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How to Watch Someone's Instagram Story Without them Knowing!how to watch someone's story without,the

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Updated on Feb 08,2023

How to Watch Someone's Instagram Story Without them Knowing!

how to watch someone's story without,them knowing,now that's what i'm going to show you,guys in this video so let's get started,right away,um there's three methods you could uh,do in order to watch someone story,without the other person knowing,and yeah i'm going to go over the first,one right now,so um let's say,i would want to um,check chris brown's story let's say,that's one of my friends of course it's,not my friend but,let's pretend it is my friend and i want,to watch his story without him knowing,that i watched it,now what you can do to watch his story,is,click on the story before or after that,so,maybe this one then go,to the last story and swipe to the right,okay there's actually actually an ad so,you can just watch the ad,but swipe to the right just like this,but don't um like,yeah just keep it like this don't,actually watch it because now,you can view his story but um,you're actually still on this story so,he doesn't know that you're actually,viewing his story right now,but as you can probably notice there's,one problem,if it's not a photo but a video then,the video doesn't play so if it's just a,photo,this works perfectly fine but if it's a,video,and then what you can do then is,actually watch his story,like this and once you're done,watching the story what you can do is go,to his page,then click on the top right corner and,then block him,and then block that person for at least,24 hours,because his story is up for 24 hours so,um in these 24 hours your,uh your profile won't be shown,on the uh yeah who watched his story,um so after those 24 hours you can just,unblock that person,and um yeah then that person,never knew that you actually viewed this,story,now the last thing that you could do,without going through all this,trouble um is going to this website,right here it's called story saver,now i believe this does only work,with open profiles so not private,profiles,what you can do is simply just fill in,their um username and then click on,download,and you can see the video or the story,right here,and view them or download them um,so yeah that's it those are the three,methods,you could try um i hope this video,helped you out,please leave a like and let me know in,the comments if it worked and i'll see,you next time,have a good day

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Why Can't I See Other People's Instagram Stories?

Why Can't I See Other People's Instagram Stories?

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to show you what to do,if you can't see other people's,instagram stories it's pretty quick and,easy so let's jump right in,i have instagram open here first i'll,walk you through the the,kind of first thing that you can check,to see why you're not seeing their,instagram story,and the first one is potentially that,you hid their story from,your news feed or from your story feed,so let me just give you an example,at the very top you can see the stories,if i tap and hold on one of those,i can mute that story and then you can,it gives you an,option to mute story and post or just,story let's just mute their story,so then you'll see that they disappeared,from there,however what they do is they put it all,the way towards the bot,uh towards the end there after all of,the new stories,you can see it's kind of light gray so,if i go to,this one and then i go next if i go to,denver biscuit,company and then i go next it doesn't,show me that story and what i have to do,is i have to tap,and hold on it and then unmute them,in order for them to appear again you,can see there they are,and i can watch their story there so,that's the first thing to check make,sure that you haven't hid their stories,from your feed,the other thing to check is if they've,blocked you,so i will go down to my profile icon at,the bottom right here,and then i can just switch my account,and what i've already done,here is i've blocked myself with this,account so if i go and type in,my account you'll see that,if i go there you can see it says,unblock so i've already blocked this,account,and if i go back to my personal account,if i just switch back over to my,personal account,and then search for that account how to,apps 10. what you'll notice is,if i go to accounts it shows no results,found and that means i'm blocked,so if you type in that specific person's,exact,you know url or the their username on,instagram,and it says no results found that means,you're blocked,and that means you know that's the,reason why you can't see,their instagram stories so that's the,second thing to check the third thing,is that if you haven't updated your app,in a while then it might not be,compatible,to watch all the instagram stories so if,you get out of here,you can go over and open your app store,where is it there we go and then once,you load your app store if you,tap on the little profile icon at the,top right here,you can just swipe down and it'll say,here are all of the apps that you need,to update and you can go through this,list,and make sure that instagram is not on,that list and make sure that,instagram is fully updated so that's it,that's how you,make sure that you can see other,people's instagram stories if they're,you know hidden or for some reason,you're not able to visit them,hope this helps let us know if you have,any questions in the comments below,and make sure to subscribe thanks

