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How to PIN your comment on INSTAGRAM 2022 and WHY you SHOULD (NEWEST Instagram Feature)and we're bac

Laura Gomez

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to PIN your comment on INSTAGRAM 2022 and WHY you SHOULD (NEWEST Instagram Feature)

and we're back today i'm here to show,you,a new just released instagram feature,because i know how much,you all love that so stick around,because we're gonna dive right in,hey guys my name is laura gomez welcome,to my youtube channel where i talk all,about,social media for your business growing,and starting an,online business and the exact strategy,you need for digital marketing,if any of those topic interests you then,go ahead and hit that subscribe button,because you're going to be,filled with tons of videos that you do,not want to miss out,and ps all my subscribers also get,invited,to my youtube live every thursday,morning at 11am,eastern time so if you're subscribed,you're gonna get that notification,and if you jump on the youtube live then,be prepared because i,always go super hands-on and,answer all the questions that you have,in regards to,marketing your business so now,what we're here for today instagram's,newest feature as you guys have seen on,youtube we always,pin a comment down below because it,really draws attention to what we want,to highlight,well hello instagram just released their,feature,for us to be able to pin comments on our,post,why is this so important for you well,it's really important because it,automatically gives you more space in,order to make your message heard,so for example you guys know that you,have 2 000 character spaces,on your instagram caption let's say if,you didn't make it or if you don't want,it to look too clustered,you want to put a second idea in the,comments you can now do that,and pin the comments so that whenever,somebody clicks on that they can,automatically continue,the story it's a great way for you to,also,tell a story throughout your instagram,which is something that i,100 recommend and it really gives the,people,more chance to interact with you it's,also a great idea if you do multiple,language which,is something that i do so if you speak,english and spanish you can always,see all of my posts and you can see that,in the first comment,i always translate what i'm saying into,the other language so,it's really really amazing because i can,reach both audiences,with the benefit that i do have which is,that i speak,both languages so if you're interested,in this switch,100 everybody should be i'm going to,teach you how to do it so let's go ahead,and jump into my phone,we're here on this post that i have,and quick quick tip if you stay till the,end of the video you,might have a chance to win my official,instagram bundle so stick around and,i'll tell you all about that in just a,couple minutes,so we're here on this post i'm going to,go ahead and scroll down to the comments,and as you can see there are various,comments here so let's say,not only can i make my comment pinned,but i can make other comments pinned so,for example somebody asked a really good,question or like a frequently asked,question that i know,i'm probably going to get answered a lot,or if somebody said,hey what a cool post and i want other,people to see that,then what i'm going to do is i'm going,to find ones let's say,let's say this one,well from eyes and photos well that was,compelling and,solved those questions rather quickly i,love that comment and i really feel like,people can relate to it so what i'm,going to do is i'm going to,grab my finger slide a little to the,right,not completely because if we slide,really quickly we're going to delete,that comment but just a little bit in,order for us to see these four menu on,these four menu items and i'm going to,click,on this pin button so we'll,automatically,see this pop-up that says pin your,favorite comments,pin up to three comments to show them at,the top of your post,and highlight positivity when you pin a,comment we'll notify the person who,wrote it,okay so we're automatically going to,click on that button,pin comment and you can see that it,moved it,straight to the top and also eyes and,photos will automatically,get a notification telling them that we,did,pin their comments so this is absolutely,amazing because,not only does it highlight and really,draw attention to,what you want to show on your post but,it's a great way for you to continue,your story,to highlight the top people or let's say,this is a quick tip that i just thought,of that's a really really good idea,if you're doing a giveaway and then you,want to pick let's say,the top people that tagged their best,friends or,the person that wrote the best comment,then you can automatically pin their,comments,and you can notify them that they won,the giveaway or that they won the prize,whatever it may be so now that we're,talking all about giveaways,i really want to give you the,opportunity to win,my official instagram bundle because i,know you're all about instagram if,you're watching this video,so how are you going to win well if you,leave a comment down below on my youtube,video,you can say anything you can say how you,were loving this new instagram feature,or,if you just really don't think t

