how to turn off active status on instagram

How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagramhi this is jason with dave's computer,tips with another ho


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram

hi this is jason with dave's computer,tips with another how-to video for you,this was on how to turn off active,status on instagram,i'm going to show you how to do that on,,and on your mobile device so you can do,it on either one,i did a video on facebook how to turn,off the active status on that and i'll,have a link down below so you can check,that out i did that about a year ago,it should be still relevant so check,that out if you want,also make sure you hit the like button,it really helps out our channel and also,hit the subscribe button and the,notification bell so you always know,we have a new how-to video up all right,let's get into this let's go to the,first we're going to start with the,website so let's go to our website,and now we're on our instagram website,now this is pretty simple,to get to the next step so you want to,get to the settings screen so to do that,you're going to go to the very top,and to the right you're going to click,on your profile image,and you want to go down to settings now,that we're under settings you're going,to go over to the left,under the menu here you're going to go,down to privacy and security which is,the third from the bottom,click on that and then here it is right,here i already have it unchecked but,i'll check it back there you go,okay this is this what this does it,allows,accounts you follow and anyone you,message to see when you were last,active on instagram apps when this is,turned off you won't be able to see the,active,activity status of other accounts so,basically you won't see anybody else's,if it's off and they won't see yours so,this is a great thing to turn off you,like a little more privacy so i'm going,to uncheck mine it goes off you don't,have to hit a save button when you do it,on what the website at all,there's no like confirm or anything that,just offer on you uncheck the box,so that's how you do it on the,,website now i'm going to take you over,to my samsung galaxy a20 phone,and show you how to do it on the,instagram app so let's head over there,okay now we're on my samsung galaxy 820,phone,and we want to get an instagram so hit,the instagram app icon on your phone,like i said that instagram okay so now,that when you're on your,we're going to want to get to settings,and the easiest way to get the settings,is going to your profile,it's down here if i click it ah there we,go,and then when you're in your profile,you're going to go to the top right and,click on the little,the hamburgers right here the lines,people call it a hamburger,it's a menu when you click on that and,then here you just go down the very very,very bottom and you're going to click on,settings,now we're going to turn off the active,status when we get in here and the way,you do,that you're gonna look down to privacy,that's the,one two three third one down we can,count,good okay now we're in here now account,privacy is at the top,then we're going to look for active,status if you look all the way down,you're going to see it right there,and we're going to tap on that and it's,going to open this screen it's the same,thing we had before,allow and you know allow account blah,blah blah blah you just turn it off by,clicking the little,button on the right and it's off it's,that easy,so it's not that hard sorry about the,blurring and blurring out there guys,but yeah it's very simple to do it on,here and now when you do it on here,it's automatically done on your on the,ins,the whole account so you don't have to,worry about going between,between your computer and then your,mobile device when you shut it off,it's off that's it that's how easy it is,guys,make sure to check out dave's,,where all our articles are and make sure,to subscribe to this channel,and thanks for watching

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[New] How to Turn Off Your Online Active Status on Facebook and Messenger

[New] How to Turn Off Your Online Active Status on Facebook and Messenger

hello guys welcome back to my channel,and I hope you guys are doing so great,today in today's video I'm gonna be,showing you how you can turn off your,active statues or your online statues on,Facebook and on messenger many times,it's sometimes right and okay to just,stay on a let's say on a low key,whenever we are on,online right so we don't want everybody,to notice that we are currently online,sometimes to just give ourselves this,period of,um you know to avoid a lot of,distractions and to avoid a lot of,messages and all of that so many of us,do not know we can actually turn on and,turn off our active status mode even,when we are online all right so I'm,gonna be showing you in this video how,you can do that all right so I would ask,that before you start watching this,video please subscribe to my channel hit,the Bell icon so that whenever I post,really creative and educative contents,like this you can always be one of the,first to get notified alright so without,further Ado we are going to start up,with this tutorial and however I would,act that if you have not done knowledge,you've not downloaded the Facebook,Facebook application please do well to,download it on your phone and if you,have not also downloaded the Messenger,application do well to also download it,on your phone so we're going to start,off with Facebook so Facebook,application has to be downloaded on your,phone so you open it up all right so I'm,gonna be showing you how you can turn,off the active statues on your Facebook,um application all right,so when you're currently here on,Facebook right so you're gonna just,check out for your,profile area where you have this street,hamburger icon like you're gonna just,click on this three hamburger icon right,on your,on your page right you're gonna click,that so when you click that,you're going to be directed to this,place and when you are on this place you,have to really be careful so that you,can see that so what you're going to,click on you're gonna click on this,settings icon here where you have this,settings icon it's more like a round,thing there so you just notice that very,small you click on it and so when you,click on that,you are going to be directed to another,page right so let's see how it's going,to pop up,and so here you are you're currently in,your profile you're printing your,profile settings and so when you are,here what you're going to click on is,that you're going to click on profile,settings for your account so you're,gonna click on that,foreign,active status right here so you just,click on add to show when you are active,all right so now this is it it's a show,when you are active so you're gonna turn,off this toggle here you're gonna turn,off the toggle and I'm going to turn off,the toggle right and then it's a ton of,active statue so you turn it off so when,you are online people are not going to,notice that you're online so whenever,next you want to try to keep yourself,um a little bit,um unnoticed online you can try this out,all right so now let's um go to the next,one which is Messenger,all right so let's try messenger so you,go on to the Messenger application right,when you open up the Messenger,application what you do is you go,straight to where you have your profile,um icon there you go there your profile,icon you click on it right so when you,click on that is your profile icon up,there you are going to see yourself here,so you're gonna look out for,where you have active statues all right,and this is where I have my active,status all right,so I'm currently my active status is on,so you're going to click on active,statues there and you are going to turn,it off from this toggle here so when you,turn this to the toggle like I touched,right so you guys notice that you,touched I touched just toggle there,all right I touched the toggle over,there so when you touch that toggle,you're gonna see this um option pop up,and then you click on turn off right so,currently your active status is turned,off you are currently online mind you,but people are not going to see that,you're online so you are keeping it cool,you're keeping it legit you're keeping,it,um just simple right so that you don't,get a lot of messages and all of that,based on your personal reasons all right,so I believe this um tutorial was,helpful to you and if you really love,this video don't forget to also hit the,Subscribe button because I will be doing,a lot of tutorials really soon thanks,for watching this video and do have a,lovely and wonderful day bye for now

