how to post two pictures on one instagram story

How To Split Pictures For Instagram // Seamless Multi-Post Tutorialthis video is sponsored by Square

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Updated on Feb 06,2023

How To Split Pictures For Instagram // Seamless Multi-Post Tutorial

this video is sponsored by Squarespace,if you're interested in an easy to make,yet unbelievably stunning website or,online store Squarespace has you covered,more on that later there will come a,time in every photographer's life when,they take a Bangor photo in a horizontal,aspect ratio and they'll have to make a,decision do i crop this photo into the,vertical four by five ratio to maximize,my screen space on the Instagram app or,do I just go ahead and post it even,though it means the photo being super,small in the feed what if I told you,there was a way you could have both what,does that people done here and today I'm,gonna show you how you can split,pictures to make seamless multi posts on,Instagram but before I get into that how,do you like to split pictures like this,for Instagram leave a comment below and,while you're down there get that like,button this has become a super popular,technique recently and for good reason,first of all it gives you somewhere to,put your horizontal photos while still,being able to show them off at a larger,size second of all it's a cool way to,show more detail in a shot and third and,possibly most important if you post,multi posts aka carousel Instagram will,potentially show them to people more,than once what I mean by this is let's,say I'm scrolling through Instagram and,I come across my friends Becky and Chris,they posted a photo but I'm just,mindlessly scrolling so I push right,past without double tapping like a bad,friend because Becky and Chris are super,smart and they make multi posts,Instagram may show me the other photo,from that post later on as I scroll,through my feed and I'll definitely,DoubleTap it because it's probably,something super dope like coffee or,shelves or a chair this increases the,probability that your posts will be seen,by your followers rather than just,having one shot Instagram gives you,multiple okay so now that I've convinced,you how awesome this whole idea is and,how it can get you ten thousand,followers overnight oh oh that's not how,it works okay well I'll show you how to,do it anyway quick disclaimer I'm gonna,do this in Adobe Photoshop but if you,take the same print,Polson techniques and apply them to,whatever software you use this will work,like a charm,okay so a very important starting point,is that we're gonna need a photo so,let's take this one with a bunch of my,coffee stuff and start with that it's,taken in a horizontal three by two,aspect ratio and that's how it comes off,the sensor of my sony a 6500 first I'm,gonna do a quick edit by slapping on one,of my presets and tweaking it a bit the,preset freshly ground beans seems kind,of fitting so let's go with that next,I'm going to crop it in such a way that,it'll be prepared for the split if you,want this part can be done once we get,into Photoshop as well but I find it,nice and easy to do inside Lightroom,knowing that I want to split this photo,into two photos each being five by four,vertical I'm gonna choose my crop tool,and make it into a sixteen by ten crop,if you know your math you'll know that,this also is five by eight which is,gonna allow us to do two photo,side-by-side that are both five tall and,four wide once we're happy with the crop,we're gonna right click hit edit in,Adobe Photoshop on the left hand side of,Photoshop you'll find the crop tool and,if you hold down on that you'll find the,slice tool click and drag from outside,the photo to create a slice don't worry,about getting it right in the center yet,we're gonna fix that later the important,thing here is that you're dragging from,way above the top all the way to way,below the bottom so that it takes up the,entire vertical length of the photo once,you have a slice that takes up the,vertical space with the slice tool still,selected you can drag the right side of,the line until the slice snaps to the,center if you're having trouble finding,the center sometimes it can help to turn,grids on by hitting command apostrophe,or ctrl apostrophe on PC you can,customize the grids in preferences,under guides grids and slices so now,we've got our slices made and all that's,left to do is to get them out of,Photoshop and into Instagram properly,but before we do that let's take a,second to talk about this video sponsor,Squarespace first off I've been using,Squarespace for a long time now and I've,made several different websites with,them they empower people like you and me,by giving us the tools to bring our,ideas to life with Squarespace you can,get a domain build the site sell things,online and market your brand it's,actually so easy to make an incredible,website with their award-winning,templates that are built as a starting,point for a wide range of different,projects one of my favorite things about,Squarespace is how easy it is to update,and change your website since you need,zero knowledge of fancy coding and if,you have any trouble they have fantastic,24/7 customer support and they always,put on webinars and have different help,g

