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How To SELL On Instagram: Set Up An Instagram Shop In 15 Minutes or Less130 million people are tappi

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To SELL On Instagram: Set Up An Instagram Shop In 15 Minutes or Less

130 million people are tapping on an,instagram shopping post every month,so if you have an e-commerce business,being on instagram is just,non-negotiable,setting up shop on instagram is without,a doubt the right move when it comes to,making more sales for your business plus,over the last few years we've definitely,seen instagram make more of a move,towards online shopping so you don't,want to be that last business that's,late to the party and gets left behind,and that is why in today's video we are,going to talk about what an instagram,shop is,how to get it set up and how you can use,it to start making more sales for your,business so let's get it,but before we go any further let me,introduce myself my name is michelle and,i am a creative strategist and i am a,social media expert now if you are new,to this channel if you are new to learn,with shopify welcome,this is a channel where we give,entrepreneurs the knowledge that they,need either to start,run or grow a successful online business,so if you are an online entrepreneur,make sure that you're hitting that,subscribe button and if you want to,expand your ecommerce business if you,want to be your own boss and reach,financial freedom then this is the place,to be all right so without further ado,let's get into it,okay so first of all what is instagram,shopping so instagram shopping syncs all,of the products that you have on shopify,to your instagram account so that you,can easily create shoppable posts,it transforms posts and stories so that,customers can view and buy your products,right on instagram they can see which,products are being shown in a picture,using product tags like this here so you,would tag products in your posts in the,very same way that you would tag a,friend,this adds a little shopping bag icon to,your image,and then when users tap the photo they,can view the prices of the products,featured and tap the product labels to,view the product pages,and if we go back to the profile,customers can also view your entire,catalog with this button right up here,so this really does offer a smooth,shopping experience and you're basically,just bringing the look and feel of your,shopify store to instagram shops,so if a customer sees a product that,they like and they want to buy it,they are then redirected to your shopify,store and can make a purchase there,you can also use shopify to create track,and manage your ad campaigns and your,orders all in one,organized and centralized place so as,the merchant you can actually see that,the sale came from instagram,and that's really going to help you,understand how much traffic and how many,sales are actually coming from instagram,and finally having this you know set up,here it's just going to make things,easier for you to expand your audience,through instagram and facebook ads okay,so if you are eager to hop into the,tutorial part um you can definitely go,ahead i've time stamped everything so,that you can just you know get to that,specific part that you need to but i,think it's important to understand that,there are some serious key benefits of,building an instagram shop and probably,the most notable the most important,benefit is that it makes shopping easier,for customers,so if your customer is already spending,time on instagram you're not forcing,them to come to you and your site you're,actually coming to them by having your,products on instagram it's just easier,for them and we all know that an easy,shopping experience means more,conversions it means more sales and it,means more money in the bank for you,sherry lott founder and ceo of kids,clothing brand spearmint love said,when we launched the feature we,experienced a 25 increase in traffic and,an 8 increase in revenue attributable to,shopping on instagram so,the proof is in the pudding but without,further ado let's get into the actual,tutorial,so step one is to actually make sure,that you are eligible to actually create,the shop and use the feature now,unfortunately right now you cannot sell,services you actually have to be selling,physical goods and your business also,has to be located in a country that,supports instagram shopping also make,sure that you have the latest version of,instagram otherwise this feature is not,going to work so just to double check,make sure that you're seeing the cute,little shopping bags on the top corner,of your instagram posts and that's how,you'll know that you are on the latest,version that supports this feature also,i should mention that this particular,tutorial is going to be for all of you,guys that already have your shopify,store set up um you can also use a,different ecommerce platform set up and,in place so that's totally fine too now,if you don't have a shopify store set up,we actually offer a free 14-day trial no,credit card required which is quite nice,and you would just click the link in the,description box um i will leave it for,you there so that you can get started,all right let's do some general,housekeeping so first

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How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website

