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How to see liked posts on instagram | Instagram posts you've liked option not showing | InstagramIn

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to see liked posts on instagram | Instagram posts you've liked option not showing | Instagram

In this Video I will tell you how to see "Liked posts on Instagram" whether it's post, reel or video.,If you don't have the Liked posts option then you should also watch this video Complete,So let's start the Video,So we will like any random post and see that how we can see the liked posts Now tap the profile icon then tap on the top three dots and select settings as shown in video,Now you have to select Account option and then search for " posts you've liked option " If you don't see the "posts you've liked option" then what should we do now?,I will tell you 2 ways to solve this problem,First way- You have to open Instagram app on playstore and join the beta version so maybe in future you could get that option,Second way- You have to open play store and search Instagram lite and install it on your phone,Now open the Instagram lite app and log in your account,Now again you have to go on your profile section and tap on three dots on the upper side and select settings option,Now in Settings select Account option,Now here you will se the " Post you've liked " option ,Now tap the "posts you've liked" option and here you will see all the posts, reels and videos that you have liked in the past on instagram.,So if you are not getting the option of liked posts then download the Instagram lite app and follow the instructions,So this was the Trick hope it definitely worked for you if not do comment below and clear your doubts ,If this video was helpful to you do like the video comment down and subscribe to my channel,Thank you

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How to See All Posts Someone Likes on Instagram!

How to See All Posts Someone Likes on Instagram!

so what is going on guys today I'm going,to be teaching you how you can see,somebody's liked Instagram posts on,their profile that is right guys if you,are on Instagram and just like Tick Tock,if you are aware there is sometimes a,liked tab like a whole tab that you can,see someone's liked photos on they're,like videos they're like reels they're,like everything uh and just what photos,they've interacted with now Instagram,doesn't have this feature but Instagram,has this feature coded in but like only,the employees are allowed to access it,so there is a database,um but you can't access it on the normal,Instagram app that being said guys,Instagram plus plus,you can get this on the Internet it's,pretty easy it only takes like five,minutes and it allows you to see this,liked uh tab I'm gonna show you guys,exactly how you can get it and how you,can get it running on your phone and how,to get around all of like the,difficulties of it and also how it works,in what I'm even talking about so let me,go ahead let me stop my Babylon and jump,right into my explaining and let's get,it hey guys so as you can see right here,I,have plus plus running and downloaded on,my iPhone 11. now my iPhone 11 is just,because I uh that's the phone I have,like if you guys don't have an iPhone 11,I do want to stress that this will work,despite not having,uh you can use any modern day phone any,old phone iPad whatever Instagram runs,on if Instagram does run on it Instagram,plus plus will run on it so let me go,ahead and kind of open it up just kind,of show you guys what it is uh and kind,of how this menu even works in the first,place so I'm just going to open it up,and I've already gotten under this,random person's account this is someone,who I've already dm'd and they're cool,that I show uh their profile uh so I'm,gonna go ahead and it's just a normal,Instagram profile as you guys can see,but there is a new button above the,follow message email whatever buttons,that they may have down there on their,profile that says see their likes now,like I said I did already get permission,from this user so I'm going to go ahead,and just click this button right here,and as you can see it does take a second,but now I can see all of the posts that,they have liked so these are all videos,some of these are reels I see that one's,a picture that one's a picture so as you,can see it does show everything uh and,this one's like from New Year's so it is,all dated uh like accordingly as most,recent as it should be and I think you,can sort filter all that kind of stuff,so it does work just as it should,um but the only way to get this because,you can't get it off of like the App,Store you actually have to get it off of,the internet and there is a website that,you guys have to go to I'm going to show,you how how to get there and all that,kind of stuff how to download it off of,the internet because uh well it's not on,the App Store so but before we do any of,that though we do want to go ahead and,go to our general tab right here and go,to background app refresh we're going to,need to make sure that background app,refresh as a setting is turned on on,your phone if for whatever reason your,background app refresh is not turned on,on your device I do want to stress that,that is not good you need your,background app refresher or else,Instagram will not be able or Instagram,plus plus will not be able to connect to,the Instagram servers and if you can't,connect to the Instagram servers then,the app is basically useless so so do,make sure that not only when you're,downloading but when you're using it,that background app refresh is turned on,similarly but turned off go to the,battery section of your phone and that,low power mode power mode the battery,mode battery Reserve mode whatever you,want to call it that also needs to needs,to needs to be turned off if low power,mode is turned on one of the functions,that it restricts in order to save,battery power is these external app,downloads meaning that if this low power,mode is turned on the app will not,download so please make sure that your,low power mode is turned off but with,that being said I'm going to go ahead,and show you the website we're going to,go to go ahead and open up your Safari,and go to a website called app,it is spelled,appuild dot VIP go ahead and click on,that click go and that's going to bring,you to this website right here it's,going to be called the number one,tweaked App Store and that is definitely,not an exaggeration there are so many,tweaked apps here here's the one that,we're trying to download Instagram plus,plus and I mean there's literally so,many here I couldn't even get into them,all but this is kind of where the,marketplace of hacked apps has gone ever,since jailbreaking has gotten harder and,harder to do,um this is kind of how you get hacked,apps now so it's pretty simple and does,not take all that long but you know just,as you download an app off of the App,Store you do have to do a

