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How To Make Money On Instagram In 2023 (For Beginners)in this revealing a step-by-step,tutorial on h

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Make Money On Instagram In 2023 (For Beginners)

in this revealing a step-by-step,tutorial on how to make money on,instagram and how complete beginners,winning 100 to 700 a day with no,experience and what that after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike lucille,here welcome to this video before we,actually remind you that supple spots,will open up for this week's free,workshop sign up for it in the link,below we literally have a 62 year old,woman go from zero to 160 grand profit,in 90 days check it out below alright,guys so this method is really,interesting because you can see that it,is proven to get results like look at,this i literally pulled in 346 thousand,dollars in net commissions for product,that i did not have to create and,understand this i'm not the smartest,person in the world at all okay if i,could do this what's stopping you but,when it comes to making money with,instagram you need to understand the,fundamentals not just on instagram but,sales and marketing and online business,in general because what not a lot of,people understand is instagram is,literally just a place where you can,find people,that are severely unhappy with some type,of aspect in their life right it's,either health wealth love happiness all,these things are human needs that we,always want right and the thing about,these pain points is because they're,pain points people are willing to buy,their way out of it right so regardless,where you are if you're beginning an,instagram or later on you gotta,understand what pain point does your,brand your persona your page essentially,solve like for example back in the day,you know i created like this instagram,page just only for people that wanted to,get bigger butts i kid you not right and,it was known as booty plump and we made,like five grand from that right but but,it just shows you that that pain point,was literally solving people that wanted,bigger butts another one we had was like,longer lashes right there was a problem,that we noticed in the female space so,we created like an instagram theme page,literally about like people getting,longer lashes because it solved the pain,point of people wanting longer lashes,another one was like a whiter teeth we,found a product that literally solves,that product or that pain point of not,having white teeth and we sold that on,the back end right but remember when it,comes to instagram understand it's not,necessarily the pictures that you post,you know on your page that makes you,money it's what problem are you solving,so before you begin on making money with,you know instagram you got to understand,that the reason why the most,instagramers that make the most money,are the ones that solve a specific pain,point is because it helps people get,inspired with travel and they're,depressed they don't want to they want,to go out but they don't know how so,they give them a bunch of tips is it,cooking is it dating is it inspiration,is it you know traveling is it online,business is it something you have to,identify,the pain point that people are in,because once you understand the pain,point that's exactly how people go ahead,and make money,and this is exactly the example of how,this actually works the pain point scale,because the bigger the pain point the,more money you could actually make and,this is essentially what teaches you,exactly how to make money on instagram,right because what you have here is the,value,that people get and then the price okay,so the more value people receive because,of the pain point that they feel,the more money you could actually make,so essentially what you have is as value,increases the things that you are able,to go ahead and sell and make money on,the back of instagram is a lot higher,now this worked for anything for like,theme pages like my my booty page and my,my teeth page and my uh like my longer,lashes page or it could work with like a,personal brand right they're all in,essence the same when it comes to making,money the more value you could provide,the more money you could actually make,this is essence shows exactly how they,were pulling so much because we solved,the big problem right and what you,essentially need to do,is understand what your value ladder is,so here's an example because back in the,day,i was supposed to follow the dental like,industry because my mom and dad were,super asian like mike you have to become,a doctor dentist lawyer nurse right so i,know this very very like innately in my,dna but let me tell you the value ladder,of a dentist and if a dentist actually,had you know an instagram page that they,wanted to make money on right,so essentially what it was was imagine i,go to the dentist what what is like the,highest level thing that a dentist could,actually give me,for the lowest amount of money but the,highest perceived value that i could,actually think so it's maybe like over,here i don't know maybe a free dental,checkup right oh the word free so it's,no money but it's a little bit higher,perceived value because you know um i,haven't been in a de