How To Sell On Instagram Without A Website

If GoDaddy has ever made you feel like you need a domain in order to sell what your business,offers?,Well, I have news for GoDaddy.,You don't need a website.,In fact, an Instagram profile is a perfect substitute for not having a website.,And in this video, I'm going to walk you through how exactly to just use Instagram, to sell,more of your services, coaching, or products.,And stay tuned until the end where I'm going to show you how to create a website off of,Instagram without ever having to buy a domain.,Sorry, GoDaddy.,So in order to sell on Instagram without a website (meaning you're just going to use,your Instagram profile to sell your offers), the very key to all of this, the foundation,,it starts with your profile.,So since your profile (meaning the page that followers land on), since it is the foundation,of this entire strategy, you really need to nail this.,You have to make sure that it's crystal clear who you help and how, right at the top of,your profile.,This is usually the bio area where you make this clear.,Now I have covered this topic in depth, so I'm not going to go into it in this video,,but for more on creating a profile, maybe giving yours a makeover and making sure it,really nails it, especially for that first impression - check out this video right here.,Now, once your profile has been made over, and it's crystal clear who you serve, you'll,then move into the second phase of this strategy of how to sell without a website.,The second phase is all about your Instagram highlights.,Now, just to be clear with highlights, you have stories and then you have highlights.,So stories disappear after 24 hours, right?,They're little video clips that live right behind your profile and they disappear after,a day.,Highlights on the other hand are saved Instagram stories.,So anything that you created more than 24 hours ago, you can actually save as a highlight,,which is all those bubbles underneath your profile.,You can save that story content in one of those highlights.,Those highlights can live on your profile forever, for as long as you want.,There's no limit to how long the content within your highlights can exist on your profile.,The reason why I'm emphasizing highlights so much is because highlights are going to,become what would be the navigation menu of your website if you were using one.,So when you go to a website and maybe you can visit one right now, like,,take a look at the navigation menu.,These are the main topics that the website covers.,And usually you'll see things like about me, services, client reviews, contact me, blog,- those sort of topics.,So with this in mind, I want you to think about designing highlights specifically to,replicate those topics you would typically see in a navigation menu.,Here's what I suggest.,Have a highlight called about me.,A second highlight called work with me or services - something along those lines, depending,on your business model.,A third highlight called products or offers - again, depending on what makes the most,sense for your business model.,FAQs or frequently asked questions is a really great highlight to have.,Reviews or results, whichever is most applicable to your business.,And last but not least, a contact me highlight.,Just in case it's not super clear for your followers on how they can get in touch with,you.,For even more ideas on the highlights you can come up with to replicate a website, check,out this video right here, where I go into this topic a little more in depth.,Now that you've sketched out the highlights that you'll need on your profile to replicate,a website without having a website.,The next thing you're going to have to do is think about what story content you'll need,to create to build out those highlights.,Because remember highlights are saved Instagram stories.,Now for this, you may be able to use existing story content that you already created.,And of course, this also means you need to have the archive function turned on (meaning,that your older stories have already been saved in the archive).,So if you don't have this setting turned on, I highly recommend you turn it on right now.,Looking through your story archives, you can use existing stories if they already fit what,your highlight needs.,So for example, if you're building out the contact me highlight, and you already have,a couple stories that share your email or your phone number, you can go ahead and save,them under that highlight.,Now, if you've never made stories that share your contact information, you're then going,to need to go ahead and create that story in order to be able to save it to that highlight.,You can also use existing stories from your archive if the stories were posted in the,same order that you need to share that information.,So little note here, you can't reorder stories in your highlights.,They're going to show based on the chronological order that they're in.,Lastly, you can use existing stories from your archive.,If they inclu

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How to Sell Instagram Account? খুব সহজে ইনস্টাগ্রাম অ্যাকাউন্ট বিক্রয় করুন || Bangla Tutorial

