how to hack instagram

How to Hack Instagram Account! Is it Possible? MUST WATCH 😲is it possible to hack Instagram?,can we

Fahed Zaman

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How to Hack Instagram Account! Is it Possible? MUST WATCH 😲

is it possible to hack Instagram?,can we hack someone's Instagram m account?,Have you tried to hack Instagram account? and it didn't work.,Watch this video and learn why it doesn't work.,We all use Instagram and many of us have searched on youtube how to hack Instagram/,but the question is can we hack Instagram account is it possible for a normal user to,hack anybody's Instagram account.,so there is no system in this world that can not be hacked,every system, every network can be hack,similarly, Instagram can also hack.,There are tons of Websites and Applications,claiming that are able to HACK Instagram accounts.,But they are Fake, they don't work.,In reality those Apps and Websites,make you download harmful software that can infect your Computer or Phone,and steal your information instead of hacking someone else's account.,Let's first learn in a simple way,how our passwords are stored in a Database.,which will help you to understand,why those hacking Apps are fake.,Let's use Instagram as an example in our explanation.,Instagram doesn't save your password,but it does save the Hash of the password.,A Hash is a cryptographic function.,It is a mathematical algorithm that maps data over ...,Let's think of a Hash as a Program,which takes a string,in our case the password,and it outputs another string, and it looks like this,It means Instagram save your password,in a cryptographic format like this.,And not just Instagram, but any other,good and secure Websites out there,doesn't save your RAW Password.,When you are opening an account,you give your email and your password.,The moment you click "Sign Up",the password goes through the Hash program,and the Hashed password altogether with all your information,is sent and saved in Facebook's database.,When you want to login in your Instagram account,at the moment you click Sign In,the password you just wrote in the browser or in the App,will be hashed and together with your username or email,will be sent to the Facebook servers,and if such a combination is found, then you are in (Loged in).,But wait,you know that one guy called Hacker by everyone,who accessed someone's account.,Well, he stole the password.,These guys are using stealing methods to steal passwords.,I will mention some of the stealing passwords and information techniques and how you can,prevent it.,phishing method/,if someone sends you a link to open a Instagram.,It's a duplicate Website that looks like the original one.,The person can steal your password,if you log in there,That's why never enter your information,to a suspicious link, that somebody sent you.,in this method, you don't need the victim's phone or computer,Keylogger is a computer program,a Software that is installed on the victim's Phone or Computer,,and it runs in the background.,It records everything you type on the Keyboard.,You must have physical access to someone's computer or mobile,to install a Keylogger.,spy apps;,actually, these apps are designed for parental control.,you can install these apps on your child's phone to monitor their activity.,But someone can also install these apps on your cell phone.,and these apps will hide on your phone,,But this method is illegal you can not access anyone's Instagram account without their permission.,you can only use these apps on your child's cell phones.,If you already installed any of those programs,,that claim to hack passwords, please REMOVE them.,Scan your Computer or Phone with an Antivirus program,Because it might be a Keylogger or spy apps.,and you can become a victim of,someone else's.

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Hacking Instagram Accounts With Computer Science

