how to make a reel on instagram

Beginners Guide to Instagram Reels - How to Make Reels on IGinstagram has put out a new feature,call


Updated on Jan 10,2023

Beginners Guide to Instagram Reels - How to Make Reels on IG

instagram has put out a new feature,called reels that's quite similar to,tick tock,want to learn how to use it i'm jessica,from and in this video,i'll be walking you through our,beginner's guide to instagram reels now,let's get started,reels are short fun videos that can,incorporate effects music and other,creative tools,you can create reels using the story,camera and your reels will appear on,feed,not in stories let's get into the steps,to making a video with reels,to begin tap the camera icon in the top,left corner of your instagram home feed,at the bottom select reels on the left,you'll see a menu of tools,the first one is the audio tool here you,can choose a song to use for your video,scroll through the featured tracks or,use the search bar to find something,specific,tap the play button on the right to hear,a preview of a song,tap the song to add it to your video,use the slider at the bottom to select,what part of the track you want to use,then tap done the next tool is speed,use this to make your video play faster,or slower,if you choose a slower playback speed,you'll hear your selected audio play,super fast while you're recording,if you choose a faster playback speed,your audio will sound slow while you're,recording,the next tool is effects here you'll,find the same kinds of effects you can,use on stories,there are colored filters face effects,and more,scroll through the menu at the bottom to,check out your options,the last tool here is timer with this,you can easily record a clip hands-free,use the slider to select how long you,want the clip to be you could record,just a couple seconds or the full 15,seconds,once you've chosen the length of your,clip tap set timer,when you press record with the timer on,you'll see a 3 second countdown before,recording starts,allowing you time to get into position,recording will automatically stop after,the selected duration,once you've recorded one clip you'll see,another tool appear at the bottom of the,toolbar,this one is called align with this tool,active you'll see a still from your,previous clip overlaid on your screen,this is to help you line up objects or,people so that your transitions are more,seamless with less effort,once you start recording the overlay,will disappear continue recording clips,until you're finished,with each new clip you record you can,change the speed and effects if you like,if you change the song you've selected,after recording a clip or two,it will replace the song you originally,selected,now you can add text stickers and draw,on your video like you can with,instagram stories,when you're done editing tap the arrow,at the bottom,finally we're at the posting stage here,you can add a caption for your reel add,hashtags and tag your friends,if you tap the image on the left you can,select a cover frame for your reel,use the slider at the bottom to select a,frame from your video,or tap add from camera roll to upload a,different image to use as the cover,when you're finished tap done,the share to feed option will,automatically be enabled but if you only,want your reel to be posted to the real,section of your profile and not shared,to your feed,disable this option by tapping the blue,switch,when you're ready to share your reel,with your followers tap share,at the bottom if you're not quite ready,to share it you can instead save it as a,draft,you can view your posted reels and your,drafts by going to your profile,and tapping the reels icon in the middle,if your profile is public,your reels may also get featured on the,explore page for other instagram users,to discover,that does it for our guide to using,instagram reels,thanks for watching if you found this,video helpful we'd love it if you'd hit,the thumbs up button below and subscribe,to our channel we put out great new tech,tutorials like this one,every week

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How to Make Instagram Reels Like a PRO!

How to Make Instagram Reels Like a PRO!

