how to know if your banned on instagram

How To Check If You're Actually Shadowbanned On Instagramhey everybody it's eduardo and today i'm,he

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Updated on Feb 06,2023

How To Check If You're Actually Shadowbanned On Instagram

hey everybody it's eduardo and today i'm,here to show you how you can know if,your account is shadow banned on,instagram,so as someone that has been making a,living from my instagram accounts as,well as helping others make a living,from their instagram accounts for many,years now i'd say the number one,question i get is people coming to me,and asking me eduardo my account stopped,growing i'm losing followers i think i'm,shadow band what can i do about it and,if you're watching this video because,you find yourself in the same boat i got,good news and i got bad news for you the,good news is that there's an easy and,reliable way that you can check if your,account is shadow banned on instagram,that doesn't require you to go to one of,those sketchy instagram shadow band test,websites that's likely to want to sell,you fixes to a problem that you don't,have and the bad news is that for the,great majority of people the reason why,you stop growing and are losing,followers is not because you're shadow,band and it's because of other harder to,fix problems that we'll get into a bit,later but before i show you how you can,check if your account is actually,shadowband on instagram i think it's,important to talk about that currently,there's a lot of misinformation and a,lot of misconceptions about shadow,banning on instagram so it's important,to take a few moments and clarify the,most basic concepts of how shadow,batting currently works on instagram,first it's important to get clear on,knowing what exactly an instagram shadow,band is an account is shadow band on,instagram when instagram itself places a,flag on your account that limits its,reach within the platform when this,happens instagram employs the algorithm,to limit how often that account's,content is seen on the home feeds of,their followers as well as the hashtag,feeds and explore pages of non-followers,basically no one can see that account's,content unless someone search for that,account directly on instagram when an,account's content can't be seen on,instagram that account completely stops,growing and since most accounts on,instagram naturally tend to lose,followers over time this results in that,account slowly losing followers over,time and not being able to do anything,to gain them since their account cannot,be seen by people on instagram second,it's important to know exactly how an,account gets shadow banned on instagram,although there are many myths out there,the only clearly verified way that,instagram shadow bans an account is when,other users report that account or its,content as inappropriate regardless of,the fairness of those reports also,because instagram shares no information,about how shadow banning works people,don't actually know how many times or,how frequent an account needs to be,reported in order to be shadow banned an,account will definitely begin losing,followers once it's shadow banned but,because you're losing followers or,because you stopped growing is not proof,that you're shadow band there are many,much more likely reasons to be losing,followers on instagram that isn't,because an account is shadow back it's,important to note that there are many,people out there that with reason,believe that instagram shadow bands,accounts that they don't like but,there's no proof of this and it's,actually very unlikely that they would,want to do this and the reason for that,is is that instagram exists to maximize,profits by maximizing the amount of time,that people spend looking at the,instagram screen controversial,outrageous or racy content is actually,the most effective at keeping people on,the instagram screen for as long as,possible and therefore it's the most,effective of helping instagram maximize,their profits this means that they're,highly incentivized to want to keep as,many of that type of content on their,platform unless it's deemed as harmful,by the community which means when the,community reports a particular type of,content it's actually beneficial for,instagram's business to delegate the,decisions of which accounts get shadow,banned on the platform to their users,because it means that instagram doesn't,have to take responsibility about which,accounts get shadow banned and also it,saves them money from having to hire,people and train people to be able to,make these decisions in a responsible,way okay so now that that's clear how do,you check if your account is actually,shadow banned on instagram since,instagram releases no information about,whether or not an account is shadow,banned the only way you can check if,your account is actually shadow banned,is to use instagram insights or some,other tool to view how quickly your,account went from gaining followers to,losing followers if your account went,from consistently gaining followers to,suddenly and permanently losing,followers from one day to the next then,your account got blightly reported and,your shadow banned on instagram,it happened to me so let me show you,exactly how that would look

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How to fix Instagram Account Disabled for no reason 2022

