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Updated on Feb 06,2023

ASUS Bios Comes Again and Again Problem | Stuck in ASUS Bios | Step by Step Solution

subscribe and press the bell icon to get,notified for the latest tech,videos hey what's up youtube this is,vasi here,and today in this video i'm going to,show you how you can resolve the error,that,the bios on your asus laptop or pc,shows repeatedly like if you power off,your laptop and then power on then your,bias will come up,and if you do anything then the bias,will not go away,and that becomes a problem because you,can't use your laptop,or pc so i'm going to show you how you,can resolve this problem the process,is quite simple and easy but many people,don't know about it so that's why i'm,making this video so that you can get,your problem resolved as quickly as,possible,so anyways let's start the video,tutorial,so here it is my asus laptop in which i,am seeing the bios setup every time i'm,powering on the machine so how you can,overcome this problem first of all let,me show you how the problem,actually looks like so here i'm just,going to power on the asus laptop,and here you will see that the bios,setup will come,up automatically instead of your asus,branding and then your windows should,boot up so this is the problem that i'm,facing,so in order to solve that it it is very,easy but again asus has made a really,bad,i would say their bio setup as compared,to dell or hp,anyways first of all you need to go to,the,security panel so in order to go to the,security panel you're going to use the,left and right keys here as you can see,on the keyboard,that are right beside your number pad so,i'm going to press on the right key,and you can see i am moving through the,menu so here i am in the security menu,here i'm going to go to the last option,where it says secure,boot menu so again i'm going to use the,downward key i'm going to go down until,the,key is or the option is selected i'm,going to press on enter to select it,now you can see that secure boot control,option is enabled you need to enable it,again i'm going to press on the enter,key i'm going to press on the upper key,and i'm going to disable it,so after i have disabled it i'm going to,go back using the escape key,so here uh now i'm going to use the left,key to go to the boot,option and you can see that launch csm,is disabled i'm going to go down i'm,going to select launch,csm and i'm going to enable it,so once the launch csm option is enabled,i'm going to again use the right key,where it says save and exit i'm going to,press on,save changes yes and then i'm going to,go to the very top where it says,save changes and exit so i'm going to,press on this,save config configuration and exit yes,and now the laptop will restart again,itself,and as you can see you saw the windows,option,directly or the windows logo directly,instead of the bios setup,so this is how you can resolve the,problem so again i'm going to just,quickly,power off the machine using the power,button just to show you that it is,working again i'm going to power on the,machine,and you can see you saw the asus logo,and here you have your windows icon,so in this way you can remove the,automatic uh the,boot option that comes up every time on,your asus laptop,and you can see it saying preparing,automatic repair this is because my,windows is corrupted,so i'm going to install the new windows,on it so if you want to see how you can,install windows on your sos laptop using,a bootable usb then you can check out,that video as well,i will put that videos link in the video,in this video's description,so guys if you like this video please,give this video a thumbs up if you have,any kind of questions regarding this,video write them in the comment section,below,and i have already made a video on how,you can change the bios,setup or the boot i mean how you can,change the boot sequence on the bios of,your ss laptop or pc so that you can,boot a usb drive in order to install an,operating system like windows etc,if you're interested in watching that,video then it's box will appear,here right now and i will also put that,videos link in this video description as,well,so if you're interested go and check it,out as well other than that,be sure to subscribe to my channel and,press the bell icon so that you get,notified for my next upcoming video,other than that,thank you for watching and stay safe

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i found my old instagram usernames and bios!! (the end is the best part!)

i found my old instagram usernames and bios!! (the end is the best part!)

