how to make a collage on instagram story

Easiest COLLAGE for INSTAGRAM STORIES | Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story!hello and welcome

Jenny Paul

Updated on Jan 10,2023

Easiest COLLAGE for INSTAGRAM STORIES | Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story!

hello and welcome back to my channel i'm,jenny paul i am a business coach for,entrepreneurs looking to build,meaningful profitable businesses doing,what they love,but also to take good care of themselves,while they're doing it so on this,channel we chat all about business,strategy,mindset and self-care so if you're,interested in any of those things,be sure to subscribe and hit the,notification bell so that you can catch,my videos every single,week today we're chatting all about how,to,create a collage on instagram stories,without any external apps so no external,apps needed,it is a new feature that is in instagram,stories that allows us to do this,and it got rolled out kind of quietly,and not a lot of people know about it,although it is so key because there are,a lot of different,reasons why you would want to put,multiple photos,on one story so we're going to get into,it right away and it's going to be super,easy,open up your instagram app head on over,to,stories now you can either take a,picture as a background so i actually,really like this blanket so i could use,that,as a background if i want it or i can,choose this pen tool,i can choose a color that i like so,let's say i choose this pink color,hold it down and it's going to create,just a solid color background if i don't,like any of these colors,i can just hold down any of these colors,and i can,drag along this spectrum to choose any,color i,like so let's say i like that one i hold,it down again and it's going to give me,again that solid color,background now let's say you don't like,either of those options and you want to,use a specific,background photo well you just add that,to your phone,swipe up and the image is going to be,there for you to use so i just got this,image from canva i created an instagram,story,blank canvas on canva and i just chose,one of their backgrounds to get,this so that's easy enough now we're,going to add our multiple photos to this,background,so you're going to click on the sticker,tool and you're going to scroll down,and you'll see this little square that,looks like mountains like a landscape,that's the one you're going to choose,and it's going to bring up what was,in your camera roll now let's say i have,multiple product photos well,i just add them click the sticker tool,again,it's going to allow me to add as many as,i want,so there we go i've added multiple,photos,that were in my phone and i can create,this collage however i like so i can,drag things around,i can resize them and that is it,it is that simple to create your collage,you can go ahead and post it you can add,some text you can add some,other stickers if you like but that's,how you create a collage it is that,easy i hope that was helpful i am always,trying to share with you the simplest,way to do things so that i can save you,time,and save you energy i have other,instagram tips and tricks so check out,the description box below because i will,leave the links there,and i will see you in the next video

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Instagram Story Hacks: 5 Tricks You (Probably) Didn't Know

