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How To Share Someones Instagram Story To Your Storyhey what's up guys ali here from,

Ali Mirza

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Share Someones Instagram Story To Your Story

hey what's up guys ali here from, and welcome back to my,channel in this video today,we're going to talk about how do you,share someone else's instagram story to,your,own stories yes you can do it before we,jump into it you know what to do,subscribe hit the bell icon and also,like this video all right now let's jump,right into this and here's my instagram,account,at ali mezza 2k if you don't follow me,you should,so how do you share someone else's story,now first of all i want to show you,something if you have,someone else's post for example right,here if you want to share this pose it's,super super easy you can,click on this paper icon and then you,can post it,to your story so it's easy to share,someone else's,post to your stories but what if i want,to share someone else's stories for,example here are different stories let's,say,the first one i'm looking at elise,dharma let's say her story is right here,let's see if i want to share this,let's pick another one that's an ad,all right let's go with this one,katherine manning so if i want to share,this to my instagram stories there is no,easy way,if i click on the paper icon watch what,happens,so i can send this in messages to,different people,but there's no option to share this to,my,own stories now so how do you actually,do this so there are two different,scenarios one,is let's say if someone posts a story,and tags you then it's really easy,if someone tags you in their stories,basically you're going to get a,notification which i'll click,on the notification tab and you're going,to see,a mention so this means someone else,mentioned,me in a story they tagged me if they do,it's very easy so i'll click on this,and now look at this i have this option,right here,add this to your story i'll click on,this and,now i can post it to my own instagram,story it's very easy to do,i can also go to let's go back,and i'm going to go to my messages if,someone tags you you'll also see that in,the messages,here is right here they mention me in a,story,and look at this i can easily add it to,my story,very easy to do but now the tricky part,is,what if someone does not mention you,how do you share their story on your,story right so let's take an example,same account uh i social you it's,actually my,own account test account that i use,so let's go there and here a bunch of so,this one,they tagged me or i tagged myself and i,can add it easily to my story but look,at the next one,i cannot here's another one and here's,another one,so i cannot share these so the two,methods that you can use,the first one is kind of old school but,you can if it's a,picture like this one i can screenshot,this,save it to my camera roll and then add,it to my own instagram story,if it's a video like this one it's a,video,in this case it's not playing for some,reason but if there is a video let's go,back,and for example,this video right here so if i wanted to,share this video,the first method is kind of tricky i can,do a screen recording,capture everything save it and then,upload it to my story and if you do that,by the way make sure you do tag that,person,but there's an easy way to get it done,and let me actually,rachel bell,right so she has some images so we're,going to use her account as an example,so let's say i wanted to share,this video on my stories right so how do,you do it,so option one is you can screen record,it and then upload,but option two is actually my favorite,you can use this site called, let's go there and then,search for the username so rachel bell,return and now it's gonna find all the,stories posted,or first of all the right account so,let's pick that,cancel the ad and i'll look at this so,profile and then stories i'm going to,click on stories,you see ad on the tab on the top,and then right here this is the story or,the video from her story this is what i,want right,and look at this the download button so,i can click on this,save this video to my camera roll and,then upload it to my,instagram story just like a regular,video that you upload from your camera,roll to your instagram so very easy to,do,and again the site is called insta dp,but let me remind you,if you do this make sure you do,tag that person you give credit don't,just like take,content or steal content or stories from,other people,do this but make sure you do tag them,and give them credit so,this is how you post someone else's,instagram stories to your,own stories if you have any questions,leave those questions below in the,comments,before you go make sure you subscribe,hit the bell icon and also like this,video,i will see you in the next one bye for,now

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How To Share Another Person's Story On Instagram (and posts)

