how to put music on instagram story

How To Add Music To Instagram Story (New Methods) | Add Music To Storyhow to add music to instagram


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Add Music To Instagram Story (New Methods) | Add Music To Story

how to add music to instagram story is,the topic of today's video if you're new,to the chew toy tucker channel,please go down below and hit the,subscribe button i really do appreciate,it and then you'll leave a like,it really helps this video out and get,to more people so today i'm showing you,how to go,and add the music to your instagram,story now i know a lot of people,have had issues of adding music to their,story for many different reasons,hopefully i'll be showing you a way for,this which will work for you i'm going,over two different methods and,definitely one of them should work for,you so i really really hope that,you can achieve your goal of adding the,music to your story,so anyway let's jump straight into this,tutorial of this video,now let's jump straight into this as you,can see i'm now on my phone and the,first thing we need to do,is open up instagram make sure you're,logged into the account you want to make,the story,just go and hop into instagram right now,as you can see this is my account i,currently have zero followers and zero,following,this is just an example account to show,you how to do certain things,now if you need to add another account,just quickly add the three lines,and then click settings and then you can,scroll down and click add account and,you can go and sign in to other accounts,um if you need to but anyway let's jump,straight into this so,the first method is simply by using the,sort of i guess original feature,of being able to go and add music to,instagram story so to do that only do is,swipe across just like so,and then you want to go and take a,picture so i'll just take a picture of,my mouse map,as you can see it's now taking the,picture and now it's just blank so you,can draw something as well add any text,you want just like saying um,example just like so they click done so,then to go and add the music all you,want to do is click on the sticker so,after five it's the third one along,so one two three click there and as you,can see i've got music there but to find,that you may need to search for music,i'll take a minute to load as you can,see music stickers and they'll have the,lines moving,then you want to click on it just like,so and then it's going to have for you,which is normally like the most used,songs recently so,everyone's been using that on um the,mood song and then you've got loads and,loads by popular artists so,you can go and search music by clicking,search and searching for a specific song,or you can go on browse and you can,search for another song as well so,you've got more um niches here as well,so for music say if you wanted like an,alan walker song,alan walker you've got faded it's sort,of like the classic song you've probably,heard on youtube before,so i'm going to click on it there and,then it's going to come unload so as you,can see,this is part of the tutorial which you,may be interested in you can go and,change what which part the song it plays,you can have 15 seconds or you can,change it,so i'm gonna have 15 seconds but you can,actually have this text so when you play,it if we click play,as you can see the the text will move,but if you just want a static image you,can go there and if you just want the,image you have this box with a little,line to the right,and then you can have the little box,with the line to the bottom and it'll be,like this which,you know what i quite like both actually,so once you've got the bit of music you,want then you click done,and then you can move this round change,the angle of it let you do anything with,it you'd like,and you can change that by clicking on,it and you could change it say this one,or back to tech,so that's just how you want it,personally it's personal preference and,it will start playing when you publish,it,and if i had my phone music on you'd,hear it as well,now i know some of you guys don't,actually have the access to this feature,it's not available on some accounts now,to get around this i found an awesome,app,so come to the app store and simply,search something called in short,video editor this is a bit of a lengthy,process but if you want music to your,stories is so so easy all you want to do,is go and download it,it's really easy to use it's only 80,megabytes as you can see,and then you're going to click open and,essentially what this allows you to do,is allow you to add,music to your videos so once you're here,to go and start then you want to click,video,and you can click blank for example um,and i'll take a minute to load and then,click tick,and then all you want to do is you can,add all of these features down here so,there will be a little ad,but as you can see if this is the video,of yours you say taken and you want to,upload your instagram story,then we want to do is click on music and,you can go and add track so then you,click add tracks,and you can use music from itunes you've,got featured here as well,and you've got effects so say if i,wanted from itunes you can click on,there,you need to have

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How to Add Music to Your IG Story (2022) 🎵

