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How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Reels- Sharing and reposting has always been,

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Repost Instagram Feed Posts, Stories, IGTV, and Reels

- Sharing and reposting has always been,a challenge on Instagram.,We're gonna walk you through the different,sharing options you have,,and a few work arounds for resharing content,that you normally can't.,(bright music),In this video, you'll learn all about resharing,content on Instagram.,We'll cover how you can share feed post,,stories, reels, and IGTV videos within Instagram,,and be sure to stick around until the end.,I'll be sharing the things you need to keep in mind,to reshare your content safely,,and keep you out of legal trouble.,One of the things people love most on other platforms,is the ability to reshare other people's content and posts.,You can share a post to your stories,,from any posts on Instagram, yours, or someone else's,,click on the piper airplane icon,,and choose to share to your story.,This is a great way to highlight your own feed post,,and that content with your audience,,especially if you tend to get more views on your stories,than you do on your feed posts.,You can also share other accounts' posts,,which is great for collaboration, brand partnerships,,or helpful tips and resources,that your audience would enjoy.,This is also helpful when you want to resurface older,evergreen content with your audience.,When you share a post to your story,,the original post image is imported into the story,,and the image is clickable taking viewers who tap on it,directly to the original post.,Like any story you can add doodles, stickers,,or texts to draw attention to the posts,,and incentivize people to click.,I should point out that while this is,a widely rolled out feature not everyone has it.,I have it on all my accounts, except my main account.,In addition to sharing your feed post to your stories,,you can share any post, story, or IGTV,to a direct message chat.,This could be a single DM or a group DM,that you are a part of.,To share to a direct message,simply tap on the piper airplane icon from any post,,and choose the person or direct message group,to share it to.,It will go directly to their DM thread or start a new one.,At this point, you're free to customize your message,,or carry on the conversation however you choose.,Now, when it comes to stories,,you can only reshare a story to your own story,,if you were tagged in the original content.,If someone tags you in a story,,you'll get that notification in your direct messages,from there, or from the story itself,,you have the option to share to your story.,Once you choose that option,,that story post will appear in your own story builder,,and you can pinch and zoom to resize it or move it.,And then you can add stickers, doodles,,and texts like any other story.,If someone tags you in the first story of a sequence,,and not in the subsequent ones,,you can only share the one in which you are tagged.,So if you're tagging people in your stories,,make sure you tag them at each individual one,that you mentioned them in, or that are related.,You can also share IGTV to stories and the feed.,When you upload your IGTV video,you have the option to add previews to the feed and stories.,If you share a preview to the feed,,a 15 second preview of the IGTV video,will appear in your profile,and in the feed of your followers.,Once the 15 second preview ends,,viewers are prompted with a keep watching bar,to view the remainder of the video on IGTV.,Similarly, if you share an IGTV video to your story,,a preview of the video and a link to the IGTV video,will appear in the story for your viewers,to navigate to IGTV to watch the whole video.,And when it comes to Instagram reels,,you can share your own reels or anyone else's reels,by opening up the full view reel,,and tapping on the piper airplane icon,so that you can share it to your story,,or to a DM.,So these are all the ways,you can share natively within Instagram.,You can't natively share a feed post,from someone else to your own feed,,and you can't share stories from others,to your own stories simply because you like them.,When it comes to resharing content to the feed,,here's what you can do.,First, you can use reposting tools which are,third party tools that allow you,to capture the original image and caption,,and import it into an Instagram post of your own.,These typically also add a watermark to the image,with the original accounts username,,and will include a brief message like repost from,,at, and then the username.,While these used to be super common a few years ago,,API access restrictions,have made these more cumbersome today.,The easier option now is to take a screengrab,of the image you wanna post and crop that,to the size of the image and upload that as a new image,to your account.,When you use a screenshot method,,you will still have to copy the original caption,,or write your own to compliment the image.,Now, you may be wondering how legal or safe,is it to simply screengrab someone else's content.,When you use a screenshot method or any resharing method,for the feed, the original content ownership,

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How Do You Repost Videos on Instagram | Quick & Easy!