How To Share Another Person's Story On Instagram (and posts)

you ever see a really cool post or story,on instagram,that's just so good that you want to,share it with everybody else,and all your other followers and friends,and everything but you just can't figure,out how to do it because it's such a,pain in the butt,well you come to the right place because,in this video i'm going gonna show you,how to do that,let's get into the instagram app real,quick right now,all right so here we go jumping into my,instagram feed,and the first thing that i see is my,buddy nick from guitarmageddon zl1 if,you like camaros,check out his channel on youtube i'll,put a link in the description,what we're going to do is i want to,share this post on to my stories,for you guys to go see and what we're,going to do is we're going to hit the,little,paper plant airplane looking thing,there's the heart and the message you,can send everything like that,once you hit the paper airplane thing,you're gonna hit,add post to your story that simple bam,it pops up there's the post and,everything,i'm gonna share it just so that,everybody knows,who he is and how awesome his posts are,i'm gonna tag them right here for you,guys to check out,you can add your stickers and everything,like that,and then all you're gonna do is hit your,story at the bottom left and bam it's,gonna go,send off to your story next i'm gonna,show you how to share a story because,it's a little bit trickier,and there's some things i did before i,recorded this video but before we go and,do that hit that subscribe button,tap the bell give this video a thumbs up,real quick now let's go in and show you,how to share a story,all right jumping back into my instagram,account what we're going to do,is we want to share someone else's story,but you can't just go in,and click on it and say share story to,my story and everything like that you,have to like tag each other,and it's it's a pain in the butt so,without having to do that,you go and click like you're going to,add a story what you're going to do is,you want to screen record,the story that you want to share so i,did that previously in this i won't show,you guys that how to do that,but as you can see i choose it from my,album,you can see it on here my buddy andy,marshall,gonna tag him in his new video that he,posted on instagram,and you can mention him mention the,person whatever just like i showed you,previously,it's real simple you add the the,tag in here you can put it wherever you,want,but that's how you basically send it to,your stories it's real simple,easy to do that's the only way that i,found out how to,actually share stories you have to,screen record if you happen to know,another way let me know in the comments,there you go an easy simple way to share,posts,and stories of other people's stories to,your instagram story that was tough try,to say that like five times fast,make sure you check out some videos i,left of this playlist that you should,watch,next on other things about instagram and,if you haven't done so yet hit that,subscribe,button like the video leave comments,everything all that fun stuff,hope you guys are staying safe and,healthy and thanks for watching,i will see you soon

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How to Share Instagram Reels to Story

How to Share Instagram Reels to Story

yo what's up guys andy here back another,video today i'm going to show you how to,share,instagram reels to your story,okay so here we are on instagram this is,the brand new instagram reels feature i,made a video about this yesterday that,explains exactly how to use it,so you can check that out if you're,interested okay so in this video i'm,going to show you how to,post an instagram reel to your story so,what i mean by stories,are these stories up here along the top,of the screen,so the first thing that we want to do is,find an instagram reel,so i'm going to come to my profile and,swipe over and i have an instagram reel,here that i posted,yesterday so it's important to note that,the account that you want to share from,must be public it can't be a private,account or else it won't be able to go,on to your story what you want to do is,tap on the instagram reel this is going,to bring you,to the actual reel itself where you can,watch it,read the caption drop a like comment all,that stuff what you want to do is tap,the little paper plane,icon on the bottom of the screen that's,going to be the share button then it's,going to bring up,a panel with a bunch of options you can,quickly send this to one of your friends,or at the top you can tap,add video to your story so that's what,you want to tap so this is very similar,to sharing an,instagram post to your story so here's,what it'll look like,you know you can resize it you can't tap,on it like,post to get various styles is kind of,just this,is what it looks like so let's just make,it like that size then we'll add some,text,you can swipe left and right for,different filters you can add stickers,emojis,time temperature location all of that,stuff you can normally do when you're,creating a story,you can draw on it if you want,so there's how you would create the post,now you can tap your story in the bottom,left to send it directly to your story,or you could tap the send to in the,bottom right,that's going to give you more options,you can send it to different people and,your story,i'm just going to tap the bottom left,and post this directly to my story so,let's go ahead and close this out,go back to the home screen you can see,that i now have a story up in the top,left,let's tap on that so there's what it's,going to look like i can tap directly on,this and it's going to give me this,little pop-up,and then i can tap watch reels that's,going to take me or anyone that's,tapping on this to the detailed view so,this is good if you see a reel that you,want to share,or if you make a brand new reel and you,want to get in more exposure you can,post it on your story i hope you guys,found this video helpful be sure to drop,a comment down below if you have any,questions i'll try and answer those,also check out the instagram playlist,with hundreds of different instagram,tutorials like and subscribe if you want,to see more videos like this one thank,you guys for watching i'll catch you in,the next one,is