How to fix Instagram Account Disabled for no reason 2022

hello,so your instagram account got disabled,for no reason,well so did mine,twice,so,in this video i'm going to be explaining,to you,what the steps you can take to get your,account back,so first i want to just tell you guys,what happened,um,about a week ago,my account got disabled randomly,i was actually doing a live i was,playing piano and um i got prompted with,this,um you know confirm it's you to log in,and i thought nothing of it because this,had happened before in the past and i'd,filled it out and you know,my account was fine it never never,vanished i didn't get logged out or,anything,so you know i filled it out um i,verified my number and then,you know it said thanks for providing,your information and,we'll review your info uh if we can,confirm it you'll be able to access your,account within approximately 24 hours so,you know i was like okay,i click done and that's when i was,prompted with a button that said are you,sure you want to log out of your account,and i was like what,like you know why am i getting logged,out and that was the only button that i,could click um so i logged out,and,when i logged out i realized my account,was gone so,i didn't know i didn't know uh what to,think of it um,because i couldn't sign in again and,when i would sign in it would just be,like the same thing thanks for providing,your info,and my friends started messaging me,telling me that like my account was just,just vanished and some said like in our,dms if they clicked on it would just say,instagram user,so um i was pretty worried at this,moment i was like what why is this,happening you know i didn't break any,rules you know i followed tos and,everything,so,that's why i started like looking this,up online,and when you know when you look these,things up online you you,it's pretty scary to like read the,things that have happened to people you,know let me read and i just started like,my heart just kind of sank i was like oh,my goodness this is like really really,sad you know all these people losing,their accounts and stuff so i was like,am i even gonna get my account back,and so,after um,i decided to wait 24 hours so i waited,24 hours,and,then when i tried to sign in after 24,hours i was prompted with a thing saying,your account has been disabled for,violating our terms,and i was like what what did i violate,you know they i was never told like what,terms i violated because i'm pretty sure,i didn't i didn't violate any terms uh,you know i followed tos like i said,before so,um,so then i filled out the form and,you know i fill out this form and you,know within like,a few minutes i was able to get my,account back,so,i just,now being on um ios this was very this,was very easy um to do,but for you guys who are on android um,this can be pretty challenging because,you know i was trying to i tried to sign,on my android you know to see like if i,if if i would get a different prompt or,anything uh when you try and sign in on,android you will not get a prompt like,that it'll just say like account not,found i'm pretty sure so um i have uh,put the link the form you have to fill,out in the description,and um,if you try and fill it out and it says,like you're doing things too quickly,you've been like rate limited um i would,i would wait 24 hours and then try again,but,yeah that's that's basically what i did,and um you know when you write the when,you write the appeal form i'll make sure,to describe exactly what happened you,know um let them know you did nothing,wrong because you know it's just so,random,and um,you know that that's that's about it so,i'm not gonna i'm not gonna like,say there's i mean there might be other,methods to get your account back but i,feel like this is this is this was the,easiest for me um though i did have to,wait 24 hours before i was able to fill,out the form,um,but other than that yeah so,that's my advice i have for you guys,if you have any questions,uh feel free to send me a dm on,instagram um or email me,and,yeah,there you go guys have an amazing day i,hope this video helped

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What To Do About A Banned Instagram Account in 2021.

What To Do About A Banned Instagram Account in 2021.

