how to see who unfollowed you on instagram

How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram 2022 (Safe Method) | NO APPStoday i'm gonna help you find

Ben Leavitt

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram 2022 (Safe Method) | NO APPS

today i'm gonna help you find the,imposters,i'm gonna help you find the people who,never followed you back or people who,have unfollowed you,on instagram and we're not gonna use any,sketchy third-party app to do this we're,gonna use instagram's own data so it is,100,safe,one morning before we get into this,you're gonna come across information,that's gonna make you sad you're gonna,see certain people who have unfollowed,you and you're gonna ask yourself why,are you,the way that you are why are you the way,that you are,so just be prepared coming into this,this is gonna happen it happened for me,if you're seeing my face for the first,time my name is ben i am a social media,nerd and on this channel i post weekly,videos to help you better use social,media and grow on social media so if you,haven't subscribed yet stop making,things weird and click the subscribe,button and the like button,do both cool so luckily to perform this,process and get you this information it,is both easy,and 100 safe so all you have to do is go,into instagram then go over to your,profile and click the three lines that's,gonna open up some options for you then,click,settings after that we're gonna click,security and then download,data or data however you wanna say it,you click that you're gonna have to put,an email that you want it sent to,after you do that you click request,download and then instagram is gonna,send you a,ton of information about your account,and it'll take up to 48 hours,so once instagram has sent you a email,it's gonna look like this you'll have,four days to download this information,so all you gotta do is click download,information,as you'd probably guess and then it's,gonna open up a zip file you're gonna,have to unzip,that and once it does it's gonna look,like this once you've downloaded it it's,gonna say your username and then all of,this different information for this,purpose we're only really interested in,followers and following so,what we're gonna do is go to followers,and following then click followers and,if you double click this it's gonna,open up a tab with all that information,and then do the same,for following after you've done,followers okay so we're gonna do,followers and then following,and that's gonna open us up two,different tabs on our computer and this,tab is every account that follows us,okay followers and then this,tab is every account that we are,following so the next step in this,process,is to copy all of this information so,all you do is click,hold and then drag across and if you are,on,a pc just hold it across and then click,end and that will bring you to the,bottom,of your page if you're not on a pc and,you're on a mac like me you gotta hold,it,and then click function and then the,right arrow on your keyboard and then,just drag it down,all the way and then you just copy that,so command c and then we're gonna go to,list and then paste the,followers list,into here and then we're gonna go back,and do the exact same thing for,following so once again that process is,just drag it across,end if you're on a pc and if you're on a,mac then it is function and then the,right arrow and then scroll all the way,down,shout out to the ogs the first people,i've ever followed and then command c,and then go over to list difference and,then you're gonna paste the follow wing,list into list b,so again list a followers list b,following into,list after you've done that,we're gonna click compare lists it's,gonna do its magic okay so then we,scroll down so now we know,a only is people who are only following,us a and b is people who are,following us and we're following them,follow back situation and then,b is where the snakes hang out okay so,the fastest way to go through and find,these people that you're looking for,that either didn't follow you back or,who have unfollowed you,is to sort like this so click sort and,then click sort a to z so because we,copied all the dates,it's gonna be a bit of a mess there if,you don't do that click compare list,again,and then when we scroll back so that,makes it way easier for us to go find,the specific usernames because it kind,of gets all the dates of the way right,here then what we can do,is just scroll down and then eventually,it's gonna get to a point where,all the snakes are hanging out all the,people who haven't followed you back,you'll see right there obviously the,people you followed that you knew,weren't gonna follow you back will also,be there but you're gonna see some names,on there that you didn't think you would,so let me show you what we're talking,about here and we'll see who has,unfollowed me okay so as you scroll down,to the bottom here these will be all the,accounts that haven't followed you back,or they never followed you,in the first place so these are the,people who you're following currently,and they're not following you so there's,gonna be,all of the people here some of these,surprised the hell out of me because i,know these people that have