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How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023 (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023 (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

in this video we're gonna cover how to,monetize your instagram regardless of,how many followers you have i don't care,if you have a thousand followers ten,thousand a hundred thousand this video,is going to help you make more money,from instagram or start to make money,from instagram for starters instagram,just came out with subscriptions if you,are not using this i strongly suggest,you begin to implement this because it's,going to allow you to start charging for,private content you heard that right,you're now allowed to have a,subscription on instagram so that you,can hide some of your content and only,show it to certain people this is,instagram's way to compat people going,to patreon combat people going to only,fans and it is going to help you make so,much more money if you get 100 people on,there paying five dollars a month 10 20,a month or 500 people or a thousand,people well then guess what's going to,happen you're going to start to get,passive income from videos that you can,create really really short on instagram,or maybe just photos that you're going,to be uploading on instagram and this is,a great way for you to begin to monetize,instagram with a really small number of,followers because at the end of the day,the only thing that matters when you're,doing a subscription service is that,there's actually some kind of value that,people are going to be getting out of,from going behind the paywall and you,need to make sure that you're,implementing this into your content if,you want to begin to monetize for,example somebody like me might do a,trend watch or something like that,behind the paywall somebody that's a,finance creator might do something like,hey here are my top stock picks or here,my top ways to analyze a trade or for,fashion people you might be giving,things away behind the paywall or,whatever the case is nevertheless you,guys need to be implementing,subscriptions into your content because,it's one of the easiest ways to begin,monetizing but there are several other,ways for you to monetize your instagram,in fact the last one that we go through,has helped one of my friends make,millions and millions of dollars from,instagram and he doesn't even have that,big of a following and you can do the,same exact thing so make sure you stick,around for it but before we get into,that i need you to smash the subscribe,button if you want to grow quicker on,instagram tick tock or youtube i,literally upload a video about how to,grow these platforms every single day in,addition to that i created a free,instagram growth course you can get at,the link in the pin comment below it's,going to help you get more views on your,reels and more followers on instagram,which obviously you want so what are you,waiting for go get into that the second,way to be monetizing your content on,instagram is through the reels bonus,program they're paying creators up to,thirty five thousand dollars you heard,that right up to thirty five thousand,dollars it starts at twelve hundred,dollars a month goes up to 35 000 a,month and it's incredibly simple to get,into this all you have to do is be,uploading reels now you do need to make,sure that you're not doing a few things,wrong if you want to get into this,program first you can only select 150,reals per month to be monetized a lot of,you guys probably aren't putting out 150,reals a month so you don't have to worry,about that secondly you need to make,sure that you are not having posts taken,down if you're getting community,guidelines violations you're getting,real violations it's going to impact the,amount of money that you receive and,it's going to impact your eligibility to,actually be in this program so please,make sure that that is not happening and,finally you need to make sure that if,you get invited to this program you,accept the invite as quickly as possible,because they will revoke the invitation,if you don't accept it almost,immediately they're going to revoke it,and that is going to be a terrible thing,for you to do you can literally make 35,000 a month right now just for posting,on instagram reels which by the way if,you're not posting on reels you're,missing out on the biggest opportunity,ever to grow on instagram and you're,making a huge mistake stop posting igtv,stop posting regular videos stop posting,photos unless they're carousels and,start posting reels they have more reach,than any other product on instagram and,they're literally paying you guys to,create them,this brings me to the third best way for,you to be monetizing your instagram,which is going to be through sponsored,posts through affiliate marketing and,through doing branded posts and this is,something you guys need to be,implementing but i do want to walk you,through a couple things when it comes to,this first and foremost there is no set,pricing for how much money you should,charge for a story post for a feed post,what i recommend you do start as high as,humanly possible and somebody asks your,fee say something

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Learn How to Make Money on Instagram (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

Learn How to Make Money on Instagram (Whether You Have 1K or 100K Followers)