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How To Post Instagram Story From Computer (PC & Mac)

How To Post Instagram Story From Computer (PC & Mac)

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day he,learned something new,today we'll be showing you how you can,post stories on your instagram from your,computer,which is laptop or pc or whatever you,use so basically in the desktop version,of instagram it does not allow you to,post stories from your computer,you can only post pictures or videos on,your feed,so if you want to post stories on your,instagram profile,you are forced to use your phone but not,anymore i mean,after you click it on this video i will,show you how you can post instagram,stories just from your computer,without using your phone that's actually,really easy to do,so without anyone talking let's get to,it so in this demonstration i'm using,google chrome browser and this trick,also works on mozilla firefox on,age browser and so on so as you can see,this is my instagram profile,so this is the profile that i'm going to,use to post a story right now,normally on my phone if i tap on the,picture of my profile it will allow me,to pick a picture for a story or,something,but in this case if i click on the,profile picture,it will ask me do you want to change the,profile picture,not post the story just like you see on,the screen right now,so to post a story on your instagram,profile from your computer the first,thing you're going to do,is right click on the page after that,click on inspect which is the last,option,in the list and the window will pop up,on the right of the screen or the bottom,screen it depends on your settings,and you should see a bunch of code on it,no worries we won't touch that code at,all in this tutorial so on the top of,instagram webpage you should see this,option right here,it says here responsive just click on it,and you will see a bunch of options,there,and if you look closely those options,are devices,so this option what it does basically is,stimulate your browsing experience,just like you are using iphone or galaxy,or pixel or ipad or so on and that's,exactly what we need we need to make,instagram think that we are actually,using our phone not a browser so just,pick a phone from here,i'm going to go for iphone after you,pick the device from that list,right now all you need to do is refresh,the page and you will notice the,instagram changes,just like you are using your phone or,something so the last thing you will,need to do is access your home screen,and as you can see the first story in,the list is your profile and it says,your story,and there is a plus button on it and if,i click on it it will give me the option,to pick a picture from my desktop as you,can see,right now and if the pictures on your,computer are blurry just like mine,all you need to do is tap on the options,button right here,and in the format option select all,files,and this is also the same on windows,system but i don't think you will have,this problem,on windows as you can see once i pick,the picture it gives me the option if,you want to add filters on it or emoji,or,text on it or wherever just like i'm,using the instagram application on the,phone,so that's how you post instagram stories,on your profile from your computer,and as i said this future of changing,device on the browser,is available on all browsers google,chrome or mozilla or age or,all of them so i hope this video helped,you to post instagram stories from your,computer,if it does help me out present the like,button and also check out my channel if,you want to expand your knowledge,i daily post videos on how to do stuff,so if you are interested make sure to,subscribe for more future videos and,thanks for watching,and catch you on next one

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Beginner Instagram Stories Tutorial