Hacking Instagram Accounts With Computer Science

so there's a hack on instagram that's,making people lose access to their,accounts and i've been spending the last,couple days,trying to replicate it and it works i am,now able to get access to millions if,not trillions of accounts,um but obviously i don't want to so,instead i'm making this video in this,video we're going to be talking about,how these hackers are doing it with,coding how the hack works how instagram,can fix this and how you can stop,getting,all right so here's how the hack works,these are screenshots from my friend,that actually got hacked last week and,lost her account but she got her account,back and everything so it's all good it,starts off with one hacked account and,they message one of their close,followers or you know friends on,instagram and they say something like i,was trying to log into my instagram page,on my new phone and they asked me to,find someone to help me receive a code,instagram gave me suggestions from two,friends and you are one of them the,other person is not online would you,help me receive the code please,and so they do some hacking with,instagram which we're gonna see which,makes instagram send a reset password,link via text message to the victim and,so then the hacker says please,screenshot and send it to me don't click,on it when you receive it thanks and,honestly it looks pretty chill so yeah,my friend sent it this is what the text,message looks like and it's mad,vulnerable because it's the reset,password link for the victim not the,hacker once the hacker gets this link,they can type it into their browser and,reset the password of the victim's,account and gain access to the victim's,account and then with access they can do,the same thing to their followers and,then hack more accounts the reason why,this works is because one the message,comes from your friend's account,two the reset password link is from,instagram's official number,and three you pretty much trust that,instagram wouldn't let your own account,be hacked by a link that they sent you,and also if this hack gets traced back,to an account that sent these messages,then that account can just claim that,they got hacked too or they were hacked,so it wasn't them sending the messages,and yeah that's just how the hack works,okay so now let's try to do the same,thing,so check me out right all we know is the,user's username and we have to somehow,give this to instagram and make,instagram send a reset password,via text message to the victim then the,victim will send a screenshot of the,text message to the hacker and get,hacked,okay so first let's just try to do,forgot password on the instagram website,so let's send the login link,and we see here that it sends it via,email and if we check the email we see,this reset password an email is fine,because,there's no link that you can screenshot,if you see here it's hidden behind this,button and so if you click this button,it's gonna go to the same link that's,sent via text but it's not as vulnerable,because you can't screenshot it and send,it to the hacker so yeah in this case,instagram isn't that bad,not bad suck a bugger not bad,oh,so now we're gonna have to see how,instagram,processes our requests to them then once,we see how they process our request,maybe we can change the request up so,that it forces instagram to send the,reset password via text instead of email,okay so the way we're gonna be doing,this is through something called a proxy,and here i drew another picture for you,guys and so our computer is sending,information to instagram right,but if we put a proxy here it's gonna be,in the middle of our computer and,instagram so we can read the messages,being sent back and forth and so we can,even change that information so what,we're looking for,is pretty much our computer is going to,be sending like yo i need you to send a,reset password link,to,this username you know i use my tester,underscore sg99 and i'm looking for like,a field in that request that says email,true or false or maybe text message true,or false so that we can choose if,instagram is going to be sending it via,email or text,so yeah let's try it out,okay so we're back on google chrome and,here we're just using this thing called,a network monitor that lets us see the,request going back and forth okay so,let's send the request to reset our,password and we see here on the network,monitor that a request went out that,says account recovery send ajax,and yeah this is the request from our,computer telling instagram that we need,the reset password and so here we go,over to payload which is like the,information that we're sending and here,it says email or username testersg99,and that makes sense because that's the,username that we're using,but we don't see here any option to do,text message or anything like that on,the instagram forgot password we see,that it actually has an option for us to,give us the phone number so let's see,how that works it sends the reset,password link via text message which is,vulner

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How to Hack Instagram Account in 5 Minutes // Exposing Hacking Tools

