how to turn off likes on instagram

How to Hide Likes on Instagramso the massive massive update from,instagram that they've been testing


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Hide Likes on Instagram

so the massive massive update from,instagram that they've been testing,since 2019 is finally here,the option to hide view and light counts,and i mean the option because,they're not just making this across all,profiles,mandatory they're giving you the option,to turn off likes and views,on your own post or on your entire,account,so i'm going to make this quick video to,show you exactly how to activate it,because based on a lot of user feedback,they did not,make this the default on instagram,they're giving you the choice,which i think is really really huge and,really really great,that they chose to do it this way and i,got this update exactly,five minutes ago so if you don't have it,yet update your instagram and then,you'll have to wait these take a few,days to get to everyone,let me show you how to do it on a post,click on a post,and here if you press the three dots on,a post right here,you could then hide like and view counts,on that specific post but you can do,this account wide,also so let me go ahead and hide this on,this post,and look what happened it just basically,got rid of the like and view counts,but i could still click here to see that,so i could still see that on top,but it will be hidden it will just kind,of look like this when someone views,this post,let me show you how to do this account,wide let me go back here,and let's go to settings press the three,lines right here and then go to the,settings tab,and here let's go ahead and go to,privacy,and under privacy if you go to posts,you will see a new option as long as you,have the update it says hide like,and view counts let's go ahead and turn,this on,let me just show you what it means you,won't see the total number of likes and,views on post from other accounts,you can hide like counts on your own,post when you create them,by going to the advanced settings and,turning on hide like and view count so,i'll show you this in a second,but now let me go back to the home page,and as you scroll down there is no like,count here it's gonna show you just,couple people,but i can click and see the view and,light count this way,okay so it is hidden on the home page,but it's not completely hidden meaning i,could still access it if i really wanted,to,but if i scroll down i won't see that,number over here now,and let me go ahead and press the plus,sign to create a post,and i'll just choose the post option,here on this page,and let's say i want to just post this,image here let me press next,and next and here on this page if i go,to the advanced setting,down here advanced setting click that,you could see right here when you make a,post,you could actually turn this on so it,will hide,like and view count on this post so you,have to do this when you actually post,to make sure this is activated so a big,big update,but they chose to make this an option,rather than,forcing you and making this the default,on instagram so i think that would be,useful,but let me know in the comment section,what you think of it and i'm also,running a discount on my course for,growing on instagram and monetizing your,instagram profile so i'll put that in,the link below too if you haven't check,that out,there's a free 35 minute training as,well included in that link so i hope you,found that useful,and please give this video a thumbs up,and share it with other people that you,know that use instagram,and i'll see you next time

