how to make instagram private

how to make your instagram account privatehow to make your Instagram account,private what is going o


Updated on Jan 10,2023

how to make your instagram account private

how to make your Instagram account,private what is going on guys welcome,back to my youtube channel I go by the,name of Hemi Jarvis and then today I,will be showing you guys how to make,your Instagram account private so all,you have to do guys is watch this entire,video to the very end do everything I do,in this video and you should be good to,go alright but before I get into this,video let me just let you guys know that,I would highly appreciated that if this,video helped you out at all if you guys,will leave a quick thumbs up it will,help my channel grow the more my channel,grow the more I can provide more content,for you guys,I'm on my way to reach a hundred K,subscribers so feel free to subscribe if,you like I would HIGHLY appreciate that,as well now how to make your Instagram,account private let me get right into it,guys the first thing you want to do is,make sure you got the Instagram app,download it onto your phone as you can,see I'm on the iPhone 11 Pro so make,sure you download an Instagram to your,own to your iPhone or your Android or,whatever device you're on alright once,you have the app on your phone you,should see it here what we're gonna do,is we're simply going to launch the app,so go ahead and tap on the Instagram app,and the first thing I want you guys to,do is click on this profile picture on,the bottom right corner of your page,that's if you're logged in of course if,you're not logged in just log in to your,account but you click on the profile,picture and then to make your account,private you're simply going to go up,here to this to the top right corner,where you see these three bars and,you're just simply gonna tap on it boom,alright and from there you should see,this page show up and it's all you know,it's all great and stuff like that what,you're gonna do next is hit this,Settings button on the top of the screen,and as you can see it brings you to this,this page right here,and now I don't know if you guys see it,or not but it's a tab that says privacy,if you want to make your Instagram,account private this is the screen that,you need to be on you're gonna go ahead,and click on privacy all right and as,you can see look in here you have this,tab here that says account privacy right,now it's on public all you have to do to,make your account private is click on it,and then you can turn it off on you can,turn private account on or off so and,read this here it says when your account,is private only people you approve can,see your photos and videos on Instagram,your existing followers won't be,affected all right so let's see what,happens when I push this button it asks,you says business account can't be,private all right you say if you want to,make your account private first switch,back to a personal account so if you,guys have a business account you have to,switch it to a personal account in order,for it to go private business business,accounts don't have the setting to go,private so make sure that you guys are,using a personal account if you want to,go private,alright so now let me show you guys,again how to make your account private,so let's say that you got Instagram,downloaded again guys be sure to give,this video a thumbs up if it helped you,at all I would HIGHLY appreciate that,subscribe to the YouTube channel so,let's say you have Instagram downloaded,on your phone you're simply gonna click,on Instagram you're gonna click on this,tab here your profile picture you're,gonna see these three dots three dots on,the top of the screen right there click,on it and you hit settings and once you,hit settings you should see privacy you,hit plot you click on privacy and then,there it is guys account privacy you,click that and this is where you go to,make your account private,alright guys hopefully this video was,helpful also be sure to check the links,in the description,I might have stuff in the description so,be sure to check that out be sure to,give this video a thumbs up one more,time and yeah I subscribe you know if,you haven't done so I'm on the way to,reaching a hunting Cate subscribers so,if you guys will subscribe right now it,would really help my channel grow and I,would HIGHLY appreciate that so other,than that guys thank you for watching I,will see you guys soon on the next video,alright so have a good one

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How to make your Instagram account private

