how to put a vine on instagram

How to put HD videos on Instagram from Vinesup guys bar people here a lot of people,have been wonder

Brockilli Whipple

Updated on Feb 24,2023

How to put HD videos on Instagram from Vine

sup guys bar people here a lot of people,have been wondering how to get videos,straight off the final blow in new,instagram back up okay shot all right so,that canoe video um the first thing you,should do is download vine saver it's,also a nap and then once you download,that but you have to have mine first you,get gone vine and say you liked this,video and you want to go in instead,don't shut up you're psycho all right go,to share to go down go to vine saver and,then bring out to this click OK and then,it will download for a few seconds,seconds oh damn i was going to take,minutes or something normally it takes,like two to five seconds and then open,oh all right there's the video for you,and then just you go dance the ram you,go to upload it oh my god oh man that's,scary and next pick that and then just,go to your camera find the video there,it is upload it and there's kid and then,you just write whatever you want,boom liquor oh not book boo alright so,now I got that now share it crime is,going to be high probably 20-30 people,like this yeah I'll have 117 quit on,follow me come on good page at nice,videos I've got sick video alright check,me out on Instagram it's vine underscore,of underscore Instagram so and then,slowing right now and then once it,downloads it should be on there but,another channel sorry for showing you,got so many channels but another one,that you should go see is sport,underscore vine sport vines with 3 s's 3,here 102 followers sick videos like this,one,what I mean there's some nice videos on,here an awesome channel then follow that,and thanks for watching guys before that,gives channels and hit that like button,so yeah

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how to download vine videos and put them on instagram (android)

how to download vine videos and put them on instagram (android)

hey guys Tony off from here first let me,show you um what I'm working with right,now you don't need root although only,the worst thing you need to do pretty,much is just put your email in just use,your email sign up for something and,that's pretty much it but look at this,video from you guys really quick shows a,guy boom falling in looks pretty cool,yeah i'ma show you this video is in my,gallery right now so I'm gonna go ahead,and find like um gallery up let me show,you here it is gallery it says you know,kind of right there in the middle ish,I'm uh I'm going to click on it and i'ma,find this video in my gallery and here,we go shows the guy you gotta see it,right there I time click on it and click,on it again and imma use video player,I'm looking on just once boom in my,gallery cool now we can start I need you,guys get these apps right now um vine of,course so you got one app down I hope,hdv downloader i'll be putting a link,but it looks like this a red box with a,white arrow alright when you're done,with that installed it of course and get,something men called a vid trim pro,alright and I'll be in the link to its,4shared you'll need to be I mean you'll,need to sign up for 4shared and use your,email course make a password and stuff,pretty simple stuff no surveys or,anything um you can get the 4shared app,but i just recommend you go and download,this app from your phone's internet,browser be much simpler that way and i,automatically put stuff on your phone so,this whole this whole thing i'm going to,show you is just straight from android,phone or iphone phone i think it works,for iphone no computers needed no root,needed so okay so now we have all the,apps right i put the links down and put,the name,and it looks just like mine so we're,ready to go and also be showing kind of,towards the middle of this video how to,put it on Instagram too so I'll be,letting you guys know when people who,just want to have vine videos on their,phone are ready to leave or you know can,be dismissed from my class alright go,ahead and click on the vine app and i'ma,find a random video one that I haven't,done yet and um I found ok just around,again ok all right I'm gonna be,downloading that video so remember it's,the old man feeding a squirrel so go,ahead into the three arrows you see,three arrows all right there go ahead,and click on those three euros and,you'll see share on twitter share on,facebook share to or report this post go,ahead and click on share too and then I,want you guys to go ahead and email,yourself I use yahoo so I'm looking on,yahoo just once type in your email,address email to yourself so I'm gonna,do that right now maybe well I just kind,of long so bear with me alright so i,just emailed myself and go and go to,your email app the yahoo app or gmail a,boundary you use go to your email app,it's all over here i just clicked on it,and I need you guys to go to I'm sorry,all right go to sent and you'll find the,funda you know the most recent email you,sent out and that's probably to you,hopefully it says check out humans post,so i guess the guys name was humans,alright so click on that um that web,address it should not be highlighted in,blue and then go ahead and mines chrome,i use google chrome on my phone so I,don't know you guys used to open up your,internet browser,nothing else use that your use your,internet um app and it should load your,thing up now you don't have to watch the,video you just go ahead and copy that a,link the videos link on the top um you,know it's something on in the very top,Oh got it hate this webcam all right now,um copy that link now open up a new tab,then now go to go to google and I don't,know if um you can search something just,by typing the name and then it goes to,it but just go to Google just to be safe,type in vine downloader all one word all,right now when I happen to says download,vines ! vine download now when you do,this if you see you could also see,buying downloader you know like an app I,don't trust it look at the stars for,that and it's from 10 users and it costs,money so I don't like that so go ahead,and click on download vines into the,bind olivine down there is a free and,fast food and download every vine out,there it's simple download vines now,click on that and you should see um,enter vine URL that's what we just,copied all right so go ahead on click,that box paste your video in that box,click on download and give it a second,for me it's taken a while you might you,guys may already be done faster internet,and stuff heiresses hold on generating,download link that's what it says right,now sorry I give me a second you guys,kind of see where I'm going with this,alright and then it says you know share,download starve I just do download all,right and mine was the old guy remember,now this should automatically open hdv,downloader now you could say video as,name it anything i'm gonna say squirrel,man i spell other squirrel man there we,go download and it's downloading it's,gettin