Beginner Instagram Stories Tutorial

hey guys welcome back to my series going,remote happy Sunday I hope you're having,a great day so far in today's video I'm,going to show you how to use Instagram,stories this is going to be more of a,beginner tutorial so if you've been,watching everyone's Instagram stories,and wondering how the heck they got them,so cute this video is going to be,helpful for you and if you are a more,advanced user I think there will be some,tricks in here that you might not know,Instagram stories aren't so much fun and,a fantastic way for you to connect with,your audience so I'm excited to share,this with you alright so the first thing,that you want to do is check for updates,Instagram is always updating and adding,new features so it's likely that there,will be even more in just a week from,now so click on the App Store then click,on your profile picture and check if,there's an update you need to make,alright so I'm going to open up,Instagram and dive into the training,right now okay so first we're going to,open it up then to create an Instagram,story you're going to click on the,little camera icon top left of your,screen okay so now this is opened up our,stories and I can go ahead and create,one so you have two options when it,comes to Instagram stories you can,simply take a picture or you can take,videos as well if I want to take a,picture I'm just going to click on the,center icon there the center circle and,that will take a photo or if I want to,take a video I'm just going to hold it,down and here is my awesome video okay,so we have those two options now I have,the camera facing towards me if I wanted,to change that I could just click the,little arrows at the bottom right of my,screen and that's going to flip over and,then display outwards there's definitely,a better word for that okay so that is,how you take a photo and how you take a,video but there's a whole lot more,within Instagram that you can do so,let's start with the basics let's say,I've taken a photo,but then I want to add to that I think,like on this little smileyface sticker,looking icon over here and it's going to,bring up a ton of options that I can,customize my story with so first we have,location I could go ahead and type in,where I'm at and any time you add an,element to your story you can simply,click on it and drag it around to move,it into position okay so that's location,let's click on the sticker again you can,mention other people so I could mention,any of my friends let's mention kami hey,Cammy and let's click on the sticker,again so we've mentioned friends and if,someone were to click on camis name here,it will actually go to her profile okay,let's click on the sticker again next we,have hash tag if you wanted to add a,hash tag to your story and then next is,a really fun one so this is gifts if,you've been wondering how does everybody,get those cute animated icons on their,story this is how they are doing it so,if you click on gift you'll see a ton of,fun options appear and you can actually,use the search bar up at the top to look,for what you want so for example let's,say I want to do one about work I can,just type in work and then I'm gonna get,all these cute gifts that I can add to,my stories okay so really this election,is endless here so let's click on this,one here and then I can drag it around,simply by clicking on it and then I can,increase the size by kind of pinching,outwards so I'm putting both of my,thumbs on the screen and moving it,outwards and that's increasing the size,okay awesome,so that looks great so definitely,experiment have fun with that and add as,many gifts as you would like so there's,really no limit here you know I'm going,I'm going a little crazy on that on the,gifts here okay so just so you know you,can definitely have fun we're decorating,now one thing you might want to know as,well is that you can add filters to,your images or your videos okay so what,I'm showing you now applies for both,photos like this as well as if we,created a video in order to add those,filters all I need to do is swipe over,to the right so I'm gonna swipe to the,right and as you can see that has just,added a filter so we have the Paris,filter Oslo and honestly it goes on and,on and you have tons of different,filters that you can choose from another,common one that I use is music so this,one is really fun generally when you're,doing a video you can click on music and,you'll see all these different songs,that you can add to your stories so I'll,actually come back to this one in demo,when we have a video then you can pull,your audience and ask them me yes or no,question okay and at any point if you,want to remove one of these story,elements you can simply click on it drag,it down to the bottom middle of your,screen and a little trash can icon will,appear and you can drop it in there,okay so we've gone ahead done that you,know how to add a poll you can ask your,audience a question so what's your fave,food on my mind okay so you can ask them,a ques

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How To Share Full Longer Reels On Instagram Story | Post 30 Seconds Reel