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so let's talk about hiding likes on,instagram it's a new feature that,instagram,have started to roll out to different,accounts over the last few weeks,but it's not new to some people some,accounts on instagram have had the,ability to hide likes,or have had likes hidden from their,account for several months now,as part of instagram's way to test,different features sometimes it rolls,out features to people,months in advance on some accounts and,in some countries,and then they eventually roll out the,feature to other people but,certainly most people now should have,the ability to,optionally hide likes on posts and i'm,going to show you,how in this video and also talk a little,bit about the pros and cons of this new,feature too,hi if you're new here my name is anna i,am a designer and online educator at, uk,and here on youtube i share videos all,about business,marketing tech tutorials productivity,and all that good stuff so if you like,that kind of content,don't forget to hit the subscribe button,and give this video a thumbs up while,you're there so as i said,on some instagram accounts you may have,had your likes hidden from you for the,last few months,so that when you post a photo you can,see the first person who liked it or one,of your close friends who's liked it,and then it will just say and others,rather than giving you the exact number,of people who have liked it however if,you're like me,some of you might not have had this,feature and so now that instagram has,started to introduce the,optional hiding likes feature it might,be something that you want to,look into so first of all i want to show,you how to hide likes on your own,images from other people so what you can,do is go on to your profile,tap on the photo that you want to hide,the likes of so you can see at the,bottom there i have got,um the little notification that says,liked by rosie gibson,and 416 others but what if i don't want,people to see,how many people have actually liked this,image what i can now do,thanks to this new feature that should,be available to most people now,is tap on the three dots in the top,right corner and tap,hide like count and then what happens as,you can see,down at the bottom that has now changed,to like by rosie gibson,and others instead of giving you the,actual number,um if i want to change it back so that,people can see how many likes it's had i,can just tap on the three dots again,and tap on unhide like account and that,will show the number back up again,you can do these for any of your grid,posts on instagram,but you can't do it on things like,instagram reels or igtv,videos so that's all well and good but,you might be wondering okay,if i can hide my own likes why can i,still see other people's likes on their,photos,surely there's no point in me not being,able to see mine but still being able to,see other people's,you can now actually hide other people's,as an option as well all you need to do,is go to your profile,tap on the three lines in the top right,corner and go to settings,then go to privacy go to posts,and toggle the hide like and view counts,button,so if i turn that on now and go back to,my account,i can now go to my home feed if i,refresh it you can now see,that all the like counts have gone and,again it just gives the first name of,the person,and others as well now notice that if i,click on others i can actually see,a list of everyone who has liked it it,still won't give me the exact number,but i can still get that information on,other people's posts,however if i go back to my own profile,and tap on a photo unless i've manually,hidden the likes per,image and as i showed you just now and i,can still see the like counts on my own,so all that does is just hide,other people's like counts i'm gonna go,ahead and go back to settings and,turn mine back on so it's kind of weird,that instagram when it was testing out,this feature with certain accounts over,the last few months,made it compulsory and didn't give,people the option to switch it on and,off,and now this new feature has come out,and they've made it optional,i personally don't think it makes a huge,amount of sense because,i feel like any benefits of actually,hiding likes,are kind of watered down by the fact,that some people are going to be doing,it and some people,aren't but let's talk a little bit about,the pros and cons so there are two kind,of,key benefits of hiding likes on,instagram,when you think about it what many of us,have started to do on instagram is,tie a lot of our self-worth to uh the,likes that we're getting on our posts,maybe when we post something we're,thinking oh am i getting as many likes,as this person or that person,and you're comparing yourself to other,people maybe you've put a lot of,work into a piece of content and when,you post it you don't get as many likes,as you wanted and that makes you feel,really down so from a mental health,perspective,hiding lights could be a really good way,of bringing some enjoyment back i

