how to make money on instagram with 500 followers

Earn $500+ Per Instagram Story NO SELLING, NO FOLLOWERS! (Make Money Online)you don't need any follo

Dave Nick

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Earn $500+ Per Instagram Story NO SELLING, NO FOLLOWERS! (Make Money Online)

you don't need any followers you don't,have to sell anything and you don't have,to provide any service but you will,still be able to make over 500 dollars,per Instagram story stay tuned to see,how you're watching another video in the,investor channel where help ordinary,people make extraordinary income online,if you subscribe right now and hit the,bell I can automatically whenever have a,new fresh strategy just like this one to,make money online so you can be the,first to use it and that way be one step,ahead of your competitors anyway that,being said we'll look them straight into,my computer so I can show you one of the,easiest and fastest ways to make money,on instagram with no followers okay we,are now inside of my computer let's get,started so today in order to make the,strategy work we'll be using three,different platforms so we'll combine two,more websites with Instagram in order to,make this strategy work and how do you,actually make over $500 not once not,twice but again and again per Instagram,story if you don't have any followers,maybe you don't even have any posts,maybe you have just created your,Instagram page well you will still be,able to do it and here Schow so first of,all you want to sign up to Instagram,obviously create an account you don't,need any branded account or whatever,just create an account you can have 0,posy 0 followers it really doesn't,matter where you have 0 followers or a,hundred followers or 500 followers there,really doesn't matter to us you just,want to set up a nice profile picture,not ask user name a maybe you can post,one or two a different post on your page,if you want that's really optional but,as soon as you do that as soon as you,set up your profile you will go over to,the search bar and you want to find it,you want to search for different,hashtags like booth lovers or booster,gram or like for example go with book,lovers so we are seeking people that,love or reading books and the Instagram,you can find millions of them so for,example it will open up this one over,here you want to open up their page and,you want to see if they're actually,posting related to books yes this this,page seems to be all related to books,which is perfect for us so this is one,page that we found this page has 28,thousand followers which is great now I,just want to go back to that hashtag,book lovers and here you have all,related hashtags which you can also use,so you can shout boo flowers you can try,to boost of Instagram bug blocker a book,Graham,attics bookworm love books books to,grammar book addiction so and so forth,so all of these keywords can use us so,now you want to open up as many of those,pages they're similar to this one you,know that are posting different stuff or,related to books so it's obviously it's,proven that they're attracting people,little of reading books and you will see,how that will make us money per story,and you will see how it actually work,you will not have to sell him anything,or whatever don't worry about that so,he's gonna be so so simple and so easy,but first of all let's open up another,page maybe this one was let's try with,this one so this is also a similar page,yes it is that's great now you want to,open up as many of these as you can,maybe like three or four or five,different before have different pages,related to books and book lovers not,this one so this is a personal page,obviously maybe this one I'll try out,with this one and this one seems to be,perfect yeah this can this can make us,money as well and you know just repeat,the process again and again until you,have like five or ten different of those,pages opened up and now we have two more,platforms before we get back to those,pages so the first bathroom is gonna be, so you want to come over to, and what this is if you,don't know audible is an amazon's,company so amazon has created audible,and it's all related to audiobooks so,they're like over 20 million active,monthly users on audible that come here,to grab their own audiobooks and they're,like a zillion of different people that,love reading books but they don't have a,time because reading a book it'll really,requires some at least some time to put,into it but listening to an audiobook,can be done even if you're cooking,whatever you're doing you can just put,on your headphones and listen to,different audiobooks and it still still,feels like you're reading a book and,that's why the demand for this it's just,growing not a lot of people have time to,read books but they love or reading,books and don't worry you will not have,to resell those ebooks or whatever,people don't have to pay for anything,but you will still make money and that's,why this is so easy and requires no,previous skills obviously and as well,it's gonna be done for you you just,hinge one Instagram story to make over,five hundred dollars and I know it might,sound a little bit confusing but just,stick with me and you will,exactly what needs to be done here and,the