How to Sell Instagram Account? খুব সহজে ইনস্টাগ্রাম অ্যাকাউন্ট বিক্রয় করুন || Bangla Tutorial

website,foreign,category,i hope you are doing well our,verification team is evaluating your,instagram account as at this point we,would like to upload your account on,this on the platform to get the maximum,exposure and hopefully we can sell your,account very soon however the first,stage is the process begins with the,analytics of your account and it has a,significant impact on our assessments,thank you for your response to the,social trader team here is my last 30,days since i screenshot my top country,is the usa and then brazil and my,accounts followers are growing every day,i got average it i make double decision,our verification team has evaluated your,instagram account and based on our,experience in the current market your,account is expected to receive offers,around 100,i should inform you that based on our,sales history the solid offers we,usually,we receive are usually around 30 to 50,percent of the price tag we put on the,website according to this and with your,consent uh we can upload your account,for,money,do you,i will keep you posted regarding all the,offers your account is going to receive,okay therefore please share your,thoughts with me and i will check each,room,thanks for providing the information,your account isn't you and you will be,uploaded within two businesses,depending on many factors including the,category analytics current market place,and engagement,dollars,my channel and share your feedback

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How To Sell Products On Instagram in 2022 (Tips That Work!)

How To Sell Products On Instagram in 2022 (Tips That Work!)

(chill dance music) - Instagram isn't,what it used to be.,True. (bell dings),Getting noticed on Instagram is a lot harder,than it used to be.,Also true. (bell dings),Selling a product or service on Instagram,just isn't gonna work these days.,Not true. (alarm buzzes),Yes, the world of social media has changed big time,over the last decade, but I would argue,that it's actually a great time,to take advantage of what these platforms,,Instagram in particular, can do for you,and your business.,In fact, if you aren't using Instagram as a tool,to promote your business, you might wanna get on that.,Hey everyone, it's Rimi.,Welcome back to the HubSpot channel.,In this video, I wanna walk through the steps,that you should take, if you want,to start selling on Instagram.,If you're running an online business,and you find this video helpful,,then make sure you're hitting the subscribe button,and click the notification bell to get notified,when we upload.,So I'm sure you've noticed,that Instagram has changed things up a bit lately.,They went from being a photo sharing app,to now rolling out new features,that cater more to businesses.,You can now market, sell your products,,and talk with your customers,,without ever having to leave the app.,Now that sounds great,and all, but first we have to talk,about actually getting followers,that turn into paying customers.,I'm gonna share five steps with you guys today,,that'll help you successfully start selling on Instagram.,Step number 1, use scarcity.,So using scarcity is probably one of the smartest things,that you can do to get people's attention,and make sales online.,This is one of those oldie, but goldie marketing tactics,,that never fails.,A great example of a company that does this is Trader Joe's.,So every year for fall season, you see everyone,and their mother running to Trader Joe's,to get their hands on their pumpkin spice everything,,I know, I definitely did.,People know that these pumpkin items are,only going to be in stores during the fall season,,and if they don't get them now,,they're gonna have to wait until next year.,Creating this sense of urgency,by using scarcity works like a charm,,no matter what you're selling,,because no one likes to feel FOMO.,Create promotions, sales, or offers,that have an expiration date,,so that people feel more enticed to buy what you're selling.,Step number 2, post consistently.,I'm sure you're tired of hearing the phrase,,"consistency is key", but it really is.,You have to come up with a strategy,and plan your content so,that you have weekly posts going out,and you're staying on people's timelines,and not being forgotten.,We actually just posted a video,all about creating a social media strategy,,so make sure to check that out if you haven't seen it,,and we even have a HubSpot Academy Course,that you can take for free that'll teach you even more,about building out a strategy for Instagram.,A really great tool that you can use,to keep rolling out content is,HubSpot's Instagram Templates for Business.,This is a free resource that'll make creating content,so much easier for you because you don't have to worry,about creating templates for your posts.,It includes 14 templates for feed posts,and then 8 templates for story posts.,All you have to do is plug in your copy,and that's it, you have 22 posts ready to use for Instagram.,I'll have the link to these templates below,in the description box, so make sure to check it out.,Instagram is a money-making machine.,They're constantly working with advertisers,to keep people on their app, so the more that you post,,the more you're helping Instagram reach,their business goals,,and the more that you do that,,the more likely they are to push your page,on their Explore page.,You help Instagram by posting consistently,,Instagram helps you.,Step number 3, create content,that people haven't seen before on the app.,Taking a photo of your product,and posting it just doesn't cut it these days,,and it's not gonna give you the results,that you're looking for.,People love to see new,and exciting content, so get as creative,as you possibly can get.,Right now, Instagram is really pushing Reels,because they're competing with TikTok.,These short form videos are a great way,to grow your following,and to also sell your products.,Let's say that you're selling clothes online.,Rather than just posting photos of different items,on a white backdrop, a cool idea,would be something like this.,- Oh no, I hope I don't fall. (upbeat dance music),- A post like this is sure to make people stop,and stare.,It's super creative, you've got a cool transition,,cool music, and the clothes look pretty cool too.,Step number 4, add a human element behind your brand.,Do you guys remember Flo from Progressive,,or Jake from State Farm?,These characters are not only memorable,,but they were able to make something,as boring as insurance more fun,and interesting.,Even if you don't wanna have a character like Flo or Jake,,you can work with in

