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6 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram in 2019 | Guiding Techluckily Instagram or any ot

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Updated on Jan 10,2023

6 Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram in 2019 | Guiding Tech

luckily Instagram or any other social,network doesn't notify people when they,are blocked imagine the shock and,sadness one may have to go through but,there comes a day when we feel someone,might have blocked us especially when,they pose and stories stop appearing on,our Instagram feed well does that mean,they have plugged you possibly not the,person might have deactivated their,account or start posting on Instagram so,what's the best way to know if you have,been blocked well that's what we are,going to talk about in this video my,name is Ashish you're watching guiding,deck and in today's video we are gonna,have a look at six ways to know if,someone has blocked you on instagram so,well what are we waiting for let's get,started,now before we go any further if you,haven't followed guiding tech on,Instagram I recommend you doing it right,away we share some amazing photos of,Technology gadget upcoming smart phones,with polls and stories and if you're not,following us you are missing out on so,many interesting stuffs so you will find,the link in the description of the video,go ahead and follow us right now so to,get started the easiest way to know if,someone did block you is to look for the,Instagram profile search their name or,the Instagram handle using the search,option and now once you do that there,are three things that might happen if,you see the profile and also the first,then you aren't blocked in case of,public profiles for private accounts if,you see the profile with the message,this account is private then everything,is fine and you are not blocked next if,you see the profile and the post count,but the area displaying the post shows,no post message then yes you might have,been blocked however if the profile,doesn't appear in search at all then,either the profile has been deactivated,or they did block you so to verify such,suspicions you must investigate other,proofs that we'll be talking about right,now now the next thing that you need to,do is check your own Instagram profile,so when someone blocks you Instagram,doesn't delete their old comments or,tags from your profile if state profile,isn't accessible through search you,should use these old comments to visit,their profile if the profile shows up,the post count without the post then yes,sadly you have been blocked however just,to be extra sure,let's not check if the profile has been,deleted or not you might never know if,the profile has been reactivated and,then you might assume that you are,blocked now the thing is that you can,view Instagram profiles by the link, /they user name of that,particular instagram ID using any,browser so if you remember the username,of the person who has blocked you I know,it can be tricky to remember the user,name but if you replace that particular,term with the link that you provided in,the,description of this video you might be,able to open the direct profile link on,your browser then if you're logged in,from your own profile you will get the,inner sorry this page isn't available if,the person has blocked you there's a,slim chance that the person might have,deactivated their account so to confirm,that log out from Instagram profile are,open up another browser or just the same,browser in private or incognito mode and,open the profile via the same link if,the profile is accessible then the news,is true but if the profile doesn't open,for them too you are fine and it means,that the profile has been deactivated,now here are a few more things that you,should be aware of and first is that the,messages will disappear from the DM,section yep blocking someone on,Instagram hides the chat thread for both,the recipients so if you are suspecting,someone of blocking you open the DM and,look for the charred threads if the,chart thread exists you aren't blocked,but if it is missing then it is possible,that he or she might have blocked you,but again the person might have,deactivated the profile and hence the,chat thread is missing to verify it you,can check for common Instagram groups,where you and the particular chart might,have been together but just in case if,you can view their profiles somehow try,following them back using the follow,button if you are block you won't be,able to follow the person tapping on the,follow button will do nothing and you,will see the same button again and again,Instagram will notify them about it,though but if they haven't blogged you,then tapping the follow button will make,you follow that person instantly and,will notify them about it I know it's,risky but sometimes you have to take,extreme steps right and finally the last,thing that you can do is check that,particular profile from a different,phone or a profile now if you have two,Instagram accounts you can open the,profile from the second account and if,you own a single profile only you can,ask your close friend or a family member,to look for the profile now if the,profile opens normally then it,means that you have been indeed blocked,

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How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