How To Share Full Longer Reels On Instagram Story | Post 30 Seconds Reel

hello everyone and welcome to on how,channel the place where every day you,learn something new,today we'll be showing you how to share,full reels on your instagram story,and not the only 30 seconds of the reel,and even if the reel was 3 minutes or,even 5 minutes long you can easily share,it full,on your story and i don't think there is,a rail that has 5 minutes on it but,anyway you get the point right so you'll,probably visit this problem if you want,to share a reel,on your story and it only shares the 30,seconds of the reel,because this is a real common problem,here so in this video i will show you,two methods the first one which is the,basic way but sometimes it doesn't work,and what i mean by it does not work it,only shares 30 seconds of the reel,so we will try that and if it does work,make sure to drop a like and if it,doesn't work make sure to continue,in the video because next i will show,you a completely unique way to,post any rail on your story even if you,are not the owner of the rail itself and,actually the second trick,will not have the bars around the rail,on the story just like the regular way,so without any more chucking let's get,to it so as you can see i do have this,rule right now that i want to share to,my story and i'm not the owner of the,raid i just find it on instagram,so the first trick is to tap on the send,icon right here,and after that tap on add rail to your,story right here,and after that you should see this page,with the video inside it and next do not,tap on your story at the bottom left,corner,tap on send to button right here just,like you want to send it to somebody,then you should see this prompt and tap,on share button close to your story,right here and the rail should be posted,on your story right away,but as i said this trick sometimes it,doesn't work,and i don't know why but that's the case,but no worries,as i said in this video i will show you,a completely unique way to post a full,story even if you're not the owner and,also,it will not have the bars around it just,like you see right now,but first make sure to try this trick it,might work for you who knows,and if it doesn't work get back to the,rail itself and after that tap on the,share icon right here and tap on copy,link for the rail,and after that exit from instagram and,access your internet browser and it,doesn't matter which you use,if you are on iphone make sure to access,your safari browser i'm on android so,i'm going to access google chrome which,is the one i use the most and after that,tap on url and type in, slash rails,just like you see on the screen right,now and i will also put link for it in,the description box and after that you,should see this url bar right here,and tap on it and paste the link for the,radar we did copy and after that tap on,the blue button that says download,and verify the captcha and after that,you should see the video,on the webpage right here just like you,see right now and below the video,there is a button called download the,opponent and it will open up the video,player on a new tab,and after that tap on these three dots,right here at the bottom right corner of,the video player,and you should see a download button,right here tap on it and it will,download the video to your device,and right now you know what to do right,just get back to your instagram and,access the camera and tap on this icon,to show you the pictures and the videos,and pick the video that we just download,which is the rail itself,and drill will be posted to your,instagram story just like you are the,owner,and you are the person who films their,rail in the first place,so that's how you share full instagram,raids to your story,and if this video helped you out help me,out please and the like button i would,really appreciate it and make sure to,join the family by hitting the subscribe,button it's completely free and if you,are interested in learning new tricks,and expanding your knowledge i daily,post,videos on how to do stuff now so if you,are interested make sure to join the,family thanks for watching and catch,your next one

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How to Repost Instagram Story Photos + Videos (even if you're NOT tagged) - phone + laptop tutorial

How to Repost Instagram Story Photos + Videos (even if you're NOT tagged) - phone + laptop tutorial

hello everyone and welcome back to our,channel today i'm going to share a lot,of tricks on how to repost any instagram,story to your own story even if you're,not tagged,quick overview about what we're going to,cover i'm going to show you how to,repost stories you're tagged in,stories you're not tagged in which,include story videos,how to change the background when you,repost a story how to save and schedule,your story repost for later,and how to repost stories from your,laptop it's pretty easy,so let's start if someone tagged you in,their instagram,story you'll receive a notification in,your instagram messages,the message will say this person,mentioned you in their story,open the message press on the blue add,to your story button,and your story will appear with the,person story you can customize your,story if you want to,like change the background color add,text gifs and stickers,and post when you're done just as a,heads up you have 24 hours to repost,someone's instagram story when you've,been tagged,after that the story will disappear and,you won't be able to repost it anymore,unless you ask the person to send you a,screenshot,what if you have not been tagged in,someone's story you saw someone's photo,or video and you really want to share it,in your story,but sometimes there's no add to your,story button here's what you can do,open the story you want to repost take a,screenshot of the story,quick tip hold your finger on the screen,to hide the insta story interface and,get a clean shot of the image,now crop the screenshot if you don't,want to see your phone's interface,around the photo,now you can post a photo in your story,you have two options,first just upload the screenshot to your,story,or use the photo sticker option to,upload the screenshot to your story,tag the person in your story so they can,be notified that you shared it,and so that they can repost it if they,want to,now let's look at how to repost an,instagram story video,you can take a screenshot but if you,want the full video you'll need to take,a screen recording,use the screen recording feature on your,phone if you have an iphone this feature,is already available on your phone,open your iphone settings hit control,center,add screen recording in the top list in,included controls,drag your finger down from the top right,corner of your screen where the battery,icon is,and press on the record button to start,the screen recording,open the instagram story to record the,video,press on the red record button on the,top left corner of your screen when you,want to stop the screen recording,this is optional but you can edit the,video if you want to trim the beginning,or end of your screen recording,so we can only see the story and not,your phone settings,post the video to your story or use,preview app to schedule your story to,post later,if you have an android phone and you,don't have the native screen recording,feature,go in your google play store app search,for a screen recording app,and follow the steps in the app to,record the instagram story video,what if you've been tagged in someone's,story or not but you don't want to,repost it right away,maybe you want to post it later but you,don't want to lose a story because it'll,disappear in less than 24 hours,in this case press on the save button on,the top of your screen,and the story will be saved in your,camera roll if you don't want to mix,your story reposts with the rest of your,camera roll you can use preview,you can organize and schedule your,stories to post later schedule your,posts,reels igtvs and i'm going to show you,how you can plan your instagram stories,press on the plus button to upload the,story,you can drag and drop to rearrange the,order of your stories to choose when you,want to post them,press on the story open your notes,here you can prepare your swipe up link,and schedule the story to choose when,you want to post,post them whenever you want or schedule,your instagram stories,you can change the order of the stories,if you're scheduling multiple ones,this way you know in which order you,want to post you can also watch the,stories as if you've already posted them,on your account,and now i'm going to show you how to,repost a photo and a video from your,laptop,if you haven't been tagged first let's,see how to repost a photo from your,computer,open the instagram website find the,photo you want to repost,take a screenshot of the story on your,computer by pressing shift,command and 4 on your keyboard at the,same time,now that you've done that open preview,on your computer,press the plus button to upload the,story screenshot,you can also prepare your caption and,schedule in advance,and use preview app on your phone to,post on instagram from your phone,now let's talk about how to repost a,video from your laptop you'll need the,application called,quicktime player right click on the app,icon and select,new screen recording choose record,selected portion,and select the story you want to record,on