How to make your Instagram account private

hello and welcome to this super quick,video today everybody i'm going to show,you how to put your instagram,onto private mode,so there are so many reasons why someone,may want to put their instagram,onto private mode whether it is just to,keep your stuff,secret to you and your followers whether,it's you're trying to keep someone from,seeing your stuff who doesn't know you,or any other reason i want to make this,easy for you i want to make it quick and,simple,but first and foremost if you are,getting hassled on instagram,you can block an account you can report,an account and you can restrict an,account,we have a video already on that you can,find the link right here that lets you,know exactly your options,when you're being bothered on instagram,but if you're just looking to make your,account private today,then follow along with these super easy,steps and i'm going to show you how to,do it,so as you can see i am on our carrot,celery peach pear account,from a different account this is what it,looks like to the public at the moment,so if you stumble across this page and,you've never seen it before,you have the option right there to,follow to message,to view all of my highlights or,any of my posts at any time you can see,my reels,photos i've been tagged in etc etc so it,is a very,public account anything that gets posted,here can be seen by anyone,i'm going to change this right now so,i'm going to switch back to that carrot,salary peach pear account,here's us from the inside of our own,account and here's how to make it,private we're going to press these top,three buttons here,and go on into our settings menu,about halfway down the page we're going,to press privacy,now the very first thing up the top is,account privacy it's going to have this,small toggle button,next to a private account my toggle is,off currently because we already know,that this is a public account we just,saw it from the outside,so before i can switch this toggle and,make it a,private account it's going to let me,know that i cannot be a private account,if i am already a creator so this is a,creator page make sure if you want a,private account,it is not a creator account or you will,get this message,so let's turn it back to a personal,account first before we make it private,go back to your settings menu and press,account,and then down the bottom you can switch,back to a personal account,and once you're a personal account we,can go back into privacy,and switch that toggle on which is going,to ask,are we sure we would like to switch to a,private account it says only your,followers will be able to see your,photos and videos,and it won't change who you can message,tag or mention so i'm going to click,switch to private,there we go so let's jump back into our,other account and have a look at what we,look like,from the outside and here it says that,this is a private account,so in order to see anything that's going,on in here,i'm going to have to send a follow,request and you can see that pop,up right here in my requested box it,says,do you want this person to be able to,follow you i can either confirm,or delete that request

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How to Make your Instagram Account Private on Android?

How to Make your Instagram Account Private on Android?

hi guys in this tutorial I'm gonna show,you how to make your Instagram account,private on Android ok so this is my,Android device so just find your,Instagram app ok on your end roid device,so here is my Instagram app just tap on,this to open it it's now opened and,after that guys you have to log into,your Instagram account you can see that,I'm already logged in ok and after that,this tap on your profile icon at the,bottom right so let me tap on this ok,and here I have this profile page opened,and guys if you have more than one,account configured in the app just tap,on the account name at the top and after,that choose the account that you want to,change so I only have one account in,this and I want to change this only so,let me go back ok so in order to make,this account private just tap on this,three bars at the top right so let me,tap on this ok and after that you have,cooked up on this settings at the bottom,so let me tap on this settings ok and,here we have the privacy just tap on,this privacy ok and under connections,here we have the account privacy so,currently you can see that I have this,set to public so just tap on this,account privacy ok and here we have the,account privacy screen opened ok so,before making private account here we,have the masses,let us read that when your account is,private only people you approve can see,your photos and videos your existing,followers won't be affected ok so here,we have this lawnmower this link if you,want to learn more about this private,account feature you can just tap on this,learn more this link so let me tap on,this ok and here we have this help page,of Instagram opened a privacy and Safety,Center you can see we have various,information just read that if you are,interested ok so let me go back okay so,let's make this account private so in,order to make this account private just,tap on this switcher next to the private,account you can see currently it's grey,that,means it's off so let me tap on this and,here we have the pop-up change to,private account again we have this,message when your account is private,only people you approve can see your,photos videos and the stories on,Instagram your existing followers want,to be a fact it ok so just read this,message and if you agree just tap on,this okay this link so let me tap on,this okay and you can see it's now on ok,so if I go back you can see account,privacy set to private ok guys so that's,it in this way you can easily make your,Instagram account private on Android so,thanks for watching if you like my,videos please support this channel by,subscribing to it thanks bye bye,you

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How to Make Instagram Account Private