How to Hack Instagram Account in 5 Minutes // Exposing Hacking Tools

now it's hacking working connect,connecting to instagram api just imagine,look at the messages over there a,hacking attack a live hacking attack is,in progress,this video discusses the so-called,world's leading number one or the best,instagram hacking tools,being cyber security professionals we,often get messages of people asking,about spying on their spouse's instagram,accounts you know my wife is cheating my,husband doing this that blah blah blah,this is the weakness that scammers,exploit,there is a need in the market hence,certain tools or services offer or,claims to solve that problem by offering,a fantastic platform or solution that,can hack anyone within seconds like a,movie scene,upon searching on google and reading a,few bots comments on youtube i have,selected or shortlisted three platforms,that can hack any instagram account,within seconds this is what they claim,don't fall,alright so the first platform or the,first tool that i want to demonstrate,here seems does not work on the desktop,web browser hence i'm using the android,simulator to display this or to,demonstrate this so the tool is called,the,and they claim that this is the number,one leading instagram hacking tool all,you need to do is just simply enter the,the username of the account that you,want to hack,and of course you will be then able to,access the messages private messages,friend list videos and pictures if the,account is private,uh too good to be true and,yup see see the claims they have this,video tutorial as well which shows that,this particular tool is working uh,perfectly fine which is a scam and there,you can see that simple and free oh my,god you can hack anyone for free amazing,you know anonymous and untraceable which,means the fbi cannot track you wow,first result guaranteed oh my god the,only service that is hundred percent,free and requires,no,downloads just imagine how fake this,entire thing is now let's just test this,tool uh what's going to happen let me,just grab an instagram account and i,have here,britney spears so what i'm going to do,now i'm going to hack the britney's,instagram account,wow live on youtube let me just copy,the username and let me go back to my,number one hacking tool,and i'm going to hack,of course so the britney's account is,publix it means that i'm not interested,in the videos and pictures however i am,interested in the messages,and the friend list as well so let's,heck britney yeah,all right so they say that account found,which obviously account is there and,they cannot count the number of foes and,number of followers following something,wrong with their system they say that i,agree this information is correct even,if it's not correct then what else what,can be what can be done so let's say,just agree and continue,our account is private republic it's,public man you should know this,and you need to provide the email,account associated with that instagram,account are you crazy,go,now it's hacking working connect,connecting to instagram api just imagine,look at the messages over there locating,the account scrapping the account oh my,god,okay now,i've successfully managed to get into,the britney's account,according to them,all right so they say that we have,managed to collect 34 pictures 11 videos,and 40 direct messages although i told,them to not collect the pictures and,videos but that's okay they are doing,some extra work so and the private,information as well and now here is the,catch they are not saying that due to,the high amount of traffic recently we,need to verify your human,of course it seems that they are not,still asking the payment uh which is,very i mean suspicious because um,usually what happens is scammers ask for,the payment,so let's continue let's see what's gonna,happen,okay what they ask now they ask me to,download certain programs,certain application and,let me just click on this one,okay tap to install of course not i'm,not going to install,why because,i mean both of the app here mentioned,here i should it doesn't seem that it is,listed on the play store which means,that if i download them i'm downloading,from an untrusted software,which means,this could either be a backdoor or a,malicious program and upon installing,the attackers or these scammers will,eventually get access to my android,phone or my mobile phone which is a huge,risk so i'm not going i'm not doing it,at the moment and you should not also do,this do not fall into these kind of,traps as i said that usually what,happens they ask for the money and upon,depositing the bitcoins you will get,access to the account however this app,they ask me to download certain,applications so that i can get access to,the hacked instagram account which is,a bogus claim which is false,all right so this,was the number one tool that i was about,to discuss now i have another tool but,that tool i'm going to discuss it on my,desktop or my computer web browser so,let's go to the browser okay ladies and,gentlemen presenting you

