how to unblock someone on instagram

✅ How To Unblock Someone On Instagram 🔴hi guys so today on this video we are,talking about instagra

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

✅ How To Unblock Someone On Instagram 🔴

hi guys so today on this video we are,talking about instagram and more,specifically,i'm going to answer a question that i've,been getting a lot lately and that is,how do you,unblock someone on instagram so let's go,ahead and talk about this,first off guys this is actually going to,be a really quick video there's not too,many steps involved so be sure to stick,around to the end of the video,but why would you want to unblock,someone on instagram well that's pretty,easy,maybe your best friend borrowed 50 for,you to pay for groceries for the week,back in 2018 and they never paid you,back but just recently they paid you,back,and now you want to go ahead and unblock,them from instagram whatever the case is,it's a pretty easy process all handled,here through the instagram app,it's this purple and yellow one right,here if you don't have this app already,check my video description i'll try to,leave a quick link there,but i'm gonna go ahead and open my,instagram app now okay guys i went ahead,and opened up my instagram and this,is the home screen and here on the home,screen you're gonna see various posts of,people that you follow,but if you like to unblock someone on,instagram what you want to do,is look down here at the bottom you have,these five different options click on,the one that looks like a person,it's here on the bottom right i'm gonna,click there now okay guys i went ahead,and click there next you're going to see,your profile page on instagram but if,you'd like to unblock someone on,instagram what you want to do is click,on these three horizontal lines here on,the top right,i'm going to click there now okay guys,once you click there you're going to get,this drop down menu,but in order to unblock someone on,instagram you want to click here on,settings it looks like it has this,little gear icon right here,i'm going to click there now okay guys i,went ahead and clicked there next you're,going to be here in the settings drop,down menu,but in order to unblock someone on,instagram you want to go ahead and click,on this,privacy line right here it has a little,lock icon next to it i'm going to click,there now,all right here we are in the privacy,drop down menu,and if you want to unblock someone on,instagram you want to look here towards,the bottom called connections there's a,line called blocked accounts,that's where you want to be so i'm going,to click on this little arrow right here,now,okay guys i went ahead and clicked there,next you're going to see a list,of people and accounts that you have,blocked on instagram so if you'd like to,unblock someone on instagram all you,want to do is click on the unblock,button next to their profile icon,so this person i'm going to go ahead and,unblock by clicking here,okay guys i went ahead and click there,next you're going to get this drop down,menu,and it's going to give you a warning,saying that if you unblock this person,they will be able to see your posts,and also be able to follow you on,instagram it is possible that you can,receive messages,and video chats from them as well and,also they're letting you know that the,person that you are unblocking will not,get any kind of a notification,letting them know that you've unblocked,them it just happens so if all that,looks good go ahead and click this blue,unblock button here on instagram okay,guys just a few seconds later i get this,pop-up saying that this user,has now been unblocked and it also gives,me instructions how i can block them,again,if i wish to do so so there you have it,guys that is the easiest way i know how,to,unblock someone on instagram if you know,an easier way be sure to leave a comment,below let the rest of us know how you,did it but hopefully you found that,video useful if so click thumbs up or,maybe consider subscribing to my channel,and i hope to see on the next video,thanks again for watching

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how to Unblock people on Instagram | Unblock kaise kare

how to Unblock people on Instagram | Unblock kaise kare


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How To Unblock Someone On Instagram ( The Best Way ) UPDATED