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How To Turn Off Active Status On Facebook

How To Turn Off Active Status On Facebook

hi this is Jason when Dave's computer,tips with another how-to video for you,this one's on how to turn off active,status on facebook yep there is an,active status on Facebook so when you're,on there it actually tells people that,you're online so the messenger system,actually has that and you'll have a,little green dot next to you it's,usually on the right side of the screen,if you're on your web browser and it,should say you're active and then that,way your friends and family know you're,active and they send you messages and,stuff like that well sometimes when I'm,on Facebook I don't want to be seen or,known that I'm there I like to look,through people's posts in private,because sometimes we need a private time,when we're looking through people's,posts so I'm gonna show you how to turn,the active status off on your Facebook,account and I'm going to show you this,through the web browser and I'm going to,show you this through the Android app,the reason I bring up the Android app is,because it does not affect the Android,app when you turn it off on your web,browser Facebook page so the first one,we're gonna show you is the one on the,web browser so go to your computer open,up your web browser and log into your,Facebook account and I'm gonna do that,right now I'm already logged in and once,you're logged into your Facebook account,you want to look to the right side of,the screen and on the right side of the,screen you're gonna notice these are my,friends they have the green dot saying,they're online so that's what I'm,talking about we're gonna turn that off,and this sidebar might not be there but,that doesn't matter we're just looking,for what's down at the bottom right,it's little options gear icon right here,you see it right here and you're gonna,click on that and then it gives you the,option here so if you go from the bottom,up,for spots you're gonna see turn off,active status so we're just gonna click,on that and then this screen little,window pops up for us active status and,you have some options you can turn off,active status for only some contacts so,you can actually do that or you can,choose turn off active status for all,contexts contacts,except so you get to choose who you want,so we click on that one it does that but,I'm not choosing that one I'm going to,choose the big one which is this top one,which is turn off active,status for all contacts because I don't,want anybody knowing I'm online so that,is the one I'm choosing and actually,everyone you click on if you noticed,right there it tells you what it's gonna,do down here in this little paragraph so,you're gonna read that and see what its,gonna do and if you're happy with what,you picked then click OK,right here and now see how the side went,to you know dark that shows that no one,can see you online and you can't see,anybody online here but that's okay,because I like to be private so that's,how you do it on your web browser now,I'm gonna take you over to your Android,device which is my cell phone and show,you how to turn it off on the Facebook,app,okay now we're on my my cell phone with,the Android app so the Facebook Android,app is right here so you want to tap on,that and then once you're in here you're,gonna go to the top right and gonna,click tap the three lines the horizontal,ones gonna tap that and then once you're,in here you're gonna scroll down until,you get to settings settings and privacy,tap that one and then when the list,opens up doing to click the very top one,settings then you're going to scroll,down till you get to privacy and then at,the very bottom of privacy you're gonna,see active status and then we're going,to tap on that one okay now here it is,so now we can activate it or turn it on,and off so right now it's off on my my,cell phone I'm gonna turn it on and now,it's on now if you're gonna turn it off,I want to tap it this is what comes up,it says turn off active status you won't,be able to see when your friends and,contacts are active or recently active,so you no one will see either one so,we're gonna hit turn off and that's it,that's how easy it is to turn off active,status on facebook on your web browser,and your Android app make sure to go to,Dave's computer that's where,all of our articles are also make sure,you subscribe to this channel and tell,all your friends about it and thanks for,watching,you

