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How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Reels- Sharing and reposting has always been,

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Reels

- Sharing and reposting has always been,a challenge on Instagram.,We're gonna walk you through the different,sharing options you have,,and a few work arounds for resharing content,that you normally can't.,(bright music),In this video, you'll learn all about resharing,content on Instagram.,We'll cover how you can share feed post,,stories, reels, and IGTV videos within Instagram,,and be sure to stick around until the end.,I'll be sharing the things you need to keep in mind,to reshare your content safely,,and keep you out of legal trouble.,One of the things people love most on other platforms,is the ability to reshare other people's content and posts.,You can share a post to your stories,,from any posts on Instagram, yours, or someone else's,,click on the piper airplane icon,,and choose to share to your story.,This is a great way to highlight your own feed post,,and that content with your audience,,especially if you tend to get more views on your stories,than you do on your feed posts.,You can also share other accounts' posts,,which is great for collaboration, brand partnerships,,or helpful tips and resources,that your audience would enjoy.,This is also helpful when you want to resurface older,evergreen content with your audience.,When you share a post to your story,,the original post image is imported into the story,,and the image is clickable taking viewers who tap on it,directly to the original post.,Like any story you can add doodles, stickers,,or texts to draw attention to the posts,,and incentivize people to click.,I should point out that while this is,a widely rolled out feature not everyone has it.,I have it on all my accounts, except my main account.,In addition to sharing your feed post to your stories,,you can share any post, story, or IGTV,to a direct message chat.,This could be a single DM or a group DM,that you are a part of.,To share to a direct message,simply tap on the piper airplane icon from any post,,and choose the person or direct message group,to share it to.,It will go directly to their DM thread or start a new one.,At this point, you're free to customize your message,,or carry on the conversation however you choose.,Now, when it comes to stories,,you can only reshare a story to your own story,,if you were tagged in the original content.,If someone tags you in a story,,you'll get that notification in your direct messages,from there, or from the story itself,,you have the option to share to your story.,Once you choose that option,,that story post will appear in your own story builder,,and you can pinch and zoom to resize it or move it.,And then you can add stickers, doodles,,and texts like any other story.,If someone tags you in the first story of a sequence,,and not in the subsequent ones,,you can only share the one in which you are tagged.,So if you're tagging people in your stories,,make sure you tag them at each individual one,that you mentioned them in, or that are related.,You can also share IGTV to stories and the feed.,When you upload your IGTV video,you have the option to add previews to the feed and stories.,If you share a preview to the feed,,a 15 second preview of the IGTV video,will appear in your profile,and in the feed of your followers.,Once the 15 second preview ends,,viewers are prompted with a keep watching bar,to view the remainder of the video on IGTV.,Similarly, if you share an IGTV video to your story,,a preview of the video and a link to the IGTV video,will appear in the story for your viewers,to navigate to IGTV to watch the whole video.,And when it comes to Instagram reels,,you can share your own reels or anyone else's reels,by opening up the full view reel,,and tapping on the piper airplane icon,so that you can share it to your story,,or to a DM.,So these are all the ways,you can share natively within Instagram.,You can't natively share a feed post,from someone else to your own feed,,and you can't share stories from others,to your own stories simply because you like them.,When it comes to resharing content to the feed,,here's what you can do.,First, you can use reposting tools which are,third party tools that allow you,to capture the original image and caption,,and import it into an Instagram post of your own.,These typically also add a watermark to the image,with the original accounts username,,and will include a brief message like repost from,,at, and then the username.,While these used to be super common a few years ago,,API access restrictions,have made these more cumbersome today.,The easier option now is to take a screengrab,of the image you wanna post and crop that,to the size of the image and upload that as a new image,to your account.,When you use a screenshot method,,you will still have to copy the original caption,,or write your own to compliment the image.,Now, you may be wondering how legal or safe,is it to simply screengrab someone else's content.,When you use a screenshot method or any resharing method,for the feed, the original content ownership,

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How to Post on Instagram (2022 Beginners Guide)