How to Add Music to Your IG Story (2022) 🎵

let's say you would like to add music to,your instagram stories but you simply,don't know how to do it hey everyone my,name is tim and in this video i'll show,you how you can do this very easily so,let's get started okay so first off head,over to instagram,and go to your profile page to create an,instagram story click on the little plus,icon in the right top corner,then select story you can create a story,on the spot or,select pre-recorded footage click on the,gallery icon on the left bottom corner,and select the video you would like to,have as your instagram story in this,example i'll use a video of my cute cat,being cute,to add music to your story click on the,smiley sticker in the top menu,then you should see an option that says,music you can also search for music in,the search bar just in case you don't,see it,make sure you select it and now you'll,see a list of music you can choose from,you can scroll through recommended music,in your 4u tab,or scroll through music in the browse,tab for now i would like to search for a,specific song in the search bar,called summer days once your preferred,song pops up select the song,now the music is added to the video and,you can edit the music in your story,you can choose a section of the song by,scrolling left or right in the,horizontal sound bar on the bottom,you can also easily change the way the,subtitles are shown by scrolling left or,right,above that you can even replace it with,a visual tag of a song,once you're satisfied click on done in,the right top corner you can reshape and,relocate the visual tag the way you want,to,to change it back to subtitles simply,click on the visual tag,and scroll back to your preferred,subtitle style you can also change the,colors of the subtitles by clicking on,the color icon,in the top of the screen again once,you're happy click on done,and again reshape and relocate the,subtitles the way you like,let's say you would like to have only,music and no visual extras,simply drag the subtitles or visual tag,out of the frame,once you're satisfied with your story,you can publish it through the bottom,options of the screen,and now we added music to our instagram,story however,instagram doesn't have a feature where,you can add music to a video meant for,your instagram feed,so i'm gonna explain to you how you can,easily do this with a simple online,video editor,in this example we're going to you,can create an account for free,or click on the first link in the,description to go straight to the,website,once you're on the home page click on,upload your video then click on upload a,file,select your video clip and click on open,after a short moment,your video is imported okay first we're,going to change the aspect ratio of the,video to make it fit for the instagram,feed to make this happen head over to,settings in the left menu,and under size you can choose between,multiple dimensions in this case i'll,choose square for the instagram feed,and then to make the video fit click on,the video itself and click on fill the,canvas,then easily reposition and resize the,video by clicking and dragging the,corner and side options of the video,just like so to add music to the video,find upload on the left hand side,then click on upload audio select an,audio or music file from your device,and click on open now as you can see in,the timeline the music is added on top,of the video the video is shorter than,the music,so i'll choose a section of the music i,would like to keep with the help of the,playhead in the timeline and the pause,and play option,i'll choose a section that i like to,trim the audio click and drag both sides,of the audio file so you filter out the,piece you would like to keep,along the way make sure you drag the,audio file to the left side of the,timeline,so it syncs with the video then click on,fit timeline on the right to create an,oversight,now the music is added on top of the,video to lower the sound of the original,video,click on the video file in the timeline,and lower the audio in the menu by,sliding the settings to the left,to remove the audio in its entirety you,can click on the audio icon to mute it,as a bonus you can choose to add text,emojis progression bars,and more but for now i'm satisfied to,export the video find the export button,in the right top corner,and on the preset find your recommended,export settings,in this case it's for the instagram feed,so i'm choosing this one,then click on export video after the,video is rendered click on the download,mp4 button to download the video,straight to your device,and that's it for this video please give,it a like if it helped you out and,consider subscribing if you want to see,more content like this,if you have any questions or a very nice,thing to say feel free to leave a,comment in the comment section so we can,get back to you for more helpful tips,and tricks feel free to watch our other,content on this channel,for now have a nice day good luck and,see you later

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Μουσική στα στόρι μας στο instagram με τον τρόπο του μπακάλη | Music Instagram story

Μουσική στα στόρι μας στο instagram με τον τρόπο του μπακάλη | Music Instagram story

