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Cara Repost Story Instagram Tanpa di Tag Tanpa Aplikasi|| Trik Instagram 2022Assalamu'alaikum, In th


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Cara Repost Story Instagram Tanpa di Tag Tanpa Aplikasi|| Trik Instagram 2022

Assalamu'alaikum, In this video, I will share how to repost other people's Instagram stories without being tagged,,watch the video until it runs out.. but before continuing, don't forget to subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification bell,,okay, let's continue with the tutorial,,open the Instagram application,now. someone tagged me. so the first way for a tagged account,if it is tagged there will be a "add this to your story" feature (the white one below),how we just click the "add this to your story",now it will automatically enter our story.,just upload it.,the second way, if the account is not tagged.,Well here I want to try to choose a story from one of the artists. and there's no way they can tag me. so this is the way to repost without tags.,we copy the story link.,search for storysaver sites,select the top site.,this is the initial view.,Paste the link earlier into the column provided, click download.,let's check I'm not a robot and fill in a simple verification,,now the story will appear. we choose which story we will use.,save as video.,Click the three dots in the lower right corner, click download,,now we're back on Instagram. let's try to make a story

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How to repost someone's else story on Instagram 🔥🔥🔥|| Post other's stories

How to repost someone's else story on Instagram 🔥🔥🔥|| Post other's stories

hey guys welcome back to tech critic,channel today i'm about to tell you,how to repost someone else stories on,your instagram account,and also about how you can repost a,story on instagram,it will going to be a very fun thing to,do so make sure you subscribe to the,channel and hit that bell icon okay,so without wasting any more time let's,get started,first of all open the instagram app just,like me,then follow all the instruction that i'm,about to tell you okay,if you want to add something to your,stories you just need to click on this,aeroplane icon now you will see a option,called add post to your stories click on,it,after this you can actually drag and,down and zoom and zoom out,anything you want to do with this post,you can actually post it in your stories,okay,this is how you can actually repost,someone else post to your stories,you don't need to worry about giving,credit to the owner okay,because instagram does that for,automatically for you there are option,for you to actually upload this to your,stories or to close friends or send it,to the individual,people it's up to you now how you post,your story now,let me just discard this video now let,me show you how to repost someone else's,story on your instagram story okay,there is only one way to post someone,else story on your instagram,by legally or by instagram way by the,mention method okay,let me show you how this work okay as,you can see,i have mentioned myself from my second,account okay,now i can post this story on my story,okay,this is someone else's story but i'm,posting it on my instagram account,okay but i can only do that,because that person mentioned me okay so,officially if you want to post someone,else story on your instagram,then you need to actually get mentioned,in their story,but hold on there's still ways that you,can use to actually upload someone else,story on your instagram,story let me show you for this you need,to actually download someone else's,story,in your gallery and then upload it in,your story,okay that's a little bit confused but,let me show you a simple method of doing,that,is actually using a app called gb insta,which is a mod of,instagram it will let you download any,post or story,of anyone okay just find the person,story that you want to,show on your story and then,simply click here and download it now,you just need to upload this downloaded,stuff to your instagram account now you,just need to upload this story,to your own story okay you see what i,did there,you can actually use other party,software or website to download the,story of anyone,but i recommend using this app because,chances of,you getting banned are very slim here,okay,this is the way you can actually upload,someone else story in your story okay,pretty complicated for someone who's,doing this for first time but,if you follow me step by step then it's,very easy to do okay,so this is the way how you can actually,repost someone else's story in your,instagram story okay,if you like this video then follow me on,instagram and twitter,as well as subscribe to the channel so,that you don't miss any,upcoming awesome videos like this okay,till then,see you guys take care and wear mask,okay,bye bye

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How To Share Someones Instagram Story To Your Story

