how to save instagram photos

How to Save Pictures From Instagram To The Galleryhi friends we are so happy that you are,today with


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Save Pictures From Instagram To The Gallery

hi friends we are so happy that you are,today with us on our Channel and this is,a special tutorial where we will show,you two different ways how to save the,selected image from the Instagram app to,the gallery app on our phone in high,quality so let's go to the poaching,and the first step I will talk about is,how to take a screenshot on Instagram,app to save the selected picture to the,gallery this way is so popular and,because it's very convenient and really,simple so I will show you how to do it,on iPhone,if you don't know how to take a,screenshot on your own device let's,check our other tutorials on the channel,because we have a really a lot of gits,about it about different phone models,and you definitely can find your own,so guys let's use our hard,Channel official Channel as an example,and if you will follow us on Insta we,will be so happy so let's choose this,picture as an example I need to wait,some time before the text icon will,disappear and I on iPhones I need to,press the upper volume okay and there,power K also together just to save the,to take a screenshot,and later after tapping on the period,screen shot,I can cut it and Save in the needful,size,I will disable,the name of our account and I as an,example want to save it in this way okay,let's press down to,save to photos,and check the result,so I will go to the gallery and to I as,you can check have the selected image,absolutely successfully saved,so guys right now I will show you the,second option to do this and to choose,the needful quality of our picture so,let's go to the Instagram app and copy,link of the selected past we need to,upload to the gallery I will use this,one so let's spread these two dots icon,at the top of the screen and we'll tap,on the link option,as you can check our link is copied and,right now what we need to do is to go to,the needful browser I use often it's a,it's an example Safari let's press on,the search bar and on it I need to set,I gram,IO this is the needful website which can,help us to save the selected image and,to choose the needful quality for it so,on the period bar I need to paste,my link and press download,wait a minute before the uploading as,you can check this is our picture that,we had selected and later we need to as,I said we have three different ways to,save it in the different qualities and I,will tap on the highest option on the,first option and later let's confirm our,choice pressing down load again wait a,minute please and let's check the result,but we won't have this picture on the,gallery app right now but we will have,it on the files option let's click on it,and yes we have the smoothly,successfully saved,uploaded picture well done and if you,really think that it's a false until we,had downloaded this picture earlier you,can check the time because this is the,current time of our,right now this is the current time so,this is definitely our selected picture,that we have downloaded and it's very,convenient also you can smoothly switch,between the qualities and save it in the,needful,way in the needful,scale also so guys don't forget about,likes if this short tutorial was very,useful and needful don't forget to,subscribe to our channels on Instagram,on YouTube because we will share with,you even more,tricks and secrets of Instagram and,other applications and have a nice day,good luck,thank you

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How To Save Instagram Videos & Photos on iPhone/Android! (2023)

How To Save Instagram Videos & Photos on iPhone/Android! (2023)