If you're tuning in right now,,there's probably one good reason, and that reason is probably because you've,been banned. You don't know why you don't know what you did.,You don't really even understand what happened.,And you don't think you even broke any rules.,But for some reason, your account got banned,,Your Instagram account, maybe even your Facebook account.,So we're going to dove into that today.,But before we do, don't forget to, like, subscribe and comment below.,one of your questions. Questions. about social,media,a question about entrepreneurship, small business growth.,Down below.,And I'll do my best to make a video and answer your question next.,But this one here is when I got a ton of times in the past two weeks.,Thanks to you guys for watching my video about how to access Facebook live chat,support, which so many of you commented on.,And then a whole slew of you messaged me,privately, either on my Instagram or my Facebook, asking me about your band,accounts and if that Facebook live chat could help you get unbanned and.,Well, the simple question answer is yes.,Yes, it probably can.,But we need to dove into how and we also need to dove into what could have happened,that got your account banned so that you don't do it again.,It's not really brain surgery to figure out why you might have been been banned if,you've been using third party apps that go up like photos on your behalf.,There's a ton of them because everybody,knows that everybody else wants fast Instagram growth and everybody knows,that everybody else wants to be able to, you know, appear to be more popular,and relevant than they actually are in many cases.,And so in general, there are some rules, though, that are a bit contested.,But in general, we know that Facebook is allowing you to a follow about 100 to 150,people a day on Instagram, signed on Instagram.,You fall by one hundred,,one hundred and fifty people a day without getting noticed.,Right. So that means maybe 10 an hour or less.,Right? Maybe an hour or so.,If you're following the follow with the hope of them following back,strategy in general, you can like about three or four hundred photos per day.,So that means, you know,,that you don't want to use one of these apps that goes out in like 6000 photos,and the hopes that people see your like and then they come back and view your,profile and follow you back and that type of thing.,That's just not going to get you anywhere.,Then we also know that you can leave about two to five comments per hour before you,start raising eyebrows of the Instagram guys.,So with this in mind now, you can stop and say, hmm,,was there any chance I was breaking these rules?,Potentially. So what does that mean?,What can I do if I accidentally was out there doing hundreds of followers per hour,somehow, magically, perhaps with the help of a third party app or a virtual,assistant in a different country using a VPN, or if I was out there like you,,thousands and thousands of photos a day like I used to do back in 2014,,maybe I know why I was banned.,Can I still get my account back? Potentially.,So what we need to do is we need to go,head on over to the Instagram rules and guidelines and click on my accounts.,Been banned. Right.,And you'll find that your URL rate down bottom here in the description.,And here's what it looks like.,You're going to fill out this form and it's going to ask you for your name,,your email, your username and and some other detailed questions.,Fill that out and send it in.,And then you wait and I realize nobody,wants to hear that because the hope is you would have clicked on this video,and magically, poof, now you can get your account back in in less than 30 seconds.,But that's not really how it's going to go down.,Unfortunately, this is probably going to require some patience on your end.,So we're going to go ahead and we're going to fill out that form.,We're going to send it in and we're going,to see if we hear back in the next 24, 48, 72 hours might even be four days.,Who knows?,I don't know how to do four day math, though, in my head.,Twenty five times for that? S really confusing.,So let's just stick with 24, 48 or 72,,not ninety or the one after that would be on hundred and something.,But you know nothing. I think so.,Anyhow, we're going to wait a few days, see if we hear back.,You probably will.,But what we're not going to do is fill out that I was banned deal trying to get,my account back and then fill it out again the next day because they didn't answer,in six hours and then fill it out another day.,Because from my recent conversation with chat support over there on Instagram,,every time you do that, it refreshes their case on you.,So it's like they may have been already investigating why you were banned and then,you submit another one and now the whole process starts all over again.,That's how I understand it.,Maybe you have different thoughts if you,do come below and tell me what you've experienced.,So fill out that form,,

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NEW: How to Recover / Restore a Disabled, Banned or Deactivated Instagram Account - 2020 (3 WAYS!) ūüėČ

NEW: How to Recover / Restore a Disabled, Banned or Deactivated Instagram Account - 2020 (3 WAYS!) ūüėČ