How To Unblock Someone On Instagram ( The Best Way ) UPDATED

hello guys welcome to my YouTube channel,if you're looking for a way to unblock,someone on your Instagram account then,this video is for you in this video I'm,going to walk you through a very,detailed step-by-step tutorial on how,you're going to unblock anybody that,you've already blocked on your Instagram,account all I want you to do for me is,for you to stick to me in this video,apply every step that I'm about to show,you and we are going to achieve that,together but before that please if after,watching this video you found this video,very useful do leave me a like in this,video so that it will motivate me and,also serve as an encouragement knowing,fully whether people like you are with,me and you're getting value from my,videos leave me a comment to the comment,section tell me that this video really,helped you and I'll be glad to hear that,still if it doesn't help you still tell,me and I'm going to find a possible way,to help you with that okay lastly and,most importantly do subscribe to the,channel to be getting more useful,information on to the various things on,YouTube and please don't forget to turn,on the notification Bell okay without,wasting much more time let's get started,I believe you really on your Instagram,account then first of all we are going,to go to our message icon then that's,where you send people message and as you,can see these are the variety of people,that have already sent messages and,we've already chatted okay and right now,I'm going to block someone then I'm,going to unblock the person so that you,could see how I'm able to do all these,things click on this particular person,when you click on the person click on,this icon at the top right okay click on,it,they are going to come here then scroll,up to where you're going to see restrict,report block then click on block then,you're going to see block princely 18,and other accounts that they have,created or create then just click on,block princely that's the only one I,just want to block this person okay and,I'm also going to unblock the person,plus the other people that have already,blocked on my Instagram account as you,can see you're going to see that I've,already blocked this person and there,are two ways on how you're going to,unblock someone the number one way is,that if you couldn't see the person or,you couldn't find a message of the,person that you blocked okay as you can,see come here you're going to see that,then you're going to see blocked you've,already blocked this account and for you,to unblock this person there are two,ways on how you're going to do it is,that your first of all search for where,you're going to see the message then,click on this unblock button and you're,going to unblock the person or if you,couldn't see the message all you need to,do is for you to go back here go to your,click on your profile connected down,right then you're going to see your,profile icon click on this straight,lines and the top click on it if you,click on it then you're going to click,on settings that the number one option,click on settings,if you click on settings then you're,going to come to where you're going to,see privacy click on privacy after,clicking on privacy then come down here,to where you're going to see this,connections under connections you're,going to see retreated accounts blocked,accounts muted accounts accounts you,follow click on this blocked account and,you are going to see the people that,have already blocked and that's how,you're going to see the people that you,you've already blocked okay,okay guys if you're getting value from,this video do leave me a like in this,video I will appreciate that a lot okay,I'm sorry for the opponents of just,stick with me in this video and we are,going to do that as you can see these,are the people that have already blocked,on my Instagram account that I'm going,to block this I'm going to unblock this,particular person that I just blocked in,your front here okay click on this,unblock if you click on Blog then you're,going to see Presley and other accounts,that they may have or created no no no,and just click on this unblock and you,clicking on unblock you've already,unblocked the person and if you go back,to the person's message you're going to,see that I've already unblocked this,person this particular person as you can,see I've already unblocked him and,that's a very simple way or are you,going to do this so guys I believe you,understand every step and every tutorial,that I showed you here still if after,applying everything that I showed here,it didn't work out for you there is this,only option that you're going to apply,here and that's the only and the best,option for you to do okay which is if,you're an Android User good to Google,Play Store if an iPhone user go to Apple,Store,when you go to Google Play Store click,on the search tab at the top right that,you're seeing right away then search for,Instagram okay,search for Instagram if you search for,Instagram please please and

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How to Block & Unblock People on Instagram Without Knowing Them

How to Block & Unblock People on Instagram Without Knowing Them

hello friends welcome to my channel I am,some Athan and I'm going to show you how,you can block and unblock someone on,Instagram so let's get started so as,always just update your Instagram,application to its latest version then,you can follow the steps now go ahead,and open up Instagram tap any of your,friend profile you want to block now at,the top right corner you can see the,three dotted vertical button just click,on it and there we have a second option,lock just step on this option and the,confirmation screen just confirm they,won't be able to find your profile post,our story on Instagram Instagram won't,let them know that you have blocked them,to confirm just hit the block option,again you can unlock them anytime from,their profile just click on OK,and that's it,you have successfully blocked a user or,a friend on Instagram application now to,unblock them,just tap the profile icon at the bottom,right tap the three line menu button at,the top right corner,and at the bottom you have settings,option just step on it and there we have,a third option privacy and security the,step this option and under privacy,section you can see the block account at,this option and there we have all your,friends our contacts you have blocked on,Instagram so to unlock them just step on,their profile and hit the unblock option,confirm they will now be able to see,your post and follow I follow you on,Instagram and start them or let them,know that you have blocked them to,confirm this headtube unblock option,you can block them anytime from their,profile again if you want this hit okay,option and that's it,that's how you can block and unblock any,of your contact or friend on Instagram,application for more videos like this,you can subscribe to the channel and,press the bell icon to get notifications,and mining uploads thanks for watching,guys have a great day bye bye