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HOW TO SELL ON INSTAGRAM IN 2023 | Increase Instagram Sales with These 5 TRICKS

HOW TO SELL ON INSTAGRAM IN 2023 | Increase Instagram Sales with These 5 TRICKS

Here are 5 key tips to boost sales on Instagram.,Whether you’re a product-based business, a service provider or even an influencer,,this video will teach you how to sell on Instagram effectively.,Ready?,Let’s do this!,Hi my lovely people, it’s Natalia and welcome back to my channel where I help you create,better content and grow on social media!,Today, we’re all about increasing our sales and really honing in on those tactics to make,people want to buy from you.,I have a lot to say here so grab a cup of coffee, get ready to make some notes and let’s,dive right in.,1.,Be Clear on Your Offer,The most important thing when selling on Instagram is to be clear on what you offer.,If people don’t know exactly what you sell and how they can benefit from it, they are,not going to buy from you.,One thing that I always repeat is that a confused mind says no, and it’s so true when it comes,to sales.,Every single aspect of your Instagram presence should clearly showcase your offer.,This means your bio, your stories, your highlights, your static posts, your Reels, your captions,,every single place that you can imagine needs to be in line with what you sell.,This doesn’t mean every one of those places should blatantly sell every single time, but,it needs to be cohesive and consistently show what you do and who you do it for.,This starts with the bio, where you need to actually demonstrate what it is that you sell.,Whether you offer coaching, sell products, work with brands, render services, have an,app, whatever it is, you need to clearly show it in the bio.,Let’s take a look at Maria’s profile here,It’s the perfect example of clarity in your bio.,The display name shows who Maria is which is a speaking coach.,Then, you see who she serves (so corporate introverts) which is very specific and I’m,sure a lot of people can resonate with.,Then, you have social proof demonstrating that she helped over 100 professionals with,her offer and reinforcing it even more with 120k followers on LinkedIn.,And she finishes off strong with a call to action and a link which I’ll talk about,more in a moment so stay tuned for that.,That’s a well-executed bio that’s showcasing Maria’s offer very clearly.,Below the bio, you can be very strategic with your Highlights and really optimize this space,for sales.,Some of the core Highlights that you could create for this purpose are About Me or Start,Here, Work With Me if you’re a service provider or something like Bestsellers or Offer for,product-based businesses, Testimonials or Reviews for all those raving reviews you’re,getting, maybe something like Client Love to show the amazing things other people share,about your brand and so much more.,I have a whole video with different ideas for your Highlights.,It’s been created some time ago, but most of the stuff I share there is still very much,relevant so you can watch it after you’re done with this video.,Within your content itself, you have to be clear on exactly who it is that you serve,through your business and help alleviate some of their pain points.,After all, this is how you bring value to the table and showcase your expertise.,Your content should nurture your audience and create trust that’s so needed for any,purchase.,I’m sharing more about the type of content you should create in point 4, but for now,,remember this: What you post should work in harmony with what you offer.,Even if you’re an influencer and don’t sell your own product or service, showing,content that matches the types of brands you want to work with is key to creating a brand,presence that’s going to attract those brands.,Think about it, if you’re a fashion influencer and show a specific vibe, a very specific,style in your content, similar clothing brands will be more likely to work with you.,If there’s a clash there, you’re unlikely to attract the right brand deals.,Remember, if your content is attracting the wrong audience for your offering, then you’re,not going to convert them to clients.,So make sure your content is always crafted with your ideal client in mind and serves,them best.,Identify your content pillars (so the subjects you talk about) that not only support who,you are and what you offer but are also very relevant to the people you want to attract,to your business.,There’s also one point I want to make here and it’s to make sure you have clarity on,the feed.,When someone visits your profile, they can read your bio and look at your highlights,,but inevitably, they’re going to scroll through your profile grid to see what type,of content you create.,If there’s a disconnect between what you sell and what you show on your feed, you’re,not very likely to secure a purchase.,I’ve talked about this in my feed video here, but basically, if you’re a jewelry,store and there are not enough quality images of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings,,etc., visitors may be confused as to how they benefit from the content and what they can,actually buy.,So before you s