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how to make money on instagram with 500,followers or less,hey guys what's up i'm your host jason,in this video i'll be showing you how,you can start monetizing your instagram,account right now,the first thing you will need to do is,choose a theme or direction that you,want your instagram page to go in,for example,just like with,youtube would say choose a niche so if,you like meditation you would choose,meditation and you would start posting,meditation content as you can see right,here,and when once they're starting an,instagram page and you're thinking about,monetizing in it,i would recommend that you start a page,with a theme that you are interested in,yourself,so for example let's say you want to,start a meditation page yeah,excuse me this is a good example of one,that you could set up you would simply,find a page with more followers,and you would mimic what they are doing,but you would add your own touch to it,so even this layout right here you would,customize it and you would do it in your,style,but you would find and again you can,also create the instagram profile pic,by using canva which is a free platform,that i definitely recommend that you use,not only can you create a free profile,pic instagram pic with canva but you can,also use canva to create instagram posts,also,so after you have created your profile,pic you have chosen a theme,for example you want to take one of,these posts for example if i were to tap,on one right there,you would download this post and it's,quite easy to download this post you,will simply copy the link right here,after you have copied the link you would,go on to the website,and you're going to paste the link,after you have pasted the link you'll,simply tap on download,and after you have downloaded it you're,going to re-upload it on your instagram,page,but after you have re-uploaded it what i,want you to do,just like you see it right here,right where you see follow-up you would,simply put credit and you would put at,high highest dimension so you want to,give credit to the original creator of,the content,so you would simply do that so you could,put credit at highest dimension,and then you could put the same,caption that they are using as you will,be leaving your link in the bio also,so you will put credit at highest,dimension then you would put the same,caption and just like how you see they,are monetizing their,instagram page,with the link tree link right here if i,should tap on their link tree link and,go to go to their page you can see that,they have a numerology offer,and they have quite a few offers right,here,they are also giving away free ebooks,they are doing even crypto they have,mixed in so they are promoting numerous,links so once a customer wants a viewer,lands on this page more than likely they,will see something that they like,and it's quite easy to set up a page,just like this with linktree as all you,will need to do is go on to,as you can see here and you could create,a page like that for completely free,and to get the links,and how to monetize their instagram page,if you have clickbank available in your,country or if you don't i would,recommend you go on to this digit store,and depending on the theme that you are,using on your instagram page or the,niche that you are in,you will simply choose for choose a,product that you think would suit your,audience best,and after you have found a product that,you think would suit your audience best,you are going to go under link three and,i recommend that you choose at least,four products,and you will create a link tree link and,you are going to do the same thing that,this page is doing right here,so you will set up your page same way,like this,and once your viewers leave off your,instagram page and tap on your link tree,link they will have options of,products that they can purchase,and that's it so you will be doing,affiliate marketing so you are not,responsible for the delivery of the,product or the customer care or anything,like that you will simply be promoting,your link and once they tap on the link,and go and make a purse chest you will,receive a percentage,if you found this video helpful and,motivating please leave a like and also,subscribe as i will be releasing daily,videos on how to make money online

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Paid On Instagram?

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Paid On Instagram?