you don't need hundreds of thousands of,followers to make money on instagram,according to buffer influencers with 10,000 followers or less are getting the,best results for businesses so if you've,ever thought maybe i can do that too,you probably can whether you want to,represent your own brand or a partner's,brand today's video is all about how you,can make money on instagram,hey i'm michelle valley and i'm a,creative strategist instagram strategy,is my thing i've helped over a hundred,small businesses grow and monetize their,instagram account so in today's video,i'm gonna be dropping some knowledge,let's get started i'll be answering five,of the most commonly asked questions how,many followers do you need in order to,make money on instagram how much do,influencers actually make,what are the best ways that you can,start making money on instagram,how do you know what to charge as an,influencer and how do you start making,partnerships with brands how many,followers do you need in order to start,making money on instagram well it's not,as many as you would think here are some,ballpark figures according to a recent,study micro influencers or accounts with,10 000 or less followers will make,around 88 dollars per post mid-tier,influencers or accounts with ten,thousand to a hundred thousand followers,will charge around two hundred dollars,per post,top level influencers or influencers,with a hundred thousand to a million,followers can charge around 670 dollars,per post however they can charge a lot,more when you get to this level the,numbers tend to vary the reason that,these numbers are not set in stone is,because there are a few factors that,come into play,the niche that you're in will define how,much competition you'll be up against,and how much money you could potentially,make,some very profitable but also very,competitive niches are fitness beauty,health business and travel if you're not,trying to compete you can always,dominate a very very niche corner of,instagram so for example nicole,mclaughlin remixes clothing and turns,them into art pieces and she has close,to half a million followers,how much money you charge will depend on,how engaged your followers are the,reason for this is because brands want,to see a return on investment so if you,have a hundred thousand fake followers,you won't be able to provide any real,value for brands keep in mind that it's,not only the size and reach of your,instagram account that brands want it's,also your audience's trust and,engagement with your content as well,this is because you provide access to a,niche audience filled with potential,customers and this is something that,brands need and are willing to pay for,now let's take a look at how much money,you can actually make,like in any industry and any job there's,a range of what you can actually make in,my experience there are no hard fast,rules but you're probably looking for a,hard number so i can at least say this,marketers are willing to pay one cent,per follower so let's say you have 5 000,followers you could potentially charge,fifty dollars per post again this is,just a guideline influencer matt crump,shared his pricing guide with,what he said is that pricing will depend,on creative mandates timeline production,costs and usage rates now if you're,wondering what top instagramers make it,is a lot they can make thousands and,thousands of dollars on the content that,they make but let this keep you,motivated as you grow your account and,let it be something to reach,for okay let's brainstorm a few ways,that you can make money on instagram,you can work with brands on sponsored,posts you can become an affiliate,you can open your own online store or,you can do all of these things at once,so let's start with the most common,approach you could charge brands a fee,for sponsored content on your feed or,your stories together you'll come to an,agreement about exclusivity how much,content you produce the wording that,you're using the actual content itself,and how much money is at play the,contract may also include having a,specific call to action like having a,link in your bio that leads to the,brand's website,another route is becoming an affiliate,affiliates are different from,influencers because affiliates are,invested in making their brand partners,sales rather than just raising brand,awareness this is typically done with a,promo code or a trackable link to,indicate that the sales are coming from,you to get connected with brands that,are looking for affiliates you can,explore affiliate marketplaces like,clickbank reward style and amazon,associates the ultimate type of post for,affiliate marketing is reviewing,products to make this work only review,products that you actually back and that,your audience would be interested in,hearing about so for example peter,mckinnon would never review kitchenware,but he would definitely review cameras,though it sounds like a numbers game,affiliate marketing is an art it takes,tac to be a

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Earn $650/Day with Canva Affiliate Marketing for Beginners! (Make Money Online)

Earn $650/Day with Canva Affiliate Marketing for Beginners! (Make Money Online)