- This video is everything you need to know,about Instagram Reels,,Instagram's answer to TikTok's shorter form videos.,We're gonna cover exactly,how to make Instagram Reels,including how to use and upload your videos as reels,,simple tips and tricks to increase your views,,and my top video editing apps and tools,for iPhone and Android,,all designed to help you get better results.,Now, while we're going through this video,,why not grab your smartphone,,jump over to my Instagram and hit follow.,Once you're done,,come back and give your Instagram handle a plug,down in the comments below,,and share it with the rest of the "Primal Video" community.,I'll be down there as well.,Now, comparing Reels to Instagram Stories,which are limited to 15 seconds,,and disappear after 24 hours,,reels are vertical videos as well,but they can be up to 60 seconds in length,and they don't disappear.,Giving you that benefit of having a piece of content,you're creating that can stick around,,and bring you impact and value,for a long time after you create it.,Now, reels really do need to be created,in that portrait format as well.,And for best results when you're posting them,,I'm gonna share some tips a little later on,so that important stuff doesn't get cropped off.,Now compared to TikTok,,the two of them are very similar.,TikTok right now does support up to three-minute videos,,and this is something that maybe Reels,will be increased to that at some point as well.,But for right now,,your maximum video length with reels is 60 seconds.,But apart from that,,the two are very similar.,They both got a lot of effects,,and filters, and music,,and stuff that you can use,to create short, sharp, engaging videos.,And that's really the real benefit of the Reel draw card,with this type of content.,Short, sharp, engaging, bingeable content,that people can consume quickly.,Now, in terms of creating reels,,you've really got two main options .,You can do the entire process,just within the Instagram app.,So I'm gonna show you that first,,but option number two,is to use more professional third-party apps,which will give you more advanced controls,and customizability,,and really let you get more creative,with your editing,,allowing you to create more professional reels.,So I'll cover those ones off second.,So to create reels in the app itself,,there's a few ways you can access it.,You can swipe across from the left,,and you can see that we're now in Instagram camera.,Down the bottom, you've got the option there for reels,,and pressing that is going to allow you,to make reels from here.,If we back out of this now hitting the X at the top,,the other way that you can get to this,is by hitting the little plus button up the top,,and then down the very bottom,,you can select Reels.,I'm on camera again.,Or if we go back one more time,,the third place is if you select,the dedicated reels button,down the bottom middle of the screen,,then you've got the camera button,in the top right hand corner if you press that.,It's gonna take you to the same place.,Now, in here, the first thing you wanna set,is your video length.,So we can see that here on the side,,and we've got the option of 15 seconds,,30 seconds, or 60 seconds.,Now, even if you select 60 seconds,,start recording your video,,and you're not maxing it out,,it's under 60 seconds,,then, it'll crop that down for you.,So you're better off selecting 60 seconds here,instead of, say, 30 seconds,,and then running out of time,to finish your video if it goes over.,Now if you wanna add in music,and match your recording to the music,,then you can press on the music here.,You can select a lot of popular music tracks in here,,you can search for them up the top there as well,,and you can then select the section of the music track,that you want to include.,I'm gonna press the trash can in the top left,to cancel out of this.,There's also a speed button in the app here.,So we see where it says 1x.,If we press on that,,we can choose the different recording speeds.,So we could record a video,and have it play back in slow motion,,or we can even use this to get a little bit tricky,and we can record our movements in slow motion,,and have them play back in real time.,So that's how you can see some of those reels,that seem to be perfectly timed to music,or perfectly timed dance moves ,,this is how they're doing it.,Down below that,,you've got all your filters and effects,that you can add on.,Damn, actually looks pretty good.,No, it doesn't, it looks terrible.,Get off, get off!,And there's also a touch up mode down below that.,Now, this is really just like a beauty mode.,It's gonna smooth out your skin,,make you look amazing.,You can press and hold on it though,,and you can adjust the amount that you wanna have.,Looks nothing like me.,So we can turn that one off.,There's also a countdown timer you can turn on,so that your videos will start recording,after a certain amount of time.,And the last button down the bottom,is for aligning

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2022 INSTAGRAM REELS TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS | Easy walkthrough on how to film & edit reels in IG app