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How to: Upload other VINE videos to your INSTAGRAM!

How to: Upload other VINE videos to your INSTAGRAM!

so hi everyone so today I'm going to be,showing you how to download videos from,vine and to put them onto your Instagram,on the iPhone iPad or iPod touch you do,not need jailbreak but you will need a,USB connector to connect from your,device to your computer and also you'll,need your itunes on the computer as well,so let's get started so you want to go,to google and just type in watch vine,and then click on the first one the,scene knife fun um whatever that says,and then you're going to type in who you,want to download and I'm just going to,type in princess Lauren okay once you,find your user you're just going to,click on them and then what you're going,to do is click your favorite um vine of,theirs and I'm just going to do the,first one go TV and then click right,click and click Save video as and then,save it i already downloaded a lot as,you can see but you can download it,wherever you want,um and then once you do that you're,going to go into itunes and make sure,your iphone um is plugged in to iTunes,and mine is right here so you're going,to click on that obviously then go to,photos what you're going to do is you're,going to click sync photos from then,click selected folders and then include,videos then you're going to click on my,pictures then click Choose folder you're,going to find where you downloaded all,of those vines and I download them right,here and you're just going to click on,the folder where you downloaded all of,them and then click select folder,already did so and it's just going to,download them all onto your iPod or,iPhone okay so once they upload you're,going to want to go to your phone you,have to make sure they all the vines,that you downloaded our in your photos,so click on photos and then go to your,albums and go to the last one and it,should have the album name click on that,and make sure that all of your vines are,still there and mine are so that's a,good thing so then what you're going to,want to do is go to Instagram and click,the oh I just made an account if you,want to follow it princess Lauren vines,because I love her so you're going to,click the camera button and once you,click that you click the video icon and,luckily Instagram just updated it so now,you can upload videos from your camera,roll so once you completed that you're,going to click your camera roll and then,click albums and then click the one that,you just made so mine's p Lauren click,the video that you want to upload and,then um and then click next and then you,can edit this but since fines are,shorter you don't have to do that so,then you're going to want to click Next,again and then you can choose a filter,but I don't want one so click Next and,then cover photo i'm going to make mine,kind of funny like a / jumping okay,that's really good then click next again,and then just type your caption and i'm,just gonna do a laughing face i think so,then once you do that um click Share and,you have success,Lee added a video to Instagram thanks,for watching bye

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How to post videos using Instagram and Vine

How to post videos using Instagram and Vine

our videos are one of the latest trends,and social media Twitter introduced vine,a while back and instagram has announced,that it is adding video and joining us,now is phil garba shack founder of,milwaukee social media and the good,thing is Phil you know how this works,and you can make it easy for us I do,yeah well let's talk about the,differences real quick vine is seven,seconds and is connected to Twitter,Instagram is 15 and connected to,facebook so that's that's a the two big,differences there also instagram has the,ability to edit a little bit of video,and pick your cover shot so if you take,a 15 second video you like it you can,scroll to the spot you want so if we,look real quick here at instagram will,show exactly how this works you go and,you'll see other people's pictures you,click on that on the picture screen and,then you change it to video then you,simply wait for it to go and you hold it,down and you get just a few seconds here,that you get to do but like i said 15,seconds right let's scan around here,we'll see what's going on and then we'll,hit hit next and it'll will be able then,to pick our filter that's the,interesting part about instagram is that,it actually allows us to provide a,filter on what we're looking at so just,like your able to do that with your,pictures you can also do it with that,then you hit simply next and you type,the pic your cover real quick so we'll,pick a shot of the two of you hopefully,our little girl there you go if,something good there we go sort of like,that and simply then type what you want,and you can simply share it out and it,automatically if you wish can share to,facebook as well as to twitter so we'll,just share this real quick whatever that,says he's a good Phil thank you I quit,so and we'll just simply say that we're,done and shared out to the two networks,and that vine works the same way only,seven seconds so quite simple can you,turn off those videos absolutely you can,turn off the automatic loading of the,videos because a lot of people they,don't want to use the bandwidth or they,don't want to be annoyed by your video,right so you absolutely can you have,it's interesting though you have to go,in,your profile and then into settings in,order to do that but it isn't that hard,it's the gear same as on Facebook very,simple the one thing that I'll say about,both of these that's that's interesting,is that these are public there's one new,one that parents need to be aware of and,that's called snapchat snapchat is 10,seconds disappearing photos video and,disappearing but it's stored on some,servers so somebody's got that's right,so if your kids are doing things and,you're like well I can't find anything,on their phone it's possible they're,doing something called snapchat yeah so,do a search for that it's available on,both the Android as well as any iPhone,good advice thanks a lot feel terrific,founder of Milwaukee social media we,appreciate your joining us here on,Wisconsin tonight my pleasure thank you,fell