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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram

today i want to show you how to pin a,comment on an instagram post,in early july 2020 instagram added an,update to their app,that let you pin a comment to one of,your instagram posts,as you know facebook often like to copy,other platforms as idea,and this has been a feature on youtube,for a little while to pin a comment,so that it always stays up the top of a,post and it lets,other people see a favorite comment that,you want them to see,so i'd like to show you how to go about,doing it today but there are a few,things you need to make sure you do,first,if you haven't already updated your,instagram app you're going to want to,start there because this is a new,feature,and if you're using an old edition of,instagram,you might not be able to see this as an,option,so once you've updated your instagram,app the second thing you're going to,need to do,is switch your account to creator mode,if you don't know how to do that let me,show you how to go about setting that up,for your account,so once you've updated your instagram,app the second thing you're going to,need to do,is switch your account to creator mode,if you don't know how to do that let me,show you,really quickly just how to go about,setting that up for your account,the first thing you're going to want to,do is come up here to these three dots,on the right hand side,and go into your settings menu,down here we're going to click on,account and,at the bottom this blue text here says,switch to professional account,we're going to click that and it's going,to ask if we want to turn our account,into a creator account,or a business page so for this exercise,we're going to click,creator so hit next up the top and it's,going to give you a brief overview on,the benefits of using a creator account,so have a little look at that there are,a lot of a lot of additional tools in,here that you don't get from using a,personal account,i'm going to press next and it's going,to ask you to select a category that you,feel best,fits your page,you can choose whether or not you'd like,to have this displayed in your profile,for now i'm going to leave that off,when you're ready hit done and wait for,instagram to turn,your account into a creator account,and there you have it it is easy as that,to set up your creator page,so it's going to prompt you to set up,your account and you can take the time,to do that with your page,for now i'm going to skip that so that i,can show you how to pin,a comment let's go into this first photo,here i have posted of this bear's face,you can see down the bottom if you click,to expand all the comments,we have four comments on this video if,you hit the heart on the side of one of,these comments,you can like that comment but now as you,can see by this pop-up,it's letting you know that you can pin,up to three comments at the top of your,post,so i'm going to quit that down i'm going,to let you,see what that menu looks like if i swipe,left on this comment,you can see three icons a trash button a,report button and now the pin which is,the one,we are going to be pressing as you can,see it's been moved to the top which,means that will always be our first,comment on this post everyone will be,able to see that,unlike before where they were all,collapsed together you'll always be able,to see this comment,the order of which you have pinned these,is the order that these comments are,going to stay in,one thing to note is that you cannot pin,your own,comment so if you have a caption that is,where you're wanting to put the content,you want people to see in,so don't think that you can come in,later add a comment and then leave that,at the top,there you have two comments at the top,that have been pinned,you

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Instagram New 2020 Update | Pin your comment |How to use in Tamil