this literally takes less than 10,minutes and all you need is an,absolutely free camera account and you,don't actually need your own website you,don't need to create a product a service,you don't need any social media,followers and you don't need to invest a,single dollar because as I said you can,actually do this with an absolutely free,Canada account now canva is a graphic,design platform with thousands of,different templates you can create logos,you can create resumes you can create,social media posts you can create,banners and ads you can create all sorts,of different things so inside of this,video I will show you one of the easiest,canva methods for complete beginners to,make money online in 2023 so if that,sounds good enough then drop a like down,below and let us begin with a full,breakdown so for the step number one you,simply want to create an absolutely free,account on canva just go to,create an account and just leave it open,like that as you can see you will be,able to find all the different templates,and all the different ways that you can,use canva now for the step number one,you just want to create an account on,canva then for the step number two you,want to go over to YouTube and don't,worry you don't have to post any YouTube,videos this has nothing to do with you,posting YouTube is you don't even need a,YouTube account you just want to search,for useful videos about any topic and in,literally any Niche if you're going to,be focusing on the weight loss and,fitness Niche you will search for videos,about fan healthy recipes about 5 ways,to lose weight fast about 5 ways to get,six-pack abs about the healthy diets and,healthy drinks and stuff like that so I,can serve for example 10 healthy recipes,or 5 healthy recipes and I can use one,of these videos like these it just has,to be a useful video that people can,watch if they're interested in a,specific topic like for example 10,healthy meal ideas for weight loss and I,can copy the link address for that video,and then proceed to the step number,three and step number three is to go,over to ClickBank and ClickBank is an,affiliate marketplace with thousands of,different affiliate offers to promote,whether that's gonna be about weight,loss and fitness whether that's going to,be about gaming whether that's going to,be about relationship and dating whether,that's gonna be about how to make money,online there's all sorts of different,categories so you can just create an,account and then log in and grab an,affiliate link but if it's ClickBank is,not available in your country you can,also use an alternative website called,digistource this is another website that,you can use you can just go to digital, it's pretty much the same,thing you just log in go to the all,offers in the affiliate Marketplace and,on the left side you can select which,category you want so I obviously want,fitness and health because I'm going to,be promoting fitness and health type of,content so what you want to do is I'm,going to I'm just going to search for,this 3x lean belly product that pays me,about 47 per sales if I change the,currency to US Dollars you can see that,this pays me about actually 50 per sale,that you generate through my link so,this is going to be my affiliate link so,there you can find your affiliate link,as well for any product I'm using this,one as an example because it's like the,newest commission Crusher which is like,a lean belly 3x product it helps people,lose weight while they sleep basically,they get these Peels and they lose they,get lean while sleeping I don't know how,that works but I can just grab an,affiliate link for this particular,product and then what you can then do,once you have an affiliate link either,from a ClickBank where Digital Store 24,it doesn't matter you just then go to,sleep which is Step number four go over,to and this is a fuel that,will allow you to add your own quality,action to literally any website or link,out there so you can just go to, you want to sign into your,account to create an account for free,then sign into your account and as you,log into your account you want to create,a snip little link for one of those,videos that you found on YouTube so I'm,going to copy the link address again and,then I'm simply going to paste that link,inside of this box where it says enter,URL so just click create a snip now you,can add your own call to action to that,video so you just click and create a new,call to action and that new call to,action is going to be a call to action,for that product that you're promoting,so I'm gonna and as you can see it's,gonna show up right over here it looks,pretty nice it has my picture and then,you can just answer the message and that,message can be like lose 10 pounds while,sleeping and then button tax is gonna,say say click here to learn how so this,is going to be my call to action and,then the button URL is going to be my,affiliate link so I'm going to copy my,affil

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How To Make Money With Your Instagram Posts in 2023 (For Beginners)

How To Make Money With Your Instagram Posts in 2023 (For Beginners)

in this video revealing how to make,money with your instagram posts and how,complete beginners earning 100 to 700,a day with no experience more than after,the intro,hey guys how's it going mike lucille,here welcome to this video before we,actually remind you that several spots,will open up for this week's free,workshop where it's the fastest and,easiest way to make money online,sign up for it in the link below there,was a 62 year old woman that went from,zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days,check it out now alright guys so check,this out in the past 365 days alone we,went from like seven dollars a day,in the middle of like august all the,reports to 300 to 500,a day from just like one passive income,idea that stems from like the personal,brand as well,as like on the back end you could see in,the past 30 days we've netted about like,48,000 net and in the past seven days about,like thirteen thousand dollars in that,with a product that i did not have to,create or own myself and i don't have to,do any shipping handling customer,service fulfillment i don't need to have,a big team,i don't need to have any tech savviness,now before all this actually ended up,happening right i remember just,literally not too long ago there was a,point in my life that i was like man,i wish that i could make money online if,i could build some type of audience or,brand,and promote products that i really enjoy,and love then maybe one day i could,actually go ahead and make money right,and that's exactly what my thought was,before my instagram ended up blowing up,and growing right i thought okay,if i could just grow my instagram maybe,move to a tropical location make a bunch,of,you know cool epic content by surrounded,by like waterfalls and whatnot,then maybe i could go ahead and make,money and if i could make money from it,and figure out how to write my instagram,posts,then i could continue to live the four,hour work week and continue to do what i,love,posting on instagram and making money,with that and that's literally what i,did,like before i actually interviewed all,these people on my podcast which you,could actually see on youtube for full,which is like meet the 11 year old girl,they turned on 30 million dollars and,this guy that makes a million dollars,per month profit,where my instagram just kind of like,turned into all these things,that ended up uh being kind of like a,collage in my podcast,there was a point where i literally was,just doing the typical instagram thing,like going over to a tropical location,and posting like on the sunset like,looking out in the distance and never,looking into the actual,you know camera and whatnot and i had to,figure out how can i actually make money,from these posts,by writing it in the most effective way,right,like in the beginning i was like okay,maybe i just like take my shirt off and,make all these like epic pictures maybe,i can make money,guess what it did not equate to money,like when i what people think oh if i go,ahead and post something very nice like,look at me,like in this waterfall looking back and,just looking at never,at the camera because that's like what,instagram is right like i didn't make,any money from these posts even though,it got,a bunch of likes right but look at this,if i keep on going up and up and up none,of these didn't end up,making money until i figured out how to,write posts,in this specific way and let's actually,break this down one of the posts that,actually ended up money in a way,uh that was like pretty interesting,because we needed to make money because,a lot of bad things happened,uh was actually this post right here a,post,that was more recent right and you could,see it's a lot,longer than most actual posts,why is that because this has what i like,calling,the ada formula it's known as attention,interest desire action if you could,write your instagram post,using this method you can literally sell,anything sponsorships your own products,your own e-commerce products other,people's products and services,that's really what i got really good at,this doesn't just work on instagram,posts,this works on all forms of media i ended,up taking this and using this on like,you know other platforms like youtube,and you could see it grow even crazier,the point where in the past 28 days or,all of like my,videos are like this now we're averaging,about like a thousand to like fourteen,hundred dollars a day,and remember on this other business idea,seven days,thirteen thousand dollars net in the,past thirty days we've netted about like,forty eight thousand dollars net all,because it follows this formula,now i'm probably wondering well what the,hell is this formula it's very simple,this is what you need to break down,in all of your posts it doesn't actually,matter what the picture is the picture,like you can care less about the picture,the pictures is kind of like the,attention getter like oh my god abs,click the most important thing is what,is the story,underneath it so look at this

