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How to View Private Instagram Photos, Videos, and Profile Pictures? *The Secret Truth* (2023)This vi


Updated on Feb 06,2023

How to View Private Instagram Photos, Videos, and Profile Pictures? *The Secret Truth* (2023)

This video is all about viewing  private Instagram posts like photos,  ,videos, and Instagram profile picture.,Hello everyone, Rahul here from  TechReviewPro, and in this video,  ,I’ll uncover a hidden truth about viewing private  Instagram account pictures, videos, and more.,But before we get started, make  sure you subscribe and tap on  ,the bell icon so that you never miss an important update.,Alright, now without any further  delay, let’s get started.,First thing first, let’s start with private  Instagram account pictures. So first learn  ,how to view the private account  profile picture of any Instagram user.  ,And by the way, watch the  entire video to know more.,First, take a look at the private  Instagram account’s username  ,whose profile picture you want to view, and  note it down or simply copy it to the clipboard.  ,After that, open any web browser  on your phone and visit,Here, you basically have to enter the username.  Then, once you find the exact Instagram account,  ,simply tap “full size” and this will open the  profile picture of the private Instagram account.  ,So simply screenshot this or  tap download to save it to your phone.,I have already created a detailed  step-by-step video tutorial about this.  ,I’ve linked out to that video in the  card above so that you may watch.,Well, this is how you can view profile  pictures of private Instagram accounts only.  ,But what if you want to view private posts,  photos, and videos as well? Keep watching.,There are many articles,  ,video tutorials, and other tools on  the web that claim to be helping you in viewing  ,private Instagram account photos and videos.  But to be honest, none of them work properly.,A few weeks back, I released a video about  ,viewing private Instagram account  profile pictures where I promised  ,to create a follow-up video with steps to view  private Instagram account pictures and videos.,It has been more than a month  since I created that video  ,and I have been looking for ways to view  private Instagram account pictures and videos.  ,I tried and tested every method I  could think of and the hard truth is:,there isn’t any straightforward way to view private  Instagram photos and videos without following.,Although there is a workaround and I’ll reveal  that as well in the latter part of this video.  ,But, most of the tools present out there,  will simply promise to allow you to view  ,hidden private Instagram pictures and when you  enter the username, they’ll blur the picture  ,and ask you to go through the human verification.,For human verification, you need  to either go through the surveys  ,or download and install some  crappy apps on your phone.  ,And even if you go through the surveys or complete  the tasks, they’ll keep redirecting you from one  ,page to another for several minutes and even  hours without providing you the desired results.,So guys, I just wanted to warn you that private  Instagram account viewer tools are just crap.  ,Don’t get trapped in these and end up wasting  your time. Instagram takes its users’ privacy  ,and security very seriously and there  is hardly any tool that can bypass it.,Alright! The next hidden secret I want to uncover  and share with you is Self-claimed hackers  ,that promise to help you in viewing  private Instagram account pictures.  ,Usually, you’ll find them in the comment section of YouTube videos on the relevant topics.,I get hundreds of spam comments like that every week on this channel. And to make things even worse,  ,some people will add fake comments with  lots of likes, thus, tricking the mind  ,of readers like you to believe that …….hacks on  IG helped in viewing private Instagram account.,But again, I would warn you that  don’t get trapped in such scams.,Okay, enough talking, now let’s  learn what you can do instead.,There are 3 ways, you can view private Instagram accounts pictures. The first and simplest one is:,Simply follow the private user account  and after they accept your follow request,  ,you can view all the photos and  videos of that private user account.,And in fact, you can do that easily. Come on! Don’t be shy.,But I know, there are many people who are secretly  stalking their crush and can’t follow them.,So that’s where the second method comes into play.,Simply create a new user account with fake  details, post a few photos to make it look  ,like a real account, and then send the follow  request to the user with the private account whose  ,photos you want to view. That way when they accept  your follow request, you can view their pictures  ,using the fake account details, and they won’t  even know your real name or the real username.,If this makes sense, please hit  the like button to let me know.,Alright! The third method I’m going to reveal  is the one in which you don’t have to follow  ,them yourself. Simply find a mutual friend  who is already a follower of that user.  ,Then, request that mutual follower to take  the screenshot of the

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View Private Instagram Viewer 2022 - How To View Private Accounts On Insta 2022 [ iOS / Android ]