Instagram Story Hacks: 5 Tricks You (Probably) Didn't Know

what's going on YouTube if you're new,around here my name is Sam Scheffer and,today in this video we're gonna talk,about five Instagram story hack tricks,whatever word you want to use let's just,jump right in so the first thing I'm,gonna teach you is how to do rainbow or,gradient text so go ahead and open up,Instagram stories and I'm gonna do this,as I speak so go ahead and take a photo,of whatever you want and then you can,type hello this is text and you want to,highlight the entire text so select all,and then press and hold on one of the,colors so you bring up the rest of the,colors you grab the right side of the,text with your other thumb and at the,same time you slide over so you're,basically moving the text select as,you're moving your other finger to,select more colors at the same time it,might be difficult to do at first but,after a couple of tries you'll get it,this next trick is something that I just,learned and post it on my Instagram,story so shout out if you saw it on at,Sam Scheffer on Instagram so to do a,collage on Instagram stories as in have,multiple photos on the same frame here's,how you do it so take a photo of,anything I personally like to do black,backgrounds so kind of like cover your,camera take a photo so the background is,black then you go into your camera roll,and select a photo you copy that photo,so tap that little box tap copy and then,you go back into Instagram and you'll,see this little kind of like pop up,there and then you tap that pop up and,boom you can place a photo right on your,already taken photo so you tap add,sticker you can move it around do,whatever you want and what's nice is you,could do it multiple times so you go to,another picture in your camera roll copy,it go back into Instagram you'll see,that little pop up there tap it add,sticker and you can seemingly do as many,as you want you can resize them I am,really into this right now,up next the third thing I'm going to,show you is how to do a boomerang in a,way that you probably didn't know as,possible so traditionally in Instagram,there's the boomerang tool and then,there's also the boomerang app from the,app store however if you take a lie,photo on your iPhone and then you bring,that live photo into Instagram stories,and you press and hold on the screen it,turns your live photo into a boomerang,and I'm not sure where I mention this,but I used to not use live photos all,that much I didn't really see a purpose,for them but now I find myself taking,live photos more because I can use them,as boomerangs and Instagram so the,fourth thing if you've noticed that your,photos and definitely videos look kind,of crappy on Instagram because of,compression there's a kind of trick that,I found that you can use for photos to,make them ever so slightly sharper so,what you want to do is go into your,camera roll you want to crop the photo,to 9 by 16 and what that does is it,fills up the entire frame not allowing,Instagram to take your let's say 4 by 3,photo and then crop it in the backend,it'll take you our 9 16 photo fill it up,and it seems to be sharper in Instagram,stories versus taking a photo with your,phone and then uploading it to Instagram,and let Instagram do the cropping if you,crop to 916 prior it seems to be a,little bit sharper so the 5th and final,sort of trick hack in this video is to,do the magic or black magic eraser thing,remember when you were as a kid you got,a black sheet of paper and then you,would like scratch into and have this,rainbow in the background so go into,Instagram stories take a photo and then,tap on the drawing icon and then pick a,color that you want your background and,then tap and hold on the screen and,it'll fill the entire screen with the,background color of your choice and then,you can take the eraser and then draw on,that photo to sort of reveal what's in,the background there throwback to being,a kid in middle school ok that's it I,wanted to keep this video super short,and to the point five things 5 little,tricks or hacks you could do in,Instagram stories,hopefully you learned something today,smash like if you did subscribe to my,channel if you're new around here and,I'll catch you in the next video