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How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram (No Third Party Apps)

How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram (No Third Party Apps)

to know who unfollowed you on Instagram,and to know who didn't follow back is,not that hard at all and in this video,I'll be showing you exactly that and the,method that I'm going to show you in,this video is not going to be using any,app at all it's not going to use any,third-party app,so don't worry about giving your,information to other third-party website,because it's only good things right here,now let's get into the video so the,first way to find out who unfollow you,or who didn't follow back is by going on,your Instagram page now this is the page,in Chinese memes don't care about the,contacts so to find out who actually,unfollow you or who don't follow back is,basically going on your followings and,then go on their followings if you are,following him you can actually see his,followers and following so clearly if,you go on followers you're going to see,yourself gonna be there that's me that's,on top of the list and if we go on,followings,we could see that we are on top as well,so if they are actually following us it,means that we'll be on the top of the,list when it comes to following now if,we go on just this page right here this,person if we go on to his followers we,could see that we are following them but,when we go on to the following,you see there is an Us in there there is,now username in there so that means that,they didn't follow us or they've,unfollow us so that's number four number,one and Method number two this applies,to if you have a large amount of,followings so let's say you have like,let's say hundreds or thousands of,people you don't want to go for one by,one you wanted to just do a batch of,them so you will know that who are the,people that unfollowed you or who are,the people that don't follow back so you,could actually find out by clicking the,the top right corner and then go on your,activity right it already change place,if you're watching others video it's,probably you can't really find it,anymore it's going to be on your,activities and after that scroll down,and click on the download your,information and basically after you,click on that you you'll send a bunch of,information to your email address and,you need to wait about 48 hours in order,for them to collect all of the details,and send it to you so you got to be,patient so after we've clicked request,downloads you have to enter the password,as well so let's do that now download is,requested it's going to take up to 14,days to collect the data but actually,actually like it's within 48 hours so,yeah don't worry too much and now it's,just wait so after you have request for,a download of the details of your,account you'll receive this email it's,going to be saying that here's the file,you requested the information about your,account and basically all you need to do,is Click download information and it,will lead you to a login page of your,account so basically you need to enter,your password in order to download the,information that you want so which is,very secure and after you have type in,your password you'll be downloading the,files and now you will need to go on to,the download files on your PC and you,need to extract them all right after you,extract them you can double click them,and open it up because after you have,opened it up you you find out a lot of,files right here all of these files are,related to the account history of yours,a lot of things right here going on but,all we only need one file which is the,followers and following files click onto,it you only need the first two files so,open that up so which is going to be the,followers Tab and the following tab of,your account and after that you need to,go on to or any website,that actually allows you to,differentiate two different lists so I,found out this one right here that is,like kind of like sketchy website but I,think that works because I don't know,why I couldn't access to,from there you need to go on the,followers tab that you have and you have,to copy all of this all of these people,all right and you just hit copy,and then paste it on the first list,and then on the second list,um you're going to be pasting the,following so list number one is going to,be followers and list number two is,going to be following and then after,that you just need to click compare list,but what you see right here is basically,the first right here the first list is,going to be account that you follow,which is the followers the this is,number one and then number two is going,to be the your followings like the,people that you follow and here in in,order to find out who unfollowed you or,who didn't follow back is going to be on,here it's going to be under this one or,two okay so all of the people that,didn't follow back or didn't follow you,are going to be at the end of this list,all right so if you'll scroll all the,way down or all of these people all of,these people do not follow back out or,they have unfollowed you so yeah if we,go on to double check let's fi

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How to know who unfollowed you on INSTAGRAM 2022 | Super Easy | No outside App needed