in this video I'll share with you three,different strategies you can use to,recover or restore your band or disabled,Instagram account strategy number one is,the normal one you've probably seen a,couple of videos on this already you,basically go through one of these links,and I'll link the links below you go to,one of these two websites and you,basically go through and fill out the,appeal so you're gonna have to fill out,the username on the email connected to,the account all of that stuff fill that,out you send it in and what's going to,happen after you do that is you're going,to get an email in this email and this,email will look something like this,you're gonna have to basically follow,the steps this mainly involving you,replying to this email with a picture of,yourself holding up a piece of paper,with your name on it your Instagram,username and a number that was connected,to that email you got from Instagram and,once you've sent this back there's,really nothing you can do but wait and,this is the strategy you already know,about so what is strategy number two,well strategy number two involves,Facebook because Facebook owns Instagram,now for this to work your Instagram,account must have been connected to your,Facebook account so if you didn't have a,business profile well this this or it,still could have been connected but most,likely if you had a business profile it,was connected or a Creator account it,was connected to the Facebook page so,make sure that is the case so what you,basically want to do is you want to go,to the Facebook account your Facebook,profile the profile where you're hosting,or you're the owner of the page,connected to your Instagram account go,to your Facebook profile and then,basically what you want to do is you,want to go to the ads manager and from,here you want to start running an ad now,you don't need to spend a lot of money,you can spend like one Buck a day two,buck a day or three bucks a day,something like that but just start an ad,so you want to have an ad running,because once you have an ad running,you'll be able to connect to the people,um the basically the support team of,Facebook ads manager and basically that,right there is the ticket because what,you want to do is you want to reach out,to them and basically ask them for help,now how big of a success rate this has,I'm not too sure I saw a lot of people,on Forks actually using this strategy to,make it work so I'm simply just sharing,that information but that right there is,another way that you can make this work,and sometimes they're going to say no I,can't help you with this appeal again,they're gonna say no well cool appeal,again and try again and try again if,your payche has 300 000 followers or,that 100 000 followers 5 at 50 000,followers that that could possibly be an,income stream for you making you,anywhere from five to fifty thousand,dollars a month so depending on how good,you are at branding and monetizing it so,it's worth going through all this pain,and headache to get that account back so,appeal 30 times since that's what if,that's what you need to do but you know,it's still a chance of you getting it,back if you just keep trying strategy,number three what is that strategy,number three is going to Fiverr or,upwork and paying someone to help you,get it back these people that you know,sell these services on Fiverr they have,a lot of skill that probably done this a,couple of times they make money doing,this and so paying them you know to to,try and help get back your account,they're guaranteeing that you'll do it,and you're probably only going to have,to pay maybe 30 40 50 bucks for this,service and so paying them to help you,get it back might be a good bet,um and you know again check the reviews,before you pay someone and trust them,with your information and blah blah blah,but that might be a good bet now the,specific strategies that these guys use,to get your account back I'm not too,sure what is they might tell you but,sometimes they will also be able to hack,actually yeah hacked into your disabled,account and get it back that way how,that works I don't know but I heard some,people on another form actually doing,this to get their account back so it,might be a try again I'm just sharing on,that information I didn't invent this,I'm not the guy to take credit for it,but I found it on a forum and so I,thought I'd share that with you but that,is basically the three strategies if you,use all of these you got you know again,a higher chance sometimes you're just,never going to get your account back if,you posted porn or something very,horrifying and that completely go and,goes against Instagram's TOS you're not,going to get your account back so know,this before you spend hours trying to,get it back if you posted something that,is not cool you're not going to get it,back most likely but if it's if you're,pretty certain you didn't post something,that went against the terms of service,maybe someone just reported a picture

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How To Check If You've Been Banned On Instagram?!?!

How To Check If You've Been Banned On Instagram?!?!

hey guys cat here from copycat,consulting whoo welcome back to my,youtube channel today we were talking,all about the Instagram shadow me okay I,don't know what that face was but,essentially a lot of people have been,complaining that they are working really,hard trying to increase their exposure,on instagram using hashtags in their,posts and Instagram is blocking them,it's not showing their posts under those,hashtags so I'm going to show you what,you can do to check and make sure this,is not happening to you if you have seen,a dip in engagement so let's jump into,the tutorial okay so the easiest way,that I have found to check if you are,shadow band or not it's very very simple,I'm going to show you how to do it right,now so this is what I would do if you're,not sure so if you've seen a huge drop,in your engagement on Instagram you're,losing followers left and right you know,you're having some issues it could be,that your shadow band it's probably not,that your shadow band,I didn't all explain to you kind of some,other reasons why this might be,happening but let's just get into like,how do we check and just make sure so,what I do is I just pick a post on my,since my Instagram account,woohoo cat cobbs f if you want to follow,me you can you can connect with me there,but so just pick like an old post so I'm,just gonna scroll down and like find a,post let's do this one and just go into,the comment section and type a hashtag,that nobody is using so I'm just gonna,use my name because nobody's hash,tagging my name I'm not that popular,unfortunately okay so let's just post,okay so we posted a hashtag in the,comments of our post that not a lot of,people are using and you can click on,that hashtag and then it should take you,to a page where you can view the posts,that are public that are showing to,people who are searching for that,hashtag so you'll see our post shows up,which means we have not been shadow,banned if your shadow banned your posts,are not going to be showing up under,different hashtags Instagram essentially,is going to be blocking your posts,from appearing using hashtags and the,only people that will see your posts are,those who are currently following you so,I have just verified I am in fact not,shadow band so I can just go over and,swipe and then delete this comment and,voila we're good to go and we now have,verified that our posts are showing and,we don't have to worry about the shadow,band at this point okay welcome back so,now you know how to check if you have,been shadow banned on Instagram now if,you find that you have not been shadow,banned which like I mentioned is,probably the case for most of us but you,are noticing a dip in your engagement or,the number of people that are just kind,of like following you back and things,like that there are a couple of reasons,why you might be experiencing this and a,couple things you can do make sure that,you're switching your hashtags up so,don't just use the same 20 hashtags with,every single post I know that this is,kind of a lot of work it's been,something that I've been working on in,my Instagram account because I noticed,that I wasn't getting as much engagement,as I would like and so what I've done is,I've started to switch up the hashtags,I'm using and obviously trying to make,them super relevant to the content that,I'm sharing as well as to the type of,people I'm trying to reach and and just,switching it up not using the same ones,every single time try to find hashtags,with highly engaged followings so people,that are using those hashtags are very,engaged they're posting great content,they're engaging with other people you,can kind of get a feel for that when you,search search that hashtag and see what,the posts are like and then also you,want to make sure that the people using,those hashtags have check out a couple,of their profiles do they look like your,ideal customer that's important too and,the third piece of advice is you don't,want it to be a hashtag that's like,completely saturated with so many,different posts I'm talking like 5 10 20,million people posting about it you may,think in your head oh that's a great,house checked use because so many people,are using it but what you don't realize,is that so many are people are posting,on a regular basis that when you share,your amazing post it's just gonna get,filtered out immediately,and nobody is gonna get the chance to,see it because so many people are,posting back-to-back-to-back-to-back so,I always try to pick hashtags around the,500 thousand or less mark meaning five,hundred thousand or less posts with that,hashtag and what I found is that if I do,a really good job with my post and I,really put a lot of attention and effort,into the content then I am able to get,on the top post section and when you're,on the top post section you stay up,there for a little while I don't know,exactly how long I should look into that,maybe it's 24 hours but you stay up,there and so anybody's searching that,hashtag