View Private Instagram Viewer 2022 - How To View Private Accounts On Insta 2022 [ iOS / Android ]

yo what is going on guys today i'm going,to show you how to spy instagram,profiles and this works both in android,and ios but before we start i'm going to,show you how it works and that it,actually can be used on any instagram,account and i have found an account,online which we will be testing together,so as i said earlier this works both in,ios and android so let's just start by,firstly looking at the account that we,are going to be spying together so this,is it this is the account that we will,spy let me just show you again it's a,very active account of a girl that i,found online you can actually spy on the,profile and then you're gonna actually,send messages follow the account and way,more and as i said this works in ios and,android so as you can see here the,account is private i can actually not,send a message or follow it so let me,show you how it's done how to get,instagram plus plus on android and ios,but before we do let me open instagram,plus plus at this very moment the,modified version of the app which is,over here,now the app works easily because you can,simply open the app and start looking,for the account that you want to spy so,open it like this and then once the,account has been opened you see it opens,with the with the account that you have,actually logged in with and then if you,go to the search bar and start searching,the account that you want to spy even,though it's a private one it can be,accessed online so here we are i'm just,gonna go on and access my account right,now,all right i'm almost in there i'm,searching for the account that i showed,you earlier and then we will see it,together so here it is,and yep i can message the account i can,see the photos and way more i can follow,it and everything is free of charge so,this works both in ios and android,devices but if you are in an ios device,to get the app installed there is a,couple of settings that you need to,change on your phone just to prepare it,for the installation of instagram plus,plus and if you are on android then,there is no settings that you need to,change android users skip to the part,where i open the browser and show you,where and how to get the app for ios,first you need to make sure that your,orientation is locked just like this and,once you've locked orientation you need,to go to settings,and when you are at the settings window,go to general settings and find,background app refresh and make sure,that it's turned on you need to change,the settings for the installation to be,successfully completed because if you,don't change them then you won't be able,to install the app,secondly once you've made sure that,background app refresh is on like that,then you need to simply go back and find,the battery tab,make sure that the battery settings are,actually on low power mode off so if,it's on for you like this you need to,tap on it to turn off low power mode,once you're done with all these three,settings let me show you how to get the,app both in android and ios and all you,need to do is then you need to open your,browser and go to this website that i'm,going to show you right now,so the website is the one over here and,it is, so is the,website that you know to go and once you,are on, to find instagram plus plus,is very easy you can either go on on the,featured apps and find it at the top,or you can just scroll down until you,find the app which is the second,option or the best option in my opinion,is by using the search bar so if you go,to the search bar and start typing,instagram you're gonna see that,instagram plus plus is gonna show up and,it's gonna look just like this so now,when you find the app it's gonna be very,easy for you you need to simply tap on,it,you need to tap on instagram plus plus,and it's gonna send you in installation,window,alright so now once you find it tap on,the download now button to basically,start downloading and getting these,instagram plus plus modified which,allows you to actually spy on profiles,now for the installation to be,successfully completed you will be,redirected in a new window where you,need to complete a couple of more steps,which are very well explained and then,once you complete this extra steps only,then you'll be able to get instagram,plus on your phone and afterwards you'll,be able to actually spy on profiles now,i cannot show you these tabs because i,have already completed them and you can,do that only once but in the end this is,how the app is gonna look like you'll be,able to get instagram plus plus both in,android and ios and once you open the,app this is how it's gonna look like so,guys thanks for watching have a good day,don't forget to like and subscribe for,more tutorials,you

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Can You Really View Private Instagram Pics? Y/N