so yeah so I don't want to be I don't,know,hey guys so I just found out that,there's a way to see all of your,previous Instagram user names and bios,and for some people they're probably,like well that's just boring who cares,well I've had an Instagram since I think,it's like it was like 2012 like I know I,was just about to start seventh grade I,can literally remember the night I made,an Instagram like because my best friend,at the time alia had one already and it,was like couple weeks before school,started and she took this photo of me,looking super ugly and I was like please,don't post it on Facebook like that just,goes to show how long ago this was and,she was like no no it's fine I just,posted it on Instagram and I'm like,what's Instagram and I was over at a,Lea's house and uh I was like I end up,downloading it Instagram a kick and a,cake all at the same time not like oh my,god I really hope some people remember,cake and it's not just me so the point,of that whole backstory was to just,explain that I've had an Instagram for a,very long time and back then it was like,people would make their usernames like,not their names like now you know - Lena,dot M so like it's basically just my,name but I used to make ones that were,just like random stuff so and then I'm,sure my BIOS are probably hilarious so I,did like check out this thing before,just to make sure it was real and I did,like glance and see that it did have all,of my previous usernames I didn't look,at them like intently I just glanced to,make sure it worked so this is literally,like the first time I'm seeing all of,this so my reaction is going to be my,first reaction so yeah so anyways I'm,going to explain to you guys how to get,to it in case you want to know and I'll,include some like screenshots and stuff,so that way they can get what I'm,talking about so - Instagram okay well,caps lock is on, and then like mine,automatically logged an but I want to,sign into your account,so then you're gonna click on the little,like person icon you click the little,gear icon which is typically like the,Settings icon,you're gonna go to privacy and security,after clicking on that you're gonna the,first page it'll come up it's gonna say,at the top like a count privacy and,you're gonna scroll down until you see a,count data and then you're going to,click view account data so then there,you can see the date you joined which,you're wondering I joined on August 12,2012 at 8:17 p.m. keep scrolling down,then you'll see profile info and that is,where you can find your former usernames,your former full names your former bio,texts and former links and bios so well,let's start with former usernames,because that is with at the top when I,made my account in 2012 my username was,with underscore love underscore Elena,I'm gonna have all these like typed out,like somewhere up here so you guys see,I'm talking about that's so like with,love Elena and it's supposed to kind of,be like sincerely Elena but like with,love Elena I don't this was at the time,when like tumblr was big and so I was,trying to be very tumblr did it work,the next one is flirting not hurting so,I'm pretty sure if I remember this right,I got this off of like some pamphlet at,school talking about like I honest I,think it was like sexual harassment and,then like healthy relationships and just,about like what's okay and what's not,okay learning isn't hurting or something,like that and I was like that's so,catchy and so I made it my Instagram,username excellent is live you're young,and it's you bar young and I'm assuming,that supposed to be like hint at like,live while you're young but it's this,live you're young live you're young does,anybody else say like when it's like why,oh you are and then yours anybody else,said that differently like I went oh why,oh you are I think I say you're and when,I see you are as a your next one I have,like,no sorry three variations I changed my,username three times,no four times four times two from all,the same words but just like written,differently so it's forever reckless,witch,oh I feel like I should also this makes,okay a lot of people don't know about my,like seventh grade emo phase it just,kind of in like a emo like hardcore but,then also like skater phase all at the,same time and like there's like a brand,that's like young and reckless I think,so being reckless was like all I was,about but like keep in mind I was like,twelve and I didn't do anything crazy so,the next one is X love Laney Lou and,like I think this must have been I think,this is when I started getting into one,direction face because you know like,first of all I did not call people love,or even knew that was a thing until one,direction like brought that British,thing into my life which I mean it's not,even really British but like they say,yeah anyways I just didn't know about,any of that until I was like into one,direction and then it kind of just took,over in my life and I was always signing,everything l

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Do You REALLY Need To Update Your BIOS?