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How To Make Money On Instagram With NO FOLLOWING ($300 PER DAY!)

How To Make Money On Instagram With NO FOLLOWING ($300 PER DAY!)

what's up you guys Jason wardrop here and in  today's video I'm going to show you how to make  ,money on Instagram even if you have no following  no experience and how you can consistently make  ,300 per day leveraging this is same exact strategy  and if you think about it 300 per day that's nine  ,thousand dollars per month which is over a hundred  thousand dollars per year and the craziest thing  ,is I literally have seen nobody talking about this  method on YouTube or even anywhere online so let  ,me just show you guys that I'm not just going  through and talking this up but this is inside  ,my actual account made 133 000 let's go through  and refresh this so you can see this is not just  ,a screenshot 133 000 last month with over fifty  two thousand dollars in monthly recurring Revenue  ,which the cool thing about that is even if I  don't do anything for the rest of this month  ,month recurring Revenue means at the start of next  month I don't start from zero I'm already starting  ,over fifty thousand dollars for the month and just  to prove you guys is not just because I have some  ,big large following on YouTube you can check out  all of the other results of other people just like  ,me just like you implementing the same exact back  strategy having pretty amazing results so now for  ,that said let's jump into this exact strategy of  how we can go through and leverage Instagram so  ,you can actually make money even if you have  no following and you're starting completely  ,from scratch so what we are going to do is we're  gonna go find different accounts that are small  ,business owners and we're going to help them with  their Instagram marketing and there's going to be  ,three core services that we're going to provide to  these people and know we're not running Facebook  ,ads or Instagram ads or Google ads or SEO or  anything like that because that takes a lot of  ,time every single month to go through and fulfill  so what we like to do is focus on simple software  ,systems Solutions tools that we can set things  up one time and literally automate the entire  ,process so you can get paid on a monthly recurring  basis with minimal fulfillment minimal support on  ,an ongoing basis so if you guys are interested in  that go ahead smash the like button drop comment  ,down below and I can also hook you guys up with an  additional private link to a 100 hundred percent  ,free training it's going to show you guys a lot  more of this in more depth so let's just come over  ,here to Instagram and we're just going to type  in here we're going to say real estate agent okay  ,because obviously if we're typing a real estate  agent we're going to pop up some different real  ,estate agents that Instagram wants to show  to us so we're just going to come over here  ,and hit search right there and this works for any  type of Market okay it doesn't matter what Market  ,you're in and then we're going to come over here  and we're going to find some of these different  ,real estate agents so like for example we'll pull  up this lady right here we'll pull up this guy  ,right here we'll pull up this guy right here and  so I don't know what any of these posts are all  ,about so I just got to check this out so we got  Maria Garza realtor okay so more than likely she  ,is a realtor right because she literally has it  in her um in her profile and she has over 8 000  ,followers so the cool thing is like I said earlier  you don't need any followers we're just going to  ,leverage this business owner and their followers  and help them with their account to be able to  ,generate more leads and get more business so so  now that we've identified a potential client right  ,here we'd obviously reach out to them go through  and do a little simple pitch of go and help them  ,with their marketing Services which once again  I have all the scripts and templates everything  ,that you guys need inside of that free training  but then we're just going to connect them to this  ,software right here in order to connect their  Instagram account we're just going to come down  ,here to settings and then we're going to go over  here to Integrations and you can see right here  ,you can connect the Instagram and Facebook account  and what this is going to allow us to do is a few  ,things so the first thing is coming back over  here we can go over here to this marketing tab  ,and we can create a social planner where we can  connect their Facebook account their Instagram  ,account their LinkedIn their Google their Twitter  and be able to automate posts to all of those  ,different accounts with just one simple click and  we can actually go through and schedule out posts  ,for the entire month and so then you don't have  to go through and literally post every single  ,day but we can automate and schedule all these  posts and then because Maria already has over 8  ,000 followers these posts are going out to those  followers is getting more engagement saying top  

