how to monetize instagram

How To Monetize Your Instagram Page or Profileif i'm able to reach this bonus i'll get,this amount o

Lester Diaz

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Monetize Your Instagram Page or Profile

if i'm able to reach this bonus i'll get,this amount of money at the end of the,month i deposited into my paypal account,hey guys so today we're gonna talk about,how to get monetized on instagram this,is a question that i get a lot of my dms,as you guys know i mainly focus on,facebook monetization and teaching,people how they can grow and monetize,facebook pages but a lot of you guys,have asked me can i do the same thing on,instagram can i monetize my videos on,instagram so that's exactly what we're,gonna talk about in today's video i'm,gonna show you how you can check,instagram monetization eligibility uh,from within the app and i'm gonna show,you how you can go through the process,of applying for monetization so,hopefully you can start making money,from your content and by the way guys if,you're not following me on instagram go,ahead and follow me i also post on my,instagram,and i talk about different things that,i'm doing in my daily life so if you,guys want to follow me the link is going,to be in the description below now one,thing you got to keep in mind is that if,you want to monetize your content on,instagram you got to have a business,profile and this is something that you,can easily do within the instagram app,and if you don't know how to do it just,do a simple google search on how to,convert your ig profile into a business,profile all right so let's jump right in,the first thing we're gonna do is log in,into my instagram account okay so once,you're in your instagram ad just click,the little three lines to go to the menu,and then click on settings once you,click on settings click on business and,you're going to see all the different,options you're going to click on,monetization status this is going to,tell you whether your instagram page is,eligible as you can see mine is eligible,then you can go through the bonuses and,then you can start the actual process of,signing up for monetization for your,instagram page i'm gonna go through this,and basically show you what they ask for,so initially they're asking me for my,personal information now they're gonna,ask me for my business info and i have,to select whether i have a business or,i'm an individual in this case i'm going,to select that i have a business,it's going to ask me for my business,information i simply have to type all my,business information and just click on,next now if you don't have a registered,business don't worry about it you can,still sign up as an individual but you,will have to enter your personal,information if you want to qualify for,the bonuses okay so this is the section,where we select how we want to get paid,so whatever money we make from uh,instagram bonuses this is how we're,going to get paid to our account so in,this case i'm going to select my paypal,account because i want to get paid to my,paypal account so all i have to do is,link my paypal to my instagram page so,now that that's done the next step is to,see what bonuses we have available so,this is what we have available so this,is how the bonuses work you start,uploading wheels to your instagram so if,you're already uploading wheels and,you're not getting paid for them then,you're probably missing out so it's best,if you go through this process and see,if you qualify for any of the bonuses so,you can start getting paid for the work,you're already doing so as you can see,it says create reels and earn bonuses,based on the number of plays up to 11,million count up to 150 real so that,means you can upload 150 reels in a,30-day period so in this case this bonus,for 1200,it's only available for 30 days so in,those 30 days i can actually upload 150,rios to my page and whatever views i get,for all of those reels actually count,for this bonus if i'm able to reach this,bonus i'll get this amount of money at,the end of the month i deposited into my,paypal account and of course this is not,a guarantee that you're gonna get this,bonus every single month you might get,an invite this month you might have to,wait uh maybe a month or two to get,another invite because like instagram,says this is something that they're,testing and it might change month to,month right now they're trying to find,ways to monetize reels because they want,people to start using and consuming and,creating wheels,mainly because they're trying to compete,with tick tock so that's why they're,paying so much money to a lot of,creators to just post reels on instagram,and guys rios are very simple to make if,you guys want to see some examples of my,own wheels like i said you can go and,follow me on instagram i have a bunch of,reels with over 10 000,views and some of them with over 20 000,views mainly because it's very simple,and very easy to get views using,instagram reels so if you're already,doing that you might as well get paid,for it and why not make money from,different sources not just facebook not,just youtube but also instagram as well,so if you guys enjoyed this video make,sure you guys hit the like button be

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How To Monetize Instagram Account 2022