How Do You Repost Videos on Instagram | Quick & Easy!

what's up everyone and welcome back to,instagram basics in this series we go,over all the things that you need to,know in one place quick easy tutorials,so you,can run and manage perfect instagram,accounts so today we're going to be,going over how you can repost videos and,pictures on instagram we're gonna be,talking about feed posts and the new,feature reels so if social media,marketing interests you then please,consider smashing that subscribe button,so you can stay up to date and watch the,latest videos that i release,maybe you're running an instagram theme,page or you're running a personal page,you just want to repost someone's,content this is how you do it i highly,advise that you stay and watch this,video right until the end because i'm,going to be going over exactly how you,repost and exactly how you go about it,without breaking any rules possible that,you can lose your accounts i've actually,lost accounts by reposting,incorrectly so i highly recommend that,you watch until the end of the video,let's just jump onto my phone and you,can follow me along so,we're going to jump onto instagram this,is one of my backup personal pages so,we'll just use this for the example,we're going to go on search,we're going to search maybe travel for,traveling,and there we go a nice coastal road,we're gonna test these three dots in the,top right,copy link then we're gonna go over and,we're gonna go to the repost app now you,can just download this from any app,store both on android and on iphone just,type in repost app download it it's free,you'll see,it come up there um click on it,share and now you have the option for,stories or feed for this example we're,just going to click,feed make it bigger next next,and here you just paste it it's already,copied to your clipboard so it gets,copied to your clipboard automatically,you paste it in here what i like to do i,like to change the posted,to follow then i put in here,my instagram handle and then always make,sure that you leave,the original content creators,information there you can leave what,they ask you want to contact the content,creator and just ask if they're okay,with you posting you can fire out these,messages you know 10 20 a day so you'll,have loads of content that you can do,ask them they'll say yes they always say,yes because they want the exposure but,you just need to do that to make sure,that being legit and doing exactly what,following the guidelines basically so,we're gonna do that,and then we're gonna hit the share,button and there you go that's it it's,posted to your account you have it it's,done,that's it's really as simple as that so,you want to use the new feature reels,it's a little bit different but it's,very simple to do we're going to go on,there fine there you go there's a video,do the same thing copy link we'll go,back over to the repost,we'll go back wait for that to load,smash that,press share and from here we just want,to close out of it but doesn't have the,option right now to post reels you wanna,you wanna go to your page,press the little plus button click on,the reel you'll see it there bottom left,here,you wanna scale it you want to press add,what i like to do is if it has audio,just so there's no copyright issues you,know just pick a point,a song of your choice press next next,again,caption is exactly the same as before,you know,change the this to follow then to your,brand name whatever it is,and then share and it's as simple as,that and that's it you're done you've,reposted,now you know how to repost so all you,have to do go on to the app store,download the repost app and get cracking,so now you know how to replace your,images your videos and your reels,and even your stories but what we need,to make sure now is that we get explicit,consent from the original content,creators that way you're not going to,get your account banned you're not going,to get any legal issues so all you have,to do,just leave a comment on the images or,just send them a dm and basically what i,do is i just ask if they're okay if i,use basically all of their content and,then ask what they want you know if they,want,they want to link to their website,whatever they want just ask them if they,can use the content from their instagram,page and then that way you don't need to,ask for every single post you can just,ask that one time,they're gonna say yes and then you can,just use their account basically and,just keep reposting so just do that to,make sure that you follow the,fair use policies of basically the world,so yeah once you have permission,use the app smash it onto your account,and there you go bob's your uncle you've,reposted something i hope this video was,super informative and if you've got a,little bit of value and you like these,instagram basic series,smash that subscribe button and if you,did i'll see you,in the next video,you

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How to Repost on Instagram (3 Simple Ways!) 2022