so many creators come to me and ask me,nina how many followers do i need to get,paid on instagram this is like the,number one question i get and you're,probably gonna be annoyed with my,response because i'm gonna tell you,there is no strict minimum right i'm,gonna break down in this video different,case studies and scenarios and kind of,walk you through,why one this is a good thing because,there is not like a set number of,followers and there are multiple ways to,make money on instagram as a creator,right you don't have to fall into just,one bucket right there are monetization,tools that instagram puts into place,that yes may have certain requirements,like their bonus structure where you,need at least a thousand views on a reel,it's not based on followers or instagram,badges where you have to have at least,10 000 followers yes those are numbers,related to how instagram has set things,but what's really cool is that in order,to make money on instagram as a creator,you really have to kind of dive in and,think how do i want to make money what,am i offering what's the value or the,service that i am providing right every,creator has a different,measure of success and a different way,to win for some people it's cold hard,cash being like who is paying me for,posting on my page my influence who is,paying me for content content i create,for you brand right those sort of things,don't have follower numbers it really,comes down to your relationship with the,brand what you're able to offer them,how they know you right it's not just,always a cold pitch i have creators who,have you know are pitching in person,maybe developing contacts and networking,so today's video we are going to go into,different scenarios and i'm going to,break down different ways that you as a,creator can make money depending on your,follower account now i also want to,state something that i think is,important,especially when you're starting off,creators for a long time have done,things for free when they're first,starting and i do think this is like a,controversial topic because some people,will be like you should never do,anything for free and then some people,are like yeah you're just paying your,dues in the very beginning it's almost,like an internship you're trying to gain,experience as a business owner creator,influencer these are your decisions to,make but i do want to let you know for,some influencers and again i work with,influencers at literally all levels so i,see what they're doing even your,influencer with millions of followers is,probably doing things for free because i,see what happens behind the screen but,what i wanted what i want to explain to,that is when i say things for free,sometimes it's just about bringing your,expenses down so let me give you an,example,if we have a creator that gets a free,hotel stay and instead of paying you,know a few hundred bucks a night three,three hundred dollars a night for a stay,now she's not paying for that that's,money she doesn't have to pay because,she was gonna go on that trip anyways so,maybe she saved around a thousand,dollars all in all on a trip for her,that could be a win because she was,gonna go on that trip anyways spend that,money anyways and now is able to convert,it into a complimentary stay so for some,of you maybe that's not getting paid and,for some of you you're like yeah that's,a win because it's cutting down my,expenses um take michelle for example,she is a creator here uh sidewalker,daily she's part of our community with,only 600 followers she was able to get a,complimentary stay 600 followers right,like she has a very niche audience she's,very into trouble she has a great blog,she was able to pitch this complimentary,stage so for her that was you know a win,i also have clients here in the,sidewalker community have taken our,pitching course like nakisa who was also,able to work with a hotel um and,re-pitch them content right so a lot of,times when influencers start maybe they,do something for free and then they,re-pitch it once they already have that,established relationship with the brand,they have a good rapport the brand is,super wild by the content the creator,makes then the creator comes in and,re-pitches that that's exactly what we,teach here at sidewalker daily,relationship building and how to you,know pitch to brands a little bit,unconventionally right like finding your,way in um and every single person has a,different way in if you are a creator,let's just say you have a thousand,followers um or less but you shoot,really beautiful content i'm telling you,right now as someone who hires people,like you for my brand clients to create,their tick tocks to create the reels to,create flatly photos of the product to,be honest brands are no longer at least,a lot of my brand clients we are not,doing our photo in house anymore or any,of our production in-house we completely,outsource it to creators so when i say,that it's like we're literally paying,creators to create reels tick t

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Making $15,000 With 500 Instagram Followers