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Best Klarity Instagram Compilation - Vine Edition✔

Best Klarity Instagram Compilation - Vine Edition✔

yeah without clarity here I'm in one man,checker check a bang-bang,hey this what happens when you bot,asleep around me,Oh clay what your girl man I know she's,great huh it's a bunch shot what are you,talking about who all she does is much,else what that picture no see right,there that picture she's coming out the,water she's showing that she just got a,brand-new pool they're coming out the,waters he come out up close what about,this picture right here look she said,hashtag blessed she just came from Bible,study I never do with Jesus heavy,showers of what she thought you know I,love every shots of buckshot no that was,fun Christmas right there it is,a right there get him you sure,that's the get over cooter on, kill him right now when you're,gonna tell your to stay still,don't move over hitch in your head and,kill you where are you going to die I,need bigger rocks you start up the web,where a ,we are on the horse,no no no no no do not hit with the other,great American rapper jay-z just said,feel hosnian no that's what that's,yes but not that this - he said that,what's more important or I made aware of,the strip club,he said credit credit credit credit god,no no good job my brother,buta because we are in america we shall,follow Dano triumphant triumphant here's,your leader and as to resonate for this,country now we must follow the leader,so she saw this thing on West in West,Virginia all weekend you people are so,good cohesiveness as you march me and,black people know a lot about matching,this symbol of love for you people well,they get deported do you see how people,do that no they are back in Nigeria,stupid this is stop Anthony and not,people don't do that because they don't,like these stupid,celebration good job here by the,poolside in the new york city new york,city mayor he breaches of Brooklyn I,want to find it okay okay I want to talk,to this beautiful trophy only be dipped,in pudding Gordon and how you think I,want her digits connectivity,we fire right now I got that stuffs,where you were - perfect huh wait what's,going on you tell us some drugs in me,racing not again that was just some,oregano he's gonna do some chicken and,we're gonna cook some chicken oregano,okay hey ain't you gonna throw it to me,about you,Omega no huh mm-hmm let me see let me,see up on TV give me a week,me,safety first you get it right ya know,with me right there,and me now remember when I shot you like,five times,vasu right now,you know me Africa real quick,good boy came across somewhat on the,table so I know it's real,look at you were today's naughty st.,James,they else yeah we better catch right now,hey screaming living in addition to them,anywhere I'm gonna get them right here,right now friend it's been a real,pleasure to see you man,pleasures all yours really you can,bounce now a magazine

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How To Download Instagram And Vine Videos On Any IOS Device