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welcome to my youtube channel i'm going,to show you how to unblock yourself on,instagram when someone,blocks you so as you can see this is a,guy called,albert instagram i want to show you he,blocked someone called,he's going to block someone called the,albert teachers,just like that i right up in the right,hand upper corner,then tap on block,as you can see they won't be able to,find your profile,everything so press on block then okay,so what do you do if you're the alba,teaches and you want to text,how about homes again so all you have to,do is,just make sure you watch this video,until the end so if we switch account,and go to the albert teachers and go to,check,you can see as i'm searching for alberta,hunza,he won't suffer anywhere in the search,results because,he has blocked me so what do we do when,you come up,when you get this problem let's get,started,so all you have to do is create another,account on instagram,just like that i'm going to use a homoza,2021 that's my other account,tap on it then,this is the account you're going to,search to help us to unblock,um then tap right there in the bottom,and then tap right upper corner then,you need to create in a group chat,between the two people that blocked,themselves albert alberta homes are,blocked,blocked out by teachers so we are going,to have we are going to add our butter,as well as the alba teachers to the same,group,just like this,yes just make sure if you're enjoying,this video just make sure you give a,thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't,then tap on chat yes now this is what,has been created,now this is another account so just send,hi,yes so after creating that group chat,just make sure you change switch an,account back to,the albert teachers who has blocked,so by doing this you're able to send a,message to the person who blocked you,at least it's better than it's better,than when they've blocked you and you,cannot send them anything so by,doing this you can be able to send them,a message like hi,you can't even ask them why why did you,block me,so by doing this job unlocked yourself,so now we need to confirm,if if all but a homoza got this message,so head back you're going to switch,account to,alberta homoza just like you have to,check if you save the message,so just um go to the message section,in the right hand upper corner there and,you can see requests tap on request,and you can see the alberta teachers,asking why did you block me,just like that if you taps in the,message and they show you in the same,group for leave group,that's so that's how you unblock,yourself when someone blocks you,so just make sure you subscribe to,youtube channel if you enjoyed this,video and,hit the like button if you like the,video,and let's keep rolling see you next time,thanks for watching

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How to Unblock Yourself on Instagram ? ✔

How to Unblock Yourself on Instagram ? ✔

you were supposed to be on show and,welcome back at a very fresh new episode,of tech paradise and a lot of you guys,were asking me to make a video on the,topic how to unblock each other on,Instagram and finally I am here with an,amazing solution by which you can unlock,yourself easily with a single tap so now,without wasting any time left moves,stage into the video,so guys before we get started make sure,you press the subscribe button along,with the Baloch go on for future,notifications on Instagram many a time,it happens that you block your friend,your girlfriend your boyfriend or anyone,after unified arguments depression or,anything,and after that he/she also blocked you,back on Instagram and after this if you,will try to unblock each other that will,be impossible because if we will search,for that account that account will not,be short in the search section even if,we will go to the settings and then in,the block account option and then you,will tap on that account a blank page,will be loaded the same thing will,happen on the another person's account,and hence unblocking each other on,Instagram was not possible before this,video being a social influencer and as,you all call me in stucking it was my,sole responsibility finding the solution,for this Instagram bug so for this you,will have to download this application,from the link given below in the,description also you can use this app,for mass and follow after downloading,and installing this application login,with your Instagram account after,logging in go to the settings button in,the lower right corner then scroll down,and select blocked user option,after that select the account you want,to unblock and after that tap on the,flash icon and select unlock and then,tap on the start now button so after,that you can unblock the account from,second person's Instagram account and,can follow each other again so guys now,you can block each other after breakup,without any hesitation without any,tension and after patch up just share my,videos to your partners,so I hope you all enjoyed the video a,lot and guys we are coming with world,Instagram tricks and Instagram tools so,make sure you press the subscribe button,and also do follow us on Instagram at,Tech paradise underscore and guys if you,have any question in mind regarding the,video please put a comment below in the,comment section and if you guys liked,this video,give this video a thumbs up and do,subscribe to our YouTube channel for,more videos on tech I am Devon Sharon,and I'll catch you in the next one

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How To Unblock People On Instagram That Blocked You | Easy Tutorial (2022)