How To Monetize Instagram Account 2022

all right guys today i'm going to teach,you guys how to get monetized on your,tiktok account in 2022.,so if you do want to do this head on,over on your profile icon click on the,three lines over here in the top and i,want you guys to click on settings,all right so basically once you're here,on your settings i want you guys to,click on account perfect okay so now,once your account i want you to head on,over on the very bottom and as you can,see you can actually click on switch,account type,you can actually switch into a personal,account a creator account and um you're,gonna have one more option over here,which is a professional or business,account now since i'm currently on a,business account,i can't really switch on to that right,now since i am currently um on that kind,of status okay so basically if you do,want to monetize yourself on tech talk,and get basically get basically get paid,i want you guys to click over here to,switch into a creator account and click,on switch,basically a creator account is for,vloggers and youtubers and stuff like,that and you can advertise your stuff,here and basically create content now if,you do create content on instagram which,is a very nice platform to share with,your audiences you can do so and,basically once having rather once you do,have a creator account you can actually,post your content over here and get,monetized if you do it correctly so,basically all you need to do first is to,basically have some relevant um,and relatable content that you could,actually share with the world have a,aesthetically pleasing,um instagram page and as as well as a,decent amount of followers and audiences,uh that would want to watch your videos,and your content over here on instagram,so basically once you have all of those,established you can now,contact instagram itself and of course,you also need to have your profile,completed,and basically once you have all of those,done you can actually head on and get,monetized on tick tock when you actually,contact them or view the settings over,here but basically it's not really um,going to be provided to you over here,you can actually head on and click on,add payments and you can actually see,your payment methods over here and stuff,like that,but it's not really directly rather,directly associated with getting paid,from tick tock but you can have brand,deals as well so also if you do want to,create some collaborations with people,and basically meet some new um,influencers on instagram you could,actually do that and they will,collaborate with you,and in exchange for,some money or maybe a product that they,are influencing or selling or,advertising and that will be exchanged,for your review or basically a feature,on your instagram account alright guys,that is how you get monetized on,instagram in 2022 i'll see you guys in,the next one and again this has been how,to web

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Learn How to Make Money on Instagram (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

Learn How to Make Money on Instagram (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

you don't need hundreds of thousands of,followers to make money on instagram,according to buffer influencers with 10,000 followers or less are getting the,best results for businesses so if you've,ever thought maybe i can do that too,you probably can whether you want to,represent your own brand or a partner's,brand today's video is all about how you,can make money on instagram,hey i'm michelle valley and i'm a,creative strategist instagram strategy,is my thing i've helped over a hundred,small businesses grow and monetize their,instagram account so in today's video,i'm gonna be dropping some knowledge,let's get started i'll be answering five,of the most commonly asked questions how,many followers do you need in order to,make money on instagram how much do,influencers actually make,what are the best ways that you can,start making money on instagram,how do you know what to charge as an,influencer and how do you start making,partnerships with brands how many,followers do you need in order to start,making money on instagram well it's not,as many as you would think here are some,ballpark figures according to a recent,study micro influencers or accounts with,10 000 or less followers will make,around 88 dollars per post mid-tier,influencers or accounts with ten,thousand to a hundred thousand followers,will charge around two hundred dollars,per post,top level influencers or influencers,with a hundred thousand to a million,followers can charge around 670 dollars,per post however they can charge a lot,more when you get to this level the,numbers tend to vary the reason that,these numbers are not set in stone is,because there are a few factors that,come into play,the niche that you're in will define how,much competition you'll be up against,and how much money you could potentially,make,some very profitable but also very,competitive niches are fitness beauty,health business and travel if you're not,trying to compete you can always,dominate a very very niche corner of,instagram so for example nicole,mclaughlin remixes clothing and turns,them into art pieces and she has close,to half a million followers,how much money you charge will depend on,how engaged your followers are the,reason for this is because brands want,to see a return on investment so if you,have a hundred thousand fake followers,you won't be able to provide any real,value for brands keep in mind that it's,not only the size and reach of your,instagram account that brands want it's,also your audience's trust and,engagement with your content as well,this is because you provide access to a,niche audience filled with potential,customers and this is something that,brands need and are willing to pay for,now let's take a look at how much money,you can actually make,like in any industry and any job there's,a range of what you can actually make in,my experience there are no hard fast,rules but you're probably looking for a,hard number so i can at least say this,marketers are willing to pay one cent,per follower so let's say you have 5 000,followers you could potentially charge,fifty dollars per post again this is,just a guideline influencer matt crump,shared his pricing guide with,what he said is that pricing will depend,on creative mandates timeline production,costs and usage rates now if you're,wondering what top instagramers make it,is a lot they can make thousands and,thousands of dollars on the content that,they make but let this keep you,motivated as you grow your account and,let it be something to reach,for okay let's brainstorm a few ways,that you can make money on instagram,you can work with brands on sponsored,posts you can become an affiliate,you can open your own online store or,you can do all of these things at once,so let's start with the most common,approach you could charge brands a fee,for sponsored content on your feed or,your stories together you'll come to an,agreement about exclusivity how much,content you produce the wording that,you're using the actual content itself,and how much money is at play the,contract may also include having a,specific call to action like having a,link in your bio that leads to the,brand's website,another route is becoming an affiliate,affiliates are different from,influencers because affiliates are,invested in making their brand partners,sales rather than just raising brand,awareness this is typically done with a,promo code or a trackable link to,indicate that the sales are coming from,you to get connected with brands that,are looking for affiliates you can,explore affiliate marketplaces like,clickbank reward style and amazon,associates the ultimate type of post for,affiliate marketing is reviewing,products to make this work only review,products that you actually back and that,your audience would be interested in,hearing about so for example peter,mckinnon would never review kitchenware,but he would definitely review cameras,though it sounds like a numbers game,affiliate marketing is an art it takes,tac to be a