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Earn 33.29$ Per Post - The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Instagram.

Earn 33.29$ Per Post - The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Instagram.

إذا نشرت قصة ستكسب 7دولارات, إذا نشرت صورة ستكسب 18 دولار إذا نشرت مقطع فيديو .. 33 دولار,في هذا الفيديو ، أسهل طريقة لكسب المال عبر الإنترنت, ‫مع Instagram ابقو معانا, لست بحاجة إلى موقع على شبكة الإنترنت, لا تحتاج أن تبيع أي منتجات ، ولا تحتاج لعمل فيديو,وتشغيل الكاميرا، يعمل من أي بلد, فقط بهاتفك المحمول بي‫ Instagram يمكنك كسب المال عبر الإنترنت في هذا, الفيديو ليس لديك أي عذر لبدء العمل بهاتفك, أنا حسن من‫ H-educate والجو بارد جدا هنا, لذا لنبدأ مباشرة في موضوعنا، و لا نضيع المزيد من الوقت ولكن من فضلك لا تنسى إذا كنت, ترغب في مشاهدة المزيد من مقاطع الفيديو مثل هذه حول التسويق الرقمي عبر الإنترنت, الأعمال التجاريه عبر الانترنت، و كسب المال عبر الإنترنت ارجوك لاتنسى اشترك, الان في قناتي وشغل زر التنبيهات,للحصول على كل تحديث جديد تقريبًا كل يوم, لنبدأ عملنا على الفور ، الآن أنت تعرفني ، الصراحة, هي القاعدة الرئيسية في قناتي،لكسب مال, على الانستغرام ، ليس الأمر بتلك تلك السهوله كما, وضحت في المقدمة فقط بمجرد النشر ، تحتاج إلى القيام ببعض العمل, لكنني متأكد من أن هذه الطريقة التى سأريك, في هذا الفيديو ، واحده من أسهل الطرق التي يمكن لأي شخص القيام بها, كل ما تحتاجه هو هاتفك المحمول فقط بي‫ instagram لذا من فضلك,تابع، سأشرح كل شيء كيف يعمل, كيف تبدأ وسأشارك معك بعض, الأدوات المجانية التي طورتها من أجلك على ل النمو‫ على Instagram., لذا من فضلك لا تفوت أي دقيقة، هذا الفيديو قد يغير هاتفك بالفعل, ‫يغير حسابك على Instagram إلى آلة لكسب المال, لنبدأ ، أعتقد أن اي شحص هنا لديه حساب على‫ Instagram,اذا لم يكن لديك حساب، يمكنك فقط الانتقال إلى‫, إنشئ حساب انه مجاني بسيط جدا، هنا حسابي على‫ Instagram, مفتوح على سطح المكتب ،المتصفح الخاص بي ويمكنك أن ترى أن لدي 1200 متابع, لذا الفكرة هنا عن هذا الفيديو, هي إنشاء حساب‫ Instagram للحصول على بعض المتابعين مثل 1000 متابع, ويكون لديك تفاعل جيد مع منشوراتك في حسابك, وبعد ذلك يمكنك ببساطه الدعاية لـ أشخاص آخرين مثل نشر دعايه, في منشور، صور دعائية على حسابك الشخصي, لذا في هذه الحالة تقوم فقط بنشر صورة وأنت, تكسب المال ، تنشر مقطع فيديو وأنت تكسب المال،بهذه البساطه, الخطوة الأولى هنا في هذه الاستراتيجية هي بناء ., ‫حساب Instagram جبد ،وهذا ما سأشارك معك الآن, بالتفصيل كيفية إنشاء حساب‫ instagram كيف تنشئ, منشورات بسهولة وبشكل مجاني ثم بعدها كيف تجد أخرين, ل الدعايه لهم وكيف تعرف قيمة حسابك الشخصي على‫ instagram, لكي يمكننك مقاضاة الناس به، لذا سأشرح كل شيء، هذا الفيديو, حقا مثير جدا، لذا هذا هو حسابي الشخصي وأي من, هذه المنشورات التى أنشرها على حسابي الشخصي تحصل على الأقل على, ما يقرب