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How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android

How To Add Multiple Pictures To Instagram Stories On Android

hey everyone in today's instagram story,video i want to show you how to add,multiple picture to an instagram story,post,and i'm going to do it here on an,android phone,and the process is actually pretty,simple but there's multiple different,ways you could do it,and people always ask me or look up the,wrong video and then ask me how you do,it in the same post,or how do you do it back to back with,full screen posts i'm gonna show you all,that real quick,in this video so jump into your,instagram here and all you have to do,as usual to create a story post go to,your profile page and press the plus,sign on top and then we're going to,choose story right here,so let's go ahead and choose that and,let me show you a couple of different,ways to do this so,on the left side of the page you have,multiple different things you could,choose okay you could do multi-capture,and you could choose layout and then i'm,going to show you a third way that's,actually even more flexible than these,but,that will be on the next page so to do a,multi-capture if you choose this option,right here basically what it does,is it lets you take a picture and then,you see on the bottom,that's one of many pictures that you,could take so you could take another,another another obviously you would,change what you're taking a picture of,but look at this four five,six seven you see it takes all these,full screen,so this is different than putting,multiple pictures into the same post,which i'm gonna show you right now after,this,but now if i press next on the bottom,you can see i have,multiple pictures i obviously didn't,move my phone but you get the idea here,and then if i press next it's going to,let me post all of those at the same,time,with one post so that's called,multi-capture is a new option,right now inside of instagram but let me,show you a different one,and i think this one people like a lot,so i'll go back,and on the left side now there's this,other one it's called layout,okay you see this one layout let me,choose this one layout's really useful,because it lets you basically put,different pictures in different parts of,your post,and it all fits in one post so if you,wanna don't wanna break up your post,into multiple posts,with multicapture this does it for you,so if you,again let me go back to layout here,because you have different layout,options if you press this right here,to how many pictures you could post and,how they,lay out on the page so multiple,different choices here,side by side up and down and let's say,i go with this one the three you take a,picture,go ahead and move your phone take,another one you got one more,take a picture and this lets you have,three different ones,and you could always edit that layout,too okay i could press the check mark,and here i am now on this page and i,could go ahead and post it,okay so that's the layout option and let,me show you one of my favorite ones now,i'll just press x and delete this one,and i'll press,x here so this one i'm going to go ahead,and start by taking a picture,so let me take a picture and i'm going,to create a solid background,first and then i'll lay out images on,top of that,so to lay out a solid background i'm,going to press the marker right here,choose my color and press and hold,there we go press done now i have a,solid background okay,now if i press the sticker option on the,android here,you have an option here that looks like,a picture right here this picture,now this is kind of called a selfie cam,on the iphone you actually have one that,just looks like your photo library and,you could choose,photos from your photo library this one,you have to take pictures right,now i'll select it it's going to give,you this camera that you can resize,look at this i can make it bigger and if,you tap it you could get a square frame,okay so now i could go ahead and frame,up my picture here,take a picture it's going to put it here,i can move it around put it anywhere i,want,i still could change how it looks so i,could still go back to that,i'll press that again and choose it,again,and move this one down you could resize,it again,okay take a picture change it,maybe a square or whatever you want,place it here and as many pictures as,you want using this method,now i'm waiting for the iphone option,for this to roll out to android because,that just lets you choose,whatever is in your camera library and,put them like this picturing picture,this is the only one that's on android,right now but between using,multi-capture,layouts and the sticker you should have,enough options to be able to layout,multiple images,inside of your instagram story on your,android phone,so i hope you found it useful please,give it a thumbs up subscribe for easy,to follow,social media videos i have hundreds of,videos on instagram,and i hope to catch you next time

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How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram - Instagram Tutorial