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Make sales on Instagram with a small following | Instagram for business | TIPS WHICH ACTUALLY WORK

Make sales on Instagram with a small following | Instagram for business | TIPS WHICH ACTUALLY WORK

a lot of you probably think well that's,definitely not enough followers to be,making consistent sales right,wrong you actually don't need that many,followers it's more about the quality of,your followers and attracting customers,than it is about the number of followers,you have small business owners,i totally understand and feel your,struggle i'm still,going through the same growing pains,that you guys are going through right,now,the only difference is that i have spent,about a year,trying different methods and tactics to,turning my instagram page into like a,money-making machine for my businesses,and i'm sharing with you the ones that,actually work so that hopefully you,don't have to go,and make the same mistakes i did and,lose a bunch of time and money,trialing methods which aren't effective,i remember when i first started my,brands and i started my instagram,channel and in my head i was like,i need a lot of followers otherwise no,one's gonna trust my brand i just had,that in my head,so i spent a lot of time just being like,i just need followers it doesn't matter,who they are,i just need followers because then,people are going to land on my page and,they're going to think,that's that's a legitimate brand because,they've got tens of thousands of,followers,however i quickly realized that that is,not the case and that's not actually how,the world works,whilst a lot of followers can give you,credibility unfortunately it can also do,the opposite effect to you and it can,actually devalue your brand,if you have just think about it this way,right if you've got a brand,and you have spent no time improving,your content,you have spent no time you know working,on the different things which improve,your engagement for your channel,and instead you've just bought a ton of,followers,what you think you've done is purchased,like credibility right,so you think it doesn't matter that i've,not spent a lot of time on my content,and i've not nailed down my strategy,because now that i've got so many,followers,people are going to trust my brand,anyway wrong,if anything people will be turned off by,your brand and not trust it at all,because you've not spent any time,working on your strategy people can see,that it's obvious,and if someone lands on an instagram,page and they just think this page is a,bit of a mess,i don't get their content i'm not clear,on what they're selling,but yet somehow they have 50 000,followers that is alarm bells will,immediately sound off in their minds,like consumers are so clever,like they will immediately think,something's not right here i don't trust,it so that's not what you want to do,instead,having a page where you don't have as,many followers it's quite small,but you've got good content and you're,growing at a steady pace,that is far more trustworthy and that is,far more likely to translate to sales,okay so the tip that i'm going to give,you is a bit of a basic upfront one but,i feel like i,have to say it otherwise this video is,not correct,if i've not discussed this topic so you,have to make sure that your profile is,optimized shall we say and by that i,mean look at your bio,look at your profile photo look at your,highlights,are they all correct and are they giving,off the right vibe and information about,your brand,so if you are a product product based,business,do you have instagram shopping set up on,your brand,do you have you know is your instagram,channel named after your brand,i've actually got a video on picking a,business name if you're at that stage,and you need some help so i recommend,checking that out i'll link to up here,and is your profile photo of your logo,and is that logo,clear and do you have your url linked,in your bio an obvious one do you have,your usp,such a unique selling point is that,clearly linked in your bio,things like that which you have to just,think when someone lands on your page,they need to know exactly what it is,that you sell,what it is that your brand is called and,how they can shop your products so if,you follow those three things there's,three guiding principles,and ensure that your bio and your page,clearly communicates each of those three,things,then your page will be fairly optimized,and that means that we can move on to,some of the other,parts and more complicated um strategies,that i use in order to make sales on my,instagram,so one of the main tips i want to give,you and one of the main things i want to,discuss,is to really think about what your key,content pillars are,so what i mean by content pillars are,basically groups,of different kinds of content that you,want to be consistently pushing out on,your channel,so for example if we look at real london,i have a few different content pillars,so one pillar,is kind of aesthetic content so these,are your interim posts which i get,from different sources different,instagram pages sometimes from pinterest,and the whole purpose of these posts is,that it helps tie your entire page,together and,gives off this real

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How to Sell on Instagram 2020 (10 TIPS THAT WORK!)