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TOP 3 Mistakes That Will Get You BANNED From Instagram

TOP 3 Mistakes That Will Get You BANNED From Instagram

so there's a lot of things that you can,do on Instagram that will get your,account banned and get your account,banned really really quickly well in,this video I'm going to share with you,guys three of those mistakes that you,have to stop doing because if you are,there is a chance that you can get,banned hey what's going on guys welcome,to the video if you're new here you,don't know who I am my name is Anthony I,run a 1 million follower Network on,Instagram and also an Instagram,marketing agencies this is what I do,each and every single day Instagram is,practically my full-time business so,make sure you guys go ahead and,subscribe to the channel because we put,out videos like this every single day if,you're trying to grow on Instagram if,you're trying to monetize this is the,channel you're going to want to,subscribe to with that said let's get,into the first mistake so this first,mistake won't go ahead and give you a,permanent ban the next two mistakes will,this mistake will simply put you in a,shadow band okay so this is not really,the worst type of mistake you can make,but if you are doing this and I wanted,to add this in here because it is so,common then you probably want to stop so,this first mistake will get you Shadow,band and that is taking 30 hashtags and,pasting it into the comments now when I,first start off on Instagram was always,putting hashtags in the comments my,reason for it was was simply because it,looked a lot nicer when it's in the,caption it doesn't look as pretty it's,kind of just in there and everybody's,forced to see it when it's in the,comments people only see it if they,scroll up to the first comment and then,see your list of hashtag so it looks a,lot neater now what I have found is that,not all the time but a lot of times when,I'm going ahead and I'm dropping my,hashtags in the comments section my post,for that post will be Shadow band so my,post will be Shadow banned um and they,won't show up on any of the hashtags,that I put in the comments and I,realized that that was the cause of it,because I would take the same hashtags,make a new post and put it in the,caption and I'd be showing up for each,and every single one of those tags so,that does go ahead and Shadow Bend you,sometimes if you wanted to ask me why,what is my belief as to why it happens I,think that Instagram sees that most,people who are spamming 30 hashtags in,the comment section are doing just that,they're spamming those 30 hashtags and,they're using stuff like L for L they're,using stuff like follow for follow,they're using stuff like all those spam,first spam hashtags and Instagram,doesn't like that so they just Shadow,ban the post because if you're using,those type of spammy hashtags they're,going to assume that your post is also,spam so that is kind of my belief could,be something completely different but I,think that basically makes sense for,them so now the second mistake that this,will actually get you banned not just,Shadow band not just a slap on the wrist,but this could definitely go ahead and,terminate your entire account and it,happens to a lot of people over and over,and over and that's why I don't really,recommend this method of growth at all,is abusing follow unfollow and using it,just to such high numbers people doing,two thousand three thousand actions of,follow and follow per day and I see you,time and time again you guys just get,your accounts banned okay you guys know,my stance on follow and follow I don't,like it because the way how unfollow,works is you are following somebody with,the pure intention of getting them to,follow you back and the second they,follow you back you go ahead and you,unfollow them so in the long run this is,practically just unsustainable because,your whole business thrives your whole,Instagram page growth thrives off you,following people and that's why you see,when people stop unfollowing people you,start to see like hey they're starting,to to lose followers why because people,are catching up bills if you stop,following follow and you've been doing,it for a really long time you'll keep,losing followers for practically like,six months to a year depending on how,long you've been doing it so that's why,you see a lot of people and they stop,using follow and follow they go ahead,and their numbers start to drop off they,start to drop off dramatically because,you have people checking from two months,ago three months ago seeing your post,and saying hey this guy used to follow,me now he doesn't and now they go ahead,and they unfollow you if you do just a,little bit of follow and follow you're,probably not going to get banned you're,probably gonna be safe you'll be in the,spam category you're not going to really,be growing fast you'll be going viral,but you won't get your account banned,but what will get you banned is when you,go ahead and you start following two,thousand three thousand four thousand,people per day that is when you start to,enter into Instagram's radar they start,rea