hey what's going on guys welcome back to,false tech in today's video I'm gonna,show you guys how to save any Instagram,photo / video to your iPhone or Android,devices this is by far the most quickest,most efficient most fastest way to,download any Instagram post to your iOS,or Android devices a lot of you guys,requested this video on my recent video,on how to download YouTube videos you,can go ahead and click that card up,there to check it out,but the issue on that video was with the,bold browser I'm gonna show you guys how,to go around that so make sure you watch,until the end of this video to learn how,to download any Instagram video / photo,to your iOS or Android devices what,happening said let's dive in and get,started,alright guys first things first I'm,gonna show you guys two methods the,first I'm gonna show you guys on the iOS,the two methods on the iOS and then two,methods on the Android device so make,sure you stick around until the end of,this video first things first you're,gonna want to go ahead and go to your,App Store and download this app right,here it's called volt browser you're,gonna go ahead and open it this is how,it looks I've already downloaded and,then after you've done that you're gonna,go ahead and go back to your Instagram,and select any video or photo that you,want to download let's say I want to,download this particular post the video,right there I just copied the link I'm,gonna go back to that app right there,bold browser and of course there's gonna,be ads let that play alright and then,you're gonna go ahead and X that out all,you have to do is paste that link to the,browser and then you're gonna hit play,and this pop-up shows up a lot of you,guys commented that on that YouTube,video saying that this pop-up didn't,show up if this method doesn't work for,you stick around I'm gonna show you the,another method with another app but on,the bold browser you're gonna go ahead,and click download which is pretty easy,you just hit play and then download pops,up as you can see it is being downloaded,on my device after you have downloaded,you can save this to your camera roll by,clicking on it as you can see you can,play it if you want to save this to your,camera roll you're gonna hold on to it,and it says open in and you can just,like that save the video,and it should be in my camera roll just,like that as you can see you can play it,you can skip it and there's volume of,course and then if I go back I can even,convert this to audio within this app,which is really neat you can just,convert to audio and then you can,download it in an audio format as well,which is pretty neat now I'm gonna show,you guys the second method for the,second method you have to download this,app called ins copy if you go to App,Store you can look it up it's in the App,Store right there as you can see it's,this one and that's the developer named,after you've downloaded you're gonna go,ahead and open it for this one though,you have to login with your Instagram,information which is no big deal because,this is an official app they're not,gonna scam you or anything like that so,don't worry about putting in your login,information it's very safe and secure,after you have entered the app you're,gonna go ahead and select any Instagram,account that you want to download the,post from let's say I want to download,the same exact post that I add I just,downloaded I'm gonna go ahead and click,this button right there and it says,added to download and then if I go back,to camera roll as you can see the second,one has been downloaded let's say you,want to download any photos let me,demonstrate that as well let's say I'm,gonna download this photo I'm gonna hit,that icon and boom right there as you,can see the photo has been downloaded I,believe the second app that I showed you,in Skokie is way better than the bulb,browser just because how fast it is and,how efficient it is but the only,downside is that you have to login with,your Instagram account information but,don't worry it's 100% safe and secure,it's an official app but now that we got,that covered now I'm gonna show you guys,how to do this same exact thing with the,Android devices right here I have the,Google pixel 3ei I'm gonna show you guys,how to download any Instagram video /,photos to your Android camera roll as,well your photo library let's say I'm,gonna download the same exact video you,just go ahead and come up come here hit,this copy link you're gonna want to,download this app called in static,downloader from the Play Store let me,show you in the Play Store real quick,you go to the Play Store and stuff,this one right here as you can see,that's the developers name after you,have download dad you're gonna go ahead,and open it and paste the link just like,that and hit download as you can see,it's being downloaded 100% and if I go,to downloads it's already downloaded I,can play it I can skip it and if you,want to save this to your photo library,or your drive or your google

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How to save or download Instagram photos and videos on your PC using Google Chrome? | 2022

How to save or download Instagram photos and videos on your PC using Google Chrome? | 2022

greetings everyone in today's video we,will quickly learn how you can download,instagram photos and videos to your pc,using google dev tools for this tutorial,we will be downloading our own photos,and videos as we want to save it on our,computer however please make sure you,have asked for permission or have the,legal right or copyright to download the,image of photos if you are downloading,others contained let's get started for,more contents like this please subscribe,to our channel and press the bell icon,now to download the photos and videos to,pc using chrome dev tools let's open,chrome and go to,login with your details,so we are on our instagram,we will quickly save this video and this,image to our pc again a reminder if you,are downloading any photos or videos,from a profile please make sure you have,all the legal rights to do so anyway so,to download photos of videos right click,and go to inspect element,i would like to put this inspect element,to the right so it will be easier for,that click on these three dots,and select this option,now let's first download the emaze let's,open the photo,now after the photo is open go to,network,and go to emaze img,so here will be all the images so just,refresh the page again,your image will be here,so this is the one,right click and open a new tab,and again right click and save the,emails,so we have saved the image,you can do this for each one of the,images,now to save videos let me again go to my,profile,and open the video,refresh the space once,then go to media,and here is the video if in case the,video does not come up here first try,playing the video if it still does not,work then you may have to restore your,chrome dev tools to restore devtools,please check the link in the description,anyway now open this in a new tab,so here's the video,right click and save video,so this is how you can save photos and,videos from instagram to your pc,and again a reminder please make sure,you have all the rights to save photos,and videos whenever you try to save,others content thank you very much

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iphone me instagram se photo kaise download kare | Save instagram photos iphone

iphone me instagram se photo kaise download kare | Save instagram photos iphone


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How to Save Instagram Videos & Photos on iPhone & Android! (2023!)