How To Share Someones Instagram Story To Your Story

hey what's up guys ali here from, and welcome back to my,channel in this video today,we're going to talk about how do you,share someone else's instagram story to,your,own stories yes you can do it before we,jump into it you know what to do,subscribe hit the bell icon and also,like this video all right now let's jump,right into this and here's my instagram,account,at ali mezza 2k if you don't follow me,you should,so how do you share someone else's story,now first of all i want to show you,something if you have,someone else's post for example right,here if you want to share this pose it's,super super easy you can,click on this paper icon and then you,can post it,to your story so it's easy to share,someone else's,post to your stories but what if i want,to share someone else's stories for,example here are different stories let's,say,the first one i'm looking at elise,dharma let's say her story is right here,let's see if i want to share this,let's pick another one that's an ad,all right let's go with this one,katherine manning so if i want to share,this to my instagram stories there is no,easy way,if i click on the paper icon watch what,happens,so i can send this in messages to,different people,but there's no option to share this to,my,own stories now so how do you actually,do this so there are two different,scenarios one,is let's say if someone posts a story,and tags you then it's really easy,if someone tags you in their stories,basically you're going to get a,notification which i'll click,on the notification tab and you're going,to see,a mention so this means someone else,mentioned,me in a story they tagged me if they do,it's very easy so i'll click on this,and now look at this i have this option,right here,add this to your story i'll click on,this and,now i can post it to my own instagram,story it's very easy to do,i can also go to let's go back,and i'm going to go to my messages if,someone tags you you'll also see that in,the messages,here is right here they mention me in a,story,and look at this i can easily add it to,my story,very easy to do but now the tricky part,is,what if someone does not mention you,how do you share their story on your,story right so let's take an example,same account uh i social you it's,actually my,own account test account that i use,so let's go there and here a bunch of so,this one,they tagged me or i tagged myself and i,can add it easily to my story but look,at the next one,i cannot here's another one and here's,another one,so i cannot share these so the two,methods that you can use,the first one is kind of old school but,you can if it's a,picture like this one i can screenshot,this,save it to my camera roll and then add,it to my own instagram story,if it's a video like this one it's a,video,in this case it's not playing for some,reason but if there is a video let's go,back,and for example,this video right here so if i wanted to,share this video,the first method is kind of tricky i can,do a screen recording,capture everything save it and then,upload it to my story and if you do that,by the way make sure you do tag that,person,but there's an easy way to get it done,and let me actually,rachel bell,right so she has some images so we're,going to use her account as an example,so let's say i wanted to share,this video on my stories right so how do,you do it,so option one is you can screen record,it and then upload,but option two is actually my favorite,you can use this site called, let's go there and then,search for the username so rachel bell,return and now it's gonna find all the,stories posted,or first of all the right account so,let's pick that,cancel the ad and i'll look at this so,profile and then stories i'm going to,click on stories,you see ad on the tab on the top,and then right here this is the story or,the video from her story this is what i,want right,and look at this the download button so,i can click on this,save this video to my camera roll and,then upload it to my,instagram story just like a regular,video that you upload from your camera,roll to your instagram so very easy to,do,and again the site is called insta dp,but let me remind you,if you do this make sure you do,tag that person you give credit don't,just like take,content or steal content or stories from,other people,do this but make sure you do tag them,and give them credit so,this is how you post someone else's,instagram stories to your,own stories if you have any questions,leave those questions below in the,comments,before you go make sure you subscribe,hit the bell icon and also like this,video,i will see you in the next one bye for,now

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How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Reels