How to Repost on Instagram (3 Simple Ways!) 2022

thank you so much for clicking this,video today I want to show you how to,repost something on Instagram to your,Instagram story we talked about,Instagram stories all the time over here,and I know you know a lot of tips and,tricks if you're unfamiliar with a few,things you can check out this video at,the top right now which shows you how to,use Instagram stories for a shout-out,but I want to show you a really easy way,of sharing somebody else's post to your,Instagram story which means this isn't,your content you are reposting something,that somebody else has done so before I,get started I just want to remind you,that if you like this video please give,us a thumbs up and don't forget to hit,subscribe so that you never miss a new,video from us okay so once I found a,post that I would like to repost to my,Instagram story the first one I'm going,to show you is a photo or a post on,somebody else's page so right now you,can see I'm on Earth's page there is,this adorable photo here of these polar,bears and I want to show you how we can,pull that to our Instagram story the,easiest and quickest way to do this is,by pressing this airplane button right,here and the top option says add post to,your story now when I click that you'll,see that it automatically fills in the,background with sort of a color that,matches the vibe of their photo it also,credits earth at the bottom so you don't,have to worry about the old regram apps,where you're trying to make sure you,keep the handle of the person who you're,taking the content from in order to keep,credit where credit is due,so you don't even have to worry about,this whoever views this is going to be,able to hold down on the screen and come,back across to Earth's page and view the,post in its entirety where it came from,so I'll show you what I mean by that,let's send to our story share their,click done now I'm going to go back to,our page so that you can see what this,looks like here is the story it's in the,middle if I press and hold down just,pause the story and it will also bring,up this C post button and if I click,that,it will take me straight to Earth's post,which is where this photo was from,originally so that is how you share a,post to an Instagram story but what,about somebody else's story to your,Instagram story okay so I'm going to go,across to a page where I have posted a,couple of stories and I want to show you,which posts you can and cannot share to,your own Instagram story okay so let's,go in here and you'll see this first,video with the green background is of a,baby deer sitting down which is just,precious so down the bottom if you were,to press this airplane button which is,the same button we use to share a post,earlier you'll notice that the option to,share it to your story is not here and,that is for one simple fact alone and,that is because our account has not been,tagged in this Instagram story if we,keep watching this you'll see that there,is a new post coming up which is one I,made earlier where we did tag our own,account in it and you'll see that now,because our name carrot celery peach,pear has been tagged in this same photo,with a white background we have the,option to add this to our story when we,click that the entire Instagram story,gets pulled over to ours you can see the,credit is there from carrot bear music,and our name is there and we can move,this around make it bigger or smaller we,can take parts out or whatever you want,it is a regular Instagram story so,remember if you want to share a post,from somebody's Instagram story,you need to make sure they tag your,handle in it first otherwise you won't,be able to connect it to your account,I'm gonna go ahead and share that to my,story so that's our second thing we've,shared today to our Instagram story and,the third one I want to show you is how,do we share an Instagram TV video,straight to our story the thing with an,Instagram TV video or an IG TV video is,that they can be quite long in length,and often we don't have the length of,time in our story to post something in,it,entirety so let's search right now for,an Instagram video that we want to put,up on our page and I'll show you what I,mean let's do this Disney one where,they're teaching us how to draw Princess,Tiana you'll see down the bottom this is,almost 25 minutes long and obviously we,do not want to put that on our Instagram,story but just like when we shared our,original post where if the person,viewing your story were to hold down and,view that post they can go back to where,it's originally posted it works the same,way with Instagram TV there's our,airplane button and you'll see up the,top it says add video to your story,which I'm going to press instantly it,starts playing and that can be posted as,is and I'll show you what it looks like,when someone clicks on it so here we go,this is what it looks like and if,someone were to hold down the option to,watch IG TV video pops up and if they,were to click that it takes them,straight to the

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How To Repost Instagram Posts | Instagram New Update | Instagram Repost Update