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How To Share Instagram Story To Facebook Automatically? [in 2022]

How To Share Instagram Story To Facebook Automatically? [in 2022]

hey everybody in this video tutorial i'm,gonna show you how to share your,instagram stories to facebook as stories,instantly and without much effort this,is a great and easy way to double your,social media content this is just gonna,be a quick video tutorial so if you want,to get more details about sharing,instagram stories to facebook stories,check out our detailed blog post on roi, where we also show you this,process with screenshots and share some,related information that we're not going,gonna mention in this video you can also,find hundreds of tutorials there on,social media and instagram marketing for,absolutely free,links to this blog post and other free,instagram resources can be found in the,description below one more thing before,diving into the tutorial if you want to,get more instagram profile followers,more organic rich without running gets,then check out our instagram profile,growth checklist that you can download,from our website we are,currently giving it away for free links,to the checklist in the description,below all right so before you would be,able to set up this connection that will,enable us to share our instagram stories,to facebook as well,uh you have to have two things so first,you have to,make sure your account is an instagram,business account uh you can find,tutorials on my channel or on my blog, how to do that it's really,easy and secondly you have to connect,that instagram business account to a,facebook page because this is how,instagram will know instantly where to,share your instagram posts and stories,if you want to do so so once you,have done both of these then you have to,set up this connection so so you will be,able to share stories to facebook as,well so you have to do is click on this,menu bar here and click on settings,select account,then here in the list,select sharing to other apps,and select facebook and as you can see,here is the facebook page that we have,connected this instagram account to,select it,and as you can see here you can um,select this toggle to automatically,share instagram story and yeah or,instagram post to facebook so let's,select this one and this one,so once you have made this setup and,open up your instagram profile and,create a new story and as you can see at,the bottom of this screen we're going to,share this instagram story and it will,be instantly and automatically shared on,our facebook story as well,so if i click on share as you can see,you can also edit highlights and send it,to friends but click on done,and this story will be also shared as a,story on facebook as well so this is how,you can share an instagram story to a,facebook story,all right before we would wrap up just,make sure to check out our free,instagram profile growth checklist that,we use to 10x the number of followers,keep in mind that we are planning to,charge money for this checklist in the,future so get it now for free until you,can you can get the checklist by,clicking on the link in the description,below or search in google for,,and add the keywords instagram profile,growth checklist spreadsheet,also if you want to learn more about,setting up managing growing an instagram,profile make sure you check out our,instagram marketing tutorial youtube,playlist that you can see on the screen,here,see you next time

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