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Fastest way to unfollow people on instagram in 2021what's going on guys welcome back to a,new youtub


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Fastest way to unfollow people on instagram in 2021

what's going on guys welcome back to a,new youtube video,and welcome back to another instagram,video,um in last video guys if you watched,that i,i talked about um how you could use this,new method of private growth,to gain a ton of followers about two to,three hundred um,a day if you haven't watched that please,go check it out it's the most recent,video,on my channel but today i'm gonna be,talking about a,the complete opposite topic which is how,you can get,unfollowed people the quickest in 2021,so let's go ahead and jump into that all,right guys so i'm gonna be showing you,this method,of unfollowing people very quickly on,instagram,which prevents um action blocks,are shadow bands so you don't got to,worry about any of that i know that's,the biggest,concern when i'm following people on,instagram so my method,gets rid of all of that pretty much if,you do it the correct way,and it's the most efficient way possible,because instagram,this is their almost preferred method of,how they want you to unfollow people,and also guys i just want to mention,real quick i did get the new microphone,so hopefully you guys enjoy it,if you see me looking over here just,because i'm checking on my audio,i got my computer over here with my,audio pulled up so i can make sure that,it's recording correctly and that you,guys are hearing great sound,without further ado guys i don't want to,draw this on too long,i'm gonna go ahead and throw my screen,up right now go ahead and review that, right there,all right guys so as you can see um i'm,saying that 6499 followers,and 6194 people i'm following,when you get up around 6 500 to 7 000,people,instagram just says no you cannot follow,any more people,so you got to start unfollowing people,if you want to,continue you know doing your growth,method which i,suggest you doing the growth method,until about,you get to about eight to ten thousand,followers and then um,and then you can consider going public,and trying to get on the to explore page,and,whatever you know then you try and get,that more organic growth but right now,we got to worry about,getting less organic growth so then we,can get to that organic growth,so one so what do you do um how do you,do this unfollow method,to cook to um not get shadow banned or,to not get blocked by instagram because,they hate,spammy looking activity and it's way,harder to unfollow people than follow,people,um so i was following probably between,four,four or 450 people per day when i was at,my most,and i did not have any issues with that,because i would go about every hour you,know,instagram limits your actions but for a,24-hour period you have a limited amount,of actions,so i'd be very um choosy and what you do,in those 24 hours with those actions and,also when you're doing these messes,make sure that you're doing other,actions like commenting on people's own,posts liking people's posts,interacting with people so instagram,doesn't just see you doing the same,action or follower on following people,so i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys,the method though real quick,so what we're gonna do right now is,we're gonna go into my following right,now,okay so we're up here where we just,refresh the page so you guys can see,now if we look up here we go to,categories right,this is where you want to look at the,very top of your screen when you click,on your following there's going to be a,category right here,that says lease interactor with it'll,give you a,um it'll give you a list of the 50,people that at least interacted with,you might ask what does that mean i mean,the name is pretty obvious what it means,that means that these are the people,that doesn't like your post and you,don't like any of their posts,so you guys don't interact with each,other at all,barely so these are the people you want,to get rid of first,because you don't want to be following,the people that don't even,interact with your post okay you don't,want to unfollow the people that,actually,interact with you first if that makes,sense but you're going to have to,unfollow them,all eventually but we want to get rid of,the least important ones first,so what you're going to go through here,and you you're just going to unfollow,all,50 of these people that instagram,provided and they're going to they're,not gonna think it's weird that you're,following 50 people at a time right here,because they're going to be like,okay i suggested these 50 people for,them to unfollow,so they're not going to action block you,off i'm following these 50 people,and doing it multiple times because they,understand,that they provided you with this list of,people so you just go through here,and unfollow all 50 people it doesn't,take too long as you can see i'm,following all of them,and it probably only takes me about a,minute to get through them it depends on,how many private accounts it is you can,see it's a lot faster when there's no,private accounts,like a private account is two buttons in,a non-private one you know it's one,click

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How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE! (2023)