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How to Download Other People's Stories on Instagram | 4 Free Ways in 2022

How to Download Other People's Stories on Instagram | 4 Free Ways in 2022

this video i'm gonna share with you four,simple ways to share other people's,stories onto yours on instagram hey my,name is brian and on this channel we,talk all things instagram so if you find,this helpful consider subscribing and,look for future content there are two,native ways to share other people's,stories to your stories on instagram,both of those ways require you to be,tagged in the other person's story in,order for you to share it to your,stories so i'm going to show you those,two native ways really quick and then,afterwards i've got two other ways that,allow you to share any story whether,you've been tagged or not so stick,around to learn those two ways as well,so typically you'll get a notification,and a message from the other user as,soon as you've been tagged in their,story giving you the ability to go to,the message or the notification and add,that story to your story another simple,way is going to the other user story and,looking for the sequence that maybe,you're in and add that story to your,stories as well one of the hard parts,though is you have to be tagged in every,single story if you want to post every,single story what i mean by that is,let's say that you have somebody that,was talking about maybe your business or,talking about something that you did or,maybe it's a family member and they've,got a bunch of pictures of you but they,only tagged you in the first story in,the sequence of stories unfortunately on,instagram you're only able to share the,first story or the only stories that,you've been tagged in so that's the,first way you can natively share other,people's stories onto your stories on,instagram now that brings me to the,second native way to share other,people's stories to yours and that is,typically found when you don't have a,notification,you forgot who tagged you or maybe you,don't know where the message is and,you're trying to figure out how to share,somebody's story well i'm gonna give you,that right now what you can do is go to,your instagram app and start a brand new,story and click on the little create,button from there look at the bottom,menu and scroll over until you see the,at symbol and this is where you can find,all of the other people that have,mentioned you in your stories and so if,multiple people have tagged you you can,look up to the top and see that there's,a see all button click on that and you,can see all of the people that have,mentioned you in their stories and then,from there you just click on the one,that you want to share click back on the,at symbol and now you've gone to your,stories and you're able to share their,stories to yours there are two other,ways you can start sharing other,people's stories into your stories even,if you've never been tagged in their,stories and i'm going to share those,with you they just take a little bit of,extra time but they're absolutely worth,it now this first way is going to be the,better option if all you're using is a,smartphone and i know this sounds very,basic and simple but what you can do is,you can go to the other person's story,and just screen record their story as,you're watching it or as you're reading,it so once you've recorded their story,now you can crop that down to the right,size and add it to your story and then,from there you can tag the other account,and click publish now the final way is,my absolute favorite way it requires you,to have a computer with google chrome as,your browser but it's absolutely amazing,and i'll show you why open up google,chrome and then head to the chrome web,store and then from there you can start,searching for free extensions to add to,your browser when you're there start,searching for a high resolution,downloader for instagram once you've got,it downloaded it might take a few,seconds to get working and if it doesn't,just close down google chrome so you can,open it back up and give it a chance to,restart and reset and download to your,app from there you can head over to,instagram look for the account that has,a story that you want to add to yours,once you've found the account open up,the story and then left click with your,mouse onto that story and you're going,to see a pop-up at the top of the screen,and it's going to either say download or,open a new tab go ahead and click,download and you're gonna get a high,resolution download of that exact story,on your computer now that you have the,high resolution download get it onto,your phone and you have the ability to,add this story to yours and you were,never tagged in it in the first place so,there you go

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How To Download Other People's Instagram Stories

