how to view hidden photos on instagram

How to Find Hidden Video and Image Files on Androidforeign,here and welcome to another Vlog Tech,tip

Ricardo Gardener

Updated on Feb 07,2023

How to Find Hidden Video and Image Files on Android

foreign,here and welcome to another Vlog Tech,tips into this tutorial guys I'm going,to show you on Android how to find all,of your hidden video files or video,files in general so I'll start first,with video files then I'll show you how,you can possibly find video files please,note that um in terms of video files,sometimes if you go to your gallery and,I'll blow out sections of this,um your gallery you might realize that,all the files are combined meaning we,have a mixture of images we have videos,and you may just want to see,um your videos If you go to album you,want to see select albums however you,might want to see more,to do that go to search once you're in,search this menu will pop up and in,order to find your video files simply,look right here it will show you videos,or video go ahead and top and all of,your video files will tell you the total,as you can see I have 281 items for,video files this can be achieved another,way as well you can actually go to your,file folder so in other words you can,look to your,um file system my files it should be in,their Samsung files if you go in here,you'll notice everything here if you tap,here you'll see videos,um you could do this from the gallery as,well simple way to do this would be to,tap on search Once you tap on search,um you can see here it says video you,can use that as well or if you know the,extension of the video files in this,case that will be,MP4 it will search and it will give you,all of your video files as MP4 files now,of course that's how to locate your,video files,no,um cool way to do this in terms of,hidden files would be once you know the,extension of the files you can actually,search them out for example pictures,would be jpeg.jpg and of course dot MP4,as to this particular device some,devices might change that extension,video files can be docked Avi and so on,now if you know the name of the file and,the extension especially you can find,the file by searching I would prefer you,go to your my files once you're in your,my files I suggest that once you have,access to the raw system to go ahead and,if you know the extension sorry,if you know the extension go ahead and,tap here and search for DOT for example,MP4 and all video files will show up now,if the file is being hidden using a app,the app usually encrypts or encodes that,particular file and will not be visible,because they're hidden behind an,encrypted folder or encrypted section or,a locked off section of your phone so,that's much more difficult however if,it's an app for example that might,contain,um hidden images I find like with,WhatsApp images that you have sent are,all stored I'll show you to find that so,if I search here I'm in the my files for,example I search WhatsApp,it will show you how come that WhatsApp,folder you can go in here just to say,example of some hidden,um files and if you go to Whatsapp you,go to media and you go to,um,WhatsApp images and you go to send,you'll see a lot of images here that was,sent to WhatsApp so those are hidden,images and of course as we said you can,do the same for images as you can,for um both videos so videos is dot MP4,in this case can be others like that Avi,so you can search for particular files,or of course you can search for if it's,images.jpg which is jpeg which is,usually image format here it will show,up all of the,um files that are not encoded are are,locked away behind a locked folder and,of course for hidden files behind,folders usually with folders,usually there's secure folder on your,device if you can find a password you,can go to the secure folder usually,there's a icon or it's usually hidden,some apps hide it behind,um basic opposite might look like a,regular app but it's not,you'd have to go in and then probably,tap a secret section and enter the,password and so on so there are lots of,tricks and ways that things can be,hidden but if you understand the file,system you should be able to find,General files easily and of course,hidden files too you should have a,general idea and it's a little bit,tricky for apps that actually hide it a,little deeper all right so I hope that,either helps you finding your video,files and image files especially if,they're hidden are of course help you in,finding,um or lead you to the right place so you,can find the files that you're looking,for all right so I made it tutorial here,as always guys recorded from blog Tech,tips and by until next time bye

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How to See Hidden Photos of any Facebook User