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hide messenger chat || turn off fb active status

hide messenger chat || turn off fb active status


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How to turn off Facebook Active Status in Nepali

How to turn off Facebook Active Status in Nepali

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Facebook Tips | How to Turn off Active Status on Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Tips | How to Turn off Active Status on Facebook Messenger App

hey guys welcome to this tutorial today,I'm going to be showing you guys how to,stay offline on your facebook Messenger,actually it actually says um active,status and you're going to of your,active status in order for you to stay,anonymous online or your facebook,Messenger just in case you want to,ignore some people's chat and you know,and some people to notice your online,whenever you turn on your data because,mostly whenever you Tony data issues,Grint,orders and then once they notice you're,online they start sending message and if,you just want to judge some people for,some reason you can do this and if not,you can just leave this tutorial off,under slide hero facebook Messenger stay,on default okay if you are interested in,this all you need to do is top your,Facebook Messenger and make sure you,already logged in like I am if you are,not make sure you log in right now login,with your username and password so once,you've done that go ahead and click on,your status icon at the top right corner,just before the charts click on it once,you click on it it's going to show you,these details with your icon your,facebook status,image profile image first and then your,profile name and then your page and then,your profile and then under your profile,you're going to see active status and,this is where we are going to be working,on right now if you notice is on green,and if you also notice very well this is,on so we are going to go ahead and click,on active cities like now so once you've,done that you can notice it says show,when you are when you're active so let's,go ahead and click on this pogo icon,just right next to show when you're,active so it's going to show you a,message ton of active status yeah you,wouldn't be able to see where your,friends are contacts are actively or,recently active,so go ahead and sit on it off so when,you turn it off they won't be able to,see you and you won't be able to see if,they are also online either so all you,need to do is just to send a message,whenever you want so now you can go back,you can notice that the green icon is,still there and then the active status,is off so just go ahead and sit back and,then you can also notice that you can,send anybody message,but although when you click on the,profile area you won't be able to see,the people who are recently active,that's just disadvantage if not you are,actually save and you can go ahead and,send us your friends message and then,they'll be able to reply to you just as,normal body different is that they won't,be seeing you whenever you come online,and whatever he goes offline because if,not whenever you click on this area you,should be able to see everyone who is,currently on relying so if you don't,want this feature and you probably,finishes and you can also go ahead and,poke it off note this is the end of this,tutorial and thanks for watching,my name is Joe Stanley ts tech talk make,sure you watch my next video and I'll be,prom making more videos that we interest,you okay thanks for watching and make,sure you like and comment to my video,and if not please share the video if it,helped

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How To Turn Off Active Status Of Facebook & Messenger || 2022

How To Turn Off Active Status Of Facebook & Messenger || 2022

hey guys how you all doing my name is,salihu i'm a digital marketer and also a,mobile geek so in this video i'm going,to show you exactly on how you can turn,off your facebook status online and also,you're missing your status online all,right but first what you need to do you,need to update both your facebook and,your messenger all right so,like let me show you you need to do like,this like go to facebook um you need to,update them as you see both my facebook,and messenger they are updated okay so,facebook,then when your facebook open like this,guys all you need to do guys,is to tap on those three lines that you,see guys at the top and right,so you just need to tap that guys,all right you scroll down,and also um settings and privacy,all right,um yeah guys you tap on settings,all right,it's super simple so i just don't want,to delay guys,all right i see you guys um as when this,one audience and visibility all right,you need to tap on this active status,all right guys so show when you are,active you just need to,deactivate this one when you deactivate,this one guys it simply means that you,can be online as long as you as you wish,guys no one will knows that you are,online all right,so let me activate it like this as you,see you guys don't have activate status,you can read this message you won't be,able to see when your friends and,contact active or recently active all,right,so i know a lot of us,may need this in case like if we don't,want people to disturb us while we are,online put your messenger on facebook,before doing this okay so just tap on,your messenger guys,when you tap on your messenger you just,need guys to tap on your profile icon,there,all right,when you tap on your profile icon guys,you type on,active status,all right guys you turn it off as you,see guys show when you're active if you,deactivate this one guys no one will,know that you are online all right so it,is very important because,doing this like if you don't like people,to disturb you sometimes so it's okay to,do it because,um,yeah it's cool anyway because if you,don't want no one to disturb you guys,you can simply deactivate both like your,facebook and,messenger,status okay,so you can deactivate boot,um the facebook and,messenger stats online all right,so yeah turn it off like this guys,it simply means that no one will knows,that you are online a messenger,okay,so,if you found this video guys helpful,that is all about tutorial guys if you,found this video helpful guys please,don't forget to smash that subscribe,button and also hit the notification,bell so that anytime i drop a video guys,you will be notified about it okay so,please guys so also if this is the first,time guys to,come to my channel guys please do the,same thing okay so thank you so much,guys for watching peace,you

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