hey guys Trevor here and in this video,I'm going to go over how to know if,someone blocked you on Instagram,it's pretty quick and easy so let's Jump,Right In now I'm going to open up,Instagram here and I will block one of,my other accounts and walk you through,several different steps you can take to,know if you've been blocked,now I'm going to tap on my messages at,the top right,and then tap on my how-to apps account,and tap on the profile at the very top,here,and then you'll see at the bottom left,in red that's block I'm going to block,this account,so now that I've blocked this account,let's go back to the messages,you can see that the message still shows,up as normal it hasn't deleted that but,let's look and see what it looks like on,the other account that's been blocked,so I'm going to switch over to my other,account here,and you'll see I still have this message,here and it hasn't been removed there's,no indication that I have been blocked,on the messages itself everything looks,fine one of the indications that I might,have been blocked is if I type something,you'll see under it it never will show,as seen so it will never switch over to,scene but that's not a definitive reason,why you might have been blocked maybe,they're just not on Instagram so that's,one kind of Telltale sign if they never,read or Mark your messages as seen but,it's not definitive,one of the ways that you can tell is if,I tap on the profile at the top here it,says no user found or user not found and,here it gives me the ability to follow,and if I tap that it just does requested,and then goes back so you can see that,it doesn't give me the ability to try to,even follow this account anymore this is,a definite sign that I've been blocked,by this account it says no posts yet it,shows the followers but at the very top,it says 121 posts so there's definitely,something up here and the reason is,because I just blocked myself,now Instagram has a great article right,here in their help center that shows you,exactly some other ways that you'll know,that you've been blocked,so it says here after you block someone,the likes comments will be removed from,your photos and videos so you know if,you've liked a photo or commented on a,post from that person if it's,disappeared then you've been blocked by,that person,so if you scroll down,it says after you block someone they,won't be able to mention or your your,tag your username so try to create a,story on Instagram and tag that other,person that you think might have blocked,you if you're able to tag them do the at,symbol and then type in their username,then they haven't blocked you but if you,can't do that if it doesn't show up with,the option to tag the person then,they've definitely blocked you and then,if you scroll down after you block,someone your message thread will remain,intact but you won't be able to see or,you won't be able to message them so as,I talked about before you can try to,send messages and it looks like you're,sending messages but in fact they're,never delivered and they're never seen,by the other person,so those are a bunch of different ways,that you can tell whether you've been,blocked by a certain account of course,you have maybe a different account then,that one might not be blocked and you,can try to contact that user but most,likely if they blocked you they don't,necessarily want to talk to you anymore,or into interact with you anymore,hope this helps thanks for your time,today and I'll see you on the next one

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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

hey guys today is a new video about the,instagram application,and today we will show you how to find,out if someone blocked you,so first and foremost let's go to the,instagram app,amazing i need to say that we have our,official account and i had blocked,myself from this account,so how to check this,how to verify if someone definitely,blocked you,we have our profile page,and the first option to do this,is to use the following section,because if you was the follower of the,selected person and if you are sure that,this account,need to be on your,following list you can you can try to,find it on the following section but if,you cannot,check this user on the list in the first,mark that this account blocked him,let's do it so i'm sure that i am,follower of the hard risk hard reset dot,info official account,let's check this account on the list i,need to tap on the following button on,my profile page refresh the list,and as you can see i cannot find the,needful account here so this is the,first mark which this person blocked me,okay,but probably it can be also some hero or,trouble with the some,error or trouble with the instagram app,so,as an example i'm not sure that i'm,blocked okay so we can go to the search,bar it will be the second step to verify,if someone blocked me,and later sorry i will have i'm so sorry,i will have the for you page here,and i need to tap on the search bar,setting the name of the needful account,it was the hard resetted info because i,did it before so i have this needful,account here on the list but if you,don't have it you just need to form to,set the needle name,so,let's tap on the needful account,and if you have the notification that,the user not found,in the second mark,that this user blocked you,because you just,have no,possibility,not permission to check it's for,the,profile and photos of this person,but also this user can delete its,account so,we are not,sure,definitely that this user blocked you,so this third option,to verify is it true,is to go to the browser,on the browser search bar we need to set,the name of the neutral account and add,the instagram inscription later,and refresh the appearance list,after if we will have the link of the,needful account we need to tap on it one,time,and choose the open in a new tab feature,because if we will,open the needful account in the,application we,are we cannot be able to check the,results but if we will do it in the,browser,like without logging we will check if,this account is current and activated if,it is,it's,we need to be sure we need to know that,this account blocked us because from our,account we cannot uh check the result,check the profile but using the browser,without login we can do this,in this way you can verify if someone,blocked you,and verify if you are in the blocked,black list,guys don't forget about likes,also you can follow,us on youtube to find out even more,needful,tricks with instagram and other apps,bye bye,you

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How to see if someone has blocked your Instagram account

How to see if someone has blocked your Instagram account

,in this video I am going to tell you if you were blocked by your friend on Instagram,but there are some tricks to check how has blocked your account,this is Ankit from Informative Media ,if you are blocked on instagram or not, there are only few ways,but in any case Insta will never notify you if you were blocked by your friend,to find If you were blocked there are some tricks that I will tell you,First trick is to open the chat with that friend if you have ever done it,for example you can see there is a message from informative media ,and I know informative media account has blocked me. so let me tell you the way to detect. ,click view profile and you won't see anything,and you won't see the post or any count,There is a trick 2 as well. ,lets see if anytime he commented you,click that profile from the comment and you won't see the details of that profile,and that means you are blocked,and lets move to 3rd trick,for example if you know the user id of the profile then,search the userid in instagram search,and you can't see that account,and last way is to go to google chrome and open instagram,and write the userid in the end,and if you are not logged in & you are able to see the profile,then it means you are blocked.