How to know who unfollowed you on INSTAGRAM 2022 | Super Easy | No outside App needed

so i'm going to show you guys the easy,way but not just the easy way i'm going,to show you guys a non-third party way,cause we ain't trying to get our account,hacked either,what's up everybody it's your girl,aaliyah jahira and i wanted to redo a,video that i had did a year ago which,was titled how to know who unfollowed,you on instagram because we ain't trying,to follow anybody that ain't trying to,follow us back right,i mean unless your name is queen bee,then you can get a pass,but if it's not,yeah we don't have to clean house and,you won't be getting removed so i'm,going to show you guys the easy way but,not just the easy way i'm going to show,you guys a non-third party way cuz,we ain't trying to get our account,hacked either so let's not waste any,more time let's get straight into it but,also let me go and tell you right now be,sure to watch to the end of this video,because um,come here come a little closer,yeah by the end of this video i'm also,going to give you a tip on how to get a,few little extra likes and some comments,on your post so be sure to watch to the,very end let's get into it,so opening up the gram and heading to,our profile which can y'all like my,recent pick then let me know in the,comments that you just watched this,video please and thank you,so it's really simple,you're going to click on who you are,following,then for example click on a random page,and go to their profile,then click on who they are following and,your name should come up first,if your name does not come up first then,that means that they are not following,you back,now let's go back to our page and go,back to our following section,instagram puts all the people who are,not following you at the bottom of your,page,so you're going to scroll all the way,down,yes y'all all the way down,you will see all the people with the,blue check mark and then the regular,decolor people who are not following you,are there as well,so it's time to clean house so,person number one which is,carlos,so let's click on who he is following,which,he ain't following me back so carlos,adios,next,i know these pages ain't following me,back,but they piqued my interest so that's,fine but this girl,yeah joy,don't know her so let's see who she is,following,enjoy,i gotta hit the follow button babe gotta,hit the follow button because your page,don't pique my interest,okay so i know some of you may be,looking at this video right now like,girl that's too time consuming for me,which it is but remember y'all okay,remember we clean house baby and when,you clean house i mean when you really,clean house when you dust all them areas,when you get to them hard to reach,surfaces it's going to take some time,won't it,so it's just like that here it's gonna,take some time because those third-party,apps you guys,they just they're not safe okay they,will hack your account or instagram will,lock you out when they find out that,you're using a third party app and then,you gonna be looking back like dang,i should have listened to leo when i had,the chance,so to avoid all of that do it this way,and take it nice and slow because i,gotta let y'all know this as well,because i'm an honest person,instagram lohay,algorithm yes hayden low algorithm it,picks up on behavior so for example if,they see that you're doing this you're,scrolling all the way down to the bottom,and you're on following like 60 to 70,people a minute,then they're gonna be like okay you know,what we gotta switch it up on them and,then they're gonna put some of the,people that are not following you at the,bottom so i'm gonna be in the middle so,i'm gonna be at the top so to avoid all,of that,do not do it so much you guys take your,time for example just unfollow,10 to 15 people,like okay let's say you do it monday,i'll follow 10 to 15 people,wait until like thursday then unfollow,10 to 15 people okay,because that way the algorithm the,hayden algorithm will not pick up on,that behavior because another thing as,well that i got to mention,is that the algorithm also will pick up,on spamming behavior and they consider,this to be spamming behavior,so,yeah they gonna hide your following,count so,you ain't even gonna be able to see your,stuff for like a couple days so,to avoid that,you,want to just take your time,okay so if you made it to the end of,this video you are the best but you,would be the bestest if you subscribe to,my channel y'all please be a supporter,and help your girl out but as promised i,am going to give you a tip so,let's go back to the gram,so you go to kylie jenner ig,and you go on a post and you click on,the comments and you scroll all the way,down to the bottom,yes y'all,all the way down to the bottom,until you start seeing recent comments,recent comments that look like this,first,row lb,if you do not know what these terms mean,let me explain,so lb means like back,cb means comment back,row means liking all the pictures on the,top rows on your profile,and first means,like the first picture of your profile,i

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How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram. (2022 update) |No 3rd Party Apps