How To Download Other People's Instagram Stories

Khanh giving you expert reviews and,training for entrepreneurs now on this,video I'm gonna be talking about how to,download other people's Instagram,stories that's right so stay tuned but,also you're gonna want to stay to the,end because I'm going to be giving away,a free vacation alright you're gonna get,an opportunity to win a free vacation,totally hundred percent free no catch at,all and you're gonna have four,destination to choose from so make sure,you stay tuned but first what I want you,to do is is subscribe to my youtube,channel hit the subscribe button hit the,bell button and leave a comment below if,you do get some value all right so let's,go ahead and show you exactly how to do,this now,as you can see I'm using the app called,threads for Instagram this is what what,is this the app that I'm using this call,it's called grids for Instagram,now you can I believe you can download,this app this app inside of your app,store on your Mac and also if you want,to download this file believe there's a,version for Windows all you got to do is,just go to google and type in grids for,Instagram for Windows and you'll see,you'll be able to see that download,alright so let me go ahead and show you,exactly what I do what I want to do I,like to look for quotes I like to,download other people's Instagram story,quotes so that I'm not I'm able to post,to my Instagram stories and all I gotta,do is just look for and count that pop,let that post good content like quotes,that I like all I gotta do is check out,their account and by the way as you can,see before I go into this as you can see,this is just this looks just like you're,viewing Instagram from your phone right,as you see there's live videos at the,top there's Instagram stories at the top,and literally you can use this app you,can operate Instagram you know operate,Instagram just like how you operate,Instagram from your phone but from your,desktop as you can see you can like and,comment on other people that you're,following you can you know view,instagrams stories from your computer,from your computer and stuff like that,it's pretty cool as you can see I'll,show you example of what I'm talking,about you can view I said I want to view,Ray Higdon store I cried so as you can,see I can view and I can watch people's,answer crime stories directly from my,computer but let me go ahead and show,you exactly how to download,stories all right so let's look for,account that posed some really good,quotes and that's what I'm looking for,I'm looking for high quality pokes that,I can you know post on my Instagram,stories or Facebook stories or snapchat,so let's look for a quote OSS cannon to,post some really good quotes hmm let's,see that maybe this person posts,unbraided quotes all right here's a good,one here so let's say that I want to,download this Instagram story quote,right here so I so I'm able to post it,on my Instagram stories all I got to do,is just click on the three little bites,down here below and then click on the,button that says save photo and what,this is gonna do is it's gonna save this,Instagram story photo to my computer now,I have you know a couple options I have,you know I can either post that,Instagram story directly from my,computer to my Instagram stories or I,can just airdrop it to my iPhone and,post that Instagram story that I just,downloaded from my phone but I want to,show you exactly how to post that,Instagram story quote that I just,downloaded directly from my computer,using greats for Instagram so all the,guys do is click on a little arrow by my,little face here and then click on the,button that says add new story and then,all I gotta do is just choose that photo,that I just downloaded and post it to my,Instagram story let's go ahead and look,for it where was it maybe oh yes it's,right here so all I have to do is select,it and then as you can see it's great,for Instagram it's gonna all,automatically resize it for Instagram,stories so you don't have to resize it,or anything like that or mess with this,picture it's already made or it's,already the size that's gonna fit inside,of Instagram story so all that I do is,post to Instagram stories,and voila and just posted that to my,Instagram story so if you want to check,that out let me go to my cigar story to,show you exactly what I just did and I,just posted to my circumstance directly,from my computer using grids for,Instagram so I'll just select this and,as you can see let me go ahead and look,at that that's the photo that I just,downloaded right there just posted from,my eyes with me so now I also can,airdrop it so if I want to you know post,it post that Instagram post it to,Instagram storage for my fault all I got,to do is just look for the photo and,look for it I sit right there and then,all I got to do is just airdrop it so,for me for you people that has a they,have an iPhone and a Mac this is very,easy to do all that do is just airdrop,it and it's going to airdrop it to my,phone and then literally I c

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How to Share Other People's Reels as an Instagram Story - Repost Reel on Instagram Story

How to Share Other People's Reels as an Instagram Story - Repost Reel on Instagram Story