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✅ How To Tell If You've Been Blocked On Instagram 🔴

✅ How To Tell If You've Been Blocked On Instagram 🔴

hey welcome back guys so today on this,video we are talking about Instagram and,more specifically I'm going to answer a,question that I've gotten a lot lately,and that is how do you know if someone,blocked you on Instagram so let's go,ahead and talk about this first off guys,this is going to be a really quick video,there's really only a few ways that you,can put together Clues to figure out if,someone blocked you on Instagram but why,would you want to find out if someone,blocked you on Instagram well that's,pretty easy Instagram is a popular way,to send messages back and forth and,maybe you recently got in a fight with,one of your friends and you think they,blocked you on Instagram whatever the,case is there's no sure way to tell if,someone blocked you on Instagram rather,than them telling you or you looking at,their phone directly however you can,pick up a couple of clues that can,indicate that someone blocked you on,Instagram and we're gonna go over that,the first way you can tell if someone,blocked you on Instagram is by searching,for their profile first what you want to,do is click on the search icon right,down here on the bottom left okay once,you click there and you want to go ahead,and type in the username for that person,that you think blocked you on Instagram,people often will keep their same,Instagram username they don't really,change it too often so you want to go,ahead and just type in their Instagram,handle and if it does not show up in the,search results aside from if they,deleted or they pause their account then,you probably have been blocked on,Instagram once again if you're using the,search function and you're searching for,their username and it doesn't show up in,their search results you've probably,been blocked on Instagram the second way,you can tell if someone blocked you on,Instagram is if they message with you,back and forth you want to go to your,messages let me switch on over to my,Instagram messages okay I went ahead and,switched over to my messages and as you,can see in this message chain right here,this person's picture has disappeared so,they no longer have an Instagram user,profile picture now it is possible that,maybe they just deleted their Instagram,profile picture however it's more than,likely that that person has now blocked,you if that person's picture is normally,there and all of a sudden it is blank as,if it didn't existed that is another,indication that someone has blocked you,on Instagram but again that's not a,Telltale 100 sure way of telling if,someone blocked you on Instagram because,this person could have deleted their,profile maybe they had some sort of a,stalker so they deleted their profile or,maybe they put their profile on high,just for the time being another good way,that you can tell if someone has blocked,you on Instagram is by using someone,else's phone or another account that you,might have on Instagram now the thing is,if you're using Instagram and have,multiple accounts they will link up your,accounts on the back end so even if you,have a different username a different,profile Instagram knows it's you so,generally you want to use a different,device or you want to use a different,email if you're going to set up a fake,Instagram account to see if that,person's profile is hidden or if you've,actually been blocked from Instagram,better yet if you have a friend or a,family member it's okay with you being a,stalker maybe you can use their,Instagram profile to search for this,person's profile Instagram that you may,have been blocked from because if they,use the search feature with their,account and they're able to see this,person's profile picture and Instagram,profile but you're not then it's more,than likely that you have already been,blocked on Instagram from that person so,there you have it guys if you're looking,for information on how to find out if,you've been blocked on Instagram that's,the best information I know however if,you know a different way to check to see,if you've been blocked on Instagram be,sure to leave a comment below let the,rest of us know how you did it hopefully,you found that video useful if so click,thumbs up or maybe consider subscribing,to my channel and I hope to see you on,the next video thanks again for watching

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How To Know If Someone Deactivated Their Instagram Account or Blocked YOU?

How To Know If Someone Deactivated Their Instagram Account or Blocked YOU?

so you want to know if some adjectives,the Instagram account I am going to walk,you through the steps to know if they,deactivated it deleted it or potentially,blocked you however verify that you,watch this until the very end so that,you don't make any mistakes in this,process so to get started first of all,open up Instagram app and,tap on Discover button so simply turn,button this search icon in my specific,case I just block it my second account,from my first account and I wanted to,see this specific account so simply I,write this is my specific account on,search and here's it so simply if I type,on my account as you can see here says,user not found but this account is still,available,you'll be able to see no post yet and,nothing about this account,so basically this is it this person is,blocking me that's why I can't see the,information on this specific case,so as you can see uh I don't see any,information about this user,so I show you how it's work,um if you tap on three dots at the top,right corner of the screen and then just,copy profiling for this specific person,open any browser on your device that you,have and paste this link here,just simply paste and go to this,specific page,so as you can see now this person is,available and,you can check his posts and what you,want,so simply this person not deleted simply,this person is,only block it your specific account on,Instagram so that's why you can see his,information posts and reels whatever you,can see here is highlights so basically,this is it you can check this person if,you not see on Instagram app any,information like I am now,you can simply tap on three dots tap on,copy profile link for this specific,person and paste on browser and check it,if this really person deleted you not,see any information but if this person,blocked you so you can check his,information from your browser if you,have any other thoughts or questions let,me know in the comment section below hit,the like button tell me so much but,definitely hit that subscribe button,more importantly everything else I love,every single one of you guys hopefully I,will catch you guys in the next video,foreign