우린 10년 만에 700억을 벌었어,어떻게 그럴 수 있었을까,웰컴투 필리핀입니다

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hey what's going on guys welcome back to,fast AG in today's video I'm gonna show,you guys how to add music to Instagram,story before the Instagram update there,was a very simple way to add any music,you wanted to your Instagram stories,there's actually a dedicated menu before,the update right underneath right here,but not anymore they took it away so in,order to add music now you have to do,some extra steps but none of the less,guys in today's video I'm going to show,you guys three simple methods to add any,music you want to your Instagram stories,the method number one is gonna be the,building option the music option within,Instagram but there is some limitations,to it so I'm gonna give you guys two,other methods that will allow you to add,any music even when you're in offline so,make sure you stick until the end of,this video to find out two of the other,methods as well with that being said,let's just dive into this video all,right guys the method number one is by,going to your Instagram stories and,taking a regular video so make sure you,go to hands-free and then start taking,any video or you can even upload any,video you want from your camera by,swiping up right here as you can see but,in order to use this method number one,you need to have internet connection if,you don't have it you can't choose any,music so let's say I'm going to record,this random video and after I've done,that I'm going to stop it and then go to,this third menu option right here and,then you see this music option over,there but if you don't see it right away,you can just type in music and search it,up and click on that so here as you can,see you get all the music that are,trending at the moment you can use any,of this or you can search it up all the,way over there,but you're still kind of limited to the,songs that is available here you,wouldn't be able to add any song that,you want so let's say I want to add this,song right here if you guys know the,song make sure you drop a light down,below and you can just select any you,know random part of it any part that you,want to be in your video and then you,can switch it up you can put the text or,if you don't want the text you can just,leave it like this and here as you can,see you can hear the music and the video,is playing that is the method number,one it is kind of limited you need to,have Wi-Fi in order to load up the music,options that are built in there but what,if you don't have Wi-Fi and you wanted,to record a video with a music in the,background in order to do that guys you,have to have some type of music player,let's say you want to use Spotify or,even something like audio Mac which,allows you to play any music that you,want in the offline mode if you want to,use Spotify make sure you have Spotify,Premium I don't have one so I'm not,gonna use Spotify but it works the same,way with Spotify if you don't have the,premium you're gonna have to you won't,be able to select any song that you want,but let's say for the demonstration,purposes I'm gonna use this music player,right here this works for offline,version as well let me turn it off for,you guys so that you can see right here,as you can see everything is off and let,me just reopen this and here as you can,see it says you are in offline mode go,to offline music and right here as you,can see these are all the music that I,have downloaded that I can listen at the,moment let's say I want to put this,particular song in my Instagram stored,video as you can see you can hear the,sound and let it play in the background,and close the app and still as you can,see it's still playing and then go to,your Instagram and start shooting any,video or you can even scroll to,hands-free and then just do this super,easy and the music is playing in the,background and right here as you can see,you can hear the sound let me just pause,it right there as you can see you can,hear the music and my voice obviously,because I was talking but you get the,idea guys that's the method number two,they you can add any music right here as,you can see I'm an offline mode you can,add any music that you want from your,music player that you have already,downloaded to your Instagram stories,without any Wi-Fi connection that was,the method number two guys the last but,not least the method number three is by,using a dedicated app that you can edit,in any video that you want any music to,your Instagram videos so for this,example I'm gonna be using app called in,shot right here you can use any other,video editor of your choice but for me,in my experience as well,was the best out of all the other apps,in the App Store let's say I want to,upload any video that I've taken within,my camera roll or you can even take,video right now just like this or you,can upload any previous videos from your,camera roll so let's say I want to use,this particular video I'm going to go,ahead and upload it you can even add,multiple videos to this app and edit in,the way you want it and then after you

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Instagram Story: No Music Results Found