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so let's talk about hiding likes on,instagram it's a new feature that,instagram,have started to roll out to different,accounts over the last few weeks,but it's not new to some people some,accounts on instagram have had the,ability to hide likes,or have had likes hidden from their,account for several months now,as part of instagram's way to test,different features sometimes it rolls,out features to people,months in advance on some accounts and,in some countries,and then they eventually roll out the,feature to other people but,certainly most people now should have,the ability to,optionally hide likes on posts and i'm,going to show you,how in this video and also talk a little,bit about the pros and cons of this new,feature too,hi if you're new here my name is anna i,am a designer and online educator at, uk,and here on youtube i share videos all,about business,marketing tech tutorials productivity,and all that good stuff so if you like,that kind of content,don't forget to hit the subscribe button,and give this video a thumbs up while,you're there so as i said,on some instagram accounts you may have,had your likes hidden from you for the,last few months,so that when you post a photo you can,see the first person who liked it or one,of your close friends who's liked it,and then it will just say and others,rather than giving you the exact number,of people who have liked it however if,you're like me,some of you might not have had this,feature and so now that instagram has,started to introduce the,optional hiding likes feature it might,be something that you want to,look into so first of all i want to show,you how to hide likes on your own,images from other people so what you can,do is go on to your profile,tap on the photo that you want to hide,the likes of so you can see at the,bottom there i have got,um the little notification that says,liked by rosie gibson,and 416 others but what if i don't want,people to see,how many people have actually liked this,image what i can now do,thanks to this new feature that should,be available to most people now,is tap on the three dots in the top,right corner and tap,hide like count and then what happens as,you can see,down at the bottom that has now changed,to like by rosie gibson,and others instead of giving you the,actual number,um if i want to change it back so that,people can see how many likes it's had i,can just tap on the three dots again,and tap on unhide like account and that,will show the number back up again,you can do these for any of your grid,posts on instagram,but you can't do it on things like,instagram reels or igtv,videos so that's all well and good but,you might be wondering okay,if i can hide my own likes why can i,still see other people's likes on their,photos,surely there's no point in me not being,able to see mine but still being able to,see other people's,you can now actually hide other people's,as an option as well all you need to do,is go to your profile,tap on the three lines in the top right,corner and go to settings,then go to privacy go to posts,and toggle the hide like and view counts,button,so if i turn that on now and go back to,my account,i can now go to my home feed if i,refresh it you can now see,that all the like counts have gone and,again it just gives the first name of,the person,and others as well now notice that if i,click on others i can actually see,a list of everyone who has liked it it,still won't give me the exact number,but i can still get that information on,other people's posts,however if i go back to my own profile,and tap on a photo unless i've manually,hidden the likes per,image and as i showed you just now and i,can still see the like counts on my own,so all that does is just hide,other people's like counts i'm gonna go,ahead and go back to settings and,turn mine back on so it's kind of weird,that instagram when it was testing out,this feature with certain accounts over,the last few months,made it compulsory and didn't give,people the option to switch it on and,off,and now this new feature has come out,and they've made it optional,i personally don't think it makes a huge,amount of sense because,i feel like any benefits of actually,hiding likes,are kind of watered down by the fact,that some people are going to be doing,it and some people,aren't but let's talk a little bit about,the pros and cons so there are two kind,of,key benefits of hiding likes on,instagram,when you think about it what many of us,have started to do on instagram is,tie a lot of our self-worth to uh the,likes that we're getting on our posts,maybe when we post something we're,thinking oh am i getting as many likes,as this person or that person,and you're comparing yourself to other,people maybe you've put a lot of,work into a piece of content and when,you post it you don't get as many likes,as you wanted and that makes you feel,really down so from a mental health,perspective,hiding lights could be a really good way,of bringing some enjoyment back i

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Instagram Likes - The REAL Reason They Are Hiding Likes ...

Instagram Likes - The REAL Reason They Are Hiding Likes ...