Making $15,000 With 500 Instagram Followers

my student made over fifty thousand,dollars with just 500 followers on,Instagram here's how he did it now when,it comes to monetizing your Instagram,with a small audience people make it out,to be a lot harder than it is it's,relatively easy if you're using the,right strategies if you're using the,wrong strategies it's incredibly hard so,let me walk you through the four,components my student use to achieve,these results first he had a really high,quality offer if you're struggling with,monetization this is most likely the,piece that you've got wrong you need a,valuable offer that'll serve your,customers to make a good income for my,student Shakur this was simple he helps,chiropractors get more customers using,Instagram and social media now once he's,decided on this he can serve those,customers in many different ways he can,create an ebook for five dollars and,sell it to them he could create a course,for a couple hundred dollars and sell,that to them you could do one-on-one,Consulting where he charges them a,couple hundred dollars an hour or he,could do a done-for-you service where he,does it for them and charges thousands,of dollars per month now when you are,starting out on Instagram and you have a,small audience it is of my opinion that,the absolute best way to get to the,point where you can make a full-time,income is going to be serving the,highest value offer that you can which,in this situation would be done for you,service where he does it all for a,client it takes the most amount of time,but he can also charge the most the,reason for this is with a small audience,you're not going to be able to make a,full-time income selling a five dollar,ebook however selling a service for a,couple thousand dollars a month it is,not out of the picture to get to the,point we've got two or three or four,clients even if you've only got a few,hundred followers and this can be,related to any Niche you don't want to,focus on how can I make something as,cheap as possible you want to focus on,how can I make something as valuable as,possible one thing Alex from Mosey talks,about in this book 100 million offers,which is definitely worth picking up is,that there is no competitive advantage,to being the second lowest priced,competitor so unless you're going to,produce the cheapest product on on the,marketplace you might as well create the,most valuable one because when someone,is looking to purchase something if they,make their purchasing decisions based on,price they're going to pick the cheapest,product which is not yours if they make,their purchasing decision based on value,they're going to go for the highest,value product which again will not be,yours so if you are not the cheapest you,want to go for a more expensive product,and pack it with as much value as you,can so instead of selling an ebook for,five or ten dollars of how to get,customers as a chiropractor you can do a,service where I will get you customers,as a chiropractor I will do it all for,you you do nothing the customers walk in,you get paid that is a heck of a lot,more valuable and it will allow you to,get to the point where you can make a,full-time income much faster and this,can be applied to any Niche yes it's,very obvious as an agency it's easier to,sell a higher ticket service than it is,to sell a five dollar ebook but you,could apply this as a fitness trainer,too instead of selling pre-made meal,plans you can sell one-on-one help where,you have a call every single week to go,over their food plans and then you have,number 50 training and you do all of,that one-on-one personalized to them you,can do this as an e-commerce store,instead of trying to sell the cheapest,product in an inch you can find how can,I make this the highest quality product,that I possibly can to bring as much,value as possible to sell those higher,priced products it'll help you get to,the point where you're making a,full-time income much easier you'll,probably also find that clients are much,happier now the second step in the,process is he then went ahead and,created valuable content for this,audience now a lot of people want to,hold back on the amount of value they,give because they think if they give,away everything for free no one will,want to buy anything from them however,it is actually the opposite if you don't,give away the value for free you will,not have an audience to sell to in the,first place it's 2022 information is,freely available you can pretty much,learn anything you want online and if,you don't give away the secrets someone,else will and they will get the benefits,from doing so so whether you choose to,give away the information or not the,information will get out there if you do,it you get the audience you get the,trust you get the best business and you,win if you don't someone else does so,what you want to do is look at who you,are trying to reach who is your Target,customer and what is it that you offer,these people then create content that is,in the middle of that wh

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How to Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers: 7 Effective Strategies

How to Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers: 7 Effective Strategies

Hello friends welcome to my YouTube,channel in this video we will talk about,salmon effective strategies about how to,make money on Instagram with only 500,followers once we're gonna be following,on Instagram all kinds of new money,making opportunities open up,the good news that you can earn money,via Instagram if you have only 500,passwords,the first method of make money online,via Instagram is using affiliate links,affiliate programs let you on a,commission for every sale,to get started sign up for an affiliate,program through website that offers,products or Services related to your,theme of Instagram account,add an affiliate link to your bio and,draw attention to your posts stories and,dreams or put a relevant Link in your,description below each post,for instance if you are a musician you,might sign up for affiliate program with,a store like Guitar Center Sam Ash,unfortunately you can post only one Link,in your Instagram bio at a time,Instagram is pirating its own affiliate,program but it's not available to many,users to use it you will need a,professional Instagram account,visit your professional dashboard and,see it if you have access to the setup,affiliate link to get started,the second step is that I will choose,the chart to your bio try linking to a,service like patreon or coffee,if you have a multiple accounts where,people can pay your send tips try add,them to entry or link the third step is,to set up an Instagram store with a,business account you can sell products,directly from Instagram,if you don't have business account then,you can convert your personal account to,business account and connect it to your,Facebook page,to start your business via Instagram and,make money online,the fourth step is Drive traffic to your,monetized accounts use Instagram to,advertise your personal website,if you run a Blog where you can get paid,for any ads you can promote new posts on,Instagram make sure to include a link in,the description or add one to your bio,this is the way you can drive traffic to,your monetized accounts,you can also advertise your services on,Instagram this is a good option if you,have any in-demand skills,for instance if you are a graphic,designer video editor or consultant you,can use Instagram to help build your,business make posts showing examples of,your work and invite viewers to send,your private message or shoot to email,if they are interested here are some,tips and tricks to keep in mind about,your Instagram business page,post Runner consistent schedule so your,followers will have ways to have,something new to look forward to,share your best work so customers can,see what you are capable of,create content that's interesting and,engaging while still relating to your,business customers will be more likely,to stick around if you post stuff that's,helpful to them in addition to just,advertising your services,look for opportunities to engage with,your followers this is just replying to,your comments on every post,one other option is to make money from,Instagram is to become a brand investor,reach out to business you are,interesting in promoting as a brand,ambassador you become a part of business,brand face,as a brand new tester you will be,expected to engage with friends to,customers answer people's question about,your brand and create interesting,contents related to the brand,in exchange the company may offer to pay,you or give you other perks this is the,easiest way to make money from Instagram,as a brand investor,the last and most beneficial step of,make money via Instagram is take,advantage of sponsored posts,sponsored posts are paid advertisement,for a product service,this approach is similar to becoming a,brand investor but with less long-term,commitment to a single brain,you can also connect with potential,sponsors for services like the mobile,media lab or inflacity,these seven strategies will be more,beneficial for you if you want to make,money from Instagram and don't forget to,subscribe my YouTube channel so that you,will get more interesting updates about,make money online,and leave a comment if you have any,question about this