2022 INSTAGRAM REELS TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS | Easy walkthrough on how to film & edit reels in IG app

in this video i'm going to be giving you,an exact tutorial on how to create,instagram reels in 2022 so if you're,curious how to create your instagram,rails within the instagram app in the,editor and how to film and edit and all,of those different things we're going to,go over every single feature in this,video and before we jump in i do want,you guys to know i have a free online,class called how to grow your reach,followers and customers with instagram,reels so if that sounds interesting to,you at all the link will be down in the,description you can join and sign up at,any time and now let's go ahead and jump,into the tutorial all right guys so i,have my instagram app pulled up right,here and i'm gonna use this to walk you,guys through exactly how to create a,reel so what you're going to do you can,go to your bio there's a little plus,icon right up here you can tap on that,and then simply tap on real and it,brings you right into the reels creation,part of instagram you can also go to,your home feed swipe over and um at the,very bottom here you'll see there's like,almost a little carousel of different,words and you can just tap over to reels,and it will bring you to the exact same,place which is awesome the first part i,want to mention right here is the little,audio icon here at the very top if you,tap on that you can search for music and,all of those fun things right in here,you can even tap on saved right here and,tap through your saved music and if,there's anything there you might want to,use i do want to mention that getting,access to popular music you typically,have to be a creator account so if you,are a business account and having,trouble getting access to this consider,switching to a creator account because,usually it gives you access the one,right below it so see you sit where it,says 30 with like the little circle if,you tap on that that's where you can,change the length of your reel from 15,to 30 to 60 seconds you do want to,mention here that you need to make sure,you change that before you start filming,a reel because you can't go back and,change this afterwards make it longer or,anything like that so just make sure,that it's the exact length you want and,a lot of times i will even just set this,to 60 seconds if i'm not even sure,because even if you film less than 30,seconds like it's not going to really,affect anything it's just you know going,to give you the option to shoot a little,bit longer so i always prefer to do that,right below that if you tap where it,says one times it's where when you,actually are filming a reel you can,change like how quick or how fast a reel,is so for example if you do like two,times or three times or four time speed,you're essentially able to film a time,lapse in your reels if you do 0.3 or 0.5,you're able to film a reel that is like,slow-mo reel so if you're interested in,that i can be super helpful um to do,right within the reels app i'm just,going to go ahead and leave it at one,time right below that you'll see like,this these like three little stars icon,if you tap on that it's actually the,effects and this is where you're able to,add an effect when or before you start,filming so you cannot add effects after,you have filmed an instagram mail you,have if you're filming within the app,you have to do it before or add the,effect before you start filming so for,example um i'm going to have over to my,saved filters right here this is like my,favorite one every day but lauren fair,i'm just gonna go ahead and turn it,around real quick so you guys can see um,so see how it has like a filter on me,right now and i can even go here,let's see i need to go to saved effects,and i can tap through the different,effects that i have saved so you see how,it adds it to the,um video but you have to do that before,you film again because once you have,like filmed a reel it won't let you add,it after the fact which is kind of a,bummer i wish you could but that's just,the way that it works right now right,below that you'll see a timer icon so if,you tap on that this feature is really,handy so what you can do is essentially,it counts down for you to start filming,so this is really helpful if you have,your phone set up somewhere and you,won't have it on a tripod or something,or on a ring light and you want to get,yourself situated and set up before it,actually starts filming this is super,handy and you can even tap on where it,says countdowns here there's a blue 3s,if you tap on that you can also change,it to a 10 second countdown so i'm gonna,go ahead and leave it on three seconds,the other thing i want to mention here,see how there's like a little like,oranges pink box around like the length,of time here if you tap on the very very,end here and drag you're able to change,how long the timer is going to go for so,for example if we do,let's do just three seconds here so it's,a three second countdown i'm going to,set timer and if i were to hit film,which me which to film you just tap on,um th

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Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