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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023 (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023 (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

in this video we're gonna cover how to,monetize your instagram regardless of,how many followers you have i don't care,if you have a thousand followers ten,thousand a hundred thousand this video,is going to help you make more money,from instagram or start to make money,from instagram for starters instagram,just came out with subscriptions if you,are not using this i strongly suggest,you begin to implement this because it's,going to allow you to start charging for,private content you heard that right,you're now allowed to have a,subscription on instagram so that you,can hide some of your content and only,show it to certain people this is,instagram's way to compat people going,to patreon combat people going to only,fans and it is going to help you make so,much more money if you get 100 people on,there paying five dollars a month 10 20,a month or 500 people or a thousand,people well then guess what's going to,happen you're going to start to get,passive income from videos that you can,create really really short on instagram,or maybe just photos that you're going,to be uploading on instagram and this is,a great way for you to begin to monetize,instagram with a really small number of,followers because at the end of the day,the only thing that matters when you're,doing a subscription service is that,there's actually some kind of value that,people are going to be getting out of,from going behind the paywall and you,need to make sure that you're,implementing this into your content if,you want to begin to monetize for,example somebody like me might do a,trend watch or something like that,behind the paywall somebody that's a,finance creator might do something like,hey here are my top stock picks or here,my top ways to analyze a trade or for,fashion people you might be giving,things away behind the paywall or,whatever the case is nevertheless you,guys need to be implementing,subscriptions into your content because,it's one of the easiest ways to begin,monetizing but there are several other,ways for you to monetize your instagram,in fact the last one that we go through,has helped one of my friends make,millions and millions of dollars from,instagram and he doesn't even have that,big of a following and you can do the,same exact thing so make sure you stick,around for it but before we get into,that i need you to smash the subscribe,button if you want to grow quicker on,instagram tick tock or youtube i,literally upload a video about how to,grow these platforms every single day in,addition to that i created a free,instagram growth course you can get at,the link in the pin comment below it's,going to help you get more views on your,reels and more followers on instagram,which obviously you want so what are you,waiting for go get into that the second,way to be monetizing your content on,instagram is through the reels bonus,program they're paying creators up to,thirty five thousand dollars you heard,that right up to thirty five thousand,dollars it starts at twelve hundred,dollars a month goes up to 35 000 a,month and it's incredibly simple to get,into this all you have to do is be,uploading reels now you do need to make,sure that you're not doing a few things,wrong if you want to get into this,program first you can only select 150,reals per month to be monetized a lot of,you guys probably aren't putting out 150,reals a month so you don't have to worry,about that secondly you need to make,sure that you are not having posts taken,down if you're getting community,guidelines violations you're getting,real violations it's going to impact the,amount of money that you receive and,it's going to impact your eligibility to,actually be in this program so please,make sure that that is not happening and,finally you need to make sure that if,you get invited to this program you,accept the invite as quickly as possible,because they will revoke the invitation,if you don't accept it almost,immediately they're going to revoke it,and that is going to be a terrible thing,for you to do you can literally make 35,000 a month right now just for posting,on instagram reels which by the way if,you're not posting on reels you're,missing out on the biggest opportunity,ever to grow on instagram and you're,making a huge mistake stop posting igtv,stop posting regular videos stop posting,photos unless they're carousels and,start posting reels they have more reach,than any other product on instagram and,they're literally paying you guys to,create them,this brings me to the third best way for,you to be monetizing your instagram,which is going to be through sponsored,posts through affiliate marketing and,through doing branded posts and this is,something you guys need to be,implementing but i do want to walk you,through a couple things when it comes to,this first and foremost there is no set,pricing for how much money you should,charge for a story post for a feed post,what i recommend you do start as high as,humanly possible and somebody asks your,fee say something