How To Repost Instagram Posts | Instagram New Update | Instagram Repost Update

hi and welcome to our channel digicom,today we will discuss the latest update,on instagram which will be the instagram,reposting option and how you can,directly repost your story post and,reels on instagram in the near future as,you know how your instagram feed keeps,getting disrupted by posts from people,and profiles that you don't follow and,largely don't care about well it's about,to get even worse according to recent,reports instagram is now testing a new,repost option which would enable users,to amplify any post by resharing it to,their followers in the app as you can,see here soon users will be able to view,a display of all of the posts that the,user has reposted i mean people have,thus far been pretty upset with,instagram ramming more and more,algorithmically recommended posts into,their home feeds,the constant disruption of content from,profiles that you haven't chosen to see,makes it harder to actually view the,content from profiles that you do follow,which is such a strange approach from,insta given that the platform itself has,previously sought to justify the need,for a feed algorithm so instagram,brought in an algorithm to ensure users,saw more of the content that they're,most interested in because they were,missing a lot of it but now it's decided,to add even more content into that mix,so really there's almost no point,following any profiles at all in that,scenario,just let instagram show you stuff and,hope for the best i suspect that in part,this is what instagram's going for,following the tick tock lead and working,to highlight the most relevant most,engaging posts from across its app to,each user so that it can just keep,feeding you the most trending sticky,content from all users in the hopes that,will keep you glued to your feed the,fundamental difference here is that,instagram structure has been built upon,people curating their own experience and,establishing connection via direct,signals by explicitly telling instagram,i want to see content from this profile,when they tap on that follow button,tick-tock opens to the 4u feed from the,beginning it's aligned itself around an,algorithmically aligned approach which,has never relied on who you choose to,follow as such it may seem like this is,not a huge variance but it is in terms,of user expectations,instagram has spent years telling users,to build their networks to interact with,those profiles that you want to see more,of it's sought to work with users in,partnership to help craft their own,unique experiences now it's pretty much,ignoring those inputs and reposting is,another explicit step towards,dismantling the instagram that you know,in favor of one that instagram thinks,will be a better experience for you i,can only imagine what systrom thinks of,the current iteration of his app and,where it's headed and while under,medicine management instagram has grown,to a billion user app i do wonder,whether it would have been able to,achieve that either way,maybe not as fast but maybe by sticking,to its original premise and ethos it,could have still maintained a steady,growth trajectory without the need to,latch on to every gimmick and trend i,mean b-reel's growth shows that there is,a real desire for more authentic,connection and community engagement,outside of the constant highlight reels,of viral clips instagram was once the,home of that but increasingly i don't,even know what it is anymore i'm,guessing meta doesn't either as its,focus continues more thin line with the,next shiny object,press the subscribe button and bell icon,to get the latest social media updates,thank you

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How to repost a post on instagram 2023 | instagram repost Technique

How to repost a post on instagram 2023 | instagram repost Technique

hello what's up guys in this video i'll show you  how to repost a post on instagram so go to play  ,store and search for so go to play store and  search for instagram um okay instagram repost,now here you can see there are lots of software  so you need to select that repost for instagram  ,2021 save and repost so you can also do  other things like saving instagram post  ,and also you can repost using  this software so open it up and,for the first time this might take some  ,seconds to so you need to allow everything  yeah it says so what you need to do is you  ,need to copy that instagram url which  post you want to you know repost right,so let me just go to instagram so that i  can copy some post which i want to repost,uh so it's taking some time well anyways just to  go i'm just going to my profile and i'm picking  ,uh my post which i want to repost right  now copy that link of the post and  ,go to that software and you need to paste that  ,link in this sect in the top you can see in  this box on the top and you need to download,so you can see this post is downloaded now if you  want to share right if you want to repost or share  ,if you just open that post now here you can see  it's looking something like that and as we are  ,going to repost repost to that so what we're going  to gonna do is i'm going to clicking on share,okay and i'm just selecting instagram,and,oh it's taking some time all right so you can see  ,when the post is here right  just tap on that right arrow key,and you can also change that,uh change that post filter according to your needs  and simply you can post that all right so now you  ,can also write uh write any kind of caption if you  want and here you can see the it's finishing uh up,now here if i click on that post  ,uh here you can see this is this post is reposted  so in this way you can repost a post on instagram

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How To Instagram Repost: The Ultimate Guide