How to Sell on Instagram 2020 (10 TIPS THAT WORK!)

hey everyone I mean as a tow sidewalk or,daily and in today's video we are going,to talk about how to sell on Instagram I,am going to share 10 ways that you can,start using your Instagram as a way to,make money and to sell now I work with,all different types of entrepreneurs and,content creators and influencers so one,of the biggest mistakes that I see is,that people aren't actually using,Instagram as a place to monetize they,post without a strategy and no matter,what business you're in even if you're a,personal brand or an influencer or if,you're a brand that sells on a no,tangible products or a doctor or dentist,whatever whatever you are if you're,using Instagram in a business capacity,then you're gonna want to make sure that,you're actually optimizing this platform,to actually help you sell so today's,video is gonna cover the top 10 ways,that I always recommend so let's jump in,so my first tip is you have to always be,very clear with what you sell this needs,to be in your bio and your highlight,strategy you need to be able to really,effectively communicate what it is that,your business is about now if you're an,influencer and you're like well I don't,really sell anything and you know I'm a,personal brand then make sure that your,Biol lets people know that I work with,brands to create content and your,highlights would say something like work,with me or content that I've created or,video testimonials or whatever it is,it's not about just selling tangible,products but the point is it's about,having a mindset that Instagram now,needs to be very clear everything from,your tone your captions your bio your,highlight strategy all that good stuff,needs to let people know what it is that,you're selling now of course you don't,want to be too salesy no one wants to,follow a sales e Instagram page people,want value people want information so,between your selling points you need to,offer that value you need to offer that,hook and that authenticity to actually,keep your audience engaged and want them,to come back if every single post is,about selling,no one's gonna stay on your page and,people are gonna get annoying,very quick because that's not the,experience on Instagram so definitely,keep that in mind I just want you guys,to be clear about what you're selling or,how you're trying to monetize as the,very first step so my second step we,want to learn to saw on Instagram is you,need to gain people's trust people need,to trust you they need to like you they,need to understand who you are so my,second tip for selling is actually don't,sell it all but show up be there for,your community be there for your,audience show up in stories let them see,who you are if you are aged someone who,is usually behind the screen well it's,time to come forward and be on camera,and on screen to let people know more,about you even if you don't want to do,that on your permanent posts stories is,a great way to start building that trust,with your community so that they can,actually feel confident in buying from,you in the future I always recommend,things like you know set up your own,zoom call or find a way to get your,community offline in a secret secret,safe sort of space engage with them and,learn about what their needs are it's,gonna help you develop better products,and I guess serve them better in the,long run so my third tip for selling on,Instagram is get live whether it's on an,Instagram live or you're taking to them,- like a webinar or a zoom call or,whatever it is selling live is so much,more effective than selling you know in,a caption or in an email and this is,because people feel you they see your,energy they you know feel like connected,to you in a way so even again if you're,selling a tangible product you can get,some sort of brand ambassador within the,company to serve as that person that you,know goes live and people connect with,that's an amazing place to start even if,you yourself as the owner of the,business don't want to go in front you,need to find someone from within the,company that you think that you know can,highlight this position for you and if,you're a personal brand or an influencer,or someone on the content side this goes,for you too if you're going to be,selling anything even if it's not a,digital product but maybe you're selling,a service or panel workshop tickets or,whatever it is selling live is going to,you know really really increase your,chances of actually making that sale my,fourth tip is use direct messages to,your advantage the DM so many people,will reach out to you via DM and maybe,want to find a way to work with you or,learn more about you or ask you,questions this is a perfect opportunity,to take those inbound,you know requests of people coming in,and turn them into either a lead or an,actual sale if someone is coming into,your DM you can you offer them a freebie,get them on your list which would then,take them down some sort of you know,welcome series I'd let them learn more,about you where you can