Instagram Story: No Music Results Found

hey guys trevor here and in this video,i'm going to walk you through a fix,for instagram music story no result,found,it's pretty quick and easy so let's jump,right in i have instagram,open here and if i swipe to the right,and let's say just take a random photo,here i can tap the little sticker at the,very top,and then it shows me the music option,and i can add,all different kinds of music i can,search for music,but if you can't add any music or says,no results found,one thing that you'll want to do is if,it comes up with,some music but not the specific song,that you want,then potentially it's just not in the,instagram library so,this isn't every song that was ever made,this is just like a,you know subset that instagram has,negotiated,to get the rights to to be able to add,to your story,so this changes based on where you are,your region,so you want to make sure that say if,somebody's in a different country,they might have different music that's,available to them,than you would however if nothing is,showing up if none of the music is,showing up,i'll walk you through a few steps to,take to get that to show up again,first what i'll do is swipe down from,the top right and then i will turn off,wi-fi so,switching from wi-fi to cellular data,might speed up your internet,um if it's an internet or just loading,issue,this will speed things up and help you,know to get you on your way,another thing that you can do is let's,cancel out of here,and exit out of here and then just go,back to,to instagram here if you tap on your,profile icon at the bottom right,and then the three lines at the top,right here,and then let's see where it is settings,and then towards the bottom there you,tap on account,if you scroll all the way to the bottom,if this says switch to personal,account that means you have a,professional account or brand account,same as like a business account,sometimes the story music,doesn't work for a business or,professional account,so if it says here switch to a personal,account,you'll want to tap that button and,switch back to a personal account,that might help you get on your way to,adding the music to your story the last,thing that you can do,is you can offload the app so we can,head into settings here,and then we can go to general and,iphone storage and then we can just find,instagram on this list,once it pops up uh,so there's instagram what we can do is,just offload the app,and then reinstall it this is really,easy way to,it doesn't wipe any of your data or your,messages or anything,but it kind of resets all the core,system files,of instagram you can tap reinstall and,this,is a good way to kind of fix all kinds,of different bugs on instagram,so hope this helps let us know if you,have any questions in the comments below,make sure to subscribe,thanks

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how to add instagram story music in malayalam ( എങ്ങനെ ഇൻസ്റ്റഗ്രാം സ്റ്റോറിയിൽ സോങ് ഇടാം

how to add instagram story music in malayalam ( എങ്ങനെ ഇൻസ്റ്റഗ്രാം സ്റ്റോറിയിൽ സോങ് ഇടാം

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How to Add Background Music to Instagram Stories

How to Add Background Music to Instagram Stories

hi everyone in this video I wanted to,show you how you could add background,music on to your Instagram stories and,I'm gonna show you two different options,the first one is if you just want to,record your story live and then add,background music to it as you record it,and the second one is if you already,recorded a video and you want to add,music to that and you'll have to,basically edit the music in in that case,if it's your first time here I make,easy-to-follow social media videos five,times a week so please consider,subscribing,so before we start recording our,Instagram story we need to play a music,track on the background that we want to,use as the music file so what we want to,do is go to our favorite music app so,you could use Pandora or Spotify I'm,just gonna use the music that I have on,my phone already and basically you want,to cue up the song so I'm just gonna cue,up this song and then when the song is,queued up you could basically put it,anywhere in the song same as in Spotify,and Pandora place it where you want the,song to start in your recording go ahead,and pause the song here let's go ahead,and exit this now let's go back to our,Instagram and then let's go back to our,story here and before we start recording,go ahead and access your doc here to,press play on your music I'm on the,iPhone here but you could do the same,thing on Android go ahead and press play,and then go back to Instagram story and,then start recording and the music is,actually playing in the background and,recording at the same time so when you,let go the music has been playing in the,background so it's been embedded with,the video so you could just go ahead and,pause the music when you're done and,then you could go ahead and share this,to your story just make sure there is no,other noise or you talking over it,because it will record that also so,that's one way to record music while,you're recording an Instagram video the,other way is if you already recorded a,video and you want to add music to that,you'll have to use a editing app and my,favorite one is called,in shot video editor and you could get,this on iOS or Android devices let me go,ahead and open this app and we want to,create a new video so let's click the,video icon here and I'm just gonna click,the video I just recorded and you'll,have options to edit and everything else,that you could do in an editing software,there's a lot here so if you've never,use this app it's really great check it,out let's click music here on the bottom,and we want to add track you could also,record voiceover and add effects too but,we're gonna add track here and here you,could either use the songs that it gives,you or you could go to my music here and,I'm gonna go to my music and I'm gonna,choose one of the files on my phone here,and I'm gonna press use here and then,you could also edit the music to decide,where you want it to start I'm just,gonna start from the beginning of the,video and now I'm gonna press the check,mark here and let's go ahead and press,play to see what happened there you go,so the music is now embedded in the,video file and now when you're all done,all you will have to do is press the,upload right on top and then press save,to start processing the video and then,wait for the processing to be over so,from here you could just go ahead and,press the Instagram tab to go ahead and,open it up in Instagram and share it in,Instagram so if I press next here if I,press next I could just go ahead and,share this to my Instagram just like,that and it will have the music embedded,with the video this also gets safe to,your camera roll so if you go to story,and if you don't want to make a post you,could go to story scroll up here and,since you did this in the last 24 hours,you could go ahead and click that video,and then you could go ahead and share it,to your story just like that I hope you,found this useful and it will help,improve your Instagram account please,give this video a thumbs up and,subscribe to this channel I post,easy-to-follow tech tutorials five times,a week and I hope to see you on the next,video thanks so much for watching