How To See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram. (2022 update) |No 3rd Party Apps

how would you like to know who followed,you on instagram yeah,you guessed it in this video we're going,to find who the imposter is and don't,worry don't worry i'm going to show you,some sketchy apps that are going to,steal your data all this is going to be,done right from the instagram app so if,you're done with it and i'm done with it,let's jump right into the video what is,up my beloved subscribers is your boy,geneva and for those of you not,subscribed don't worry i still love you,regardless in this video we're going to,be finding out who else might be feeling,some type of way from your instagram,list and you maybe if i help you find,them you can help return the favor by i,don't know liking subscribing you know,scratch my back i scratch your back some,type of no,what you say but yo you're not kidding,you don't know why i'm here how are you,going to find out who or followed you on,instagram well there are no ways to,actually do this but i'm going to be,sharing with you the three best ways,i've found one of you to be involved in,a third party app,and i know i know i just said,third-party apps to use your data and me,personally i'm against you but hey,there's some people out there who don't,really mind and some people who don't,really have the time to be doing this,one right all right all right so the,first one will be actually through the,main source which is instagram and in my,own opinion the safest among the three,so let's jump right into my computer let,me show you how to do this,okay so as you can see we're on the,instagram site and the reason why we're,not using a mobile app is because this,mentor does not work using a mobile app,so you have to log in through your,desktop if you don't have a desktop you,can log in through google chrome and,change the view to desktop sites so you,can follow these presses hello,so as you can see now i'm on one of my,pages uh what you want to do right here,is uh you click on profile then go to,settings click on privacy and security,once you open it it's going to take you,to this page right here,then click on request data under data,download and you put your email address,whatever email address you want the file,to be sent to and you'll be asked to,choose whether you want html or json,um i'll just prefer you choose html then,you click on next,then you put your password,once that's done a pop-up page needs to,come up telling you that your file is,going to be sent to your email address,within the next 14 hours but in most,cases is going to are everything next,you want two hours so mine has arrived,already so i'm just going to use my,email address then click on download,information on instagram pop-up is going,to come up it will actually put your,password,once you've returned your password um,you're just going to click download the,permission,and it's going to download your system,so i've downloaded mine already so this,is the file right here so what you want,to do next is you extract the file just,right click on the file and click,extract all,that's going to extract the file so i've,extracted mine already right,here,so i'm going to click it then,i'm going to go to the followers i'm,following where is the folder right here,yeah then open these two tabs on your,google chrome but your followers and,your following so here we have a list of,people,who are your followers and this other,type we have some people who are,following so what you want to do next,now is you copy everything right here,the names of these accounts you copy,everything control c,then end,now you do the same with your following,as well then go to this website called,,i'm going to leave the link somewhere on,the screen here,then paste you have your folders are,following in,one section,as this a,then you do the same for your following,then paste everything in this b,second section once that's done you,click on compare lists and what this is,going to do is going to compare which,followers are following and find people,who don't follow your accounts so what,that has done you are going to see a,list with four sections section eight,only is going to be your followers only,section b one is going to be the,following section a union b is going to,be push your colors and your following,join together or section a in terms of b,frequency,is going to be the list of people who,are not following your accounts so these,are people right here,who are the truth and push that so what,you want to do next is really there for,you do you want to follow them or you,want to shoot a medium i don't know it's,left for you but i'll show you the first,way in which you can find,your followers now the second one is,going to be practically used when you,want to know if a specific person,follows you on instagram and this means,right from your instagram app as well,now this might not be as easy if you're,looking to mask on follow but hey works,like a charm so let me grab my phone and,if you want to know if your friend or,your homie o