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How To Make Money On Instagram In 2023 (For Beginners)

How To Make Money On Instagram In 2023 (For Beginners)

in this revealing a step-by-step,tutorial on how to make money on,instagram and how complete beginners,winning 100 to 700 a day with no,experience and what that after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike lucille,here welcome to this video before we,actually remind you that supple spots,will open up for this week's free,workshop sign up for it in the link,below we literally have a 62 year old,woman go from zero to 160 grand profit,in 90 days check it out below alright,guys so this method is really,interesting because you can see that it,is proven to get results like look at,this i literally pulled in 346 thousand,dollars in net commissions for product,that i did not have to create and,understand this i'm not the smartest,person in the world at all okay if i,could do this what's stopping you but,when it comes to making money with,instagram you need to understand the,fundamentals not just on instagram but,sales and marketing and online business,in general because what not a lot of,people understand is instagram is,literally just a place where you can,find people,that are severely unhappy with some type,of aspect in their life right it's,either health wealth love happiness all,these things are human needs that we,always want right and the thing about,these pain points is because they're,pain points people are willing to buy,their way out of it right so regardless,where you are if you're beginning an,instagram or later on you gotta,understand what pain point does your,brand your persona your page essentially,solve like for example back in the day,you know i created like this instagram,page just only for people that wanted to,get bigger butts i kid you not right and,it was known as booty plump and we made,like five grand from that right but but,it just shows you that that pain point,was literally solving people that wanted,bigger butts another one we had was like,longer lashes right there was a problem,that we noticed in the female space so,we created like an instagram theme page,literally about like people getting,longer lashes because it solved the pain,point of people wanting longer lashes,another one was like a whiter teeth we,found a product that literally solves,that product or that pain point of not,having white teeth and we sold that on,the back end right but remember when it,comes to instagram understand it's not,necessarily the pictures that you post,you know on your page that makes you,money it's what problem are you solving,so before you begin on making money with,you know instagram you got to understand,that the reason why the most,instagramers that make the most money,are the ones that solve a specific pain,point is because it helps people get,inspired with travel and they're,depressed they don't want to they want,to go out but they don't know how so,they give them a bunch of tips is it,cooking is it dating is it inspiration,is it you know traveling is it online,business is it something you have to,identify,the pain point that people are in,because once you understand the pain,point that's exactly how people go ahead,and make money,and this is exactly the example of how,this actually works the pain point scale,because the bigger the pain point the,more money you could actually make and,this is essentially what teaches you,exactly how to make money on instagram,right because what you have here is the,value,that people get and then the price okay,so the more value people receive because,of the pain point that they feel,the more money you could actually make,so essentially what you have is as value,increases the things that you are able,to go ahead and sell and make money on,the back of instagram is a lot higher,now this worked for anything for like,theme pages like my my booty page and my,my teeth page and my uh like my longer,lashes page or it could work with like a,personal brand right they're all in,essence the same when it comes to making,money the more value you could provide,the more money you could actually make,this is essence shows exactly how they,were pulling so much because we solved,the big problem right and what you,essentially need to do,is understand what your value ladder is,so here's an example because back in the,day,i was supposed to follow the dental like,industry because my mom and dad were,super asian like mike you have to become,a doctor dentist lawyer nurse right so i,know this very very like innately in my,dna but let me tell you the value ladder,of a dentist and if a dentist actually,had you know an instagram page that they,wanted to make money on right,so essentially what it was was imagine i,go to the dentist what what is like the,highest level thing that a dentist could,actually give me,for the lowest amount of money but the,highest perceived value that i could,actually think so it's maybe like over,here i don't know maybe a free dental,checkup right oh the word free so it's,no money but it's a little bit higher,perceived value because you know um i,haven't been in a de