Can You Really View Private Instagram Pics? Y/N

hey there once more it's me again,I've decided to make a follow-up video,to the first video that was actually,just me talking for like half an hour,trying to explain the simple logic of,how you can and at the same time you,cannot view private Instagram accounts,because there's a fuzz about this going,on YouTube and other different social,networks a lot well I tried to you know,theoretically clarify why some things,are doable and some other things aren't,doable but apparently you need like a,visual clarification and it's true that,I bragged on for a tad bit too long,about the whole issue so that I decided,to do is I'm just gonna make a video,with a video actually a screen capture,to show you what I tried to say in the,previous video and what I actually meant,so what you see in front of you is,actually a Google search for different,Instagram viewing utilities you can find,on the web which are actually just,websites created by random PHP users or,groups of users and of course they were,created for only one single purpose to,spam those who'd like to view a private,Instagram account without following an,Instagram user in person so there's a,just like scamming phishing filters,pretty much services that would ask you,or request your certain information from,your site and I'm not talking about the,information like trying to complete the,survey we're talking about information,like giving your phone number email,address and so on or just trying to you,know plain,infect your machine with malware so what,I'm gonna do first of all just to prove,my point I'm gonna go through a couple,of websites here that they open myself,they're quite famous for this for being,offered on YouTube and you have users,who's fun like I said and I'll share,because they're trying to get attention,from these websites by promoting their,utility and saying that as if they,actually work for them and going as far,as to actually fabricate videos which,are fake but which kind of like explain,visually and invoice how those things,work,they don't don't believe them like I,said those these are these people,they're just trying to get attention on,YouTube,they're trying to get views and you have,different individuals coming into,comments and simulating the,functionality of the these websites but,to anyone who actually understand how,PHP works and how Java works this would,be plain nonsense because probably those,same individuals have created those,websites and they themselves are pretty,much aware that it's not possible to do,so without server intervention without,the proper logins like I said in my,previous videos cookies from, or whatever it's the main,name is so like you see here for example,you have insta Louie this proposes you,to enter the URL now here I created a,fake account they just you know I'm not,an Instagram user myself but I have,created an account I got one follower,for the purpose of demonstrating my,point of view and I put up some posts so,here we see the account is completely,private and if I copy the link into this,sad website here and I go your profile,is gonna think,little bit which is more or less,credible and then at some point is gonna,save you private pictures and well it's,just gonna copy information from,Instagram itself which is also nothing,extraordinary if you click on private,pictures it's gonna say well are you,human or not complete survey's it,doesn't care if you're a human or not,all it wants to do is for you to click,on those things which are no relation to,whatever you want to do now and kind of,like specifically go and fill up,information on different websites and if,you see if you pay attention to this,part of the screen gonna see different,IG they're they're all tracking you see,tracking IG it tracks your movements it,tracks actually where you going and what,are you going to complete so as to make,this website believe you actually win,there but since those are all dead ends,they don't end anywhere you can complete,one or maybe two and they're gonna,disappear from the screen but at least,one of these three whether they'll be,because this is what you see is for my,country of Canada but you can have some,for the US you can have some for,different countries depending on your IP,none of them there's no way to make,disappear all these three in the server,in the tracker here some people actually,requested you to in their videos to open,up the page inspection like the page,source of this and to click as to delete,these links these buttons here and then,delete the whole thing delete this,window or I don't even remember what,they like just delete delete delete but,once again we're gonna get to this later,there's another video here,you're just deleting things on your,screen you're not sending information to,the server there those trackers aren't,affected because those trackers even if,they were effect that they have to get,something from you you have to click you,have to refresh the page and if you just,go and you

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How To View Instagram Private Account Post And Reels Is It possible ? Telugu

How To View Instagram Private Account Post And Reels Is It possible ? Telugu

hello guys welcome to srikanth world so,you already know instagram private,account,so then you know already,so,instagram your card,is,bye have a nice day

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View private Instagram Profiles - How to View Private Instagram Without Following [100% WORKING]

View private Instagram Profiles - How to View Private Instagram Without Following [100% WORKING]

guys today I'm going to show you how to,get Instagram plus plus totally for free,both in Android and iOS with this app,you'll be able to actually spy on,Instagram profiles and I'm going to show,you an example before we get the app,together so I got this app online I got,this account online which had just one,post and it was a private account so I,decided to spy on it so let me show you,how it works as you can see here it says,that the account is private that I can,actually not message it or follow it or,anything like that so now let me go to,Instagram plus plus and show you that I,can actually spy these very profiles so,if I go back to this app at this very,moment you can see that I'm on Instagram,right now and if I actually go through,the profiles tab over here you can see,that it is actually unlocked and I can,Pro I can spy on the profile I can,message it or follow it now let me show,you how to get this app as I said both,in Android and iOS devices now if you,are in an iOS device to get the app,installed there is a couple of settings,that you need to change on your phone,just to prepare it for the installation,of Instagram plus plus and if you are on,Android then there is no settings that,you need to change so Android users can,skip to the part where I open the,browser and show you where to get the,app so without further Ado let me just,start by showing you how it's done,firstly I'm gonna change the settings so,you need to make sure that your,orientation is locked just like this and,once you've locked orientation,you need to go back to your settings and,when you are on the main settings you,need to find the general settings tab,and then go to background app refresh,and make sure that background app,refresh it's turned on for me it's on,already but if it's soft for you if it,says background app refresh off like,this then you need to Simply tap on it,and then tap on Wi-Fi and mobile data to,turn it on so this is all the settings,that you need to change on your iOS,device and if you are an Android now is,the time that you should start following,this tutorial because the steps are the,same on both phones so next you need to,open your browser on both devices and go,to so is the,website that you need to go and once,you're here this is how the page is,gonna look like and to get Instagram,plus plus you can either go on the,featured apps over here and start,looking for the app or you can just,scroll down until you find Instagram,plus plus or the best option in my,opinion is by using the search bar so if,you go to the search bar over here and,start typing Instagram you're gonna see,that Instagram plus plus is going to,show up just like this so now how to get,it you need to Simply tap on it,and then you need to tap on the download,now button over here to basically start,downloading and installing Instagram,plus plus automatically now for the,installation to be successfully,completed you will be redirected in a,new window where you need to complete a,couple of more steps which are very well,explained and then once you complete,these extra steps only then you'll be,able to get Instagram plus plus on your,phone I will go on and explain these,steps to you right now and they're gonna,be very easy and very understandable,so here we are I'm almost there and this,is the last stage as I said before you,are going to need to download two free,apps from the list below install them,and complete the instructions for,example let me start with the first step,I'm going to choose one of the apps from,the list here,and I'm gonna go with let me see here,because there are several that I can,choose from so I don't know which one do,I want to choose,all right I'm gonna go with this one,over here called,cyberghostvpn and in the instructions it,says that need to Simply open the app,and create an account or something like,that so I'm gonna fast forward this part,of the video while I actually go and,download the app and complete the,instructions another thing I should,mention is that depending on the country,watching this video from and depending,on the platform being Android or iOS you,might get different apps to download,with different instructions so don't,worry if you don't see the apps that are,on my verification window here so I'm,gonna fast forward just right now until,I actually run the first app and,complete the instructions so once you're,done with the first step you need to,Simply go back to the browser and choose,a second app from the list,I'm gonna go back now tap on the back,button and choose another app in my case,I'm gonna go with this Zynga Solitary,app because it says that I need to,download it and simply run it for 30,seconds so you need to follow these,three steps over here go to App Store,and search for solitary free games so,tap on the red button over here to go to,App Store and once you hear go to the,search bar and start searching so let me,just do that right now solitary free,games,I mean solit