Use This NEW Hashtag Strategy To Go VIRAL on Instagram in 2023 (NOT WHAT YOU THINK)

the first hashtag strategy that you need,to be implementing on Instagram right,now to go viral is one to two hashtags,now the reason that you want to use one,to two hashtags is because way too many,of you are putting way too many hashtags,you're putting 10 20 30 hashtags and it,actually ruins Instagram's ability to,see what audiences should be pushing,your content to you see the reason that,Instagram uses hashtags is to determine,who they should actually be pushing your,content to so if you use too little of,them AKA use none of them they have no,idea to push a content to and if you use,too many of them which I'm going to,share with you later on in this video,exactly how many you can use and it's,going to be the reason that it,completely dilutes Instagram's ability,to actually push out your content and,for a lot of you this is why you're not,getting views right now but in addition,to that there are two other practices,that you need to be implementing right,now which are going to be the best,hashtag strategies to be using in fact,the last hashtag strategy that I share,with you in this video is by far the,best one that you need to be using so,please make sure you stick around for it,but before we could dive into that I,need you to smash that subscribe button,if you want to go quicker on Instagram,Tick Tock or YouTube I literally upload,a video about how to grow on these,platforms every single day in addition,to that I created a free Instagram,growth course you can get at the link in,the pin comment below it's going to,share with you things like the best time,to be posting on Instagram right now,because that has also changed for 2023,and it could be a factor as to why,you're not getting views so please go to,the link in the pin comment below get,into it right now it is 100 free what,are you waiting for now before I can,tell you the other two hashtag,strategies so you need to make sure,you're implementing it I need to make,sure that you're actually choosing the,right hashtags because just using one or,two hashtags or the hashtag strategies I,share with you later it's not enough you,also need to make sure that you're,choosing the right hashtags for your,Niche because if you're not it's going,to be the reason that you're not getting,more followers or more views in fact,this Creator just implemented these,hashtag strategies gained over 10 000,followers in just a few weeks and this,Creator in over 70 000 followers in less,than 30 days and the same thing can,happen to you so when it comes to the,hashtags what you need to be doing is,focusing on the quality of the hashtags,that you're choosing you need to be,choosing hashtags that are actually,relevant to whatever you're posting,about and they need to have a lot of,reach behind them way too many creators,right now especially small creators are,listening to bad advice and essentially,what you're doing is creating your own,hashtag or trying to use small hashtags,in order to rank for it that's one of,the worst things that you could possibly,do what you need to be doing is going,after the big hashtags for two reasons,one they have the most audience behind,them so what does this mean it means,that Instagram knows that if you use,hashtag Fitness well then that's a huge,Fitness audience and that's your you're,trying to reach on top of that these,large hashtags a lot of people follow,them for example you might be following,the Cavapoo hashtag you might be,following hashtag Ferrari or whatever,the case is and essentially what's going,to end up happening is when creators use,that two things are going to happen one,The Reel is going to get pushed to that,audience or the second thing is that,those people that follow those hashtags,actually see posts from under those,hashtags on their feed and on their,explore page so what does this mean it,means that you're going to increase your,reach by actually using those larger,hashtags don't worry about ranking for,hashtags right now that is an Instagram,strategy that worked two or three years,ago it doesn't work anymore today so I,would not be focusing on it instead you,need to make sure you're using the,second hashtag strategy which is going,to be using five to six hashtags you,heard that right the first one one of,two hashtags the second five to six,hashtags and there's still one more that,is the best hashtag strategy if you want,to go viral right now especially as a,small account but before we could get,into that I need to make sure that you,are not making the mistakes that I see,so many creators making right now on,Instagram and part of that is not post,Instagram reels so many of you are still,not posting reels and you need to,understand something it is easier to,grow on Instagram right now than it ever,has been before you heard that right,easier now than it ever has been before,I know you have friends you have,competitors that blew up in 2022 there's,a bigger opportunity to blow up on,Instagram in 2023 because Instagram is,moving mor

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How I Make and Post my Instagram Reels 🎬 Instagram Reels Tutorial 2022