How To Download Instagram And Vine Videos On Any IOS Device

what's up guys say idea instituted I'll,be showing you as how to download your,Instagram videos vine videos or even,Instagram photos onto any iPhone or iPad,using a simple free application that's,available in the App Store for free so,further let's get on with you so this,method is only applicable for iPhone or,iPad users 400 users as how to download,vine videos onto the phone I have,brought it another video of it do check,it out I'll be leaving the link in the,description so you're a blue using an,application that's available in the App,Store for free and the application name,is called as I downloader Pro we just I,downloader and as you can see the name,of the application I don't know I don't,know two plus free for iOS so you have,to just download the application and you,can see I have already downloaded and,downloaded it and for instance if you,want to download a wine video as I'll be,showing you right now I'll be just going,into the wine video and I'll be choosing,a random video ok I'll be choosing this,video for instance I want to download,this video I'll be just extracting the,URL by clicking on this three dotted,lines and you'll be seeing us share this,poster copy link that's it now go to the,application page the URL on to the,little search bar that's it what you do,is you have to tap here to download just,tap it and your wine video will be,downloaded as you can see so it's a very,simple procedure to download your wine,video is and you can see you that it's,all about I have already downloaded it,and for instance I'm going to just to,add to my camera roll I just select the,option select the I option here and add,it to,camera roll just select option s add to,camera roll and it will be added to my,camera obvious right now as you can see,the video is already added to camera so,then through this simple procedure you,can download your vine videos onto your,iDevice and export it to a camera roll,for instance for Instagram I'll be just,showing you right now and for instance,I'm going to just download the video is,just going here and as you can see the,video is playing I'll just I'll be also,copying the here URL of this video and,also I'll be pasting it just as soon as,you earlier,you can also the video is available and,I will be also doing the same procedure,here to save the Instagram videos also,and the download is completed and as you,can see the Instagram dot mp4 is,available again as just exporting adding,to my camera roll and you can see that,the Instagram video is also downloaded,and exported to my camera roll so now,I'm showing you as how to download your,Instagram photos or onto your iDevice,are just picking up this photo and again,I will be copying the URL and this is a,puffin browser for the info and it's,available for free in the App Store you,can just download it for free so let me,just pasting the photo you are and what,you do here is that you have to tap and,hold and an option will appear as save,image save texture you just click on,save image and choose the option as this,device and as you can see the photo is a,saved onto my camera so through this,simple app and simple browser a free,application you can download your,Instagram videos vine videos or even,Instagram photos to your iDevice so if,you guys like my video find my way also,please to comment subscribe hit the like,button and do follow me on Google+ and,Twitter till then I'll be seeing you in,my next video

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Video App Comparison: Vine vs Instagram Video

Video App Comparison: Vine vs Instagram Video

he'll welcome to my latest Q's our video,today we're talking to you about vine,versus Instagram and we're looking at,the features and benefits of these,popular bit mobile video sharing,networks until just 10 you about them,I'll show you this is a vine video you,get six seconds to be a lot more,creative than this now I got out of the,way let's go on to round one,availability both of these apps are,available on all the major platforms,which is Windows Phone Android and of,course iOS so this rounds going to have,to be a draw it's a functionality for,round two now instagram video allows 15,seconds video and has fur seen different,viewers to get plenty creative but vine,although it only allows the six seconds,video gives you a whole wealth of,features including a grip to help with,photography a ghost image to help you,level the shots and stay consistent and,also a video editing tool allows you to,chop different shots because of this,this rounds going to vine,around friends about the audience now,instagram has been around a little,longer than vine although is only watch,this video software a couple of almost a,year ago because in so has been around,long though it's had time to go on our,massive audience with 150 million plus,users it's looking massive at the moment,vine although popular and has grown,massively it's still not quite as big,it's grown quickly since it launched,have graining like a million users,within the first I think three months of,it you are launching but at the moment,it has full email n plus users so not,quite as big as Instagram which means,round 3 goes to Instagram,around four is branding and how you can,use these platforms to showcase your,brand's both apps allow you to use and,abuse hashtags which is great and they,also allow you to film all kinds of,different footage however the extra nine,seconds that Instagram allows means that,you can get a little bit more of your,message in there for that instance,around for gusta Instagram as well,now let's see the creativity my favorite,round vine allows you to get incredibly,creative in terms of the six seconds,were given because these constraints but,on filmmakers people have gotten,absolutely wild of what they do there's,lots of stop-motion animation and really,fast shots on vine Instagram though,although obviously gives you a little,extra time people aren't as creative as,they could be also obviously you can't,cut and edit your shots like you can on,vine says not as much room for,creativity in this instance then round 5,goes to vine around six is brand use of,all turn arounds are using these apps,Instagram is popular with sports brands,such as NBA where they showcase and UFC,sorry where they showcase match winning,moments and awesome shots from the game,it's also popular with brands like,sports brands such as added us where,you've got an way they showcase shoes,and ultimately product launches vine on,the other hand is really popular with,more creative brands such as Samsung,where they show his new products in,really innovative innovative ways and,also loud a DIY brand who you stop,motion clips to showcase DIY tips which,is actually fantastic round 6 is pretty,much tight because both brands oh all,kinds of brands can use both platforms,put out as much as each other red bull,for example showcases awesome events and,fantastic stunts via both platforms just,choosing which ever is relevant for the,type length of clip so for drawer on,this one,I know the moment is looking very tight,but in all honesty I'm going to have to,give this divine just because the sheer,amount of creativity showcased across,the board is really as amazing you've,got brands like Oreo and things like,that who are pushing the limits of,stop-motion animation it's fantastic,it's not just brands are getting,involved its people as well you can too,if you put your mind to it so out,further ado I've announced wine the,winner for more advice and video,marketing and for more news on content,marketing and SEO stay tuned to the,goose i blog