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How to View Private Instagram Account/Photos Without Following them 2021

How to View Private Instagram Account/Photos Without Following them 2021

hi guys and welcome to the channel in,today's video i'm going to be showing,you how to view private instagram,accounts photos without you following,them this is the real thing at the end,of the video you will see that,it's working 100 percent so let's get,into the video first we have to go on,our instagram app,make sure that you find the account that,you want to see their private,photos and followers,so let's search for an account,i will go to this one,because it's a private one,so as you can see it's a private account,if i click to the followers i cannot see,them,and i cannot see who is this person,following in the report so i can see,nothing,so let's fix that we have to go on,google play,and search here for big profile photo,install this app,open the app,from here you can click ok,and now we have to go back to our,instagram app,and click here on that profile on those,three dots from the right top of the,page so click there,and then click on copy profile url,so once you did that let's go back to,the app,so here at the search bar we have to,paste that url,and then let's go back to our instagram,and let's see if now we can see their,photos followers and who are they,following,so let's go to our instagram app,let's exit from here and refresh the,page so now let's go back to instagram,and search for that person again,okay guys so now as you can see we can,see their photos if we click on the,followers we can see their followers or,who are they following,so this information will be available,just for one hour so make sure you check,their photos do screenshots or whatever,you want so that's it guys like i said,at the beginning of the video this is,working 100 percent thank you so much,for watching don't forget to subscribe,and comment down below if it's working,for you and like this video see you in,the next one bye bye

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VIEW PRIVATE Instagram Accounts - How to View Private Instagram Accounts Without Following Them

VIEW PRIVATE Instagram Accounts - How to View Private Instagram Accounts Without Following Them