How I Make and Post my Instagram Reels 🎬 Instagram Reels Tutorial 2022

so we all know by now that posting reels,consistently on instagram is pretty much,the best way to grow on the platform in,2022 but the hardest part of that,process is finding a way to quickly and,efficiently create your reels and,schedule them to make sure that you are,posting them consistently and not having,to take time out of your day every,single day to create them because we,know that's not reasonable y'all you got,stuff to do so my friend in this video,i'm going to show you how to create real,so that you can batch them ahead of time,and schedule them so that you can post,reels every day without actually having,to create reels every day so inside of,this video i've got three tutorials for,you on the three most common types of,reels i'm going to walk you through step,by step so if you're a beginner this is,going to be super helpful for you i'm,going to show you exactly how to create,these videos inside reels and i'm even,going to show you my hack for scheduling,your reel so that you never forget to,post a reel again sounds good well let's,get into it oh and by the way if you're,new here hi my name is katie and i love,to share tips and advice about social,media and content creation and really,i'm just here for you on your journey of,becoming a content creator so hit that,subscribe button if that sounds good to,you and the first reel that i'm going to,show you how to make today is the,classic instagram aesthetic reel it,doesn't really matter what audio is,paired with this because there are,constantly new trending audios that are,using the exact same approach to the,video so you can kind of copy and paste,this strategy to whatever reel is,trending at the moment speaking of that,the best way to find trending reels is,to literally just start scrolling,through your instagram reels feed you,can see right away in the bottom,left-hand corner there is that little,arrow that indicates that this audio is,trending so once you've found an audio,that's trending and that works with this,sort of aesthetic you're going to go,ahead and tap on that music icon in the,bottom right hand corner of the reel,that you found and it's going to open up,this page which shows you all the,different reels that were created using,that audio so from there you're going to,tap on use audio it's going to pull up,our reels creator interface now instead,of actually recording anything because,of course for this trend the idea is to,show a bunch of really quick photos and,videos that sort of give an overall,aesthetic or vibe so the way we're gonna,do that is actually by adding images and,videos from our camera roll that we like,already took before creating this reel,and the way to do that is to press on,this button in the bottom left hand,corner to allow you to upload photos and,videos from your camera roll so for this,one i'm actually going to switch from,recents to my album of van life photos,because i decided for this i want to do,like a van life vibes kind of take on,the trend so to be able to select,multiple photos and videos you're going,to tap on that multi-select button in,the top right hand corner and you'll see,that there's now these little circles by,each of the photos and videos that you,can choose so that's going to indicate,whether or not they're selected so i'm,just gonna go ahead and select a bunch,of photos that i want to use for this,trend now a quick tip if you want to,make sure that your landscape or square,photos are scaled up to actually fill,the entire screen so there aren't like,black bars somewhere randomly like in,your video you're gonna have to actually,add those photos individually so for,example if i would choose um like this,picture you can see it doesn't fill the,screen right now but if i tap on scale,now i've got a fully vertical image so,then i can click add and then i can just,press that plus button again in the,bottom right hand corner and keep going,okay so i've added enough photos and,videos to reach the recording limit,which you can kind of see across the top,here like the entire bar is full,so i'm gonna go ahead and tap on preview,and it's gonna show us basically the,default showing the full length clips of,each of these so to make them all really,short and like fast moving what we're,going to do is go to edit clips,now we're going to go into each clip,individually and set the length and this,also is your opportunity to reorder,clips if you want them to show up in a,different order which i actually think i,do so i'm going to tap on reorder before,i even start,and i am going to select,the current clip that we're watching,okay and make that first,and then i'm going to,put all of these photos together so you,can see if you just tap and drag you can,switch the position of the clip or the,photo,and then when i'm happy with the order,i'll tap on done and now i'm going to,tap on each clip and adjust the length,or you know select the section,that i want to show,for a lot of these trends you're,probably going to wan