Do You REALLY Need To Update Your BIOS?

what if you just sort of ignored every,update for your motherboard's bios that,was released by the manufacturer do you,really need the latest and greatest,version number or to put yourself,through the stress of updating it well,no actually unless you do your,computer's basic input and output system,or bios is what your motherboard uses,during the startup procedure to,initialize communication between the,other components in your system and to,test their functionality before handing,the keys off to your os of choice after,mashing the bios setup button during,boot typically f2 or delete you'll have,access to all sorts of powerful tools,with control over many aspects of your,pc like cpu and memory clock speeds,boot device selection and settings and,much much more but like many other,pieces of software your motherboard,manufacturer will sometimes have to make,changes to the bios to improve stability,support newer platforms or cpus and,sometimes just fix some bugs these are,known as bios updates if your system is,a couple years old chances are there's a,bios update available and even with new,motherboards you can still end up buying,stock that's been sitting on a shelf for,a while and uh yeah just out of date,when you get it so what sort of things,might you be missing out on if you just,left it the way it came in the box well,about those new cpus that's one of the,biggest reasons that people may want to,update their bios as the sun sets on,socket am4 let's look back at awe these,motherboards released in early 2017,which supports cpus released five,generations later in 2022 that means if,you built a pc using something like a,b350 or x370 chipset not long after,release one bios update can unlock a,whole new tier of cpu performance,another performance related reason you,might want to consider updating your,bios is ram compatibility and stability,before you even realize that bios,updates are a thing you likely first end,up going into the bios because there's,one thing people on reddit will not let,you forget and that is to enable xmp or,docp which reads the rated ram speeds of,your ram kit and applies it in the bios,if you don't do this the ram will,typically run at the platform's default,speeds known as jdec and you could be,missing out on a lot of performance well,some of you may have experienced that,applying an xmp or docp profile just,resulted in stability issues or crashing,typically these sorts of stability,issues are more prevalent in the early,days of a platform and bios updates can,usually be used to improve stability,especially in the higher clock speed,ranges,although also your cpus individual,memory controller can make a lot of a,difference there it depends amd,motherboards also integrate ag esa into,their bios its functionality is,identical and that initializes your,components but newer versions enable,things like higher boost frequencies in,your cpu for small performance,enhancements quicker boot times and,stability and bug fixes,but did you know that bios updates can,even help your graphics card perform,better let you know right after we thank,brilliant for sponsoring today's video,brilliant is a visually stimulating,website designed to make learning stem,topics fun trade boring long lectures,for problem solving and interactive,visuals there are over 60 courses to,choose from including their pre-algebra,course start your algebra journey in a,low pressure environment with puzzles,and intuition guides along the way,join the community of 11 million,learners and educators today first 200,people who head to,techcookie will get 20 off an annual,premium subscription last year both amd,and nvidia introduced a new feature,called resizable bar which allows your,system cpu to access all of the video,cards memory at the same time whereas,systems without resizable bar can only,access the gpu in 265 megabyte chunks,back when gaming graphics cards maxed,out at only a couple of gigabytes of,video memory this wasn't much of an,issue but with newer cards and the games,being able to use in excess of 10,gigabytes having to request data in just,quarter gigabyte chunks at a time can be,very inefficient to enable this,functionality systems require both bios,updates and video card firmware updates,along with toggling resizable baron in,the bios menu and just like that free,performance finally a word on security,earlier this year hp had to release bios,updates to over 200 products because not,one but two separate vulnerabilities,were there that gave attackers the,ability to execute code with the highest,rights in windows you may also have,heard of spectre and meltdown exploits,along with their many variants that,affected the majority of modern intel,and amd processors well those are,patched using the bios and cpu microcode,updates yeah sounds like another good,reason to update but i won't lie,updating your bios isn't always sunshine,and rainbows if you have a power loss,during an update,you're screwed your syste

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Christian Bios for instagram (What to Put in Your Instagram Bio)

Christian Bios for instagram (What to Put in Your Instagram Bio)