How to Post on Instagram (2022 Beginners Guide)

hello today I want to show you how to,post from your Instagram account I'm,gonna show you how to post a video a,photo and a story to your Instagram page,if it's your first time with us welcome,please hit that subscribe button down,the bottom so that you never miss a new,video and if you liked this don't forget,to give me a thumbs up to let me know,I've made a post before about how to,repost somebody else's photo on,Instagram so if you see something that,someone else has already posted and,you'd like to share it to your page you,can find out exactly how to do that,right here but this video I want to go,back to the basics and give you some,clear direction about how to post your,own content to your own profile there,are a few ways that we're gonna do this,and the first one I want to show you is,how to post a photo I'm on the home page,at the moment you can tell because I am,on this house icon to post something new,we can press this plus button in the,middle right here and it's going to take,us to our photo library you can see down,the bottom that there are three options,here there is library photo and video,library is your camera real anything you,have saved on your phone already,can be accessed right here so let's go,ahead and post this photo here of a,beach picnic so I'm gonna select that,just by tapping on it down the bottom,these arrows on the side let me decide,if I'd like to do a square version or,the original aspect ratio of this photo,when you're ready to move along you can,press next here's where you choose a,filter that you'd like to add to this,you can edit the post more specifically,by adding some brightness taking away,some warmth saturation color have a bit,of fun with this,when you press next it's going to prompt,you to add a caption here is what will,be written below your photo once it's,been posted here's a great place for you,to add some hashtags if you'd like I'm,doing this really quickly but you can,take some more time to research exactly,what it is that you would like to post,if there was someone with you that day,and you want to tag them in that photo,you can press tag and add them right,here you can tag a geolocation to let,people know exactly where this photo was,taken and if you have more than one,account synced to your page you can,choose here which of these other,accounts you would also like to share,this to once you're ready press share if,we go to our profiles down the bottom,you'll see that this has now been added,to our posts posting a video to your,page is also equally as easy we can use,this plus button in the middle and we're,going to scootch across to the end here,to press a video now currently it's just,looking at my keyboard but you can see,if I press down on the screen it's going,to find places to lock focus on to so if,you're outside and you want to draw,focus to a particular part of the,scenery,make sure you tap on that to get that in,focus you can press this button down,here hold and take a video and when,you're finish simply release that's a,pretty boring video so I'm gonna go,ahead and delete that and add something,that I have already saved in my photo,library so let's go back to library and,let's use this video this is a video I,already had saved in my photos album on,my phone press next choose a filter if,you want the difference with this one is,I can choose which frame I want adds the,cover of my post,I'm gonna get in when he's doing the,downward dog press next add your caption,and tags if you want press ok and press,share now if we go to our profile you,can see that this is a video post it's,gonna play automatically and it's going,to show up in someone's newsfeed as a,playing video lucky last I want to show,you how to post a story to your account,the easiest way to do this is by,pressing your profile button up the top,I'm gonna bring something in already,from my photo library keep in mind that,a story can be a video a photo or a,repost you can add any sort of stickers,filters text anything you like to this,and once you're happy with it go ahead,and either press your story down the,bottom here on the left or send to to,send it to someone specifically I'm,gonna press share to my story and that,will remain up for 24 hours before it,disappears,you

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How to Post on Instagram (New and Improved all-in-one update)

How to Post on Instagram (New and Improved all-in-one update)

instagram's new update lets you post to,instagram,a lot easier so i wanted to update this,video to show you how to post,on instagram if you're new to instagram,or if you've been using it for years,you're still going to find this really,useful,because this update lets you post to,every part of instagram,from the same place instagram is more,like five different apps,in the course of updating the instagram,app for the last 10 years,they've added new features that are,basically a whole app inside of,instagram,so that's why this all in one place lets,you post to all of those different,places all at once,instagram was released in 2010 and,instagram feed what you see,here photos and videos was the original,instagram for,almost six years so to post to the feed,you just press the plus sign here,and got access to your library or you,could take photos and videos using your,camera phone,but then later on they introduced,instagram stories,in 2016 as a way to compete with,snapchat,and to post on instagram stories all you,had to do was press your profile picture,here,and it took you inside of stories where,you could go ahead and either record,or take a photo here and then when you,were all set you could decorate it from,all the options on top,and press your story to post it then,came instagram story highlights in 2017.,those instagram story posts only lasted,24 hours,and then they disappeared forever so,there was a way to make them more,permanent on your profile that's called,story highlights and it's right here in,the middle so if i press new here,i could create story highlights from,previously posted stories,so after they disappeared they still get,archived here just to me,and then i could go ahead and choose,them and show them,for a long time here as a story,highlight here on my page so people,could jump in and see them that way,and then in 2018 instagram had a big,update with igtv,a way to compete with youtube with,longer form videos,one to 15 minutes long and to get it to,that you have to press the search option,here,and click on igtv here and then create,yourself an igtv channel by pressing the,plus sign,and uploading videos that way to igtv,from your videos,again they had to be at least a minute,long they couldn't actually be less,and then in 2020 instagram released,instagram reels a way to compete with,tic toc again with,short format videos in vertical form and,to get to that you still had to go to,instagram stories here,and down below you had to go to,instagram reels,and then you could post from here and,instagram also has instagram,live again inside of stories where you,could go live with video,they also have direct messages where you,could send and receive direct messages,photos,and have group chats and video chats,show a lot of different things inside of,the app,but this new update lets you just press,one thing to post on all the five,different things i just mentioned,go to your profile here and press the,plus sign on top,if you don't see it update your,instagram app it should be released to,all profiles,and with this you could go to instagram,post,instagram stories story highlights igtv,and reels so to post on instagram feed,i'm just going to press feed post,i could shrink this down here or choose,from any number of things in my library,i could also get access to my camera,here and take a picture if i wanted to,post that way,or press video and press and hold right,here to record a video,and post a video i'm going to press,cancel here,let me go back to library i'll choose,one of these thumbnails,press next and then i could always add,filters to different things on this page,i'll press next one more time and then i,could go ahead and write a,caption and share it right to my profile,right here,so it was that simple to post it on your,instagram feed,and if i press share you could see it if,i go back to my profile and refresh you,could see that post appearing in the,feed,this is the feed section to post on,instagram story,again i could press the plus sign click,story and it will jump into my story,here,where i could take a picture just by,pressing right there,or i could press and hold to take a,video,and again they could be up to 15 seconds,inside of story,i'll press x you also have some tools,here on the left side that you could use,i have a whole different video about,each one of these in more detail so i'm,not going to spend too much time i just,really wanted to show you this new,update here,i'll press x then you have story,highlights if you press that,it's going to show you all the different,older posts that you've created for,instagram story and you could select,them,and basically make them permanent on,your profile as long as you like,then you have igtv again i press plus go,to igtv,and this requires videos that are longer,than a minute,i currently don't have any under my,videos tab but if you did they will,appear here right now i can't select,anything because nothing is,longer than a minute i'll press plus