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how i make aesthetic instagram reels & tiktoks as an artist! (filming, editing, monetization)

how i make aesthetic instagram reels & tiktoks as an artist! (filming, editing, monetization)

hello,welcome back to my channel if you didn't,know my name is katie mai and i am an,illustrator who shares my art journey,with all of you lovely people on the,internet if that seems really cool to,you,hit that subscribe button,look i made this really cool subscribe,gift to convince you to subscribe,convinced okay maybe maybe by the end of,the video i get a lot of questions from,you guys about how i create my tick tock,and reels and all like the short form,videos i make for my social media i'm,gonna be going through the whole process,from brainstorming ideas to editing to,filming to monetization of your tic tocs,and reels so,that sounds good keep watching the video,and i just want to say as a disclaimer,this is what i found works for me,i am not a professional social media,person it's just what i noticed that,worked and if it helps one of you who is,in a similar boat as me or if you're,just getting started with making tic,tocs and reels maybe this video will,help you,if you're an artist like me i know how,difficult it is to create these videos,on top of all the other things we're,expected to do to keep that algorithm,happy but i just want to remind you like,you don't have to create tick tocks and,reels if you don't want to and if you,don't enjoy the process of making them,and if your first video turns out janky,who cares post it anyway for me i love,creating videos and talking to a camera,like in me right now let's start with,the basics and talk tik tok versus,instagram reels my strategy is to edit,the videos with the third party app it's,just easier for me to post on both,platforms and everything i post,instagram i post a tick tock but not,everything i post on tick tock is posted,on instagram,if that makes sense in my experience,tick tock is really more casual and,quick i really,like posting casual behind the scenes,stuff on tick tock so how do i think of,ideas,one you have to research aka spend hours,on dig dog and instagram like i honestly,spend hours on tick tock like i am,guilty of that and i need a set of,screen time but i honestly do my biggest,advice to you guys is make what you like,to watch i love watching people paint,i'm on book talk,i love outfit of the days stuff like,that and that is exactly the stuff i,make and like i hate to break it to you,but i feel like you won't know the,trends unless you really,actively keep up with the trends like,you're not just gonna like know them off,the bat unless you're like a super cool,trendsetter like go you,um i really think watching is like the,best way to get ideas and if you,download tiktok because of this video,and get addicted to it you cannot blame,me i'm sorry i'm sorry i really like to,do my reels in series i have like my,mini vlog series i have a sketchbook,saturday a ceramics class series and,then what other one do i do i do my,reading wrap ups at the end of each,month so i like doing this because if,people like one of the videos from the,series they probably will go back and,watch the other videos in the series so,that's like another view for you and the,good thing with series is that you can,start and stop them however you like,like if you find that one of them isn't,doing particularly well you can cut back,on making those,and if one of them is doing really,really awesome you can start making more,of those like for example my ceramic,class series like it wasn't like a flop,but it did not get as many views as my,other reels and i stopped making as many,of them and then on the other hand,my sketchbook reels do really well for,some reason one of those was like the,first one of my reels to like really,blow up and i was like what the i'm,making more of these that's so cool,i was like yeah i'm always gonna make,these sketchbook reels now getting,started use those analytics to your,benefit like they are there for you to,use and analyze,analyze your followers analyze what they,like,and i know you guys like those,sketchbook reels so,i keep making i will keep making the,sketchbook reels i'm gonna show you a,little sneak peek of my content calendar,right here that i create on notion this,just gives me a rough idea of when i,should plan to film edit and post a real,i don't really follow it to a t but it's,nice to have like as guidance and it is,a nice place to dump all your ideas so,let's start making a real,ready to film a real slash tick tock,right now we're gonna do like a,sketchbook drawing reel today i have a,collaboration with derwent colored,pencils and for this collab i am,creating a piece of artwork using their,beautiful colored pencils so that is,exactly what we're gonna do i feel like,i already have a formula that i like to,do for sketchbook slash drawing reels,and stuff um so i have a list of shots,that i have in mind already so i do want,to get a shot of me like opening the,colored pencils i like to get a shot of,like the materials i'm using in the,beginning and then a nice shot of the,scene,and then that's when we get into all the,drawing seque

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FULL INSTAGRAM REELS TUTORIAL | Everything you need to know to make and use Instagram Reels!