- Jesus, homemaker, mom,,writer, mermaid at heart.,(beep),But I just need to know what do you want from us,,what do you want from us? (beep),In this video of our Lovely Boss Instagram series,I will be sharing with you,how to create the perfect bio,that creates an attraction to followers,,ignites them to take action and its just a lot more engaging,than what I'm seeing out there.,So stay tuned.,(upbeat music),Hey lovely bosses it's Chanique here,,owner of Cleanique Cleaning Services,and the face behind LifewithNiques Business Christian Blog,,where I help you build your business,without compromising your faith.,In this video, like I said,I'm going to be offering you,how to create the most engaging bio,that's going to attract followers to take action.,And as you can see I'm in a different location,,I'm in Montego Bay, I really needed a vacation,but I didn't want to take away,from creating content for you guys,,so I will be focusing on content and not making a blog,but be sure to follow me on Instagram,where you can catch all my highlights,and you won't miss the adventure,,so make sure to follow me right now.,If you are new here make sure,to squeeze the subscribe button,and bang on the notification,,so you never miss a Lovely Boss tip.,So let's get right into the video.,So, first lovely tip is to have a clear,,high quality, beautiful eye catching profile picture.,Before someone gets to your page,,they're probably searching for a business coach,,fitness coach, health coach, vegan blog, Christian blogger,,and there's going to be obviously a lot of people,in that category.,What's going to allow them to click on your page,is something that's eye catching,,a profile picture that they're intrigued in obviously.,In my profile picture I use a yellow background,to kind of stand out a little bit more,,and having it a clear high quality picture,,so I use an iPhone eight.,I'm not telling you to go out there,and hire a photographer to have some face shots,that is like a million dollar face shot.,You can do that with your phone or a digital camera.,Just make sure it's well lit, so it is something,that someones intrigued in versus a blurry picture,or even a very old picture of you, don't do that.,No, take it out, throw it in the back.,Okay, so make sure,that your profile picture is eye catching,,high quality and lit up, all right?,I wanna also add an extra tip and that is,when you are doing stories you have a border,around your picture.,That's also going to help you get more clicks,because its just a little touch,,a little nit bit more than your competition,,if you're constantly having a story,so you can have that border around your picture,because again, that also pops out a little bit more,than just your profile picture.,Second step, so now they love your profile picture,,oh this girl looks really cute,,I like this background, really eye catching,,I'm going to go ahead and click it.,Now they're on your page.,Great you did it!,So aside from having great content,and all that good stuff,that you don't want to make any mistakes,on your actual feed,,if you want to learn how to make sure you avoid mistakes,on your actual Instagram feed,,make sure you check on my last video,,so you can learn about that.,But, on your bio now.,Making sure, one,,that your name is searchable.,So, the bold part in the Instagram profile is,where you put your name technically,,but as someone who's trying to reach,and get attention and get an audience, and get clients,and get potential followers you want to use that,and maximize that for your advantage.,So, what do you do, who you are, put that in that space.,You don't want to put your name,because no one's going to be searching Ashley,for a business coach.,'Cause no one knows you as a business coach yet.,So therefore, you wanna put Business Coach,or Fitness Coach, or Vegan Coach,,anything that kinda explains who you are,in two words basically.,What would your target audience be searching,and you wanna make sure that, that is,what's in that bolded part.,So in your tip two,,make sure you have a searchable name,,so when they click on you they know,what they're getting into,and on top of that,make sure your feed matches your little snippet up there,because you don't wanna disconnect.,And if you don't wanna make any mistakes,on your feed, making sure its clear and concise.,For my case I put Christian Blogger,and a little slash, Business.,So if anyone were to be searching a Christian blogger,they'll find me and then on top of that,if they are looking for specifically in business,then they'll be able to more, kind of tailor,whether they wanna click me or not.,And that way I narrow down the audience,that's coming on my profile because it's great,to have everybody going on your profile,,but its the people that are more engaged to your content,,it's where you're going to turn them into followers,and or clients, and or customers.,So that's why I also put that little extra step,but to you if you just wanna make it a

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Instagram Marketing For Small Business (2023 UPDATE)