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How to Post Photos on Instagram in Public

How to Post Photos on Instagram in Public

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*UPDATED* How To Share An Instagram Post To Snapchat 2022

*UPDATED* How To Share An Instagram Post To Snapchat 2022

hello guys and welcome back to simple,tech digital in today's video i'm going,to be showing you guys how to share an,instagram post on snapchat so without,further ado here's how to do it so the,first thing you want to do is open up,instagram and find the picture or post,that you want to share this can be a,video picture it really doesn't matter,just find the picture that you want to,share,so for the sake of this tutorial i'm,just going to head over to the explore,page and pick a random picture uh let's,just pick this one and what you want to,do when you find the post that you would,like to share or picture is that you,want to make sure that you are logged in,to your snapchat account so once you are,ready to go on snapchat,and you are already logged in on,snapchat you want to go uh look at the,post that you have picked out and you,want to click on the three dots right,above the post after you have clicked,the three dots above the post a list of,options will appear so what you need to,do next is tap on share 2.,after you have clicked share 2 then this,will pop up and from here you can,actually send it anywhere you want to,send it but for this video we are,sending it to snapchat,so what you want to do to find the,snapshot application is scroll through,your apps until you find the more option,once you find the more option you can,scroll down and you will be able to find,the snapchat option,and next after that a list of your,friends will pop up on your snapchat,list and you can send it to any of your,friends as well as leave a message in,the snapchat,so for the sake of this video i'm just,going to send it to this person right,here,and then i will write a message,okay and then you want to click on send,so now you have sent the instagram post,to that person as well as you have left,them a message now the next thing you,want to do is close your instagram app,and head over to the snapchat app,now if you scroll over you can see that,we have sent this person a message and,if you scroll open you will see it's the,link that we sent them as well as the,message that we wrote,and if you were to click this link it'll,take you exactly to the instagram post,that we shared you also have the option,to open the link in the app so if you,were to click open in up it'll simply,take you to the instagram application,directly to the post that was shared,from you and if they are logged in they,can like and comment on the picture as,well as share it as well so that's how,you share an instagram post on snapchat,if you guys have any recommendations for,videos please leave them down in the,comment section down below and please,remember to like share as well as,subscribe thank you guys and i'll see,you guys in the next video

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How to Repost on Instagram (3 Simple Ways!) 2022