FULL INSTAGRAM REELS TUTORIAL | Everything you need to know to make and use Instagram Reels!

it's about to get real instagram reels,stupid okay let's talk about instagram,reels what are,reels how do you make a reel how do you,add sound to a real music,add text voiceover how can you use reels,to grow your instagram i am answering,all of those questions in this video,right now,and i'll even do you the common courtesy,of leaving timestamps in the comments,below so you could quickly jump to,whatever you are looking for in this,video,yeah that's right i'm awesome what's up,everyone it's modern millie welcome back,to my channel where i post videos every,wednesday teaching you the latest,strategies,and trends on social media to help you,grow your brand,what was that what was that so make sure,you give a little love tap on that,subscribe button if you're ready to make,a change in your business,today you already know why you're here,so let's get into it,instagram reels on august 5th instagram,officially released,their reels feature to their platform,now this feature was tested in other,parts of the world before they,fully rolled it out but now it has,graced us all with its presence,what are reals reels are a new way to,create and discover short entertaining,videos on,instagram basically tick tocks but on,instagram,when it comes to creators you can now,record and edit 15 second videos with,audio effects,text and other creative tools or as a,user you can lay in the comfort of your,very own cozy bed,and accidentally spend two hours,mindlessly scrolling and watching these,videos,as you all know during quarantine,tick-tock blew up,when this happened a lot of instagram,users were spending less time on the,insta and more time on the tick tock and,uh instagram wasn't having it so they,created similar capabilities within,their app to hopefully retain and win,back their audience,here's the thing we've seen instagram do,this before i don't mean the same,feature but i'm talking similar strategy,not too long ago,it wasn't too long ago when a lot of,instagram users started going to,snapchat more,to use their filters instagram was like,i don't think so boom they up leveled,their filter game and now everybody came,back to the instagram platform for those,filters,why should you be posting reels anytime,instagram brings out a new feature they,push,it hard just go to your explore page,right now,the first thing that you see is probably,a real go search through some hashtags,go on,go on and i'm sure one of the first,things you'll see there,reels basically instagram is counting on,this feature to succeed,they want their audience back so they're,going to push it in our faces,until it does succeed so by hopping on,this trend right now,at the very beginning and keeping up,with it instagram is going to,recognize your efforts and push your,content on reels,faster than it would pushing your,everyday posts even instagram said so,themselves,reels in their explore page offers,anyone the chance to become a creator on,instagram,and reach new audiences on a global,stage so by posting reels you have a,higher chance of your content being seen,and getting in front of eyes that you,probably wouldn't be able to get in,front of,had you just done an everyday post now,if you're not 100 on posting to reels,yet and you're still just trying to,figure out the instagram strategy,do not fret my dear darlings make sure,you go check out my video how to,actually grow on instagram in 2020 where,i teach you the actual strategies for,growing your instagram,without the reels feature okay moving on,what should you post on reels something,you need to understand about,reels is that instagram has a different,audience demographic than tick tock,so some videos that popped off on tick,tock might not be as successful as they,would on reels,an example of this is do you remember,that tick tock trend dancers were doing,where they would get their leg up to the,daft punk song like work it make it do,it makes sense and they get their leg,all the way up those were going crazy on,tick-tock,i saw a girl post her version of that on,reels and that video didn't do too well,and what i mean when i say didn't do too,well i meant a lot of people were hating,on it,so from what i've observed so far reels,that provide,value entertainment or inspiration seem,to be more successful than trends,skits or lip-syncing sounds that float,around on tock,whether that means the videos you,creating are five ways to wear a jean,jacket,or a beautiful view from the mountain,top uh how to edit your instagram photos,and,so on no matter what you're creating on,reels always keep this in mind,instagram has always been about,aesthetic so,when you are making those reels make,sure you're thinking,pinterest worthy visual meets tick-tock,quick,content does that make sense now this,feature hasn't been live for very long,so only time will tell what truly works,and what doesn't,before we jump into instagram i want to,know what your predictions are when it,comes to instagram reels do you think,this is just going to b

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How to Make Instagram Reels with Pictures and Videos From Your Camera Roll