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Instagram OSiNT

Instagram OSiNT

instagram hacking now if you're here to,hack into someone's instagram account,get out of here we're not doing that but,i am going to show you a hacking tool,that you can use to find out information,about someone's instagram account,there's little david bobble and it's a,pretty fun tool i can't wait to show you,now disclaimer like always,don't hack anyone without permission,while this information is publicly,available,it still matters what your intent is so,be careful now speaking of intent i've,got a challenge for you at the end of,this video the skills you learn here i,want you to test it on me,so stay tuned for that i might even give,away some free coffee if you win,and it's pretty good now if you want to,go further down the rabbit hole of,becoming a hacker check out the sponsor,of this video it pro tv they are what i,use to study hacking and pretty much,everything else from ccna a plus linux,plus all that good stuff they got it so,check them out link below use a code,network chuck and get 30 off forever and,speaking of hacking have you hacked the,youtube algorithm today let's make sure,you do hit that like button subscribe,notification bell comment i'll attack,youtube today ethically of course,anyways,let's um,let's start hacking,okay first what do you need the most,important thing you need right now,coffee you can't hack without coffee,network chuck coffee check it out now,once you bruise your coffee again vital,step uh you'll need a hacking machine,something to do this hack now here we,have two options you can either use the,google cloud console which is free linux,and it's freaking amazing no joke it's,awesome and that will work fine but,ideally what you want to use is your own,linux virtual machine,i'm going to be rocking kali linux my,favorite hacking linux distro actually,right now it's kind of tied cali and,parrot i'm not sure yet i'll let you,know but any debian based linux machine,will work i do have a link below for the,google cloud console if you want to see,how to use that i got a video right here,but again i'll be demonstrating on the,cali box right now okay here are my cali,hacking box the tool we're gonna use is,called oscentgram i love that name,it's a python hacking tool and it's kind,of awesome so let's start using it right,now let's go ahead and launch our,terminal real quick i'll launch mine,right here the first thing we'll do is,download the tool using the get clone,command and then the url and i will have,these commands below in the description,and once you have that in there go ahead,and hit enter and we're downloading,we're cloning and we're good if i type,in ls to see what's there there it is,osintogram or osintgram let's jump into,that directory real quick cd ocent gram,bam,now two things real quick you want to,make sure you have python 3 installed,at least python 3.6,and also pet 3. to make sure go ahead,and do this sudo apt install python 3.,if you already have it installed it'll,say hey man you're good if not see i,don't,i'm going to do that right now,it's actually installing the latest and,greatest python 3.9 and then to install,pip3 we'll do sudo apt install python 3,pip,yep we'll go ahead and do that and we,should be solid now we have to make sure,we have all the requirements for this,tool installed we'll do that with the,pip3 command so pip three,install,ah it's about the wrong install dash r,requirements,dot txt,and hit enter,now we're almost there just a couple,more things first we're going to make a,directory so i'll do mkdir for make,directory,space,config,we're making the config directory hit,enter,we did it now we're going to jump in,there cd,config we're there now real quick before,this next step you'll need one important,thing a dummy instagram account because,in a moment we're going to use our,username and password to set this up you,don't want to use your main instagram,account let's set up a dummy one that,you use just for hacking i already have,mine set up go ahead and go set yours up,right now and come back and see me so,here we go we're going to create three,files real quick so start with this,command echo and then we'll put in,parentheses your instagram username mine,is,bernard.hackwell,close parentheses i'll put a space right,arrow,and then the name of my file which will,be username,dot co and f and hit enter,bam again this was your new dummy,instagram user name and with the echo,command we actually put this text inside,that file while also creating the file,at the same time kind of cool we're,gonna do that same thing again so we,type in echo,and then in parentheses we're gonna put,in the password for that new dummy,instagram account so i'll put in mine,super secret password,and then again a right arrow and we'll,put this inside the file pw.conf,and go and then just one more file we're,gonna do echo once more echo and,parentheses we'll put in,left bracket right bracket and then,close that in parentheses right arrow,and this file will be called settings,dot

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H@ck In 2 Minutes | How To h@ck any Instagram Account | Insta a/c h@ck kaise karen

H@ck In 2 Minutes | How To h@ck any Instagram Account | Insta a/c h@ck kaise karen

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How to Hack Instagram Account in Hindi 2022 | The Shocking Reality Explained

How to Hack Instagram Account in Hindi 2022 | The Shocking Reality Explained

In Instagram Hacking this is best video in Cyber Security on internet 2022,Today in this video i guide you How professional hackers hack your instagram account ,Using 3 hidden instagram account hacking methods ,First of all target a Instagram account and get hacked simply ,If you search how to hack instagram account in youtube platform! You see 100% fake information here ,because many creators don't know actually what is 3 Instagram hacking mathods ,So as a cyber security expert i will teach you how hackers hack Instagram account step by step (For Educational Purpose) ,Basically this video are 3 parts ,In first of video i guide you for education purpose WHAT IS PHISHING METHOD,In second part I will teach you SCAM TYPE HACKING ,In third part I gonna showing with you IDENTITY HACKS ,So watch this video to till end and get expert in INSTAGRAM RELATED Cyber Security in 8 minutes ,But before starting the video SUBSCRIBE to our Technology Channel and press bell icon for latest updates ,So let's start ,So I hope you batter learn what is PHISHING METHOD which hacker are used to hack insta password or account ,Now in second step i will teach you SCAM TYPE Hacking let's start , Now in 3rd and last part of the video i will showing with you IDENTITY HACKS which hackers are by scamming hack Instagram account ,So learn this is most important if you are interested in Instagram Related CYBER SECURITY ,So these 3 methods 99.9% hackers use to hack a Instagram account - This is complete educational information ,If you first time learn these amazing information then like the video and subscribe channel For more Cyber Security tutorial click to right side of this video Cyber Security for Beginners playlist,See you again in next technology video! Thanks for watching have a nice day