How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at ONCE! (2023)

hey what's going on guys welcome back to,false tech in today's video I'm gonna,show you guys how to unfollow everyone,on Instagram at once and this is the,quickest and most reliable version and,this is brand new,hope you guys enjoy sit back relax and,enjoy the show,let's get started all right first things,first let me show you my Instagram,account real quick so this is the,account currently I'm following one,person I want to go ahead and follow,more people so that I can demonstrate,let's say I want to target people who,are into setups right I go to the this,post likes and then start following,these people this strategy is called,follow follow but I personally think,follow for follow is dead I'm not saying,you can't grow by follow follow but it's,not organic and it is not as effective,so if this is your strategy to grow on,Instagram you have to step up your game,alright enough talking 20 people on,following right now let's say I want to,unfollow everyone I have to go to app,store the link is going to be in the,description for both Android and iPhone,the name of the app is called cleaner,for Instagram right there let's do this,one,all right it's being downloaded right,here let me just move this right here,all right as you can see it is fully,installed on my device is that clean,let's go ahead and click on it and sign,in with your information all right and,then you have to agree to the terms and,conditions as you can see these are all,the people I just followed this app is,more than just on following it offers a,lot more features like you can remove,all the followers that you have maybe,there are spam accounts and you want to,remove them you can do that from here,also you can see all the pictures that,you have light as well as the posts that,you have I don't have any post but if I,had I could have deleted it from here,all right back to the admission if you,want to unfollow everyone you go to,action or before we have to select all,these like this and now what I want to,do is go to action as you can see,unfollow and it's going to remove,everybody at once how cool is that just,as a proof let me go back to my,Instagram I had 20 people now it's zero,so yeah guys that is pretty much it and,for those people who say this app is,paid yes you can pay to get more,operations but there is also free,version you have to log in here daily,and every time you log in they're gonna,give you free operations so that is,completely free guys hope you enjoyed,this video if you did you know what to,do so Marcel like button up and,subscribe for more content like this now,I'll see you guys in the next one peace

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How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once - 2023 Update

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once - 2023 Update

a lot of people use third-party apps to,unfollow everyone on Instagram and a lot,of people got their account banned,because of that so don't do that guys,here is a solution guys for this you can,easily for unfollow everyone on,Instagram at once this is guys a new,update just follow the steps in this,video and you will be able to unfollow,everyone on Instagram so follow the,steps guys and you will be able like I,said to unfollow everyone on Instagram,now I'm going to click my profile,picture at the very bottom right and as,you can see I only follow 12 people I,used to follow like 3 000 people on,Instagram that's a lot and whenever I go,to my following list I click on my,following list I always try to unfollow,like click I always click on following,okay following following following,following for I click on that and it,takes forever okay it takes for it I can,just unfollow like 3 000 people it will,take me at least one day so the solution,guys for this is to click two little,lines in the top right click traditional,lines in the top right after that guys,you want to click on settings so like I,said guys don't waste time downloading,third party apps because they are going,to get your account banned so just don't,waste your time here is a solution guys,I phoned to unfollow everyone on Tick,Tock okay now what you want to do guys,you wanna just click on help as you can,see here it says here help now you want,to click guys in on report a problem in,the top now click on report a problem,without shaking,now after that guys you want to click on,don't include and continue at the very,bottom,now here you have to tell Instagram that,you want to un can you unfollow everyone,on my account I don't want to follow,anyone anymore okay uh just tape here,can you un,follow every every one on my Instagram,account,I don't,want to follow,anyone I need hope,so you just want to tape her I need to,like explain to them you don't have to,tape the same thing you can just explain,to Instagram that I want to,unfollow everyone at once like uh I like,everyone at once I can't do I can't do,that one by one because it will it will,take me a long time so like me I just,taped here how can you unfollow everyone,on my Instagram account I don't want to,follow anyone I need help about this,okay so that's what you need to do guys,and then after that you want to click,Send in the top guys I understand how,you feel about this you have like,thousands of people and you just want to,unfollow everyone but it takes it takes,forever so here is guys that solution,just follow the steps that I showed you,in this video and you will be able to,unfollow everyone on Instagram after,that guys when I click on send in the,top and you have to wait 24 hours and,then you will get back to you guys with,a solution and make sure to check your,inbox and you will send you a message on,how you can unfollow everyone on,Instagram so make sure to drop a like,guys and subscribe to the channel leave,a like and come back to this video,within 24 hours and let us know in the,comments guys,um if it worked okay I would highly,appreciate that let me know what phone,you have in the comments I will reply to,you guys because there are a lot of tips,on how you can unflow everyone on Tick,Tock it depends on your iPhone or,Android phone just let me know what,phone you have see you guys in the next