How to See Hidden Photos of any Facebook User

hello guys today I am going to show you,how to see someone's photo that is,hidden photos on Facebook and even think,that how I couldn't see the hidden,pictures of someone if I am NOT his,friend,it is a simple trade to see the takt,photos of someone it is not the private,photos or the personal photos it's,mainly the tagged photos the user has,been tagged by his friends or someone,else so let's see how it works for this,you need to go to,it's my Facebook ID then from here,suppose I'm just typing your name to,show you that you now go to people okay,here are many people and you can see,that they are not my friend and I could,take okay let's see about this ID and,you can see that he is not my friend and,now go to this port is first and here,you can see that there is only one two,three four five seven photos like on the,seven photos of this user but if I like,to get more photos of this user what I,have to do first thing that I have to do,is to get the profile ID of this user,and you can get it easily by first go to,the timeline go to a source okay and,then from here ctrl F then find profile,ID profile ID and you can see that it is,the profile ID okay just copy the copy,now what you have to do,close it and the second method to get,the proper ID of the user so for this,you need to go to the timeline then for,where you need to click the timeline,again here you can see that L is T is,equal something in number and after that,percent is three a and then is another,number and after the person is 3/8 that,number is your proper ID just copy it,and do the following by this way you,could get the proper ID awesome,now what you have to do is to just a zoo,dot-com search then the ID okay paste I,need an photos - oh that is the previous,it is the ID and you can see the photos,there is only seven photos and now I got,the certs reason here you can see that I,can get a lot more pictures of this user,and suppose take this here you can see,that it is mainly the tagged photos so I,had in Journal Landry and you can see,that is that right and you can also find,him here okay hi come here is there John,Landry you can also find him here okay,here,the guy and by this way you could see,some more pictures of Caesar it is,mainly the picture that he has been,tagged by someone else on Facebook it's,nothing nothing else but it will give,you a clear idea of someone's Facebook,or some photos you could get with a,being Hispanic and would find the photos,of him don't try to use it in wrong,purpose for bad things it is for some,kind of additional purposes and,sometimes you need some short sort of,information of you is ready then this,trick might help you hope you like it,please don't forget to subscribe our,channel and like our Facebook page hope,it helps thank you

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Find Someone's HIDDEN Facebook Friends OSINT

Find Someone's HIDDEN Facebook Friends OSINT

hello and welcome to this video my name,is sat from cyber sudo,in today's video i'm going to be sharing,with you how can you find someone's,hidden friends on facebook just using a,simple website,which is an alternative graph,search that you will see it right now,and,i'm going to be sharing with you,something that i think is really,exciting and you will learn from it,which is a free hacking kit that i have,created two months ago but i haven't had,the chance to announce about it it's,about a free hacking kit that you can,get for free it consists of a my,favorite osent website,in an excel sheet and two mini hackie oh,two many ethical hacking courses that,you can learn,from,and,these are how you can,find the password of a,wpa2 encrypted network using osx,and how can you,apply or perform a replay attack,to,unlock cars that are vulnerable now of,course this video and this,kit is for ethical and educational,purposes i'm not responsible if you've,done anything else i'm just trying to,share with you what i have learned in,the recent maybe,like one two three years that depends,and i really hope you you can get,advantage of it and also share it with,your friends now without being said,don't forget to,like and subscribe to the channel,and follow us on social media for more,content and let's start our video,alright so here is the awesome list that,you are gonna get by clicking on in on,the link in the description and you can,see that it consists of many categories,you can see we have search engines,emails people search database bridge,search reverse video search maps social,media etc now what we're going to use in,this video is social media so we just,have to click on it and now we're in the,social media,tab and what we are searching for you,can see that it's categorized we can see,that it's whether it's for free or not,description the url and the type,and what we're gonna click on is,facebook,sow search and you can see that the,description is facebook graph searcher,and this is what we're gonna use in this,video so all we have to do is just click,on it i've already opened the page here,is it,and next we are going to,find the user id,of our target or the person that you are,trying to find his or her hidden friends,now to do this we have to sign in to,google to facebook,using your legit account,now you have to use suck puppet,obviously,um i don't like to use,my personal account because maybe or,there is a chance that you click on add,friend,so this is a risk that you're gonna take,in this case,so,i've just typed michelle,jones and i'm looking for someone who,has his friend,his friends private,and let's click on anybody for example,let's say this person okay now he has,public friends we want to search for,another one,okay now this one for example,we have michelle john,this is his profile if we clicked on see,all friends,you can see that we have no friends to,show now our job is to find his hidden,facebook friends the first thing we need,to do is that we need to get the profile,id,and you can see that the id is right,here we can copy it and add it to this,website but,in some cases you're gonna find that,they have a username and not an id,so let me come back,let me open this page,another another tab,and click on this person okay this is,not a perfect example,let me click on this one okay so this,one has the username hahaha 1298,which does not work with us so in this,case we have to find his facebook id,manually or automatically now the manual,way will take some time,and the reason why you need to learn how,you can find the,facebook profile id manually is because,sometimes the websites that,you get doesn't always work you gotta,find the facebook id manually,so in this case let's get the facebook,id of this person for example let's copy,the url and do it,using this website this will make the,process much easier,and say lookup,and here is his facebook id now of,course we don't want his facebook id,because he has public friends so i'm,going to,i'm not going to close this page let me,show you how you can find the id manual,first,so right click and then go to view page,source and from here,let me close it and replace the url,instead of www you have to enter m to,view the mobile version because it's,going to be,lighter on your browser,and then right click and then view page,source,and from here you're gonna find or,you're gonna search for anything that,start with one thousands because always,uh most of the facebook ids start with,1000 as you can see here so i'm just,going to copy the first four digits,paste it right here you can see that we,have multiple,ids i hope that it's this one,oh not this one,okay i know what's happening here,okay so this is his facebook id as you,can see,it takes sometimes some time to,find it but i think,you have to learn it because who knows,when you're gonna use it,and of course you can use this website,to find the id immediately without,having to look for it,manually so uh we found this id so after,fin