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find social media accounts with Sherlock (in 5 MIN)

find social media accounts with Sherlock (in 5 MIN)

now this is a fun one and it's super,fast we're gonna use a python hacking,tool,to find social media accounts and i'll,show you in five minutes,here we go now disclaimer don't do this,to anyone with ill intent,this is a legit hacking tool part of the,hacking process called osens,where we gather information about our,hacking targets now what we're doing is,not,technically illegal we're just gathering,publicly available information,on the internet but the lines can blur,based on your intentions so just be,careful,use this as a learning tool but beyond,that man,let's start hacking,and speaking of hacking let's make sure,we hack that youtube algorithm today,smash that like button if you do like,the video of course subscribe,notification bell comment all that stuff,let's hack youtube ethically of course,anyways here we go now the best part,about this is that you don't need,anything to do it,all you need is a web browser in fact if,you're watching this video you can do it,from your phone,it's really cool now this tool you can,install on cali like you can,it's a tool called sherlock and all you,need is python 3 installed on a linux,distribution,can be cali can be parrot can be ubuntu,whatever or it can be nothing and i'll,show you how to do that right now,step one let's go to github i've got,that link in the description,let's go to the sherlock tool now if i,scroll down to about,here and zoom in a bit on a linux,machine you'll just run these commands,and you're solid,or or this is amazing just click on open,in google cloud shell,it's free just click on it right now log,into your google account you'll need,that,who doesn't have one of those seriously,click agree and start your cloud shell,now this is actually launching in,google's,cloud platform now don't worry you're,not paying anything for this it's free,it's just it's a cool thing they do,you're getting a free linux machine to,play around with right now and look at,it there it goes there it is,now for step two we're going to install,the requirements now it's just one,command,no big deal no worries in fact you can,go back here and copy the command it's,just right here python 3-m pip install,r requirements.txt copy that i'll hit,ctrl v to paste,and boom it's in there i'm going to hit,enter and it's installing my,requirements right now it's going,and that's it the tool is ready we are,ready in google cloud,completely free isn't that amazing it is,thank you okay here we go let's start,using sherlock to find social media,accounts now we'll only need one thing,a username someone we want to find i've,got a few people in mind,now first let me show you how to get,some help so we'll enter python3,sherlock dash dash help,and it tells you how to use it all that,good stuff and now i'll show you how to,use it right now,we'll again type in python three,sherlock,and then simply we'll put the username,of the person we're trying to find in,there,the first one i want to do is na hamsek,he's a well-known hacker he's been on,the channel if you don't follow him go,follow him,in fact naham khan i think is all you,say is coming up pretty soon anyways,all in good fun that's all i do i'm,going to hit enter and watch the magic,happen,it's going to go through all the,well-known social media websites and see,if not actually has an account,on these places on these account places,sites sites i can't talk today,now notice it's going kind of slow it,kind of stopped at chess i don't have,time for that,someone hit control c to interrupt that,business i'm going to speed things up a,bit so just after sherlock i'm gonna add,the command,dash dash timeout and add in a one so,it's only going to spend one second per,website anyways here we go,go much faster much better and it's done,i can now see all the social media,websites that naham sec might have an,account on now again this information is,public,but if you are hacking someone or a,company legally with permission of,course that's the only way you can do it,that's the only way you're allowed to do,it but in the case that you're doing,that,gathering information like this could,lead to possible vulnerabilities,possible footholds,let's do someone else now if i type in,ls in this directory,i can see that it also produced a file,for me where to go,there it is nahomsec.txt if i,look at that file,save my results and i can see all his,sites apparently he plays chess,we can use that against him let's try,someone else python3,sherlock dash dash timeout,one and we'll do um let's do the cyber,mentor,another awesome well-known hacker let's,try it now bam we got all his info let's,try someone else let's try,john hammond another amazing hacker and,go,now i'm saying they all have chess,accounts i doubt they actually do let me,go see,yeah that's that's bogus so it's not,perfect and that was sherlock,an amazing python hacking tool we can,use to find social media accounts,information,on our hacking targets now again don't,use this with ill intent,use it to learn have