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How To Upload Music To Instagram

How To Upload Music To Instagram

how to upload music to instagram okay,let's say you're on an instagram story,here,and you've tried to like make this,really cool story post,to all your friends or friends and you,can't find your song,on instagram stories here right that's,super annoying and frustrating because,your singles out in the world now and,you can share it on instagram how do we,get this,up on instagram stories for us to share,our song to the world,in this video i'll tell you exactly how,to do that it's pretty easy,and um we can share our music i'm,charles,clean singer songwriter and producer and,i'm an indie musician going along this,journey as well releasing my music,promoting my music,creating music so if you find yourself,in that same position,please subscribe and i hope to share,these videos to help you along,your way in order for us to get our,music up on instagram stories so we can,share,we're going to need a music distributor,this is like a middleman,it's it is a company that stands between,you,and instagram stories and so we're gonna,need to go to these music distributors,and just give them our song and then,they will put it up on the instagram,stories for us,if you have already released your song,then you know,hey i know what a music distributor is,i've already released my song,on on district or on tunecore on cd baby,whatever,so that's okay we can still go into the,distributor and make a switch to make,our music available in,instagram but if you have not heard of,an instagram um,sorry if you have not heard of a music,distributor before let's just start,quickly from scratch if you already have,released your music,skip to this section of the video where,we make the switch in the back end i use,two music distributors for my music they,are tunecore and distrokid,but you can use any music distributor,you would like it doesn't matter,if you want to use tunecore distrokid,there are some discount links in the,description you can use those links to,get a discount or,you don't have to use them either way,we're going to talk about tunecore and,district in this video let's start with,tunecore first you would go to,,sign up it's a free account and they,will only start charging you when you,want to release,music you would go here create single or,go to the top music,and you would go through a process that,asks you for,information about the song so they're,going to want to know who wrote the song,what the name is,you're going to need to give them the,file of the song and the completed song,you're going to give the artwork of the,song and then tunecore will,provide you an isrc code this is just a,unique code,for the song that can track how many,streams the song has don't be,overwhelmed with any of these questions,they're all,fairly simple you go down create my,single and then there is one more page,that asks you hey where do you want to,release this music,do you just want to release it on,instagram stories and that's it,or do you want us to make it available,on spotify and youtube music and apple,music and a lot,like napster and hundreds of other music,streaming services,that are all around the world and you,can choose where you want your single to,be,so make sure that you go and make,instagram stories available you would,complete the process,pay for the release and then wait,between two to two weeks,to have your single available on,instagram stories where you can share,it in an instagram story for example but,i do recommend getting that single,uploaded,about four weeks in advance of when you,want to release the song and in tunecore,you can specify a release date,so if you want your song out on january,1st you can,upload it on december 1st and say i want,this song to be,on instagram stories on january 1st and,you can rest assure that,if you do it four weeks in advance that,it will probably be guaranteed to be up,there on january 1st let's get on to,distrokid now and then we'll come back,to make the switch if we've already,released music and then we want it to be,still available on instagram stories,okay so distrokit for the beginners who,don't have a distro kit account is,,same type of metadata and information as,you um input on tunecore you will have,to input on distort kit as well,by the way don't use two distributors,choose one of the other or choose,another one,don't use two distributors to release,your music there's no point in that,and you actually will confuse instagram,for example if,like tunecore releases one and this,distrokid releases one,it's gonna get messy so only release,your music on one,distributor go through the information,same very similar thing,to tunecore and then there is some added,features at the bottom here,that distrokid will try to upsell you on,you can choose these if you'd like,click the checkboxes and then press done,same thing two,two days to two weeks but i recommend,getting that,uploaded in advance so you can rest,assure that your song will be out,when you want to release your

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