How To Unblock People On Instagram That Blocked You | Easy Tutorial (2022)

hello everyone it's lily and in this,video i am going to show you how to,unblock people on instagram that blocked,you,the process is simple you don't need an,app or a website to do this so keep,watching and let's get right into it,so the thing about instagram is that if,you block someone they can't see your,profile anymore it's as if you don't,even exist so if someone blocked you and,you blocked them you can't find them you,can search for their profile but nothing,comes up,so these are all of the accounts that i,use and i am going to show you exactly,what i mean,so right now i am on my main account and,i have blocked buzzy and he has also,blocked me,so if i go over to the search tab and,search for buzzy my other account,as you can see doesn't show up,this is showing me different people that,have the username buzzy,it's like that account doesn't even,exist,but as you can see this does exist and,it's an actual account,and now while i am on this account if i,go over to the search tab and search for,my main account lilyjonestutorialhub,nothing will show up,so if you ever find yourself in the same,situation where you blocked someone and,that person has also blocked you you can,follow the steps that i am going to,share right now to unblock that person,so what you want to do first is sign in,to another instagram account,if you don't have another one you can,simply create one,it is very easy to create an account i,already have another account so i am,going to switch to that one,after that what you want to do is go to,the chats page and create a group chat,for that tap on this plus icon,so i am going to add the profile that i,blocked and now that i want to unblock,buzzy booger bean and my main account,which is lily jones tutorial hub,and then tap on chat,so now you have created a group chat,with them,and now you can tap on cgroup members to,see all of the people that are in your,group chat,scroll down a little bit,so as you can see i have my two accounts,that blocked each other in this group,chat,so what you want to do now is sign in to,your account,so i am going to go over to my main,account and i am going to open up my,chats,and now you can see that group chat over,here and if i click on that,it will show me a little message saying,that someone that i blocked is in this,group chat so now tap on stay in group,and then tap on c group members,and again you can see all of the people,in this group and you can also see that,i have blocked this account so now if,you want to unblock this person all i,have to do is tap on these three dots,and then unblock,and now you have successfully unblocked,this person,however this does not mean that they,unblocked you this is just you,unblocking them,so that's it for today's video,if you have any questions about all of,this please let me know in the comments,section below,if not give this video a thumbs up,because it does mean so much to me to,see people like my content,and if you want more simple tutorials,like this one in the future make sure to,subscribe to this channel,and thanks so much for watching,have a good day

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How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Instagram

How To Block Or Unblock Someone On Instagram

hi everyone this is john with the how to,outs video i'll be going over how to,block or unblock someone on instagram,this process is easy,once you know how to complete how it's,done,this process by the way is just the same,just about the same on both android,phones and also apple iphones,this is ample i am using my apple um,iphone 10x max,if you haven't done so already go ahead,and open up your instagram app,to block a user you need to go to the,user's profile you want to block,you can either search for the user or if,that person is a friend or a follower i,mean,you can search for that account in this,case i'm going to be searching for this,account,i'm going to go to the user's profile,and this person i want to block,see in the upper right hand corner you,click the three dots and you want to,select block,instagram has a new option where,if the person,creates new accounts,you can select that option or if you,just want to block that one user account,you can select that option,in this case i want to block everything,so i'll select that top one hit block,and i'll tell you blocking and,at the very bottom it'll tell you when,it's blocked,to unblock an account it's just as easy,by the way,you can either search for the user again,i'll go through the whole,um process again,you can search for the user this is one,way,once you get to the user's profile,you can select the unblock here,okay,hit unblock,and it'll go through the process of,unblocking it,i am going to show you another way so,i'm going to hit cancel here,go to your profile,select the three dash at the top right,hand corner of your screen,select settings,select privacy here,and then scroll down to where it says,blocked accounts,if you select that,you want to unblock the user that you,want to unblock,in this case it's the top example,it'll give you a confirmation you want,to unblock i do want to unblock,let's say unblock,and it'll give you a success,you hit dismiss here,that's it,hopefully this process going over how to,block or unblock someone on instagram,was helpful if it was help us out by,clicking that like button,if you have any questions leave them in,the comments below and if you're new,here select the subscribe and,notification button to be notified for,any future videos here on how to apps,have a great night

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