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Free Instagram Likes - How to get up to 500 likes on Instagram (No App) 2021

Free Instagram Likes - How to get up to 500 likes on Instagram (No App) 2021

hey guys so i want to go ahead and get a,lot of likes on my instagram posts but,unfortunately guys,i am not getting a lot of likes but in,this video i'm going to be showing you,how to go ahead and add a ton of likes,to whatever post you want guys as you,can see on my post here only two people,liked it so this is really not enough,guys i want a lot,so i'm gonna show you guys how to go,ahead and get a ton of likes completely,for free,so if you're on an iphone go to settings,and what you need to do is go ahead and,do a few things so,first we need to go to general and find,an option called background app refresh,and make sure it's on,this has to be on guys otherwise it,won't work so have it on either wi-fi or,wi-fi and sell your data,whatever you guys have access to and,once you've done that all you have to do,is go ahead and go,to this other section which is called,battery so go down to where it says,battery guys in the settings,and you need to make sure that the low,power mode is off now you know this is,on because your battery percentage will,turn yellow so make sure guys low power,mode is switched off,and then once you've done that you just,need to go to where it says app store,so find the section called app store and,once you're in there make sure guys the,automatic downloads is on,this should be on by default but if,automatic download this amazing website,guys the website we'll be using is,called,so let me just type that in,this website will allow you to add free,likes to your posts,so basically once you're on the website,you want to look for the option that,says free instagram likes,this site is a ton of different mods so,there it is free instagram likes,so in order to do it you just want to,click on it and it's going to load a new,page and it will ask you for your,username so make sure to put in your,username guys,and then you get to select the image,where you want to add the likes so i'm,just going to go ahead and put in my,username here,so make sure to spell it correctly so,let me just do this right here,riverwizard all right all right so,anyways,then i'm going to go ahead and press,connect and it's just going to load,it's going to ask you to pick how many,likes you want so 100 200 or 500,i'll go for 500 and then how to split,them so in one post five poster 10,so i'm going to go ahead and just do one,but you can,if you want it to be in more you can do,that so i'm going to do one post,and then it's going to connect to the,database so let it load and it will,successfully connect it's going to,forward the secret,and once that's done it will say secret,successfully forwarded,it's going to inject the likes and as,you can see they're going up in real,time so you can see right there they're,injecting,and once this is done it'll say,successfully added once it says that go,back to instagram guys and what you want,to do is go to the post and you should,see the likes,so let's reopen our instagram account,and click on the post guys,um so let me just go ahead and go over,here and i'm going to go ahead and go,over to the post,that i showed you guys earlier it only,had two likes and now we should have a,ton so let me just go ahead and click on,it guys as you can see,all right i'm just going to go ahead and,do that and as you can see guys the,likes are going up in real time we are,going to hit,500 likes so i hope you guys enjoyed the,video be sure to go ahead share this,method with your friends,get the word out about this crazy way to,get free instagram likes on your posts,it's super super cool i can't believe,this actually works guys it's insane as,you can see,500 likes guys this is incredible i mean,look at this,this is super super cool so share with,your friends guys get the word

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How to see the number of likes on Instagram (2021)

How to see the number of likes on Instagram (2021)