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How To Hide Instagram DMs/Chats Without Deleting Them

How To Hide Instagram DMs/Chats Without Deleting Them

Welcome to a Foxy Tech Tips tutorial on hiding  DMs or chats on Instagram without deleting them.  ,If you find this tutorial helpful please consider  subscribing to my channel and liking the video.,When I open up Instagram and tap on my messages  you can see that my inbox is currently normal.  ,And if I swipe from right to left on a message  ,there are just two options,  to delete or mute the message.,What you want to do to hide a  DM is to create another inbox,  ,to do this you will first need  to have a creator account.,To make your account a creator account,  tap on your profile icon in the bottom  ,right corner of the homepage  to get to your profile page.,Then tap on the three lines button in the  top right corner of your profile page.,Select settings from the menu.,Then in settings tap on ‘switch to  professional account’ in blue near the bottom.,Tap continue four times and then choose  a category, it doesn’t matter which one.,Make sure the ‘display on profile’ toggle  ,is switched off and then tap  ‘Done’ at the bottom of the page.,Make sure that ‘creator’ is selected and tap  ,‘next’ then tap the ‘x’ at  the top right of the page.,Now from your profile page,  tap on the three lines button  ,in the top right again,  and again select ‘settings’,In settings tap on ‘notifications’,Now tap on ‘direct messages’,Under messages, you need to make sure that the  middle option is selected ‘from primary only’  ,this means that you will only get  notifications from your primary inbox.,Now go back to the Instagram homepage  and tap on messages in the top right.,Your inbox will now be split in  two, primary and general. You will  ,get notifications about new messages in your  primary inbox but not in your general inbox.,To move a chat to general swipe from right  to left on it and then tap ‘general’ that  ,chat will now be moved to your general inbox  and if someone was to look at your messages or  ,you screenshot your inbox, it would appear  like there was no chat with that person.,To see the messages in general just  tap general at the top of the page.,To move chats back from general to primary,  swipe from right to left on them and then tap  ,‘primary’. They will reappear in your  primary inbox in the same order as before.,If you want your inbox to go  back to normal and not have  ,two sections and want to have a regular  Instagram account and not a creator account  ,then tap on your profile icon in the  bottom right corner of the homepage.,Then tap on the three lines  button in the top right corner  ,of your profile and select  ‘Settings’ from the menu.,In settings tap on ‘account’ then  tap on ‘switch account type’ in blue.,Tap ‘switch to personal account’ and then  tap ‘switch to personal’ on the popup.,Your Instagram account will now be a personal  account again and if you go to your messages  ,you will see that there are no longer  two sections and it is back to normal.,And that draws an end to this tutorial.  Please like the video if you found it  ,helpful and subscribe to Foxy Tech Tips  for more Instagram tips and tricks.