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How to Unfollow People on Instagram in 2022 after the NEW Algorithm Change... (App?)❌

How to Unfollow People on Instagram in 2022 after the NEW Algorithm Change... (App?)❌

so you're following too many people and,you want to unfollow those people on,instagram well don't,do it yet because if you start on,following people right now and you don't,know how to do it the ratio you should,do it in how many per hour etc etc,your account is likely going to get a,punishment your health score will likely,drop,and worst case your account will get,disabled punished,or banned in this video i'll show you,exactly how you unfollow people on,instagram,in the correct way so that your account,does not get,shadow banned banned disabled whatever,if you've been on instagram for a while,you know the algorithm has changed a lot,and that is exactly what's happened in,terms of,everything and so when you unfollow,people too you need to know how you do,it properly,if you remember back in the day used to,be very easy you could just,you know put it into a bot and unfollow,a thousand people an hour every single,day blah blah blah,boom done you're good to go but now if,you do it you're gonna get,a punishment it's all about the ratio of,how you do it,because what instagram recently did i,think this is a couple months back maybe,four or five months back they made an,update to their algorithm,basically changing the accepted behavior,stopping a lot of bots from working what,they did was that,normally the accepted amount of actions,somebody could take within an,hour would be 200 you could make 200,actions on instagram in one hour,without raising any flags or getting,punished or banned or shadow banned,whatever,but what they did after this update,because the box and the softwares,caught onto this and so they knew,exactly how to operate to,stay under the radar but what instagram,did instead now to counteract this,because they hate all these bots and,softwares and stuff like that running on,the platform,if it's not following the api they hate,it and so what they did was that they,changed,the algorithm to where the actions you,can take,is no longer stagnant but it's random,instead of the actions being 200 max per,hour,right now it's it could be this hour,right now it's recording this video it,could be 34 actions,or it could be 176 or it could be 36,or it could be 98 it's random so how do,you unfollow people then well,what you want to do is you simply want,to spread the actions,throughout the day and so you want to do,it in the morning i would do it during,lunch time,i would do it in the afternoon and i,would do it before bed so that's four,times and it's equally spaced,throughout the day this first of all,will look,normal because the average person will,check their phone,and go on instagram and mess around,during those times a day people usually,spend,you know four to four different windows,where they check instagram for maybe,half an hour,and so that's the sort of times you want,to find yourself in doing this,now when you're doing this when you're,unfollowing people how many people,should you do again you want to,randomize it,sometimes you only want to do 10 next,time you might want to do,50 but i wouldn't go above 50,each time you do it and you also don't,want to just go to your followers and go,unfollow and follow and follow and,follow and follow no you want to,go to your own following you want to,check out the profiles,and then you want to maybe scroll around,on their profile for a bit and then,unfollow,go back to your feed scroll around on,your feed click on one of the accounts,that just posted go to their profile,unfollow go back go to your feed scroll,a bit,click on a profile unfollow because now,it seems,natural now it seems like you didn't,come on to instagram with the agenda of,unfollowing people,but you're naturally just unfollowing,people as a byproduct of,checking out their content going oh okay,i i i don't like this person's content,anymore so,it now looks normal and that is the key,to not racing any flags,that being said you want to mess around,on instagram and spend some time on the,platform doing normal stuff,too you don't want to just only unfollow,people because again that will raise a,flag,so the key thing you should sit with,once you're done watching this video,is be,authentic natural or real you want to,make your,actions seem real that's the bottom line,as long as your actions seem,real and authentic and not spammy it,doesn't look like you have a preset,agenda,going on to the instagram platform,you're good to go but the worst thing,you can do is just mass and follow,people,because that is not going to look good,if you enjoyed this video,smash a like button feel free to,subscribe for more content like this,um and that being said i will see you,beautiful people in the next video peace,jackson