How To Upload Multiple Photos To Instagram - Instagram Tutorial

hello and welcome to another technology,guru video so in today's video I'm going,to be showing you a new feature within,Instagram on how to post multiple,pictures within one Instagram post so,people have been waiting for this one,for a while so as you can see here I did,a test one just for the purposes of this,tutorial and as you can see I can swipe,left or right within this individual,post and I can actually see and view all,of the different images that I've posted,or published within this one post so,you're going to see the timeline there,at the bottom of the post that shows you,where you are within the post now you,can actually publish up to ten images or,videos yes videos within one post so,let's go ahead and take a look at how to,do this now,we're going to go ahead and click the,addition symbol in the center of the,screen there like you normally would to,post something on Instagram then in the,lower right hand corner of the image,that comes up you're going to see a few,different options the one you're going,to want to tap is the one with the,square stacked on top of each other in,the very right hand bottom corner of the,image if we do that it's going to bring,up the multiple image selection screen,that's going to allow you to select up,to ten images or videos to publish,within one post so as you can see as I,tap on these images and videos here it's,giving them a number in the upper right,hand corner that's letting you know if,you scroll down and you don't really,know how many images you've added to,this post it's going to let you know oh,okay you're on image number eight so I'm,actually going to go through here and,select a few different images and videos,of my daughter because she is indeed,much more photogenic than I am so we're,going to go through here select a few,different funny images and fun images of,her in the recent weeks of things that,she has done so we're going to go,through here select a few images there's,one of her and myself so we'll go,through here and as you can see I am,actually up to I believe it's five,images so if I click there so letting me,know that it's image number six so we'll,stick with six and then go ahead and,click the blue Next button in the upper,right hand corner of the screen now when,you apply a filter to these multiple,images it's actually going to apply that,filter to all of the images together so,as you can see when I select a filter,all of the images are going to have that,specific,they're applied to them so we're going,to stick with the black and white filter,just because it's noticeable and it's,going to allow you to see the premise of,it's going to be applied to all of the,images now you can see here as I'm,scrolling through if you want to,individually delete an image all you,have to do is tap and hold on an image,scroll it up swipe it up you'll see the,trashcan icon there and then release,that image and that image will be,deleted so I don't want to leak that one,of her and I I actually won't delete,this one so swipe up there's a trash can,icon release your finger and you my,friends have just deleted an image,within your post now if you want to,individually edit the filter for one,image you just double click and then,boom you then have that image comes up,to you and you can actually apply a,specific filter for that image and you,can even go adjust the contrast and,lighting and whatnot like you would a,normal image and then click the done,button and now you're right back to,editing your multiple images now once,you've done this once you've added your,images if you want to go back and add,more images swipe all the way to the,right you'll see the addition symbol,there tap on that it's going to take you,back to the image selection screen where,you can go through and actually select,more images now I am done I've got the,four or five images I want to post I'm,going to click the next button in the,upper right hand corner I'm going to,take me over to the posting screen which,enables me to go and type my title like,I normally would so type your title,there and then you can tag people at a,location posted on Facebook if you have,your accounts connected or whatnot and,then push the blue share button and boom,you're good to go you've just posted,post on Instagram with multiple images,and videos and if I go back I can look,here I can actually go and see I can,swipe through and I can see the,different images on that particular post,so that's how you post multiple images,on an Instagram post if you have any,questions put those in the comments,section below,I will either get to those or somebody,in the guru nation will answer that,question for you if you have any about,Instagram or anything technology-based,thank you so much for watching my videos,and don't forget to subscribe like the,video share it with your friends and,family and I will see you guys in the,next video

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How to split photos for instagram [ no pc required ]