How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Reels

- Sharing and reposting has always been,a challenge on Instagram.,We're gonna walk you through the different,sharing options you have,,and a few work arounds for resharing content,that you normally can't.,(bright music),In this video, you'll learn all about resharing,content on Instagram.,We'll cover how you can share feed post,,stories, reels, and IGTV videos within Instagram,,and be sure to stick around until the end.,I'll be sharing the things you need to keep in mind,to reshare your content safely,,and keep you out of legal trouble.,One of the things people love most on other platforms,is the ability to reshare other people's content and posts.,You can share a post to your stories,,from any posts on Instagram, yours, or someone else's,,click on the piper airplane icon,,and choose to share to your story.,This is a great way to highlight your own feed post,,and that content with your audience,,especially if you tend to get more views on your stories,than you do on your feed posts.,You can also share other accounts' posts,,which is great for collaboration, brand partnerships,,or helpful tips and resources,that your audience would enjoy.,This is also helpful when you want to resurface older,evergreen content with your audience.,When you share a post to your story,,the original post image is imported into the story,,and the image is clickable taking viewers who tap on it,directly to the original post.,Like any story you can add doodles, stickers,,or texts to draw attention to the posts,,and incentivize people to click.,I should point out that while this is,a widely rolled out feature not everyone has it.,I have it on all my accounts, except my main account.,In addition to sharing your feed post to your stories,,you can share any post, story, or IGTV,to a direct message chat.,This could be a single DM or a group DM,that you are a part of.,To share to a direct message,simply tap on the piper airplane icon from any post,,and choose the person or direct message group,to share it to.,It will go directly to their DM thread or start a new one.,At this point, you're free to customize your message,,or carry on the conversation however you choose.,Now, when it comes to stories,,you can only reshare a story to your own story,,if you were tagged in the original content.,If someone tags you in a story,,you'll get that notification in your direct messages,from there, or from the story itself,,you have the option to share to your story.,Once you choose that option,,that story post will appear in your own story builder,,and you can pinch and zoom to resize it or move it.,And then you can add stickers, doodles,,and texts like any other story.,If someone tags you in the first story of a sequence,,and not in the subsequent ones,,you can only share the one in which you are tagged.,So if you're tagging people in your stories,,make sure you tag them at each individual one,that you mentioned them in, or that are related.,You can also share IGTV to stories and the feed.,When you upload your IGTV video,you have the option to add previews to the feed and stories.,If you share a preview to the feed,,a 15 second preview of the IGTV video,will appear in your profile,and in the feed of your followers.,Once the 15 second preview ends,,viewers are prompted with a keep watching bar,to view the remainder of the video on IGTV.,Similarly, if you share an IGTV video to your story,,a preview of the video and a link to the IGTV video,will appear in the story for your viewers,to navigate to IGTV to watch the whole video.,And when it comes to Instagram reels,,you can share your own reels or anyone else's reels,by opening up the full view reel,,and tapping on the piper airplane icon,so that you can share it to your story,,or to a DM.,So these are all the ways,you can share natively within Instagram.,You can't natively share a feed post,from someone else to your own feed,,and you can't share stories from others,to your own stories simply because you like them.,When it comes to resharing content to the feed,,here's what you can do.,First, you can use reposting tools which are,third party tools that allow you,to capture the original image and caption,,and import it into an Instagram post of your own.,These typically also add a watermark to the image,with the original accounts username,,and will include a brief message like repost from,,at, and then the username.,While these used to be super common a few years ago,,API access restrictions,have made these more cumbersome today.,The easier option now is to take a screengrab,of the image you wanna post and crop that,to the size of the image and upload that as a new image,to your account.,When you use a screenshot method,,you will still have to copy the original caption,,or write your own to compliment the image.,Now, you may be wondering how legal or safe,is it to simply screengrab someone else's content.,When you use a screenshot method or any resharing method,for the feed, the original content ownership,

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How to Repost Instagram Story Photos + Videos (even if you're NOT tagged) - phone + laptop tutorial

How to Repost Instagram Story Photos + Videos (even if you're NOT tagged) - phone + laptop tutorial