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How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram (No Third Party Apps)

How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram (No Third Party Apps)

to know who unfollowed you on Instagram,and to know who didn't follow back is,not that hard at all and in this video,I'll be showing you exactly that and the,method that I'm going to show you in,this video is not going to be using any,app at all it's not going to use any,third-party app,so don't worry about giving your,information to other third-party website,because it's only good things right here,now let's get into the video so the,first way to find out who unfollow you,or who didn't follow back is by going on,your Instagram page now this is the page,in Chinese memes don't care about the,contacts so to find out who actually,unfollow you or who don't follow back is,basically going on your followings and,then go on their followings if you are,following him you can actually see his,followers and following so clearly if,you go on followers you're going to see,yourself gonna be there that's me that's,on top of the list and if we go on,followings,we could see that we are on top as well,so if they are actually following us it,means that we'll be on the top of the,list when it comes to following now if,we go on just this page right here this,person if we go on to his followers we,could see that we are following them but,when we go on to the following,you see there is an Us in there there is,now username in there so that means that,they didn't follow us or they've,unfollow us so that's number four number,one and Method number two this applies,to if you have a large amount of,followings so let's say you have like,let's say hundreds or thousands of,people you don't want to go for one by,one you wanted to just do a batch of,them so you will know that who are the,people that unfollowed you or who are,the people that don't follow back so you,could actually find out by clicking the,the top right corner and then go on your,activity right it already change place,if you're watching others video it's,probably you can't really find it,anymore it's going to be on your,activities and after that scroll down,and click on the download your,information and basically after you,click on that you you'll send a bunch of,information to your email address and,you need to wait about 48 hours in order,for them to collect all of the details,and send it to you so you got to be,patient so after we've clicked request,downloads you have to enter the password,as well so let's do that now download is,requested it's going to take up to 14,days to collect the data but actually,actually like it's within 48 hours so,yeah don't worry too much and now it's,just wait so after you have request for,a download of the details of your,account you'll receive this email it's,going to be saying that here's the file,you requested the information about your,account and basically all you need to do,is Click download information and it,will lead you to a login page of your,account so basically you need to enter,your password in order to download the,information that you want so which is,very secure and after you have type in,your password you'll be downloading the,files and now you will need to go on to,the download files on your PC and you,need to extract them all right after you,extract them you can double click them,and open it up because after you have,opened it up you you find out a lot of,files right here all of these files are,related to the account history of yours,a lot of things right here going on but,all we only need one file which is the,followers and following files click onto,it you only need the first two files so,open that up so which is going to be the,followers Tab and the following tab of,your account and after that you need to,go on to or any website,that actually allows you to,differentiate two different lists so I,found out this one right here that is,like kind of like sketchy website but I,think that works because I don't know,why I couldn't access to,from there you need to go on the,followers tab that you have and you have,to copy all of this all of these people,all right and you just hit copy,and then paste it on the first list,and then on the second list,um you're going to be pasting the,following so list number one is going to,be followers and list number two is,going to be following and then after,that you just need to click compare list,but what you see right here is basically,the first right here the first list is,going to be account that you follow,which is the followers the this is,number one and then number two is going,to be the your followings like the,people that you follow and here in in,order to find out who unfollowed you or,who didn't follow back is going to be on,here it's going to be under this one or,two okay so all of the people that,didn't follow back or didn't follow you,are going to be at the end of this list,all right so if you'll scroll all the,way down or all of these people all of,these people do not follow back out or,they have unfollowed you so yeah if we,go on to double check let's fi

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How to Mass Unfollow Extremely Fast on Instagram (How to Unfollow people on Instagram 2021)