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How to see hidden Instagram story mentions | Hannan Max

How to see hidden Instagram story mentions | Hannan Max

hello guys my name is hanan and today i,will be showing you how you can see the,hidden mention tags,in instagram stories so what i actually,mean is let me just refresh this page,you can see that this account don't have,any stories currently so let me just,post one,so what,people basically do is they just,mention many private people in their,life,so let me just mention myself you can,say that's the one mentioned tag that's,of me and on max,and let me just post another one like,this hmd opener suppose that's my uh,personal or private girlfriend or,boyfriend uh mention tech so what you,people basically do is they just pinch,out dimension tag and,drag it off the screen so you cannot see,the mention tag and they just post the,story,so what basically happens here is you,can see the story is now posted but you,cannot see uh the hmd recorder,mentioned tag,here,so let me just refresh this page also,so now you can see same here that there,is only one tag anon mix and there is no,other take,named,hmd encoders so to see that what,basically you can do is you can just,google learn max,soccer,ig,that will lead you to,interesting,you know next to karate,that video to my website page,where you can,just go to stories and type in the,username you want,like justinka,it will take couple of seconds to load,okay so you can see now there is a story,vincent says to count,one is hmd recorders involution and you,can also see the story below that there,is no mention take off hmd recorded but,still my website shows you that there,are two main scenes one non attempt,unknown,what other things you can do with my,website is like suppose,there are basically two more tags which,are important in,instagram,so one is like paul,like ask me a question and people do yes,or no,something,and another one is quiz so here you can,see my favorite so i can say bike,plane,ship,and i will just select the plane as a,swansea,and just turn and upload this story,so story is posted you can see the plan,is a,right answer so you can just let me,refresh this one too so you can see,so you can see there is another one,story with a one pole in one quiz,question so what you can here do is come,again on my website and just go to story,and,type in username in tab search,so what you know what now this will do,is uh just load all the storage like,this this was the previous one and,that's the new one so you can see here,there are two poles like yes and no and,both count is currently zero,and you can see that there is a quiz,and my website shows the what's it what,is the right answer of the quiz so you,can see that's the basically plane,which i told you earlier,so let me just do one another thing like,swipe down and do just snow,so you can see that i just,increased the count note to one so what,you can do is basically come here again,and just tap on search,and that will just refresh the my,dashboard and now you can see that uh,there is a no count of one,well there is one more thing i forgot to,mention that you can see here a button,like story to post but this button would,work if you are using my website through,a pc browser,so let me just open it and let's see,so you will basically get an error like,sorry this page doesn't exist,but if you go through my,website phone from a phone,so just,so for id,you can go to rails and type in username,like just because,tap on search,so you can see this two stories are,there and there is a button like story,to post and when i click on the button,story to post,that will redirect me to safari to,instagram and you can see the full story,it's a post but when i click on the,username,account and go to his uh,what i can say his great view post,you can see there are no post but still,you can see there is a post like uh,just me and you can see the story in a,post,so that's a cool thing unfortunately the,instagram fix this bug like you cannot,like the post anymore or do any comments,but still i found this very cool so i,have just,made a button so you can just create a,story to post,what other things you can do with my,website is you can download the hd,profile picture of any account,so basically just you can see that i,cannot really,see the profile picture of any user or,mine,so what you have to do is just you have,to copy the username,come to my website go to profile,and type in the username and tap on,search,so now you can see that's,extra clear hd image,through my website you can also tap on,download hd profile and download the,profile picture there are also three,options like real post and igtv so let,me just go through them,so you can here come here in reels,just tap on any rails and copy the whole,where you are,and just paste it in a,search box and search,so you can see that store is loaded and,you can also download this story by,clicking on download reel,same goes with the post you can also,download multiple,posts like you know sometimes people,only post one picture,and sometimes,some people post multiple pictures in a,single post so what y

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Top 10 Hidden Tokyo Photo Spots & Instagram Places feat. Zhiyun Crane 2