Instagram Marketing For Small Business (2023 UPDATE)

your instagram marketing strategy isn't,working as well as you want right now,because things have changed but nobody,told you and that's not cool but the,fact is that what used to work even a,few months ago is dramatically different,than the strategies and tactics that,we're seeing succeed on the platform,right now the good news is you're here,right now and i'm gonna be giving you,the goods on exactly what's working on,instagram right now i'll show you what's,hot what's not and what you may already,know but might have forgot that rhyme,didn't it for example instagram is a,photo sharing site right wrong even the,head of instagram adam asari has come,out and said that video not photos is,what instagram is now focused on today i,actually want to talk a bit more about,video and i want to start by saying,we're no longer a photo sharing app or a,square photo sharing app okay so you can,just make a couple videos and upload,them to instagram and they'll do okay,right wrong again whoa sorry that was a,little harsh what i mean is that it's a,lot more complicated than that for,example you can upload videos as a post,as a story as a real or go live and each,of those has its own advantages and,disadvantages but there is one that's,pretty much dominating all others right,now here's the deal only a very small,percentage of businesses ever managed to,figure out the key to instagram success,and the secrets that'll allow them to,reach more people build a massive,audience of loyal fans or create million,dollar generating campaigns so here are,10 instagram marketing strategies for,small businesses so you can better use,the platform to connect and convert your,ideal customers and clients also a big,thank you to dollar 80 for sponsoring,this video but more on that later for,now let's dive right into the tips,starting with tip number one optimize,your bio now i appreciate this sounds,like pretty basic information i mean,optimize your bio isn't that kind of,marketing 101 and well yes it is but,common knowledge isn't always common,practice and this is why the very first,thing you need to do is take a look at,your instagram bio and make sure that it,clearly reflects what you do and who you,do it for i couldn't even begin to tell,you the dozens and dozens of different,bios that i've been sent over the years,by clients and by students where i've,gone to them and i've really been,confused i mean i know these people and,i still can't figure out what they're,trying to do with their instagram bio,this is why one of my biggest rules when,it comes to marketing is that you always,want to prioritize clarity over,creativity first impressions matter so,make sure that you're making it very,clear what you do who you do it for and,why someone should follow you or stick,around for what you've got to offer also,never forget to include a cta or call to,action which is that link in bio that,guides people towards what you want them,to do next now one of the most,controversial points in that link in bio,when it comes to instagrams should you,link them to something like a link tree,or a multiple link database which is,essentially just fancy talk for saying a,place with a whole bunch of other links,my argument is pretty much always no now,there's a number of reasons for this,including direct response marketing,principles of always having just one,call to action as well as psychological,principles something known as the,paradox of choice where you give people,too many options and they tend to pick,none but if you can focus on just that,main entry point into your funnel or,into your business that's probably going,to do significantly better than,overwhelming people with all kinds of,options that may or may not be relevant,to them tip number two is to make sure,that you have a brand plan now the way,to develop a brand plan for instagram is,to follow the three c's of consistency,clarity and congruence so let me explain,those now consistency simply means that,you're consistent with your content as,well as with your engagement on the,platform so are you regularly posting,content and are you regularly responding,to dms into messages that you get we've,all seen the websites with the links to,social media and we've clicked on them,and we found an abandoned twitter page,from 2015. that ain't good for business,so if you're making the commitment to,double down on your instagram marketing,efforts then make sure that you're,carving out the time and the money and,the energy to do so appropriately next,it's clarity and again just like with,the bio this is where you want to be,crystal clear about what you do and who,you do it for and how you help and what,kind of content that you talk about and,provide also make sure to take a look at,your brand guidelines or your overall,style is there a consistent theme or,aesthetic on your page does it basically,does it look good and then there's,congruence which is essentially making,sure that what you say and what you do,and what you

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Instagram Bio Tips 2020 | Do These 9 Things NOW!