How to Repost on Instagram (3 Simple Ways!) 2022

thank you so much for clicking this,video today I want to show you how to,repost something on Instagram to your,Instagram story we talked about,Instagram stories all the time over here,and I know you know a lot of tips and,tricks if you're unfamiliar with a few,things you can check out this video at,the top right now which shows you how to,use Instagram stories for a shout-out,but I want to show you a really easy way,of sharing somebody else's post to your,Instagram story which means this isn't,your content you are reposting something,that somebody else has done so before I,get started I just want to remind you,that if you like this video please give,us a thumbs up and don't forget to hit,subscribe so that you never miss a new,video from us okay so once I found a,post that I would like to repost to my,Instagram story the first one I'm going,to show you is a photo or a post on,somebody else's page so right now you,can see I'm on Earth's page there is,this adorable photo here of these polar,bears and I want to show you how we can,pull that to our Instagram story the,easiest and quickest way to do this is,by pressing this airplane button right,here and the top option says add post to,your story now when I click that you'll,see that it automatically fills in the,background with sort of a color that,matches the vibe of their photo it also,credits earth at the bottom so you don't,have to worry about the old regram apps,where you're trying to make sure you,keep the handle of the person who you're,taking the content from in order to keep,credit where credit is due,so you don't even have to worry about,this whoever views this is going to be,able to hold down on the screen and come,back across to Earth's page and view the,post in its entirety where it came from,so I'll show you what I mean by that,let's send to our story share their,click done now I'm going to go back to,our page so that you can see what this,looks like here is the story it's in the,middle if I press and hold down just,pause the story and it will also bring,up this C post button and if I click,that,it will take me straight to Earth's post,which is where this photo was from,originally so that is how you share a,post to an Instagram story but what,about somebody else's story to your,Instagram story okay so I'm going to go,across to a page where I have posted a,couple of stories and I want to show you,which posts you can and cannot share to,your own Instagram story okay so let's,go in here and you'll see this first,video with the green background is of a,baby deer sitting down which is just,precious so down the bottom if you were,to press this airplane button which is,the same button we use to share a post,earlier you'll notice that the option to,share it to your story is not here and,that is for one simple fact alone and,that is because our account has not been,tagged in this Instagram story if we,keep watching this you'll see that there,is a new post coming up which is one I,made earlier where we did tag our own,account in it and you'll see that now,because our name carrot celery peach,pear has been tagged in this same photo,with a white background we have the,option to add this to our story when we,click that the entire Instagram story,gets pulled over to ours you can see the,credit is there from carrot bear music,and our name is there and we can move,this around make it bigger or smaller we,can take parts out or whatever you want,it is a regular Instagram story so,remember if you want to share a post,from somebody's Instagram story,you need to make sure they tag your,handle in it first otherwise you won't,be able to connect it to your account,I'm gonna go ahead and share that to my,story so that's our second thing we've,shared today to our Instagram story and,the third one I want to show you is how,do we share an Instagram TV video,straight to our story the thing with an,Instagram TV video or an IG TV video is,that they can be quite long in length,and often we don't have the length of,time in our story to post something in,it,entirety so let's search right now for,an Instagram video that we want to put,up on our page and I'll show you what I,mean let's do this Disney one where,they're teaching us how to draw Princess,Tiana you'll see down the bottom this is,almost 25 minutes long and obviously we,do not want to put that on our Instagram,story but just like when we shared our,original post where if the person,viewing your story were to hold down and,view that post they can go back to where,it's originally posted it works the same,way with Instagram TV there's our,airplane button and you'll see up the,top it says add video to your story,which I'm going to press instantly it,starts playing and that can be posted as,is and I'll show you what it looks like,when someone clicks on it so here we go,this is what it looks like and if,someone were to hold down the option to,watch IG TV video pops up and if they,were to click that it takes them,straight to the

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How To Post From Facebook To Your Instagram Page