How to Mass Unfollow Extremely Fast on Instagram (How to Unfollow people on Instagram 2021)

so you've been doing the follow unfollow,strategy and you now have like i don't,know 3 000,2 000 followers on instagram and that's,really cool,and you're on your way to literally,blowing up on instagram but,you need to figure out how to get rid of,all of those people that you're,following and try to make sure that you,don't get action blocked,in the process so that's why i've made,this video this video,is literally how to mass unfollow on,instagram,without getting action blocked if you,want to figure out how to do that then,you have to watch this video to the end,so there are a ton of ways to get rid of,your unwanted followers,on instagram and in today's video i'm,literally going to label exactly how to,get rid of all those people,that you're following on instagram how,you can get rid of that huge number so,that your account looks,more professional and easier for people,to follow we're literally going to be,going through tips and tricks and many,ways of actually doing this thing and,it's completely free,all i ask in return is that you for the,next i don't know three four seconds,scroll down below and just just like the,video,and if you're new to the channel then,subscribe i mean if you like this type,of content then,i mean subscribe because we literally,make a ton of videos exactly like this,one,well maybe not exactly just look through,my channel you'll see what i'm talking,about so the first thing you need to,consider when it comes to unfollowing on,instagram,is the number of actions that you're,able to and you should be performing per,day so actions,are things that range from like likes to,follows to,unfollowing these are all actions even,dms and comments count as action so you,need to try to make sure you're always,underneath the amount of action that,you're able to do per day that number is,usually around 500 followers but to be,safe i usually just half that number,and do only 250 actions especially when,it comes to unfollowing,on instagram because when it comes to,unfollowing on instagram instagram is,much harder and much more strict when it,comes to unfollowing than when it comes,to following and i don't know why i mean,when it comes to following i literally,did a speed run where i got a thousand,followers in only a week and followed,like well over 2 000 people in less than,a week actually but i don't think i'll,be able to,unfollow over 2 000 people in only a,week i actually don't think that's,possible,without getting action blocked the thing,with unfollowing and following every,single account,is it's very very different for every,single account on instagram,some accounts are going to be able to,unfollow 500 a day some are only going,to be able to unfollow 250,and i'm guessing someone will only be,able to unfollow like a thousand that's,why though i suggest you test out for,your account what your account is able,to handle,but personally i think if you are,chilling at around 250,to 300 people unfollowed per day you,should be,more than fine as long as you're not,trying to do that 250,in one sitting i like to space out my,actions per day,maybe like you know 100 or you know 98,in at 8 o'clock another 98 at 12,and then another 98 at like 10 o'clock,just before i go to bed try to space it,out as evenly as possible and also try,to make sure it's at random times not at,8 30 or 8 45,try to make it like 8 23 and also make,sure that it's different every single,day now when it comes to unfollowing on,instagram there are many ways of doing,it one of those ways is to go on,instagram and go to your following and,then go to,the people that you've least interacted,with instagram is more accepting of you,and following these types of people,because i guess like they gave you the,option,and you interact with them the least so,it doesn't look suspicious when you,unfollow these types of people i think,you're less likely to get blocked if you,use the,least interactive with feature but i,don't know if that's true i don't work,at instagram but from what i've seen,that seems to be the case now another,way that you can unfollow people on,instagram is with using the app,unfollow for instagram the app is on the,app store and i do suggest that you use,it i've made a video on the app in the,past and it still works,and i still suggest you use it,so now we're on app store and this is,basically the app mass unfollow for,instagram so you just log in like that,my wi-fi could just not be,extremely slow it'd be great and boom,that's basically it now you've got a,whole bunch of people that you're,following,and what you do is you press all the,people that you want to unfollow and,then you go select action and then you,can either unfollow all those people,um and then you can just go yes what you,could also do is tag those people and,and basically add them to your white,list so that you know,when it's time to unfollow it doesn't,unfollow all those people but if you,so for example what you could do with,this one is you could just go select,all