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Use Lightroom to Create Collages for Instagram Stories: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Use Lightroom to Create Collages for Instagram Stories: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Hi everybody, welcome to another episode,of Exploring Photography right here on,AdoramaTV.,I'm Mark Wallace, and in this,episode I'm going to show you something,that will allow you to create custom,content for your Instagram feed, and you,can add branding, you can add calls to,action, and you can do all of this using,a feature that's been in Lightroom since,it was very first released, it's in the,print module of all things, who knew?,It's called the print to file. Now using this,you can not only take a bunch of images,and put them together to make collages,or triptychs, or whatever, you can also,add branding, or you can add calls to,action, like swipe up or click here for,more info, or don't miss this or coming,soon, whatever it is, you can do that all,within Lightroom, and then add that to,Instagram stories, and that will allow,people to discover your content.,So without further ado let's hop into,Lightroom, and get started.,I'm in the library module of Adobe Photoshop,Lightroom classic CC, and before we jump,over into the print module, I just need,to mention the fact that the print,module only allows you to work with,images that are either currently,selected, or those that are in,collections, and so if you don't have any,images in collections, make sure you do,that first, so you can work with them,properly, in the print module, or when you,get over there you might not be able,find the images that you want.,All right, I've got the images that I want in a,bike collection, these are my motorcycle,images from a ride around the world, and,so let's just zip over to the print,module now.,Remember the print module is,for printing physical prints on physical,pieces of paper from a physical printer.,We're going to be using it in a way that,it was never intended, we're going to,print to a jpg image, and use that image,on Instagram stories, and so if you don't,know a lot about the print module, don't,worry. I'm going to show you how to use,eight steps to do exactly what you need,to do. So just follow along you'll be,just fine.,Let's get to it by step one.,Step one is to choose the correct layout,style we need to choose, a custom,package I want you to select this,,you're gonna see a,blank screen something like this.,This represents that piece of paper that would,be coming out of a printer, but we're,going to be printing to a jpg file, and,so what we need to do is we need to create a,a virtual piece of paper that matches an,Instagram story.,Tall and skinny, and so we're gonna do,that in step two.,In step two, we're gonna click on page,setup and we are going to,format this for any printer.,So you might see a different,printer here, just click any printer and,then in paper size click 'manage custom sizes'.,Now once we get in here click the,'plus' button. We want to create a preset,and then double click on 'untitled'.,We are going to call this Instagram story,alright, so just type that in there...,'Instagram story', and then for paper size,make sure you enter nine inches wide, and,16 inches tall, and then in the non-printable,area for top. bottom left, and,right, make sure you enter all zeros, so,once you've done that you're all set up,and then you can click 'OK', and now from,now on you don't have to add any of that,stuff you can just go down here and,click 'Instagram story' and when you hit,OK, you're gonna get this tall and skinny,document that will work every time.,So you only have to do step,two the first time, let's get to step three,,and that is adding our images to our blank slate.,Now to do that all we have to do is go down,here into the filmstrip, and then we can,drag images onto the page.,Now the thing about this is, when you,drag an image onto the page, you're not,actually adding just an image, you're,adding a cell.,Now a cell is a placeholder that you can put,images in - in the future, and so this,square here, notice if I drag this to the,left, it becomes tall and skinny. Drag it to,the right it becomes sort of skinny and,wide, and it's cropping off things,because it's creating a frame that,contains an image. Now I can hit the,Command or Option, and then I can drag my,image inside of that, and it's similar to,the way frames work in InDesign, if,you're familiar with that.,The other thing I can do if I don't want my,image to be sized in a weird and wonky,way, I can always go to the right side here,,and click 'lock to photo aspect ratio', and,then no matter what I do, it's always,going to keep the aspect ratio.,I'm going to turn that off for now, and so I'll,show you why a little bit later.,So I have my first image here, if I don't like,that image then I'm going to replace it,with something, I can go down here to the,film strip, and then I can just drag and,drop one on top of that.,It's going to replace what is inside of that cell,,remember that cell is a placeholder.,I can go over here, I can get this Anthony,churchyard image, and I can drag and drop,that in. So if i drop on top of the cell,whatever's inside of

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How To Make a Collage On Instagram Story Android

How To Make a Collage On Instagram Story Android

hey guys welcome to knowledge base today,I want to show you how you can make a,collage on your Instagram story if,you've got an Android phone I'm sure,you've seen tutorials showing you how,you can do it on your iPhone but to do,it on your Android phone it is a little,bit different so here's how you can do,it if this video helps you out make sure,you leave a like and make sure you,subscribe so the first thing you want to,do is you need to go to the Play Store,and this is essential if you want to do,this on your Android phone you're on a,search for an application called Swift,key now what this is going to allow you,to do is it's essentially going to allow,you to mimic the method that you would,normally do on your iPhone so download,Swift key I'm going to install it now,and I'll be back once it's downloaded so,once you've got it downloaded and,installed onto your phone you want to,open it up and we're not really bothered,about what this application does we just,need to enable it so click enable Swift,key and then you want to just tap enable,here then select Swift key so make sure,you selected it and then you can click,on the third one click not now and we're,not bothered about any of this so click,OK click Next,not now again and you should see the,Swift key dashboard here now we don't,need to do anything else we can go off,the Swift key out and now we can go and,open up Instagram and we can start to,make our own college so what you want to,do is you want to open up Instagram and,you're going to need to basically take a,picture and you're taking a picture of,like the background of you collage so,I'm going to take a picture in my laptop,here so you can see we have an old black,background now what we can do is we can,start to enter photos into the into the,Instagram story so to do that you want,to tap all you would do if you were,typing some text and you can see how the,keyboard is different here now you want,to click on the plus icon in the left,hand corner and click on the pin well,that's going to allow you to do is it's,going to allow you to create your own,stickers so click OK,then click create then click got it and,you should get a pop-up here asking,SwiftKey to view your photos click allow,and now they're allowed we can go back,onto the collection click create again,and you're going to see all of your,images on your phone now what you can do,is choose whatever image you want to,upload,to your Instagram stories so I'll choose,one here so I'll choose this one once,you've chosen the image click on the,blue bottom and it's going to be on your,Instagram story and you can do whatever,with that image then you can do the same,thing again click the pin button click,create you're going to get your images,and you can just post whatever image and,there we go we're now uploading multiple,pictures to our Instagram story on,Android and like usual you can add text,you can add whatever you want to it but,that's how you can do it using Swift key,and it's that simple really if this did,help you out make sure you leave a like,make sure you subscribe let me know in,the comment section below that it did,help you out it would really help hold,the video and really help out my channel,cheers guys and I'll see you all in the,next one