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TikTok vs. Instagram Reels vs. YouTube Shorts: Who Will Win the Short-Video Race? | WSJ

TikTok vs. Instagram Reels vs. YouTube Shorts: Who Will Win the Short-Video Race? | WSJ

(upbeat music),- Short-form video has become,the latest battleground in social media,,and the three big players?,TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.,- In the next few years,it will be billions of dollars being poured,into these platforms,,trying to increase their reach,,trying to increase the value for advertisers.,- So let's compare them and see,which one is winning over users so far,and which one might come out on top.,TikTok was the first of the three to burst onto the scene,,but before TikTok there was Vine,,a popular short video service offered by Twitter.,(people cheer),- Vine was one of the first short video platforms,to really grab the attention of young creators.,After Twitter discontinued Vine in 2017,,it created a big gap in the market,that was prime for TikTok to exploit.,- TikTok enjoyed rapid growth,in places like the US and India,,and by February 2019,the app had been downloaded more than a billion times,on Apple iOS and Android,according to app analytics site Sensor Tower.,But in 2020, the narrative started to change.,- America and other countries went into lockdown,because of the coronavirus,,people started spending more time on TikTok,,and all of a sudden it seemed like,the scrutiny on TikTok also increased.,- President Donald Trump voiced concern,over the possibility that user data on TikTok,could be shared with the Chinese government,through the app's parent company ByteDance.,- We're looking at TikTok, we may be banning TikTok.,- He launched a lengthy back and forth,with TikTok and its Chinese parent ByteDance,that never really reached resolution during his presidency,but had a really huge destabilizing effect,on the app's position in the US.,- At the time, TikTok officials said,that user data was held in servers in the US and Singapore,and wouldn't be shared.,In June 2020, India decided to ban TikTok.,- That's important because it presented a gap,for rivals like Facebook and Google's YouTube,to try to offer their own products in the market.,- And sure enough, in late 2020,,Facebook and YouTube launched,their own short video services.,Snapchat also entered the mix with Spotlight,which offers a daily pool of more than one million dollars,to users who create the most entertaining Snaps.,- Instagram and YouTube already had large built-in audiences,and TikTok had primed people to want,this kind of short-form video.,When Instagram and YouTube started rolling out,their own services,,they took off pretty quickly.,- Meta hasn't said how many monthly users,interact with Reels,,but Instagram passed,two billion monthly active users last year,,and in its April earnings call,Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said,,"Reels already makes up more than 20% of the time,"that people spend on Instagram.",- Google said in June,that more than 1.5 billion people,watch YouTube Shorts every month.,TikTok said in September the app had drawn,more than one billion monthly users.,Third party estimates have shown that number,as high as 1.6 billion monthly users.,The short video craze also inspired Pinterest,to create Watch last year,,where users can scroll through short videos and pictures.,Netflix launched a feature called Fast Laughs,that serves up short clips from Netflix shows.,And even Twitter said in December,that it was testing out an updated Explore tab,to allow users to scroll through short-form video tweets.,So with all these options,,which platform is the most popular among users?,- TikTok certainly seems like is still in the lead.,- If you look at the user data,from digital intelligence company SimilarWeb,,people say they're spending more time on TikTok,than on the Instagram app or YouTube platform.,- With that being said,,Reels and Shorts are gaining very quickly.,- In a June survey,by data platform company Inmar Intelligence,,44% of people picked TikTok,as their preferred short-form video service,,followed by 29% for YouTube Shorts,and 20% for Instagram Reels.,Another measure of success for these platforms?,Advertising revenue. - TikTok seems to be,the farthest along in turning on advertising on the service.,This year, they're projected to make about $12 billion,in advertising revenue,,up from $4 billion last year.,- TikTok partners,with e-commerce platforms like Shopify,to help businesses advertise directly,through their Shopify dashboards.,And earlier this year,,in an effort to attract more advertisers,,TikTok enabled first and third party cookies,on top of its existing tools.,- YouTube Shorts only recently started,allowing ads on the service.,Reels is also more immature,turning on ads on the service.,- But they're quickly catching up.,Their parent companies, Google and Meta,,are two of the largest online advertising companies,in the world.,- It's a fairly safe assumption,that they're putting a lot of effort,behind getting digital ads on these services,and making that a bigger part,of their growth story for the future.,- Second place is still a close battle,,but it appears that Shorts is gainin

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