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How to Check Who Blocked you on Instagram | Check if Someone Blocked you on Instagram

How to Check Who Blocked you on Instagram | Check if Someone Blocked you on Instagram

hey everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel where i post,troubleshooting videos and useful,tutorials and today i'm back again with,an interesting video where i will be,showing you a few ways using which you,can find if someone has blocked you on,instagram so for example one day you,suddenly realize that one of your,friends or someone is missing from your,followers list and you are not able to,contact them now if you want to find out,that if they have blocked you on,instagram,there are few tricks that you can use to,know that so without any further delay,let's get started with the video and see,how to know if someone has blocked you,on instagram,all right the first thing that you need,to do is simply use the search box given,at the bottom bar,and just have to search for their,profile on instagram so what you need to,do simply type in their name,and in case if you are able to see their,profile and you see a follow button and,it is also showing the number of,followers and following and you are also,seeing this message that this account is,private it means they have just,unfollowed you and also have removed you,from their followers list they haven't,blocked you all right so this could be,the first thing that you can try so if,you are able to search for their profile,and you see the follow button or the,follow back button it means they have,removed you from their followers list,and that's the first thing that that you,can do now the second thing that you can,do to know if your friend any of your,friend on instagram has blogged you is,to check your dm all right if you have,interacted with them on instagram it is,very easy to find out if they have,blocked you or not so for this i have,used two of my accounts to show you how,that works how it looks like when,someone you have interacted with on,instagram blocks you so how you can get,to know that all right so here i am in,my chat section all right,so that's my another account using which,i have blocked myself now if someone has,blocked you at the top you will not see,their name you will simply see instagram,user all right their name will get,disappeared and you will only see,instagram user apart from that you will,also not be able to see that you both,follow each other and you have so and so,mutual friends all right that,information will be missing you will,only see their username and view profile,that's it,now,if you see the view profile button you,simply have to tap on that,and there you go you will simply see no,post yet nothing will be there on their,instagram profile so that is a clear,message that they have blocked you on,instagram this is not a sign that they,have deactivated or deleted their,account it only means that they have,blocked you all right you will still be,able to see their profile picture,and their username but you will not be,able to visit their profile or message,them,even if you will try to message them for,example even if i send them any message,it will still show that instagram has,sent this message to them but they will,never,receive it because they have already,blocked you all right so you will never,see that they have seen this message and,so and so so that's the major thing you,can do to check and this will only help,if you have ever talked on instagram all,right so that's the second thing you can,do now the other easy way to find out if,someone has flocked your instagram if,you have never interacted with them is,to simply use any other account that you,have all right so if you have two,accounts or that you can use so you have,to just switch to that account,simply type their username in the search,box,and if you are able to find their,profile on instagram it means that they,have blocked your other profile so,that's another easy way that you can use,you just need to have two accounts one,more account that you are going to use,to search for their profile and in case,you do not have that another account you,can simply ask any of your mutual,friends if you can if it is possible for,you you can contact any of your mutual,friends,like and you can ask them if they are,able to see that person on instagram or,not so this will confirm if they have,blocked you or they have deactivated,their account now in case you are not,sure if they have blocked you or,deactivated their accounts so i will,show you how the activated account looks,like so this is one example where you,will be able to see all the conversation,you had with that person who has,deactivated their account now so you,will be able to see all the past,conversation but you will not see,anything apart from that you will see,the name as instagram user their,username will not be visible all right,you will get the option view profile but,if you will press that,again you will see a blank profile with,no number of followers and following and,post and there will be no,option to follow them so this shows that,the person has deactivated or deleted,their account but if they have bloc

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How To Check/See/Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram 2021

How To Check/See/Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram 2021

so you had a nasty breakup maybe it's,your ex maybe it's your ex best friend,but being the pretty queen you are you,didn't unfollow did someone say late,night lurk and say sesh hell no,obviously you're only keeping tabs on,them as a reminder that you are very,better than your replacement but all of,a sudden they're all posts are not,popping up on your Instagram feed,anymore what's the deal you may have,gotten blocked and here's a way that you,can tell you just have to perform three,tests now listen to me carefully man you,only have to perform three tasks to do,so first of all you have to hit the big,red button which says subscribe and also,turn on notifications by clicking the,bell icon to get notified about all the,upcoming notifications from the channel,the second one is to follow me on,instagram the link to my page is given,in the description and last but not,least us is to keep watching the entire,video till the end so if you are excited,to get to know what the heck I'm gonna,do just stay

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