How to split photos for instagram [ no pc required ]

hello friends and welcome to a lot of,thank you once again and in this video,we'll talk about how to upload the,photos to Instagram now photos that are,not only big like these like which have,more length and it is almost covering,the entire screen of the phone but,photos which are also white my white,photos I mean that these kind of photos,like these are two photos and I've,uploaded them as a multi multi shot,option in the Instagram and when you,will move your fingers across it appears,like it's a single photo and it's a,white shot now first of all there are,plenty of videos available on this topic,but all of those videos they are using,Adobe Photoshop a laptop or a PC and I,believe that just to slice the photo,exactly from the center or to crop it,any way you want you actually don't need,an Adobe Photoshop and a computer you,can do all that on your smartphone so,today I'll tell you how to do all this,on your smartphone irrespective of if,you are using an Android or an iPhone,and for this we'll be using a,third-party application called picsArt,it's available for both Android and,iPhone so just install it in your phone,and let's get started so this is the,example photo that we will use today and,for these kind of uploads make sure you,click photos in 16 is 2 9 ratio and,maximum possible size so if I go into,the details this photo has a size of,3840 by 2160 which is quite good apart,from that if you want to add some,filters or you want to do some basic,tuning make sure you use some good,quality apps like Snapseed or Lightroom,cc because there are many applications,that compress the photo and and you know,completely change the resolution after,you add filters so make sure you use,good quality apps that do not hamper the,resolution and size too much so now use,the share option and export this photo,to the pic start application you can,also open the Pixar tab first and then,import the photo but this process is,much more easy so that's why I am,suggesting this then at the bottom you,will find an option called tools so just,click tools and then go to crop then you,on the top you will find that there are,some numbers written and this is,actually the resolution of the photo,which might be less than the actual one,which I showed you because there are,some limitations of the Pixar tab now,now let's talk about the logic part so,to upload any big photo to Instagram the,resolution that you need is 1350 by one,in 80 where 1350 is the height and 1080,is the width and now if you want to,upload two such photos the total width,will be double of 1080 so it will be,2160 by 1350 height is going to remain,same all the time so now inside the crop,option at the bottom left corner you,will find an auction option of free so,there is a lock actually which is opened,make sure that as lock is open it's not,closed because if the lock is closed you,won't be able to change the custom ratio,and now we will enter the width as 2160,and the height will remain same as 1350,click resize and at this point you will,find that a box will appear on the,screen and this is this box is actually,2160 by 1350 so now just use the tip,pinch to zoom in and zoom out option to,actually adjust the photo that you,actually want to upload click click on,the top right corner and this is the,actual photo which will get uploaded on,your Instagram now go into the tools,option once again go and crop and now we,will slice the photo so if we now enter,the values as 1080 by 1350 click resize,and again a box is going to appear on,the screen let me do that okay so the,box has appeared again on the screen and,now you have to fit the entire photo,inside the box at least from the top and,bottom and drag the photo to the extreme,right so this is actually the left side,of the photo that we are saving hit tick,and then again take once again some add,will be popping up on the screen and,save this photo to your gallery,don't touch anything at this point hit,the back button which is there on the,top left corner and use the undo feature,and then you will be back on the same,photo again so what we have done here is,that we have saved the left side of the,photo then we will again move into the,tools then go to crop enter the values,again as 1080 by 1350 it's really very,simple and then we will go into hit,resize again a box will appear showing,the photo from top and bottom and drag,the photo to the extreme left so this is,actually the right side of the photo hit,tech hit that take once again and save,this photo to your gallery so what we,have done here is that we have saved two,photos to the to the gallery,left and the right now just open your,Instagram application click the post,option and here you will see the two,photos that we have just saved so click,the first photo and use the zoom feature,which is there on an Instagram and,shrink the photo don't worry the black,borders are not going to appear then hit,the multi the multi photos option and,the first photo will be automatically,nu

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How to Add Multiple Videos in Instagram Story | Instagram Story Tricks