Top 10 Hidden Tokyo Photo Spots & Instagram Places feat. Zhiyun Crane 2

in this video I'm gonna show you guys my,top 10 photography spots in Tokyo so,when people first come to Tokyo's,Shibuya is one of the places they hit,because it's an awesome photography spot,just look at behind me and all of these,people so I want to show you guys my top,ten favorite places to take photos in,Tokyo which might be a little bit off of,the beaten path but it should help out,your Instagram game I'll make sure to,leave a link in description so you guys,can get to all of these spots and one,thing in this video I won't be including,any of these scenic shots or any of the,skylines because I wanted to show you,kind of like a more street level view of,Tokyo but if you guys want me to do a,video on that let me know in the,comments section and Zhiyun was kind,enough to send me the Crane 2 so in,the rest of this video I'll be filming,with a Zhiyun Crane 2 but one note,is that I'm not a pro photographer and,this is the first time I'll be using a,DSLR gimbal so you guys be kind to me in,the comments section number one Hie,shrine you might have seen pictures like,this from the Inari shrine in Kyoto but,this one was taken in Tokyo and it's one,of those hidden secret spots that no one,really knows about,Hanazono shrine in Ueno,Park is similar,but packed with tourist so it's difficult,to get a good shot and the shrine gates,are not as photogenic number two more,Moreru Mignon if you're looking for,something more Japanese pop then check,out this ultra cute put it could a shop,it's at the gateway of Tokyo Disney,Resort in the Ikspiari shopping mall it,has several photography areas serving as,a perfect Instagram killer number three,Sensoji I know this photo shop is,probably already on your list when,traveling to Tokyo but since it's just,so beautiful,it had to make my top 10 tokyo photo,spots during the day though when,there are crowds of people I was able to,isolate the subject by using the bottom,up mode on the crane 2 gimbal as it gets,an ultra low close to the ground,buttery shot like this number 4 tokyu,plaza now this spot is a Tokyo Instagram,classic mirrors everywhere even on the,ceiling and now you guys know where it is,number 5,graffiti wall this spot is hidden in the,back area of Shibuya not a lot of,tourists know about. It was challenging,to capture the entire wall in one shot,but luckily I was able to use the gimbal,to balance my DSLR camera and walk along,with a subject like this. Number 6,Todoroki Keiko ku and you believe just,15-20 minutes away from Shibuya there's,a beautiful ravine securely hidden away,you can keep walking the path and you'll,eventually reach a waterfall,also if you ever want to go selfie mode,with the gimbal just tap the mode button,three times and you can even capture,yourself like this. Number seven,Gotokuji inside of this beautiful go,gotokuji temple you can find these cute,and all these scary cats,aka my Manekineko. You might want to go,to the spot early since it's right next,to the cemetery. Number eight Omoide,yokocho. Omoide Yokocho is a well-known,Tokyo tourist spot for getting food and,drinks but it's also amazing spot for,Tokyo photography at night with cute lanterns,and friendly stores set the perfect,scene. number nine Meiji Jingu. Meiji,Jingu is just right next to Harajuku,station a lot of people visiting meiji,jingu b-line to the shrine but along,the way there's a dope set of 201,barrels of Sake all beautifully lined,up. The name shown in the barrels are the,sake makers from all over Japan who made,contributions.Definitely an Instagram worthy,spot in my book. And number 10 Tatemono-en,Tatemono-en is also known as,Edo Tokyo open-air architectural museum,is located inside Koganei Park which is,30 to 40 minutes away from Shibuya it,costs 400 yen for admission but it's,completely worth the money in the travel,check out this cinematic reveal shot of,this place while I start from the,subjects feet working up to ultimately,reveal the old school bathhouse ahead of,her oh and not only do the buildings,make for amazing photographs you can,even enter each building to find,authentically curated interiors,here's a map showing you relative,locations in Tokyo of all the places,we visited. again all the location links,are in the description of the video,alright so that concludes my top 10 hope,you liked the video and I hope you like,the footage from the Crane 2 you can,actually have a payload of 3.2 kilograms,so even heavy cameras like in my DSLR,with a huge lens this thing was able to,handle it plus it came with a cool,tripod so that when you actually hold it,out like this you can actually just like,prop it up without any problems,and if you guys are interested in the,Crane 2 I'll leave a link in the,description and like always if you guys,want to see more of my ventures in Tokyo,or Japan hit that subscribe button and,I'll catch you guys in the next one!

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How to See Hidden Text in Screenshot's on Mobile | Unhide Painted Screenshots | Really Possible?

How to See Hidden Text in Screenshot's on Mobile | Unhide Painted Screenshots | Really Possible?