من 40% أو 30% من التفاعل،لذا على الأقل تصل إلى 300 أو 400 شخص, من أصل 1200،لذا, أعتقد أن هذا معدل تفاعل جيد جدًا ، فكيف تنشئ مثل هذه المنشورات, التى تعطيك معدل تفاعل مرتفع دعنا نرى معًا، دعنا نقول, انني اريد انشاء مثل هذا المنشور, انه اقتباس صغير مع صورة خلفية، الآن قد تخبرني أنا لا اعرف, اي الاقتياسات لا أريد البحث والعثور عليها وأيًا كان, لا أعرف كيفية الحصول على صور مجانية، لا تقلق, سأوضح لك كيفية إنشاء هذه المنشورات الآن في دقيقة واحده, ما ستفعله هو ببساطه الذهاب إلى‫, الآن أصبح مجانيًا تمامًا ولا تحتاج إلى أي اشتراك مسبق, كل ما سيتم شرحه مجاني ،انتقل هنا لإنشاء تصميم واضغط, على منشورات‫ Instagram سيمنحك الحجم الأمثل أو الأفضل لـ instagram, ‫لمنشور Instagram ،ما ستقوم به هنا ببساطه, انتقل إلى الصور واختر صورة مجانية يمكنك أن ترى, ها هي صورتي المجانية،سأضعها ،أضغط عليها بزر الماوس الأيمن وانقر على تحديد الصوره, ‫كخلفية ،وبالمناسبه canva لديه, تطبيق هاتف محمول يمكنك القيام بكل هذا على الهاتف، لذا فقط أضف هذه الخلفية, بسيط جدًا بنقرة واحدة، الآن أن قد تخبرني من أين, يمكنني الحصول على هذه الاقتباسات، بالمناسبه الاقتباسات التى تراها هنا, أنا أكتبهم ، لكن لست بحاجة إلى التفكير, وتبحث كثيرًا، سأعطيك الان موقع مجاني, ل الحصول على مئات ربما آلاف الاقتباسات المجانية،لانشائها, في حسابك الشخصي، لذا دعونا نفتح علامة تبويب جديدة ونفتح موقع ويب يسمى‫, هذا هو، بالمناسبه جميع الروابط موجودة في الوصف أدناه,‫ لذلك لا تقلق بشأن الرابط، انه, ستجد هنا الكثير من الاقتباسات ، دعنا نقول أنك تريد إضافة اقتباس تحفيزي, افتح هذا والآن يمكنك أن ترى أن لدينا الكثير من, الاقتباسات التحفيزيه هنا، يمكننا فقط نسخه ولصقه،لنقول, أريد الحصول على هذا، فقط أفتحه وبالمناسبه تستطيع أيضًا, ‫انشائه هنا في brainyquote ، فهو يمنحك أيضًا صورة مجانية,‫ لكننا سنستخدم Canva لأنني أعتقد أنه أكثر احترافًا, لذا فقط انسخه، هكذا، نسخ،اذهب إلى‫ canva و ctrl+ v, للصقه ، بهذه الطريقة لنغير الخط نجعله, كمثال 71 ، ضعه هنا ودعنا نغير, نوع الخط وتعيينه لهذا كمثال أو هذا, جميل جدا،هكذا انتهيت من الصوره, يمكنك تغير حجمها هكذا، إذا ذهبت هنا يمكنك رؤية,أيقونة الحب أو أيقونة الاعجاب اذهب إلى العناصر، سأقول الحب اي شيء, تحصل عليها هنا ، وتغير حجمها على هذا النحو, وها نحن،لدينا المنشور،لدينا الصورة, للنشر على حسابنا الشخصي. بيساطه اضغط على تنزيل الصورة, نزل ثم انشر على حسابك الشخصي، ما ستفعله هو, النشر ما لا يقل عن ثلاث إلى أربع أو خمس مرات في اليوم, في حسابك الشخصي، شيء يحبه الناس ل الحصول على, بعض التفاعل في حسابك الشخصي للحصول على معدل تفاعل أعلى, لذا لاحقًا عندما تريد نشر صورة دعائية, سيكون السعر أعلى ويمكنك كسب المزيد من المال, اذا لديك تفاعل أعلى في حسابك الشخصي, الآن لديك حسابك في‫ Instagram وتعلمت كيفية إنشاء, ‫منشورات Instagram بسهولة شديدة باستخدام Canva و brainyquotes وبالمناسبه, اذا كان لديك ب