How to Add Multiple Videos in Instagram Story | Instagram Story Tricks

hi guys this is tusha here from techhub,and in this video we are going to talk,about instagram stories,instagram is a powerful tool where you,can share your,photos and videos an instagram story a,totally different ball game,here you can uh share your post which,lasts for around,20 uh 24 hours and you get a wide,audience which can interact with you so,you must have come across the official,instagram account,so this is the official instagram,account as you can see,in this section we have the maida,section as you can see there are,multiple videos,playing in one story and you,have not been able to do such thing,that's why you're here,so i'll be able to uh show you how you,can do this,without using any other app apart from,instagram,so this is the example i'm talking about,this is a post which instagram has uh,created so this you can click and go to,the post,while while the post is running over,here so,uh this this is another example you can,click and go to the post,and while the video plays over here this,is uh i don't know if you were able to,do this,and you're here because you want to do,it,so in this video i'll be showing you,this is another example,so i'll be showing you how you can do,this without using any external app,you must have already tried going,through some other videos,in which they must have told you about,this app called,unfold so you can see in this uh i have,made,one example over here so this is a,template,so you can see the video is playing over,here,so uh i had created this but you can see,you don't have much freedom,you can add only three videos and uh it,is very boxy,while uh we don't want this so in this,video i'll be showing you how,without using any kind of apps like this,you can,put multiple videos in your story so,keep watching,before i show you how to add multiple,videos i like to show you how to add,multiple photos,so here you go add to your story,and then this is what i like to do i'll,just,i'll take a random picture and then,i'll just fill it up with whatever color,i like so i like white,always so i'll just it done and then go,to my gallery,so let me check if i have some okay so,these are my favorite so,for example this trek to do sagar i want,to post,up multiple photos from this i just hit,copy,and then i here it will come up as a,template,so i'll post it similarly i go again,back to my gallery and maybe i post this,picture so this way i can,put multiple photos,and uh,and improve the game yes so,you should give it a try but this is not,happening for videos you can see you,don't get a copy,you can see a copy option so i will be,showing you how you can do the,that for videos adding multiple videos,so,this way you can add multiple photos,for instagram story but the video part,i'll be showing,later,so what you have to do is go to your,feed whichever post you want to share,for example i want to share this post so,i hate,this icon post it to my story,then now the post has come now i want to,add a,video related to this post so i click,this part,and then go to template section so this,is the template section if you are not,able to see this you should update your,app,so once you are able to see this you hit,this up then go to,where the video is kept so for example i,have kept it in my favorite so i select,this,so now i have to just resize it,according to my need so suppose i resize,it,this way okay so now i have resized it,i can move along and uh text maybe,so i go to another,video and then in this i add this video,okay so now you can see now you've got,the idea how you can do it,so you can paste multiple videos like,this,so isn't this fascinating guys you,should give it a try and,improve on your story game,okay so now i'll show you how you can uh,post multiple videos,so i just hit on add story,add to your story and then like what i,like to do i'll take a picture,and then go to brush tool and then maybe,let's,take orange okay i'll make the book and,then,uh i go to this template section as you,can see,this i'll click on template section go,to,my favorites where i've kept my videos,and then,maybe this time around i'll put a new,video okay so this is my train video,so i'll just resize it,now i have successfully put one video,now let's take another video,go to favorites and maybe,maybe maybe maybe okay we'll take the,this video then resize it,then maybe add some font,like this way so as you can see,i'm able to put many videos,and then i go to favorites again and,then maybe,this time around over this thing then,again i'll resize,as you can see,so as you can see i have successfully,put multiple videos in one story then,you can do your usual,like add fonts other things you can,resize,it's just like adding photos but videos,so i i hope you guys liked it uh i hope,you guys uh try it out,and let me know uh hit the like button,if it was helpful,thank you

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How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram Post