How to Save Instagram Videos & Photos on iPhone & Android! (2023!)

coming up how to save Instagram videos,or photos on your Android or iOS device,I'm going to show you exactly how we can,do this so keep watching and find out,how yes what's up guys like I just said,I'm gonna show you how you can save,Instagram videos and photos on your,iPhone and Android devices I'm gonna,start off by showing you how we can do,this on your iPhone so first of all you,want to go to the app store and you want,to download an app call repost for,Instagram okay so it's this app right,there repost for Instagram you want to,make sure to download that and then you,can open it and it's going to show you,how you can actually save Instagram,videos or photos and for that you need,to copy a link on the Instagram app so,if you're on Instagram you're gonna find,a video or photo that you want to copy,so if I just go to the explore page and,just go through this and then click,right there and then you want to click,on these three dots and click on copy,link then go back to the repost app,which is right there and then it's gonna,show you that post in the inbox okay,click on it then click on share but,before you do that you want to make sure,to click on attribution mark and select,none so that there's no watermark on it,if you want to have a watermark and of,course you can do that but I prefer not,to then you want to click on share which,is at the bottom it's a purple button,okay then right there repost wants to,open Instagram you simply want to click,on cancel if you want to only save it,because if you then go back to your,photos on iPhone you'll see that it's,right there so click on it and that's it,that's how you can save it to your,gallery okay so simply click on share,and then cancel it so it's exporting and,then it's already done that's why you,can do this on iPhone right now I'm,gonna show you how you can do this on,Android okay so for Android it's,actually pretty easy you want to go to,the Play Store so I'm gonna do that,right now and then you want to download,the app that I'm using it's a pretty,decent app it's free it's called quick,save okay so search for quick saves,right there,it's this app right there made by D,studio so to go download this app you,can then open it and then right there,you'll see all of these pictures right,so if you want to save an image or video,from Instagram you want to copy the link,so go to Instagram let's say I want to,download this video click on copy link,and then go back to the quicksave app,which is for me right there then it's,right there you want to click on that,download icon get rid of this ad and,that's it,you now save this video to your gallery,and that's pretty much how you can do,this if this video helps you out please,leave a like let me know in the comments,if you're gonna use it and then also you,next time if this video helped you out,please consider subscribing to my,channel to help me grow the largest how,to channel on YouTube I appreciate it

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How to Download Instagram Photos On Phone |Photos and videos

How to Download Instagram Photos On Phone |Photos and videos

hello guys welcome to my channel so in,this video i am going to show you how to,download instagram photos,on phone,okay,so without further delay let's get,started on the point so before that i,wanna say one thing,that is,subscribe to my channel okay when i say,see,say this,don't dislike my video okay because i,need to have at least one case subscribe,so please guys subscribe so,without further talks let's get it on,the point so to download the,for instagram photos go on instagram,and find the photos you want to download,so,for me,let me choose one photos,this one,sorry,i love this one okay,this is on mod,okay,just,if you find the photos,then click on this three particle icon,on,the right top corner you see,this one this,click on this,and click on copy link icon,sometimes you will find,you don't,you may not have copy link icon,what you will have is like this okay,sorry,copy link icon,sometimes what instagram shows is just a,link,uh,sd card so that means also a copy link,that's what i'm saying okay so if you,copy the link then just go on google,okay,you can see i'm my google okay,from now what you have to do is if you,want google,google,you are on google okay go on this google,and sort i gram,i,so,this website will be the,first one,this is the website that will help you,to download photos on your phone okay,click on this first and paste,your link,and click on download icon and don't,click on anywhere just,it may takes few seconds and you will,see though please wait wait a bit okay,we are waiting please guys subscribe,okay so here you'll see,what,we choose copy this,sorry,did i copy this okay actually i copied,that one i tried,let me show this this one,copy if i,point on this,paste,click on download,and,you will see it okay,and just click on this,uh your file size you want to download,higher the file,more the storage it will take that's the,one,otherwise you are just you can just,download click on download and don't,click on anywhere it will automatically,start to download okay,let me show you on my gallery here it is,this is how you download,instagram photos to your phone i hope,you like this video if you like like the,video okay okay one trick please guys,don't dislike the video but i wanted,if you just don't know you you don't,want to,do all these kinds of issues just take,the screenshot,and grow,just kidding,but i i do it,sometimes i do it,you can see,the scroll and make a photo,this is easy and this is those okay if,you want you can use this trick as well,thank you we'll meet you on my next,video

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How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos

How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories, and Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular,social media apps where people share,photos videos and ephemeral Instagram,stories many times we come across,interesting things on Instagram which,we'd like to save offline for viewing,later this is why a lot of people have,asked us how to download Instagram,stories their videos and photos now,Instagram doesn't allow you to download,and save photos videos and stories,posted by others but the good news is,that there are ways to download these,photos and videos and you can even,download Instagram stories for free in,this video I'll tell you how you can,download and save Instagram stories,videos and photos before you begin,please subscribe to our channel if you,haven't already and is that belacan so,you know when we post new video,before you go ahead I'll urge you all to,avoid downloading anything from,Instagram without the uploaders,permission you can only download,Instagram stories videos and photos from,public accounts of course you can always,take screenshots or screen recordings on,Android or an iPhone to download,Instagram stories videos and photos but,that's a clunky method which doesn't,save those files in their original,resolution do note this method only lets,you download Instagram videos and photos,from public accounts now follow these,steps,open Instagram on a smartphone or,computer and choose a photo or video,that you wish to download now tap the,three dots I can which is on the top,right of the post and then tap or click,copy link next open any browser on your,phone or computer and go to WWE from,comm once the website is loaded,paste the link you just copied from,Instagram in the search bar and hit,download a download image or a download,video button will now appear right below,the download button hit it to save the,file on your phone or computer,alternatively you can also visit w-w-w,dot instead downloaded or coke or wwg,Arum save calm as the process on both of,these websites is similar,this method will tell you how to,download Instagram stories once again,the stories must have been posted from a,public account for them to be,downloadable open ww stories IG comm on,your phone or computer and then enter,the Instagram username of the profile,from where you want to download the,stories from and hit enter,you'll now see a list of active stories,right below the search bar additionally,you can also scroll down if you wish to,download past stories saved as,highlights,now click stories then scroll down and,select the photo or video you wish to,download and hit download that's it once,your download is finished your file will,automatically be saved on your device by,following these simple steps you'll now,be able to download instagrams stories,their videos and photos posted by others,however I repeat once again that before,you download anyone's photos or videos,please ask them for their permission,that's all for this video leave a like,if you found it helpful and definitely,share this video with others thanks for,watching and for all things tech log on,to gadgets 360 com,you

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How to download multiple photos from instagram on pc !! 4 easy way to download images part 1

How to download multiple photos from instagram on pc !! 4 easy way to download images part 1

all the extension link in description,Here i selected multiple Instagram images and download all,you can also easily download multiple images from Instagram ,to do so you will need 3 chrome extension,the first extension is "FAST save for Instagram" second extension"image downloader" third is "image downloader imageye",to add all this extension just type google web store or chrome web store and click on them,now type "fast save for Instagram " in the search option,after entering, you will see all extensions open the first extension and add this to the chrome browser,for next extension type image downloader, just click the first extension and also add this to the chrome,now this image downloader will see some pop up you can read this or can just save it ,3rd extension is image downloader imageye just click and add this to the chrome,now go to the status bar click the extension button and pin all three extensions to the status bar ,after doing this just go and log in to your Instagram profile,here I log in to my profile and I just search this northern mountain profile,I have to download images from this profile,if you are trying to download a single image individually just click on the" fast save " icon one time,as you can see here my three photos are downloaded,now if a photo has multiple photos embedded in it,then you need to open that image and have to download the embedded images individually ,after refreshing, you can see the downloaded three photos,now I have to download multiple photos from any page,so I just go to my save page and open this collection,ok so these 12 photos I have to download now at once,click image downloader extension button,check right select all photos then scroll down and tap download all,in this way, all my images download in my gallery successfully,now the last extension is "image downloader imageye",this extension`s functions are similar to the image downloader extension,to download bulk images by this extension click on the extension icon,now this extension make multiple 5-6 copy of a 1080p image to,720p,480p,360p etc just like youtube do with a 1080p video,that`s why you can see although this page have 12 photos but it shows 137 images selected,by the way, we get 1440p images with this extension that a good point,now I just select these 7 photos and download and these images are saved in my gallery successfully,now if you need to download 100-200 photos so what to do?,example like this shin chan meme profile has 115 posts (photo&video),to download all photos just scroll down and load more images,Click the image downloader extension and select all,here 39 posts selected as video images are also included,max 64 images selected for my case and this will vary for your cases also,now download all such way you can download these images on your laptop,in the 4th method, you do not need any extension,just scroll down the page and load all images and right-click on any space,Click the save as from the list and save this HTML file in your laptop`s gallery,after saving go to your gallery and open that HTML photo folder,and select the other files except images using shift+ in your keyboard and,delete them now only image files are left,and you can see that the image quality are quite good by using the properties option,so if you use these 4 methods then you can easily download bulk images,from any Instagram profile or Pinterest or any other website,that is for today and we will meet in our next video until then goodbye

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