what's going on all you beautiful people,great to see you hope you're having a,great day for anybody who watched my,hashtag research video which I just,linked in the card above through that,strategy and process I talked about,finding the engagement velocity and,likes are obviously one of the factors,of that with Instagram now removing your,ability to see likes that becomes a lot,more difficult but I know of a way that,you can still see likes I'm gonna share,that with you in this video so let's get,right into it and let's show you how for,anybody that's new my name is Ben I make,weekly videos on social media and a ton,of stuff on Instagram so if your goal is,to grow there be sure to subscribe hit,the Buy button and download my free,Instagram checklist to ensure that your,account is set up for success so now,let's dive right into my computer so as,you can see I'm logged into Instagram,already logged in app and lab underscore,is my handle and this is the experience,from your Chrome browser we've shown,this before on my channel but why I want,to show this is because you can still,see likes when you access it from Chrome,I'm using a macbook once again so for,the example of hashtag research let's,say going to hash tag youtuber which i,am a youtuber and that hash tag will,populate hashtag youtuber has a,youtubers so it's got 22 point five,million posts will click through to here,and then why i want to show you this is,because like I said with determining,engagement velocity we're looking for,the top post or what's showing up there,and so now you can actually see that so,you can go in and see you 965 likes 133,151 441 1600 261 so this as you can see,you can still see the amount of likes on,each post which can help you do your,research I get a ton of DMS and comments,saying all you can't see likes how are,you supposed to do the math or you still,can if you log in from chrome at least,right now at the time of filming this,video I'm sure it eventually will be,gone but use it while you still can,plus while doing your research it'll,still show you those great,recommendations in the related hashtags,which I referenced in my hash tag guide,video so as you can see right here if,you're doing hash that youtuber it'll,also show you related tags that you can,look into and potentially want to use as,well so let's say YouTube community,it'll go through it'll populate that and,then as you can see it's got 163,thousand results and then here are the,top,and posts as well to help you put,together a well-formulated group of tags,for your specific posts so it's still,entirely possible to do your research,for free and determine the engagement,velocity and your likelihood of ranking,in tags completely by yourself and for,free but if you are looking for some,help with it I mentioned in the hash tag,guide video that I use flicked research,hash tags so what essentially what that,does is it suggests tags for you it,allows you to capture all your tags in,one place and will also recommend tags,based on the level of engagement that,your account receives to give you the,best opportunity for ranking in tags and,a really exciting update that's coming,in their future is it'll actually,document which tags you ranked in to,allow you to better structure your,strategy moving forward if you haven't,tried flick yet there'll be a free week,trial linked in the description box down,below go check it out and see if you,like it if not just cancel it before the,week's over and you will not be charged,so the closure I am an affiliate for,them so if you do use the service and,you love it and you want to stick with,it I will receive some affiliate revenue,back from that dope if you do thank you,in advance and if not no worries we're,all good if you took some value from,this video please take two seconds,smash the like button helped me out a,ton and you get 10 years of good luck,from it so fair deal if you are new and,you're looking a crunch on instagram,subscribe to the channel,download the free Instagram checklist,and I will see you guys again in the,next video,if you're looking to grow on IG I just,popped up my full Instagram playlist in,the card above and a few specific video,recommendations are coming at you I've,yourself a great day keep killing it,keep crushing it talk to you soon,peace

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How to Hide Likes on Instagram

How to Hide Likes on Instagram

so the massive massive update from,instagram that they've been testing,since 2019 is finally here,the option to hide view and light counts,and i mean the option because,they're not just making this across all,profiles,mandatory they're giving you the option,to turn off likes and views,on your own post or on your entire,account,so i'm going to make this quick video to,show you exactly how to activate it,because based on a lot of user feedback,they did not,make this the default on instagram,they're giving you the choice,which i think is really really huge and,really really great,that they chose to do it this way and i,got this update exactly,five minutes ago so if you don't have it,yet update your instagram and then,you'll have to wait these take a few,days to get to everyone,let me show you how to do it on a post,click on a post,and here if you press the three dots on,a post right here,you could then hide like and view counts,on that specific post but you can do,this account wide,also so let me go ahead and hide this on,this post,and look what happened it just basically,got rid of the like and view counts,but i could still click here to see that,so i could still see that on top,but it will be hidden it will just kind,of look like this when someone views,this post,let me show you how to do this account,wide let me go back here,and let's go to settings press the three,lines right here and then go to the,settings tab,and here let's go ahead and go to,privacy,and under privacy if you go to posts,you will see a new option as long as you,have the update it says hide like,and view counts let's go ahead and turn,this on,let me just show you what it means you,won't see the total number of likes and,views on post from other accounts,you can hide like counts on your own,post when you create them,by going to the advanced settings and,turning on hide like and view count so,i'll show you this in a second,but now let me go back to the home page,and as you scroll down there is no like,count here it's gonna show you just,couple people,but i can click and see the view and,light count this way,okay so it is hidden on the home page,but it's not completely hidden meaning i,could still access it if i really wanted,to,but if i scroll down i won't see that,number over here now,and let me go ahead and press the plus,sign to create a post,and i'll just choose the post option,here on this page,and let's say i want to just post this,image here let me press next,and next and here on this page if i go,to the advanced setting,down here advanced setting click that,you could see right here when you make a,post,you could actually turn this on so it,will hide,like and view count on this post so you,have to do this when you actually post,to make sure this is activated so a big,big update,but they chose to make this an option,rather than,forcing you and making this the default,on instagram so i think that would be,useful,but let me know in the comment section,what you think of it and i'm also,running a discount on my course for,growing on instagram and monetizing your,instagram profile so i'll put that in,the link below too if you haven't check,that out,there's a free 35 minute training as,well included in that link so i hope you,found that useful,and please give this video a thumbs up,and share it with other people that you,know that use instagram,and i'll see you next time