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How To Sell PRODUCTS On Instagram

How To Sell PRODUCTS On Instagram

Let me count thy ways. The ways.,What year is it? Let's try that again.,Naima wants to know what kind of Instagram content should she create to grow,her product based business. Well,,the stats are in and over 130 million people tap on,Instagram shopping posts every single month.,And 80% of people use Instagram to make a buying decision.,So if you're a product based business and you want to use Instagram to drive,more sales, great idea, by the way, you're in the right place.,Because in today's video, I am answering one of the hottest questions I get,,which is how to sell more products through Instagram.,And stay tuned until the end where I'll share what you can do if you sell a,digital product because selling a physical and digital product are two very,different things. What I'm about to share with you has worked for my student,,Amanda, who sells vegan kale chips online, as well as Nikki,,who is a product based business owner and has successfully used my prompts and,ideas to drive more sales to her products.,I'm Elise Darma and I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers,,and creatives like yourself use Instagram to drive more sales,to your business. And in today's video,,I'm sharing how to sell more products on Instagram. First,,I'm going to cover a few tips on how you can make over your profile so that you,sell more of your products. But before I dive in,,I just want to share with you one account that you should definitely be,following. And it's, Instagram's very own @shop account.,This is the account for you to get ideas on how product based businesses,are selling on the platform.,Let's first talk about creating a bio that attracts the right follower,,who will become a customer. Now, for an in-depth video on this topic,,I want you to check out this video right here.,But for now what I've done is actually pulled up an example of a product based,business and it's bio right here. Go ahead and check it out.,There's a few key things here that this bio has, that you should have too.,Things like keywords in it's name field, delivery information,,as well as a brand hashtag so that I, as a customer or a follower,,can see what else is available. Next, let's talk about Instagram shopping.,Now this is a built in feature from the Instagram app that allows people to,shop your videos and your photos in your feed directly so that they can buy from,your shop. To set up Instagram shopping,,you do need to have a business profile and connect it to a Facebook page,so that you can actually build a catalog of products.,Once this is set up and approved by Instagram,,you'll then be able to tag your very own products in your posts and in your,Stories so that your followers can shop and buy directly within the app.,So you have your bio in order and you have your Instagram shopping set up.,How do you as a brand sell more products? Let me count thy ways.,The ways. What year is it?,Let's try that again. How can you as a brand sell more products?,Let me count the ways. The first is the Instagram shop page.,Did you know that that exists?,You find it by heading over to your Explore tab and then tapping on,Shop there.,You will find a collection of shops that you can explore and products that you,can buy. The next way is to have a product detail page.,This is a product focused page that shows all the details of your product,,including pricing, descriptions, and options that your product offers.,Next is shopping tags.,These tags allow businesses to highlight products from their catalog,,either in their Stories or in their feed so that people can browse and buy now.,To take it a step further,,if you are a US-based business with the Checkout feature,,you can also highlight your products either in your captions or in your,bio. Next is ads with product tags. So yes,,you can turn your shoppable post into an ad so that it gets in front of,even more people.,Your ad can drive people to your own website or the Checkout feature on,Instagram,,which at this time of recording is only available for US-based businesses.,Next is built in shopping features directly from an IGTV channel.,Yes, this is possible. Check out how Fenty beauty does it,,where their IGTV video is shoppable.,Know how I got this pretty boy beat using all Fenty beauty.,And make sure y'all tag @FentyBeauty down in the comments.,Next is live shopping.,Did you know that you can go live and actually sell products while running an,Instagram livestream? Check out how @yokafashions does it.,She goes live typically on a Friday night,,models the clothes from her shop and her customers will actually request,sizes or some of her products directly from the comments.,Now this is how Yoka Fashions has turned their brick and mortar business to,adapt to the digital times. And in fact,,it looks like based on the comments that there are a lot of sales being,generated from this format. Okay, hope you're still with me.,I have two more ideas for you.,And these features are currently only available t

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