How To Post From Facebook To Your Instagram Page

in this video i'm going to show you how,you can post to your,instagram account from facebook,and that's coming up right now,so how do we post on instagram from our,facebook account well the short answer,is they don't necessarily make it,overly easy to do but that's what this,video is all about explaining you how to,post on your instagram account from,facebook so when i have this post all,ready to go,on facebook they don't give me the,option to tick a little button,that will also post it to my instagram,feed the only really options i have is,to determine you know do i want to send,it to my friends or or,make it public or private so they don't,actually allow me to,tick a little button to send it to,instagram,whereas if we're trying to do it the,reverse way on instagram i have that,same post ready i can tick the button,here where i've linked my facebook,account,and it goes to both so there is a,solution but it has to be done via the,desktop,and here we are on the desktop version,of facebook so we start by just creating,a post as per normal,and if we try and create the post just,in the normal way here it's not going to,let us do it we want to be able to sort,of have the option to tick that button,that's going to also post it to,instagram,so we need to click on the publishing,tool button down the bottom so when we,click on this,new publishing tool button it opens up a,new interface,and allows us a whole range of new,options so you can see all the different,options down here on the left hand side,but i want to keep it very simple in,this one,publish post the top right we're going,to put click create a,post so it's pretty straightforward just,follow the um,the blue icon so it brings up this new,page here now,if and when you log into your facebook,account here on the desktop if you have,a,similar um login account or email,address to your instagram it will pop up,here so you'll be,they'll allow you to sync them both,together so that's only a one-off but,you can now see the options it's,allowing me by ticking the boxes,i now get the options where i want to,create and send a post to so,i could just send it directly to my,facebook page by having the facebook,page um button ticked,i could equally tick the box and it will,go to my instagram account and page as,well,so you can do both of them and believe,it or not you can,untick the facebook one and just have it,going,directly to your instagram page or your,instagram account how good is that so,but you do miss out on some of the,filtering and things like that the,filtering options and,emojis and and color palettes and you,know by doing it all on your mobile,device but this is a good work around a,good way to sort of,get this process done now i've selected,that six second little or five second,little video clip that i've been,utilizing in this example,you can see it's showing over here in,the preview box um now i'll just write,some short sharp,quick information on it so i've added,some text tip number one to growing your,youtube channel is to record and upload,at least one video per week so i've,added a couple of um hashtags as well,i'll keep it short sharp and sweet so,let's click,publish,and it says your post has been published,so let me now log back into instagram,and you can,see how that's now gone live and back on,instagram we are and here is that post,and if i tap,tap on the post there we go it's that,five second little video,and we can read the copy down the bottom,tip number one to growing your youtube,channel,is to record and upload at least one,videos per week so there we go,how cool was that so there we go,hopefully i have explained to you and,shown you a new way on how you can keep,updating your content,to your instagram page making it a whole,lot easier because,we can actually utilize facebook for,doing that,the desktop publishing tool on facebook,it makes it a lot easier for some of us,than actually using the mobile phone in,the app as well one of the benefits of,it as i explained in this video as well,is you can be posting to your facebook,page and your instagram page,at the same time as well so for all of,you business owners and brands and,content creators out there,who say you don't have enough time to do,all of this and it's hard work,i agree to an extent but there are some,tools and they're very simple ways that,we can or simple things that we can be,doing,to make um and speed up all of that um,you know process so we shouldn't be,utilizing it,as an excuse so what i'd like you to do,if you're watching this video on my,youtube channel don't forget to hit that,subscribe button below,and tick the little bell icon no matter,which of the social media platforms you,are watching this on,you know the drill give me a thumbs up,give me a like leave me,a comment let me know where you're,tuning in from around the world,and if you have some um you know simple,and easy tips and tricks that you're,utilizing on your instagram,account and your instagram business i'd,love

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Share a POST from INSTAGRAM to FACEBOOK using Your Laptop Computer

Share a POST from INSTAGRAM to FACEBOOK using Your Laptop Computer

hi this is heather with keep it simple,social media and in this video i want to,show you something really cool i want to,show you how to do,a shared post from instagram from a,desktop computer to your facebook,business page so normally i'm always,showing you how to take that post from,facebook and share it elsewhere so what,am i talking about down here you can see,this post right here this is a video,and this video came from instagram,now how did i get it from instagram to,the facebook business page well what,you're going to do is you're going to,open a new tab and open up your,instagram account on your desktop,computer when you're on your instagram,account you want to find the post that,you want to share and as an example this,was the post that i wanted to share so,you click on the post and from here what,you're looking for is the three little,dots in the top right hand corner right,here go ahead and click those dots and,now it gives you lots of options and one,of them is share two so go ahead and,click on share to,and from here it asks you where do you,want to share that post and of course i,want to share it to facebook so go ahead,and click share to facebook,from here it opens up your personal,profile on facebook but in most cases,you don't want to share it to your,personal profile you want to share it to,a business page or you could share it to,your personal profile if you wanted to,in this case i'm going to show you how,to share this post from instagram to,your business page go ahead and click,the little drop down arrow right next to,where it says share to news feed or,story on the left hand side,now here if you scroll down you can see,there's a tab that says share on a page,that you manage go ahead and click on,that tab,now from here you need to actually,choose the correct business page that,you want to share that post on so over,on the left hand side you'll see another,small arrow just click it and from here,you want to scroll down until you find,the business page that you want to share,that post on and notice both on the,right hand side will say the name of the,page and over here on the left hand side,now before you post this it also says,say something about this so go ahead and,write out whatever it is that you want,to say about that particular post double,check all your spelling,and once you have that done all you need,to do now is see at the very bottom on,the blue line all you have to do is,click,post to facebook and this post from your,instagram account will post to your,facebook business page that you've,chosen this is heather remember everyone,let's keep it simple

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