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How to Create Collages for LikeToKnow.It and RewardStyle in Canva | How to Make Gift Guide Collages

How to Create Collages for LikeToKnow.It and RewardStyle in Canva | How to Make Gift Guide Collages

hi and welcome back to my channel or,welcome if you're new today i'm going to,share with you how to create those,collage pictures for like to know it or,reward style because it's pretty much,the same thing they have recently,changed their name so reward style and,like to know it have become just ltk so,that's the app and that's um what,influencers use to monetize through,affiliate links um so this is just one,program to monetize your instagram or,your blog through affiliate links um and,it's a really good one because it has,quite high commission rates i've,actually already done a couple of videos,on this topic on how to get accepted to,reward style or like to know it because,it's quite a rigorous process to get,accepted into it so it's not super easy,to get into the platform um so if you do,need help with that i will link that,video down below and i've also done a,video if you're already in like to know,it i've also done a video on um how to,use a like to know it so how to use the,app how to get the links um and kind of,the widgets that they have and,everything like that so i will link that,video as well if you need help with that,but if you need help to create collage,pictures of um items to create kind of,like gift guides just those collage,pictures for pinterest for your blog for,instagram for whatever you may need to,create them for then this video is going,to help you do that because it's,actually not a hard process um i guess,it just kind of takes a bit of practice,and to know exactly,step by step how to do that so let's go,ahead and get started i'm going to share,my screen with you so you can see what,i'm doing okay so let's see how to,create one of those collage pictures for,uh like to know it or for your blog so,the first thing that you're going to,need to do is decide on what products,you're going to include in this collage,maybe if you're doing a gift guide or,just kind of a style inspiration you can,just go onto the website um where the,items are that you want to promote so,i'm going to just pick a few from h m,just to give you an example the first,thing i'm going to do is open up the,products that i wanted to share and i'm,going to take screenshots of the items,that i'm going to include in my collage,if you are on a mac like me then you can,just do shift command and 4,and then you will see this kind of,target thingy and you can select what,you want to screenshot so i will just do,this bit because that's what i want and,then my screenshot will be saved to my,computer it's usually saved to my,desktop but i think it kind of depends,on where you have that set up so that's,screenshot number one i'm just going to,take a few screenshots,of products and i'm just looking for the,pictures where the product is like this,just because it's a much better one to,use in a collage i feel like these go,really well,and that i'm just going to do i think,i'm going to do like five items,just so that i have a few to include in,my,in my collage picture,so let's just save all of those let's,see if this one has yeah it does have a,picture of just the,product,you can also do command shift 3 and that,will um that will take a screenshot of,your entire screen but if you do command,shift um,four it will allow you to pick,um you know the part of the screen that,you want to screenshot okay so i've got,a few products now i'm just going to go,into canva now in canva you can go here,and create your design so depending on,what platform you are creating this for,um you can pick obviously if you just,want to create it for instagram story,you can go for instagram story size um,if you want instagram post then you can,just select this and it will create a,kind of square image if you want to post,it on the like you know it app then um,the instagram post size is a really good,one to go for because obviously you,can't post the size of an instagram,story on like to know it so let's say,i'm going to create an instagram post,now the first thing that i'm going to do,here is go to uploads,and and i'm going to upload media and,select from your computer select the,items that you just screenshotted,and it's totally fine to use screenshots,of products like this obviously you're,going to credit where you got the,products from and you're also going to,provide the links to those products so,um brands,brands obviously love that they actually,pay people for this to be included in,gift guides and yeah so now i'm going to,click on one of the items and it will,appear here on my canvas i'm just going,to resize it and one thing that really,helps in collages like this is to remove,the background of this image it just,makes it look more kind of sleek it just,makes the collage look much more,cohesive and it just looks nicer so i,just click on the image go to edit image,and then select background remover now,for this feature you do need to have the,canva pro account um which is actually,quite a small monthly fee i do have the,pro account because i just use it a