How to Make Instagram Reels with Pictures and Videos From Your Camera Roll

you've probably already taken enough,photos and videos to create a reel in,this video i'm going to show you how to,use those photos and videos on your,camera roll to create a reel hi i'm,wonderful ida a digital course video,producer based in vancouver canada i,teach video production to service,providers that they can film once to,teach many if you have a course idea and,want to learn how to film yourself make,sure you subscribe to my youtube channel,because i have new videos out every,wednesday first thing you need to,consider when you want to create a reel,from your existing photos and videos on,your camera roll is to get everything,organized it's a pain in the butt trying,to go through all your photos and your,videos trying to find which one to add,next so i strongly suggest that you take,the time to first,go through all the shots and figure out,which ones you want to use in your reel,and then add them all to one album so,i'm going to create a reel from an event,that i did camera for,so i'm going to go,to my photos,and i'm going to scroll back,i'm going to press select so that i can,easily select the shots i want and i'm,just going to scroll back and start,picking shots,so i'm gonna pick a num a bunch of,photos,here's some photos,some videos,so i'm picking these at random if i was,creating this for myself i would take,the time to individually view all the,shots and make sure that i pick the ones,that i like best so once you have the,ones that you want to add selected you,can go,press the forward button and then add to,album,you can name your album,and then all your clips that you put are,in that particular album so to create a,reel out of that you can go into your,profile,click the plus button,select real,and you're in reals starting by picking,a song is going to help you set the tone,for your reel by picking a song with a,faster beat you're going to want to have,more quick shots in it shorter clips and,if the beat's a little bit slower then,you're going to want to have longer,clips so that it matches with the music,because i can't share the audio for this,due to copyright infringements i'm not,going to pick a song but do consider,that first,to add clips from your camera wall all,you do is swipe up,and then you'll see your camera roll up,here there so here when i swipe up it's,going to show me all of my recent shots,but i can click,right where it says recent and i can,select the album that i want,for it to show up in so this is my album,and now it's going to take me to the,album of my clips,so i can add a video clip i can select a,video clip,you'll see here that it allows me to,scale i can zoom in,i can hold my fingers down and i can,rearrange where,it's going to,how zoomed in and where it's going to,appear in my shot,say i do all this and i don't like it by,pressing the little box icons i can go,back,and it's going to show me the original,let's say i want to crop it so it's,there that looks nice and then i can,trim my clip,there we go,so that it appears well in that shot so,let's add that clip there's another,really fun feature when you're adding,photos so,we're in our main screen we're going to,swipe up and we're going to look for,live photos with live photos your camera,records what's happening 1.5 seconds,before and 1.5 seconds after you take,the shot and then it picks the best,frame to share as your photo so to,activate live photos you're going to see,it in the top right corner see if i,click on that it's going to say live off,the circle has no line against it then,live is on,and then so when you take the photo,you can see i'm taking the photo and i'm,just going to do a little bit of,movement,and when i look back at that photo,it's going to pick that shot of the,photo but then if i view the photo i can,hold down and then i can see,the movement that happens before and,after that is what you're going to be,able to access within your reels so you,can see here how this photo is a live,photo when i click on it,it's going to give me two options on the,bottom so the first one has an x through,it and that shows nothing and then the,second one,you can see the movement that i did with,my phone as i shot it so i can trim that,movement,so you can see that photo it's still a,photo but it adds that extra life,element to it,or if i want to add just a regular photo,let's see where's the photo another,photo,here this photo doesn't have that live,circle on it so if i add it it's not,going to give me that option,to change it into a moving photo instead,i'm only going to get the scale option,so i can zoom in,and scale,and i can if i hold my fingers down on,my screen i can adjust,where,that photo's going to show,there we go and then if i'm not happy,with that i can always click back and,it's going to revert it to the original,so when you're adding your clips it's a,matter of adding photo and video clips,and trimming it to go with the music so,that it creates a fun engaging reel for,you to share so there you have it now,y

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