Instagram influencers are trippin out,about the new Instagram like ban they,say they're losing money and they're not,getting the audience that they deserve,they're not getting the likes that they,usually get I think that many Instagram,influencers are getting ready to walk,out on the platform entirely so what is,the Instagram like ban and what is the,real reason that Instagram is doing this,to us I'm Ian Corzine your social media,lawyer and in this video we'll examine,those questions and we'll dig deep into,the future of Instagram influencer,marketing all right let's hit this so,let's start at the beginning when you,make a post to Instagram whether it be a,photo or video viewers people who are,your followers or people who found you,by virtue of Instagram hashtags can like,that photo or video they can do it by,double-clicking on the photo or they can,also hit the like button beneath the,photo or video now it feels good to get,a like for one of your posts it's kind,of an ego boost getting likes on your,Instagram posts also adds to your,credibility I mean you can't deny it,when you see a post with 10,000 likes,you view it with more credibility it's,more true perhaps to the viewer for,Instagram influencers the number of,likes for posts can be used to judge the,quality of the post and also the,audience that views those posts,advertisers or brands use the number of,likes per Instagram influencer posts to,determine how many people will actually,see their product and in turn buy their,product sometimes Instagram influencers,get paid per like on the posts like you,might get a dollar per like or you may,get more free product if you have more,likes on a given post so the like system,is a crucial part of Instagram business,and a means of currency for Instagram,influencers to be able to determine how,much value they add to the brand or the,advertiser so what's with this Instagram,like band,well back in April 2000 nineteen,Instagram told the world that it was,going to start doing tests these tests,would be in countries like Australia,Canada and Japan and the test really was,an elimination of others ability to see,the number of likes per post you as,creator the post could see how many,likes your post got but other people,outside people looking at your post,could not determine how many likes per,post you got even though the Instagram,like ban began in April of 2019,influencers are starting to feel the,effects now in recent articles Instagram,influencers are reporting that they're,not getting as many likes as they used,to in one particular account and,Instagram influencer with over 200,000,followers used to get like 10,000 20,000,likes per day and now they're getting,about a thousand likes per day because,their likes are down and so the evidence,to show the audience for brands and,other advertisers is lower they can't,get as many sponsorship deals,additionally brands and advertisers,can't see how many likes a given post,gets and so they're approaching,Instagram influencers less frequently,the influencers aren't getting the deals,that they used to also Instagram,influencers are saying they're making,less money because the likes are down,sure they can show the brand's how many,likes they got per post by doing a,screenshot but the likes in general are,down and so if they're being paid per,like they're making less money now the,reason Instagram is giving us for doing,away with likes is that they don't want,it to be a like competition they don't,want people to compete on Instagram for,likes they think it's a bad use of the,platform it's negative they also talk,about mental health issues they say some,influencers get consumed with how many,likes they get per posts and they get,depressed when they don't get as many,likes as they thought they would,Instagram also says that they want to,encourage people to do more comments on,Instagram posts that breeds more,engagement with the particular creator I,don't buy it,call me skeptical but huge companies,like Facebook which owns Instagram don't,make substantial changes to the platform,unless there is a financial incentive,unless they're going to make more money,by changing the platform substantially,and they are by doing away with likes,this is the currency of Instagram so,there's got to be an underlying reason,why they're doing what they're doing,Instagram is not making the world a,better place by decreasing the,competition for likes no there's an,underlying,reason why Instagram is doing away with,likes on their platforms what's the real,reason it's to do away with the current,state of Instagram influencer marketing,at this point in time Instagram does not,derive any income from a separate deal,between an influencer and a brand I mean,think about it Instagram gives us this,platform for free gives people with an,audience a free platform to make a bunch,of money on Instagram and they're not,even getting a piece so I believe the,real reason why Instagram is doing away,with likes does not hav

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How to hide likes on instagram|Instagram new update malayalam 2021|Hide views on instagram|Info Meet

How to hide likes on instagram|Instagram new update malayalam 2021|Hide views on instagram|Info Meet


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How To Turn Instagram Post 'Likes' Into Followers