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Easy SEAMLESS Instagram Carousel Collage!

Easy SEAMLESS Instagram Carousel Collage!

this video is sponsored by skillshare,almost exactly two years ago i made a,tutorial video on how to split pictures,for instagram fast forward to now about,700 000 people have watched that video,and i keep getting requests to make a,follow-up specifically how to do a,seamless instagram carousel collage the,difference between the two being that in,the first one it was just a single photo,that you were chopping in the middle in,the collage version you're mashing up a,whole bunch of photos to make them one,big long seamless swiping experience now,the cool thing about this is that it's,not just a bunch of photos back to back,all of these photos will flow into one,another and some of them might be on the,split line and some of them might be,foreground and some might be background,you can do some really cool creative,things with this now a quick disclaimer,this tutorial will include math if you,don't like math,i'll try and break it down as simple as,i can for you but you're gonna need to,use it at some point okay but why would,you want to do this type of post what's,the advantage first of all this is a,cool way to tell a story by doing a post,like this you can tell a story from,start to end rather than trying to get,it all into one frame next it's because,it's good for the instagram algorithm,when you make carousel posts like this,with multiple photos in them instagram,will show them to your followers more,than once let's say they see the first,photo but they go by it later on in the,day instagram will show them the second,photo and maybe the third one and then,there's also engagement creating a post,where people have to swipe to see the,whole thing actually creates engagement,with your audience the longer you can,keep them held on your post the better,we've all seen a lot of different,carousel posts on instagram and usually,they're just a collection of photos back,to back but doing it this way will,definitely make you stand out amongst,all the other millions of users that are,on instagram is it billions at this,point so with all that said i'm really,excited to teach you how to do a,seamless instagram carousel collage but,there's a twist i've never actually done,this before i've got a pretty good idea,in my head of how this is gonna work but,i've never actually tried it in practice,so we're gonna be working through it for,the first time together and you're gonna,get to see any of the little problems,worked out as i go all right so the way,that i'm planning on doing this is using,adobe photoshop but if you apply the,same principles it should pretty much,work on any photo editor that you might,use so i've got these eight photos from,a trip to canmore back in the day,they're all pre-edited so i've got,basically all the photos that i'm gonna,want for this carousel collage some of,them are in portrait some of them are in,landscape so we're gonna do some cool,things with how we arrange them okay so,when we open photoshop and we click,create new we're gonna get this dialog,box where now we have to choose the size,of the canvas that we want to work on,this is where the math comes in the most,real estate that you can take up in the,instagram app is by using a five tall by,four wide ratio for your photo but when,we start to want to make it wider,basically for every time that we want to,swipe we're gonna add four to the width,so instead of five by four two photos,would be five by eight three photos,would be five by twelve four photos,would be five by sixteen so on and so,forth i think with these eight photos,what i wanna do is try and make them fit,within five slides so now we gotta do,some math here so the maximum height,that you can do on instagram is 13.50,and then the width each photo is gonna,be 1080 wide 1080,times five,fifty four hundred,by thirteen fifty and thirteen fifty,will always be the height but the width,is what i'll change so we're going to,create,and that is our canvas i'm going to pull,in all of my photos and now what we want,to do is basically just make one big,pretty picture so while i take my time,arranging this into something that i,think looks kind of cool let me tell you,about our sponsor of this video,skillshare if you're on my channel if,you're watching a video like this,chances are you love to learn and,skillshare is the perfect place to learn,in case you don't already know them,skillshare is an online learning,community for creatives just like you,and millions of others who are ready to,take the next step in their creative,journey and while videos like this one,can be a great way to learn a bite-sized,portion of a skill skillshare offers,organized classes with video lessons and,class projects to take you even further,if you're looking for something about,photography there's this awesome class,from trash hand or if you want to learn,how creativity and productivity can be,melded together check out this other,course from thomas frank but that is,really just the tip of the iceberg there,are classes