guys and this is a new video about the,instagram application and today we will,show you how to repost the selected post,or rail to your instagram story,don't forget that we have another video,how to make the repost to your instagram,story of the selected someone's story if,you are not mentioned mentioned on it so,if you are interested in this topic,let's go to another video but this today,we will talk only about posts and drills,so let's go to the instagram app,and when we are on the home page on the,for your page let's choose one of the,videos as an example so i need to tap on,one this is the real,okay so how to repost the selected real,to our story we need to pick on the send,bottom here on the right side on the,screen,and tap on the first option like add,real to your story,amazing don't forget that you can also,rotate and cut manage the scale of the,selected rail,and,just um,just,save it managing the place,uh location of the selected drill tool,so as an example you can add other,features like to draw something add text,sticker etc,don't forget that after tapping on the,first icon on the top bar here you can,also correct the background color,so i will set this one as an example,violet,and bright,so okay,later you can smoothly add this to your,story or to your clap only close friend,story,and stop on the send to feature i will,choose the first option after,posting it to my story,and tap on the done,wait a minute please before the chicken,result checking i need to refresh my,home screen page,and let's tap on the first icon here as,you can see we have the selected,rails in our instagram story,unfortunately right now our story is,uploading but so we need to wait a,minute,yes right now we have posted our,instagram story and tap on the real one,time to watch it,amazing,absolutely in the same way we can use,other posts to make an instagram story,so as an example of this one we just,only need to pick on the scent icon here,and tap on the add reel to your story,feature but we will um not have the real,inscription here but the post one,it's really so easy to do and i will try,to show you how to do this,okay let's let's um let's find some post,let's go to the for you page,and tap on the needful post okay,so let's click on the,send a button here and tap on the add,post to your story feature,amazing don't forget that also tapping,on this post you can manage the style of,your selected post for example,to highlight the name of the nickname,of the selected account and um to show,the inscription little bit or just only,set the nickname,and only this,remember that also you can rotate the,selected,um past and allocate it in the way you,like,uh yes it's very very easy to do and as,you can see we don't have this special,option to correct the background we can,only correct the style of our edit post,but save only the background that the,instagram app will automatically,automatically set for us,also after tapping on these top icons,you can add some text here draw,something add stickers save this post,this is not supposed sorry but your,instagram story to your gallery app etc,so to post it let's pick on the send to,option as before and i will choose as an,example the close friends option,tapping on the add people are sorry,i don't have,i don't have,i have nobody in my close friend so i,will choose the first one to my story to,my main story and after tapping on the,share option i will upload my,new instagram story to the profile page,let's check the results,but remember that we need to wait some,time before the uploading,i need to tap on the icon on the first,icon and well done here we can check,our rail and later we can go to the post,tapping on the supposed feature,amazing guys don't forget about likes,and if if this tutorial was helpful,don't also forget to,set some uh comments to write some,comments below guys bye bye thank you,for watching

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THIS is how Instagram will change in 2023 | + LEAKED FEATURES AND UPDATES!

THIS is how Instagram will change in 2023 | + LEAKED FEATURES AND UPDATES!