Instagram Bio Tips 2020 | Do These 9 Things NOW!

hey everyone I'm Nina Zito sidewalker,daily and in today's video I'm gonna,give you the exact tips to make the,perfect Instagram bio now I worked on,tons of different Instagram accounts as,a marketing strategist I've worked on,hotels tourism boards but I've also,worked with influencers coaches,entrepreneurs people that have personal,brands so I understand the importance,from a strategic perspective of the,Instagram bio and in this video I'm,going to share all the tips that I have,used with all of my different clients,now Instagram BIOS are super important,if you are using Instagram to make money,to you know monetize your business,whether you're a brand or a personal,brand then your bio is really your first,impression if you look at Instagram,almost as like just real estate the,photo at the very bottom where you have,to scroll takes a long time to get there,but your bio is the first thing anyone,sees when landing on your page so we,really like to think of the bio almost,as like your elevator pitch or your,mission statement it should let the,person that comes onto your page know,really quickly what you stand for and,now I'm gonna jump into some exact tips,that I think will help take your,Instagram profile to the next level and,make sure to stick around to the end,because every tip is equally as,important and if you guys are into the,social media marketing content,definitely subscribe to our channel we,release videos every week and you're,definitely not gonna want to miss them,so let's jump in now for my first tip to,have the perfect Instagram bio let's,start with something that isn't even in,the text form let's start with your,profile picture now if you're using,Instagram as a personal brand like an,entrepreneur or a content creator or an,influencer then your profile pic is,super important you know I always say,invest in headshots whether you need to,take them yourself or you get them done,having a solid headshot and having,something that is recognizable will help,that you know help you stand out the,biggest and,important thing with your profile photo,is that it's the same across all social,media platforms this is a must this is,this can also be for brands so it's not,for people on just the persons that are,using Instagram in a personal way it's,for brands as well make sure your,profile photo whether it's your logo or,your face I don't care what it is I just,want it to be the same on everything and,this is really important because people,nowadays we find you guys and everyone,finds each other just in different ways,you may find us on YouTube and then,you'll go to our Instagram and then you,know by seeing the same profile photo it,just helps like the end user or the,viewer connect the dots and it helps,like reinforce your brand or your face,or whatever it is that's in your profile,photo so just make sure they're all the,same across you know all social media,platforms and anywhere that you have,your headshot like you know an email,icon as well my second tip would be to,niche down your bio like I said earlier,should kind of be your mission statement,you really want to drill down to what,problem you solve or who exactly you are,or what markets you focus on or you know,what Nisha's you focus on you know you,don't want it to be something vague like,storyteller who loves avocados and walks,I mean that doesn't do anything from a,business perspective people don't,necessarily especially on the brand side,and take it from me cuz I've worked with,tons of brands on influencer marketing,they do not want to see that they want,to know exactly who you are so saying,something like an adventure travel,blogger that focuses content on the,Pacific Northwest or something that's,really really specific like trot you,could say you know travel videographer,that shoots in the Caribbean or,something that like I think the reason I,mentioned the Caribbean right there is,because I think geography is like a,really great way to niche down to let,you know the people at the end on the,brand side kind of know what area you,focus in if you do focus in one the,point is is not being vague you want to,use this as your mission statement as,your elevator pitch look at it as like a,one-liner resume that's a true,how the mindset should be when you're,thinking about your Instagram bio in,terms of like Nishi down and being very,specific so if you are in the travel,side for example if your travel contact,tweeter I want a little bit more than,just travel I want you to tell me what's,your secondary nice your third niche and,to be really really do you know specific,in terms of what you serve or what value,you bring now before I jump into my,third tip because it is a really useful,one I do want to let you guys know that,I'm gonna add a link below for a free,gift to you because I love serving my,community and I love giving you guys,really good free content so make sure,you check out the link below to get that,freebie so the third tip that is super,important and