How to Make Instagram Account Private

hey guys ricardo here and welcome to,another blog tech tips,in today's tutorial guys i'm going to,show you how to on,instagram how to actually make your,instagram account private now by private,we mean that it will,allow you to um no one will be able to,see your,pictures online unless they follow you,and of course if they try to follow you,they will need your approval before um,beginning this can be done in a new,account or of course it can,be done on a long existing account and,you can always,switch back and forth if you so choose,or,if you change your mind later you can,turn the feature off alright so the,first thing i'll do guys is go ahead and,find,the instagram application this will,apply to both android as well as,ios or iphone the tutorial,is basically done in the same way on,both devices so if you have either,this one tutorial will serve for both,all right so go ahead and launch,instagram go over to your profile once,you're on your profile as seen here,uh next you're gonna hit the three um,lines up all right once you do that,you're gonna be taken here,next go down to settings gear icon there,and then you're gonna go to privacy and,once you're in privacy at the top of the,privacy screen,you should see an option right there as,you see,that says of course um private account,and of course if i wanted to i can turn,this on and notice it says here,of course i'm on a business account you,are most likely on a personal account,business accounts are not really meant,for this but of course you notice here,it says um,business accounts can be private if you,want to make your,own private first switchback to a,personal account all right which is,natural um,my account is a business account so,please note that it will not work on,business accounts,so if you're on a business account,you'll have to switch back to a personal,account,before you're allowed so on personal,account meaning that you're an,individual,you can actually do that and it will,turn on all right so,um for normal persons you'll be able to,turn this on no issue,and then you'll be on a private account,in case you're a business like me,and you want to switch back to a normal,account i'll show you how to do that,as well all right so the first thing you,do is going to come back to the main,menu,which is just the regular settings menu,you're going to come down this time,you're going to go to account if you're,a business and you want to switch back,and then of course down here says switch,to personal account you'll have to,switch to personal account i don't want,to do this right now since i'm on a,business,and i'm um that's the account i have to,use so,you must be on a personal account if not,simply switch here,and then go back as i showed you earlier,and go to privacy and then you can turn,this on once you're on a personal,account all right,so that's all to uh basically switch to,a,private account um from a personal,account which mostly you have,it to be easy but of course from a,business account i've also shown how to,do that alright guys so this is ricardo,gardner so let me wrap up this video,and thank you for tuning in and of,course see you in our next tutorial bye,guys

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How To Make Your Instagram Account Private on PC 2021 | Instagram Tips and Tricks

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private on PC 2021 | Instagram Tips and Tricks

when you're on mobile it's quite easy to,turn your Instagram account to private,but when you're on PC you may face some,issues don't worry our guide will show,you that how you can make your Instagram,account completely private keep in mind,they're turning your account to private,doesn't affect your followers or any,other activity so just keep watching the,entire video till the end without,skipping a second my videos are,extremely to the point with no crap so,you may get the very basic information,about the necessary things so interested,to learn stay tuned let's get into it,you

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How to make Instagram account private or public || Technical Johar

How to make Instagram account private or public || Technical Johar

you think you know singapore,it's time to re-imagine,you think it's all skyscrapers,then what's this and,and this,you think it is one island,then what's this,you think we're a city that never stops,and this,singapore do you think it's a country,a city,island,think again,you

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How To Make Your Instagram Account Private In Tamil | How To Hide Instagram Profile

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private In Tamil | How To Hide Instagram Profile

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How To Make Your Instagram Account Private | Instagram Tips and Tricks

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private | Instagram Tips and Tricks

did you know that instagram all of you,to make your account i've got any time,this will start nieuw users from being,able to follow you until dsm friend,requests which you can add to organize a,guide will show you how you can make,your account prive,please note that when you make your,account i've made your existing for wars,force be effected,bevolking of power of your nieuw here,then make sure you hit de subscribe,button and also don't forget to download,week ergens bij kreeg in de baai kunt,ook echt nodig waar je woont al de,upcoming notifications from the channel,and secondly the fall of je instagram de,link om mijn instagram account is jongen,in description en de kool en de final,and interesting tijd is de tea party en,fuif video theorie en voor jou schepping,is zeggen in testiculaire let's get into

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