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Learn How to Make Money on Instagram (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

Learn How to Make Money on Instagram (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

you don't need hundreds of thousands of,followers to make money on instagram,according to buffer influencers with 10,000 followers or less are getting the,best results for businesses so if you've,ever thought maybe i can do that too,you probably can whether you want to,represent your own brand or a partner's,brand today's video is all about how you,can make money on instagram,hey i'm michelle valley and i'm a,creative strategist instagram strategy,is my thing i've helped over a hundred,small businesses grow and monetize their,instagram account so in today's video,i'm gonna be dropping some knowledge,let's get started i'll be answering five,of the most commonly asked questions how,many followers do you need in order to,make money on instagram how much do,influencers actually make,what are the best ways that you can,start making money on instagram,how do you know what to charge as an,influencer and how do you start making,partnerships with brands how many,followers do you need in order to start,making money on instagram well it's not,as many as you would think here are some,ballpark figures according to a recent,study micro influencers or accounts with,10 000 or less followers will make,around 88 dollars per post mid-tier,influencers or accounts with ten,thousand to a hundred thousand followers,will charge around two hundred dollars,per post,top level influencers or influencers,with a hundred thousand to a million,followers can charge around 670 dollars,per post however they can charge a lot,more when you get to this level the,numbers tend to vary the reason that,these numbers are not set in stone is,because there are a few factors that,come into play,the niche that you're in will define how,much competition you'll be up against,and how much money you could potentially,make,some very profitable but also very,competitive niches are fitness beauty,health business and travel if you're not,trying to compete you can always,dominate a very very niche corner of,instagram so for example nicole,mclaughlin remixes clothing and turns,them into art pieces and she has close,to half a million followers,how much money you charge will depend on,how engaged your followers are the,reason for this is because brands want,to see a return on investment so if you,have a hundred thousand fake followers,you won't be able to provide any real,value for brands keep in mind that it's,not only the size and reach of your,instagram account that brands want it's,also your audience's trust and,engagement with your content as well,this is because you provide access to a,niche audience filled with potential,customers and this is something that,brands need and are willing to pay for,now let's take a look at how much money,you can actually make,like in any industry and any job there's,a range of what you can actually make in,my experience there are no hard fast,rules but you're probably looking for a,hard number so i can at least say this,marketers are willing to pay one cent,per follower so let's say you have 5 000,followers you could potentially charge,fifty dollars per post again this is,just a guideline influencer matt crump,shared his pricing guide with,what he said is that pricing will depend,on creative mandates timeline production,costs and usage rates now if you're,wondering what top instagramers make it,is a lot they can make thousands and,thousands of dollars on the content that,they make but let this keep you,motivated as you grow your account and,let it be something to reach,for okay let's brainstorm a few ways,that you can make money on instagram,you can work with brands on sponsored,posts you can become an affiliate,you can open your own online store or,you can do all of these things at once,so let's start with the most common,approach you could charge brands a fee,for sponsored content on your feed or,your stories together you'll come to an,agreement about exclusivity how much,content you produce the wording that,you're using the actual content itself,and how much money is at play the,contract may also include having a,specific call to action like having a,link in your bio that leads to the,brand's website,another route is becoming an affiliate,affiliates are different from,influencers because affiliates are,invested in making their brand partners,sales rather than just raising brand,awareness this is typically done with a,promo code or a trackable link to,indicate that the sales are coming from,you to get connected with brands that,are looking for affiliates you can,explore affiliate marketplaces like,clickbank reward style and amazon,associates the ultimate type of post for,affiliate marketing is reviewing,products to make this work only review,products that you actually back and that,your audience would be interested in,hearing about so for example peter,mckinnon would never review kitchenware,but he would definitely review cameras,though it sounds like a numbers game,affiliate marketing is an art it takes,tac to be a