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Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

Recover a Hacked Instagram Account FAST 2022 (This really works!)

hey has your instagram account just been,hacked like mine was and you're having a,horrible time trying to get back into it,you don't know where to go what to do,maybe uh you're clicking those buttons,in the emails from instagram that say,secure your account but those aren't,working either well stick around for,this video because i'm going to show you,step by step how i have helped 20 plus,of my friends get their account back,after it was hacked,everybody i just wanted to say thank you,for coming and watch this video i,personally know like how frustrating,this whole situation can be how you just,want help and you can't get it,and to think that instagram uh,a billion dollar company,doesn't have customer service,is like mind-blowing but the bakery,around the corner does i don't know,i run a marketing agency so i have,direct line of communication with,facebook business for help with stuff,like this and they're just not able to,help i've received i've had phone calls,with facebook they say you got to go,through our internal team i see in some,of the emails and some of the steps that,i get from instagram or in the instagram,help center is you know uh maybe you,could send us a selfie video to prove,you own the account every time i would,ask facebook how do i submit a selfie,video they literally said we don't know,after trial and error and hitting many,different options on instagram we,figured it out we got it and we're gonna,show you how you can recover your,account by taking a selfie video with,the instagram app verify you own the,account and you can get it back now the,negative is,my account is still hacked but i'll tell,you why you see i'm a photographer i,travel all over my instagram feed has no,photos of this face,on the instagram account you can go,check it here jared quackenbush i'll put,it there it's still hacked not me if you,get a message it's from kelvin,from nigeria but i don't have any photos,on my instagram feed because i'm a drone,photographer my full feed is landscapes,but if you're like most instagram users,you have a photo of yourself on your,feed in the last couple months,and that is what's gonna help you do,this so enough talking let's kind of,jump into it and even if you're a,photographer like me and you don't have,a photo of yourself try this anyways i,did get one email from instagram,saying that they approved the video but,then there were some errors,i'm still doing it to this day so wish,me luck but let's jump right in i'm,doing this on an iphone it's kind of,similar on an android but let's kind of,walk you through it here we go you want,to go to add a new account,then that you want to click add a new,account and go to login to existing,account,and we are just going to jump right in,and type our username so i'm going to,walk you through this what i do for mine,jared quack bush,now this is my account that's still,hacked but i'm going to click forgot,password,now,you see where it says trouble logging in,enter your username or email and we'll,send you a link to get your account back,the problem is the link goes to the,email of the hacker not mine so we are,going to not click the next button which,is ridiculous because when you look at,this it makes you think oh let's click,the big blue button that says next no i,want you to click underneath that that,says need more help let's go,now you're going to see two accounts pop,up or your account pop up for me i have,my business account which is my personal,brand account jared quackenbush the one,i run it all through and then i have a a,private one that i've used just pictures,of my kids and food so you're going to,select the account,then,here's the crazy thing,the two phone numbers there are mine,but the email is there is the hacker not,mine but i'm going to send myself a,security code which you probably have,already done this before but don't worry,this is good news so we want to send,ourselves a security code,then we're going to type that in,boom confirm,now,this is where we get to the selfie video,next it wants you to enter your security,code which the hacker set up two-step,authentication so i can't so we are,going to go down to the bottom and click,try another way,now you're met with three options use,backup code,get support visit help center,we're going to click get support,a new page of options now i'm going to,click,my account was hacked,now i'm also going to click do you have,photos of yourself on your account yes,or no now i do have photos of myself in,my account but it's not until back in,like,the beginning of 2020 end of 2019 i have,photos of this face i just think the,the ai isn't going back that far which,really stinks or if they if the ai was,able to go to tagged photos,if you would see a ton of tacked photos,of me but,just not on my main feed so let's click,yes i have photos of myself on my,account,next,pause let's go back if you do hit no i,don't have photos of myself on this,account and then click next,it takes you all the way back a

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