I've got a challenge for you I want you,to think back to Instagram exactly one,year ago and I want you to think about,all of the ways in which it's changed,because the app has gone through so many,changes as of late and my predictions,are that it's going to continue to,experience a lot of changes through the,duration of 2023 so I thought I'd kick,off this year happy New Year by the way,with my Trend predictions for Instagram,and this video will also include a sneak,peek at some of the features that,they're testing as well that I think are,going to be released later on this year,before we get started though if you,enjoy content like this please hit the,Subscribe button I'm trying to get to,that 100K and I upload content every,single week that I'm sure I'm just sure,you're gonna love you're gonna love it,okay so my first prediction is that,Instagram are going to lean more heavily,into authenticity now I would love to,take credit and just say that I've I've,looked into the future and guess that,this is going to happen but that would,be a lie because Instagram have actually,been testing two new features which are,very much telling me Point Blank that,they are moving into the authenticity,space now let me just start off by,explaining what I mean there has been a,broad shift towards authenticity on,social media and it's been going on for,like a year or so now and what I'm,referring to when it comes to,authenticity on social media is like the,more unedited less aesthetic content,that's a bit raw that's captured with a,shaky hand that's just very like real,right and something what really proves,this social shift has been happening has,been the popularity of a new social,media app called be real now if you're,not familiar with what be real is it's,essentially an application which sends,notifications to its users and when you,receive the notification you should take,a photo of what you're seeing and of,yourself so you use both cameras and you,share it with the people who follow you,as a way to give an insight into what,you're actually doing at any given time,so the idea is that you don't have an,opportunity to create this perfect life,you just have to capture what you're,doing when you get the notes education,hence the name be real and hence the,fact that it's playing into this idea of,authenticity now the reason why I think,Instagram are going to make new changes,so that it can keep up with this like,social shift is because they are,currently testing two features so,they've not been released yet but two,features which really support this,Theory the first is called Glimpse,um I've actually spoken about a similar,feature to this on Instagram in one of,my previous videos and it's quite,literally be real Glimpse is be real on,Instagram on your stories so the idea is,that you get a notification sharing what,you're seeing and what you look like and,you share it to your stories right so,they'll be categorized as a glimpse,story so as I mentioned Instagram kind,of started testing something similar to,this recently it was called IG candid as,far as I'm aware this is a version of,that but it's on your stories instead,also they are testing a new feature,called roll call now roll call is,essentially a feature for group Chats on,Instagram where you can send out a roll,call and everyone in the a group chat,has to send a photo or a video of what,they're doing within like five minutes,so again it's leaning into this idea of,Instagram encouraging its users to share,real authentic content of what they're,doing at any given time of the day so I,definitely think they're going to be,releasing more features like that,throughout 2023. my second Trend,prediction is that Instagram will be,making moves to give creators more power,what I'm referring to here is,specifically updates that Instagram are,going to implement hopefully that will,allow us creators to have more control,over who sees our content and the reason,why I think that this is going to happen,is because this has been one of the,biggest complaints for Instagram in,recent years is that a lot of the,creators including myself will notice,that maybe our content isn't being,shared to our Right audience or maybe,it's not being shared at all people are,getting quite frustrated with the app,and with the introduction of more recent,social media sites like tiktok for,example which actually allow creators to,reach quite a lot of people seemingly it,easier than they can on Instagram it,basically likes a bit of a fire under,Instagram's ass and it makes them think,okay we've got to do something about,this what can we do which will help our,creators feel like they're more in,control over how many people get to see,their content now the feature that,they've released which supports this,trend prediction is their topics feature,now topics will basically allow us,creators to identify what our content is,about which should hopefully mean that,we have more control as to who is going,to see our conten

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How to Repost Other People's Instagram Stories

How to Repost Other People's Instagram Stories

Hai,rezeki,kalau semuanya berjumpa lagi dengan,Sadiqah dari channel kepo Nite channel,yang memberikan tutorial seputar HP dan,juga PC nah Sebelum kita lanjutkan,videonya silakan teman-teman Klik tombol,subscribe dan aktifkan tombol loncengnya,untuk mendapatkan pemberitahuan jika ada,video terbaru dari kami,nah pada video kali ini saya akan,memberikan tutorial cara repost Story,Instagram orang lain Meskipun orang,tersebut tidak menandai kita di Story,miliknya sehingga teman-teman bisa,repost Story Instagram milik siapapun,Oke pertama-tama kita cari dulu Story,Instagram yang akan diri Pos,tidak Oke setelah storynya ditemukan,kemudian kita klik icon titik tiga di,bagian Story,lalu kita pilih salin tautan,selanjutnya kita buka aplikasi Google,Chrome,lalu di bagian alamat web kita ketikan,Story,saver Dotnet Nah untuk tulisannya,seperti ini kemudian kita buka,Nah setelah websitenya terbuka kemudian,kita gulir ke bagian bawah nah disini,terdapat sebuah kolom jadi kita,tempelkan Link yang sudah kita salin di,bagian ini,Nah kita tempel kemudian kita klik,download,oke di sini kita checklist dulu di,bagian Saya bukan robot,nah di bagian ini teman-teman akan,melihat beberapa Story Instagram ya,dibuat oleh akun yang Ling storynya,sudah kita salin Nah jadi silakan,teman-teman pilih Story mana yang akan,di repost nah disini saya contohkan saja,dengan Story yang ini jadi kita Klik,tombol save as foto jika storynya berupa,foto tapi jika storynya berupa video,maka teman-teman Klik tombol save as,video Oke kita klik,Nah setelah Story Instagramnya kita,download dan tersimpan ke galeri HP,selanjutnya kita posting ulang menjadi,story di akun Instagram kita nah disini,teman teman juga bisa menambahkan efek,baru atau menambahkan caption sesuai,dengan keinginan,Oke dan sekarang kita sudah berhasil,melakukan repost Story Instagram milik,orang lain nah ini merupakan salah satu,cara yang bisa,rendahkan dan mungkin ada cara yang,lainnya oke sekian video kali ini semoga,bermanfaat jika teman-teman suka is,lakhan like Kalau nggak suka display',aja enggak papa saya Dika dari channel,kepo unit sampai jumpa divideo,selanjutnya dadaa

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12 NEW Instagram Hacks!! Unsend DM's, Mute Accounts, etc!!