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How to Make Money on Instagram with Only 500 followers

How to Make Money on Instagram with Only 500 followers

today we're going to be talking about,how to make money on Instagram and only,500 followers first of all we gotta make,sure that our profile appearances decent,must look somewhat nice you know and,professional it must have a decent,looking images you might have your face,your entire body so we can recognize you,and relate to you look like they would,know you personally your Bo must be,relatable and simply explain me what and,what you do and what your business is,about and just trying to adduce many as,little words and to describe as much as,possible next is you have to decide on,what to sell it could be a software or,info product it could be you know some,recurring software monthly payment and,like I there is a gram to gram wanted to,do a automation platform Instagram which,he has a monthly of 10 euro price which,is a great product to promote for,affiliates to I recommend recurring,products and are in like also info,products which are a guides or tutorials,where people get a membership access to,videos and they learn more stuff next,thing is that the best idea is to have,your own photo because then you have,your own product to sell it you earn 100,percent commissions that is great,because if you are 100 percent there is,idea that you can hire a few days I,prefer than 50 percent of the sale or,even 19 percent as well why not because,you get 10 percent by doing that,and this is a digital wave product with,it you know it is endless count of,number you need to produce it only once,and you can sell it,unlimited times that is the real power,of digital product and specially your,own digital product so when you're,starting your online business you always,must have somewhere and you had this,idea of your own business of your own,product because selling an affiliate is,good for them when you just start in now,to know but for a real professional,income you must have your own products,and maybe more than one of course you,have tons of them if you want to be,really successful and here's your there,are affiliate programs where you can,when you just start you can use,affiliate programs and earn 50% of,something when you promote affiliate,programs in the long run the affiliate,or the original operator of the program,you promote is the real winner when you,gain some income at the very beginning,that when you promote somebody else,branches Brad gets recognized and you,know gets popular and eventually you end,up just promoting others and getting,nothing in return,next is you know to sell something other,not not so digital product so you can,you can sell your skills or experience,you know as a service you can you know,help other people create their story,editor you know start with story image,you know the editor and you can just,help them with their you know appearance,and with their brand,you can also offer designing services,you can you know design logos you can,design banners so know whatever also web,services you know called programming or,services design you know Web Design,particular stuff like that can be a,private photographer there are tons of,you know different ideas you can sell,and Instagram you could sell locally you,know if you most of the times if it's,physical you know service you might sell,its live locally to the target you know,you're around areas yeah that's how if,you want if you don't want to sell this,on stuff you can sell this way,you must be active user of Instagram you,must post often share stories and tell,people that you are here and all remind,about yourself make yourself heard and,you know be visible you also have to,conduct your potential clients through,direct message be aware of your,contacting only 30 people a day because,there is a limit and if you go over it,Instagram might you know see you as a,potential harm to the system its,recognized you as a scammer and maybe it,could freeze your account and you know,put some limits on your account for a,week or even longer period of time when,you write message,be sure to start you know sort away and,nice,and try to end with your product in your,pitch or service know your friend and,try to make the potential client,feel like he is you know getting,something from you and not that you are,pushing,commenting on posts it is really,important to command impulse because you,know Google algorithm it recognizes you,as an active person and active account,and you be sure to give comments on your,prospect images and posts you know,comment them reply to their comments and,so on,always be sure your commenting your the,prospects post be sure to start start,with complimenting their profile you,know and let them know that you are you,know a fan of them and know just say,some nice words and make them feel,special and then you will follow up and,try to subtly mention your service in,your product or you know whatever you,are promoting be smart don't be you know,too open and you know too scary,and after you leave a comment if there,is a great chance that this comment,gonna