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How to Monetize yourself on INSTAGRAM

How to Monetize yourself on INSTAGRAM

what's up guys welcome to the channel my,name is Elisha and in today's video I'll,be showing you how you can monetize,yourself on Instagram alright so if you,haven't followed my Instagram yet make,sure to go follow my Instagram and,without wasting any more of your time,let's get into the video so Instagram,has made it possible to monetize your,videos and make money on Instagram,alright so I'll be going over to my,phone now I'm going to head over to,Instagram,I'm going over to my profile,and next you're going to click on these,three dot icon here make sure you have a,business account all right may always,make sure you have a business account on,Instagram so if you don't have a,business account click that three dot,icon go over to settings,then go over to uh,accounts all right,go down and you see a point that says,Switch Account type,click on the Switch Account,and switch to a business account alright,this is very important switch to a,business account because it's from your,business account that you're going to,use to start making money on Instagram,so once you are in your business account,click on business next all right click,on business and then go over to,um you'll see a point that they'll,you will see a point that says,monetization status right click on the,monetization status and you will see if,you are eligible for monetization or not,so me I'm eligible for monetization to,start making money with my videos right,so this is the first thing uh if you are,eligible you are now going to sign up,all right you're going to sign up to,actually start making money on the,platform right so,now head back so if the bonuses does not,show up on your Instagram profile just,know that um you have not been uploading,um videos for the past in the past,months and you have not been using a,business account that is the case for me,because I don't see the bonus on my,Instagram tab probably because I've been,using a professional account over a,business account so I'm just switching,uh because of this video but in your,case you are going to see the bonus tab,if you don't see it really means you,have not been posting videos like me and,you have not been using a business,account but don't panic just wait around,you know some few months just be posting,videos uh the bonus is going to appear,for you to actually click and sign up,and start making money on Instagram all,right so that's first step after the,bonuses appear on your Instagram,business profile click on the bonus,they're going to ask you for your name,either I want to ask you for your name,your your,um they're going to ask you if the,business if the account is for if you,have a store or a business so if you for,an individual or if it's a company,business so the jobs they'll ask you,questions just feel the questions you,know after that and they're going to ask,for your account number all right so if,you're an enjoy you know that um you,have to put a domain salary account to,actually get paid and so I you can put,PayPal payoneer or any of these uh,platforms that actually do send and,receive money after putting your billing,address your information your bank so,the next thing that is going to happen,is that you will be approved all right,so this is how this works you get paid,um this cash uh when you have a certain,numbers of uh of viewers on your reels,all right you have to have a certain,number of viewers on your videos on your,Instagram videos all right so this is,how the Instagram bonus works if you,upload at least 150 videos and that 150,videos get more view viewers and you,know it's going to count to your,monetization because and monetizing,Instagram is by invite alright so if you,have so many views on your videos let's,say you upload 150 videos in one in one,month so it's going to count your bonus,it's going to show you how much you are,expecting to get depending on your views,right so uh to really make money on,Instagram is it's cool now because uh if,you are no longer using Instagram for,just fun and using it to monetize and I,actually uh you chatting and making,money on Instagram so it's cool so um,just play around post more videos post,more videos to actually see if you are,going to reach that threshold that they,are setting for a month all right to to,be able to pay you so if you reach that,threshold they will pay you immediately,all right they'll pay you around,um is it ahead is around 20 something on,30 so what's happened so um it's it all,depends on how many views you get on,your Instagram videos all right so um,you know Instagram is really new in this,monetization of a in alright so,it's not like it's not Advanced like um,Facebook monetization uh YouTube right,it's just starting out too is testing uh,how far how the monetization works so in,time the monetization is going to be,better than what they're just testing,out all right so,um just open to Instagram and start,creating videos posting videos and,actually have fun and you might not know,you might get views