yo what is going on everybody in today's,video i'm going to show you all how to,view anyone's private instagram account,so you won't even have to follow them,and they will have no idea,that you're still able to go ahead and,actually see all their private posts and,you know videos and everything like that,without even having to follow them guys,and this is working on ios and android,as well,this is probably the easiest method out,there right now in 2020 no jailbreak,required and the way we're gonna be,doing this is by using the modded,version of instagram,also known as instagram plus plus so as,you can see i have it right here and i'm,gonna go ahead and open it up and show,you all exactly how it works but make,sure you guys watch this video,all the way from start to finish that,way you don't miss out on any important,steps but let's go ahead and get right,into it guys here we have instagram plus,plus,and go ahead and check it out guys so,i'm trying to look at this person's,instagram account timmy thick,um you guys probably know him as well,he's pretty cool guy but basically,his account is set to private right now,and unfortunately i cannot go ahead and,um look at it unless i follow him right,but nope,with this instagram plus plus,application we're able to go to bypass,this,simply by tapping bypass plus plus and,would you look at that guys we have,access to all of his photos and videos,now,we can go and check out everything that,he posts look at that guys,and he has no idea that we're able to do,this because he you think that,since he's private you need to follow,him to go ahead and see his photos well,with this app we're going to be able to,bypass that and see,anyone's private account um without them,knowing so,now i'm gonna go and show you guys,exactly how to download this app on your,ios or android device,no jailbreak required and let's get,right into the to the method guys so,first thing we want to do is just make,sure that our device is ready for the,download and the way we do this is,pretty simple,go ahead and open up these settings on,your ios device,once you're in settings go ahead and,look for general,so as you guys can see general is right,there once you're in general you're,going to want to go ahead and scroll,down until you find background app,refresh,and simply go to make sure that you have,this setting turned on to wi-fi and,celery data so,as you all can see we have it on and,that is perfect for us so once you've,done that,what we're going to want to do now is,actually well that's pretty much it for,the ios settings now if you're on,android i'm going to go ahead and,explain to you all what to do as well so,open up these settings on your android,device,and what you're going to want to do is,go ahead and look for um just go ahead,and look for the battery settings so as,you can see batteries right there,once you find battery just go to make,sure that you have the battery saver,turned off off,just like that for the duration of this,video and once you've turned it off we,are ready to go ahead and download,instagram plus plus onto our device so,we can go ahead and bypass,anyone's instagram uh private account so,let's go ahead and get right,right into the method guys so the way we,download this app is pretty simple,it is a tweaked app though so that means,we won't be able to get it from the app,store,or the google play store but don't worry,i know really easy way to go and,download it so open up the browser on,your phone,and you're going to want to type this,website into the search bar it's called,dot vip so just type that website in,guys,and basically this website is like a,tweaked app store,that's fully web-based so we're gonna be,able to go ahead and use this site for,absolutely free to go and download,instagram plus,plus um really really easy so once,you're on the website in the search bar,right here just go ahead and type in,instagram plus plus,and there it is right there instagram,plus plus unlimited followers and more,so this is the app we want to install so,what we're going to want to do now is go,ahead and tap on it,and you're going to see a button right,there that says start injection guys go,ahead and tap on that button,and now all we got to do is go ahead and,wait for this to load um this little,blue bar right here that's loading give,it about like 15 seconds or so,and it should fully load up and then it,will take us to the final part of the,download,but in the meantime though while we wait,for this to load though i would greatly,appreciate it if you guys could all,leave a like on this video,subscribe with all notifications on and,go ahead and comment down below if you,have anything to say about this video or,like,if you have any recommendations on what,video i should make next let me go ahead,and,let me go ahead and read your guys's,comments and i'll respond to you as well,so,here we are we're just waiting for this,to load and then i'll go ahead and show,you guys exactly what

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How to see private instagram account photos | is it possible?

How to see private instagram account photos | is it possible?

this is me gokul,with another new video in this one i,will be showing you,whether you could see someone's,instagram private account just by simply,following those methods from youtube,videos,we will be going through one such famous,website which claims that they will show,us photos of private instagram accounts,without following them before getting,into the video,i want to make sure that i am doing this,only on behalf of education purpose,and there is no content in this video,that violates any of youtube police's,as well as no content here misleads,anyone to do that,so let's get started first of all i will,be showing you a private instagram,account for the purpose,don't worry that account belongs to me,only let's try with this one,secondly i am opening a safe browser let,it be google chrome,it's time to google instagram private,account viewer let's do it,later i am opening the first most,visited site,let's check if that is possible to view,private instagram accounts,okay there is a blank headed text to,type the instagram account username,let's type the same,and here goes the search button oh,it looks so creepy out here let's wait,the process to end,okay everything loaded is accurate even,the story number has also loaded,but i don't think i have posted so many,stories in it this is a rarely used,account of mine,which barely consists of only about 10,stories minimum,anyway let's forget about it now there,is a button saying to unlock private,photos,let's click on it and i am pretty sure,that what will happen next,of course they will ask us to verify,this is the most frustrating part,but we don't give up let us do the same,okay here i am installing an application,and as what they have told i will be,running it for 30 seconds,and let us come back after 30 seconds,wow this is what happened at the end,those websites are just making you a,fool,they just promote those apps to earn,money and also create personalized ads,for you,everything is marketing and i want,nobody to get fooled by those charms,that is why i made this video so don't,waste your time watching those tutorials,that encourage you to visit such,websites,most of them are fake but i am not,telling that this cannot be done,yes it is possible for those ethical,hackers but i suggest you not to,approach such,illegal activities which later brings a,hell of mischiefs,that's it for today's video see you in,another one till then bye,stay safe,you

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