How To Instagram Repost: The Ultimate Guide

Sharing trending posts is one of the best ways to grow awareness of your Instagram account,and rapidly grow your followers.,In this video, I’ll show you what content you should repost, the best place to find it,as well as a step by step guide on how to Instagram repost both images and videos.,Hi, my name is Jonathon Tanner and I’m the CEO and CoFounder of Social Media College,and it’s great to be talking to you about our favourite channel – Instagram.,So first things first, what is reposting?,Well, reposting is when you select a post created by someone else and then share it,to your own Instagram account.,There’s lots of benefits of doing this.,Firstly, you don’t have to create the content yourself, saving you both time and money.,Secondly, you can repost trending content from the explore page, generating you a high,level of engagement when you repost it.,And finally, you can cherry pick content,that suits your Instagram account’s theme and grid layout.,For those of you who aren’t aware, there’s no native share button on Instagram.,Using the paper aeroplane icon you can share a post to individuals or small groups of followers,,or your stories,,however there’s no way to share it to all your followers at once like you can on Facebook,,LinkedIn or Twitter.,Now according to Instagram’s terms of service, you’re not technically meant to repost.,Despite this, the practice of reposting is very commonplace on Instagram and you should,definitely consider it as part of your strategy.,If you’re in an organisation that needs to pay strict attention to compliance,then you need to get written permission from the content creator, either in the comments on,their post or through Instagram direct message.,For most people though, mentioning the content creator is enough credit.,The mention is a clickable link that will grow awareness of the post creator’s account,,drive a bunch of profile visits and most likely increase their followers.,Happy days!,When you give credit, always include their account name in the first line of the caption,,not just a tag on the photo.,Whatever you do, never ever repost content and pretend like it’s yours.,This is against copyright law and you could find yourself in a lot of hot water.,One of the key strategies we teach here at Social Media College is to have a clear and,consistent theme.,Think about your Instagram account like buying a magazine.,Whether it’s fashion, country living, sports cars or fishing, the content in the magazine,always has a clear theme and sticks to it like glue.,For example, a surfing themed account may have pictures of waves, beaches or sunsets,,while still remaining within the overall surfing theme.,It’s also important that your theme adds value to your followers instead of trying,to sell your brand or its products.,Educate, entertain or inspire your readers!,For example, a hairdresser could post photos of their hairdressers cutting hair.,Sure, a few people will care, but not many.,Instead consider what the target audience values – hair styles.,An Insta account centred around hair styles will appeal to a much larger group,and allows you to gain a huge number of followers,Insead of using the Feed, the salon can use Stories or Facebook ad retargeting to deliver,content that promotes the business.,The best reposts are from the Explore page,Okay, so once you have a clearly defined theme for your account, the next step is to find posts,to repost.,The single best place to find them will be on the Explore page.,Your Explore page is a collection of trending posts from accounts that you don’t yet follow.,Everyone’s explore page is different and based on accounts you already follow and posts,that you’ve previously engaged with.,So, if you follow a bunch of accounts with a dog theme and like a bunch of dog photos,,then your Explore page will be filled with posts of dogs, simple.,To ensure your Explore page contains trending content that’s similar to your theme, follow,a bunch of large, high quality accounts with the same theme.,Up next we’re going to show you exactly how to Instagram repost both images and videos.,By far and away the best option is to use the Repost for Instagram app.,You can find this on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.,The free version will mean that the repost logo will be present when you repost, whereas,the paid version will have no logo on your repost.,The paid version is a small one-time payment for lifetime access, so it’s well worth,the investment.,Best of all, this app can be used to repost both images and videos.,Once you’ve download the app, follow these steps:,Open Instagram Find a post you want to repost,Tap the image or video to see it in full view,Tap the ellipses, which is the small three dots in the top-right corner,Click copy link,Then, open the repost app,And there you have it, the post you want to repost should have appeared,in the Repost for Instagram app,Next up:,Select where you want the repost icon to appear,(if you don’t have don’t have

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How to Repost Videos on Instagram - Quick & Easy!

How to Repost Videos on Instagram - Quick & Easy!

have you come across a video on,Instagram that you want to share to your,own profile we're here to help I'm,Jessica from tech boomers calm and in,this video I'll be showing you how to,repost videos on Instagram on both,Android and iPhone now let's get started,the easiest way to repost Instagram,videos is using a free app called repost,for Instagram this app is available on,the Google Play Store for Android and,the App Store for iOS,download the app on your device as you,normally would once you've installed the,app the steps to reposting an Instagram,video are the same for both Android and,iOS keep in mind that you must get,permission from the original poster of,the video before you go through with,reposting the original poster owns the,rights to that content so ask them in a,comment or send them a message to ask if,it's okay first,open the Instagram app and find the,video you want to repost,then tap the three dots at the top-right,corner of the post,from the menu that appears select copy,link,then return to your home screen and open,the repost app,the app will automatically detect that,you've copied an Instagram post URL tap,the arrow on the right to continue,you'll see in the bottom left corner,that the username of the person who,originally posted the video will appear,if you want you can change the color of,this graphic by tapping light or dark,you can also change the placement of the,graphic so it sits on any corner of the,video,when you're happy with it tap the repost,button at the bottom,now top copy caption and open Instagram,top feed to begin sharing the video to,your profile,if the video was not originally shared,as a cropped square post you may have to,tap the arrows on the left side of your,screen to zoom out and allow the entire,video to show then tap next,now you'll have the option to add a,filter to the video if you like tap a,filter to apply it then tap next in the,top right corner,now you can add a caption to your post,the caption from the original post will,already be copied to your clipboard so,if you'd like to share the original,caption along with your repost tap in,the text box then tap paste,if you want you can also add your own,comments or write an original caption,when you're ready tap share in the top,right corner to post the video to your,Instagram profile,that's all it takes to repost videos on,Instagram on Android and iOS,thanks for watching if you found this,video helpful we'd love it if you'd hit,the thumbs up button below checkup tech,boomers comm for over a hundred free,courses on all of today's most popular,websites and apps

