK next you're gonna import your footage,as you can see I've already imported a clip,that I shot with my drone last week,,in 4K in Colorado and we're gonna drag that down,here to the time line.,Immediately we're gonna get a Clip Mismatch Warning.,You're gonna wanna make sure that you click,keep existing settings because you do not want to,resize the sequence to the size of the clip.,We want to resize the clip to the size of the sequence.,So keep existing settings.,The clip has now been imported,and as you can see there are huge black bars,at the top and the bottom of the clip.,That is okay, you could actually export your video right now,and upload it to your Instagram stories,if you want to have it be wide.,But that doesn't really look very good.,Come on now we want it to fill the whole screen.,So let's make some changes to it.,I'm going to select the clip down here,and then I'm gonna go up to Effect Controls,in the top left and that's gonna open up,the video effect controls for this clip.,Do not worry there are only three things,you need to pay attention to here.,First is the position, you have this number,240 and if you click and drag left and right,,you'll see that that's gonna move your clip left and right.,Press Ctrl+Z to go back.,Next we have 426 which is your vertical movement,,up and down so you can reposition,your video clip using these two numbers.,Let's bring that back to the middle there,by pressing Ctrl+Z.,Next we have scale and scale is very important,because that is gonna make our video larger or smaller.,You'll see because it's a 4K video,,it's only 12.5% in size.,We can make it significantly larger.,I'd say about 40 and that's going to fill,the entire window.,Now I can go back up here to the position,for horizontal positioning and I can move this around,,I kind of want the mountain peek up here,to be in the center yeah that looks pretty good like that.,I think this looks really good now,and it's about ready to export.,Incidentally though if you decide,,"Wait Matt, I want people to have to turn their phones,"to the side and I want to be fully wide screen.",Okay you can do that too.,Let's set all these setting back,to the way that they were.,To 240, 426, 12.5,,and then were gonna go down here,to rotation and were gonna rotate this vid

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