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reading my old instagram bios *CRINGEY* | kaitlyn currie

reading my old instagram bios *CRINGEY* | kaitlyn currie

in today I am already regretting this,video if you guys are new to my channel,you probably don't know that when I was,in sixth grade I was probably the most,embarrassing person on the earth outfit,I remember I was just weird shy awkward,just basically everything I was a boy,crazy band crazy Justin Bieber obsessed,girl and I don't know if you guys ever,did this but everyone would put their,best friend's names in their BIOS on,Instagram and that's like the only thing,I can remember of like old Instagram and,like almost like but apparently on,Instagram you can go back in time in,your account settings and look at your,old bio captions yeah I should probably,just turn the camera off right now,because this is gonna be embarrassing,for me because I am literally so weird I,haven't looked yet,I just screenshotted until all the way,to the beginning like my first ever bio,I have it right here and I'm gonna read,it for you guys and we're going to,discuss what it's about very nervous I,don't blame you if you want to,unsubscribe after this video but I guess,let's just see what happens,shall we just look I guess I'm not,really sure how this is gonna go but,whatever also I forgot to mention I,looked this up on YouTube and nobody has,done this video before so hopefully this,is trending okay but no like really this,is a really funny video idea and let's,just laugh it myself together right,alright so my first ever bio was hi I'm,Caitlin and I love to take pictures,I'm also dog hot dog and actress,musician dancer Instagrammer and,litoris all of that was wrong keep in,mind I got my Instagram in sixth grade,so I was probably what 11 when I wrote,this and I'm actually turning 16 a,couple weeks so age difference really,there's so many things wrong with this,first bio I just don't,first of all sweetie playing the piano,for a couple years does not make you a,musician where did you act what have I,seen you in sweetie um nothing,you just started Instagram how can you,already be an instagramer I there's just,so many things wrong with this well,moving on to the second bio I ever made,um hi I'm Caitlin the button lets you,way better in green I love taking pics,daily with the PISA blue jeans in a,heart and the emoji doubles like this do,you know what I'm talking about probably,not because that was really just like an,ugly face and I know but yeah just,really that's really bad that's so bad,alright so I might have had like a small,obsession with Justin Bieber and Selena,Gomez back in the sixth grade so there's,gonna be a lot of stuff about Jelena or,just Justin or just Selena so just,prepare yourself also I hated one,Direction's so this is gonna be bad so,the next one is follow your dreams it'll,make life more fun Caitlyn go home,actually no one wants you here so be it,what are you doing here's where I start,to put like all my best friends like in,my bio with like an emoji next to the,name like you're so cool you have so,many buttons,so the next one is my middle school and,then I said sing and then I said,belieber and I said so then later that's,Ali mater smellinator,Jelena can I get to 100 followers before,Christmas no sweetie yeah because you're,not cool what are you doing okay so this,next one is I love all of my friends my,RT is Selena Gomez all in caps we can,all make the stars dance - Oh Selena,Gomez oh my god that's so inspiring,oh my god so cool okay I don't remember,ever liking one of Austin Mahone songs,and I put in my body,Mahoney like girl I don't even know one,of his songs why'd you put that in there,if you haven't noticed the camera angle,has changed and the quality has changed,because now I'm on my phone because my,camera died I swear to God I can't film,a video without something going wrong so,like welcome to my channel guys this is,what you get from me all right so I left,off on a really good one and then it,died halfway through so I'm just gonna,read it again but probably won't be the,same sorry about it I have a hidden,talent that won't shine out dr. dot you,know that shy girl in the movies oh my,god I put it in my bio my goal is 200,big ones,200 big one don't let them say you ain't,beautiful crushing boasts for life,you're the one who gets me through those,rainy days Caitlin what are you talking,about sweetie oh what's the T actually,knowing I I know exactly who I'm talking,about,um I had a crush on this guy everyone,everyone knew everyone and um it was,really embarrassing basically I won't go,into detail it was really bad my arm was,like getting tired from holding my,computer which is really sad um this one,says taken by my radio you are beautiful,no matter what they say queen of selfies,they had me like whatever that emoji is,I don't even remember any of this,this is so embarrassing also I'm looking,out like all of the people that I put in,my bio and like I don't know half of,these names like who was I friends with,girl I don't know who you are Jen who,are you Jen sorry to call you out but,who's Jen I put my own name

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Updating the BIOS bricked this PC... You'll never guess what the issue was...