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram Post

hi friends and this is our new video,about the instagram app today we will,show you how to add different multiple,pictures in one post on your instagram,account let's go to the watching,first and foremost we need to open our,instagram app and uh the most convenient,way for me to add a new post is when we,are on our profile page to tap on the,plus icon at the top bar of the screen,into the past option on the appearance,bar,so right now if we will tap on the next,feature here we are able to post only,this one photo but after clicking on,this specific option like select,multiple,we are able to edit different,photos on this post we just only need to,pick on the top on the dot on the,selected photos so i want to add this,one as an example remember that you can,also manage the scale,increasing or decreasing the selected,picture uh very convenient in a very,convenient way here,and let's choose the third picture here,i will tap on this one as an example,so later,let's choose the next feature at the top,bar,to post it,okay so guys remember that you can also,choose some,filters for the each of the third,of your edit,photos but you can also correct the,selected one after tapping on the,special icon on the selected picture you,can,select another filter for it or go to,the edit mode managing the brightness,contrast and other photos,photos edit photo editors options,later let's pick on the done if you are,sure that you had manage the selected,picture a picture and want to save it,later let's tap on the next to upload,our newly created post,remember that you also you can add other,features uh as on the all usual posts,like to tech people add location,um,you also can manage the advanced,settings option and share this this post,to your facebook twitter tumblr and,other accounts don't forget also about,the caption you can add some description,as an example,um i don't know amazing,later let's tap on ok to confirm our,actions and,add this post to our profile page,share,and wait a minute before the posting,yes,okay,so,not now let's go to our profile page and,refresh it after swiping to the,bottom to check the result remember that,this,photo is our,old one we don't we won't see on it but,this is newly created post so as you can,see we have the three different pictures,here and after,swiping it to the left right or left,side we can smoothly check all of them,amazing,so guys i hope that right now you can,create cool posts with different,pictures and as you can see here we can,also there a shortcut which means that,this post is multiple,here we have this icon and on this uh,post where we have only one picture we,don't have such a shortcut,so guys don't forget about likes and,also don't forget to subscribe to this,youtube channel to find out even more,cool tricks,of your phone and also about the,instagram app,good luck bye,you

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how to upload 2 or more photos on instagram malayalam /multiple photos

how to upload 2 or more photos on instagram malayalam /multiple photos

hi friends could everybody like a lava,consulta any on Instragram,only cool for toaster or a a Samantha in,a postage England,Alana numbering that they will you're,not come golden coming like in here and,you never on you order em down on the,critical to Canada banana do either some,bone cancer minute in the Instagram,account open 0 I've gone to open to the,pub never end there instantly last type,post feeling the water out of them every,day I run the photos on Costa Dorada Don,nama pillar we run down with you what I,saw me attorney and the photos on,ghosting Jen I'm Luigi - a little fan a,guy to throw a single au revoir the,photos of la could vote on the remember,a no order photos are opposed to doing,any funny enough it continued to develop,with the water hooray for tossing we go,for estimating posting anything give me,options turn on the polymer chlorella,subliminal onion instrument ALU big run,for shame if tea Bowl marie-louise I,mean IANA,a leading Indiana 34 per second earning,in a Faustian unique to original opinion,in Google search it on a condition,following on ER is a beauty a ternary,single demon,channel are you turn into the scandal,it's an unsub spell you seen a doctor,there have been like aroma came in able,to the listen to pooja are a,barnacle,really be the Carnatic are bored a poop,then you skip quit work on okay hello my,gallery nori Killam to the water only,cold for tosser Instagram in Iquitos,they're fatter than Adam and Sarah from,then the galley Craig in the photos on,yeah I'll wreck wreck in the photos,honor when I were to run the photocell,kill multiple addresses kill the data,Arianna centenary some tentatively given,by but I Instagram coops is a chronic in,the condom hello including seven options,on lappam Buddha faunal in Carnegie,again uber to further Fernando clear you,see are the forum in option Carnegie no,but Indians new change' you nearby cuba,in a winner instagram kinetic on,Instragram Paniagua,in position just Jim come with me to,walk home Basilica voices and could it,plus singing on the left he plus in the,change came thinking in Galileo focus on,this but a cardigan he would I sell to,multiple in the optional seldom,antibiotic bar sell to manipulation,Neil tears along photos are now both the,chain with a photo salons LT the I never,ran the photocell theater another actor,more economy the next term in a quad,better than I can really pretty Tina,Gardner cover tunnel I'm gonna say yeah,just anyone applaud you totally just on,water next-gen require any favorite,share your family share over three names,again Iran the four thousand instead of,make a post out be the wording you've,already Allah constraining they,kill only Cola for course of course p.m.,bucket honorable buying a single I told,her on a farcical palaver car is now on,run a degree at amazing at the announcer,from the end our circulatory mr.,Carnegie,okay