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New Feature: Check If You’re Shadowbanned On Instagram

New Feature: Check If You’re Shadowbanned On Instagram

Instagram has just released a brand new,tool to figure out if you're actually,shadow banned or not this is a tool,that's been long awaited as for a long,time people have questioned are they,Shadow banned or not and I've often sat,here and said you're not Shadow banned,because unless you've actually done,something to break the rules of,Instagram chances are it means people,are just not engaging with your content,as much as they used to and therefore,it's not being pushed as much which,being brutally honest is often the case,however now with this new tool you can,figure out once and for all if you are,Shadow banned or not and this is really,helpful as it allows you to pinpoint,what the actual problem of your low,reach is Shadow ban or something else,and then you can go about fixing it by,either figuring out what got you Shadow,banned serving your time and Instagram,jail and then not doing that in future,or if it's not Shadow banned it means,chances are it's something to do with,your content strategy and in that case,you can then make adjustments to that,and get your reach back on track so,quickly jumping into to my phone if you,want to access this feature you go to,the three lines in the top right you're,going to click on settings you're going,to click on to account down towards the,bottom and then account status now in,the past this just showed you if you had,broken Community guidelines so if you,had abused copyright or done something,like that but now they show you,recommendation guidelines as well so if,we click on recommendation guidelines,that is what people are wondering when,it comes to shadowband they're wondering,is the content being recommended to,non-followers to new people to allow you,to grow your audience and so this screen,comes up your content may be eligible,for recommendation your content may be,eligible for a recommendation and places,such as explore reels or feed,recommendations which means I am not,Shadow banned there is no Shadow ban on,my account if I was Shadow banned it,would probably say your content is not,eligible if you go into your phone and,take a look at this and it says you are,not eligible let me know in the comments,or send me a DM on Instagram at,cleverpreneur so I can see how it looks,and maybe make a follow-up video to this,one but if you are Shadow banned or even,if you're not you can click on,recommendation guidelines and then you,can see what they actually are so you,can figure out what rules you might be,breaking and it's worth taking a look,through either way just to have an,understanding moving forward now the,other one is community guidelines now,we've always had this feature here you,haven't posted anything that is,affecting your account status so that's,been around for a while but the new,feature is the recommendation guidelines,now also kids up we've reached 371,000 people on cleverpreneur in the last,30 days ridiculous we've gained like 7,000 followers so shout out to everyone,who's followed the account supports the,content it's smashing it so if you,haven't followed it go do that and,that's it for the video hopefully this,new feature is helpful like I said if,you have been Shadow banned and it comes,up saying that you have been let me know,in the comments I'd love to see how it,looks and potentially help you figure it,out I've also just launched a brand new,program helping you gain your first or,next 10 000 followers on Instagram the,right way using the same strategies we,used to take my account cleverpreneur,from zero to ten thousand followers and,then a few weeks later it's gone from,ten thousand to up to nearly seventeen,thousand crazy growth if you want to get,that program check it out in the,description it'll only be up for a,limited time before I take it down and,prove it and then increase the price,that's it from me see you in the next,one