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hey everybody thanks so much for joining,us in our new video,we're going to show you how to see,who unfollowed you on instagram it's,entirely free and it's really easy to do,just a quick note,if you like what we're up to,please click the subscribe button,we need all of your help in order to,keep making videos like this if you want,a quick way to grow your account please,go on and follow our account and then go,on and also follow as many followers of,ours as you can and what you'll find is,it will work together and we'll all grow,our accounts,all right let's jump into it,all right we're back the first step is,to go to your instagram account,and go to settings,within settings,you want to go to privacy and security,you want to scroll down,you want to go to data download,html is fine it has your email address,here,you click next,put in your password,and then instagram on a given date will,send you the information that you need,in order to do this,so what i've already done here is i've,received the email from instagram,i saved it in my downloads folder and it,looks like this in a zip file,i'm gonna click on it,for our purposes to see,who unfollowed us,we're going to click on followers and,following,and we're going to focus on the,followers these are the people who are,following us on a specific date,and in order to figure out who,unfollowed us we have to repeat this,step at a later date give it a week give,it a month to find out who stopped,following us,so right now we're going to click on,followers,it's going to open up a web tab,and we're going to select all the names,i'm simply going to click here hit,control a,control c,and then excel or google sheets,you paste,i'm going to click down here,and paste for the matching destination,formatting to remove any formatting,and i'm going to delete the first few,cells,so now what we have here are the,accounts that are following us,up until a specific point in time,we have the names and we have all of the,dates now what we have to do is get rid,of those dates there are a couple ways,to do it if we're using google sheets,one way to do it is to filter the data,and then delete it out so i'm going to,go to data here,in excel but you can do the same thing,in google sheets create a filter up here,i'm going to create a filter,and i'm going to organize alphabetically,i have to go in and find all the,different months starting with april,i'll go in,and delete all the ones for april do the,same thing for august,and i will do the same thing for,february,but a faster way if you do have excel,and i'll jump back a step,is to do this,we'll delete this filter,select the entire column,hit control f,we're going to type in either am or pm,to start here i have am,we're going to click match case,and then we're going to click find all,i'm now going to click here inside,hit control a,and what this does is it highlights,every single cell that has a capital am,with spaces which are all the dates,i'm now going to click out here,and simply hit,delete and it deletes all of them,i'm going to repeat this step,for pm,so we have pm,match case,find all,select this,hit control a,click out here,and,delete now i need to clean up this,column so i'm going to select all again,i'm under data,and hit remove duplicates,i have one extra blank space here which,i'm going to delete,and i'm going to give this column a name,inserting shift,cells down for this,i'm going to call this following,day,one,all right so now what i'm gonna do is,give this a color,let's give it the color blue,these are all the people following me on,a certain day,now to find out who stopped following me,is pretty easy,we're gonna do the same data download,after a period of time passes let's say,it's been a month,and let's say,all of these people,stopped following us,so i'm going to create a separate column,just so we can track them,so i can show you what we do,i want to give them the color red,because we don't like them but they're,still here okay they're still here in,this because this is day one,now what we're going to do is we're,going to make believe it's day,30.,and on day 30,all these people,stopped following us,so i'm going to delete shift cells up,now on day 30 we have fewer followers,because they stop following us we don't,know why they stopped following us but,maybe we can find out,so we're gonna give this column a new,color this is green,so now in order to find these people,we've got day one,we've got day 30.,the next step is to take all the people,from day one,i'm going to hit shift control down,copies all of them,and i'm going to paste them,under the list from day 30. and quite,simply all i have to do,is select the entire column,and remove the duplicates,and this will filter out and show me,exactly,who stopped following,all right,starts with c,and ends with,big,let's take a look,here we are,so what this does is it gives us the,list of people who stop following us,it's as easy as that now if you want to,create this,in a separate colu

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How to see who Unfollowed you on Instagram

How to see who Unfollowed you on Instagram

,how to find who unfollowed you on insta,and there are people who unfollow you but you kept them following. ,so to find unfollowers I will tell you the trick and easy way,so you are watching informative media and I am your friend Ankit Jain,so sometimes you follow your friend as they followed you,but after some days they will unfollow you,to find these people this is the best trick,to find the unfollowers list you need to do some trick,you need to go to play store to download a application,name of the application is followers and unfollowers ,read the privacy policy as you are going to enter insta password,now go to login page and click login,login using username/Facebook/by any means on app,now you need to follow some steps that I am going to show,in do not follow back section you can see people who don't follow you,you have recent unfollowers list ,and there are many other list,after installing this app you will be able to find the list of unfollowers,now I will show you demo,you can see in mutual friends ,after someone unfollowed you, you can see unfollowers list,and this way you will be able to find the list of unfollowers.