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How To Monetize Instagram Reels In 2023 | Make Money On Instagram

How To Monetize Instagram Reels In 2023 | Make Money On Instagram

just about to reveal how content,creators are making tens of thousands of,dollars on Instagram by posting reels on,their profiles and how you can do that,too so let's get started I'm talking,about the Instagram reels play program,and pay attention to this it is an,invite-only bonus program that lets you,earn money on your reals content but,that means that you cannot really,partake in this unless Instagram invites,you and that's precisely what we are,going to be focusing on in the following,minutes getting accepted in the program,making sure that we are eligible for,monetization and we are not just posting,content for free and so moving forward,the first thing we need to understand is,what type of content gets monetized on,Instagram in the first place and to,summarize it for you we are talking,about original content that is your work,and not someone else's so if you're,planning on just downloading some clips,from Tick Tock and reposting them or,perhaps stealing some other people's,work that is not going to do the trick,on Instagram they are very clear about,their copyright policies and for the,reason you cannot make money with other,people's work you can only earn extra,money money for your content however,that is not going to be too big of an,issue because I'm about to focus on a,category of videos that doesn't require,you to show your face on camera unlike,most clips that you can see on Zig talk,where you do have to do some crazy stuff,or complete some silly challenges or,dances take part in different trends,when it comes to this Niche specifically,there is no need for that and now guys,let me tell you something if you take a,step back and think about what Instagram,reels are they're basically just tick,tocks let's be real Instagram has,basically taken this concept from Tick,Tock and they have implemented it on,their own social media platform and that,is in order to take back some of the,market share that tiktok was starting to,steal from them and for the reason I,personally think that whatever works on,Tick Tock is most likely going to work,on Instagram as well because they are,just trying to model the teacher,algorithm at this point for the reason,moving forward we're going to take,advantage of a proven system that is,working on zigzag already and we're,going to bring it over to Instagram so,we're still gonna do the same exact,things that are are working on Tick Tock,but we're just gonna change the social,media platform but before we can do that,we need to equip ourselves with the,proper tools for the reason I want you,guys to head over to GitHub now it may,not make too much sense for now but it,will in just a second and now I want you,to search for the Reddit video maker bot,again this might be a little bit,confusing you might think you need to be,some sort of software engineer but that,is not true in fact this is quite easy,to implement not only that but you've,got a whole tutorial video here that is,straight to the point no fluff and it,will walk you through the entire process,so if you have any trouble using this,tool this video should clarify all of,your doubts and in order to give you,guys a little bit more clarity regarding,what we're trying to achieve here I want,you to head over to tick tock and search,for already stories this is a very,specific Niche that for some reason is,getting a lot of traction on Tick Tock,we are talking about several million,views on each and every single one of,these uploads I mean this video right,here has gotten 9.6 million views and,take a look at the topic it is a very,generic one women what do you find the,most confusing about men and so we,should be pretty obvious what these,videos are doing if we take a moment to,analyze them and try to reverse engineer,what they are actually doing we can,quickly see that this is just a,combination of some stock footage or,gameplay footage in the background and,then there are a bunch of Reddit,screenshots pasted on top of the,template but it is the content of those,screenshots that makes this videos viral,in other words all of these theme pages,on Tick Tock are doing the same thing,they are searching for high quality,content already clever answers funny,answers things of that kind and they're,just turning those answers into Tick,Tock videos but the crazy part is that,this bot right here you can download off,of GitHub for free can do the same exact,thing with very little effort all you,gotta do is just give it a little bit of,input and then it is going to do its,magic in the background without,bothering you too much in a couple,minutes you should have your result,delivered and then you can see that,video and post it onto your Instagram,page and there are so many different sub,niches you can go for let's just say you,don't want to create the generic page,and instead you want to focus on,something more specific well take a look,at this something that I'm pretty sure,is going to get a lot of Engagement is,centered around bad dating e