Updating the BIOS bricked this PC... You'll never guess what the issue was...

okay guys we got a troubleshooting video,for you uh coming up this is the,computer i just recently built uh i,think it was january or somewhere around,there,uh for my friend chris and,he over the last couple days has been,having,really sporadic really odd no post,problems after updating bios,let's just hope asus hasn't struck again,with its updated design offering support,for large gpus the all new h1 from nzxt,brings big performance to small form,factor gaming the new h1 features larger,ventilation for improved cooling and a,new exhaust fan to increase air exchange,efficiency helping it to keep even the,most demanding components cool taking,the guesswork out of parts compatibility,the new h1 features a pre-installed fan,controller 750 watt power supply gen 4,pcie riser cable integrated aio cooler,and pre-routed cables to see the full,list of features of the all-new h1 from,nzxt follow the link in the description,below,okay so,it's another one of those,troubleshooting videos like i said where,we're just going to kind of take you,guys along for the ride for some of the,methodology on how we're going to,approach this so to fill you guys in on,what he's already tried it wasn't one of,those hey james careers and turning on,there's a burrito no he he tried a lot,of troubleshooting steps he's not like a,beginner noob at setting up computers he,is capable of you know doing some,troubleshooting steps so things he's,already tried removing uh all but one,stick of ram,cleared cmos,tried different uh monitor cables,unplugged his peripherals,let me back up a little bit here so,after my one of my first questions to,him was okay you updated the bios did,you ever get a post after the update to,the bios he said yes he got you know,when you update the bios you end up,landing on like press f1 to continue,because of you know checksum error or,whatever that's going to happen after a,new bios or now they don't call it,checksummer basically it's like settings,have changed press f1 to enter setup,so he did that and it worked,he also did a,um restore factory defaults so one of,the reasons why he was doing the updates,and was in bios even you know poking,around is because he was trying to,install windows 11 and he was getting,the error even with the standalone,windows 11 installer not the update,built into windows 10,that his system was not ready for,windows 11. so he had to go in and turn,on trusted platform module 2.0,and secure boot now he installed or,turned on tpm 2.0 and still got the,error and he found out that secure boot,was not enabled it was after he,installed or turned on secure boot,when at that point he no longer was able,to get any sort of post,until he decided to take an hdmi cable,and plug it into his monitor and plug it,into the motherboard because remember,this is an 11 900k,and 1100k has an internal gpu on the cpu,die itself,he's able to get a video post or get a,post and video with that,specifically on the usb 2.0 header,or not usb but the hdmi 2.0 but not the,2.1,so,no display port output,on either motherboard or gpu,no hdmi on the gpu,showing but hdmi working on the,motherboard,that's where we are i have not tried to,post this yet,for the love of god don't let this post,right now because if it does even though,this is his monitor and his tower,because i want to create the setup here,with if there's an issue with the,monitor i don't want to use ours and be,like well you know it's everything's,fine it could be a monitor issue please,don't post because i need to be able to,figure this out this is going to be like,the auto mechanic issue like my car is,doing the thing and it stopped doing it,when i got to the mechanic it doesn't do,the mechanic and then it does it again,on the way home,or he gets home and it doesn't post,there's a lot of things that could cause,a system to hang and that's why he went,through the unplugging all the usb plugs,you know what i i can't remember exactly,what it was but i had a peripheral once,that i think it was a corsair uh cooler,master mouse actually that if it was,plugged in my system would sit there for,like 40 seconds before it moved past it,it thought that the mouse was like a,bootable drive,it was like hey you got something on,there we can load,hello,the mouse is just like,because it's a mouse right so,there's a nine okay you mentioned a9 is,where we get stuck right all right,so we've got a green light,green light although sounds like good is,a good thing is not we want white light,so,green,is just what it's most recently like,stuck on if that makes sense,red would be just a straight up fault,green means it's currently,checking that particular component,and we want it to turn white that's when,it actually clears and and gets past its,post,does the button respond,yes it does okay so that's a good sign,i can't read it my old eyes now are too,old for this the next thing i want,to try because i know he did it is i'm,just going to do displayport into,motherboard,okay it's testing mem

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