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in this video,we're to go onto instagram and show you,a way to unfollow the people who are not,following you back,the first step is to go to settings,go to privacy and security and then go,to view account data,we're going to start with the accounts,following you,or to select them,we're going to copy them and then in,excel,for google sheets we're going to paste,them in,highlight this green,next i'm going to target the people that,i'm following,go back to my profile click settings,click privacy security view account data,and accounts that i follow,and what we're going to see is that it's,quite a few more so in order to save,time,i'm actually going to create a very,simple macro to automate this process,for myself,i'm going to hit record,i'm going to hit page down and then view,more,and that's as simple as it needs to be,i'm going to select all i'm going to,copy this about,20 times,i'm going to change the playback speed,to a thousand and the free version that,i'm using,it's available for download in the link,description limits you to 10 repeats,so now i have the macro running and i,can basically walk away,and do whatever i want i'm going to,stand here for a minute just to see how,long it takes,so that didn't take very long but i know,i have a long ways to go so i'm going to,select,all again i'm going to go to the very,last one,and paste the new set so i have double,the amount,i'll fast forward through this to save,you guys some time,okay we made it to the end now i'm going,to select all of them,copy them and in my spreadsheet,paste them in the section,the next step is to isolate the list of,the people that i'm following,and remove anybody who's not following,me back,so what i do is i select this list here,of the people i'm following,i copy it i find the end of the next,list here and the people who are,following me,paste it underneath i then,select the entire column go to data,remove duplicates keep the current,selection,and okay identified 430 duplicate values,and had 772 remaining what that means,is that all the people following me are,still up top,the next step is to isolate the people,who aren't following,but aren't following me back and it's,easy to do now,let's go to the bottom here and select,all the people who i'm following in this,case these are the people who are not,following me back,i'm going to cut this list,and bring it over to my new column here,which is people to unfollow,okay so we now have an isolated list of,people to unfollow,the next step is to create a macro that,automatically,unfollows the people who are not,following me back i'll do it manually,first to show you what it looks like,click in the spreadsheet copy and paste,the name,search,i'm clicking review here to give me some,space over here,i'm going to delete the name so it moves,up i've successfully,unfollowed someone who's not following,me back,the way it looks here is that i have 677,to go,and that's going to take some time,another challenge,is that instagram's page is set up based,on,character count and what i'm looking at,here,is a character count that is going to be,longer,than the following one so we'll do a,very simple macro to show you what this,looks like and why it's not going to,work,record,select the name move it over,the unfollow button click is over here,now because it has,this many characters,and stop i'm now going to hit play and,see what this looks like,and this is where it wanted to click,because of the character difference,and so it wants to click here because,this is where it clicked the last time,because of the difference in characters,so the next step,is to take the spreadsheet and figure,out how many characters are in each of,these,cells the function to do that is called,equals len and in parentheses the cell,number,so i'm in b 2 but i'm isolating,a2 so i'm in equals,and what this tells me is that this cell,has eight characters,if i move this down the next cell has 25,characters so we know there's going to,be a difference in click area,between 8 and 25 and it's not going to,work on the repeat,so i'm going to keep going down and i'm,going to assign a character count,to every cell on this spreadsheet in,this column,and now what i'm going to do is i'm,going to sort this,so i can have it organized by length,to do that i'm gonna go to the home page,click sort and filter,create a filter then filter column b,from smallest to largest what this has,done for me,is each one of these now has five,characters six,and what i can what i know based on,experience is that i can go,basically between five and ten,characters and be successful,with the same click area,i'm gonna count the number between five,and ten and what we have here is exactly,99 and i know it's 99 because it says so,here,so i'll keep a note of that,i may want to write it down just so i,remember,and i'm going to create a macro that,targets the character count between,5 and 10.,we always have to start and stop at the,same place in order for this to work,right,and fo

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How to unfollow everyone on instagram at once [Hindi] | Bulk Unfollow app for instagram 2022

How to unfollow everyone on instagram at once [Hindi] | Bulk Unfollow app for instagram 2022