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Safe Way to See Who's Unfollowed You on Instagram (NO THIRD PARTY APPS!) - 2022

Safe Way to See Who's Unfollowed You on Instagram (NO THIRD PARTY APPS!) - 2022

okay so this is going to be a little bit,of a different video um i haven't been,active on instagram in a while,and so i was just going to go in and,kind of clean up,the people i'm following i was going to,go in and try to see who's unfollowed me,and just kind of clean up my my,followers list and so,i thought i might show you how i do it,so first of all i want to say,do not mess with third party apps um,some people can get away with it without,having any major issues but i would not,recommend using the third party apps,uh,for a few reasons so number one,you have to put your instagram,information in those apps for them to,work instagram does not have an app of,their own,and so you're giving your login,information to,an outside party and so your account,could potentially get hacked i never had,mine get hacked,but,a lot of those apps if you use them the,way they're,that's easy to use them um you're,probably gonna get your account shut,down um so if you go through the app,anyway i'm not gonna go into a lot of,detail but just like you're likely to,get your account hacked you're likely to,get instagram to like flag your account,and lock your account,and,another thing i found was once i got up,to a pretty substantial,number of followers like the apps just,wouldn't work because they have to run,through and it takes a while and it just,got to where the app wouldn't run,through after i had like a thousand,followers or so so if you have a,substantial number of followers the apps,don't work for you anyway so just i,would recommend staying away from the,third-party apps,but so here's the method that i actually,use and it does take a little bit of,time but really i think it's the only,actual safe way to do it,um so,i actually i can't take credit for this,um i'm gonna give credit to this,this guy right here because this was the,video that i found it says see whoever,followed you on instagram safe method,and so i'm just going to kind of follow,what he says,so basically,you have to go in and get your data from,instagram so you go into instagram and,you can request to have your data,downloaded from them and so that will be,your first step and so i'm gonna go into,this i've already gotten i don't want to,see any of my information so i've,already gotten to this page so basically,to get to this page you're going to go,up to your profile and go into,settings,and then from settings from that,settings page you're going to go into,your privacy and security page and then,from here you can scroll down and do,data download and request a download and,you'll have to put in your email address,and i think it may have you verify it or,something but you put in your email,address and then it will email you your,data and it can take up to 48 hours so,it's not just gonna be immediate right,away um but you'll probably generally,get it within a day or so,so that's the first step so you have to,go in here and request a day to download,and i will say the process is just a,little bit different on your phone,so if you're looking at your phone so up,here,on your phone if you click on the little,three lines at the top right if you're,on the app,it'll bring up a thing and it has,settings as the first place don't go to,settings like you did here um you'll,want to go to your activity and under,your activity,uh if you scroll down to the bottom it,shows download your information sorry,i'm not gonna,i don't want to take the trouble of like,clipping in a clip of my phone but if,you follow what i just said um you can,find it but instead of under settings on,your phone it's under your activity and,you'll just scroll down and find it,there,so anyway first step get your data,downloaded um second step you'll get an,email,that says,your instagram information and then in,the email there'll be this link to,download your information but it'll only,work for four days so you have to,remember that you've downloaded it and,that you're doing this and then you know,you have to download the information and,it will download a zip file to your,computer,and,so what you'll want to do is open,the zip file,and inside this file there's a folder,that will be called followers and,following,and so you'll want to go into this,folder,and then you'll want to click on this,for followers,and it will open up a tab on chrome that,shows your followers at least it open on,chrome for me,and then you'll want this one for,following,so you'll want both of these opened up,so followers so these are the people who,are following me these are the people,that i'm following and so then this is,where i got from this video,he suggests using this site called list,diff and so you can put these lists in,here and it'll compare the differences,between the list so you can see like,who's not following you back,you could do this in an excel sheet if,you're good with excel but this actually,makes it pretty easy so what you do here,is for list a,um you'll want to,put,oh shoot i forgot actually hold on what,is a,he s