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20 Hidden NEW Features in iOS 16

20 Hidden NEW Features in iOS 16

iOS 16 was just released and there's plenty of new  features, but I'm not gonna be focusing on the big  ,major ones that everyone's been talking about,  like being able to edit and unsend iMessages  ,and customize the home screen, we've already heard  about all that. I'm gonna be focusing on features  ,that are kind of hidden, maybe barely mentioned  in the update log or not mentioned at all.,And some of these are just little convenience  features that I actually think are just as  ,cool as the big new features, so let's  just jump into it. So starting off,  ,spammers are gonna hate this one. You can now  report junk any type of spam text message.  ,Before you could only do it for iMessages, but  now you can do it for regular SMS messages.,So anytime you get a spam message, you  should have that option to report junk now,  ,and be sure to do that, it will help fight  spam in the future because it reports it  ,to both Apple and your carrier so they  can improve their AI or whatever they  ,use to detect these spammers. Next,  this is one I've been waiting for.,You can finally now enable haptic feedback and  taps on the default iOS keyboard. So to do this,  ,you go to the settings and then "Sound  and Haptics" > "Keyboard Feedback"  ,and then enable "Haptic." And now  when you type on the keyboard,  ,it gives a little bit of feedback, and I just  think that is so much better and nicer to use.,Next, this small change is actually  huge. You can now finally enable the  ,battery percentage to show again. This  one actually has been talked about a  ,little bit more but I just had to mention  it. If you go into the battery settings,  ,you can now finally have it show the  actual percentage, all the time at the top,right. Alright so next I got a whole  bunch of features all in a row having  ,to do with photos. So the first one is  now, by default, the Hidden and Recently  ,Deleted albums in photos is locked behind  Face ID. Which just makes total sense,  ,if you are making a hidden album, it  should be locked in some kind of way.,There's also a new Duplicate Photos  option. If you go to the albums menu and under  ,Utilities, it should be there. Though it might not  show up immediately. For me it didn't really show  ,up, even though I definitely put some duplicate  photos in there. So maybe it just takes time to  ,analyze. And how this works is if there are  two photos that are detected to be identical,  ,and they're different qualities, it  will always keep the higher quality one,,so you don't have to worry about that.  Next, you can now copy and paste edits of  ,a photo. So if you've gone in and edited the  lighting or whatever for a particular photo,  ,and you want to apply it to a whole  bunch, you can now just long tap on it,  ,hit "Copy Edits", and then paste  it onto another one, or multiple.,Also, now you can edit the metadata for multiple  selected photos at once. So you could do this  ,before for an individual video, but now you can  select multiple, and then for example change the  ,date of a photo or all of them. So you just go  to the bottom right, little triple dot thing,  ,and then it'll give you the same options  that you could before with one photo,,no matter how many you select. Alright  now the final cool little one for photos,  ,is if you go to crop an image, there is now a  new "Wallpaper" aspect ratio option. So yeah,  ,it automatically crops it if  you go to select a wallpaper,  ,but maybe you wanna keep it cropped like  that all the time. Alright moving on,,the next feature is you are now able  to view the passwords of Wi-Fi networks  ,you have saved. So if you go to "Wi-Fi"  and then click on the little info icon,  ,you'll now have a new password  field. So if you tap on that,  ,it'll scan for Face ID to verify, and then it'll  now show you that password for that network,,and you can also tap to copy it if you want.  Also in Wi-Fi, you are now able to edit all  ,the Wi-Fi networks saved on the phone, not just  ones that are showing within range. So to do that,  ,at the top right of the Wi-Fi list, you hit  "Edit," and it will immediately again scan  ,for Face ID, and then now it'll show a list  of all the saved networks, not just the ones,that are nearby. And then you'll have the same  options that you usually do for those. Alright,  ,next up, we have a whole bunch of new  features for contacts. Yes, you think,  ,"how can the contacts app have a bunch  of new features?" It does. First of all,  ,this one's actually not so hidden,  cause it'll literally show you,  ,but you can now merge duplicate contacts  automatically. If you're in contacts,,and it seems like as long as you're in the  all contacts list, it will actually show a  ,thing at the top that tells you that you have  duplicate contacts and you can merge them. And  ,also it just merges the cards, not technically  the contacts behind the scene. So what I mean is,  ,if you have your list of contacts from iCloud,  and you have your list

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