hello everyone and welcome back to our,channel today i'm going to share a lot,of tricks on how to repost any instagram,story to your own story even if you're,not tagged,quick overview about what we're going to,cover i'm going to show you how to,repost stories you're tagged in,stories you're not tagged in which,include story videos,how to change the background when you,repost a story how to save and schedule,your story repost for later,and how to repost stories from your,laptop it's pretty easy,so let's start if someone tagged you in,their instagram,story you'll receive a notification in,your instagram messages,the message will say this person,mentioned you in their story,open the message press on the blue add,to your story button,and your story will appear with the,person story you can customize your,story if you want to,like change the background color add,text gifs and stickers,and post when you're done just as a,heads up you have 24 hours to repost,someone's instagram story when you've,been tagged,after that the story will disappear and,you won't be able to repost it anymore,unless you ask the person to send you a,screenshot,what if you have not been tagged in,someone's story you saw someone's photo,or video and you really want to share it,in your story,but sometimes there's no add to your,story button here's what you can do,open the story you want to repost take a,screenshot of the story,quick tip hold your finger on the screen,to hide the insta story interface and,get a clean shot of the image,now crop the screenshot if you don't,want to see your phone's interface,around the photo,now you can post a photo in your story,you have two options,first just upload the screenshot to your,story,or use the photo sticker option to,upload the screenshot to your story,tag the person in your story so they can,be notified that you shared it,and so that they can repost it if they,want to,now let's look at how to repost an,instagram story video,you can take a screenshot but if you,want the full video you'll need to take,a screen recording,use the screen recording feature on your,phone if you have an iphone this feature,is already available on your phone,open your iphone settings hit control,center,add screen recording in the top list in,included controls,drag your finger down from the top right,corner of your screen where the battery,icon is,and press on the record button to start,the screen recording,open the instagram story to record the,video,press on the red record button on the,top left corner of your screen when you,want to stop the screen recording,this is optional but you can edit the,video if you want to trim the beginning,or end of your screen recording,so we can only see the story and not,your phone settings,post the video to your story or use,preview app to schedule your story to,post later,if you have an android phone and you,don't have the native screen recording,feature,go in your google play store app search,for a screen recording app,and follow the steps in the app to,record the instagram story video,what if you've been tagged in someone's,story or not but you don't want to,repost it right away,maybe you want to post it later but you,don't want to lose a story because it'll,disappear in less than 24 hours,in this case press on the save button on,the top of your screen,and the story will be saved in your,camera roll if you don't want to mix,your story reposts with the rest of your,camera roll you can use preview,you can organize and schedule your,stories to post later schedule your,posts,reels igtvs and i'm going to show you,how you can plan your instagram stories,press on the plus button to upload the,story,you can drag and drop to rearrange the,order of your stories to choose when you,want to post them,press on the story open your notes,here you can prepare your swipe up link,and schedule the story to choose when,you want to post,post them whenever you want or schedule,your instagram stories,you can change the order of the stories,if you're scheduling multiple ones,this way you know in which order you,want to post you can also watch the,stories as if you've already posted them,on your account,and now i'm going to show you how to,repost a photo and a video from your,laptop,if you haven't been tagged first let's,see how to repost a photo from your,computer,open the instagram website find the,photo you want to repost,take a screenshot of the story on your,computer by pressing shift,command and 4 on your keyboard at the,same time,now that you've done that open preview,on your computer,press the plus button to upload the,story screenshot,you can also prepare your caption and,schedule in advance,and use preview app on your phone to,post on instagram from your phone,now let's talk about how to repost a,video from your laptop you'll need the,application called,quicktime player right click on the app,icon and select,new screen recording choose record,selected portion,and select the story you want to record,on

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8 Creative Ways to Repost Instagram Stories! ♡

8 Creative Ways to Repost Instagram Stories! ♡

but do I have to say to keep you back by,my side how to starting a liquefied need,you here to tell me that'll be okay,everyone doesn't do and I was saying to,him thinking what if the showing me at,the end maybe love me okay,I know what had come back come back,Oh No had you come back Oh,get your house this up is that ocean,pearl falling in learn to swim like I,never know I see it now,no let you come back I know that you,come that I,know that you coming back home anymore,all that you coming back home have a,monk of the sessions open your course,know that you coming back Oh,no comeback,that you come back,come,throwback to the last night who the,bullet will touch this time getting,colder than last time and not expect for,us to Christ I lie and getting through,back to you but it's not enough to let,me down don't let me fall,test day up from the one is falling back,to back your step and now I see your I'm,crying now but you're too far so you,don't be,good time for thoughts too right now is,going into overdrive,still no message about my bad time I'm,trying not to analyze my phone wait and,uh you're not coming by don't let me,down don't let me fall test a around the,one is falling back to that your step,now I see you I'm crying now,so you don't need,down don't,Oh,the one is falling back to that yes,I see you,Oh,don't hear none,down,Oh,the one is falling back to that you're,slipping now,Oh,Oh

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How Do You Repost Videos on Instagram | Quick & Easy!