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How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite social media,platform and I'm sure many of you love,it too so whenever I see my follower,count dipping it bothers me a lot,there's no easy way to find out who,unfollowed me on the Instagram app,unfortunately and manually going through,my followers list to look for,unfollowers is just too much work,fortunately there is a way to keep a,track of your followers and unfollowers,on instagrams and we are here to tell,you just how to do that but before we go,ahead please subscribe to our channel if,you haven't already and hit the bell,icon so you know when we post a new,video as I said before the only method,to find out who unfollowed you on the,Instagram app is to do it manually by,searching through all your followers and,to see with mething which is far from,practical so instead there are a bunch,of apps that I tested for both Android,and iOS these apps basically help you,keep a track on the people who have,unfollowed you on Instagram let me show,you how they work now before we go ahead,to note by using third-party apps you,will be giving them access to some of,your Instagram data we would advise,caution when giving an app access to,your data on social media the second,problem is that Instagram could change,its API at any time so there's a,possibility that some of these apps will,stop working altogether,finally you won't get any data regarding,who followed or unfollowed you in the,past these apps can only log your,unfollowers from the day you set them up,with your account first I tried using,the follow meter app which I installed,on both Android and iOS the problem with,it was that it was very inconsistent in,terms of refreshing the list of,followers and unfollowers so I will give,this one a pass next I tried Polikoff on,android and followers tractor pro on iOS,now these are two different apps from,two different developers on two,different platforms both applications,work but they are too slow and have too,many apps so I will give these both,apart as well this brings me to the best,app of the lot which in my opinion works,pretty fine reports class which is,available for both Android,and I OS the link will be added in the,description down below let me show you,how it works I will be showing it on an,Android smartphone but it shares the,same UI and features on iOS as well once,the app is installed you will need to,sign in with your credentials so this is,what the home page layout looks like all,you need to do is to pull down from the,top for the app to refresh and that's it,immediately you will know if you have,gained followers or lost some of them in,their respective tabs you can also check,for people who are following you and,also the ones whom you are following,additionally you can go to settings by,hitting the hamburger icon in the top,left corner from there you can choose to,turn on push notifications that you will,receive whenever someone unfollow or,blocks you the app also offers some,premium features that are unnecessary,you can check who and followed you on,Instagram for free now reports plus will,help you manage your followers and,unfollowers,do you want to quickly unfollow all,those people who have unfollowed you on,Android download cleaner for Instagram,the link will be added in the,description down below sign in with your,credentials this is the home page from,the bottom bar you can check the people,you follow the ones who are following,you your uploaded files and finally your,light photos and videos now Instagram,doesn't allow you to do mass actions for,example try deleting a bunch of photos,on the app and you will have to do it,one by one,but it's not the case for the cleaner,app so say you want to unfollow a bunch,of people simply go to the followers tab,select multiple users once done tap on,the blue flash button present at the,bottom from the options select unfollow,you can try doing the same steps for,following multiple people or just to,delete multiple posts similarly if you,are using an iOS device download mass,unfollow for Instagram from the App,Store the link will be added in the,description down below sign in with your,credentials and get started the app was,similar to the cleaner app on Android so,if you wish to delete a bunch of photos,simply select by tapping on them once,done tap on action and select delete,similarly you can repeat the process for,other options as well yes there are a,bunch of other apps that do these things,as well but the ones I am recommending,turned out to be the most reliable,during my testing so that's all for this,video I hope you found this helpful and,if you did then please hit the like,button and share this video with your,friends do you know any other way to get,this done let us know why are the,comments thanks for watching and for all,things tech log on to gadgets 360,dot-com

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