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How I get Free Instagram LIKES 2022 *UPDATE* Get Famous on Instagram iOS iPhone / Android

How I get Free Instagram LIKES 2022 *UPDATE* Get Famous on Instagram iOS iPhone / Android

hey guys in today's youtube video i'm,going to show you guys how to get free,instagram likes on any of your posts as,you guys can see i just uploaded this,photo about um four minutes ago we got,600 likes let me give it a refresh,and look ready at 1200 likes so i'm,going to show you guys just how easy,this is and how possible this is um and,this is going to be using a site where,we can get um free instagram likes,exactly like this look at this three,seconds ago seven seconds ago,everyone just liking our photos so this,is gonna be um completely free it's,gonna work um on both ios and android,and i'm actually gonna,show you right now i'm gonna delete this,photo upload a new one and go through,the site and show you guys how to add,the likes um you can add a thousand,um like 2500 and then maybe 5 000 i,think um so it's just re it's really,cool ads good for the algorithm and adds,a lot of likes to your photos,so we can go ahead and do this and as,you guys can see i've literally just got,like thousands of thousand people,because we just did it,and it should go into one because we all,just liked it and as you guys can see,yeah still at 1200 likes on instagram so,um let's go ahead and get started i'm,going to show you guys how to do this,um what you want to do i'm going to go,ahead and delete this and show you guys,how to do it so um let's go ahead and,um actually upload a photo i'm going to,show you guys how to get these likes,so what you want to do let's just go,take a photo of something so let's go to,camera,let's take a photo of that,perfect,that's all we need um and now let's go,ahead and actually upload this and then,i'm going to show you amigo on the site,and then actually how to get this,working so um let's go to instagram and,then upload this photo and show you guys,how to do that and load battery that's,fine let's go new post,yes press next,and we're just going to share this photo,so we're just posting it,cool so now we have this new photo um as,you guys can see i have followers but a,lot of them are actually fake um so let,me just refresh this all right so as you,guys can see we've got this new photo,obviously 16 seconds ago it's not going,to get likes on the photo um because i,haven't sent the um the likes to it so,how do we actually go about and send,these likes so what we want you guys to,do now first if you're an iphone there,are some settings you're going to check,so go to settings on your iphone and,scroll down,go to general go to background app,refresh and make sure that is turned on,if this isn't on um you won't be able to,get the likes sent to your account now,also um,if you're an android do not worry about,this step you should be all good,okay now let me actually get into it how,do we add the likes what you want to do,is go to google chrome and i want you,the guys to visit this site here called,ig likes free so ig likes free um is,going to be a completely obviously free,likes for your instagram account and it,will be using the last photo you have,taken guys so ig likes free so because,it's the latest photo um you will have,to take the latest um,uh latest photo can only add likes to it,so what you want to do it's going to say,type in the username you want so i'm,going to type in of the,my account name you can type in any one,you want probably your own,okay and then just press connect,cool go down to connecting,it's going to connect because they share,,how many likes you want twenty five,hundred thousand five thousand i'll just,get a thousand here today sometimes they,over deliver so we'll just wait for this,to load now this is just gonna get us,these likes for us from our account you,just simply wait for this it's going to,generate it and fully get you in there,and get you those free instagram likes,so just wait for this to finish,all right cool so it's going to say the,username how many likes you want so what,you want to do is just go ahead and,press that little red button this is,going to make it fully connect to your,account you have to do this step guys,unfortunately um and this is basically,make you famous so it's going to say the,free instagram likes follow the,instructions on two of these things to,get it unlocked so i'm gonna have to,show you guys right now you just go,ahead and tap on the free button you're,gonna need two of these guys you need,two of them read the description,whatever it says just do whatever,someone will say just like hey download,this quickly um,use it for a little bit um some will say,just like sign up or whatever but it's,all for free guys never cost you,anything do not pay a cent um they it,shouldn't cost you anything at all this,is all complete for free um and you,should be all good but make sure you get,at least two of them guys so you want to,get to um sometimes three if two doesn't,work maybe go back to that page and try,something else it sometimes bugs out um,but try at least two of them um and then,we should be we should have two new,things in our ho