Instagram New 2020 Update | Pin your comment |How to use in Tamil

welcome friends Ning a particle detector,an auto-pay Rahul you know pack up our,video the Patna Instagram sharpen the,latest our 2020 update our wunderkind a,in the month I went through super or,operator under K number one they use,some of you sir Solano Athena Cummins,photo set up or thomna are we going to,commence potential comments and the,comments on they you look most favorite,comments are clump no put it on the,comment program under come on Doheny,allowed to come theorem are even the,pimping image on the morrow Robson on,this Busan updated update on the new,minimally at this town the Instagram,object pronoun now and they a place to,repay our latest restaurant update,meaning yeah update when the Instagram,open monograph open look another name of,the imagery which it being masculine and,that'll allow the profile appropriate,p.m. low profile I can't click yeah in,the image window friends are all of them,the family relative so until most of the,pictures come the most of the likes from,the chrome on the container a comment,Salam under clock under comments until a,commenting and the comments let me know,pimping or supplemental put each other,person circa the relative family on the,photo shipping and they the comments on,the clock and the government's opening,in the option is putting the pin poets,you know I pronounce you contract the,application other in the profile,leavening a pin put them on the profile,image in the click click when take,comments an open wound a the comment,section okay example Gandhi in order,which under Indiana keep in there in the,comment loans a pie in a career poor,comment on that up in ponyville Cooper I,another one i ET couple in the Mitchell,o in the are Lopakhin glow in the,comment section uncommon poor nobody in,the image come up with a personal um,well in the ER and Allah comment to put,a climber or super image when the,commander good value will come and vote,upon her under comment do anything up in,putting on the alert comes over Merrick,article on you burn the long prosper in,a long press phenolic up in ops and,malakut require you know Polly ever,salam and in the pin opsin card is got,the upon the pulsar on the up lately on,this nail a pinned up san cartega pinups,and open up in your favorite commits,I've been up the three common sorry,compositing you've traveled putting,another pin up to three cameras have to,show them at top of you were pushed and,highlight positively another ordinary,account so most of the command seven,area comments over come on there most of,the commercial,this Tanya I want the pin for you,now the tiny have been bringing fix I'm,working on the pin 2010 but the,thing about you sir on the check me,partly in the comment with the top of,the pin come and learn do you sir come,you've only and I got the pin where and,gentleman unfit many glum come pin are,canceled recover pinpointing a very I'll,come on turning up in Pena's and up in,penny ones evening is open he come on,the moon come on - Ramona top of the,moon come on turning a pin Bertram I put,a blade lacunae in W in the room by,useful are come in the video in every,other in everything will be put in the,video comment lap in power option on the,milk update Witcher Kyle Angelique a,liquor common single ammonia in the,video put on a car together like puts in,the like burning a particular and a,slick one here putting a car like how,many second and third degree and I'm,channel a subscribe and unsubscribe into,parcel of the bill but a new prospering,I mean Damon allow a room with some,degree

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How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Posts | New IG Update!

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Posts | New IG Update!

so instagram dropped a feature a few,months ago that none of us had access to,but now,we do and i'm going to tell you what it,is what's going on guys adam iv, here to help you go,further faster in your music career by,sharing proof of marketing techniques,and strategies,to help transform that passion for,making music and turn it into a,legitimate business,that's going to provide you with freedom,and fulfillment to the most important,things in life in general,now if you know me you know i love,marketing over on instagram easy,platform to get set up on,easy platform to build an audience build,that following that turns into a fan,base,and i'm super excited to share this,video with you because recently,as in like a couple days ago instagram,finally unlocked a feature,that only a select few had available to,them,since may now what is this feature you,might be asking well it's the,pin feature just like here on youtube,where i can pin a comment,send it up to the top where you guys,always see it now,instagram has incorporated this into the,posting,ecosystem right and i'm going to tell,you why you should really be excited,about this,all too often i see people complaining,that they're not getting the engagement,they're not getting the interaction,with their followers and fans on the,platform nobody's liking nobody's,commenting,and it just it really it gets,frustrating when you're posting on a,consistent basis,especially when you're posting on a,non-consistent basis when nobody seems,to care,now with the pinning feature it gives,you the ability to do,three things right first and foremost,you're able to,uh offer this in the sense of hey i saw,what you're doing,you give a little bit of acknowledgement,to the people that are interacting with,your content,and you can boost them up to the top now,the thing i'm really excited about is,it's not just,one pin one pin that would be cool but,this is,three pins so you can take three,different comments,uh comments and pin them to the top this,could be,creative funny comments that made you,laugh this could be something along the,lines of,if i went and did a photo shoot with,ricky i could say,photo by ricky or danny or whoever i was,out there with so that not only is it,not buried at the bottom of your caption,for that post,people see it now what i did discover,and i'm gonna show you how to do this,right now you just go into instagram,you find a recent post any post for that,matter go into your comments,and then it's as easy as just swiping,seeing that little icon,pinning it and boom there it is now the,great thing about this is,this can be an interaction tool with,your audience to really boost that up,like i mentioned a second ago you can,pin three comments now,uh just a side note they will rank in,um the um order,in which you pinned right so if i pin,your comment it would be at the top but,if i pin somebody else's comment that,that will go to the top if i pin,somebody else's comment that goes to the,top so,if you really get ocd about it you can,go in and rearrange them by unpinning,and then pinning and getting all that,but,just so you know if you're doing three,pins know that the last person that you,pin is going to go to the top it's kind,of a third second,first in the ranking in which you're,you're pinning these comments,now i get excited about these things,because as a marketer,who also does music it's a way for me to,interact with you guys on a much more,efficient level,it gives me something to offer to you,guys,uh to not only give acknowledgement but,to really share your voice,all too often i'll post something over,on instagram you guys probably do the,same,and you have to go through those,comments to find something that you saw,on your notifications or you saw,a couple days ago and you're like oh,like i want to find out who did that or,who said that,and this way you can do that much more,easily is if you say something funny if,you say something that's,thought provoking you say something,that's just really positive and i want,to share it with the rest of my audience,i pin you and i've been testing this out,for a few days now,i've noticed that the comments that i,pin,are getting very high interaction right,uh,not only is it going to boost the,algorithm in your favor,even though the algorithm is kind of uh,just hyperbole at this point,but what it's going to do is it's going,to add more engagement,it's going to add conversation it's,going to add interaction it's going to,add,following other people and just bringing,people into your world,world and sharing people that have stood,out to you,into other people's world you know when,you go into large accounts that get 8,900 comments if not more than that,how do you go through all of those how,do you go back and recall,something that you read how do you uh,you know get somebody,to stand out from the crowd well pinning,is a perfect way to do this,this is going to be great for contests,this is going to be great for,asking i