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How to Repost a Tweet to Instagram (On Your Phone)

How to Repost a Tweet to Instagram (On Your Phone)

there's a pretty common type of post on,Instagram that looks like this it's,basically a tweet of some sort and the,little logo from Twitter the name,there's a verification check mark blah,blah blah garyvee uses it a lot,Doug post I can't say his name also uses,it a bunch of people do and I use it,I'll show you here there's a couple of,posts that I've posted that are like,that basically they say it's a nice,quick way to make a text post and it,also kind of promotes your Twitter page,or your other pages and I've even done,it like here where I have a response to,something whole thing but what I'm gonna,show you is how to make them look real,clean like this for free all on your,phone so let's go over to Twitter and I,actually just made a post that I want to,turn into an Instagram post and it's,this one right here I made six minutes,ago so I'm going to screenshot and crop,just to show that tweet,okay let's save it to the photos and,then we don't need Twitter anymore so,we're gonna close out Twitter now what,you want to do is go to an app called,canva you can download canva for free on,the App Store just search canva just see,a n V a and right here this for free,basically it allows you to do all kinds,of graphic design stuff pretty simply on,your phone for free it's also a,web-based thing so you can use it on,your computer but in this case we're,just gonna pop over to the canva app and,let it load now if I was gonna just make,a square image I would do the Instagram,post right here it kind of gives you the,default sizes for a lot of these things,what I'm going to do instead is create,an Instagram story because what I found,out is Instagram actually allows you to,use a little bit taller than a square,now within the feed that's what we're,gonna do here we're gonna not use this,whole space we're gonna Center the thing,and that's how it will look you'll see,what I mean in a minute so first thing,first down here on the bottom right,we're gonna tap the plus button I'm,gonna click images and your images that,you have from your phone should come up,most recent image here is the screenshot,from my tweet,so I'll resize this so that it's based,it can be here it's a little this is,probably the hardest part is lining up,your tweet I'll give it some space on,the sides,and it doesn't really matter how this,looks because we're going to make the,background the same as the background of,the tweet here in a second so once you,get that lined up where you want it,we're gonna hit the plus sign again and,scroll over here to where it says shapes,and create a square now with this square,you can change the color down here,there's a couple different options but,we're gonna use the eye drop and we're,gonna hover over the background of the,tweet so as you can see now that's the,same color as the tweet this one we're,gonna just make the full background so,we're gonna expand it the whole way up,to the very top right there's a dot dot,dot press that and then this allows us,to make it move forward or backwards in,the layers so we're gonna go backwards,so it's in the back there and then we'll,just hit done I also don't really like,the fact that like the little analytics,thing is there the six minutes ago and a,little caret so how we're gonna get rid,of those things is by pressing the plus,sign again pressing shape,taking another Square and making this,square the same as the background again,except this time we're gonna make it,really small and I'm going to drag it,over that little six minute thing there,and then I'm gonna make a copy of it,there's a little two squares up here at,the top right you press that it will,copy it we can make that tiny again can,be really sloppy because no one will see,the edges of this so and I actually want,to move this over just a little bit to,get rid of that dot dot dot okay so,we're gonna it done and then it's as,simple as right here in the top right,pressing the down and it will save it to,your camera roll you can also press the,share and it'll allow you to supposed to,allow you to share to Instagram right,away but I'm not gonna do that sometimes,I like to save it and then post it later,but we'll hop over here to Instagram,press the share button and then as you,can see it automatically squares this up,I could zoom it in a little bit it still,looks pretty good or I could you know,have a take up as much space on a,timeline as possible which is there you,just zoom out the whole way and that's,it's not gonna give you the whole story,size but it's pretty close but for this,I'm actually gonna use the square,because I feel like it's overkill to,anything more and we'll hit next and,then I like being able to throw filters,on here that color is a little nicer the,reason my twit my back,on my Twitter the ears might be white I,have mine set to like the dark theme so,there's all kinds of different you know,I like the the vignettes because it adds,a little it makes it a little more,dynamic let's go with this one and I'm,not even

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