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Make $500/Day On Instagram With NO Followers, NO Selling (Make Money Online)

Make $500/Day On Instagram With NO Followers, NO Selling (Make Money Online)

hey what's up in this video i will show,you how you can make,hundreds of dollars every single day on,instagram,even if you have zero followers zero,previous experience,and with zero posts on your account this,strategy works worldwide and the,competition is currently super low,so it will be easy to use it i will show,you how to sign up for this website and,how to connect it with instagram,in order to make this work but before,that make sure to do yourself a favor by,clicking that,red subscribe button with notifications,on and i will notify you whenever i have,a new and fresh strategy to make money,online,so you can be one of the first to use it,and that way of course,make the most money okay so in a minute,i will be showing you how you can use,this website right here combined with,instagram in order to make money online,and as always everything is going to be,explained step by step in details,so we will now begin with step number,one step number one is to come over to, if you're using the,desktop version if you're on a laptop or,a computer,or if you're using your smartphone,device you can just just install the,instagram app,it's absolutely free and i highly,recommend you create a brand new account,for this so you can just come over to,instagram,create a brand new account and doesn't,matter if you have zero followers,if you're following zero people and it,doesn't matter whether you have any,posts or,not this can be a brand new page and you,will still be able to make money,only if you follow each and every step,from this video if you skip something,then i'm sorry but this will probably,not work for you,so pay close attention and stay tuned,until the end,once again step number one come over to, and sign up for free step,number two now i want you to just set up,a nice profile picture just,set a profile picture set a nice bio and,choose an,optional username so that's the step,number two,optimizing your account once again it,doesn't need to be professional because,we will not be selling anything on this,page and you will not be attracting any,followers or whatsoever,step number three now i want you to come,over to the search bar right here so you,can go to the search bar and,search for the keyword weight loss so,you can either search for hashtag weight,loss or you can just type in a weight,loss you know type in that keyword,and now you can see all of these,different pages that are talking about,weight loss and you want to find as many,pages as you possibly can,related to diets weight loss and fitness,and you want to open them up so for,example let's take a look at this page,over here this page has,72 000 followers and this is a great one,i will leave this open like that,now i would open up another page so once,again search for weight loss and i'll,try to find,as many of these pages that have at,least 20 000 followers so,20 000 up to like 200 000 followers,that's something that we're looking for,let's take a look at this one this one,has,way too many followers so we can't use,this one,i would now close that one and i will,try to find something else maybe this,one this one has,196 000 followers this is a perfect one,i will leave this open like that and i,will for now open just,one more page of course the more of them,you open up the more,money you will make and you will see,exactly how that works,so once again step number three is to,just go over to the search bar on,instagram,and search for the keyword weight loss,health and fitness,losing weight and stuff like that and,you want to open up as many of those,pages as you possibly can,you also want to take a look at whether,they have nice engagement,on their page or not maybe this page is,not that good because they have 179 000,followers,but the engagement is pretty low like,they're getting like 59 likes per post,which is a really bad,so you want to find pages that have some,followers but it also have,decent engagement on their post so make,sure that they have at least like a,thousand likes if they have so many,uh followers and you will see why that,is really important in order to make,this strategy work,step number four now i just want you to,come over to a platform called, so this is over at the a,double,f plus a dot com this is a cpa,marketplace where you can find,hundreds of thousands of different cpa,offers,cpa stands for cost per action which,means,you can grab a referral link for any of,those offers,you can refer people to that link and,whenever someone signs up to that,particular,offer without having to buy anything so,they don't need to spend any money at,all,they just need to sign up mostly by,entering their email address,you will get paid a certain amount of,money for example in this case they have,a chance to enter the 300,000 giveaway and you will get paid 81,cents,each time someone enters the giveaway,for absolutely free,and this is a lot easier than if you are,promoting some clickbank offers where,people need to spend

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