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Why can't I pin my comment on Instagram?

Why can't I pin my comment on Instagram?

take,our lead let's help you make your mark,our goal is your satisfaction let us,show you the way,to access the pinned comments feature,you'll have to first make sure you've,updated your instagram app to the latest,version,then tap on any of your instagram posts,and head to the comments section,once you've found a specific comment you,want to pin,swipe to the left and tap on the,thumbtack icon,make your mark take our lead,visit and find the post,you'd like to pin,right click on the post and select open,link in new window,use the pinterest browser button to,choose the image you'd like to pin and,finish,posting as usual,make your mark take our lead,rolling out pinned comments feature,instagram has started rolling out,pinned comments feature which allows,users to pin up to three comments on top,of the posts,with the help of this feature the,company believes it will help users in,controlling the tone of responses on a,post,while at the same time moderate abusive,or negative comments,take our lead first,to pin a comment swipe left on ios,or tap on android options for reporting,deleting or replying will appear along,with a new pushpin icon,next tap the pushpin icon and the,comment will be pinned,make your mark take our lead,the feature lets any user pin three,comments on a post to the top of a,thread,and it's designed to allow the author of,a post to better control the tone of the,comment thread through highlighting,positivity and moderating more negative,and abusive responses that show up below,the pinned comments,let's help you make your mark,when you pin a comment it'll stay at the,top of the comments thread,intending to make it easier for you to,monitor the tone and content of your,comments section,but before you start pinning comments,willy-nilly be aware that users will get,a notification when their comment is,pinned,take our lead you can only pin,content on your own posts to pin a,comment you have to go to the comment,you like,swipe it to the left and three options,will appear,when you tap the pin symbol the comment,will appear at the top of the post,thank you for watching please subscribe,and hit the bell notification

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How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Live TO KEEP PEOPLE WATCHING (On-Screen Tutorial)

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram Live TO KEEP PEOPLE WATCHING (On-Screen Tutorial)