आज क्या प्रोग्राम है अपने इस ग्राफ,बढ़ाने के चक्कर में अपने Instagram,कॉल्विन को इनक्रीस कर लिया है यानि कि आप,लोगों ने इसे यहां से बहुत सारे लोगों को,फॉलो कर रखा है अब आप उन सभी को अन फॉलो,करना चाहते हो लेकिन क्या होता है कि करके,अनफॉलो कर ना वह ज्यादा बोरिंग काम होता,है क्योंकि यार इसमें बहुत ज्यादा टाइम,लगता है एक-एक करके सबको इन फॉलो करो तो,इसी चीज का सलूशन में आप सभी के लिए इस,वीडियो में लेकर आया हूं जिसके जरिए आप,लोग सिर्फ एक क्लिक में सभी को अनफॉलो कर,पाएंगे यानी के आप अपनी सॉल्विंग को कम कर,पाएंगे बहुत आसान तरीके से तो आज के इस,वीडियो में हम लोग इस बारे में बात करने,वाले हैं तो विडियो स्टार्ट करने से पहले,मैं आपको मेरा नाम बता दूं मेरा नाम है,मनीष और आप लोग देखिए मैंने इसको YouTube,चैनल तो विदाउट वेस्टिंग योर टाइम एंड लैग,कुंवारे है,है,तो हम लोग यह जाने के इंस्टाग्राम पर एक,क्लिक में सभी कॉर्न फ्लोर कैसे करते हैं,उससे पहले हम लोगों को यह चीज जानना जरूरी,है कि इन संग्राम की लिमिट क्या है यानि,कि हम लोग एक दिन में कितने लोगों को,अनफॉलो कर सकते हैं अगर मैंने आपको,डाइरैक्ट प्रोसेस बता दूं और आपने वह,प्रोसेस को यूज करा और ऐसे में अगर आपके,अकाउंट पर ट्राई अगेन लेटर आ गया तो आप,लोग कमेंट सेक्शन में आकर यह जरूर कहने,वाले हैं कि 13 ट्रिक वर्क नहीं कर रही या,फिर हमारे अकाउंट को इफेक्ट हो रहा है तो,सबसे पहले हम लोग क्या करते हैं कि,लिमिट्स को जान लेते हैं तो मैं आपको बता,दूं कि एक दिन में आप लोग दोस्तों से,ज्यादा लोगों को अन फॉलो नहीं कर सकते हैं,यह इंस्टाग्राम की धुंध लिमिट आई हुई है,तो अगर आप 200 से ज्यादा एक दिन दफन फॉलो,करेंगे तो ऐसे में यह होगा कि आपके अकाउंट,पर ट्राई अगेन लेटर आने लग जाएगा ना लाइक,कर पाएंगे ना कमेंट कर पाएंगे और आपके,अकाउंट से बार-बार जैसे आप लाइक कमेंट,करें और रेगुलेटर ट्राई अगेन लेटर शो करने,वाला है और यह जो दूसरों के लिमिट है यह,फोल्ड अकाउंट के लिए तो थोड़े पुराने,अकाउंट है तो अगर आप लोगों ने रिसेंटली,कोई नया रिकॉर्ड बनाया है और उस पर अपन,फॉलो करना चाहते हैं तो उसके लिमिट सो रही,होंगी यानि कि मैं आपसे कहना चाहूंगा अगर,100 लिमिट है तो आप 50 या 70 रन फॉलो करें,ऐसा नहीं कि शो की लिमिट तो आप सोल्व कर,रहे हैं तो ऐसे में चांसेस बढ़ जाएंगे,ट्रायंगल ले टकराने के तो इन सब चीजों से,दें रचना है इसलिए मैं आपको यह सारी चीजें,बता रहा हूं अब हम लोग प्रोसेस की तरफ,बढ़ते हैं तो सबसे पहले हम यह जानेंगे कि,कॉर्नफ्लोर आपको कैसे डाउनलोड करते हैं,ऐप को डाउनलोड करने के लिए सबसे पहले हम,लोगों को गूगल में आना है और यहां पर सर्च,करना है मनीष और यह तो मैं एंटर कर देता,हूं यहां पर मनीष वायु और यहां पर हम लोग,सोच कर लेते हैं सर्च करने के बाद यह,वेबसाइट है कि हमको ओपन करना होगा वेबसाइट,ओपन हो जाने के बाद हम लोगों को सर्च बार,पर क्लिक करना है और यहां पर सर्च करना है,अनफॉलोअर्स और उसके बाद