How To Turn Instagram Post 'Likes' Into Followers

so i had a instagram follower dm me the,other day,and he basically said to me look i've,got really good engagement,on my posts at the minute i'm getting a,good amount of likes the your comment,here and there,but what i've noticed is that over half,the people that engage with my post do,not follow me on instagram,so i personally think that this was a,really good observation to make,and he then asked me how do i get more,of these people that engage with my,posts,to follow me so i answered him and,that answer that i gave him in turn,actually helped him to get more,followers,which is why i'm doing a video on this,today to help you do the same,so instagram is a great platform i love,using it,and i love 99 of the people on there,but you do get people that i like to,refer to as instagram vultures on there,they go around and they like post they,spam like posts,with one intention and that's to get you,to follow them,them not to pay back the offer them not,to follow you back then not to,build a relationship with you or connect,with you they just want to do it for,their numbers,to some people it's a numbers game and,by them liking your posts,with no meaning to that at all they,think that,you're going to follow them and they're,going to get cheap followers,to me this is mostly a broken concept,getting people to follow you,i'm not following back we'll just result,in that person and following them,eventually anyway,because connections online are built on,building a relationship,built on networking and if it's only a,one-way thing,then personally i don't think it works,unless of course you're a massive,company,a massive figure um and you're willing,of getting all that attention,without giving anything back it's,important to know though that most,people are genuine on instagram um and,if you treat them like a person,then they'll treat you like a person,back it's very simple so now i'm going,to tell you my method,what i told this guy on instagram on how,to convert more engagements,into followers on instagram and how you,can do the same,first of all you need to follow,everybody that likes your posts,that is a good fit for you if you're,having someone that's a good,ideal follower like your post if it's a,fellow drummer fellow guitarist a fellow,musician someone in the industry that,that their profile looks genuine then,give them a follow back,then just simply send them a dm,something along the lines of hey,thank you for liking my post or thank,you for liking my video,i thought i'd just drop you a follow so,we can stay in touch and stay connected,i'd really appreciate a follow back so,we can perhaps collab in the future and,help each other out,so not only are you thanking that person,for engaging with your post,but you're also following them first and,giving them the option to follow you,back,and you're talking about the whole thing,in terms of what they want,you're offering to collab you're,offering to help each other you're,offering to connect and,once you connect you can then help each,other build up the profiles,you need to talk to people in terms of,their wants and their needs,so if you can communicate that them,following you,will be beneficial to them then they're,gonna be much more likely to follow you,back,so this is where it will split the fake,instagram vultures apart from the,genuine people fake people,will read this or they'll even ignore it,and they won't do anything they won't,reply and they'll take your follow for,granted,and they'll be happy that you followed,them but they'll be using that to boost,the numbers with no intention,of following you back or building a,relationship with you,genuine people will simply read this,understand that you're a decent human,being,and they will want to stay connected,with you and they'll likely follow you,back,and that's where you can start building,a relationship and networking with this,person,and that could sprout into all sorts of,positive things,in the future so like i said the fake,people,that only want to boost their numbers,and the ratio between followers and,people they follow will ignore this,so what i personally would do is a week,after messaging people if they've,still not replied if they're still not,followed your back then simply just,unfollow them you don't want them cancer,people in your life,so give them up to a week to respond,they might be busy and if they still,don't respond,then get rid of them this very simple,method will not only build your social,media audience,but also build your network and the,amount of friendships you have,with people online make sure though that,you don't just focus on the numbers and,don't focus on the amount of followers,followers alone to me means absolutely,nothing,yeah it might look good to certain,people but what's that really doing for,your business,if you are not connecting with these,people and if you're not,actively engaging with these people it's,important that,this is just the start of the journey,getting them to follow

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Hiding Likes On Instagram [Should you do it? FIND OUT]

Hiding Likes On Instagram [Should you do it? FIND OUT]

hey guys it's nina zeta with sidewalker,daily and in today's video i want to,talk about a question that i get asked,time and time again and it's whether or,not you should be hiding your likes on,instagram as the founder of a creator,community on instagram like i literally,have a community of all different,creators influencers that i talk to day,in and day out through so many different,types of ways people ask me nina should,i be hiding my likes um and i'm sure you,guys are familiar with what that is and,in today's video i'm going to screen,share i'm going to teach you how to hide,your likes but i'm also going to go,through the pros and cons and a lot of,the research that i've done for today's,video has been contributed by you guys i,actually put a poll on instagram i asked,people what are your guys thoughts why,do you hide them why don't you so that,we could get a full picture of different,reasons now as someone who is the,founder of a creator community just in,general and i guess the way i do,business i don't like to tell people,what to do i don't want to be like do,that do this or don't do that or don't,do this and the reason being is because,i want you guys to be able to come up,with those decisions on your own you,know you own your own businesses it's,important that you come up with like the,deductive reasoning and the critical,thinking skills to be able to say this,is a good choice for my business or this,is not i want to help guide you to that,decision but i don't want to make it for,you because again every single person,watching today has different goals,different needs and everyone's positions,are different right so for today's video,like i said i'm going to outline some of,the big pros some of the big cons,and then i'm going to share my screen,and,walk you guys through how to actually,set it up if you want to now before i,get started if you haven't so already,make sure you hit subscribe to our,channel if you're interested in all,things influencer and creator economy,and social media strategy because we,publish videos weekly on this topic so,hit that little bell to be notified um,on upcoming videos now when i did this,poll on instagram the majority of people,around 70,of people,did not hide their likes so in my,computer community i would say around 70,are not hiding it but there were about,30 to 35 percent of people that do and,the people that do what i came to,realize is that their thought process,was and i'm going to share and read some,um some things that was said directly,but the people that do feel that they,don't want to be judged by the number of,their likes they feel like it's uh you,know from their own mental health they,don't want to be checking likes and,being stressed did this photo do well,their thought process is you know some,girls were saying hey you can see likes,on desktop so like if a brand is really,interested in seeing my likes they can,go and check it on desktop which is,totally true i think a big part of the,people that are hiding likes are doing,it more because they don't want to be,consumed by,the,need to you know this vanity metric and,this feeling of being overwhelmed by how,well posted or does not do now i think,what's interesting is that's probably,why instagram enabled this to begin with,because they wanted to remove that,burden from people so when you think,about choice it's quite great that,instagram has given creators a choice to,do this it's not like they're hiding,likes for everyone you as a creator you,as a business owner you can decide,whether or not it's a good fit for you,so let me go ahead and read some answers,from my community because i think,they're really really great insight as,to how other creators are feeling okay,so right here um,i found myself being so consumed by how,many likes my post was getting instead,of just focusing on putting out content,if something didn't get a certain number,of likes when,then i felt defeated and i felt like i,wasn't doing enough since turning them,off my mental health surrounding social,media has definitely changed i'm less,concerned and consumed by the number i'm,just working on my content and getting,it out there for the world to see it's,made me be able to let go of being such,a perfectionist and give it more power,to just go for it so i think that's a,really interesting perspective let's go,ahead and read from some other people,who have also hidden their likes,one one creator right here hiding likes,may have seemed to increase my reach,interesting i haven't heard that before,another creator in my opinion it doesn't,affect brand deals plus if you're on,desktop you can still see them so for,her it doesn't you know she's still,working with brands,equally it's not affecting her um so,yeah,another creator i prefer to hide mine,because i would like people to focus on,the quality of my work rather than how,many likes it received if brands want to,see my insights to get a better,understanding of my reach or engagement,i'm happ