so how do you pin a comment while you're,on Instagram live so that your viewers,know exactly what you're talking about,lo you're live streaming today we're,going to take a look at exactly how to,do that first step is jump into your,Instagram app and we're going to tap on,that camera up at the top now once you,are here you are going to slide over to,live and belt orient your screen looks a,little bit different than mine this is a,little bit different on different,versions of Instagram in fact my,platforms have different versions of it,so it might look a little different for,you all you gotta do is swipe over to,where live is and then you're gonna,click on title you are gonna be able to,add in your title if that is something,you want to do before you are going live,and then you are going to be able to hit,that live button that is going to pull,up your live stream and once you're,inside of your live stream you are gonna,be able to type a comment into the,comment box in the bottom left-hand,corner so I do recommend that you are,actually copy and pasting this from a,note I recommend that you put this,inside of a note on your phone with your,title and your description and hashtags,and the active links you want on your,igt be replay of this you don't know how,to do that you tell them in comments,below where I took all about how you can,be repurposing your IT live streams over,to your Instagram TV where you're gonna,get way more reach than hangouts because,it's no longer posted in your stories,it's a GTV to your main feeds to your,stories which is incredibly helpful link,is down in the description box below and,you're going to be able to copy your,title or your topic into your comment,box now once it's there all you're going,to do is tap on that and it's going to,come up with a button that says pin,common we're then going to be able to,pin that and that will stay at the top,of your feet so as you're doing this if,people are jumping in a little bit late,or later inside of your live stream they,will know what your going to be talking,about instead of you having to stop and,address them so we don't ever want to,stop to welcome people we don't ever,want to stop to tell them what we're,talking about unless it fits with the,conversation so if you pin that they'll,automatically know what you're having is,what you're discussing in that live,stream so that you have a smooth and,consistent live stream as you are,broadcasting which is incredibly helpful,so you wanna make sure that you have,that pin they don't recommend you do,this for all of your life stories,because this is going to advance what,you are doing and make sure he doesn't,take your viewers out of the moment so,that they're getting full knowledge or,entertainment as you are hanging out on,your live streams,this is pinned inside of your comments,user comments will come under it this,will always stay at the top so when,people are joining you if it's not,really really early like it is here,people will be jumping on and they will,be able to comment there and if they are,commenting you're gonna want them to ask,questions so you can address them while,you're on air so in the next video I'm,actually going to show you exactly how,you can be getting them to post really,good comments not in the comments but in,the questions box and how you can be,instructing them on how to do that so if,the subscribe to notification because,the next movie is gonna be incredibly,helpful to you you do not want to miss,out on this one and then you are going,to be able to enhance what you're doing,by checking out the rest of those videos,down in the description box below how,you can screen share while you're light,how you can save your footage to,repurpose it later we talked all about,the behind the scenes of how you can do,this and some new Instagram updates so,make sure you hit up the description box,down below when you're all done that,will take you over to where you can,share this on IG TV you could pick your,thumbnail if you don't know how to add,in or glit them nail not just a talking,picture of you you want to make sure,that you hit up the description box down,below because I've got exactly how you,can be doing that in the description box,down below and they're gonna type in,your description you're gonna be able to,add to a series and you will be good to,go with your Instagram live now like I,said in the next video I'm gonna be,showing you exactly how you can be,getting your fans to ask you questions,not in the comments but in the actual,correct way to ask questions so that you,can pull them up on screen to address,them while you are live during your,webinar your live stream whatever you,happen to be doing we're going to be,showing you exactly how you can be doing,that and how you can then instruct,people to join you and to ask questions,in the right way hit the subscribe,notification bellow if you have not,already I will see you in the next,videos we're breaking down exactly how,you can

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How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