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HOW TO make money on Instagram

HOW TO make money on Instagram

hey guys welcome to my channel so,today's video is all about how you can,make,money off of instagram or um if i,monetize your instagram um so i got this,request and i thought it was a really,good one because not everyone wants to,start a youtube channel okay let's be,honest,youtube is a whole commitment by itself,um you're also opening yourself up to a,lot of,scrutiny from the public because people,can be really mean or they can have,really high expectations,um from youtubers so you know instagram,is a,safer space because you know it's just a,picture um you know you don't have to,talk,you don't have to plan you don't have to,do a lot of editing you edit,one still picture so if this is,something that you might be interested,in doing,you think maybe you can make money,because you take really good pictures,or you are really good at editing or you,have a really fantastic community like,your people your followers,actually really engage in your content,because that is so important guys like,trust me,having like followers who actually,engage in your content is,probably the most important part of it,all because you can have,10k 15k 100k followers,but if you're getting like 2k likes and,you've got 100k followers,i'm worried i am very very worried okay,cool because that means you just have a,lot of bots or you have people that,want to see what you're doing but they,don't really care for your content okay,cool,anyways this video is going to tell you,how i've managed to make a bit of money,on my instagram um i don't know if it's,applicable for people who are living,outside of south africa,the reason i say this is because they,usually pay you into a south african,bank account,but i'd be lying if i said i actually,scrolled to see if there's any other,bank accounts maybe you can try,um but yeah i'm just putting it out,there because i know that not all my,followers are actually,from south africa cool let's get right,into the video,but before i do that i'm giving you five,seconds for you to hit the subscribe,button,and to like this video because i'm,telling you right now you are going to,love it five four three,two one okay and to my returning,subscribers shout out my gym balls shout,out gangnam is ninja zombie,me i don't know if you guys know this,that i always say hey banggani in my,description box,which basically means hey friends um,because you guys are my friends,but if you guys want a formal name maybe,we should start thinking about it you,know our family is growing,we're way past 20k we're soon gonna hit,50k,100k is just on the horizon one million,ah siezer,gonna watch this a few years later and,it's gonna be so funny because i would,have reached,those goals okay cool anyways let's get,right into,the video um okay cool so i'm going to,start from,my favorite apps or platforms and go to,my least favorite,and when i say least favorite i don't,mean like oh they don't,like they suck i just mean that i,haven't really received any gigs from,them,or i'm still in the process of getting a,gig so i don't want to put them high on,this pedestal when they actually aren't,really delivering on my side,and just because they're not living on,my side doesn't mean it'll be the same,with you,remember that they look for certain,things in certain people so,if they're now advertising um,what an alcohol company i'm not the,first person they would pick because i,hardly have,any alcohol on my feet but if they're,looking for someone who's going to talk,to people about,um saving habits i'm definitely going to,be top of that list you get me,so it depends on also the type of,content and also the type of person you,are,um if you're a fashionista definitely,going to be top of the list when you,know,your your mr prices are trying to get,like influences,but like you get what i'm saying okay,cool,so number one on my list number one,byc which is brand your car um,and um they've rebranded to the salt and,i've left a little link in the,description box for the salt,so you must use that that is probably my,favorite one um,they were byc brand your car and i don't,know if you guys remember but remember,when you used to see those cars on the,freeway that used to have like banners,or they'd have,um stickers on the car to for like a,certain product or whatever so i think,that company used to do that,they used to brand your car but i mean,the way,everything has like digitalized people,don't really need to now,attach things to stickers you just put,on instagram and the best way to put,things on instagram is to put it through,people word of mouth because trust me,when you see a sponsored post on,instagram you quickly scroll past you,don't want to see it because it's not,something that you follow,but when you see a friend of yours a,mutual someone you know,posting about something you're sort of,interested because hmm,they wouldn't lead me astray they,wouldn't lead me into the darkness,so let's see what they're talking about,which is what a lot of,influencer companie

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