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How to Spot Fake Likes on Instagram & Riding the Algorithm Waves

How to Spot Fake Likes on Instagram & Riding the Algorithm Waves

hey guys it's been Lutz with the,funemployed family today I want to talk,to you about Instagram I know a lot of,you just like us are in Instagram day in,and day out posting and gauging,commenting liking all of the stuff but,we also noticed that over the last year,there are huge fluctuations to how our,posts perform so today I want to shed,some light on how to think about your,Instagram account going forward and my,biggest piece of advice is not comparing,yourself to other accounts that,seemingly look perfect from an,engagement standpoint because there's a,really good chance that a lot of it is,fake and I'm going to show you so the,other day it dawned on me Instagram is,like an ocean and the waves are the,algorithm they're constantly moving,constantly changing and us all of our,accounts we are riding on top of the,waves some days we're at the top of the,wave we're riding high we feel like our,posts are doing well or contents looking,good we're getting good engagement lots,of comments we're getting some shares,and some saves other days we load what,we think is a great photo great caption,engaging content and it just bombs and,you're wondering what happened so what,I've realized and talking to lots of our,friends that are in the same boat as us,same boat get it on the waves oh my god,so is that we are all experiencing the,same types of things but at different,times some of us may be riding high on,the wave some of us may be down on the,trough wondering what's going on it's a,constantly moving algorithm and it feels,like we we all experience the same,things but somehow at different times so,when you look at your account and you're,really struggling you have low reach or,low engagement you really feel like the,content is great but you see other,accounts that are doing really well just,remember that they may be at the top of,a wave they mean maybe going through,something that we're not going through,now but it generally seems to kind of,level out after a while but then you see,these other accounts and they don't look,like they're riding anyways,their engagements consistent their likes,are consistent their content is,consistent their captions may or may not,be great but they're consistent and,we're over here riding these waves and,they're like on a flat glassy ocean and,you're wondering what is going on for a,very few accounts these are the unicorns,these are accounts that have a fiercely,loyal following people that probably,have post notifications turned on they,can't wait until that accounts new post,comes out they're like in there engaging,they're sharing those are the unicorns,there are very few and far between but,those accounts exist and good for them,they probably put in countless hours of,work to gain that engagement rate to,gain that community and likely their,account has been around for multiple,years back when things seem to be a,little bit easier to grow and to build a,community but take a look at those,accounts a little bit closer many of,those accounts that you think are just,perfect and the unicorns are actually,faking it it's really really easy to see,and actually pretty comical when I take,you through this so here's how you can,very quickly and easily tell if an,account is buying their legs first if,you happen to scroll by an account that,has a lot of likes in a very short,amount of time,like 185 likes in three minutes or 750,likes in 20 minutes but then you look at,that as a ratio to the normal amount of,likes that that account gets so maybe,they get 750 in 20 minutes but normally,they're posted after a few days top out,at around 1,500 to 2,000 750 and 20,minutes seems a little bit odd likewise,if you see someone that has 150 likes in,3 minutes no matter what that just looks,weird here's another way to tell if,someone has a ton of likes but very few,comments like 2,000 likes and 15,comments that doesn't really add up,that's either a very very poorly engaged,audience or maybe some of those likes,aren't real and another way is if you,look through their feed every single one,of their posts has a very consistent,number of likes like 1,100 on this one,1150 on that,1,080 on that one eleven hundred and,twenty on that one eleven hundred and,thirty on that one if all of their posts,happen to be very consistent across the,board well everybody else is for riding,these waves of the algorithm that's a,good sign that a big chunk of those,likes may be bought or faked or bought,after the fact to make sure they have a,consistent engagement these are all red,flags and I want to show you an example,of one I scroll through the other day,and it was just too funny not to share,you're scrolling through your feed you,know and you come across it like oh yeah,these guys I like that content cool,three minutes 215 likes you go okay red,flag nobody gets that unless you're one,of those unicorns so then you say okay,I'm gonna click on those likes click on,it you scroll through now you're,starting to see a bunch of red flags,lo

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