hey guys Aaron here today I'll be showing you how to pin a comment on,Instagram if you're new here make sure that you hit the subscribe button like,this video so you can check out all of our content we put out new content every,single week to help you grow your business in the past you may have heard,me talk about the Lead accelerator and this is actually one of the necessary,steps in order to generate more leads online for your local business before I,figure this out everything we did was manual and we had to do it over and over,again with no success or if we did have success it took way too long alright so,the goal with this video is so that you can go through Instagram and anytime,you're talking with somebody or you have a really good comment or you post,something or somebody else post something and you want that to be up the,top you can pin this post or that comment up to the very top so that,everybody sees it and gets more impressions this can be used very,specifically if you're a restaurant owner or service provider and you have a,link that you want to call people to or just a really good part of the,conversation where somebody's calling you out so this should be very,beneficial for your business go and check it out alright so the first thing,you need to do is make sure they obviously have Instagram downloaded and,that you've had some kind of post that has comments this does not work if you,do not have comments so as we jump in here make sure that you go to the video,could be a video or post does not matter there's no discrepancy on whether it's a,post or a video or an IG TV does not matter on that so you can see here that,there's multiple comments there's about five or six different comments and,Gentury Chris is saying something nice about us very refreshing to hear the,truth pay to play equals what you need to do,well done guys well done such well said ok if we wanted to pin her comment,because like yeah thanks so much for for that you would just hold down and swipe,to the left don't swipe all the way but swipe to the left and hit the pin button,and that pins it to the top now her comment was already at the top because,it was the most recent but if you don't want hers you can click the button again,and it will unpin it if you want to use for example minuteman press Friscoe,right here do the same thing swipe pin his comment and amou,is ahead of Gentry Chris's so then when you go back to your post you can see it,here and it's like okay a minute man press Frisco is pinned and then you,could actually pin his second comment too and both of them go above gentry,Chris now I believe you can do about three you can't do much more than that,like I said the most I've seen is three we can try this one as well so we pin it,and there we go we have three pinned post and we can put them whatever order,we want based off of the order that we've pinned them in so this is great,for you if you are a business owner and want to get more exposure about any type,of good comments that people have any type of new offer that you have it's,also really good if you have a good conversation or trying to bring,awareness to something and you have a good comment that somebody responds with,you can pin that to the top as well so hopefully this worked for you if you,have any questions about that make sure to drop a comment below I'm happy to,answer any questions you have all right hopefully that helped you and you're,gonna use these pinning comments for a lot of your posts if not every post to,figure out how you can reach more people like I said if you have any questions,about it or if you didn't work for you leave a comment below if you'd like to,learn more about our Lead accelerator program you can get our free training on,how to attract, qualify and convert more leads online for your local business by,clicking the link below.

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How To Pin A Comment On Instagram 2020 ✅ Instagram New Features

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram 2020 ✅ Instagram New Features

okay let's say that you've got too many,comments on instagram and we both know,that's not really a thing because you,don't get any comments like who would,actually have an issue with getting too,many comments unless it's actually bots,oh i actually heard about someone having,too many comments after he got my,hashtag sets that you can get your hands,on in description down below a way to,grow organically on instagram okay here,is the no bs tutorial on how to pin a,comment i want from instagram two things,because there's no way you can process,all this information even though it's,super simple without them first a cup of,coffee because you gotta grab one no,matter what you do especially if it's 20,cent iced coffee that's homemade or you,can just get your hands on any cup of,coffee because you're awesome and also,my free zero to 10k followers got on,instagram that you can grab your copy of,in the description down below okay so,here's my phone and here is how you can,actually pin a comment uh you go on,instagram right you go on your,latest post or whatever that has more,comments and let's say that you really,like one of them right for example um,dope stuff,detect paradise i really like this guy,he's with my channel with the instagram,account for a while so let's say that i,want to pin this comment all i do is,swipe right and click this option pin,your favorite comment pin up to three,comments to show them at the top of your,post and highlight positivity when you,pin a comment you will notify the person,who wrote it good,here is one more let's find two more,pro it's estimated revenue that's not,really true,but i explain why this is why i'll pin,this comment as well,we can actually,pin this one as well so if i go on the,post at the top you i can see these,three comments it's that simple if you,have any questions comment them down,below i reply to every single comment,just try me man or woman or girl boy,like this video for the youtube,algorithm it really really helps me out,subscribe if you want to grow on,instagram and you know what i can even,shout you out in one of the next videos,comment your instagram username down,below and i will shout you out on my,instagram stories in front of my 20k,audience and also in one of the youtube,videos we have a few shout out winners,first one is rap gram z,then we have why don't we just follow,each other at router a guitar 20. hey,another great strategy but hey i'll,shout you out in one of my next videos,then we have vincent's cover link that,says thank you my pleasure short but,sweet comment motivates me to start,filming again today shouting you out in,one of the next videos,so yeah it did and i'm recording now,remember the video that gives doctor,away and you know what,by the end of this video definitely i,mean definitely watch one of these see,you next one bye

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