How Do You Repost Videos on Instagram | Quick & Easy!

what's up everyone and welcome back to,instagram basics in this series we go,over all the things that you need to,know in one place quick easy tutorials,so you,can run and manage perfect instagram,accounts so today we're going to be,going over how you can repost videos and,pictures on instagram we're gonna be,talking about feed posts and the new,feature reels so if social media,marketing interests you then please,consider smashing that subscribe button,so you can stay up to date and watch the,latest videos that i release,maybe you're running an instagram theme,page or you're running a personal page,you just want to repost someone's,content this is how you do it i highly,advise that you stay and watch this,video right until the end because i'm,going to be going over exactly how you,repost and exactly how you go about it,without breaking any rules possible that,you can lose your accounts i've actually,lost accounts by reposting,incorrectly so i highly recommend that,you watch until the end of the video,let's just jump onto my phone and you,can follow me along so,we're going to jump onto instagram this,is one of my backup personal pages so,we'll just use this for the example,we're going to go on search,we're going to search maybe travel for,traveling,and there we go a nice coastal road,we're gonna test these three dots in the,top right,copy link then we're gonna go over and,we're gonna go to the repost app now you,can just download this from any app,store both on android and on iphone just,type in repost app download it it's free,you'll see,it come up there um click on it,share and now you have the option for,stories or feed for this example we're,just going to click,feed make it bigger next next,and here you just paste it it's already,copied to your clipboard so it gets,copied to your clipboard automatically,you paste it in here what i like to do i,like to change the posted,to follow then i put in here,my instagram handle and then always make,sure that you leave,the original content creators,information there you can leave what,they ask you want to contact the content,creator and just ask if they're okay,with you posting you can fire out these,messages you know 10 20 a day so you'll,have loads of content that you can do,ask them they'll say yes they always say,yes because they want the exposure but,you just need to do that to make sure,that being legit and doing exactly what,following the guidelines basically so,we're gonna do that,and then we're gonna hit the share,button and there you go that's it it's,posted to your account you have it it's,done,that's it's really as simple as that so,you want to use the new feature reels,it's a little bit different but it's,very simple to do we're going to go on,there fine there you go there's a video,do the same thing copy link we'll go,back over to the repost,we'll go back wait for that to load,smash that,press share and from here we just want,to close out of it but doesn't have the,option right now to post reels you wanna,you wanna go to your page,press the little plus button click on,the reel you'll see it there bottom left,here,you wanna scale it you want to press add,what i like to do is if it has audio,just so there's no copyright issues you,know just pick a point,a song of your choice press next next,again,caption is exactly the same as before,you know,change the this to follow then to your,brand name whatever it is,and then share and it's as simple as,that and that's it you're done you've,reposted,now you know how to repost so all you,have to do go on to the app store,download the repost app and get cracking,so now you know how to replace your,images your videos and your reels,and even your stories but what we need,to make sure now is that we get explicit,consent from the original content,creators that way you're not going to,get your account banned you're not going,to get any legal issues so all you have,to do,just leave a comment on the images or,just send them a dm and basically what i,do is i just ask if they're okay if i,use basically all of their content and,then ask what they want you know if they,want,they want to link to their website,whatever they want just ask them if they,can use the content from their instagram,page and then that way you don't need to,ask for every single post you can just,ask that one time,they're gonna say yes and then you can,just use their account basically and,just keep reposting so just do that to,make sure that you follow the,fair use policies of basically the world,so yeah once you have permission,use the app smash it onto your account,and there you go bob's your uncle you've,reposted something i hope this video was,super informative and if you've got a,little bit of value and you like these,instagram basic series,smash that subscribe button and if you,did i'll see you,in the next video,you

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How To Share Someone's Instagram Story To Your Story | Repost Instagram Story

How To Share Someone's Instagram Story To Your Story | Repost Instagram Story


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