हम लोगों को सर्च,करना होगा इस तरीके से उसके बाद हम लोगों,के पास एक रिजल्ट्स होगा हम लोग उस पर,क्लिक करके और यहां से आपको डाउनलोड कर,लेना है,हैं,तो आपको डाउनलोड और इंस्टॉल करने के बाद,हम लोगों को ऐप को ओपन करना होगा कुछ इस,तरीके से और यहां पर अब हम लोगों को वह,अकाउंट लॉगिन करना होगा जिसके हम लोग,फोल्लोविंग कम करना चाहते हैं तो यह कुछ,इस तरीके से हम लोग एग्री कर देंगे कुछ इस,तरीके से उसके बाद हम लोगों को यहां पर,लॉगइन विद इंस्टाग्राम पर क्लिक करना है,और मिक्स और आपको अपने Instagram आईडी का,पासवर्ड याद हो अगर नहीं है तो फॉरवर्ड कर,लेना तो सिंपली में क्या करता हूं मेरे,सेकंडरी अकाउंट कि यहां पर डिटेल सेंटर कर,देता हूं यह मेरा यूजर नेम है एंड यह मेरा,पासवर्ड ठीक है मैंने एंटर कर दिया लॉगिन,वाला ऑप्शन हम यहां पर क्लिक करेंगे मैं,आपको जब तक यह लॉग इन है मेरा अकाउंट बता,देता हूं यहां पर 102 फॉलोइंग है और अब हम,लोग इसको कम करने वाले हैं ठीक है तो यहां,पर आता हूं और जब तक यह शायद लॉगिन हो गया,होगा जी हां लॉगिन हो चुका है तो यह बता,रहा है 102 फॉलोइंग है करंट में हमारी अब,यहां पर आपके पास क्या है कि दो ऑप्शंस,मिलेंगे आप लोगों को एक तो आप अनफॉलो ऊपर,से कर सकते हैं टॉप साइड से एंड अनफॉलो,बॉटम से कर सकते हैं वह आपके ऊपर डिपेंड,करता है कहां फोलो करना चाहते है अपने आप,सॉल्विंग को तो यहां पर मेरी पूरी फोलविंग,शुक्रिया मैंने किस किस को फॉलो खराब है,अब हम लोग सिंपल क्या करेंगे पहले तो टॉप,सेवन फॉलो करना स्टार्ट करेंगे तो सिंपली,हम लोगों को क्या करना है अनफॉलो वाले,ऑप्शन पर यहां पर क्लिक कर देना है अनफॉलो,है फ्रॉम द टॉप यहां पर 50 एक बार में टॉप,साइड से यहां पर इंस्टॉल होना स्टार्ट हो,जाएंगे ओके पर क्लिक करेंगे और आप लोग,यहां पर लाइए देखेंगे यान फुल होना,स्टार्ट हो गयी1 फूल और हैं ऑटोमेटिकली,यहां पर मैं कुछ भी नहीं करना जस्ट अनफॉलो,बटन हम लोगों ने इन पर दबाया और यह अनफॉलो,हैं और अगर आप लोगों को पेंडिंग भी शो,करता है इसका मतलब यह नहीं किया वह रूम,जाएंगे वह अनुकूल वहां कुछ देर बाद ठीक है,तो ऐसे टेंशन वाली बात नहीं है मैं यहां,पर अभी करें यह सारे अंडों होते जा रहे,हैं आपको इस बार रिफ्रेश करके बता देता,हूं यहां पर एक्स्ट्रा दो फॉलोइंग कि,हमारी और यहां पर हम लोग Paytm बच्ची आप,यहां पर देख सकते हैं अनफॉलो होते जा रहे,हैं यह हो गए और यहां से और भी जाएंगे तो,यहां पर अगर आप लोग यह साथ लेकिन यार मुझे,टॉप से नहीं बॉटम से करना है तो आप लोगों,को सिंपल का करना कि बॉटम वाला ऑप्शन पर,क्लिक कर देना है यहां से पहले तो आपको,रिफ्रेश कर लेना होगा हनीफ लेता है यहां,से अनफॉलो बॉटम अब तक पूरे अन फॉलो नहीं,हो जाएंगे बॉटम वर्क नहीं करेगा तो अभी तक,ऊपर वाला चल रहा है तो यह बैक भी कर सकते,हैं बैक करने के लिए सिंपल हम क्या करेंगे,पूरे ऐप को ही हटा देंगे यहां से और फिर,से अगर हम क

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