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How to Hide Instagram Likes | Turn off Instagram Likes | Instagram New feature 2021

How to Hide Instagram Likes | Turn off Instagram Likes | Instagram New feature 2021

hey everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel where i talk about,email services social media,troubleshooting and latest twins,in today's video i'm gonna talk about,the latest update announced by instagram,so without wasting any more time let's,jump into the video,so yeah the feature they were testing,since 2019 is finally here and now,instagram gives you the option to hide,like and new counts now this option is,not mandatory and you can just enable,and disable it whenever you want,so to hide likes count on instagram you,just have to open the post,and press these three dots icon,and there you will see the option to,hide like and view count so the view,count option will appear when it's a,video all right,and if i will press that so as you can,see the number of likes,or views are gonna disappear all right,so you will not see the number of likes,or views you have received,but if you will uh press right here,below,the heart icon you will be able to see,the number of likes,or view counts all right so it will be,but,here back it will be hidden and look,like this when someone views your,post so it will not show the likes you,have received or the views,you have received so that's how you can,hide likes for every single,post and now i will show you how you can,do that for your complete,account so you have to tap the profile,icon,and then press these three lines at the,top go to settings,and here you have to tap privacy,and now you have to go to post,and here you will see the option to hide,like and view counts,so if you will turn this on you will not,be able to see the total number of likes,and views on post from,other accounts you can hide like counts,on your post when you create them by,going to advanced settings and turning,on high like and view accounts on this,post,so you can also use this option when you,are going to create a new post,so now i will show you how to do do that,all right,so also if you will keep this option,enabled you won't be able to see the,total number of likes and views on post,from other accounts,as well all right so yeah,now let's go back and i will show you,how to do that,on a new post so here is the new post,that i want to create,and now you have to press next and now,here you will see the option,advanced settings you have to use that,and here at the top you will get the,option to hide like,and view counts on this post so you can,also use this option whenever you are,going to create a new post on instagram,all right,so if you will enable this option only,you will be able to see the total,number of likes and views on this post,and you can also change,this later by going to the menu like i,have shown you previously all right,so yeah i'm going to turn this on and,this will hide the number of like and,view cons on this post,also if you are not getting this option,make sure your instagram app is updated,so yeah i hope you found this,information helpful and if you do please,subscribe to my channel for more such,useful and informative videos you can,also share your suggestions for my next,videos in the comment section below,and i will take the leave now we'll see,you the next time

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Hide likes & view count on Instagram |Turn off Comment on Insta post | Block someone from commenting

Hide likes & view count on Instagram |Turn off Comment on Insta post | Block someone from commenting

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