12 NEW Instagram Hacks!! Unsend DM's, Mute Accounts, etc!!

hey everyone its Adrienne welcome back to my channel today I am in Seattle so,I'm literally sitting on my living room floor at home in a Seattle obviously,hence the not normal background and whatnot but today's Saturday and I am,bringing you a brand new video I haven't done one of these videos in such a long,time and it makes me so happy I was just looking back at my channel the other day,sneaking huh what haven't I done in a while and what do I miss doing what do,people like and it's of course Instagram hacks with all of the new updates,rolling out with so many different social media apps it's hard to keep up,and that's why I'm here to kind of keep you on track so today I'm going to talk,about some new tips and tricks that I've discovered recently that I think are so,cool and just very very helpful in general in terms of building an audience,and just making your Instagram posts and stories a lot more unique and also some,random you know little tricks that will help you not be creepy and awkward like,when you send that accidental DM that you didn't mean to send and you want to,unsend it but you don't know how but now you do know how cuz I'm gonna tell you,also apologies in advance for the Sun it keeps like hiding behind clouds and then,coming out and so I'm gonna be like as white as a ghost and then it's gonna be,very dark and I'm sorry that's just how it's gonna be so you guys subscribe if,you're new here click that Bell so that you're notified every time I post a,video which is every Wednesday and Saturday I did not post this last,Wednesday because I was traveling and I miss estimated how much time it would,take me to get my video up so sorry I'm working on it I really am but they,notified stay up to date I got an Instagram all my socials are down below,without further ado you guys let's get into this video alright so Instagram,hack number one has to do with Instagram stories and I know you probably always,see people just have these solid colored backgrounds and what I used to do is go,to google and type in like blue background screenshot it and then use it,as my story background but lo and behold there is a way easier way to do this so,now all you need to do is go over to your stories take a photo of literally,anything because it's not gonna matter we're gonna have an overlay on it and,then if you click the normal pen button and then click whatever color you want,to use then you just tap and hold on your photo and the background will turn,that color and if you want a tinted overlay but not completely like one,solid color you do the same exact technique but instead of the pen button,you use the little slanted brush pen button situation and then you get this,nice little hinted overlay that is slightly transparent so it makes it so,that if you want to use a photo and type some words you can just see it a lot,better because there is that overlay on top,so there you have it so happy number two is that you can share other people's,instrument posts onto your story and it'll actually have their name and,everything on it so basically if you see a post that you really like and want to,share it with your viewers or your fans or your followers then simply click on,the little share button that looks like a little envelope arrow situation move,on that and then tap on share post to your followers or to your story I forget,what it says because I'm not on it right now and from there it'll just put the,post on your story it'll automatically create a background that has to do with,the colors in the post that's super nice and it'll usually make it like a,gradient background and then I also recommend like actually tagging the,person so that they can see it and know that you posted but it's just a cool way,to like share a lot of people screenshot people's photos and then put it on your,story this is just a way easier way to directly put it on your story right when,you see the post so really cool thing I didn't notice it but it does happen,umber three is the dreaded sending that DM that you didn't want to send you,sounded a little too thirsty whatever it is you can unsend it so when you send a,DM now simply tap and hold on the message and click on send now if the,person has already seen it then they've already seen it you know I haven't fully,like I've tested this you can't unsend it but I don't know if someone gets a,notification you know what no I don't think you do because I tested it with my,fake account or my other account I didn't get a notification so yeah just,keep in mind you can always unsend it you can always on send it we're just you,know beep beep ballsy and send it anyway I'm not here to judge I'm just here to,give you some help packet number four is something that I guess has been out for,like a month or so now but I just never knew you can actually share instead of,screenshots of Spotify song you can share a song directly from Spotify on to,your Instagram story so when you go to Spotify you find the song or the

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