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How To Upload Multiple Photos On Instagram From PC

How To Upload Multiple Photos On Instagram From PC

in today's video you're going to learn,the best way to upload multiple photos,to your Instagram account from your PC,computer laptop Mac whatever it is one,of the most asked questions I've had,here on the channel recently is how do,you upload multiple photos onto your,Instagram from your computer and the,good news is it's actually really easy,to do now what you have to do is you,have to use another program this is the,third-party app and it's free so it's,really simple to do this but before we,get started if you love photography,video and social media tips then please,join our friendly community here at,Ben's co-ed well we've got to do it hit,subscribe and then I'll have that,notification pal so here we go the first,step is to use this great little program,which I use for just about everything,social media now and it's called lately,social it's been designed to act as a,program which you can upload videos,photos stories onto Instagram for your,PC you can also do this with each one of,your social media apps so if you have,facebook if you have twitter whatever it,is you can do it with that too,but for today's video I'm gonna show you,how to do it with just uploading,multiple Instagram photos onto your PC,okay so the first step in this process,is to obviously get on to lately social,now to do that all you've got to do is,type in lately social into Google or,whatever it is that you use and then,click on the first option which pops up,so this is lately social now what you,want to do is you want to create account,now the best probably way to do this is,to go into pricing don't worry you don't,have to spend any money and you can see,here that you've got a free plan,now the great news about this free plan,is it actually offers you quite a lot,and for quite a few people this free,account or this free plan is going to be,more than enough so what you want to do,is you want to come down and choose plan,now if you are someone which actually,wants to upload videos to Instagram and,you want to have multiple social media,accounts then I would definitely,recommend going for a personal or say an,agency plan which is pretty cheap or you,could go on to the early and then it's,even cheaper but I actually myself use,enterprise because I take care of quite,a few social media accounts but in this,instance most of you can choose the free,account and that's going to do the job,absolutely great especially for,uploading multiple photos to Instagram,so click on choose plan and now what,you'll have to do is put in your details,on the left-hand side here now when,you've actually put in your details what,you want to do is you will actually be,taken through to this page again and,then you can click on it dashboard so,I'm just going to log in and I'm going,to show you what will happen when you've,actually signed up when you've signed up,you'll come to this page here now if you,don't come to this page then click on,dashboard that will be the next option,which will show up to you and as you can,see on the left-hand side you've got all,your options here for your social media,accounts so when you've actually created,an account with Lately social you can,also take care of Facebook LinkedIn,Pinterest Twitter and YouTube so as you,can see this program is very powerful,and it offers you a lot of different,extras than just uploading multiple,photos so what we want to focus on the,way today's video is Instagram so I'm,going to click here on Instagram and I'm,going to click on post now the first,step you'll have to do before you start,posting is actually to link your,Instagram account to Lately social and,it's really simple to do that all you,need to do is actually come down here to,account manager click on that and as you,can,see I've actually signed up some,accounts here already,for this actual one but what you can do,is you can come in to Instagram here and,then press the plus sign and then this,means that you can add an account okay,so the next step will be to put in your,username and your Instagram password and,then click Add Account now I've had a,few messages when people have done this,and they've been like oh my god my,Instagram has been hacked and I'm like,it has not been hacked you see when you,use a third party app for Instagram then,you actually have to use another server,to log in because Instagram doesn't,really like you doing things like this,and you probably know that because they,don't make it easy for you to actually,use Instagram on your computer so you,will get a message in some cases which,pops up and says are you sure that you,want to log in because you're logging in,from America now that's where this app,is created now I'd be using this app for,years and there is no issues with it,it's a well known app and it's used by,thousands of different instagramers and,other social media influencers so it's,absolutely fine guys so don't worry just,go ahead and click add your account and,when you've done that you're going to,have your accou

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