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Instagram Shadowban 2023: How to fix it FAST | List of Banned IG Hashtags

Instagram Shadowban 2023: How to fix it FAST | List of Banned IG Hashtags

What's up guys? Andrew Lee here.,Question: are you experiencing a massive drop in engagement and,reach on your Instagram right now? The reason for this could shock you,Seriously. It' could be shadowbanned and you might not even know it.,So, in this video we're going to go over everything  you need to know about the Instagram shadowban:,How to fix your account if you are shadowbanned, how  to tell if you're shadowbanned in the first place,,and how to avoid being shadowbanned in the  future going forward. We're also going to go  ,over Instagram's full list of banned hashtags.  Yes, instagram has a full list of banned hashtags  ,that they don't want you to use. It's not illegal  to use them... but if you use them you get shadowbanned,(basically). Be sure to watch the entire video so  you don't miss something. Instagram is changing  ,fast... so if you were watching a video on the  shadowban last year... stuff has changed. So be  ,sure to watch the entire thing and be sure to hit  that like button if you're enjoying this video or  ,you're finding it helpful. It helps other people  see the video and it helps us get shown more in  ,the YouTube algorithm. Also, be sure to hit that  subscribe button if you haven't already so you  ,don't miss any future videos. So here's what  you need to know about the Instagram shadowban:  ,Instagram is actively restricting people's posts  across the platform for a number of reasons.,What they're doing is... your posts... if you're shadowbanned... don't show up in people's feeds and  ,don't show up in people's explore page... you  don't actually show up for the hashtags you use  ,as well. As you could tell, this is a huge problem  and it kills (accounts). In fact the only way for people to  ,see your posts when you're shadowbanned is for them  to actually search your account name, go to your  ,profile, and then look at your post manually from there. Otherwise, it doesn't exist on the platform and  ,as you could imagine no one does that... so  again, your growth is just absolutely stunted.  ,Instantly whenever you get a shadowbanned. So  here's how to check if your account's been  ,hit by the instagram shadowban. So make a post  on Instagram and use whatever hashtags you want  ,go on someone else's phone, this is very important... you cannot go on your phone... search for that  ,hashtag and see if you pop up in the most recent  posts for that hashtag. If you don't pop up and you  ,don't see your posts... unfortunately, that most  likely means you got hit with a shadowban.,So again... it could have been a mistake by  Instagram's AI but also there are a bunch of  ,different things that you need to make sure you're  doing to not get picked up by the auto-filters. So  ,here's how to remove the shadowBAN on instagram  if you've come to the conclusion that you are  ,shadowbanned. So number one: you need to make sure you don't have any sketchy third-party apps  ,that have authorization for your Instagram account. What i mean by sketchy third-party apps are   ,follower apps that give you free followers, they  give you free likes, get more comments, whatever.,For those third-party apps that definitely  violate instagram's terms of service...,you need to go in ASAP and unauthorize those  apps. You should do this for a number of reasons so  ,Instagram has blanket banned apps before. Meaning,  everyone that had authorized that app... got banned  ,on Instagram... because they eventually get to  it you. It's 2021... you can't outsmart Instagram.,AI runs Instagram and you can't outsmart AI.  So you gotta play by the rules. So, start off by  ,unauthorizing all of the sketchy 'non-Twitter'  third-party apps. Basically, if there's an app  ,trying to get you to log into Instagram, you need  to take that with a huge... huge... caution because most  ,of the time it could get you in a huge amount of  trouble. Number two: this goes back to not being  ,able to outsmart Instagram... if you've been using  bots, if you've been using sketchy engagement pods,  ,and are trying to game Instagram's algorithm... stop right now. Taking shortcuts to try to  ,grow on Instagram and outsmart the platform is  a terrible idea for long-term growth. If you want  ,to be successful long-term wise you can't take  shortcuts and you have to put in the work and do  ,it right. Another thing: you need to go into the  Instagram settings in your app and file a claim.  ,You need to report something's not working. You  need to inform Instagram that something's going on  ,with your account and your followers are not able  to see your posts in their feed and you're getting  ,complaints. don't mention that you think you're shadowbanned and don't put any blame or  ,anything. Here's what's very important: you need to  mention that it's impacting your business and your  ,ability to generate an income, that this bug is  causing you this. Number four the next thing is  ,using repetitive hashtags. So, a lot of  you guys might be using thi

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