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Instagram 3 photo collage layout tutorial // Adobe photoshop tutorial

Instagram 3 photo collage layout tutorial // Adobe photoshop tutorial

hey how you doing today my name is brian,de prado and thank you so much for,watching this video today so,i'm going to be showing you on how i did,this here,i use adobe photoshop and before you,click away,adobe photoshop is not a hard tool guys,i know it could be very intimidating it,was for me,but this is a one of the simplest edits,you will probably possibly ever do in,adobe photoshop but before i get into it,i'm going to be talking exactly where i,took this photo this photo was taken in,mexico tulum one of my favorite places,out there by the way um this particular,hotel is called papaya the reason why we,broke this hotel is because it's,uh we've been seeing this pop up on our,instagram so much and me and the wife,wanted to you know visit this hotel and,take our own photos and just enjoy the,vibe out there and guys divide,it's perfect it feels like you're lost,in a paradise kind of jungle kind of,thing but anyways this hotel has pools,on top of her on top of certain suites,and they have private pools ground level,honestly it offers it all,trust me when i say this go ahead and,visit this buy apple i have project,hotel it's amazing all right so let's,get straight into it guys we are going,to open up adobe photoshop,i do have the 2022 version,um you can say i'm in the future already,recording this video in 2021,anyways let's go ahead and open it up so,what we're going to want to do first,guys is go to new file,click you need to click on custom,in my case i already have it set up so,you're going to want to copy these you,know this exact settings make sure that,you have this in pixels here,and make sure that you put 1080 by 1350,this is what instagram allows this is,that long tall instagram post that you,can do on there so this is the exact,format that you need for instagram,other than that you click create,and there you go this is this is the,layout so one important thing this is,gonna make it very easy on you to keep,your post very symmetrical and what,you're gonna wanna do is go to uh view,on the top then click on uh where is,that new guide layout so this is,definitely gonna help you keep your post,very symmetrical on the columns you're,gonna wanna input one and on the rows,that you you don't wanna put three,and there you go guys so you if you see,you have one two and three this is gonna,make it so much easier to make this kind,of uh instagram post so i'm gonna go,ahead and click,oh where's my photos at i'm gonna go,ahead drag and drop my first photo right,in the middle,and i'm going to want to expand this,here so that we cover all these white,borders you go ahead and move around the,photo however you want it in my case i'm,just going to leave it here,and so the next step you're going to,want to do is click the marquee tool,here direct the rectangle marquee tool,and you're going to want to click the,areas that you want to cut out so in my,case,i like to keep the center photo a little,bigger i like your intention more on the,center photo,and uh so to the bottom right you're,going to want to click this mask tool,here,go ahead and add a mask,and if you're on apple you want to go,ahead and click command i in my case i'm,using a a windows so ctrl i to invert,the selection and,again you're going to want to go ahead,and do the same thing on the top side,and i'm going to choose it right up,there,click the mask the mask tool again,add a mask,ctrl i,and there you go there's my first,picture,and uh now i'm gonna drag in the second,picture i'm using this picture twice by,the way,you'll see what i'm doing,um i really love this drone shot by the,way i'm gonna expand this like fit,i'm gonna choose this,this spot here with the pools i really,love how this how this little area looks,here,so again use the marquee tool here,we're going to go ahead and cut this out,right up to there,we're going to click we're going to add,the mask to this ctrl i to invert the,selection,there is my second picture guys now,again since i'm using the same photo i'm,going to go ahead grab the same photo,drag and drop,and now what i want to do is i want to,use,oh,again we got to expand so we're going to,show any of the borders but i kind of,want to use,yeah i think i like that there again,use the marquee tool select what you,want to cut out and i'm going to cut it,up to there add a mask on there bottom,right,that square button with a little grayed,up dot on it,click on that,ctrl i command i if you're using apple,but there you go guys it's that simple,you know i want to say what it's a,couple little steps but,it gets the job done gets this very nice,and symmetrical,other than that for export settings all,i do is export,export ads,and on the format i always i always use,jpeg i believe this is the most,universal kind of format across all,social media platforms but for quality i,always click excellent because i like my,stuff excellent,but anyways there you go export,you know you can export wherever you,want save,the name file name however you want to,sav