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New Ways To Monetize Instagram | Get paid through IGTV Ads, Reels Ads, Live Badges, & more

New Ways To Monetize Instagram | Get paid through IGTV Ads, Reels Ads, Live Badges, & more

i am tired of hearing other people say,that instagram doesn't pay their,creators because they do in this video,we're talking about all of the ways you,can now or in the future will be able to,make money and monetize directly on,instagram what's up everyone it's millie,welcome back to my channel where i post,videos every wednesday teaching you the,latest strategies and trends on social,media to help you grow your brand so,give a little love tap on that subscribe,button to stay up to date on all the,latest tips and tricks i have for you,first i want to say a huge thank you to,this video's shout outs i wouldn't be,here if it wasn't for all of you so if,you want a shout out in one of my future,videos screenshot yourself watching this,and tag me over on instagram stories or,leave a comment below and subscribe to,my channel as always time stamps will be,in the comments down below because i,value your time and you already know why,you're here so let's get into it yes,it's obvious that instagram is behind,the game on paying its creators but at,least they are finally seeing the value,in it and are pushing many more,monetization tools in a recent article,published by facebook they announced,that they will now be investing one,billion dollars into their creators,through various ways instagram also has,an article talking about the various,ways that you can start making money,through their platform i'll be sure to,link all of the blog posts where i,gather this information below so that,you can do your own research because,obviously i can't fit everything into,this video and i know some of you love,to read about all of that and the,resources of all these videos i create,so i'll be sure to link those below at,the beginning of this video i'm sure you,saw an ad rolling out in the beginning,similar things will be happening over on,instagram where at the beginning of some,reels or some igtv videos ads will start,playing at the forefront of those this,is because businesses can now pay to,have their ads roll at the beginning of,creators igtv videos or reels igtv ads,have actually been around since i think,july of 2020 so that's not so much of a,new feature but reels ads are and this,specific feature is going to be rolling,out to creators in the us uk and,australia now something to keep in mind,since you can now start monetizing your,reels videos and your igtv videos is,music on youtube you have to be very,particular with the music that you,choose to run in your videos so that you,can continue to monetize your videos if,i were to play a song from like justin,bieber in the background i would not be,able to have this video be monetized i,would not be able to get paid as a,creator because i'm using another,soundtrack that's not copyright free or,not royalty free so this is just,something to think about as you are,trying to grow monetization on instagram,will these things start taking effect,over on that platform we've already seen,that happen with reels back when reels,launched for business pages you can't or,you don't have access to a lot of the,music because when you think about it,say a brand like forever 21 if they were,to use a soundtrack like why am i,thinking about just me were so much,right for this video okay let's do,justin bieber if forever 21 were to,create a real and use justin bieber's,song then that could be considered some,sort of campaign or ad and the brand,didn't get that artist's permission to,use that song so we're already seeing,restricted availabilities with music,particularly so to guarantee that in the,future your videos can be monetized you,want to focus on selecting royalty-free,music in the background of your videos a,great resource to get music that is,royalty-free is epidemic sound and i do,want to take a moment to thank epidemic,sound for sponsoring this video epidemic,sound is a royalty-free soundtrack,providing company where you never have,to worry about those royalty fees again,you would get access to over 35 000,tracks and 90 000 sound effects when you,have an account with epidemic sound you,can download as many songs as you like,and you can get this all through a,personal plan of only 12 a month as a,creator you have access to a huge,library of music that has all been,cleared for youtube facebook instagram,twitch and podcasts alright this is a,behind the scenes look at my epidemic,sound account so here's,just the main page we have the featured,it says more of what you like and this,section is based on recent downloads,that i've already done within my account,so they can customize the featured and,recommended songs based off of content,that you've liked in the past to,guarantee a better user experience and,that you'll be able to find music that,you enjoy a lot quicker you also have,featured categories so you have things,that are now trending a playlist for,online creators ads promos trailers,comedy corporate cinematic fashion all,of the above and then they have a,section for staff picks new releas

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