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How to add multiple photos in Instagram Story + free collage template! | Instagram Story Hacks 2023

How to add multiple photos in Instagram Story + free collage template! | Instagram Story Hacks 2023

oh fun she had a birthday party,and she invited like,everyone,to Ibiza what the heck I can't believe,this,how did she add multiple photos in one,instagram story,mind is blown,hey I'm Deepa from HootSuite social,media team and this is HootSuite Labs,where we teach you the science of social,media marketing how it works and how to,be successful today I'm going to show,you the two easiest ways to add multiple,photos into your Instagram story without,having to download a whole other design,app and learn how to make an aesthetic,collage with it,don't touch that diet okay so here's how,it works the layout is weirdly hidden,away but here's how to use it open your,Instagram app and tap the plus icon at,the top of your screen and select story,this is going to open your camera roll,but please do not get distracted by your,beautiful photos,we need to activate create mode first so,tap on the camera icon to do this now on,the left hand side of your screen you'll,see a list of icons tap the layout icon,it looks like a square with lines in it,tapping the layout icon will separate,your story into sections so from here,you can fill each segment either with a,fresh photo or something from your,camera roll if you want to select a,different layout tap the rectangular,grid icon directly below the layout icon,this will open up a selection menu where,you can choose a different pattern okay,now you have two options you can take a,photo or pull something from your camera,roll so to take a photo all you got to,do is just tap the white circle in the,center of the bottom of your screen like,this,cute now if you want to delete it in my,case no I don't want to delete it I just,have the photo and then tap the delete,icon otherwise if you want to select,photos from your camera roll tap the,square camera roll preview icon on the,bottom left corner of your screen tap,the photo you want and repeat until you,filled up your entire layout,okay now you can tap the check mark to,approve your design and next you can add,stickers text or effects and tap the,arrow in the bottom right corner when,you are ready to publish tap share and,you are done okay if you're feeling,restricted by these layout grids this,next method is a little more robustly,creative it's less spreadsheet more,collage you can enlarge shrink tilt or,even overlap your photos so it's time to,Freestyle,bam all right back to the method so open,your Instagram app and tap the plus icon,at the top of the screen and select,story tap on the camera icon and then,the a a icon I'm not exactly sure what,people call it but for the purpose of,this video it is the AAA icon so that's,just on the left side of your screen and,that lets you enter create mode now tap,the sticker icon at the top of the,screen and scroll through the stickers,to find the camera roll sticker pick a,photo and it'll actually be added to,your story so you can drag it anywhere,on the screen or use your fingers to,manipulate the size and tilt of the,image and actually if you tap it it'll,change shape so maybe you want a circle,maybe you want a star maybe you want a,heart a rectangle whatever mood you're,in you can figure that out so next tap,the sticker icon again to add another,photo and basically repeat this until,all of your photos are on the screen and,you can move them around and tweak them,however you like and to change the,background tap the circle of color at,the top of the screen and you'll also,find tools to add text or more stickers,if you'd like foreign,all right if you found this video,helpful please give it a like or maybe,even subscribe so that we hear at,tweetsuite lab can keep bringing you,more social media tips and strategies,and just so you know we have a series of,Instagram story hacks coming out over,the next little bit so I'll put that,playlist right up here,so we're gonna go over how to add music,to a story and how to add a full reel to,a story next so go check that out if,you're interested but bye for now,friends it won't be long until you see,you again

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